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Meme Of The Week Winner's Thread

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We had no entries for Week 1, so we'll head staight to Week 2:



#1: Just Going To Pooch


#2 Are You There God?



And the Meme or the Week is...

#2: Are You There God? 

This meme was chosen because Indy makes a habit out of picking up the House Phone to talk with God. I'm not sure why - God doesn't need a telephone to reach out and touch someone. 


If you want to see your meme in the Winner's Thead, just create your meme and post it to the Meme Contest forum!

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Let's check out the Meme entries for Week 3. 


From SometimesITeach:

#3 - Hit The Fan



#4 - Just Desserts


#5 - Pawn


#6 - Floating On By



#7 - Won't Stop Talking


And the winner for Week 3 is...

#4 - For The Dessert!  

I picked this meme for its humor and the look on Michael's face staring at the pie like it's the most delicious thing he's ever seen.

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Let's check out the Meme entries for Week 4. 


From SometimesITeach:


#8 - You Should Be Healed




#9 - Standing Up To Bullying




#10 - Even Taylor Knew...




#11 - Did Daniel Know?



#12- French Girls 




#13 - Back Massage




#14 - You Can't Trust Anyone




And this week's Meme of the Week winner is...


#9 - Standing Up To Bullying


I chose this meme because it's been the theme of the season. This season's HG are unusually empathetic and compassionate, and the ones who have targeted other HG for no reason are the ones being evicted. In Joseph's case, he's particularly perceptive and quick to offer comfort. He's very gentle and caring for a strong, young guy, and his actions in the BB House make the claim in this meme believable that how Joseph is, he's always been.

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