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Wednesday, July 20, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:11AM BBT

Ameerah, Michael, Indy, Brittany, Alyssa and Michael are talking with Jasmine in the HoHR. It's all the same conversations from earlier today.

Bob: Jasmine, please do not obstruct your microphone

Indy: She is not even talking

Jasmine: It's not even obstructed. What is he talking about?

Alyssa begins complaining about how Bob is always getting on her for holding her microphone.

(This is true, y'all. Jasmine, Indy and Alyssa are notorious for holding or bumping their microphones, which sounds like they are holding them when they are not. They need to position their microphones in a better place where the interference of hair, clothing etc. won't cause the annoying static.  -ML)


12:15AM BBT

Indy says goodnight to them and goes downstairs.

Ameerah says if she wins HoH she doesn't want to make Joe volunteer as Have-Not.

The girls begin talking about Alyssa's hair. She is a natural brunette but dyes her hair lighter. The girls say they like the color. Jasmine tells her she needs a touch-up (not in a mean way at all) while brushing Alyssa's hair. 

Alyssa: Oh definitely


12:18AM BBT

In the Car Design Bedroom, Turner and Kyle are whispering while Kyle appears to be asleep with his sunglasses on. The audio is terrible, so cameras move the HNR where Terrance, Daniel and Nicole are talking math. They are counting items in the room.

Nicole: I can't wait for the trivia questions in the car room (her previous sleeping location which she has collected a photographic memory of)


The cameras move back to the Car Design bedroom where Kyle is now participating in conversation. They are talking about Bob's warnings.

Turner: 'Alyssa, please stop dragging your microphone on the ground'

Kyle: It was literally that message?

Turner: She was pulling it like a dog on a leash. It was a sad little message.

The guys say they are calling it a night and extend goodnights to each other.

Turner leaves the room, (guess he is not tired yet)


12:22AM BBT

Kyle whispers to Monte that he and Alyssa like each other but know it is bad for their game. Kyle asks Monte to give him a heads up if he hears anything. Monte warns him about the "optics" and tells him to keep everything on the low, "As long as we can make sure they don't put the two of your asses up then we're good." Monte warns that Alyssa needs to keep talking game with people because it looks like she is only talking to Kyle. 


[I'm not a fan of Monte at all, y'all. He prescribes unnecessary assumptions/presumptions to people (example = Taylor and now Alyssa) and comes off as if he is controlling the game when he has never had power. The girls want to keep him around to help them get further, but I see him as a liability. His fixation on the girls' alliance has driven him to paranoia when he actually has the P'o's Pact' alliance with Ameerah, They need to be careful with Monte if they want to further their game. Monte has been warning the guys about the girls working closely together but has been unable to gather the guys in defense....YET. Monte will never have Michael or Daniel, and Kyle is beginning to side with the girls more with game moves. But Joe and Turner will join Monte to make a strong move should he gain power. -MamaLong]


12:25AM BBT

Alyssa and Ameerah leave the HoHR, and Jasmine asks Michael to send Joseph up if he finds him.


12:28AM BBT

Jasmine's bell rings and Jasmine yells, "Come in." It's Turner (Wow, Turner. Good job for ringing the bell this time.) Jasmine thinks it is 10PM. Turner tells her it's 12:30, and she can't believe it's already that late. Turner  has a chapstick that is the same one Jasmine has. She asks about it, and he says Alyssa gave it to him fresh out of a new box. Jasmine tells him he should put his name on it since it looks just like hers. Jasmine hints she wants to go to bed, and Turner asks if he should turn the lights off for her. She says she will sleep in her sunglasses because she is scared of the dark. He turns the lights off to see how dark it is and Jasmine says, "It's creepy." He turns them back on, says "goodnight" and "peace out" then leaves.


Jasmine: All these rats late at night milling around in the walls trying to find some  cheese. I don't got no cheese for you tonight.

Jasmine complains she is hot in the HoHR.


1:05AM BBT

Taylor and Michael are whispering the bathroom while Taylor kills a bag of Lays potato chips.

