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Thursday, July 28, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
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Thank you!

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9:08AM BBT

Nicole is whispering to Terrance in the kitchen that if she wins HOH, she’s putting Taylor up, “because I can’t have her talking shit on me.”

Terrance: yeah, and she will


Nicole begins preparing them breakfast.

The other HGs are still sleeping.

9:17AM BBT

Terrance and Nicole talk to the cameras, saying good morning.

Nicole: This episode is teach Terrance how to make an omelette.

Terrance: when I try it turns into a scramble. 
Nicole shows his how to make one , “for you and Tracey.” (His wife)

Nicole says they should have been doing a morning show this whole time. Daniel joins them and watches.

Terrance: they are all probably waking us up at 10 today

Nicole: yeah

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10:20AM BBT

In the bathroom, Ameerah, Nicole, Alyssa and Daniel are talking about the morning music being Biggy, Nelly and Sam Smith with Normani.


10:25AM BBT

Kyle and Joseph are whispering with Britt and Michael in the SR. They are discussing how they will be exposed to the girls tonight and need to devise a plan to cover their tracks as much as possible..

Joe: If any of the girls win, you are going up (to Kyle)

Kyle: Yeah

Joe: We don't have to expose it to everyone, but when the girls start asking, 'Joseph, why did you swing?' I need a reason. I'll say I heard there was a fucking alliance.

Kyle: Yeah




10:26AM BBT

Michael is thrilled to find a new vacuum in the SR. Terrance has joined Michael and Joe in the SR. 

Joseph hugs him, "Big T! You're lookin' good! How you feel, big bro" along with some inaudible whispering

Terrance: Yo. You're mother fucker (this was in a playful way)



10:43AM BBT

Turner has joined the HGs in the kitchen.  Terrance is preparing his morning grapefruit (he has it every morning)


10:48AM BBT

Terrance, Taylor and Turner are talking about how hard it is to be away from their family and loved ones as well as how you can order anything from Amazon, even car parts. 

Taylor: I have beef with Bezos, but I love Amazon.

Terrance says he buys so much from Amazon, he will probably get a free ride to space.


10:50AM BBT

Joe and Ameerah are whispering in the Space Age Bedroom. He tells her that Kyle said the votes are good. Ameerah says she heard the votes are good, but she wants to talk with Terrance. Joe says Terrance won't talk to him at all because he knows he is close with her. Joe assures Ameerah she has the votes. Ameerahs says that Nicole and Daniel are acting sketchy. Joe says they are tossing a pity vote. Nicole walks in and Ameerah asks her about her vote and Daniel's vote. She said they will throw one to Terrance.


[Joe is really playing this up to Ameerah. He is a great actor! -MamaLong]





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11:10AM BBT

Ameerah and Alyssa are talking in the bathroom about the votes. Alyssa agrees that Daniela nd Nicole are being sketchy about the pity vote.

Ameerah: I think they are doing it to stay in Turner's good graces

Alyssa says that Terrance is acting really happy, "But I don't want to sketch you out or anything...there is no way they would (she means flip the vote)

Ameerah says that Turner is the biggest threat for her in the housel "We have Po's Pack and the Girls' Girls"

Ameerah says Terrance has been campaigning against her when he said he wouldn't.



11:19AM BBT

Brittany is whispering with Joseph and Taylor in the Tiki loft. Joe says that Kyle is going to spread soemthing like "No one is going to vote Ameerah when she is in an alliance we are not a part of." Britt asks if the girls are in that alliance. Joe says it's only Alyssa. Joe says that when the girls ask why she didn't vote them, she should just say she wasn't in their alliance, so why vote with them.

Britt: Makes sense

Joe: Indy and Jasmine will come after us for not voting Ameerah.

When Joe leaves, Taylor says she is so tired of being the one that is always taking the fall, "Why can't Kyle do it? I might ask Kyle to do it."

Britt tells her she should and she should say, "clean slate, no more using Taylor. The boys were scared you were going to flip. I told them, we're good and this will show them that."





Taylor: So I tell Terrance that I heard Kyle and Ameerah talking about Po's Pack. 

Britt: Yeah

Taylor: I will do it. I'm only going to tell Terrance. I can't do the rest. I can't. 

Britt: Okay but try to tell him to spread this to Daniel

Taylor: And Jasmine and Indy

Britt: What about Nicole and Daniel?

