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Episode 7/8-7/24/22-HOH, Festie Bestie twist, Nominations

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Julie greets us and she tells us we get an eviction, an HOH, a new twist, and two new nominees. Pooch and Taylor both think they are pawns but only one is right.


We pick up on Day 13 after the veto ceremony and Michael says he wanted to save Taylor but he did not want Pooch to know he was the target. Pooch is happy he is still on the block because he has the backing of the Oasis, the guys, and the petty girls who hate Taylor.


Jasmine is happier than a fruit pie in a berry bowl because Pooch is still on the block. Taylor says she has to keep up appearances for Pooch to make it look like she is on the way out of the door. Pooch is talking to Alyssa and Ameerah and he says this is what he wanted.


Ameerah says Pooch is a bigger threat to her game than Taylor is. Pooch says he is still going to use his charisma and charm to make sure he has the votes to stay. Alyssa says she came into the house saying no showmances, but anything can happen.


We see Alyssa and Kyle talking on Day 2 and they are flirting. Then we see on Day 10 them two talking and he tells her she is the sweetest girl he ever met and he appreciates her. He talks about how he likes her eyes and how she laughs and makes eye contact.


Pooch is talking about his social media being mostly pictures of himself coaching. Alyssa says Turner is a random person and he says he has a world record for saying all the states in alphabetical order in 15 seconds and then demonstrates. Alyssa says that was cool.


Turner then shows Alyssa he can lick his elbow and Pooch asks why he is able to do so much weird stuff and Alyssa says he IS weird. Kyle, Monte, and Jozef are talking about the girls all being in the HOH and they are discussing that Pooch may be going home.


Monte says the plan is to get Pooch out but Jozef has not been made aware of that and he just got on board with his alliance. But the more he sits on the decision the more it does not sit right with him.


Kyle says the plan is to get Pooch out and Jozef does not know and that sucks because he cannot let him know because it will show where his loyalty lies. Jozef says they will be fighting for their lives against the girls and they could be on the outside looking in.


Alyssa is telling Kyle about Paloma trying to get an all girls alliance together and Kyle says that is not good. Kyle says it is nice that Alyssa is on his side but he is worried about the other guys in the house. Kyle says Taylor is being leveraged to go after the guys.


Taylor and Ameerah are talking and she promises if she wins HOH it will be a guy going. Ameerah says even though she is not in the Girls Girls alliance, they are starting to warm up to her. Taylor is talking about targeting Monte and Ameerah is playing it cool.


Ameerah is talking to Monte about Taylor talking about backdooring him. Monte says then maybe they just take her out now and Ameerah says maybe she should not have mentioned that. Ameerah does not want Taylor out and thinks Pooch is a bigger threat.


Monte is more loyal to Po’s Pact but getting Pooch out is not more beneficial for his game. Monte is talking to Ameerah and Nicole about getting Taylor out. Nicole says if Pooch continues in this game, then she and Ameerah are at risk. Monte is trying to reason with them.


Nicole says every year there is an all male alliance and it is obvious there is a boy’s club forming and she would be a target because she is a strong female. Nicole says he has a God complex right now and she does not trust Pooch with her or Ameerah’s game.


Nicole, Indy, and Alyssa are talking and she is telling them Pooch is a target for her. And she is going to try and keep the girls together and not let a man run their game. Nicole says this is the strongest female cast to ever come to Big Brother.


Kyle is talking to Monte and saying they are in a bad spot and he thinks their alliance is on shaky ground and he is not sure how long it will last. Monte says if Nicole and Ameerah do not have his best interest in mind, then he needs to re-think this week.


Julie greets the HG and it is time for the first vote and eviction of the summer. Pooch says he is grateful to be here and to meet them and he says he is not done and he says what he means and means what he says. He has been truly loyal and he loves them all.


Taylor does shoutouts and she says she wants to compete against the best. She learned that strength exists in not just power, but vulnerability and she wants a chance to show that she is growing in her journey. She also wants to show she can be an asset to their game.


It is time to vote!

Turner says this kills me but he votes to evict his final two Pooch.

Alyssa sadly votes to evict Pooch.

Ameerah votes to evict Pooch.

Jozef votes to evict Pooch.

It is currently 4 votes to evict Pooch and 0 votes to evict Taylor.


Voting continues!

Daniel votes to evict Pooch.

Nicole votes to evict Pooch.

Kyle chooses to evict Pooch.

Monte votes to evict Pooch.


Michael votes to evict Pooch.

Brittany votes to evict Pooch.

Indy votes to evict Pooch.

Terrance votes to evict Pooch.

By a vote of 12-0, Pooch has been evicted from the Big Brother house!


Pooch joins Julie on stage and he is stunned. Julie asks what he thinks happened and he thought having a strong social game it was an opportunity. He had no idea and it is shocking that it was 12-0. He says they did what they felt they needed to do.


Julie asks Pooch who he thinks is responsible and he says he truly does not know. He felt like he put himself in a good spot in the game. Julie says there is an alliance of five women and they saw it as an opportunity.


Julie asks if Pooch underestimated the women and he says absolutely. He thought if he offered himself as a pawn he could use it later in the game to get someone else to use themselves as a pawn.


Kyle tells Pooch about his alliance and that is where his loyalty lies. Jasmine says his game was in a queen’s hand and she wanted him to go home. Michael says Pooch made a mistake by offering himself as a pawn and excluding him from the men’s alliance.


Joseph says Pooch is like a brother and he will miss him but he knows he will do great things out of the house. Pooch says they got his ass and he thought he was in a good spot.


Julie calls everyone to the living room and it is time to unleash this summer’s twist. Starting tonight, they will be playing the game with a Festie Bestie. By the time tonight’s HOH competition is over, they all will have a bestie they will be playing the game with.


If they win HOH, their bestie is also safe for the week. But instead of nominating two individuals, they will nominate one set of besties. The veto comp will also be played with sets of besties.


If the veto is used, both besties will be safe and a new set of bestie’s will be nominees. But on eviction night, the bestie’s will be broken up when one leaves the house.


And the surviving bestie will find out their fate at the next live eviction. Tonight’s HOH will not only crown an HOH but determine who their bestie will be. Julie sends them outside.


It is time for the HOH competition! The competition is called “Get Lit”. In each round they will hold down the button on their lighter while music plays. Once the music stops, they have to sit immediately. The last in each round will be eliminated.


If they let go of their button before the music stops they will be eliminated. The first person eliminated can either join Jasmine as her bestie or sit at an open table and someone still in the game can choose them. The last HG will be the new HOH.


The first round has started and the lighter moves left and right and the HG have to keep their button held down and move with it. Taylor is gunning for this HOH because she just survived an eviction and she wants to be HOH and play her own game.


Turner says his best friend Pooch just walked out the door and he literally found out last second. We see him finding out 4 hours before eviction. He is doing this for Pooch and for his safety.


Michael says the Festie Bestie twist is crazy because they could sit next to a friend to strategize with or sit next to a target to keep you safe. Kyle says there are a lot of moving parts in this comp and his strategy is to hold on tight and not move his feet.


The music stops for round 1 and Terrance has been eliminated and he decides to take an empty table. He says this might not be the worst thing for him because whoever wins HOH picks his bestie last and if he last picked he will be safe.


Round 2 starts and the HG are back up with new music. Ameerah says this is not a game of strength but a game of focus and she wants to win this HOH to protect her alliance. Brittany is eliminated and she goes to an empty table.


Round 3 starts and Joseph is eliminated and he chooses an empty table as well. Round 4 starts and Michael sees how things are stacking up and he wants someone not in his alliance as a Festie Bestie and he wants Brittany as his bestie.


Brittany says the best strategy is to be a bestie with someone they are not aligned with and she does not want him as her bestie. Michael says this might be a selfish choice but he chooses Brittany.


Round 4 starts and Taylor says she is not sure how the comp will play out and she has let go of her button and she does not realize it. She takes a seat at an empty table and she is disappointed in herself.


Round 6 begins and Monte is eliminated and he chooses to sit with Joseph. Joseph says this could not be better because Monte is trustworthy and they will be a great team. Round 7 begins and Nicole says they all need to find out how not to be paired with an alliance member.


Nicole is eliminated and she chooses Taylor as her Festie Bestie because she has been a target and that could keep her safe. Taylor could not be happier with her partner. Round 8 begins and Indy is eliminated and she chooses an empty table.


Round 9 begins and Daniel sees one empty table left so he decides to throw the comp so he can be paired with someone still on stage. Daniel is eliminated and he chooses the final empty table.


Round 10 begins with Kyle, Ameerah, Turner, and Alyssa and Kyle is eliminated. Kyle thinks Daniel might be the perfect Festie Bestie and that is who he selects. Round 11 begins and the final three are focused. The music ends and Alyssa has been eliminated.


Alyssa chooses Indy to go with as her Festie Bestie and Indy does not want to be on the block against her but they are good with everyone and maybe they are the perfect match.


The final round comes down to Ameerah and Turner. The round begins and Turner says he is hyper focused because it is more important to win that choose his bestie. Ameerah says she wants this more and she is staying focused.


Turner sits first and is the new HOH! Ameerah gets to choose her bestie and she will leave the remaining unchosen HG with Turner. Ameerah is disappointed she lost and she chooses Terrance to keep the girls spread out and Jasmine can be in Turner’s ear.


Turner says this is his festival now and he is going to make sure this HOH matters and he is going to avenge his boy Pooch.


The HG head back inside and they are celebrating. Turner says he feels personally attack and he knew this week was vital. He thinks Nicole and Ameerah are huge problems in this game and he wants to go full force and put them on the block.


Ameerah says this twist has thrown her for a loop and she needs to check in with her alliance. Brittany wants to talk to Michael about his strategy and he says little does she know but he has the numbers.


Ameerah and Terrance are talking about a strategy to talk to Turner. Ameerah says Terrance is a great person who she trusts but she is nervous about competing with him and she is praying he will get it together while they are besties.


Kyle says he was nervous about being bestie’s with Daniel but he is outside the alliance and he is feeling good about his decision. Daniel thinks they can float to jury and help who they need to and play a smart game.


Turner is super stoked he got Jasmine as his bestie and that will open up the girls side of the house for him that he has been closed off from. Taylor tells Nicole she cannot go on the block again. Nicole says that is not going to happen.


Nicole says she liked Taylor but she said she was going to use someone as a shield in the game and unfortunately, she found that with her bestie. Monte and Joseph are talking that Turner will go after whoever took Pooch out.


Alyssa and Indy are talking about who Turner might put up. Ameerah is talking to Alyssa, Michael, and Kyle are they are talking about the twist. Kyle says Po’s Pack is looking good right now because they should have the votes to keep their alliance safe.


Who wants to see Turner’s HOH room?!? He has pictures and he reads his letter and he is emotional. He cannot quantify how much he misses his girlfriend. Turner calls everyone to the living room!


It is time to choose have-nots. Only one duo will have to endure being a have not. Jasmine has to choose who will be the have-nots and she selects Indy and Alyssa because every other pair has had someone as a have-not.


Indy is so sad and she is sure her family and friends are laughing at her. Indy is talking to Terrance, Nicole, Jasmine, and Daniel and she is mad that she is a have-not. Terrance advises her to not let it chip away at her and Indy says let me be mad.


Daniel, Terrance, and Jasmine are leaving and they are whispering about Indy and Daniel says Indy thinks she owns the house and he does not think Turner likes her anyway. Alyssa says she is trying to stay positive or they could become a target.


Ameerah, Kyle, Daniel, and Nicole are talking and they discussing putting up Michael and Brittany up as pawns and backdooring herself and Taylor. Nicole says her plan is to end up on the block on nomination night so she can get whatever advantage the remaining HG gets.


Turner is talking Daniel and Kyle to figure out what the best idea moving forward is. Turner is not sure taking Taylor out is the right shot. Daniel does not want Nicole on the block though. Daniel tosses out Michael and Brittany as nominees and he says it is an easy out.


Kyle says it looks like a girl is going home this week so he feels pretty good. Joseph joins the guys and he thinks Brittany is a sweetheart but she’s not really playing the game. Turner says he has options but he has to figure out what is best for his game.


Turner says he wants to meet with the besties to figure out his best move on who he should nominate. He calls in Nicole and Taylor first and Nicole says she thinks they are a force to be reckoned with and Taylor thanks him for keeping her.


Turner says if Taylor does not see the block then he hopes that builds trust. Turner is talking to Brittany and she asks how her and Michael can be an asset. Brittany says he and Jasmine as a bestie they would never put on the block.


Brittany throws Taylor under the bus and Turner agrees. Turner says Brittany makes him super uncomfortable because she does not give away any game information when they talk.


Turner wants to be honest with Michael and tells him that Brittany rubs people the wrong way and he thinks Michael would 1000 times be safe. Michael still does not trust Turner and this is going off the rails very quickly.


It is time for the Nomination ceremony! Turner has nominated Festie Bestie’s Michael and Brittany. He says they do not talk a lot of game and that seemed the easiest pick for his game and he loves them and he hopes they gun for the veto.


Turner says he thinks Brittany plays a sketchy game and Michael is a comp beast and he has a backup plan. Brittany says being nominated sucks and it is not fun. She is going to channel the anger into giving it her very best.


Ameerah says it does not feel good to have an alliance member on the block this week but she is confident they can keep Michael safe. Michael says he sees right through Turner and he wants to make it a threepeat to win the veto.

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