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Friday, July 22, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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2:10AM BBT

Turner's HoH Room is ready. The HGs wait for Jasmine to make it up the stairs, and Turner fumbles with the door lock before he finally gets the door open. Everyone raves over his pictures.




Turner and Jasmine got matching hats since they are Festie Besties. Turner got some cool shades, opens his letter and immediately gets teary. He struggles to read it.




His album is: Notes on a Conditional Form by 1975


Letter is from his girlfriend, Megan (He struggles with bouts of crying throughout)


My Dear Mattie, 

Words can't describe how proud I am of you. Seeing  you achieve and  accomplish so much at a young age has really proven  that you can do anything you set your mind to.  I want you to never lose that spark  in  your mind that creates new beginnings and life experiences. With every chapter we have gone through I have seen you overcome obstacles and jump over hurdles.


Being  apart from each other has been difficult. Driving without you for an hour and a half every day has been tough, but at least I can listen to my music.  I miss our late-night drives while laughing at each other until we can't breathe. 


I thought I would love the freedom of being able to play my own music and not yours. However, that playlist makes me feel like you're still in your workshop working with your rugs. You are my best friend and partner in crime.  I knew as soon as you walked into that drom room with that blue donut backpack, that you were the one for me; and I didn't even have to talk to you to get that feeling.  I remember you stepping out of that room and I fell onto the floor saying I just met the love of my life. Ever since that day, you have filled my life with adventure, love and happiness And the butterflies I get when you walk into the room, every day,  are still present.


This is your time to relax and enjoy life. I don't want you to worry about things over here Teresa (his mom)  is basically my best friend who I talk to everyday. I truly believe we were best friends in another life. I am sure you are wondering about Nelson and Nyla. Both are getting extra love and attention. I can tell how much Nelson misses you by the way he sits at the bottom of the steps every day. Nyla is thriving like the queen that she is. 


You have a huge support system from your friends and family. In teh meantime, have fun and enjoy life away from your normal  daily grind. I love you so much, and I couldn't be prouder of you. Always remember, if you can dream it, you can do it.


Love, Megan 




All of the HGs cheer!

Turner shows his pictures:

His cats, Nelson and Nyla "the Queen"


A picture of him with Megan when he had short hair


A photo of Megan and his mom on his last birthday.




Turner's HoH Basket has chocolate bars, bandana, blueberries, Doritos, lavender soap, scrubbie glove, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, hair elastics, Vaseline, Nutri Grain Bars and Chapstick


4:55AM BBT

Turner, Joseph, Kyle, Monte and Daniel are chatting in the HoHR

They are talking about Indy and Alyssa being Have-Nots. Terrance gave Alyssa advice to go into the experience with a positive mindset because a negative mindset will make it worse. Daniel says they feel bad for Alyssa being with Indy in there for a week saying she will"act like a bitch...I'm not calling her one, I'm saying act like one."


Turner: We put up Brittany and Michael as pawn, whoever wins...Taylor is out. Worst case scenarion, Taylor wins it and Brittany goes.

Kyle: I hate hearing 'Taylor goes' I have been hearing that for three weeks and she never goes.

Monte: She is getting more and more comfortable.



Screenshotter--BigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-72925’06” (1).png



5:00AM BBT

[I will be in and out for the next 8 days. I may be unable to post at all on some days. Please post updates whenever you can. -MamaLong]

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5:30AM BBT

In the bathroom, Michael whispers to Joseph, "Who is he gonna put up?"

Joseph: It's gonna be Taylor and Nicole but he hasn't really figured out how he is gonna approach it.

Michael: Is he gonna backdoor?

Michael worries he could be a target. Joseph says he isn't sure about him being a pawn, but he is not the target. He warns Michael that he and Brittany need to not freak out.

Joseph: He is definitely going for Taylor and Nicole! For sure, the target is Taylor and Nicole.

Michael says goodnight and heads to bed.


Nicole is sleeping in Indy's old bed, and Daniel is in Alyssa's. They are laughing with the lights still on. 


5:35AM BBT

Kyle is asleep with lights out in Turner's old bed in the Car Design Bedroom. 



5:37AM BBT

Back in the Space Age Bedroom, Nicole, Daniel and Ameerah are saying they have to "project manage them" to keep themselves safe.

Nicole: They are never gonna turn the light off.

Ameerah: Sometimes it takes an hour.

Daniel: If you keep talking, they won't turn them off, Nicole.  

Ameerah: I will stop talking when the light goes out.

Daniel: That's not how this works.

Nicole asks BB to turn the AC down.

Ameerah: Don't you mean up?

They debate about how to word making the room colder. Nicole rephrases, "Can somebody turn the temperature down in the bubble room, please, because we want it cooler?"

Ameerah says she calls it the Jetson Room

[Nicole calls it the bubble room because the headboards are dimensional transparent colored pop outs.  -ML]

Ameerah: Okay, I'm not talking to you guys anymore. I'm going to sleep.

Daniel: It's like last night all over again.

They keep telling each other "shh" and "go to sleep " with periodic sighs, giggles and yawns while they wait for the lights to go out.


5:41AM BBT

The room grows quiet and production turns off the lights.


5:45AM BBT

The BB24 is finally dark with sleeping HGs

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9:44AM BBT

Still sleeping. They had a very late night!


[Throughout the very early morning hours, HGs still referred to last night as a "live show." Thus,they were not told the show was being recorded rather than aired live, as usual. The HGs also commented that Pooch looked disappointed but not angry at his eviction. At one point in conversation between the Taylor/Nicole besties pair, Taylor referred to her and Nicole as being "happy they are safe." Turner certainly does not consider them safe, so I'm not sure if the competition involved some sort of secret powers, or if I was just missing important context. -MamaLong]


9:48AM BBT

The feeds cut to RCHS and then to WBRB for "Wakey, Wakey, Houseguests"


10:00AM BBT

The feeds return to all house lights up and Monte talking about the morning music with Daniel in the kitchen. They had Doja Cat with Tyga and Smashing Pumpkins. Terrance walks in and says his good mornings.

Monte tells Terrance he never heard him snoring.

Terrance: Maybe that room fixed it!

Monte and Daniel are wishing they could get DMX.

Monte: That would make me throw some trash cans.


10:03AM BBT

Brittany is taking a shower.

Terrance asks Michael how he's doing.

Michael: Tired

Terrance: Oh yeah. I heard you were part of the night crew. Morning crew, I should say.




10:11AM BBT

Michael takes his turn in the shower now that Britt is done.

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10:13AM BBT

Nicole and Ameerah are talking in the Space Age Bedroom.

Nicole: We are gonna be so tired after this week.

Ameerah: Yeah

Nicole: I feel like a parent, completely, right now. Like nobody knows how much work we put in. No one knows how much work we do.

Ameerah: What if we have to change our besties next week.

Nicole: No way, Bro. Don't even say that. No, because she clearly said that it's your bestie for the rest of the summer.

Ameerah: Okay

Nicole: You know, my bestie hasn't even come to say hi to me.

Ameerah: Oh, I guarantee she is still in bed. (Taylor)

Nicole and Ameerah begin speculating there could be a Battle Back. 


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10:42AM BBT

Nicole whispers with Michael in the bathroom area.

Michael: A thought I was having is if Brittany and I go up this week, as a pawn, if I win...

Nicole: You take yourselves down and then we would go up

Michael: Right, but thatis gonna hurt me if it would be three vetoes in a row

Nicole: No, We did the math last night. The 6 of us are good for at least the next three or four weeks.

Michael: We could get to jury.

Nicole: Think about it. We all picked someone that is not in our alliance. Me you, Alyssa are gonna be the first three of our numbers to touch the block.  We have our six on top of Terrance, Daniel and Jasmine.

Michael: If you and Taylor go up this week and then you can stay and you don't have a vote moving forward, do will we still have the numbers?

Nicole: Yes. That's why we have Terrance and Jasmine.

Michael: I just worry if Brittany and I go up and I don't win the veto, people could be like, it's Michael versus Brittany...




10:45AM BBT

Nicole: I honestly feel that next week it's gonna be either safety or a VIP pass. You have nothing to worry about.



10:55AM BBT

Alyssa reports to Daniel, Ameerah and Nicole in the bathroom that Brittany was just sitting outside Turner's door waiting to talk with him when she was called to the DR. Daniel rolls his eyes. Jasmine rolls in and they all say good morning.


Jasmine: Good morning!  I miss y'all!

Daniel: I can't wait to see your cane. (I guess she is graduating off the scooter)

They discuss that today will be nominations, but it's not on the screen yet.