Taylor: Nicole is in it, but Daniel is not

Britt repeats that she needs to make sure they all understand, "no more using Taylor"


11:33AM BBT

Monte is hanging out in the HoHR while Turner is getting ready.


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11:35AM BBT

Joe walks in: Where is Terrance?

Monte: Yo, yo. What's the plan?

Joe: Okay, the plan is that Jasmine, Kyle and Ameerah were talking about backdoor or votes or whatever in the storage room Taylor actually saw that. Taylor is going to go around now saying, and it will be backed up by Jasmine because Jasmine was going around telling everyone that Taylor was pressing her ear to the door,  that  Kyle and Ameerah were talking about Po's backdoor. Taylor heard and Taylor told Terrance. Terrance spread it that Ameerah and Kyle are in Po's alliance, and then once that gets out, the people that are not in it (the alliance) are not going to vote for her.

Monte says this is a much better plan

Joe: Then Kyle will be a target and you are safe. That's exactly what we need. We can explain to the girls why we did it. We can be like, the whole house found out about this alliance

Monte: Got you

Joe says everyone will start scrambling for new alliances

Monte: When did you come up with this plan?

Joe: On the toillet.

Monte: All good things happen on the toilet.

Joe says that Taylor and Michael locked it in, too.

Monte: Taylor is the perfect scapegoat. 

Joe: They are really going to pay for how they treated her.

Monte says that if the girls had played a better game and not isolated Brittany and Taylor, they would have been okay. He goes on to say that he talked with Terrance and Terrance doesn't trust Nicole and Daniel.

Joe says Ameerah is walking around all confident and cocky, "It's like Pooch all over again."

Joe says his goodbye message mentions "We could have been a dream team."



11:47AM BBT

The HGs begin gathering in the HoHR, and we get the RCHS on the feeds for the lockdown.

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1:28PM BBT

The feeds return to Terrance and Daniel grooming their beards in the bathroom and Turner cleaning out the HoHR with the help of the other HGs.


1:30PM BBT

Jasmine is making her way down the stairs with help from Joseph and coaching from Nicole on where to put her cane.






1:31PM BBT

In the HoHR, Kyle is talking with Monte about how he doesn't fell comfortable putting his game on the line and trusting things to a tie breaker should he end up on the block. Joe walks in and Kyle repeats, "I'm not ready to risk that, personally. Say everything goes to plan and Ameerah goes home. They would have 7 and we have 6. If we put up someone from our alliance and one from there, say Daniel and me, and it comes down to tie. I mean, I'm fine with it if I trust it, but with Taylor having a slight hesitation about going against the girls." 

Joe says they just have to make sure the Ameerah thing blows up in their faces.



[I'm glad Kyle is speaking up for himself here. I am not sure how he ended up being the one to go up on the block against their target based on some "conversation" and thinking the girls would buy that after seeing Ameerah is evicted.....but whatever. -ML]


1:46PM BBT

In the Space Age Bedroom, Ameerah tells ALAyssa she has no idea what to say in her speech. Alyssa tells her what she would say, if it was her.

Ameerah: Thanks, you just gave me my speech.

Ameerah tells Alyssa that Joseph is paranoid because Terrance won't talk game with him.


1:50PM BB T

Back in the HoHR, Kyle is repeating what he said to Monte/Joe to  Turner. He says he just doesn't feel safe putting his game on the line for Taylor or an alliance built in three days. He trusts the guys but not the girls. Turner heads back to the car design dbedroom and reclaims his old bed.


1:55PM BBT

Back in the Space Age Bedroom, Ameerah and Alyssa are speculating about the next HoH comptition. Ameerah says it never ends up being what people think it will be. Alyssa wants a luxury comp. Ameerah says, "I'm telling everyone right now that I'm taking the trip. They will say, you can get this veto or go to the Bahamas. I'M GOING TO THE BAHAMAS."  


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2:04PM BBT

Indy reports that Joseph and Kyle had Brittany and Michael in the storage room for a really long time. Ameerah gets a suspicious look on her face.


Indy says she hopes she gets to be in the HoH Room. Jasmine says she will probably be on Have-Not duty.

There's a lot of live show grooming going on in the bathroom.





2:16PM BBT

Ameerah asks Terrance if they can talk. She sits in the car design bedroom and asks him how he feels. He says he is okay with it bevcause he gets to go see his wife

Ameerah: So you think you're going because I'm not 100%

Terrance: I am 100% but you better play! I know you got Nicole and I know you got Daniel.

Ameerah says she doesn't think she has them and asks who does he think she doesn't have. Terrance tells her to watch out for Taylor, Brittany and Turner.

Terrance: Don't worry about today. You'll get through it. But, plan and plot!

Ameerah says production wrapped up Jasmine's foot, so they think it's going to be endurance or physical, "It's the first time they have done that."

Terrance: Give me my hug. You're still my girl. I love you no matter how much shit you tell me.

Ameerah: Thank you! I'm playing hard for you!

Terrance: Well, they're too scared to make a big move. Dammit!  


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Joseph enters the Golf Pro Bedroom to see if the girls approve of his haircut. He says, "This is the look." Indy rails into him about putting on some closthes and not going on live tv shirtless. He says he has seen her bathing suits, so she shouldn't talk. Indy sparks back that Big BRother took her good bathing suits, so he hasn't seen anything.

Taylor: I know they were fire

Indy: Yeah, so you haven't seen anything

Jasmine reports that she saw Turner talking with Terrance when they opened the door, "That's not normal. Why is he lingering just talking to Terrance? That don't make sense."




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3:21PM BBT

Indy is praying with Kyle in the Space Age Bedroom about tonight and the coming HoH competition. She leads the prayer and once finished, Kyle praises her prayer saying she will lead the prayers from now on because it was so pure and genuine.



3:30PM BBT

Kyle and Daniel are talking in the Space Age Bedroom. Dan says he is throwing a vote to Terrance because he doesn't want him being voted out unanimously. "If you are cool with it." Kyle says he is okay with it. Dan says he will talk to Ameerah about his vote, but he feels she is staying no matter what. 

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3:31pm BBT Daniel tells Terrance this is F*cked up. He says he loves him. Terrance promises to walk out with class. He asks Daniel to give him one vote so it's not unanimous. Daniel says he will. Joe comes in and Daniel tells him he is giving Terrance a sympathy vote.


3:36pm BBT FotH.

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8:46pm BBT Feeds return. The HG are eating in the KT. Terrance and Alyssa are in the WA. Turner was in the WC. Comes out and washes his hands. Monte has the HoH key around his neck. Monte found a Red Invitation and won the HoH comp!

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9:15PM BBT

CBR Daniel telling Kyle that he just wished he would have known so he could have spent more time with Ameerah the past night and today instead of all the time he spent with Terrance thinking he was going home.  

SBR - Nicole happens to be saying the same thing to Alyssa and Indy at same time.



SBR - Nicole, Alyssa - Nicole says she feels like Ameerah knew she was going home.   Alyssa felt really weird when some of people from their alliance, Po's posse, like Michael and Monte were whispering and weren't talking to her.  Nicole says apparently, Brittany was questioning Michael about Po's posse right before.

Alyssa asks, WTF just happened.  Indy comes in and then Brittany but they ask Brittany if she would give them a moment.

Nicole says she thought she would win the come and apologizes.

Nicole then says, "what can you do, we got bamboozled"

Then makes the claim that they just did something that no other alliance has ever done in this game, in Big Brother history.  They created a pack of people to make you think you were safe and then this happened.  [Seem to remember this happening a bunch before by good casts. Didn't Pooch just go out blindsided? - rmichaelsm]


Nicole says we have to remember even if we felt safe with certain people in this house, we don't know what she was saying or who she was talking to. We don't know Ameerah's relationships to other people in this house.  It is also very possible that they made this decision based on shady things she was doing.

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9:48pm BBT Monte calls the HG to the LR. As the last Festie Besties to be HNs, they pick a new Bestie pair. Alyssa wants Turner/Jasmine but Indy says not fair with Jasmine's foot. They consider Brittany/Michael but its his birthday. They go back to Turner/Jasmine as HNs.

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Feeds have returned.

Joe and Kyle are plotting the answers to votes so they can cover themselves.

House guests are in the kitchen cooking and eating.

Terrance takes a short breather in the storage room to pull himself together after the live vote. He takes his suitcase out of the storage room and returns to the bedroom.

Joe follows him into the bedroom, says he gave Terrance his word on day one, that the people he was sleeping next to were against him. Joe tells him you can see who reacted, and how unhappy they are he is there. Terrance says he sees that, he names Jasimine, Alyssa, Indy and Nicole as the votes against him. (Daniel voted against him, Nicole did not)


Kyle and Michael are in the storage room, they are getting their story straight. Kyle says he was confronted already. Kyle says he is saying he didn't know the votes were there. They plan to blame Alyssa for leaking it.