Michael: We were counting votes earlier, and he thinks he has everyone.

Taylor: Good

Michael: He thinks Brittany is (voting to save him)

Taylor: Oh my God. We are gonna have a blindside!

Michael: Do you think anyone will spoil it?

Taylor: I hope not. It's gonna be a madhouse. I really want to win HoH. 

Michael: Yeah

Taylor says they will have to work on Kyle and Monte. Michael says Kyle wants to be on the right side of the vote and thinks he will vote Taylor to stay.

Taylor: He can't win HoH next week. If he (Monte) does, I'll be on the block again. He is absolutely going to gun for the girls. He thinks we're strong.

Michael: You can beat him.

Taylor: I don't like people that throw comps.

Michael: It was so obvious. (They are talking about the last HoH when Monte jumped off the course three times trying to throw the head-to-head to Nicole)  Do you think he threw the one with the pies?

Taylor: Could be. He got out so quickly.

Taylor tells Michael she was lounging alone in the loft and heard Turner and Pooch talking downstairs. "They were like, oh wow. All the girls are in the penthouse. We just gotta win HoH next week, and it's all ours."

Michael: Wow! He volunteered to be on the block, so all these comments...It's like, you put yourself here.

They laugh about how Julie will dive in on him during his exit interview, "Why did you volunteer, Pooch?"


1:11AM BBT

Turner is whispering with Pooch in the bathroom. He is relaying the conversation Monte and Joe had with Indy but doesn't reveal that Indy doesn't like Pooch (I don't think he knows about that). Joe tells Turner about his one-on-ones. He says after this week they will pick off the girls one by one and adds kissing noises (like kiss of death, I guess).


2:41AM BBT

Ameerah, Joe, Turner, Michael and Taylor have been talking in the Golf Pro Bedroom about how they looked for season spoilers online before coming to BB. They say the season is really good so far. They debate if Jasmine is biracial. Ameerah thinks she is just light skinned, but Taylor says that she said she is "mixed."

Ameerah: But mixed with what? (Does it even matter? Sheesh! -ML)

They discuss the fake Reddit post of the leaked BB24 cast.

Taylor: None of those were real people, they were CGI

Alyssa and Indy are sound asleep in the Space Age Bedroom.


2:51AM BBT

Ameerah is whispering with Joe in the Golf Pro Bedroom. Ameerah tells Joe that other people aren't trusting Brittany because they see her talking to Monte and other guys but when she is around the girls she just listens and won't talk game. Ameerah says that Brittany is a good actress, has been in a bunch of shows, "she told me about the Gossip Girl thing" went to an acting school and does Cosplay.

Ameerah: I don't want her here.


3:12AM BBT

Taylor enters the Golf Pro Bedroom and gets in bed. Ameerah says she is going to bed and says goodnight.

Ameerah: You better study!

Ameerah decides to sleep in Jasmine's bed in the Golf Pro Bedroom, instead, and these late-nighters drift to slumber.


3:30AM BBT

All of the BB24 HGs are sleeping in a dark house.




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8:19AM BBT

Daniel is awake and heading to the loo.

Terrance and Nicole have joined Daniel in the kitchen.


8:46AM BBT

Pooch has joined the other Have-Nots in the kitchen. He says he slept on the floor the whole night. He describes how he almost punched Terrance in the face.

Pooch: Remember when I almost fought you by accident, Terrance?

Terrance: Yeah, I thought you were sleeping.

Pooch says he was called to the DR at 4AM and was mad

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8:47AM BBT

Daniel talks about yesterday's music being 'Let's Groove Tonight,' Chance the Rapper and Pooh Sheisty. They are curious about today's music.


9:00AM BBT

Nicole (to Terrance): Did you drop the kids off? (this is code word for morning bathroom visit; they check in with each other on waste production/elimination every day)

Terrance: Yeah, now I can start my day.

Nicole: Oh, good.


9:04AM BBT

The Have-Nots are talking about dreams in the kitchen.

Nicole: Last day, guys. Last day! (for slop) Last night I was enjoying my slop so much (she made slop matza soup) but then I looked in the bowl.


There is audible construction noise fromt he backyard.


Nicole: They are still building like crazy out there.

Nicole hopes they aren't building a black room comp where they compete in the darkness. Daniel doesn't like the dark.


Pooch: It does sound like something huge is going up.

Nicole: That's why I am thinking it could be the wall. Oooooh, let's goooooo!


9:32AM BBT

A very loud noise comes from out back and they joke that it's not even real, and BB is just using sound effects to freak them out.


9:12AM BBT

The Have-Nots begin discussing what they hope the morning music will be. They want Greenday and the Wallflowers.


9:13AM BBT

Joseph is out of bed for the loo. He goes straight back to bed.


Big Brother keeps moving the cams to sleepers because the backyard noise is so loud, and voices can be heard from there, too.


9:20AM BBT

Monte and Turner are up now and in the bathroom area. 

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9:33AM BBT

Talk in the kitchen changes to food while the HGs say they could go for some greasy fast food like Steak and Shake and Cookout. The Have-Nots are glad it's the last day.

Monte: It seems like it went fast for you guys, but maybe that's because I'm on the other side

Daniel says it takes an hour for him to wake up because of have nots.

Terrance: It's amazing. I remember when that shit first started

Pooch: Terrance was just a boy when we started.  No facial hair, just a young man. Now look at him.

Terrance: Just trying to make it

Daniel: It sounds like they are building Noah's ark out there

Pooch: That would be sick as fuck.

They agree that would make for a cool competition.

Pooch says anything dizzy related would be great.

Daniel: I'll take dizzy and throw up on camera over anything black out.  

Daniel hears more loud noises, "That's some torque out there."

Monte: WHat are they doing?

Daniel: They want to fuck us up.




9:40AM BBT

Ameerah is up and walks in the kitchen. She says she was up with Joseph really late. "We decided that everyone staying up really late will stay in the middle bedroom. I slept in Jasmine's bed. I think it was a bad idea." (because that room always wakes easily from the kitchen noise.)


9:45AM BBT

Ameerah chats with Nicole in the bathroom while she brushes her teeth when Taylor walks in.

Ameerah: (to Taylor) I don't know ho you sleep in there!

Ameerah says this is the first time she has been up before the morning music.


9:57AM BBT

Taylor is doing her morning workout on a bike in the gym.


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10:30AM BBT

Alyssa is now out of bed and heading for the loo, but sees Ameerah is awake in the dark of the Golf Pro Bedroom. She tops to chat.

Ameerah says that the room is the worst one for sleepin (Have-Nots would argue that point). She says the Have-Nots are really loud when they come downstairs.

Alyssa heads to the loo and the kitchen group says good morning.


10:34AM BBT

Jasmine is awake in the HoHR watching the spy cam.





10:37AM BBT



10:39AM BBT

Bob: Daniel, please go to the DIary Room downstairs

Daniel: Oh no. I better get in and out before the music.


10:40AM BBT

WBRB  for "Wakey, Wakey Houseguests"

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11:01AM BBT

The feeds return to all of the house lights up and HGs in the kitchen and HoHR. Kyle rings the HoHR doorbell.

Jasmine and Alyssa tell him to come in. Kyle says he wants to caht with Jasmine for aminute. Alyssa asks if she should go. Kyle says she can stay, but she decides to go, anyway.

Kyle: I just want to check in and see if anything has changed

Jasmine: Not that I know of

Kyle says he thinks Joe and Monte will vote with them to evict Pooch.

Jasmine says she has her doubts

Kyle: It doesn't do us any good to vote to evict Taylor and piss her off.

He mentions that everyone is annoyed with Pooch. Jasmine says Turner has never come to talk game with her.

Kyle: Geez!

Kyle says he is frustrated with Pooch telling people that he (Kyle) is his bro. Jasmine says that Pooch told her he (Kyle) was playing veto for him.

Kyle: I told him I would play for him, but like I told you, I wasn't going to use it.

Jamsine: He always says to me, "Kyle and Turner...Kyle and Turner"

Kyle: I know, and I hate that.


Jasmine says that she loves Joe like a brother and doesn't want to blindside him, so she plans to tell him before it happens (Pooch's eviction).

Jasmine tells Kyle that this is what the whole house wants, "It's not even me. He wasn't even on my radar."

Kyle: Yeah; Pooch for sure, though, because he is rubbing everybody the wrong way

Jasmine: Annoying people is one thing but disrespectful comments?

Kyle: Yeah

Jasmine suggests they don't tell Turner and that she will act mad for Turner when it happens

Kyle: Do you think Taylor has any idea she is not going?

Jasmine: I don't think so.

Kyle: I don't think so either. She just sits in her bed all day, quiet.

Jasmine says she knows that Taylor will campaign today.

Jasmine: This is going to be crazy

Kyle: I think it will go smoothly, though. It would only be Turner and Joseph (that would be upset)

Jasmine says without Kyle's vote, the vote would be 8 to 4.

Kyle: I'm voting Pooch out.


Kyle asks if he should send up Monte to talk with her. Jasmine responds with, "He doesn't like me. I don't think he likes me."

Kyle disagrees.

Kyle: I think we're good (to evict Pooch) I just don't want Joseph and Turner to be blindsided, but I'm not gonna go against the house. Monte will be open to it, for sure.


11:25AM BBT

Daniel enters the HoHR for his one-on-one and Kyle leaves.

Daniel tells Jasmine that everyone is hanging out in the Golf bedroom. Jasmine says she never went downstairs yesterday.

Daniel: Not at all?

Jasmine: No

Daniel says Brittany is acting weird around him. Jasmine says that last night Brittany asked for the third time about Daniel's vote (she has been telling people his vote is iffy)

Daniel: Goddamn

Daniel says he thinks he will let Monte know (abotu the vote) right before the eviction. Jasmine says she doesn't think Monte likes her, and he has been saying he can't ever get a chance to talk with her, but he's not really trying.

She says she is going to act surprised.

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Jasmine: If I never get HoH again, I feel like I did a good job getting a meathead out, and he offered himself up. It doesn't get much better than that.


11:36AM BBT

Ameerah joins them and asks if they want to be alone. Jasmine says it's fine and she fills her in on her talk with Kyle.



11:40AM BBT

Ameerah fills them in on her talk with Monte and how he needs to lay off on his campaign to save Pooch. 'The good thing is that if any of them win, they are going after Taylor."

Jasmine: I hope they don't come after me

Talk turns to Pooch being inappropriate always telling Joseph to put his bulge on him. They have to explain what bulge means to Jasmine because she thought it was some sort of muscle terminology. They explain it's just the shape of male parts taht is visible under clothing. Jasmine is glad she know now and says that Pooch says it a lot. Joseph has made comments that he doesn't like the comments.


11:41AM BBT

Alyssa joins them in the HoHR and they all say they were up before the music because those in the kitchen were so loud. They comment about Terrance's voice carrying, even when he whispers.


11:54AM BBT

Nicole rings the bell to the HoHR. SHe has Jasmine's breakfast. When she walks in, Jasmine tells her she treats her like a queen.

Nicole: Because you are; Terrance started the bacon but I finished it. (Jasmine has complained to Nicole that no one knows how to cook except Nicole).

The catch Nicole up on the conversation about Britt being so worried about Daniel's vote

Nicole: She can go at any time!

They all agree.

They all agree that Brittany could have been a successful floater that any of them would have wanted to pull along, but now she has blown it.

Jasmine says that she doesn't trust that Brittany is who she says she is. Alyssa says that Britt talks about her job in past-tense. Ameerah says that she claims her contract ended. Daniel thinks she is a psychic therapist. (Good job, Daniel) 

Nicole: That was one of the best meditations I have done.

They have all determined that the meditation is what she does as a job since she is so good.

Ameerah: I am going to have to infiltrate her and Michael.

They all say they can't stand it when she second guesses everything, "Are you sure? Are you sure?"

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There is really nothing new going on in the house. Pooch is still not really campaigning to anyone. Taylor is currently meeting with Monte.


12:45PM BBT

[The HGs are still expecting the eviction tomorrow night as if it will be live, so I imagine they will find out soon that there won't be a live show, but a prerecorded show that will view on Sunday, instead.  -MamaLong]


1:04PM BBT

Nicole is plucking Michael's eyebrows in the bathroom.



Nicole and Daniel can't wait to take a hot shower.

Michael thanks Nicole for his eyebrows.

Nicole: Who is next?

Brittany comes in. She wants to wax her mustache too.

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Screenshotter--BigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-70597’17” (1).png



2:21PM BBT

Monte tells Michael and Kyle that he is feeling better about Taylor staying in the house.

Monte asks what they have in mind of they win HoH.


Monte says Turner or Joe could be a big target if they vote to save Pooch. Monte says it isn't even necessary to have a backdoor. "I think the 6 is solid. I talked to the girls and told them to be careful about the perception of things."

Michael: I think we have a good chance of winning if 6 of us are competing. I think everyone is pretty much gonna go for it.

Monte: I don't think anyone wants to throw this one

Kyle: So Turner and Joseph, I want them to feel like it was a last minute decision

Michael: It has nothing to do with them

Monte: I love Joe. I'm trying to figure the perfect time to tell him what Pooch did to both of us (named them as targets) But I think once Joe hears that, he is big on loyalty and he will vote Pooch out. Someone is gonna have to tell Turner.

Kyle: I think one of the girls is doing that.

Monte: We don't want to get Taylor riled up against us. Ameerah has a pretty good perspective...like a girl she wants to go up.

Kyle: A girl? 

Monte: Yeah (It's Brittany)


2:28PM BBT

Monte: It's almost like the girls have forgotten about her and socially isolated her. (Taylor) And if she is strong competitor.

Monte says they can't let Taylor win HoH if Turner is already out.

Monte asks what they think about Indy. Kyle says he never talks game with her but tries to talk about the Bible with her to build a connection.



2:35PM BBT

Nicole is putting a face mask on Joseph in the HoHR. 


Joe says he is going to walk around the house in the mask.




2:42PM BBT

Taylor is taking a shower


[The HGs have been talking about new bed assignments this coming week. Daniel and Terrance have offered to stay sleeping in the Have-Not room (that's crazy). Nicole wants her bed back in the Car Design Bedroom and Jasmine wants her bed back in the Golf Pro Bedroom. Ameerah is going back to her bed in the Space Age Bedroom. It sounds like Brittany has offered to be a Have-Not.  -MamaLong]

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2:47PM BBT

Monte is working out with Indy in the gym.

Indy: I am sweating, and I never sweat.

Monte: Good, detox the pores.




2:57PM BBT

Kyle is talking with Michael and Britt in the Car Design Bedroom.

Kyle: I wonder if any of the girls have had work done.

Michael says Indy has not been shy about the work she has had on her boobs and nose. "She said she paid too much for them to not shwo them off."

Kyle wonders who America is liking as the favorite. Michael says the ladies are loving him (Kyle). Kyle doesn't believe that. Michael says "the gays" loved Paloma and now they probably love Indy.



3:10PM BBT

Pooch hasn't done much campaigning today, if any. But, he is hamminmg it up for the cameras making funny faces while he eats his slop..

Screenshotter--BigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-70657’06” (1).png



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3:12PM BBT

Jasmine has Terrance, Daniel, Ameerah about the order of their evictions.

Daniel is talking about Monte agreeing to get out Pooch because of the way he is acting.

Jasmine says Kyle understands the deal and that Pooch put himself on the block then started rubbing people the wrong way.

Terrance says he felt confident.

Nicole: Wow!

Jasmine: He came to me again. It was the third time he came up here, and he don't ever do that.

Terrance: That is not even the order I want them to go. But, thanks for the idea.

Jasmine: Now you really fucked up. Once you show me once.

Terrance: I am never rocking with you. I am not rocking with you, and I aint got nothing for you but a door... on God! (About Brittany and Pooch)

They begin discussing Indy and how she is being really emotional. She has been shutting people out.

Daniel: You can't walk around like Brittany, like a sad puppy. Sorry, but puppies are way cooler.

Jasmine: Oh my God. Come with something. Say something! (Indy is not talking with others, saying she is feeling alone)

They make a point to say they need to check on Indy and make sure she is okay after she walked in the HoHR, just listened to music then left with out conversing. Later, she was in a room with Monte and closed the door on the others like "stay out and leave me alone".

Daniel speculates that since slop ends tonight they will get a longer competition. Jasmine laughs saying that BB is doing it for his birthday.

Daniel: We haven't done true endurance yet, only physical.




3:26PM BBT

Nicole and Alyssa join the HoHR. They catch them up on how they were talking about Indy being rude to them and isolating. 

Daniel: Fine; it makes it easy for me. Brittany and Indy on the block then backdoor Taylor.

Alyssa says she is afraid to go against Indy because Indy did voodoo on Joseph.

Jasmine: She was saying he would spit in his food, and that shit is on camera

Alyssa: And she said I am going to pray right now that he (Joseph) gets diarrhea for 5 days straight.

Jasmine: You don't mess with prayer like that

Terrance: No, you don't pray like that

Alyssa: It makes me extremely uncomfortable

Daniel: Well I am atheist 

Alyssa says Turner and Pooch made her feel uncomfortable earlier when she came to the HoHR to shower. She saw them there and said she will just wait. They suggested she go ahead, but she clearly did not want to givent he bathroom is only separated by a metal chain curtain. Pooch then said they have to leave the HoHR because they have penises. Alyssa decided to just leave. (this did happen; Pooch was out of line -ML)


3:40PM BBT A New Alliance with a Name

When Alyssa leaves the HoHR to make some food, the alliance members (Terrance, Jasmine, Daniel, Nicole, Ameerah) decide to include Alyssa in an alliance and start thinking of alliance names. They like the name Old Skool, Wrinkles (because the oldest in the house are in it) or Old Souls. They debate for a bit and then Ameerah says she is tired of talking names and thinks they should just call it Old Skool. They decide that if Alyssa is down to join, the will let Alyssa name it.

Daniel: If Alyssa joins that's six and we can take over this whole fucking game.

Jasmine: I know she will down

Terrance: Oh, she down

Ameerah: She will be down

Alyssa comes back in the HoHR Alyssa returns with a heart shaped sandwich for Jasmine.

Jasmine: Dan has something to tell you.

Alyssa: (To Dan) What did you do?

*Jasmine loves her sandwich and asks BB to take a picture of it.

Dan tells Alyssa that they have made an official alliance with her in it.

Alyssa; What's the name?

He tells her, Old Skool

Daniel: Are you down for that?

ALyssa: Yeah!

Nicole: Are you sure (about hte name) Because you're not old!

Alyssa: I love it. It's perfect.

Terrance: You have ana old soul

Alyssa: I love it. Thanks for including me.

Daniel: We realize with all these talks that we just trust these people.

They do a hands-in, and Jasmine adds her foot, and cheer "Old Skool"




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Screenshotter--BigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-70687’47” (1).png




4:07PM BBT

Nicole has made a new slop recipe. It's slop cakes, like rice cakes, with soy sauce and a hot sauce.

Nicole: T-Money, you can try that

Terrance tries it.

Nicole: Good, right?

Terrance: Amazing, Brah!

Nicole turns to Pooch and says she made an appetizer, "if you want to get in on that"

Pooch: Pretty fucking good, if you ask me.

Turner compliments her culinary craft.




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4:45PM BBT

In the HoHR, