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Monday, July 25, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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Hey guys  sorry for not  updating for a while but I want to say 2houseguests areoutside.4:44am bbt

So how how is everybody doing so great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great 👍 

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4:30 AM BBT Alyssa and Kyle chatting on couch in Backyard. They wonder if America is enjoying this season. Kyle thinks America likes it because Paloma and Pooch were so entertaining.


Meanwhile Joseph is reassuring Ameerah that Turner is going after the house target (Taylor presumably). They are discussing all the players and what they think their chances are. Joe is sitting on the outside spiral stairs while Ameerah does laundry. 


4:42 BBT Alyssa and Kyle chatting about relationships. Then social media. Alyssa is possessive in relationships she says. Kyle asks if it's because she's insecure. She gives an example of a guy she dated who made her feel invisible - he was in his 30's. Alyssa's mom thinks everyone is a cheater and no relationships will work out. They decide to go get ready for bed - Kyle has been yawning. Oops they were upstairs on the couch not outside. They walk down to the bathroom area. Bob tells Alyssa to fix her mike.

4:49 They're having a conversation while brushing their teeth. Alyssa says she wont stay over anywhere without her sleepover bag. Kyle asks how many dates before she sleeps over - she says 1-3 but that doesn't automatically mean sex. Sometimes she just likes to sleep over. Kyle emphatically says he would not do that. Unless there was sex. Alyssa says no one has ever said no to her. Kyle says he never kisses on the first date. He waited 4 dates to kiss a girl he dated. He says she was going insane wanting him to kiss her. Alyssa says no way she would make him kiss her on the first date. Kyle says no, hug only. Kyle says no value in rushing a physical relationship. 

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10:20 AM BBT kyles in the car bedroom still in bed.  daniel is sitting in the backyard with his coffee.  terrance is in the kitchen cutting up a grapefuit, apple, and a banana (he's also got some honey out)

Michael is awake as week, just grabbede some paper towels from the storage room.

10:24 AM BBT Ameerah is going through her drawers

Kyle joined terrance in the kitchen and opened a banana for lunch before joining daniel outside. daniel greeted him "besties in the fuckin house!" and kyle did a little cheer/dance.

Brittany is heading to the bathroom, terrance joined daniel and kyle in the backyard with his plate of cut up food.

Nicole is in the bathroom brushing her teeth & washing her face.  

10:27 am BBT kyel and daniel set up the shades on the windows in the backyard and chat about music

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12:57PM BBT

The feeds return to Terrance saying he won’t campaign against Ameerah, “I want Ameerah to stay over me!”

Ameerah: Thank you, T


Indy is crying in the bathroom. 

Michael used the veto for himself and his Festie Bestie.

Turner put up Ameerah and Terrance as the replacement noms.


Nicole: Holy shit!

Daniel: I didn’t know

Nicole: I know you didn’t know, but I had a feeling. 


Michael used the veto for himself and his Festie Bestie.

Turner put up Ameerah and Terrance as the replacement noms.


Nicole: Holy shit!

Daniel: I didn’t know

Nicole: I know you didn’t know, but I had a feeling. 


Nicole: I’m thought Indy and Alyssa were going up! I have to applaud him. As long as you and I are not on the block!


in the Space Age Bedroom, Terrance is telling a crying Ameerah she is a beast, “You know this game!” and he is making sure she stays in the game. “You have to win the next HOH. We don’t know; there’s other shit going on.

Ameerah: yeah

Terrance leaves telling her to get her game face on.

Ameerah: okay

1:08PM BBT

In the HNR, Daniel says Turner gave him a heads up saying it wasn’t going to go the way he was expecting. Nicole says Jasmine is pissed and is crying.


We got a quick view if Turner being asked by Jasmine if he told her (Ameerah) she wasn’t going up. He says he didn’t tell her that, and he thinks she is smart with huge potential to winning this game. 

[Okay, y’all! Turner is bathed in blood now, but this play just might work in his favor. I’m not a fan, but Turner is playing, and playing hard.  I won’t be around much until late Wednesday. -MamaLong]



1:20PM BBT

In the Space Age Bedroom, Britt and Indy are consoling Ameerah. 
Indy: We have each other, Baby

Indy warns them they can’t talk with anyone else, not Michael and not Nicole because they aren’t in their girls’ alliance. Indy leaves and Kyle comes in to check on Ameerah. He tells her he had no idea. They discuss Jasmine and say her reaction shows she didn’t know her Festie Bestie was about to put up one of her girls. Taylor joins them saying she was sure she was going up. Taylor tells Ameerah when she needs “to be a person, I’m here.”

Ameerah: Thank you!


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12:59pm BBT Indy is crying in the WA. Joe & Kyle try to help her. In HNR, Daniel assures Nicole he had no idea. She knows he didn't. She thought Alyssa/Indy would go up (she had pitched her & Taylor to backdoor her bestie). As long as we're not nom, she tells Daniel.

1:00pm BBT In the Space BR, Ameerah breaks into tears. Terrance assures her that he'll make sure she stays in the game, to get her game face on. Jasmine is upset & crying too. Turner didn't give Ameerah any warning. 

1:08pm BBT In HNR, Daniel tells Nicole Turner gave him a heads up that the plan had changed but didn't say how. Turner talks to Jasmine, saying Ameerah is a good person and a gret competitor. Alyssa tells Ameerah she wanted Terrance in the Jury. 

1:09pm BBT Nicole tells Daniel that Joe has been in Turner's ear since he won HoH but at least they are safe this week. Turner has drawn a line in the sand. Ameerah tells Alyssa that it was a pointless move (for Turner). Terrance believes Indy put Turner up to it.

1:10pm BBT Nicole says Jasmine is upset Turner didn't tell her, he's her bestie and he betrayed her. Nicole won't throw any more comps. Alyssa says she was blindsided. Nicole & Daniel confirm their Ride or Die. Daniel doesn't understand why Terrance wants to save Ameerah.

1:11pm BBT Ameerah says Turner's speach was about bullying of Taylor, defending Taylor. Who is backing Turner, Ameerah asks Alyssa, who doesn't know. Indy comes to hug Ameerah and says she almost threw up during the Veto meeting. 

1:14pm BBT Daniel/Nicole say Taylor was shocked she wasn't nom, they could see it in her face. Ameerah tells Alyssa she's beend defending Taylor all week (they were conspiring against her, not defending her). Nobody's been mean to Taylor, she insists.

1:16pm BBT Brittany, Ameerah & Indy don't think Turner has the numbers to get Ameerah out. They have to get the girls together. Brittany says Daniel/Turner aren't close. Indy says they are. Brittany asks if Daniel pushed Turner to keep Nicole off the block?

1:19pm BBT Terrance tells Monte Ameerah was the first to assure him when he was nom week 1 so he cannot campaign against her. Ameerah is hoping for a twist that will let her stay. Indy says we can't trust Michael or Nicole. Brittany agrees, they have to zip their lips.

1:21pm BBT Ameerah thinks she must be missing something. Kyle comes in to check on her, says he had no idea. Monte tells Terrance that Turner overheard Ameerah talking trash about Taylor and was bullied himself as a child. Terrance says Taylor was just seeking sympathy.

1:22pm BBT Kyle & Brittany try to figure out who was in Turner's ear. He was by himself, Brittany insists. Taylor comes in & asks if Jasmine knew? Kyle says that was a real reaction. Michael comes in as Brittany says Turner and Jasmine are besties but don't talk.

1:23pm BBT Taylor comforts Ameerah. She's been in her situation a couple times, there's nothing anyone can say. If you need a person, she tells her, I'm here. Just come to me and say F the game, I want to be human. Ameerah had a feeling Turner would do something crazy.

1:25pm BBT Ameerah says she didn't get a chance to play for Veto. Taylor says she lost the Veto twice. Ameerah asks if Indy puked. She's not happy, Michael says. Kyle & Taylor leave. I was blindsided, Ameerah tells Michael, Brittany. He didn't warn you? No.

1:28pm BBT Kyle brings Ameerah a bananna. Michael says he was just following the plan to backdoor Taylor. Jasmine returns. Welcome to F*ckin' Big Brother, she says. This is crazy, wild, how sh*t can flip. Kyle wonders what Turner meant about "behind closed doors."

1:30pm BBT Ameerah says I don't talk game with Turner (maybe you should have). I don't talk sh*t. I told people to stop talking sh*t about Taylor. Jasmine says they were trying to include Taylor. Turner said it's now up to the house. 

1:31pm BBT Jasmine says Turner apologized for putting a target on her back as his Bestie. Jasmine says it blew her mind that her blindsided Ameerah. 

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1:33pm BBT Turner starts meetings in the BY. Terrance tells him he gave the whole house smelling salts. Turner says he didn't want to call out anyone by name but ppl are talking trash behind closed doors. He didn't want to put Terrance up but had to to get Ameerah.

1:35pm BBT Turner tells Terrance he knew if Ameerah had won HoH, he'd be on the block. Terrance says that was smart thinking. He feels like an outcast, he doesn't fit in. Turner reveals he heard HG call Taylor a B*tch & threats to throw food at her. Terrance is shocked.

1:37pm BBT Terrance is shocked that Taylor has been bullied in the house. Turner says he had to do this. It felt right even if it wasn't what the house wanted. He feels bad about not warning him in advance. Terrance says he didn't know, maybe he will fight after all.

1:38pm BBT Turner apologizes if he ever made Terrance feel ostracized. He wants Terrance to stay. I hugged you, he says, not her (Ameerah). Terrance says if what Turner says is true, he did the right thing. 

1:40pm BBT Inside, Nicole tells Taylor she's relieved they aren't nom. She means what she says - she wants Taylor to fight. I will do what is best for my game, Taylor says dryly, you do what's best for you. Nicole says if you win HoH, do what you want. We are still here.

1:41pm BBT Jasmine is still upset Turner made the replacement nom decision without her after promising they'd make decisions together. Indy replies Taylor got a 3rd chance. Jasmine said Turner said he was bullied as a child. Ameerah says she was always nice to Taylor.

1:44pm BBR Indy tells Jasmine, Ameerah that Daniel said he didn't know. Jasmine says he knew. They can't trust him or Nicole. Monte talks to Turner in the BY. Turner says he didn't name names for a reason but kept it objective and supportive. He hopes the speech airs.

1:47pm BBT Inside, Brittany says no one talked to her when she was on the block. She didn't know what was going on. They'll get Ameerah to stay. Indy says Brittany was their (the guys) first target. They have the numbers to save Ameerah. Terrance isn't even playing.

1:50pm BBT Ameerah asks Joe if he knew. Joe says no. She did nothing to Turner, why is he targeting her? Joe says he's targeting Terrance. Ameerah leaves. Indy tells Joe she thought Ameerah was in an alliance w/ Turner. Joe worries Taylor will win HoH & put up him & Monte.

1:55pm BBT Joe promises he'll nom Turner/Jasmine if he wins HoH. If Veto is used, Taylor/Nicole. Swear to Allah  you didn't know, Ameerah presses. Joe says Turner asked if he was the reason Pooch went home. Pooch fingered him & Indy before leaving. Joe is afraid of Turner.

1:58pm BBT Kyle meets w/Turner. Turner tells him Monte told him about Poe's Pack and he's going to pretend it's still alive . Inside, Joe doesn't know who to talk to. Indy gives him a hug. Monte says Turner's story of being bullied made him cry.

2:00pm BBT  Michael comes in and assures Ameerah she's OK this week. Monte says Turner heard Indy talking about Paloma and she called Taylor the B word. Turner walked out. Ameerah is sure Turner isn't acting alone but with a group. Nicole says too many ppl were shocked. 

2:05pm BBT Nicole says Turner told her and Daniel this morning that the plan to BD Taylor was still on. Daniel was upset, she says, he wants Taylor out the most. Turner blinded them too. Someone knew, Ameerah is sure. Ameerah wants to be sure she has the votes. 

2:10pm BBT Alyssa says Turner also told her this morning the plan was the same. Monte tells Ameerah to watch the other HG, read their body language, talk to turner and try to figure where he's at. Nicole says he's going to pick off the girls because of Pooch.

2:15pm BBT In the KT, Nicole tells Ameerah she needs a minute - she hates everyone. What's the point of an alliance? Nicole thinks Alyssa threw them under the bus. On the BY balcony, Joe tells Brittany he remembers how Ameerah made her cry. He won't forget that.

2:18pm Nicole is in the BY hammock, complaining that Alyssa told Indy things she told Alyssa. That's the third time, Nicole accuses, that she threw us under the bus. We can't tell her anything! 

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2:20pm BBT Nicole is yelling to Monte that Alyssa blew them up. Brittany and Joe are in the BY balcony but Nicole doesn't care if she hears her. Monte says he's not close to Alyssa. Nicole is convinced that Alyssa repeated things she said to Turner. 

2:21pm BBT Nicole is so upset she falls out of the hammock. Daniel runs to help her but when he tries to sit next to her, she snaps she wants to eb alone. F*ck me, he mutters, heading to the KT to lick his wounds. Nicole continues fuming outside to Monte and Ameerah. 

2:22pm BBT Nicole thinks Alyssa told Kyle something and he told Turner. No more game talk with Alyssa, Nicole demands of Monte. Daniel, Joe, Jasmine, Indy and Terrance are talking about Nicole's blowup. Alyssa goes to the hammock to tell them what the KT group is saying. 

2:23pm BBT Alyssa tells Monte Jasmine told her he was crying so she came out. What was she thinking, he asks? Alyssa apologizes for not realizing Indy was listening. You threw me under the bus, Nicole accuses her, those words (that Indy was a target) came out of MY mouth.

2:24pm BBT Alyssa apologizes to Nicole & promises to fix it. Ameerah tells Alyssa she has to be more careful around Indy. Nicole says the idea is for ppl outside the alliance to not know what the alliance's plans. In the KT, Joe asks why Alyssa/Indy aren't nom?

2:29pm BBT Turner joins Brittany in the BY balcony . Brittany just agrees with everything Turner says. Turner goes back down to the BY couches to talk to Indy. He apologizes for blindsiding her with his going after Ameerah. 

2:32pm BBT In the BR, Joe tells Taylor he respects Turner for what he said. No gloating, just laying out facts. The secret to the Leftovers alliance is to never be seen together. 

2:33pm BBT Alyssa tells Jasmine she was saying that if it hadn't been Ameerah/Terrance, it would have been her and Indy and didn't realize Indy was nearby listening. Ameerah says she can't lie because she stutters when she tries. 

2:35pm BBT Monte tells Michae/Kyle that Nicole is blaming everything on Alyssa. In the Space BR, Nicole asks Monte to do damage control with Daniel who won't talk to her. She wants to give him space and asks Monte to go between. Monte says everyone needs to cool down.

2:39pm BBT Brittany comes down to join the hammock girls. Jasmine says she'd be the only one to keep Ameerah. What do you mean, Alyssa asks? She's making a point, Jasmine replies, who'se talking behind closed doors? The girls get quiet.

2:40pm BBT Indy comes out and asks the girls to tell her what happened. Jasmine & Indy return inside the house. Nicole says Ameerah is the strongest female. Maybe that's why Turner targeted her. Maybe he's trying to isolate Jasmine since they are besties.

2:42pm BBT Alyssa asks Brittany to leave so she can talk to Ameerah privately. Did Brittany know they wonder? What should they tell Indy they were talking about (since they can't say they were talking about her overhearing Alyssa and telling Turner). They promise F2.

2:44pm BBT Alyssa/Ameerah think Nicole is too reactive and dramatic. Indy returns and they ask her what Turner said. Indy wants to know why Nicole was fighting with Monte and Ameerah. She says she saw Nicole spend 15m talking to Joe yesterday and today. 

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2:47pm BBT Ameerah tells Nicole it was Turner's BFF, Daniel, talking the most trash about Taylor. Jasmine says Turner told someone about his replacement nom plan but not her. Brittany comes in & they ask her to leave. Nicole says why don't people F*ckin' knock?

2:50pm BBT Alyssa worries everyone is talking about her now, she's the new Taylor. Ameerah says they are aligned with everyone except Turner, Taylor & Joseph. Daniel can't be trusted. They wonder why Daniel didn't warn Nicole. 

2:51pm BBT Taylor is out by the pool by herself. In the Space BR, Nicole tells Jasmine Taylor had no idea she wasn't going on the block - she was shaking & clinching her hands. Jasmine didn't notice. Alyssa says she told Indy she was just making stuff up that she overheard.

2:53pm BBT In HoH, Turner meets with Monte/Joseph. Joe says the house believes the Taylor narrative. Turner says Daniel said Monte was crying. Monte says he's fine but Daniel & Nicole are going at it. Separately, Ameerah says Daniel won't talk to her and they are aligned.

2:55pm BBT Brittany is crying and being consoled by Nicole. Everywhere she goes, she says, she's being told to leave. Back in HoH, Turner says Jasmine is upset because she thinks Daniel lied. Joe says he told Daniel he felt sorry for Turner because of his family background.

2:57pm BBT Brittany tells Ameerah doesn't know what she did to turn the girls against her. Ameerah apologizes for asking her to leave earlier. Taylor joins them. Alyssa and Terrance come out. 

3:00pm BBT Daniel/Nicole are fighting. Nicole invited the girls to talk but he's not allowed? She'll talk with Alyssa after she threw Nicole under the bus but won't give him the time of day. Nicole apologizes for blowing him off, desperately confirming their F2. 

3:01pm BBT Joe asks Jasmine if she knew what Turner planned and Jsmine says no. Nicole asks Daniel if he spoke with Ameerah. I don't need to speak sh*t to her, he retorts. FU, he says with respect to Ameerah, what will I get out of it? 

3:02pm BBT Daniel tells Nicole he's not OK. He was alone in the KT and they mobbed him. Nicole promises she will not bretray him. My name was on the line and it had to be addressed. Daniel tells her to not yell at him. I trust you so much, I don't want you feeling this way!

3:03pm BBT In the BY, Joe tells Ameerah that Turner is a wild card and scares him. They think Taylor must have known. Brittany says she would have put up a bigger fight if she knew. Joe says she is walking around like a queen. If he had a fan to fan her, he would.

3:05pm BBT Joe says this is the 3rd week it looked like Taylor was going home and she's safe. Taylor joins them and sits between Joe & Michael. Nicole again tells Monte that Alyssa cannot be trusted. How do they flip the house to send Terrance home? 

3:06pm Joe asks how Indy is doing. This is not Summer House, he says. He has to win HoH. Taylor heads back inside and Joe says there was all this space and she had to sit down right next to me. 

3:08pm BBT Nicole tells Daniel they don't have the numbers to keep Terrance. She tells him about the Poe's Pack alliance. Joe, Monte and Kyle will keep Terrance, but the Girls have the numbers to keep Ameerah. Turner doesn't know about Poe's Pack, she says.

3:10pm BBT My whole life is like today, Daniel bemoans, very girl I dated, every band I was in, people treat me like I don't count. I show love & loyalty and get F*cked over every time. I will not F*ck you over, Nicole pleads desperately. 

3:11pm BBT Daniel says he has no idea what is going on in the house. Neither do I, Nicole replies. There is an awkward silence followed by more apology. He says she's the only one he trusts. Brittany needs to shut up because she's safe. Nicole is also mad at Brittany.

3:15pm BBT Alyssa comes into the BR and they tell her that it's Indy's fault. Alyssa apologizes for what happened with Indy (who overheard her suggesting Indy was the girls' target). Nicole tells her to be careful what she says around Indy. 

3:16pm BBT Don't let Indy ruin your game, Nicole warns Alyssa. Indy comes into the BR to tell Alyssa that the slop is ready. Alyssa is in tears apologizing to Nicole. Nicole tells her to be careful around Michael as well. 

3:19pm BBT In the WA, Joe gives a crying Ameerah a hug. She dabs her eyes with TP from the WC. He says Turner told him he just changed his mind about Taylor & picked Ameerah because she would target him. Alyssa is now crying to Ameerah who consoles her - it was an accident!

3:21pm BBT In the WA, Joe tells Ameerah this isn't the end. She's a smart girl. Ameerah says Turner wouldn't have have moved against her if he didn't have the numbers. It's not logical. 

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3:24pm BBT Nicole tells Daniel that Monte is definitely not in on Turner's blindside, it's 100% Alyssa. They have a long embrace and finally leave the Space BR. 

3:26pm BBT Ameerah says that Turner told her he wanted Indy or Brittany out. Joe says Indy was saved because Turner likes Alyssa. Ameerah says neither Turner nor Daniel have come to talk to her. Daniel hasn't spoken to her since the Veto comp. 

3:29pm BBT Indy comes to Alyssa & Jasmine and asks them to come ask her if they want to know anything. She could tell Nicole/Daniel were talking about her when she walked in to tell Alyssa the Slop was ready. 

3:30pm BBT Joe tells Ameerah that everyone was wearing shades during the Veto Cerem and he heard sniffling. Maybe it was allergies. Joe says he needs to start talking game with Alyssa and Jasmine. I talk game most with you (Ameerah). 

3:31pm BBT Alyssa is crying again as Jasmine, eating in front of her, gives her a pep talk. Nicole and Indy are not impressed with Jasmine.Ameerah is fighting back tears in the WA while talking with Joe. Nicole complains that HG aren't keeping track of their towels.

3:35pm BBT Kyle, Terrance, Michael & Taylor are chilling on the BY lounge. Taylor tells Kyle he has food on his mouth. He can't find it. She tries to tell him where to lick, then he laughs he was missing it on purpose. 

3:40pm BBT Joe gives Ameerah a pep talk. They can put game aside & just talk, he says. I'm going, she says. It's a double-edged sword, Joe replies, you're likeable but you're a Michael. Don't make personal decisoins, make game decisions. Pooch F'd us all, she says.

3:45pm BBT Nicole finally talks with Indy. I don't want to be put against Alyssa, Indy says. It had nothing to do with you, Nicole assures her, I just had to deal with things my way. I shouldn';t have to deal with people who are safe. 

3:46pm BBT I'm not like you, Indy tells Nicole, You talked to everyone but me. I snapped at Brittany twice today, Nicole says. I thought I was one of your safe spaces, Indy says. Nicole says she just needed to deal with things alone before she can deal with others.

3:47pm BBT Nicole says she was going to talk to Indy but she was talking to others in the WA and she didn't want to be around other people. She says she won't be ready to talk to Turner for another hour. 

3:50pm BBT Monte was not crying as Jasmine claimed, Ameerah tells Joe. He doesn't know why people are making up stories. Monte joins them and Joe says Nicole let Monte in but not him. Ameerah said Nicole wouldn't talk to her because she's on the block. 

3:55pm BBT Joe says every time he walks into a room he feels uncomofortable, like the conversation changs. That's why he goes to bed early, it's his nest. Nicole continues to defend her actions to Indy and Alyssa. Indy says enough is enough. Let's go enjoy the pool.


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4:00pm BBT Jasmine has just gotten out of the DR and heads to the WC, stopping to tie Nicole's bathing suit. Terrance comes in and says he has to pee, going right into WC. I can wait, Jasmine says resignedly. Indy is alone in the HT, waiting for anyone else to come join her.

4:05pm BBT Daniel meets with Turner in HoH, thanking him for giving him a heads up before the veto cerem. He knows he can trust him. Dan says he doesn't like Nicole's angry gameplay. He doesn't want to be that guy. Nicole joins them & starts buttering up Turner's rear.

4:10pm BBT Daniel looks nervous while Nicole spins her reaction to Turner's replacement noms. Turner confides he told Alyssa he was uncomfortable with how Taylor was being treated. Nicole says she & Taylor resolved their issues after Turner talked with her this morning.

4:15pm BBT Turner tells Nicole/Daniel he had to feel good about his game and he didn't feel good putting Taylor on th eblock. Others may have problems with her but not him. He knows Nicole/Daniel have issues with her but he's not witnessed anything bad personally with her.

4:20pm BBT He doesn't know if this decision will end his game next week, but he chose Ameerah because they don't talk game and she and Terrance only gave him 3m of convo. She's a gamer, so it's better for his game for her to go up.

4:25pm BBT Nicole says the only reason she chose Taylor as her Bestie was because the house wanted her out. Turner says at one point he did too, but realized he was the worst example of what he was talking about (in his replacement nom speech). 

4:26pm BBT Daniel leaves Nicole & Turner in HoH. He tells Joe he had it out w/ Nicole, his worst day in the house. Ameerah takes Nicole to the Space BR. Did you know? Nicole assures her she was also blindsided. Nicole her that she & Taylor are a business relationship.

4:34pm BBT Daniel comes into the Space BR & hopes he's not interrupting. Nicole asks him to leave. Ameerah asks if he's mad at her. No, but he's mad Nicole turned him away. Ameerah says someone is lying about not knowing she was going up. Nicole doesn't think so. 

4:36pm BBT Daniel says the bullying talk Turner gave was not the reason Ameerah was nom. Ameerah cries, she never wanted to go up against Terrance (she picked him because she thought she'd be safe against him). Daniel & Nicole commit to working with Ameerah, not Terrance.

4:44pm BBT Ameerah says everyone is crying today. Daniel has her back and is going to go find out what the rest of the house is doing. Nicole tries to do damage control, telling Ameerah/Daniel she told Joe her blowup with Daniel was nothing so they won't blow it up.

4:45pm BBT After Daniel leaves, Ameerah tells Nicole she's her #1. Nicole says she's not sticking with the Six alliance. She doesn't trust Joe. Neither does Ameerah. Alyssa is a crack. Nicole comforms Ameerah is her #1 as well. 

4:46pm BBT Ameerah tells Nicole that Daniel knew she was goign. Nicole says he didn't. I don't trust him, Ameerah says, Jasmine told her that Turner told 3 people. 

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4:50pm BBT Nicole/Ameerah talking in Space BR. Joe pops in & tells them to come outside. Nicole tells him to go away, then mutters suck my d*ck after he leaves. Nicole is trying to convince Ameerah Daniel didn't know. Indy pops in & needs Nicole to come outside.

4:55pm BBT Ameerah thinks Turner knows the game better than he let on. Nicole says she's fine with the numbers, it's not fair making her vote either Ameerah or Terrance. She says Ameerah's the strongest girl in the house, then her, then Brittany. Taylor, corrects Ameerah.

5:00pm BBT There's a knock on the Space BR door and Nicole is mad again, but it' OK, it's Jasmine. Ameerah goes through her Who Knew speech again. Someone has to be working with Turner. Jasmine says Turner said it was up to the house, he doesn't have a target.

5:02pm BBT Ameerah wants to know who was talking sh*t about Taylor? Jasmine & Nicole don't know. Ameerah says Joe is freaking out that he has to win HoH next. Nicole says she told him to stop being a b*tch, man up & start playing. Hopefully no more crazy days, says Jasmine.

5:05pm Ameerah's pity tour continues. What did I do to Turner? Jasmine says she's now a target herself because of Turner. Nicole says she must be in Turner's good graces since she wasn't nom (I'm sure the other two appreciated that insight).

5:10pm BBT Nicole says the Girls' Girls (Alyssa, Jasmine, Indy, Ameerah, Alyssa) and I guess Brittany have to stick together. Don't run outside and blow up like she did. Jasmine doesn't know who to trust. Trust your instincts, Nicole says, the goal is keep Ameerah. 

5:12pm BBT Alyssa is itching. Nicole tells her to rinse off her privates and put on clean underwear. Indy asks why she's itchy. The pool PH is off, Nicole claims. Ameerah is going to start campaigning for votes. Alyssa says it will be unanimous for her to stay.

5:13pm BBT In the KT, Terrance tells Joe/Daniel that despite what he said earlier, he really wants to stay. Joe tells him viewers don't watch to see HG quit, not when so many tried to get cast. 

5:14pm BBT Ameerah asks how should she campaign? Play hard, lay low, cry for sympathy? Nicole says just don't talk sh*t about Terrance. Don't be a Pooch. Ameerah says Taylor told her she feels as a Black woman she has to hide her strengths. What strengths, asks Jasmine?

5:21pm BBT Michael/Brittany meet in the WA. She is worried about Nicole next week. She says Turner told Jasmine he told 3 HG Ameerah was goign up & Jasmine is telling all the girls. Michael heads to the back BR and says it's so quiet, he feels others are talking behind him.

5:25pm BBT Nicole tells Michael that nobody knows what Turner is thinking & Michael should enjoy the BY. The girls break up just as Brittany comes in. Nicole tells her they were not leaving because she came in. Nicole & Jasmine head to the KT for food. 

5:30pm BBT Indy, Monte & Joe are working out in the BY while Taylor sunbathes. Alyssa, Jasmine, Brittany & Michael are back in the BR. Jasmine says this all must have been because of what happened in the SR, it doesn't mnake sense for Turner to make this move. 

5:31pm BBT Ameerah wonders if this was because she almost beat him for HoH? Jasmine says she needs a 1-on-1 w/ Turner. He told her since they were Besties he would tell her everything. Daniel tells Kyle that Nicole is breaking his heart. She will talk to others but not him.

5:35pm BBT Michael tells Ameerah & the girls that it doesn't make sense - Turner knows she has the support in the house. Daniel tells Kyle Joe was trying to get info out of him. Kyle says he must be living on Mars in the LR. He says he's sorry, and they are good. They hug.


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5:37pm BBT Alyssa and Brittany are discussign when Turner decided to change his renomination. They note he was shaking dureing the ceremony. Brittany thinks he lost Paloma and then Pooch and isn't thinking rationally. Even now, Ameerah says, Turner is not her target.

5:40pm BBT Jasmine again claims that Turner only told one person about his decision, then slipped up and told someone else but she doesn't know who. Daniel tells Kyle that Turner's statement about bullying was for the house and not about noms. 

5:43pm Jasmine tells a story from the TV show Shark Tales but it was from Finding Nemo (Fish are friends, not food). Ameerah asks Jasmine to do her eviction makeup. Ameerah says she needs to start talking to these HG who are lying to her face.

#BB25 5:44pm BBT Ameerah says she's not sure about Daniel/Nicole. Alyssa says Nicole easily lied to Indy earlier while doing damage control. Nicole plays like she's protecting them, Jasmine says, but she's not. Ameerah has to look good because the cameras are following her now.

5:48pm BBT Kyle apologizes to Daniel for being in a fog and not realizing Daniel was having a bad day.Daniel worries about a Wall comp coming up. Tall people don't do well on the Wall. He thinks Ameerah and Nicole will do well on it. He assures Kyle his name hasn't come up.

5:55pm BBT Kyle wants to scare Nicole. She got him earlier & he nearly peed his pants. Michael says this game is easier from his couch. She says Turner is playing for himself. He had 6 pairs to choose from, Michael says.

6:00pm Kyle wants to shower but has to change into his undies. His bathing suit is the kind with a liner, like in middle school. In the BY, Turner/Terrance are playing pool. Daniel brushes his teeth in the KT. Monte says they should enjoy the BY while they can.

7:20pm BBT Alyssa tells Joe they have to get Taylor out next week. Ameerah has to stay and then either her, Ameerah, Jasmine, Monte or Joe has to win HoH. She wonders about Kyle because he hasn't talked to her today. Joe says Kyle is all bro bro but doesn't talk game much.

7:30pm BBT Turner & Ameerah have their talk. He says Pooch told him to talk rush in on her (in the SR). That's why he came in but then  Pooch said she was upset w/ him so he came back to apologize. Ameerah thought Turner meant she was the bully and then he mentioned the SR.

7:31pm BBT Ameerah says this make sense now. Turner says if they had this talk before, he might have chosen someone else but he wasn't going to choose Taylor after everyone harping on her. Ameerah says she heard about the soup (talk of it being thrown at Taylor). 

7:32pm BBT It was Indy who told him about the threat to throw soup at Taylor and then Nicole/Daniel were talking nasty about her.Then he heard the B word was used. Turner tells Ameerah to do what she has to do to campaign.

7:40 In the hammock, Joe urges Terrance to not quit. He knows it's not easy (in the house) but he's a good dude & needs to fight to stay. He has to put the work in and campaign to stay. Terrance says it was his gut reaction to being blindisded. Everyone was, Joe tells him.


8:25pm BBT Turner meets with Taylor in the BY. She says she's always been the one standing up for others being bullied, she didn't realize she needed someone to do it for her. Turner hopes she wasn't upset by his singling her out. He says the speech was spontaneous.

8:26pm BBT Taylor tells Turner she was trying to get in with these people. She realize they just didn't care. He tells here there are good people who will stand up for her. He knows what its like to be bullied at home, at school but he wasn't going to let it in this house.

8:27pm BBT Taylor thanks Turner. She thought she was closer to Nicole. She's not, Turner says. They say the people in their group, the Leftovers, can make it far. They'll catch up more later.

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8:45pm BBT The HG are all eating except Ameerah & Alyysa in the Gold BR. Indy lets them know everyone else is eating. Michael cooked dinner tonight. Terrance is sitting on one side of the DT and all the other HG (except for Alyssa & Ameerah) are on the other side.

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9:10PM BBT

OLD - Nicole whining.

(word chosen specifically for its accuracy as she cries, too.  The whole discussion seemed loud enough I would think the others outside also heard it all - rm)

She did this for a good amount of time to Terrance about how bad it is having 2 of the people who have her back on the block together.  He agrees that it is bad they both ended up at the same time.   She doesn't like it but at one point admitted she respected it.  She says they both would help her game going forward as well as the people with whom she is aligned.


camera changed to other part of OLD where Michael and Daniel are discussing how using the PoV sets in motions a domino effect.  He doesn't feel bad on using it on himself but the aftermath.  It gets everyone upset.  They agree on how they didn't expect how hard it would be to play the game but after they all have talked to each other for weeks and gotten to know people it is hard.


 9:30PM BBT

HN room - Indy, Alyssa and Michael taking the pool floats back into the HN bedroom.    Alyssa says she will put her bedroom together later, it is too cold.   Indy agrees, "It's freezing here already, W*T*F! Big Brother, this is supposed to be a dream coming true NOT THIS FREEZING HELL!"   ..."It is SO COLD, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU GUYS!"  

(Indy not getting the point of the have NOT room - rm)


9:36PM BBT

HoHR - Alyssa went in and told Turner she messed up today. Turner relays what he heard but it was wrong so Alyssa explained.  She said she was in a room with Nicole and didn't see Indy in there when Alyssa said that it could have been me up there if Indy keeps complaining.  


9:47PM BBT

Alyssa and Turner talking about her overthinking interaction with Kyle.  She admitted to having bad anxiety, anyway.  She told him she hadn't seen him all day and he replied, yea.  So, she wondered if he just didn't want to talk to her any more or is she overthinking about it, ... 

Turner said he doubts he would be a d*k about it because he seems like a wholesome Utah'n man. She was glad she came and talked to Turner that it made her feel better.  Turner says it has been a peaceful week because he didn't have the stress of the risk of going on the block...

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9:51PM BBT

SBR - Ameerah, Nicole and Jasmine all in their depressed states, Nicole saying the 2 people she didn't want on the block are on the block. (aka pity party-rm) 

Jasmine gets ready to leave and explains she is gonna pray on her foot and then continues the list of what she will pray on.

(exit door left-rm)

Nicole asks Ameerah to continue telling her what Turner said.   She says he clarified some comments that made it should like she was bullying someone one but it wasn't what he said.   He wanted to put up people who were bullying Taylor but he can't get them out right now so he then looked around as too who else was available.  She listed why for each one but when he got down to Monte and Joseph he didn't give a reason.  

Nicole then whispers asking if she thinks Monte knew and didn't tell the group.   Ameerah says it is possible but she thinks he is still gonna save her.   Nicole says Terrance doesn't know about the 6.  He might think he has the numbers to stay.

Ameerah says that if they don't save her, then there is something going on with the guys.  Nicole says, she's not gonna lie and this vote scares her.  Nicole says she can see her sitting next to her at the end, that this sucks for her really bad.  (When Nicole spoke to both Terrance and Ameerah, she made this about herself both times. - rm)


9:59PM BBT

SBR - Nicole actually tells Ameerah that she wonders if Turner did this to ME (NICOLE) on purpose.  (WOW!  yes, this is all about you Nicole - rm). Aeerah had to console NICOLE saying he didn't do that to you on purpose and actually he wouldn't have done it to you if he had known.  Ameerah thinks Turner doesn't know anyone she is aligned with.  


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Turner and Alyssa are in the HOH room, Turner is telling Alyssa that Kyle likes Alyssa, but doesn't want to ruin his game. He tells her that things would be better in jury, or out of the house.

Alyssa is relieved, he has not been talking to her because she made a mistake.

Turner says that Pooch, Paloma and Alyssa are the only ones in the house he gravitated to. He says he would never put her on the block.

Turner says he has trouble remembering who said what.

Turner says the story that got back to him was Monte was crying because some one said something, Monte denied it.  Turner says he heard it from Daniel, who gives a lot of misinformation.

Alyssa says she made one comment, it became "Alyssa leaks information".

Alyssa says she is feeling overwhelmed.

Turner says he talked to Taylor and she seemed very grateful.

Taylor says she has talked to Taylor in general, but she is jealous when Taylor talks to Kyle. She says Kyle seemed to have disappeared on her today.

Turner says he is anxious about new relationships, even in the beginning with Meghan.

Alyssa says she sat down by him today, said "hi", and he got up and left.

Turner says it probably didn't mean a thing, Kyle is wholesome and not hurtful.

Turner complains that Daniel came into the room "like 12 times", it bugged him.


Kyle and Indy are on the loungers in the back yard.

Kyle is talking about perception, he says he hasn't talked to her (Alyssa) at all today.

Indy tells him she needs him to talk to Alyssa today, she needed him to come around, they don't want to campaign for Ameerah.


Jasmine, Ameerah and Nicole are in the bedroom.

Jasmine is listing her prayers.

Ameerah tells Nicole that Turner told her he did not mean she (Ameerah) was not directly targeted because of bullying Taylor. It was someone in the house he could not get out this week.


Nicole says Terrance doesn't know about the 6, he might think he has the numbers to stay.

Ameerah says if the guys don't save her that means they have something going on.

Nicole says "this votes scares me", she says this "sucks for me, really bad"

She says she sees herself sitting with Ameerah in the end.

Ameerah says she is a better player for Nicole than Terrance, Nicole agrees.

Nicole says she wants Ameerah to stay, but it is difficult for her. When she sees Nicole with Terrance it is because she loves him so very much.

Ameerah understands.


Joe, Michael and Taylor are in the storage room, Joe tells them he is grateful for them. They immediately wander to different areas of the house.

Taylor goes to the bedroom, Jasmine is in the room. Taylor says she is doing her laundry tonight and bedclothes in the morning.

Taylor cuddles under her quilts, she plans to take a nap, then do her laundry.

(it is 10:00pm)

Jasmine goes to the bedroom where  Alyssa and Ameerah are with Nicole.

Alyssa relays the information to them that Turner was upset about comments that were made about Taylor.

They all vehemently deny that anything was ever said.

They wonder if Taylor said something.

Nicole says Brittany offered Daniel her talent of being invisible in a room.


Kyle comes into the room. He gives them a Bible verse, he starts again with one that is not "lame". (He must mean relevant).

Indy comes in shortly after Kyle, she must have finished her "pep talk" with him.

Joe comes and goes, the others also leave the room.

Joe plans to take a shower but Michael is cleaning the shower.

Nicole offers to clean the rest of the bathroom tomorrow, Joe says he will as well. They all call Michael an angel for doing what they won't do.

Ameerah tells Joe she is looking out for him.


Terrance and Turner are talking in the HOH room, Turner clears up that the first half of his speech was not related to do with the second half of his speech.

Terrance says he was hoping Taylor would stay, and encouraged her to talk to Turner.

He tells Turner that Ameerah is feeling salty.

Kyle comes into the room, jokes about eating chocolate in front of Alyssa.

Turner tells him to check out his chocolate, he doesn't like it, Turner says 
"I am not a snack guy."

Kyle starts to leave, Terrance stops him.

Terrance says even though they don't talk, he wants to stay. He would appreciate his vote this week.

Kyle tells him it is a difficult week to make a decision, he is close to both of them, he won't make his decision fast. Kyle tells Terrance he feels good with him, he has never considered Terrance as a target. He says he will listen to both sides.

Terrance says he has a lot of game left in him.

Kyle says that's what he wants to hear, he hopes if Terrance is in this position he hopes Terrance will advise him as well.

Terrance repeats that he has never considered Kyle or Turner, but he feels that he is behind in the game.

Kyle says "I am close to Monte, and he is close to you." Kyle says it seems like everyone is on Terrance's side and that speaks to him.

Kyle says when he was in the shower he was thinking of house guests, and tells Terrance he (Terrance) is the kind of man he would like to someday be. He calls Terrance a huge example.

RE: Terrance saying he wanted to go home..Terrance, "that was a huge misstep for me, I worked hella hard to get on here." He says fitting in was a concern for him coming into the house. He compares the ambition he sees in them as things he would like his children to do. Terrance says, "you kids are making me a better father."

Kyle tells him to keep doing what he does. His time is probably not done here yet. Kyle hugs him tells him he should be good. Turner also hugs Terrance, says it's too much emotion today.






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SBR - Alyssa comes in and Ameerah tells her that Nicole is worried about the vote and this surprises Alyssa.  She says lets count, then they run through HGs.  They debate if they have Daniel, he said he thinks Ameerah is better for his game but isn't sure.  They continue, but they discuss if they have Brittany or not but don't think so.   Alyssa said Turner told her that someone said the only reason Alyssa goes up and talks to him is to get information for the girls.

Jasmine comes in.  Alyssa repeats what she heard from Turner.  He said he couldn't remember who.


10:26PM BBT

OLD - Terrance talking to Brittany, Michael and Daniel. He just went up and double checked with Turner to double check why he was up there and Turner said it was just because he doesn't talk game with Ameerah.  He says he doesn't like playing telephone and he had heard something else from someone.  He apologized as he was stumbling through some of the discussion as he was "just getting all this information".

It just blew me that when she had a conversation with me and "When I expressed (to Ameerah) to the point that I was about to concede my game and "to be lied to" I don't like that because I was throwing myself away."


He then says that Ameerah told him that Turner said he picked them by mistake.

Supposedly he told her he was supposed to pick Indy and Alyssa but he didn't want to put Alyssa up.  That he picked them on the fly as he was standing there.   Terrance says that's why he went back to double down and ask.



10:30PM BBT

OLD Alyssa asks if the nights are always cold and if it snows in California.  He explains, it does at night but doesn't snow in Southern California, unless you are in the mountains like up in Big Bear.

Alyssa says she wants to go to Chicago and get a good cup of coffee in Chicago.  (They all have ?s over their head).  Aren't they known for their coffee?  She says because they have the bean.

(Large stainless steel "bean" in Millennium Park, actually called the Cloud Gate sculpture.  In case you missed it earlier in BB, she also wanted to visit New Jersey since it was the happiest place on earth...  That was likely supposed to be Norway. - rm).

Everyone laughed and tell her, no, they are known for their Pizza, Seattle is known for coffee.  Terrance says the bean has nothing to do with coffee.   The bean was given to them. It was just an art piece.  He tells them that the original Starbucks location burned down but they claim the one in the Market is the original.


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10:57PM BBT 

OLD Terrance, Brittany and Michale talking, Both tell him they will hear both of them out and give them a chance.  Terrance says he isn't going to bombard them.   He doesn't plan to Pooch himself.   This is the only time he plans to talk game but if they want to know anything to come ask. Brittany wants to know as he starts to believe he locks down numbers.  She says she believes the game has changed now and that it is all about numbers.  



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Brittany, Daniel and Michael are at the hammock

Daniel says this vote might set the tone.

Terrance joins, says there is a little bit of misinformation in the house right now.

Brittany asks how he is doing.

Terrance says he tells the truth, he says him and Ameerah were not picked by accident. He says it wasn't because Terrance wasn't talking game to Turner, but because Ameerah doesn't talk to Turner.

Terrance says Turner was supposed to pick Alyssa and Indy according to Ameerah. Terrance says he went back to Turner to verify and found out that was a lie. He is upset that he was ready to give up his game for her, then found this out.

Alyssa joins them, Terrance stops talking.

Alyssa starts a conversation about the weather.

Alyssa says she wants to come to Chicago because they are known for their coffee. Terrance stares at her, "nooo". Alyssa says "what about the bean?" Terrance explains that the bean is just a piece of artwork that was donated to them. He tells her they are known for pizza.

He tells her Seattle is known for coffee.


(I have seen the bean in Chicago children, it is a giant silver orb. You can walk under it and your image turns upside down and sideways. A giant mirror. It is wonderful, but the pizza is better)


Cameras move to the lavatory

Nicole is fussing about her pores, Joe is laughing about not being able to shave his nipple hair. Ameerah is laughing, she is called out again for obstructing her microphone.


Cameras move back to hammock gang. 

Indy has joined them

They are talking about nicknames.

Brittany says her nickname has been Britt, but she wants people wh)o like her to call her that, not those who don't. Terrance says Alyssa is Lady A, Indy says she is just Indy, Michael says he is just Michael. Daniel says he is called Dan sometimes. Terrance says he is always Terry or T.

Brittany says saying a whole name can sometimes mean someone is close to you.

Alyssa says Terrance's nickname for him comes from her Grandmother who is Sweet T. (nice association)


Kyle and Turner are in the HOH room.

Kyle asks Turner how he feels, Turner says he is feeling fine, he had to play up how bad he felt.

Turner says he was nervous about the speech, Kyle says it was the best speech so far this season.

Turner says he meant it.

Kyle says all the people in the house who talked bad about Taylor were gut punched.

Turner says sometimes people say what is politically correct, but these people forget there are cameras.

Turner says he trusts the alliance. He says Taylor almost cried when he gave his speech. He says Taylor was ready to stand up and move to the chairs.

Turner says Brittany and Michael both told him they were happy that he did this, Kyle says if he goes home after this play it won't matter.

Turner says Joe is telling everyone he is gunning for Turner.


(these kids are working like a well oiled machine. impressive game play!)


They wonder if the partner left behind is attached to the next person who survives the block.

They wonder who to put up next week.

They say Indi and Alyssa have no overlap. They don't think Indy is a threat.

Turner says Indy would have an erratic vote in jury.

They agree that Daniel or Nicole are good to go out, Kyle says Jasmine is a social threat, and so is Alyssa. Kyle says whatever the HOH wants to do, he is okay with it.

Turner says whoever wins HOH next week, as long as the don't put up the two dudes all will be okay.

Kyle says even if they lose one, they move forward.

Kyle says Ameerah is the biggest threat in the game, Turner agrees.

Kyle says they need information about the girls' alliance, they are so tight.

He says they never left the HOH for a week, but their leader is about to be gone. Kyle says after this week they will have 6.

Kyle tells Turner he thinks the q tips in Ameerah's drawer are votes.


Turner says they all need to meet either tonight or tomorrow.


Camera moves to lavatory.

Joe is planting seeds to Ameerah that maybe Nicole didn't want to be a pawn. 

Ameerah tells Joe that Jasmine told her to put up Turner next week if she wins.

Daniel joins Ameerah and Joe. Nicole comes into the room. Joe gets called to the diary room.


Cameras move back to the HOH.


They are talking about Pooch putting himself on the block. They call it dumb, then say "sorry Pooch".  Pooch had nothing in common with Jasmine.

Monte comes up to take a shower.

Kyle tells Monte that Ameerah believes she is safe, that his nomination was a mistake.

Monte says "whatever the narrative is."  Ameerah told Monte as well, that being nominated was a result of him not wanting Alyssa on the block.

The three of them says Brittany is all in, Taylor almost crying during the speech, they are all in with this alliance (everyone).



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  • morty unpinned this topic

11:34PM BBT

Golf - Terrance talking to Taylor - Terrance told her that Ameerah told him their being on the block was. mistake.  She asked if he believed that and he said no.  He tells her he talked to Turner twice and he wasn't the target.  Turner didn't like that Ameerah talked but maybe 3 minutes of game to him since he got HoH as if she didn't have to talk to him.  

He said they got him but Terrance says that is only 3 votes and he needs 3 more.   Taylor says she thinks they have him since they are afraid of Ameerah as she is a strong competitor and they would want to knock her out.

He also says Turner asked why people don't see how strong she is.  Also, we have another strong player on the block again so WTF is the problem?  Also, if Terrance stays, and they would have whatever power there may be on his side of the house.

Taylor says she wouldn't have to touch the block for a long time again.  That confuses Terrance, he asks her to repeat it a couple of times.   He finally says she would be in the HoH room.  (he never figured out why she said that, and who knows? - rm)

Terrance says he needs to go tell Monte that he needs to figure it out, bro, it is deeper than what you think,  She is playing harder than anyone in here.  "I just hate that she lied to me".   "This is a stupid a$$ game" - she laughs wondering if he means the one he is playing in his hand or BB.  He is trying to do the snow globe like game.  She says you have to be gentle, he replies "That's what she said"

(lol, childish but still funny - rm)


Terrance says they are tired of the cool kids against the nerdy group.  Taylor says she gets it, especially after what they just went through.  They agree that is exactly what it is now.  Terrance says It needs to change, for real.  Taylor replies, "And I am not one of the cool kids." Terrance, "Huh", Taylor -  "I am not even one of the cool kids I won a f'n pagent.  I went to Miss USA and I am not one of the cool kids."

(Maybe your constantly telling people about it kinda wears thin - rm)




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In the HOH Monte, Turner and Kyle agree to continue to go under the radar. 

Kyle says the Old School alliance was confirmed today, Terrance said to Daniel "our side was all crying", and the girls were the ones crying.

Kyle says they should be cautious around Terrance. He says he caught Alyssa crying, a few minutes later she was fine.

Monte says he was at the pool, it got quiet. He realized they were all talking/conspiring again in the house. Monte says "they think we are not on to them."


Monte says with a split vote this week they can put the house in shambles, but with the unanimous vote, they risk letting the house know about them.  Turner says "plausible denial". Kyle says Alyssa gives him information, but goes to Daniel and tells him that Alyssa told him about the Old School alliance. That will be something to use.

Kyle says the best move is to tell Alyssa that there can be no romantic relationship in the house, that can come along after jury or outside the house, but is dangerous in the house.

Monte says she has been feeding a lot of information, they don't want to "cut that valve", but it is fair to stay as close friends.

Kyle says hearing that him talking to Taylor makes Alyssa gets upset,

bothers him. He has never hugged her or even held her hand.

Kyle says he doesn't understand Alyssa being that invested that quickly.


Monte warns them to check upstairs when they go outside.

Monte, Turner and Joe went outside they yelled "Is anyone out here?" No one answered, then Monte backed up and saw Alyssa with her head down on the bar. He wonders if she was listening, or was upset with Kyle.

Kyle talks about Alyssa's meltdowns related to jealousy. (his past girlfriends, conversations with Taylor...)

Kyle says he is realizing how emotional she gets over things. She has told him she would "lose it" seeing a girl flirt with her boyfriend.

Kyle says he will have the "friend zone" conversation with Alyssa.

Monte says "when a girl has that kind of issue with conversations about ex girlfriends or flirting with you, that is a huge red flag. It is controlling, and they want to put you in a box...it shows insecurity(paraphrasing)"


(Darlings, Monte is exactly on point, sometimes people we meet and begin building relationships with are very insecure, never let them make demands on you related to friendships or families.-Grannysue)rr



Terrance is talking to Taylor, she is promising "we" are keeping him, he says he thinks he can swing Alyssa. He says Ameerah will not let any of them out of her sight.

He says he will not let her hover, he will say he will say he wants to talk to some of them alone.

Taylor names the people who might keep him, (wrong names),

Taylor says she is going to do a "late night" load of laundry.

Terrance tells her he will be up late.


Joe comes by, tells Taylor to get out of bed, she has been there all day.


Camera moves to lavatory area.


Joe is modeling his sunglasses. He says they are his sister's, he took them by mistake. Everyone gets a good laugh. He tries Alyssa's they insult him.


Cameras go to the HOH room.

Turner is watching house guests downstairs.


Brittany has joined Michael, Turner and Monte.

Brittany wonders if their fight affects anything. (Nicole, Alyssa).

Monte says when people who think they are in control lose control...

Turner says Nicole told him she was happy she was not on the block, but he knew she was lying to him, and he knew what she expected to happen.


They compliment him again on his speech. He was worried that he would not be able to express himself correctly to America as well as the house guests. He says everyone in their group loved it so...


They know that Ameerah is expecting to stay with unanimous votes.

Monte says if they do a split vote the house will go to another magnitude.


Brittany says the Leftovers are seen as little pockets of groups who could not possibly work together. The girls will blame each other.

They just need to ride out the bestie thing.


Monte says they are always questioning Indy and Michael and general confusion. Then Daniel has come up several times, which looks bad to them as well.

Kyle comes in for a shower. He gets excited about having two heads in the shower. He turns both the shower heads on to get the water warm.

Kyle tells them almost everyone is in the lavatory.


Brittany tells them that Ameerah thinks three people knew what Turner was doing.

She thinks it was Daniel, Monte, and someone else, but none of it is coming together.

She says Ameerah thinks Monte knew because he played billiards with Turner today.


They talk about hearing a loudspeaker button pressed wrong that said "a new bed is available"

Brittany says it could be Terrance's bed after eviction night. She thinks that person is going into back stage mode. She says she may have heard hammering while she was outside.



Darlings it is that time again. The puppies are already in the bed, they were impatient tonight.  After I say my prayers I will get them all comfy under my quilt (they sleep like little people with their heads popped out on the pillow). Be kind, be gracious, be grateful. Remember that you are special for a reason.   goodnight Dears, hugs- Grannysue









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11:41PM BBT

WA - Joseph is pointing out that he grabbed his sister's sunglasses and they don't reach his ear.  He has to shove them all the way onto his face.  He had to where them to day because it was gonna be emotional.  He tells BB he needs his silver ones, that they have them.  He says they took all his clothes when he put on the hippie stuff (for the Veto comp) and they have to backtrack to try to find them.  

Alyssa offers hers for him to where, several say he now looks like a f'boy and he should be on Love Island.




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