Ameerah tells Jasmine that when she looks at her she thinks of Bad Girls Club.




11:02AM BBT

Jasmine rolls into the SPace Age Bedroom to say good morning.

Jasmine: I can't believe I got stuck with Turner

Yalor: How was he last night when he talked to you

Jasmione: He was alright. He was cool, said he wants to talk with everyone today, individually. He thinks Festie Bestie will last a while.

They agree it will last several weeks

Taylor: I cannot touch that block again, guys

Alyssa says sleeping in the HNR wasn't too bad, "It was just cold. My face was numb."



11:07AM BBT

When Taylor leaves the room, Jasmine tells Alyssa that she talked to Turner last night, and he said she is safe (Alyssa).



11:14AM BBT

Nicole is whispering with Joseph in the SR. She says they all have to be careful what they say around Brittany and Taylot because they will be feeding each other information. Joe says that in talking with Turner last night, it seems that Turner will put up Michael and Brittany.

Nicole: He needs to backdoor us. It's the only way to get rid of Taylor. I would rather us not be on the block so she can't compete unless she gets picked. That's why I picked her as my partner.

Nicole says she feels really good about their core group of people.  Joe agrees and leaves.


Joseph heads over to Michael and tells him to go talk to Turner.

Michael: Well, I htink Ameerah is in there right now.

Joe: Okay, but go talk to him.



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11:20AM BBT

In the Space Age Bedroom, Alyssa and Jasmine tell Indy that they think Turner is putting up Brittany and Michael and if Michael wins veto, it will be Nicole and Taylor to send Taylor home.

Jasmine says she feels bad about Brittany because Turner can't stand her and she's in their alliance, "So, what am I supposed to say?"

Indy: I can put her out. She gets on my nerves. She followed me around all day yesterday.




11:24AM BBT

Brittany is meeting one-on-one in the HoHR. She is coming off too strong with the compliments for Turner.



11:28AM BBT

Turner asks Britt at what point she decided to vote Pooch out

Brittany: The thing is, and this alarms me, a few days prior, I had heard rumblings of a girls' alliance. This alarms me because I'm not in it.

The cameras move to the Car Design Bedroom, so we miss the rest of this conversation.

[There is one thing Brittany is really good at in the BB24 house, and that is throwing people under the bus. -MamaLong]


11:40AM BBT

Turner talks with the cameras in the HoHR. He says Brittany introduced the fact that a veto beast should be in the veto. It makes it easier to introduce it to Michael. Turner says he is feeling good and he thinks he styled his BB hat well. Turner says his plan is Brittany with Michael as the pawn and Taylor a backdoor if needed.  




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12:29PM BBT

Alyssa is eating slop in the kitchen. Indy sayss he doesn't eat in the morning.

Taylor is chatting with Monte, Ameerah and Michael in the Tiki Loft about music while waiting for the time with the HoH. They all agree that Janet Jackson is amazing.


12:30PM BBT

Turner was just called to the DR. They HGs speculate if it is already time for noms.

Nicole and Ameerah say they haven't gotten to talk with him yet.




12:50PM BBT

In the loft, Taylor says, "He has got to be doing nominations now. I am stressed, y'all."

Brittany: He got called to the diary room?

Michael: yeah

Britt: oh shit

Taylor: like 20 minutes ago

Michael is donning another cat shirt, today. He says his cats like to play with laser pointers and boxes.



12:53PM BBT

Michael tells Britt that he thinks Turner is going to out them up. 

Britt: Okay

Britt tells Michael about her talk with Turner, and how she expressed concern for the girls' alliance because she's not in it. 

Michael: Everyone would be on board to use the veto and Taylor would go home.

Britt: Yeah

Britt says she was suggesting he choose a duo that gets along and was hoping he would consider Indy and Alyssa. Michael thinks the veto will be a mental competition.

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1:03PM BBT

Alyssa, Ameerah, Taylor and Jasmine are talking in the Golf Pro Bedroom. Alyssa says she thinks Turner is doing his nominations right now. Taylor says he hasn't talked with any of the girls except Jasmine (his bestie partner). Alyssa says she is going to be so "snatched" after this week of only eating pickles. Ameerah shows what Alyssa's face will look like after a week of Have-Nots by sucking in her cheeks. Alyssa says Joseph's butt cheek is in bad shape because he fell off his seat in the comp and it rubbed his skin off.




1:06PM BBT

Turner comes out of the diary room. He says they have time before the noms, they just wanted to talk to him about his crying from last night (when he got his letter from Megan). 

Turner: They know I haven't talked with everyone. They said talk to everyone, we got you. I was like, perfect. Turner tells them they can line up.


1:09PM BBT

Turner meets with Taylor/Nicole besties in the HoHR. Taylor thanks him for keeping her yesterday.

Turner: It was like putting a dog down, but it needed to be done. I couldn't be that vote.

Taylor tells him he won't be her target, and she hopes he will keep her in the house.

Nicole tells Turner that she picked Taylor as her partner and they trust each other, "Going forward, and you know how much I love Jazz, I think that we can fight to the death, together. I know that we will fight for veto for you. And Definitely, you and Jazz are never my target."

Turner says he totally trusts both of them and his bestie (Jasmine) and he hold nothing from the past against them. "It was crazy that I ended up with Jasmine, but I think it's a good fit because she is close with the girls. It's poetic."


Turner asks Nicole who she would target.

Nicole: I can tell you who I do not want to target: you and Terrance

Turner asks Taylor the same thing, and she replies Terrance, her block buddy, "I can't see him up there."

Nicole/Taylor offer him protection throughout the game and say they want to continue playing with him and Jasmine. He tells them he loves that.


[I am impressed by Nicole who craftily caters to Turner's wants/needs. Way to go Nicole! -ML]


1:20PM BBT

Next up, Turner meets with Ameerah. Ameerah says she only has afew people in the house that she trusts including Jasmine and Terrance, "Obviously that's why I chose Terrance."

Turner tells Ameerah that Jasmine did share with him last night that she's only brought up his name a great light.

Ameerah tells Turner that she is good with whoever he chooses.

Turner tells her his targets are Brittany and Taylor.

Ameerah: Taylor told me she wants to take out the guys

Ameerah says she will take both of them out because Taylor is a wild card and Brittany is sketchy.

Turner mimics her concerns.

The doorbell rings, and it's Ameerah's bestie, Terrance.

Turner: Perfect timing.

Ameerah and Terrance tell Turner he should backdoor Taylor. They agree to play the veto the way he wants.

Turner complains about Brittany being at his door first thing, "And Brittany's face is not hte first thing I want to see in the morning." Turner says that for some reason, Brittany thinks they are good. Ameerah says it's because she runs around telling lies and talks to everyone giving them information, so Britt thinks she is good with everyone.

Terrance and Ameerah push that they have to take Taylor out.

Terrance: I want to sell the whole fucking dream and turn it into a nightmare  [Harsh! -ML]

Turner: Should I tell everyone?

Ameerah: I think you should tell everyone.

Terrance: That way, everyone knows how it is. You know what they say, one band, one song.

Terrance warns Turner that Brittany and Taylor get along and want to work together but play like they aren't.

Ameerah: What it is with Brittany, for me, is that she is an actress. (Ameerah knows about Britt's acting stints) It seems like she just sits around gathering information that she can use later.   [Everyone feels this way about Britt, and they aren't wrong. -ML]

Turner: You guys are tight this week and moving forward.  

Terrance and Ameerah leave.



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1:37PM BBT

Daniel and Kyle take their turn with Turner. Turner begins mocking Brittany's suggestion to put up someone who can win veto, so he decided it's Michael and Brittany. Turner tells them he feels everyone is more on board with Taylor this week and they can get Brittany next week.

Daniel: Sick

Kyle: Perfect

Turner: She said it, so at the end of the day, that's what I'm doing. 

(Britt was trying to push Taylor and Alyssa as her suggestion and Turner knew that, but Michael fits that comp beast title even better.)



1:42PM BBT

Turner, now alone in the HoHR says, "Okay, everything is set in motion."


Alyssa walks in to talk with Turner alone for a second before meeting with Indy. Turner tells her the plan.

Alyssa likes the plan.

Alyssa says that she talked with Jasmine and Ameerah and they all decided that if any of them win HoH next week, they will put up the duo that doesn't stay up this week. Turner likes that idea.



1:49PM BBT

Turner is now meeting with Indy. Before she walked in he said to the camera, 'I don't know where Indy is at. I think she thinks she is on Big Brother Brazil."





Indy tells Turner that when theh house started flipping the vote, it was easy for her because Pooch never talked game with her. Turner asks if she gets along with Michael and Brittany. SHe responds that she loves Michael but Brittany annoys her a lot. Turner tells her the plan and asks if she is okay with that. Indy agrees. They laugh that Michael is going to win the veto and pull himself off "like he always does."

Indy: I think it's a great idea.

Indy tells Turner that she is happy for him getting HoH and that she is happy to learn more about "Meggy"


The doorbell rings, and it's Nicole. Indy responds, "One Second." Turner says the same, and Nicole replies, "Nevermind."


Indy finishes up her talk with Turner and says, "Thank you very much."


1:56PM BBT

Monte comes in to solidify the plan with Turner follwed by Nicole who is thrilled with herself for "selling" to Taylor that she picked her as a bestie to protect her "and that her and I going for veto would be a force to reckoned with."

Monte: You have ice in your veins.

Joseph joins them.

Nicole: Honestly, we don't know what's going to happen with Julie. I know that everyone in this room, no matter what the advantage moving forward is, we all have each other's backs.

They all agree and Nicole leaves.  "Bye Mom"



Turner reviews all the details with Monte and Joe saying the only one he was worried about at all, for his own game, was Indy. They agree it's going to be an easy week.

Monte: You got a pretty sweet deal

Turner: It sucks that Pooch is out, but now people aren't looking at me like why was I so close to someone (Pooch). It sucks that he's out, but fuck it. We are trying to win some money.

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2:21PM BBT

Indy is in the kitchen trying to figure out what she can make for lunch with her slop restrictions.

2:25PM BBT

Britt and Michael are whispering in the Tiki Loft. Britt says she doesn't want the house to think they offered themselves up, "Because we didn't." 

Michael: Well, we do not want to give him any reason.

Joseph walks out of the HoHR and asks them how they feel.

Michael says he will tell them after their meeting with Turner.

Joe: Oh, you haven't been in there?

Britt says that they only met with him individually, not together.

Joe goes downstairs saying Turner will be just another minute then Britt says she doesn't feel good witht he way Joe is acting.

Michael tells Britt they have to remain calm, "Because I don't think we are gonna go in there and change his mind after he has already met with everyone and told them."



2:40PM BBT

Turner meets with Britt and Michael. He lets them know that they are going up as pawns because his target is Taylor. Michael asks what happens if Taylor wins the veto. Turner says he will convince her to use the veto. Britt tried multiple times to suggest a better duo option as pawns qould be a duo where both are strong competitiors, given they have better odds to win the veto than she does. Turner says everyone in the house is targeting Taylor, so everyhting should go smoothly. Britt thanks Turner for letting them know the plan then tells Turner that Jasmine wanted to talk with him before the nomination ceremony. Turner brushes his teeth and rereads his letter before heading out to find Jasmine.

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3:00PM BBT

The HGs are just waiting for the nomination ceremony. Jasmine is snuggled with Alyssa on the couch and says she now has a cane now.  Nicole calls it a "pimp daddy cane." Jasmine is playing with Alyssa's hair.





3:06PM BBT

Michael heads into the SR and whispers to the cameras, "I'm back into scramble mode, can't get desperate. I think I'm good this week, so any name I throw out jeopardizes my spot."

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2:30pm BBT Joe tells Kyle they can't play passively anymore. Kyle thinks they have a pretty clear shot to Jury, but he doesn't want to only have Oasis guys in Jury. Joe doesn't think he could nom any guys. 


2:40pm BBT Kyle tells Monte he trusts Joe completely. Monte hopes he keeps proving himself. He says Taylor is lucky to be here week 3 but tells Daniel they have to get her out now. She's the only girl who could take them out 


2:46pm BBT Kyle tells Ameerah he did Cameo for a short time and charged $10 for messages. Ameerah would never pay someone to say Happy Birthday for her. Daniel says BB23 HG do it for $30-$40. 

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4:55pm BBT Feeds return. Kyle/Monte/Ameerah/Turner/Michael are in the WA talking cereal. Joe/Nicole are in the Cars BR talking about how good they are with everyone. No confirmation of noms yet.

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5:31pm BBT Ameerah asks Kyle who he wants evicted before Jury. He says Britany, Indy and Taylor. They both want to make it to Jury. Kyle says Alyssa is in a good position to make it to Jury. He doesn't want to hurt her game. 

5:35pm BBT Ameerah says Indy was flirting with Monte. Kyle says Indy has flirted with everyone, even Nicole. They think Indy is wealthy. No jury for Indy, they conclude. Kyle thinks Terrance will make it to the end. They think they can align with whomever is in charge.

5:40pm BBT Michael notes to Ammerah that Jasmine cannot compete (it's not clear how Veto players will be chosen with Besties). Ammerah promises to throw the Veto to him if she can. If there's a prize, she'll take it over Veto. The whole house is aligned against Taylor.

5:42pm BBT Indy says she doesn't care about Veto. She thinks her slop is bad. Michael tells Nicole the eggs expired 7/19. Nicole tells him to go ahead and throw them out (she's big on tossing food before it expires). It hurts his hear to throw away good food, Michael says.


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6:44 BBT Turner, Michael, and Brittney in the HOH room.  Brittney asks Turner who he would like them to choose for houseguest choice in the veto comp.  Turner says Monte and Joseph.  Turner says he'd prefer they win the veto. 

Brittney feels very comfortable that they are the pawns and will be removed from the block.

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8:30 BBT Brit has been in the Have Not room having a melt down for quite a while. She has been doing a monologue about how everyone back home (including her husband and his family) must think she is a psycho. She knows she's acting crazy. She is rambling...

No one in the house likes her.

She needs alone time and she can't get it. 

She misses feeling understood.

She feels like she is letting her family down, her clients down.

She feels like she is spiraling. She knows what she needs to do she just can't do it. 

She is an introvert and can't understand how she passed the test to be in the BB house.

(She is seriously sobbing)

She wants to be alone but doesn't want to be the kind of person that wants to be alone. She wants to be fun. 

Why can't she be like Alyssa? She's cute and pretty. Everyone jokes with her. She doesn't offend everybody. 

She feels like she tells a joke and no one laughs and then someone else tells it and everyone laughs.

She feels like a reject and wishes she was better prepared for this. 

She says if Steven were here he'd hug her and tell her it was ok and this is her dream and she needs to do this thing. 

Being here brings out every insecurity she's ever had. 

She finds it difficult to make friends in the house. 

She feels she should have figured this out in elementary school or middle school, not in the Big Brother house.

She likes to be home, reading, working with her clients. She misses making people feel good. 

No wonder she's on the block! She hypnotized everyone to have the best week ever and now you're on the block. 

She just wants a hug. Like a real hug, not a pity nomination hug, like a warm hug. 

She could stay there the rest of the day. Stay there and think. Do some self hypnosis and feel better.

But she knows that's not what she needs to do.

Maybe she has social anxiety? 

She feels like she's not herself here and she doesn't know why.

She feels like she is sharing the worst parts of herself and there are good parts, she just doesn't know how to share the good parts. 

She has PCOS. She doesn't want to use that as an excuse. She knew going in that it would be a disadvantage. 

Nothing has been mental so far. (Ya think? ---Monadyan)


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7:35pm BBT Indy thinks Slop is the worst part of being a HN. She needs to keep moving to not pass out. 

8:14pm BBT Alyssa, Nicole, Ameerah and Indy all have zero wins. That's perfect, they decide, to not have targets on their backs. Nicole says she lost weight on Slop. Taylor comes looking for them. She wants to play chess but no one is interested. 

8:21pm BBT Brittany is crying in the HNR. This is so hard, she says, she wanted to make it further in the game. 

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Brittany is slipping in a snooze in the have not room.


House guests are in the kitchen cleaning up, cooking and chatting.


Ameerah tells Michael everyone is on board this week, they don't even have to talk about it.

Ameerah makes it clear, Michael and Brittany are on the block.

Michael says he feels bad (about Brittany) because "I picked her."


Michael and Ameerah are not sure if the veto will be played as duos or if each player plays for themselves. Ameerah says production told them it could be either way.

Ameerah tells Michael that Brittany should just be chill tonight, not talk to anyone.

Ameerah asks if Michael knows who the next three people are, Michael questions why they aren't taking Turner out, Ameerah says he is on her radar.  

Neither of them see Brittany as a competitor in competitions later, they agree that Turner will be hard to get out.

Michael asks Ameerah if there is a "guys' thing", Ameerah says she doesn't think there is. 

Brittany joins Michael and Ameerah in the kitchen cleanup.


In the bedroom Nicole, Taylor and Indy are talking about Indy needing to use the protein this week.  Indy says she went to college and earned three majors to eat slop.

Taylor (to camera),"somehow I become the villan. everybody in the house goes harder after each other. and still i am the villan." She continues to reveal her frustration with the house.

Jasmine comes into the room looking for Alyssa.

She leaves and Taylor talks again. She says the smallest comment will give you problems.  She is assuming Brittany will be voted out this week for being "awkward".

She says she keeps to herself and people think she is weird, she rubs people the wrong way in the house, but she has no idea what to do.


Taylor says she hopes "you guys" don't hate me. She says she has been having a hard time in the house, she hasn't been able to play her own game. She feels that losing Brittany is losing an ally.


Group in the kitchen is going over possible cuisines they may like to have.


Alyssa is eating "squencher" powder in its dry form. She says Joe told her she could.


Kyle and Alyssa are in the lavatory, Kyle is telling her he followed the recaps to figure out what happened. He says he has never watched a full season.

Jasmine and Indy have joined Taylor in the bedroom, Taylor is "sleeping"

Brittany is also in the room.

Conversation revolves around Jasmine's injury.












General conversation in the kitchen.


Indy is telling the girls about the rules she has to follow (appearance) as a flight attendant.

Michael and Nicole are whispering in the kitchen. She is reassuring him that Taylor is the target this week.

Neither of them want to be on the block Thursday.


Nicole says Indy and Taylor "had it out" earlier, they have apologized, but that may have made Indy a target as well.

Nicole heads upstairs, Michael follows.


In the bedroom the girls continue to chat.

Freezing eggs, babies, weddings, travel.







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9:00 BBT The Brit monologue continues in the HN room...


The worst part is she has to play in the veto tomorrow with her best friend, who she can't even talk to because it is better for their game. It's the one person who could maybe make her feel better. 

She just want to sit in front of her computer and do like 4 hypnosis sessions in a row and see her clients feeling better. That's the best feeling in the world when they thank her for making them feel better. That's the best feeling in the world!

She's most comfortable watching what's going on, not doing it. But she wants the full experience. She wants to be a Have Not. She wants to have to be in that room.

Big Brother is just who can make friends the fastest. 

Someone compared her to Sara Beth. Sara Beth didn't seem fun, she was so serious. She was an outcast. 

She wants to stay there all day and not go to the birthday party. 

She wants to listen and not talk, but you have to talk or people won't want to work with you. 

Jasmine is a diva. She knows she hurt her foot, but she is so picks.

Nicole is so controlling.

Alyssa's really sweet, but she's really flirty. And that's something she's not willing to do.

She's not going to talk bad about people, because these people are amazing and she really loves them a lot. 

She forgot how good it felt to just talk. She has all these thoughts that have to be pushed down all day long. 

She just wants to tell someone how she really feels. 

Why is it so hard to be happy sometimes?

Why do our brains work this way?

She knows her Aunt Jane and her Grandma are looking down on her, cheering her on. She feels them and gets full body tingles when she thinks about them. 

She just doesn't want anyone to ever feel alone. Ever. Ever, ever, ever. It is the worst feeling ever and it hurts, It physically hurts. How does your brain make you hurt?

She does some shout outs and then proceeds to hypnotize herself so that she can feel better. 


(and on that note... I'm out.)



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10:38pm BBT Turner is tired. He misses his GF. He wakes up and sees Taylor and Brittany. He's ready to go to bed and it's Taylor and Brittany. He wants to talk to Megan in the morning. He just wants to hang out with his guys. 

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The guys are putting out the yoga mats in the living room.

They lay down on the mats

Terrance shares some flatuence. No one is excited. 

Monte leads (tortures) the group.


Camera moves to Tiki lounge.

We hear Monte in the background yelling, "hold it" over and over.


No real conversation in the Tiki lounge, camera is on Brittany, she looks very tense.


Brittany asks Nicole how she feels about this week, Nicole says she feels it is risky and she is scared of a Pooch 2.0


Nicole tells Brittany, "whoever you play against, they will take you down."

Brittany thanks Nicole for helping her and Michael. She says if it weren't for Nicole they would be "screwed".


Michael tells Brittany that Indy indicated she wanted to make it to the end, but if she didn't she wants to travel for the summer.

Brittany tells him the girls were in the bedroom discussing body enhancements and such. She says all Jasmine talks about it how much money she has.  Brittany repeats the conversation to him. (The girls want plastic surgery, to put a hold on babies, but worry the plastic surgery would be ruined if they have babies after--Brittany wants a child very badly.-(all I can do is shake my head at these girls...Grannysue)


Michael says some of them are there for followers, some are there for other reasons, only a few are there for the game.

Brittany hopes Jasmine's downfall is coming, she says the girls talk about their designer bags, expensive nails, 70k on plastic surgery. Brittany says she gets none of those things, she has no money for that kind of stuff and never thinks about it.

Michael talks about the dating app Indy is on where certified rich men find young women.

They are interrupted when Michael hears Ameerah leave the diary room.


Brittany says she is very thankful for her husband, and if she gets anything from this game it will be a new bestie (Michael), confidence, and a new awareness. (what a young lady! Grannysue gives a big fist bump to Brittany.)


Brittany goes to the HOH to talk to Turner.

She tells him everyone seems okay downstairs.

Turner asks what Brittany will do if she wins, she says if she cannot have a baby, adoption is an option.

Turner tells her it is so much money, but he would invest it in a house and property. He says it would relieve stress in his life.


They talk about the burdens of student loans and the value of alone time.


Turner asks Brittany if she would ever use her talents in meditation as a way to make money.  She says she doesn't even know if someone can make money with that. She says she has just a few followers on instagram, she doesn't post much. She has Tik Tok but doesnt' post on it.


Brittany says she just wanted to touch base, she goes down to see what time it is for him.

Brittany goes to the clock and tells Turner the time.

Turner says he is going to go shower and get ready for Joe's little fiesta 
(Joe's birthday celebration is at midnight)


Turner tells the camera Brittany freaked him out by standing at his door this morning. He gives a list of people he wants to talk to, he says Brittany is not on his list.

Turner shows a photo of him and his girlfriend. He says he was 21, she would have been 20. He says he misses her, she is beautiful.


Kyle comes into the HOH room. He is looking for his shoes.


Turner decides to shower, he drinks cold coffee (not tasty).


Cameras move to bedroom.


The girls are giggling. 

One of them says no topic is off limit.

(smelly nether regions).


Cameras move back to HOH room. Turner is sipping his coffee, listening to his music.

Terrance is headed to the shower.

The girls are in the bedroom general chat.








































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Nicole and Ameerah are whispering in the bedroom.

Daniel comes in.

Nicole tells them she has been encouraging Taylor today, making plans for next week. Nicole tells them Taylor wants to go after the girls next week, Nicole tells them she (Nicole) agreed with her. Taylor wants to bring on Monte and Joseph on board with Kyle and Daniel.

Nicole tells them that Taylor said she could work on Kyle.


Camera moves to HOH

Monte and Turner are talking, Turner is telling Monte about Brittany standing outside the door this morning.

Monte tells him he (Turner) can lock the door, Turner didn't know.

Turner says he is picking and choosing his network.

Monte says all Turner has is the headphones and a locked door.


Turner says if Taylor is not in the veto comp, would he look like an a**hole if he went for a cash prize. He says if Taylor were up he could not do that.

Monte says he would not have any ill will if Turner did that.

Monte says whoever wins the veto will use it anyway.


Turner demonstrates how dark the room is with no lights.

Turner gives Monte some ice cream, it has nuts-he is allergic to anything but peanuts (and he says coconut).


After Monte leaves Turner goes through his snacks and fridge, reading labels.

In the bedroom house guests are talking about Joe wanting them to throw egg and flour on him. They think it is funny that he is asking them to do that to him.

Nicole asks who will help him clean up, the general talk


In the lavatory Taylor, Indy, Michael are talking about costumes, what they will do when they get home.


In the storage room Nicole and Alyssa are laughing about Alyssa's earliert rather exceptionally strong poot" in the bedroom earlier.  Nicole says she did not throw Alyssa under the bus when someone came and said the room smelled like "someone farted and they sprayed something."


Joe comes to the HOH room

Joe asks to host the veto competition if he is not selected to play.Turner says he plans to make the alcohol he has available, either downstairs, or in the HOH room.


In the lavatory Taylor tells Michael if she plays, she is gunning for the veto.







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