Daniel comes into the storage room, Leftovers scatter.


Daniel goes to bedroom with Nicole, she claims she knew something was wrong. Daniel claims he knew too. Nicole says she can't trust anybody, they were scheming. 

Nicole says they "made" her go to Terrance and tell him.

They tell each other they had a feeling Ameerah was going home.

Alyssa comes in, they ask her if she knew what happened, Alyssa says she does not know, she voted to evict Terrance.

Nicole says "they" are in power now, she probably next, and Taylor is probably in with "them". Nicole says if she goes up against Taylor she (Nicole) will go home. Nicole regrets choosing Taylor as her partner, she continues to whine about her plight in the game....


Daniel is talking to Kyle in the bedroom, Kyle says "Po's Pack" was it for him, no one else came to talk to him. Kyle tells him people came asking him about it, and he (Kyle) chatted with Michael and Monte, then he didn't know what to do, he thought the house was flipping.  He says he just went with his gut, he says the alliance wasn't good, multiple people knew and he had no plan B.

Daniel says it just sucked not knowing, not that he had a real preference about who went. Daniel says he has no idea how to move forward, Kyle says he is in the same boat.

Kyle says he questions how three people knew about the alliance.


Brittany and Jasmine are whispering in the bedroom. There are a lot of pronouns thrown around, not sure who all the "he" and "she" words are referring to.

Brittany says Ameerah "did not trust me and that is something I couldn't recover from."

Jasmine is worried that the girls will start going out now, and she doesn't want to be on slop.

Brittany tells Jasmine that there were too many confirmations, Terrance had never done anything to her, Ameerah didn't trust her, she had to evaluate that when she voted.


Alyssa comes into the room visibly upset. Brittany offers to talk to them later, Nicole comes into the room. Flexes her muscle a little, tells them she

needs to have conversations now. Then she fake kisses all three girls and waits to scare Kyle.

Kyle walks through the door and Nicole pops up, yells and Kyle shouts, Oh My Gau.." They tease him for almost cursing.


Brittany and Alyssa go into the other bedroom, Brittany tells her it was brought to her attention, and when she (Brittany) and Kyle were put on the block she was the target. Ameerah was said to have also mentioned other targets in the house.

Alyssa says she did not know that to be true.

Brittany says she went to Michael right before the vote, she had to make the choice when she voted.

Alyssa gets emotional, tells Brittany if her vote changed she would have said something. She doesn't like being on the outside.

Alyssa makes forgiveness noises.....


Michael comes in, Brittany leaves

Michael tells Alyssa that he wanted to give a sympathy votie, the guys freaked out. He says he was counting votes coming out and thought they didn't have the votes.


Cameras move to Nicole and Kyle

Nicole continues her "all about me whine tour."

Nicole teases Kyle about scaring him, he says there were be a montage later. 

Nicole says Joe tried to scare her, but he failed.

They agree to having one on one scares, but no whole house scares.


Monte comes out of the diary room, says he needs everyone to the  living room. (have nots)


Indy and Alyssa are honored with selecting the new have nots. Alyssa asks for volunteers.

They choose Brittany and Michael. Indy says she didn't want to choose Jasmine because of her foot. Then the selection is changed to Turner and Jasmine, since it is Michael's birthday Monday.

Alyssa comes in to the bedroom and says "sorry" to Jasmine, who is not happy with the upcoming week.

Jasmine asks what they take to the have not room, Alyssa tells her she just went in her pajamas and came downstairs all day. She tells Jasmine she will be downstairs during the day, not up there, she doesn't trust anyone.

Jasmine insists she will be in the have not room all day. She puts on her sunglasses, plops down on the bed for a good pout.

Nicole offers to make her slop specialties, Jasmine says she probably won't eat. (Jasmine say that all the time, so we will see.)







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9:20PM BBT 

SBR - Indy, Nicole, Alyssa - Nicole says she wishes she could have said goodbye to her like she did to Terrance last night.

We are down an extra person now.   Indy says she doesn't mind the guys did what they had to do, but this.  

Nicole says, don't come into a group and act like you are f'n protecting  any one of us.  Indy - It was one thing you could do for me to trust you and you f'd it up. Nicole says right and agrees as she is saying that.


Nicole says she has no doubt Jasmine is working with them.  Alyssa complains that they told Taylor and didn't tell her.  Indy, "who did?" Kyle, anybody,...


9:22PM BBT

SBR - Still Indy, Nicole, Alyssa - Nicole, from a game perspective it makes sense since she was a badass.   So, if we are going in order, I will have a wonderful week this week and if go up on the block, do what is best for your game. Know that I am fighting.  I am 99% sure sure he is not happy with what I said to him the past week.  Don't ask me to throw game, don't ask me to throw a comp.  If you want Taylor to go home,  put us on the block as a replacement or whatever.  But it is possible she is not even the target.  I, Nicole would be the next target if they are going after strong females. 'Cuz why would they want to take the weak ones who can't make their own decisions.   Because they can't manipulate me, they can't manipulate her (indy), they can't manipulate you (Alyssa).


Alyssa, "It's Big Brother, it's what you signed up for but you really just don't know until you know, you know."


Nicole says, I know you got close to him but you, Alyssa, have to remember this is a game.  Whatever deals he made before you even came into his eyes as something with hard eyes you have to remember that in this game, if you don't have allegiance and integrity with your alliance then you won't make it until the end.

and, so, that's a boys thing, whatever, the funny thing is, us as girls, we never made an alliance, we never made any sort of pact,  [???? seriously???  you think??? girls girls? - rmichaelsm]

We were like, let's come together, but do your own thing.  Indy and Alyssa both say mmhmmm and exactly, ....

So we were all building each others game outside.

Indy- We were free to do whatever we want.  

Nicole - We did that with honor, we did that in a way of like, f*ck, a girls alliance has never worked in this situation, a girls alliance never worked in this game so that is why none of us ever put that on the table and said let's put something together.  Now we are in the position where the strongest girl is gone from our group. [Group? the non-existent girls pact/alliance ??? - rmichaelsm]

So now it is gonna be order of operation, if we are taking numbers of strength and game play, it would be me and her, Alyssa.

He, Monte, knows he can not manipulate me.  We are the literally the same person they way we go at each other.  He knows he can never push me over.  If he can't push me over, boom I am out the door.  But I promised myself  coming into this game that I would never let a man move my game.  And I do not mind walking away with my pride and my power.

And as much as I want the 750, and as much as I deserve the 750, I don't need the 750.  My f*cking career and my life is amazing.  And I am not giving up, I don't care how long she sits next to me, because I know if I take her to the end I am gonna win.




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Brittany and Taylor go to the Tiki room.

Brittany says Indy won't talk to her, although Jasmine understood and Alyssa was upset.

Terrance joins them in the room, he thanks them for voting for him.

Terrance says Monte and Joe told him to pick them to avoid retribution.


Alyssa and Kyle are in the bedroom, Alyssa says she is upset, she has never been on the outside of anything. She tells him that Taylor heard about Po's Pack and told everyone, so people changed votes.


Kyle says he asked Daniel, and Daniel was vague, maybe to cover for Nicole. Kyle says he thinks one of the girls may have flipped, he is just acting confused. 

Alyssa asks why he didn't tell her, he says Alyssa told him she would never vote for Ameerah or Jasmine, and Ameerah said the same about Alyssa and Jasmine. He said that to him, seemed to be a final three.

Alyssa pushed the question,"why didn't you tell me?"

Kyle continues to act sorry.


Joe and Daniel are in the storage room, Joe is telling Daniel he was shocked that Ameerah went home, he just voted that way because she had the votes and he thought it wouldn't matter.

Joe insists that he is not in an alliance. He voted for Ameerah to go home, he thought Terrance was going. He planned to talk about it with Ameerah later.

Daniel says "it is good she went home, i just wish i knew."

Joe tells Daniel that an alliance turned on her, be careful who he trusts.

Joe claims to be upset that Ameerah was in alliances and didn't bring him in, she laid in bed next to him, and he was just on a list to go.

Joe says he just doesn't care, he isn't going to investigate, he is going to lay low, Daniel agrees he will do that as well.

Joe says he doesn't think Nicole knew what was happening.

Joe throws Taylor under the bus to Daniel, blames her for the whole vote going south.  (Daniel eats it up like a warm slice of bread.) Joe sells the "we can protect Nicole" story.

They leave the storage room.


Alyssa and Jasmine are talking in the bedroom, Jasmine is repeating she doesn't trust anyone.


In the Tiki lounge Michael, Kyle, Brittany and Taylor are whispering.

Hard to hear, but they are giggling when Kyle walks away.

Joe and Monty go to the  hall upstairs by the have not room. Joe is reporting back to Monte (conversation with Daniel).

After a quick report and further plotting, they head to the Tiki lounge.

they report to Taylor and Brittany.

Indy comes to to the Tiki lounge, general talk while Kyle and Monte play the bumper pool game.


Daniel and Terrance are in one of the bedrooms, Daniel says he is sorry for how Ameerah walked out. Terrance tells Daniel he had no idea about a Paloma alliance. He says no one said, "I'm giving you my vote.", they all said it was a game time vote and he didn't want to vote.


Monte, Michael, Kyle and Brittany go to the have not room.

Kyle reports back to Monte, his conversation with Alyssa. He repeats it accurately. Kyle says they can't show they are pissed. Michael and Brittany laugh, say together, "Oh yes they can." 

Michael repeats his story to the group, again, accurately.

Brittany shares her info as well, she says Jasmine seems to be okay.

Alyssa and Indy won't talk to her (Brittany).


They work their plan to cover the votes they cast.

Brittany tells them the girls have been making noises about Daniel, later she tells them the girls didn't share information with Nicole, she might go tell Daniel.

They all agree that when things don't go the way the girls want them to, they act up.

Kyle says Nicole is not a game player, she gets all emotional.

They plan to make Terrance feel welcomed and a part of the group, although they don't plan to share the alliance information with him.



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10:44PM BBT

HNBR - Brittany, Monte, Michael, Kyle - a lot of discussion on who to put up.  The consensus with these 4 seems to come down to Alyssa and Indy, likely sending Alyssa home since they don't see Indy as a threat.  The main focus, though is on the pair to select.   This would take 2 of the other side's votes away instead of 1 and 1 which some of the pairs would.  If they get the PoV, then put up Kyle and Daniel and vote out Daniel.  They don't want to put up Nicola and Taylor out of fear Taylor may feel used and like she is the target.  They want to give her a week off which could also improve their numbers when they do need to target Nicole.

Discussion moves on to how they were glad Nicole did not win as they all would have been under the microscope


Apparently, Leftovers only had 3 of the 8 people up for the final part of the HoH comp.  Monte says they had to stop depending on Michael to win.

Ameerah told the girls last week to not tell Nicole anything since she leaks it to Daniel all the time.  

Monte says he now feels like an evil villain and asks Production if that is what they want.  He feels like justice is being served.  Why do you act so outrageous when things don't necessarily go your way.  It's a game, let's move on.  We understand emotions are involved but....

Brittany, how are you so full of yourselves that you think you don't need people while they are still here.  You axed me before I left.  You could at least pretend.  They are like we've already decided, Brittany is out, Taylor is out, Taylor is out,...   we are in Jury...


Monte says at the end of the day, this is exactly what they needed.

Now they are talking about how they don't think they could have lasted if Nicole was in the HoH.  She would have been....  she would have been in interrogator status, ego tripping.   Kyle says she is very emotional, not a good game player.

Michael says he isn't even threatened by her.  She thinks she runs people and we all see it, she doesn't run anyone.  Kyle replies, as opposed to Alyssa who really is best friends with everyone and has a great social game.  They are more afraid of that.


They wrap it up.   Kyle think they can leverage Terrance.  Terrance felt like he was being given an instruction manual from the people who were supposedly in alliance with him.  Kyle asked him what he would do differently and listed off some of what he said and they all replied, that's us...

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10:53PM BBT

HNBR - Brittany, Monte, Michael, Kyle

He wanted to feel like he had an input as to what was happening.   Monte said Terrance is fed up.  He said he led Terrance to the discovery that Ameerah is the one telling Nicole all of these directives.

Now they are discussion how Nicole supposedly went to Terrance and told him he was going home.  

Terrance apparently told Monte, did they want me to just lay down and die.  I would be moping around the house all day.

Nicole apparently pulled Monte to the side and told him she was going to go tell Terrance and she asked if she should go up to the girls.  He replied, do whatever the f' you want.  Nicole said, she wasn't tight with the girls, Ameerah is.  Monte thought, you just told me your game.

Michael added another thing good about Ameerah going home is that she was the one staying up late.  This would let the Leftovers talk more without Ameerah always finding out.  Earlier it was stated she always was keeping up with who was where and talking to whom.

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Alyssa comes into the have not room, she says she is looking for everyone. She is followed by Turner, he is coming to set the room up.


General talk about have not amenities (beds).


Monte and Alyssa are left in the have not room alone. Mo ante repeats the story to Alyssa. Alyssa is whispering, can't hear her.


Monte tells Alyssa that last week he was told what to do, that he felt like there was a meeting and he wasn't invited to it.  He says now there is a leak, he hears Nicole and Daniel are tight, she may have told Daniel about Po's Pack, she may have leaked it.

Alyssa tells Monte going forward she wants to work with him, now she has nobody.


Cameras move to Daniel and Nicole.

Nicole tells him if she doesn't win the veto she is going up as the replacement nominee. She wonders if Taylor ever was the target. Daniel leaves the room.


Cameras move back to have not room

Alyssa continues to explain the behavior of Po's Pack, she says she doesn't want to be on the outside of anything.

Monte says he will have one on ones with the house, he will see who will tell him the truth and who won't.

After a few minutes they leave the have not room.


Nicole and Jasmine  are in the lavatory area, Monte comes in, goes to the loo. (Jasmine sent for him while she relaxes and eats a pickle).

Monte comes out, washes his hands, and sits beside Jasmine.

Someone comes to the door of the lavatory, Jasmine actually chases them away.

Jasmine says her feelings were hurt because no one told her how the votes were going. She says a few people came to her after and told her why they voted as they did.


Alyssa is in the bedroom reporting back on her conversation with Monte. She says there must have been a conversation about 15 minutes before the vote that flipped the house.


Joe and Terrance are talking in the bedroom. Terrance says he never told Jasmine about the alliance. Joe says for Terrance to be careful, if he is asked, he should just say he heard there was an alliance. Joe says Terrance should say he heard it from Taylor. Joe thinks Monte might put Taylor up.

Terrance heads off on his mission of misdirection.


Indy is fussing in the bedroom, it is messy and she says she doesn't like it. She says it is a girl's room and should look like it.

Daniel comes in, tells them their room feels like home.




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Monte is talking to  Jasmine in the lavatory, he is talking about Pooch's eviction. Jasmine is telling him how it happened.


They continue to share information, nothing we don't already know.




Darlings, it is a little early, but I think I will call it a night.  It is time for me to go thank the Lord for my day, cuddle with my sweet babies, and wait for a new day.  Take time for yourself today, recharge. Take a break and relax. The world will be waiting when you are done.  goodnight dears-hugs, Grannysue.

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11:37PM BBT

WA - Monte was digging into the Pooch going out history and said when he found out he was told by Nicole and Ameerah told him they were voting out Pooch.  He felt it was a narrative by them, not a discussion. He says Pooch was a wrecking ball you could see coming because he told you everything but Taylor is not that, she is the exact opposite.  She will slither in the grass and bite your ass.   That's why she is still here.  Jasmine repeats a story Monte says she told them.  Taylor was in her flip flops and she stopped at the storage room apparently trying to find out what was going on in the storage room. 

Monte says he doesn't feel great about keeping Taylor another week but hopefully she will get distracted by Daniel for instance since she snapped on her.  Jasmine says Taylor said in front of Jasmine, Indy, Ameerah and Alyssa that she was going to put up Daniel and Kyle and backdoor Monte.

Jasmine said it didn't even make sense, why would you backdoor Monte if your target is Daniel.

[Wondering, if they don't want to spook Taylor, why is he bringing her name up to someone outside the Leftovers? - rmichaelsm]

Monte repeated to Jasmine when Nicole says she wasn't tight with the girls, but Ameerah is.  

Jasmine says, wait she, Nicole, "said she is not tight with the girls, is that the reason why she .... never mind ..."

Monte, why...

Jasmine - "These people, ... Jesus, ...It's gonna take ....  Lord, you better give me some strength.

Is that why she tried to make an alliance with the girls and I said, that's not my game, that's not my strategy, I don't.. I did never came in here saying that I wanted to work with all girls. Cuz, we all see that has not worked in the past. So is that the reason why?  Because let's call it out then. See, ... I can't. I can't". That's what pisses me off.  is because I know she feels some type of way.  Because she keeps coming in my face and it's only been a few hours.   She wants to know what Ameerah told her.



Monte tells her that he is not putting her and Turner up this week.  Also, he knew a bunch of this information and wanted to see if she would tell him the truth and she did.


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