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Thursday, July 21, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:15AM BBT

While the HGs enjoyed their midnight meal...

Jasmine (to the Have-Nots): Oh, hey you guys. Nice to see you. You're like a new person.

The HGs all welcome the Have-Nots back to the joys of eating again.

Bob: Please stop singing

Terrance: You can hear the singing in my heart?


Pooch has been whistling, and y'all, Pooch and Turner are our nervous whistlers this year. They let out frequent and quick whistles and are probably unaware they even do it. I'll be glad when Pooch is gone and least one of the high pitched whistlers is no longer piercing my ear drums. -ML


Pooch is on his third plate of food.

Jasmine: I dare you eat it. You had a second plate and now that.

Pooch: Wait 'til you see the ice cream bowl!

Daniel is really enjoying his food.

Daniel: Oh my God! Oh fuck yeah!

Jasmine: He's back y'all!

Kyle: He is back in the flesh!

Nicole: Niiiicole (praising her own food, which everyone enjoys)

Terrance: This is fucking great!

Daniel: I've had sex before but....

Taylor asks if they are ready for dessert.

Nicole says she is so full she can't eat anything else. "Oh man, Guys." Nicole says she could vomit, but she won't.

All of the HGs are just watching the Have-Nots shovel it in. They call Pooch "Joseph 2.0" because of all the food he is eating.

Alyssa: Welcome back guys!

Taylor: Welcome back.

Nicole says what really helped her was the Have-Nots waking up together and spending time in the kitchen together the last two days.

Terrance says they all helped each other in the room with the floaties and advice on "letting the air out" of the floaties to make them more comfortable.

Nicole says she let some air out....of her ass.

She shares with the table that with Daniel and Terrance snoring "It was my only chance to fart."

Daniel heard her, though. "I thought you were bare ass to the plastic. That's how loud it ripped, and it was right by my head."

Nicole: I didn't care. 


Nicole asks Jasmine if she can take a shower in the HoHR. 

Jasmine agrees.






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1:00AM BBT

Kyle and Alyssa are chatting in the bathroom with Turner, Joe and Terrance. They are discussing talents. Kyle says he loves to dance but has no rhythm. Alyssa says she can do some things with her tongue but will show him later because she would get embarrassed.

Alyssa: Turner has seen them all.

Joe talks her into showing them now. She shows several tongue tricks.

Joe and Turner try to mimic her tonguerobics, folding her tongue over, making a taco shape, turning her tongue upside down to the left then the right.

Alyssa: Then there is the final act

Turner: Yep, the final act

Alyssa: But I'll show that to you later, not now.

Joe says he is way too invested.

They try to get her to do it, but she won't. They all continue with their awkward talents.




Screenshotter--BigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-71248’42” (1).png




1:30AM BBT

Daniel and Nicole are in the HoHR talking about sleeping arrangements when Taylor comes in saying the dishes have all been washed. Nicole asks Taylor to stay in there if Pooch comes in because she doesn't want to be in the room alone with him and Daniel will go to the HNR, "A floatie would be more comfortable to me than three in this bed"

Nicole says she would be comfortable in that room, "I enjoy a hot room." 

Nicole asks Taylor how she feels. Taylor says she is good, "It's been a wild ride."

Daniel: I got pulled aside a thousand times, mostly by him.

They discuss Taylor walking in on them in the SR. Daniel says she needs to understand that is just something he needs to do, "I want it to be a landslide."

Nicole: You may be surprised by a couple of things.

Taylor: As long as I am still here. I appreciate the both of you.

Nicole: For sure.

They discuss Joe and how he is taking the news that Pooch could be the evictee a lot better than they expected.

Nicole: But I'd rather he know now than later.

Daniel says he will tell him it's a deifnite plan tomorrow.

Nicole asks if any of them have Chapstick. They don't and she couldn't find any in the bathroom. She says Turner offered her some of his but she declined because "he is so unsanitary.

Daniel: He has only showered a couple of times.

They continue discussing Turner and how poor his personal hygeine is (They are not wrong, y'all -ML). Taylor says she gave him a bite of something she was eating then couldn't eat the rest.


1:40AM BBT

Daniel says he is going to go prep the Have-Not bed just in case he needs to head in there. Nicole tells him to stay in the bed, "There is no room for him."

Taylor says goodnight and leaves. Nicole asks her to send in Terrance.

Daniel: He told her that he was staying in there because he snores.

Nicole: That guy. He wanted to stay there. I'm gonna kick his ass.

The cameras move to Turner, Ameerah and Jasmine chatting in the Golf Pro Bedroom.

Nicole and Michael applied and Big Brother texted them. They both questioned if the text was even real. Daniel says when he got the call, he was with his mom to go see Wicked (Broadway show)and then heard the message. He says he didn't tell his mom until they came to film the key segment. Nicole says she told her mom right away, and she was so happy. Michael says Hayden was the only person he told about making it on the cast, "Holding it back from them (his friends) was so hard." He told them when he filmed his intro stuff.


1:48AM BBT

Conversation in the HoHR with Daniel, Nicole and Michael reveals that Joseph was recruited by Big Brother. Daniel says he was, too, but it was pre-Covid. "Now with the Elvis movie coming out, it lined up." Taylor was recruited through Instagram.

Bob caught on to the conversation about production and moved the cameras to another room.


2:06AM BBT

Daniel says he started working on Elvis The Musical in March. He says it is basically the movie on stage. He was so busy doing that, he almost missed his online interview with BB and then thought his interview was so crazy because he was in full Elvis makeup, dripping in sweat that he was sure they had changed his mind about including him in the cast. Michael, Nicole and Daniel are clearly all so grateful to be in the BB24 cast.


2:24AM BBT

Daniel and Nicole are sleeping in the HoHR tonight because Jasmine wants to sleep in her bed in the Golf Pro Bedroom. They are already in the dark and about to go to sleep.

Pooch rings the bell. Daniel has to get out of bed to unlock the door, "Just a minute Pooch. I'm in my undies."

Pooch comes in and says he feels so sick, "I do not feel good right now"

Daniel: Say hello to the livefeeders. Pooch ate a lot of food tonight, guys. If you didn't see it, we were Have-Nots and ate a lot of food.

Nicole: I really think they saw that  

Pooch says he is really nervous and freaked out

Nicole: Pooch! Seriously?

Pooch says he has been dogged. He says someone overheard him talking about the "girls in the penthouse."

Nicole: I'm really sorry.

Daniel: yeah, I'm sorry you feel like that.


2:49AM BBT

The cams switch to Joe whispering with Ameerah and Monte in the livingroom. Joe says Pooch came to him crying, asking if he has his vote. 

Ameerah: This is going to happen every week. This is the game.

Joe: So Taylor is staying this week?

Monte nods in confirmation.

Ameerah: There are 13 of us. We will get her out next week. We can't let her win HoH. Everyone wants it. Everyone is going for it.

Joe says he feels bad for Pooch, "He got the short end of the stick." He says he had a feeling that was the way things were going, "I could smell it going around the house." Joseph continues to warn about Taylor and how strong she is, that she will get power. Ameerah and Monte repeat there are 13 against her. Ameerah tells Joe that Pooch tried throwing him under the bus, saying not to trust her because she is intelligent. "Pooch is throwing everyone under the bus."

Ameerah: We have to win HoH. I'm putting her up.

Monte: Let's regroup.

Ameerah: We will regroup tomorrow.


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There was a lot of whispering in the house about Pooch and his impending eviction throughout the night and early morning. The HGs feel bad for him, but the plan is set.


3:59AM BBT

Bob: Monte, please go to the diary room downstairs. Monte is pissed.

Monte: They saw me take off my spectacles and everything.

He returns quickly saying they just needed a one-liner thing, "I was about to have a heart attack."


4:05AM BBT

The lights finally go out leaving the BB24 house full of sleepers.



Car Design Bedroom = Turner, Monte, Michael, Kyle

Space Age Bedroom = Alyssa, Indy, Ameerah

Golf Pro Bedroom = Taylor, Jasmine, Joseph, Brittany

HoHR = Daniel, Nicole  

HNR = Terrance, Pooch (Kyle offered Terrance his bed, but he declined saying he will be fine. I'm assuming Pooch is sleeping there, too, but I never saw him go to bed or talk about where he is sleeping.)

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8:56AM BBT



9:00AM BBT

The feeds return to sleepers, but noises are heard in the house.


9:05AM BBT

Time for "Wakey, Wakey Houseguests"

9:15Am BBT

Nope, feeds return to a still dark house and only Kyle walking back to his bed in the dark.

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10:57AM BBT

Pooch is talking with Brittany one-on-one in the SR. She tells him she is voting with the house, and she told Taylor the same thing. I'm sure all Pooch's meetings will go this way today.






11:06AM BBT

Pooch is talking with Terrance in the Car Design Bedroom while Terrance makes up his old bed with fresh sheets. Pooch says he wants to just take a nap until it's time to get dressed and get going. Terrance says that he remembers the pressure of being on the block and thinking he was going home when things twisted.

Pooch says things feel too easy, and it's never that easy.

Terrance: Sometimes it is though, Bro

Pooch: For sure

Terrance: I ain't even gonna bother you about that one.

Pooch: Keep on moving. Keep on, keeping on. 

Pooch grabs two Q-Tips and shoves them in his ears for a deep rub down.

When Pooch leaves the room, Terrance talks to the cameras, "It's never that easy. But if anyone knows how he feels, I know how he feels...to be walking around and hoping for safety and praying that everything is gonna go your way. But this is Big Brother. It's in the slogan, Expect the Unexpected. But, look at me back in my old digs. It's different making a bed than making a floatie. Oh God it feels good to be home!"





11:21AM BBT

Jasmine is getting ready in the HoHR. ALyssa says the vote is going to be unanimous now. Indy says she doesn't think so.





11:23AM BBT

Indy is feeling low today. She is talking about last night and how she made a comment around 1AM that everybody should go to sleep because today is a big day, but Daniel got snarky and responded with some thing like, "My mom lives in Canada." implying that Indy was being bossy. Daniel did later complain to Nicole in the HoHR, "No one tells me when to go to bed." Indy definitely sensed that Daniel was mad at her and says she wasn't trying to be bossy or anything. 


Jasmine comments that she is feeling cuter already as she finishes painting on her face.

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11:27AM BBT

In the bathroom, Pooch, Daniel and Michael are questioning why Big Brother let them sleep so late today while they got through their grooming routines. They were expecting a 7AM wake up, but they are glad they got to sleep in. Daniel says he had a sugar hangover from all the feasting last night.




11:34AM BBT

Daniel has to show Pooch how to assemble the trimmer in the SR.


When Daniel leaves the SR, Pooch tells Joseph that he spoke with Daniel and Nicole who said everything looks good. He then talked with Michael and Brittany who said they are voting with the house.

Joe: Good because you annoy everybody

Pooch: I sensed it

Joe: We will talk later, but I'm just as in the dark as you because everyone knows I was close to you.

Joe leaves


[Yes, y'all. Joes used past tense. If Pooch didn't catch on then he is truly a meathead like Jasmine accuses. -MamaLong]





11:40AM BBT

Joseph whispers with Indy in the Space Age Bedroom that the three of them need to get together and talk everything through. Indy warns that they can't get caught talking together (The Trio alliance). Joe says that his fun fact that no one else knows is that in Florida he won a strength contest and was the strongest kid in the state, "so when it comes to strength, I will win it. I haven't told anyone else. I'm telling you because I want you to trust me. If it's the wall, Joseph will win it." (yes, he spoke in third person, this time -ML)

Indy: Oh my God

Joseph says he will win any competition he wants. He says he is downplaying his strength in the house, especially during workouts. "If it's the wall, it will come down with me before I fall." 

Joe assures that he is going to tell her everything and work with her, "I appreciate your advice. I'm gonna show you that anything you tell me stays between me and you."

Indy: Of course

They leave the room and go different directions.





11:47AM BBT

The feeds move to RCHS. I have no idea when we will get the feeds back because of the eviction being aired on Sunday instead of tonight.

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Big Brother Junkie updated the chart, again, yesterday to include Old Skool...


At 11:44PM BBT, Jasmine took her ankle splint off and we can easily see her horrible bruising.





1:36PM BBT

I wasn't expecting it, but the feeds have returned. 


1:44PM BBT

Nicole cutting Kyle's hair in the bathroom.



1:49PM BBT

Pooch is ironing his eviction outfirt in the livingroom. He holds them then does some more ironing.



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1:57PM BBT

Taylor says she needs to put her face on. [She already looks gorgeous. No makeup needed! -ML]



Pooch says he needs to put his bag in the SR.

2:00PM BBT


Alyssa says she might wear a dress tonight.


Joseph is looking for his light blue sneakers He hasn't seen them since he packed them and wonders if production took them out of his bag. He hads to the DR to ask.


Jasmine feels like they 2 to 3 more hours and they'll "be ready to rumble."


In the SPace AGe Bedroom, Alyssa leaves to get something to eat since she doesn't know if she will be able to after the show (Have-Nots). Indy asks her to ask Nicole to make her a grilled cheese sandwich.

2:01PM BBT

Now alone in the room, Indy talks to herself in the mirror, "You are strong. You are brave and you can win this. You're a winner. You can win this. You manifest your own future. You are strong You are brave and you can do anything. You can have anything you want. You are powerful.  You are magic maker. You are strong You are brave and you can do this. You can make things happen. Everything happens for you. You are strong You are brave and you can have everything you want. It can be easy. You are blessed You are strong and you are brave. And you can do anything you want. You can do anything you want. You can have it all. You are strong You are brave, and you can win this.

Joseph interrupts by walking in the room.

Indy: Can I have two minutes, Baby?

Joe: Yeah, sorry

Indy: Thanks

Indy continues repeating her self empowerment, "Nothing can stop you. You are strong. You are powerful. I have all my angels. All my angels to step ahead of me to protect me, to bless me. I call all my ancestors and companies to step ahead of me and do what I cannot do myself, to open my wings to make way for everything happens in my favor.  Everything happens in my favor. I call Jesus and Angel Michael, Angel Raphael, Gabriel, all of you to protect me and to walk with me all the way. To make me a winner. I know I am not alone. I know I can count with you all. I am strong. I am powerful, and I can do this. I am strong. I am powerful. I am a winner (repeats 4 more times)  I am strong. I am powerful, and I am THE winner."

She rubs her hands together and makes a lot of snapping and clapping moves, "Show me the bigger picture (repeats three more times) Open my heart and my third eye. Help me see what I can't. Help me...protect me and bless me with your love, with your strength, with you blessing, with your wisdom...."


2:20PM BBT

[The HGs have been talking about tonight as if it is still a live show. It seems production has not told them abotu the change. -MamaLong]








2:11PM BBT


Indy searches and finds Joe in the Car Design Bedroom talking to Terrance. She tells him she is ready now.

Joe: If he had just stayed cool and level headed, we wouldn't be in this fucking situation

 Terrance says Pooch has been tripping out.

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Joe: Maybe he can talk people off the edge. Some people told me they are voting for him, some said against. The house really is split. People just got to say a name and we stick to it.

Monte enters the room.

Terrance: We got to tell people we can't go in that way

Joe: Yeah, I know. I am open to what everyone wants. That's my take

Terrance: I don't want no smoke

Joe: Straight up

Terrance: I don't need it in my situation.

Joe: We've got 3 hours


2:40PM BBT

Pooch is looking all over the house for his "bathroom kit" (I guess he means dopb kit) that he just had 10 minutes ago.


2:45PM BBT

Jasmine, Alyssa, Ameerah and Brittany are laughing in the livingroom about how they have gotten too comfortable in the house because they have stopped checking for cameras when they are changing their clothes.



2:50PM BBT

Monte is chatting music and art in the bathroom while other HGs get ready.

And, shocker, Turner is in the shower.




Indy tells Nicole that she often gets hit on by lesbians.

Nicole: I believe it. You are literally...you have been my type in the past. The hotter version.


Screenshotter--BigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-72073’23” (1).png

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3:01PM BBT

Pooch is sitting in the livingroom. He's not talking with others very much, just nervous whistling every now and then.


Very loud noises can still be heard outside.

In the kitchen, Alyssa says ice cream sounds good to her right now. Brittany says she has yet to eat any ice cream in the house.



3:08PM BBT

Nicole and Michael are whispering in the SR. Michael says he was never allowed to give input on the alliance. He was just told he was in it and what the name was (Po's Pack). Nicole says the same thing happened with her. They both agree they do not want Monte or Turner to gain power in the house. Nicole tells Michael she wants to work with him, Daniel, Alyssa and Ameerah.

Nicole: I trust you

Michael: I trust you, too

Nicole tells Michael that there is a part of her story that she wants to be able to share with everyone but being an ex-cop is no longer a part of her life. Michael says he understands.


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Note: The last we were told, the feeds will return after the eviction.  With all the construction that's been going on in the backyard, I'm expecting a complex HoH competition that may keep the feeds off longer, but we are not to expect a weekend without feeds.

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8:40PM BBT 

Feeds are back and I thought I heard them say Turner gets to go in his own bathroom now... Still working out for sure who won....


Turner has key


Kyle may have been dq'd for moving when he shouldn't

Michael said he was 3rd or 4th out.   They asked if people where looking around before they stopped.   (almost sounds like some kind of red light green light with what tiny bit I heard so far-rm)

Someone said it was almost two hours.

Most are in the KT or golf bedroom.   Indy is making quesadillas.

Jasmine is holding a bag of ice on her forehead.

8:56PM BBT

SR - Kyle and Daniel talking in the both saying they seem good with the girls.  Both set on disrupting the guys versus girls norm.


SBR - Michael, Kyle, Indy and Alyssa were speculating on how long something will last.  It sounds like they had to pick partners.    Later they wondered if that would continue into jury.   Sounds like a twist was introduced.

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9:15PM BBT

SR - Michael, Brittany.  talking about who picked who, Indy and Alyssa are together.  Brittany said Turner was her worst case scenario winning.  They are wondering if Turner is trying to figure out where the voting out Pooch came from and if it is just limited to Pooch (implying ... or a move against all the guys.-rm)

Michael says Turner came to both Michael and Brittany and said they were both safe if he won.


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9:16PM BBT

CBR - Turner and Kyle wondering if Pooch is gonna be mad.

Joseph comes in and Kyle left at some point.  When just Turner and Joseph, they both agreed this saved them and Joseph told Turner he needs to find out who planted the seed to send Pooch home.



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9:17PM BBT

SBR - Alyssa just told Turner he could pick her as Have-not and he asked who her partner is and she said Indy.  Someone mentioned "pairs" so they may refer to it as that.

9:19PM BBT

SR - Joseph and Monte are talking and Joseph tells Monte that Turner is going to find out who planted the seed.  Joseph also said Alyssa come to Pooch and mentioned the Oasis.  Monte suggests Alyssa may have overheard someone else say it.  

They left and Joseph was telling how he broke his handle as it hit his rear-end.

In SR, Monte and Indy are wondering about the pairing thing.  Indy said she is safe because Turner would never put Alyssa up and they are paired.

Monte mentioned Turners light went green first every time.

9:39PM BBT

Golf room - Taylor was wondering if Turner would make a big move and put up Monte and Joseph.  She is also concerned she may be backdoored and "can't risk" that.

Turner was called into DR.



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The bestie pairs are:

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9:50PM BBT

DT - almost everyone at table or in KT waiting for Turner to return with have-not ceremony.    Joseph talking about breaking the handle on his chair during comp.  

Indy and Alyssa in the SBR talking about being safe.  Indy keeps leaning down to the mic talking to it.  Something about they may rethink about casting me.  They finally leave and head in with the rest and Indy stops off at the phone picking it up and tells God she doesn't want to be a have-not.

She wants a specific camera to turn on and show her.  She mentions the wrong one is on and then gives up, hangs up the phone and pouts.


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