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Episode 6 - 7/20/22 - Power of Veto

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Previously on BB, Jasmine, Ameerah, Brittany, Alyssa and Indy were the Girls' Girls alliance, but Alyssa and Ameerah also formed a second allianc with Monte, Kyle and Nicole called Poe's Pack. At the HoH Qualifier comp, the Southern Bell fell and her ankle started to swell. With power on the line, it was do or pie & Jasmine was the cream of the crop. Taylor seemed like the easy target so Pooch concocted a plot to ensure she would go. When Poe's Pack learned of the football coach's game plan, they saw a golden opportunity to screw the Pooch.

Pooch pitched Jasmine his pawn plan and she was more than happy to put him in the line of fire. Unaware she was a possible target, Taylor also agreed to be a pawn. At the nom cerem, both self-appointed pawns hit the block. Tonight, things get fishy at a mertastic Veto comp. Who will win the Golden Power and will it be used to save Pooch or Taylor? Find out right now on BB!

Jasmine tells us doesn't care who goes home, Taylor or Pooch. Taylor isn't in the Girls' Girls alliance and has already on be block. Pooch is a huge threat who made the risky decision to nominate himself. This should be an easy, breazy week. Why am I on the block again, Taylor asks us, 2 weeks in a row. Dah, she jokes, I totally know what the plan is. Jasmine told me I'm a pawn but I can't let anyone else know I know. Plus, pawns can go home so I still have to fight for my safety in the Veto comp.

Ameerah is happy with noms because nobody from Poe's Pack alliance is on the block. Now we just have to convince Pooch he's sitting pretty as a pawn so we can blindside him on eviction night. Pooch says he's not surprised he's on the block - he actually asked for it. I'm a big fan of Dr. Will - he was never scared to go on the block. Most importantly, I have to make sure if I don't win Veto, Taylor doesn't also. 

In the Space BR, Jasmine is resting with Brittany, Ameerah, Nicole and Alyssa. That was deep, she says. They tell her she did great. They all thank Jazzy for keeping them safe. This game is harder than I expected, Jasmine admits. Brittany says Pooch is quaking in his boots. Ameerah tells the other Girls' Girls that taking out Pooch could be one of their best case scenarios. She's taking her shot; the guys are just going to try and wipe them out. They all want Pooch out. If we can keep the noms the same, Jasmine tells them.

Jasmine tells us after talking to the girls, the best move seems to be getting Pooch out this week instead of Taylor. We know he'll be a threat eventually. 

In the WA, Jasmine asks Pooch & Turner if she was too mean to Taylor. No, they assure her. I want to keep noms the same, she says, so I can get her out. For sure, Pooch agrees, but if I get it, I'll have to use it or it will look funny. They'd be onto us, Jasmine agrees. Pooch assures Jasmine that he wants this to go as smooth as possible. Taylor goes home and nobody's mad at her. I hope it works out, Jasmine tells him. This is hilarious, she tells us, he thinks he's a pawn but he's the target. I'm more excited than ants in sugar.

Jasmine leaves the WA and Pooch tells Turner he has to beat Taylor. For sure, Taylor contributes, how could you not? Pooch hits an imaginary baseball. Out of the park, Turner says. Outer space, Pooch says. 

In the Space BR, Ameerah, Jasmine and Alyssa tell Taylor she doesn't have to win Veto because Pooch is going home. Yeah, Taylor says, but you know, scoreboard. For myself. Nicole tells us Taylor is more of an asset this week and Pooch on the block is too good to be true. The girls cackle at the prospect of Pooch going home. You're not screwing me, Taylor asks half jokingly. They assure her no. Ameerah says if Pooch gets pulled off the block, Taylor should be worried. I promise you, Ameerah tells Taylor, he's gone.

Later that night in the Golf BR, Taylor talks to the camera. I'm up on the block, she tells live feeders, apparently as a pawn, which I get, I have to earn the girls' trust. I'm really nervous that I'm being played. I'll be devestated if I am being set up. In the DR, Taylor says because of what happened last week, I don't know if I can trust them. The only way to be safe is to take the reigns yourself. Back in the BR, Taylor says everyone sees me as a threat. All they need is one reason to get rid of me and they will.

In the morning, Taylor is watching Kyle in the WA trying to put his new contact lenses into his eyes. He's never had them before but thought he should get some for comps. Michael wanders in and he is in the same boat and gets his contacts out to put in. Michael sets up next to Kyle with his contacts and the have a comp to see who can get the lens' in first. Squishy sound effects as they press the lenses into their eyes. They try and fail over and over. I might just go blind, Kyle jokes. Michael gets them in and wins.

Kyle jokes in DR that if BB has a contact comp for real, he's done. Just vote him out. He gets his in finally. In the gym while Monte rides a bike, Joe tells Pooch he's watching the house house for him, no one is sending Poocherelli home. 

Pooch tells us he feels good about being on the block. He and the stronger guys formed an alliance called The Oasis (Day 3: Pooch, Monte, Turner, Kyle and Joseph). As long as Taylor doesn't come down, with the backing of The Oasis, I feel good. Nobody will get past the 5 of us, Joe assures Pooc0h in the gym. Pooch says if he pulls HG Choice, he'll pick Joe or Kyle. You can throw it to me. Monte tells us he's pretending to go along with The Oasis but his loyalty is with Poe's Pack. They're a stronger group.

The HG gather in the LR waiting to pick Veto players. Pooch climbs on top of Joe, who says he has no energy for this. Joe & Pooch have the biggest bromance in the house, Nicole tells us, I've never seen to masucline straight boys be so hardcore for each other. I love it. You smell like vanilla, Joe tells Pooch who has his head on Joe's shoulder. Protein shake, Pooch says. In HoH, Pooch has his hands around Joe's bicep and gives his shoulder a little squeeze. Jasmine, Alyssa and Indy are watching the show. 

So much touching, Indy tells us, I don't know what's going on, maybe the showmance we didn't expect. I'm not judging. You just going to touch each other, Indy asks them? He just copped a feel, Joe says, that's how he gropes me. In DR, Michael says they wrestle each other, they talk about their bulges, it's nothing I want to be a part of. Alyssa asks if Pooch is humping Joe. Joe says no, he wants to hump Pooch. 

In the WA, Joe begs any lady to give Pooch some kind of physical touch so he'll leave him alone. I like to cuddle, due, Pooch tells the camera, or whoever. In DR, Pooch says Joe is my guy, my bro, bromance. We like messing with each other. Joe says he'll pay the girl. Joe puts his hand on Pooch, who pulls away. I don't like it when you do it, he says. So you can touch me but I can't tough you, Joe asks? I'm not submissive, Pooch tells him. Neither am I, Joe says and they both laugh. He's the girlfriend I never asked for, Joe tells us.

We are just friends, Joe insists in DR. In the BY, Pooch asks if Joe's ever played nipple tag. I need 3 women to just hold me. Or one Joseph. 

The sqeaky wheel indicates it's time to pick Veto players. Jasmine doesn't know if she can even compete in the Veto comp but hopes the Girls' Girls alliance get chosen to play to keep noms the same. She picks Ameerah. Taylor is hoping to choose Michael to play. She hopes she can convince him to use the Veto on her. She pulls Michael. Pooch hopes to pick an Oasis member but gets Terrance. Jasmine chooses Daniel to be the host again.

In the SR, Jasmine & Ameerah celebrate her being chosen. She's going for it. What are the odds Jasmine picked Ameerah! Terrance comes in & confirms with Jasmine that if he wins, keep noms the same. Of course, he says. She prayed to put the people in place who had her back. Ameerah says she has to go shave her underarms now, she's got important work to do. Taylor asks Michael if he'd take her down. He says he'd really like to but he has to consider his own game. She says her best case scenario is to win it herself. 

Michael tells us he has lots of options. He wants to take her down but doesn't want the rest of the house to be mad at him if he does. But, he tells her, if he can help her out, knock Pooch out early. If he's out, Michael winks and nods, and I can make it look convincing... Michael joins Jasmine and Ameerah in HoH. Jasmine says I just want to keep noms the same. Michael tells us he has to make sure Pooch doesn't win the Veto, then he can figure out what to do next. Keep noms the same, Jasmine tells them, that's the main goal.

The BY has been turned into a tropical underwater getaway, and Daniel, as King Neptune sits on the thrown. There are six lanes filled with water beads, and a stack of large Pearls on one end. Indy says the ocean can be healing and calm but also unpredictable, like her. Welcome to Mermaid Fest, Neptune says, a shellibration of life under the ocean and your chance to swim into power by winning the Golden Power of Veto. 

First, the players will be transformed into mermaids (and mermen) and use only their head or crown to move Pearls down the lane and over the sand dunes (bumps). You can only accidentally touch a Pearl with your fins and may not touch with your hands at all. Once you reach the end of the lane, you may use your hands to clear your shooting zone of water beads but may only use your head, face or crown to shoot a Pearl in to one of 3 clam shells. The first HG to land a Pearl in all three clam shells wins the Golden Power of Veto.

Due to Jasmine's injury, she elects to not compete. She would have been unable to get her sprained foot into the mermaid costume. She wants anyone but Taylor or Pooch to win, she tells us. Are you ready to play Mermaid Fest? Then it is time for your mermification! After some cheap special effects, the Veto players are transformed into merfolk. They try out their new fins. Terrance tells Chicago to get it out of their systems before he gets home. Taylor says pawn or not, you're never safe on the block. 

Pooch says he volunteered so they could backdoor Taylor but now on the block next to him and he has to save himself. They start less like merfolk and more like walruses, pushing the Pearl ball with their noses, cheeks anything. They can only propel themselves with their arms and fins. If their Pearl is moving too fast over the last sand bump, they are at its mercy and cannot line up a shot for a clamhole. Ameerah says with Jasmine out, it's up to her to represent the Girls' Girls.

Micheal doesn't know what he wants to do with the Veto, but knows Pooch can't win. He decides to use his face rather than the top of his head to shoot his Pearls at the clamholes. For once, having a big noses comes in handy. Michael lands the first Pearl. Taylor wants to take time to line up her shots but has trouble controlling her Pearls at the end. Terrance slithers over the sand bumps. He's not worked out his upper body enough. Being mermaid is harder than it looks, he tells us.

Terrance lands his first Pearl. Pooch says he's moving OK but when he shoots, he misses the clamshell. For the fist time, he's missing the sweet spot (wink). Taylor is using her upper body, her core, her legs in the hot mermaid fin suit. Taylor lands her first Pearl. Ameerah's first shot didn't go in but is near the clamshell. She uses her second Pearl to knock it in. She succeeds. Michael gets his second. He realizes he could win - it's his mermaid fantasy and he can't let up now! Turner hopes Poochie can turn things around.

Neptune sees a storm abrewin'. It starts raining. Terrance says they are caught in a freak thunderstorm, making everything more slippery. I already can't swim in this ocean, let alone get caught out in the rain. Kyle says Terrance moves in slow motion. Come on, b*tch, Pooch says, landing his first Pearl. Taylor says if Pooch wins, she'll be sleeping with the fishes. Michael remembers he can wipe the water beads away when lining up his clam shots. He rolls his third Pearl but just misses the hole.

Taylor lines up her second shot and with a head-butt, floats it into the center hole. Pooch says he feels the pressure, but pressure builds diamonds. He has 3 Pearls sitting in front of his clamshells & hopes he can knock them into the holes. He shoots and misses them all. Michael also notices how many Pearls Pooch has on the precipice and realizes he might have to try to win. He prepares to line up his last Pearl shot. Alongside, Taylor is also lining up her third Pearl shot. Let me go for it, she asks him. 

Michael says if he wins the Veto, he wants to save her but doesn't know if doing so would be best for his game. So if she can save herself, go for it. Taylor takes the shot and she comes up short. Damn, she cries, pounding the lane. Michael says Taylor missed and I cannot risk Pooch coming from behind. I have to line up my shot, sink it, and win my second Veto.

Michael lines up his shot, sinks it and wins his second Veto of the season. He is freaking out. Now that he has it, maybe gold really is his color. Taylor is disappointed, she was so close. There's still a chance Michael would use it on her, she hopes.

Pooch worries he doesn't talk game w/ Michael, so he doesn't know what he might do, but at least Taylor didn't win so the plan is stil in place. Jasmine is excited Michael won. Now she needs to make sure he doesn't use it and Pooch can be sent out, come hell or high water. In the WA, Pooch tells Taylor he was going to fast to have control. She doesn't want to see him go. He doesn't think Michael will use it. She says if Michael does, there are weaker players that could go up against either of us. 

Pooch says he doesn't want Taylor to think he feels safe so he's giving her the sob look, frowny faces. She's the only one in the house that doesn't know I went up as a pawn. The house hates me, she says, running the same scam on Pooch. I'd be shocked if I'm saved, Taylor tells Pooch. I'd be shocked too, Pooch responds, but I've seen weirder happen. Taylor tells us she's not positive Michael will use the Veto on her but she's positive he won't use it on Pooch. I don't want him knowing I feel comfortable.

Pooch walks out of the WA and Taylor looks at the camera with a delicious grin. I'm not going nowhere, she whispers, waiving her finger. She lets out a sigh. I'm not going nowhere, she repeats, affirmatively determined. 

In the SR, Joe tells Pooch and Turner that he's worried worried people may think this is a chance to get Pooch out and Taylor next week. Don't spread that around, Pooch says. In HoH, the girls and Michael are also rethinking their plans. In HoH, if we don't get Pooch out now, Nicole warns, one of us is on the block next week. In the SR, Joe says no one has said this to him directly, but he wants to make sure they don't think it. You have to expect the unexpected in this game, he reminds us.

Joe tells us he's worried that Pooch will get comfortable, confident and cocky around the house and that's not a good look on the block. Joe tells Pooch the girls would never tell the boys they were doing it. In HoH, Michael says it's usually the guys who try to steamroll the female HoH, saying they have the girls wrapped around their finger and will do whatever they want. Not this year, he says as the girls nod in agreement. 

Back in the SR, Pooch says it (taking him out) would be the dumbest move in BB History. If they pull it, Joe says, it would be the smartest. In HoH, Jasmine says meathead guys are not her jam. I want him out now before he tries to take over the season. In the SR, Joe tells Pooch to get Michael on his side. I can't overdo it, Pooch says. He tells us he loves Joseph, but gamewise, he's clueless sometimes. He doesn't need Michael to use the Veto because he has The Oasis behind him and he's sitting next to Public Enemy #1.

Don't get comfortable, a frustrated Joe warns Pooch before leaving the SR. I love him, Pooch says of Joseph, but he's an idiot. In HoH, Michael says if he were in Pooch's position, he'd be so embarassed. But, he laughs, he would never be in Pooch's position, I would not volunteer to go home! 

In the WA, Nicole tells Turner and Kyle that she knew when she applied for BB that her mom would be hanging out with her friends and there would be memes, she's so happy Nicole's there. Nicole tells us her mom taught her how to be reslilient, self-depedendent, proud. Nicole tells Kyle and Turner of her mother having physical problems and finally going to the doctor after she was in daily pain and they found the tumor. You cannot be prepared to hear those words, she says, regardless of the type of cancer it is.

Kyle tells us hearing Nicole's story hits him hard because his mom is his BF in the entire world. Nicole is so strong and my love for her grows each time we talk. A tearing Nicole tells them she told her mom she was doing this for her. And her mom said no, do it for you. She sounds like a fighter, Kyle says of Nicole's mom. Rosie's unstoppable, Nicole says, wiping the tears aawy.

In HoH, Daniel, Alyssa, Indy, Michael and Ameerah are all on the bed. I've never seen a guy put himself up like this before, Jasmine says. He's not making any sense, Alyssa says. If it's his week, Daniel says shaking his head, I'd keep her (Taylor) too. Jasmine says she doesn't care which of them goes. It depends on the game you want to play, Daniel tells her. Do you wan to get out big dudes or ride this game? I came in not wanting to be in the mass man's group because I think it's horrible in real life and the game.

In DR, Daniel tells us it would be best for his game to send Taylor home, but he wanted to work with the girls over the guys and the girls want Pooch out, so I support it. Michael suggests just to talk through the options, would you rather do Joseph first, then Pooch? Oh gawd, Jasmine says at Michael's idea. We have the opportunity, Michael says, looking for a way to use the Veto on Taylor. Joe & Pooch are close in the game, Michael tells us, so putting them up against each other ensures one of them goes home.

Joe is a bigger threat in the game, Michael tells the HoH group. Ameerah agrees. They have the ability to get rid of any HG in the game, and they want Pooch? They laugh. Joseph to vote out, Alyssa asks? Pooch is kind of a threat, Ameerah tells us, but Joe is definitely a future threat in this game and she wants him out. Alyssa worries Joe will be a beast in comps. And his strategy will be the guys' strategy, Daniel adds. 

Joe's going to float his rock-hard *SS to the finale, Alyssa says, warming to the idea. Rock hard abs, Ameerah obseves. That too. Jasmine summarizes, they could use the Veto on Taylor, put Joseph up, then one of them would have to go. No matter what, Daniel confirms. Michael sits back and lets the idea ferment between Jasmine, Indy, Ameerah and Alyssa. It's your HoH, he tells Jasmine, don't do anything your not comfortable with. But, we have the Veto and can do whatever we want. That is a good idea, Jasmine muses.

Jasmine tells us replacing Taylor with Joseph could be a great idea because he's a physical threat. Plus, he's super close to Pooch. I'm not afraid of these meatheads but I'm just trying to figure out is now is the right time to throw theese babies on the BBQ Grill. Alone in Hoh, Jasmine tells herself she could get Pooch out so easy but this is her HoH and she can do whatever she wants to do. OMG, this so hard!

It is time for the Veto meeting. Michael ponders the memory wall, puts the Veto around his neck, then calls the HG to the LR. With Pooch and Taylor sitting in the nomination chairs, Michael announces he has decided... Not to use the Power of Veto this week. Taylor closes her eyes in resignation. Pooch remains stoic and confident. Michael tells both he has nothing but love and respect as people and players, this wasn't an easy decision, but he's respecting Jasmine's wishes as HoH this week. The Veto meeting is adjourned.

Michael tells us that using the Veto on Taylor and putting up Joe would have guaranteed one of them goes home and breaks up their budding bromance, but ultimately, it was best for my game to leave Pooch next to Taylor so he has no idea the blindside is coming. As long as Pooch is feeling safe and comfortable come eviction night, Michael concludes, I should be able to get one the threats to my game out the door. 

Taylor tells us she gets it - using the Veto on her wasn't going to be good for his game. As long as the girls stick to the plan, Pooch will be out the door and I'll still be in the game. Pooch says he feels pretty good, to be honest. He's still on the block next to enemy #1, Taylor. He thinks he's playing a great game, he's great for the house, great for BB. Here's a secret: Your boy Pooch is staying for another week. 

Michael didn't use the Veto, Jasmine says, and the noms stayed the same, so the backup plan to get Joseph out is not going to happen. But no worries, Pooch is still headed home this week. Get ready, Pooch, you're about ready to get served a plate of Blindside Butter Beans!

Tune in Sunday for a special 2-hour Big Brother event. Either Taylor or Pooch will be evicted, a new HoH will be crowned, 2 more noms hit the block, and the Festie Bestie twist will be unleashed, forcing the HG to play the game in a whole new way. It all happens Sunday at 8pm ET on Big Brother!

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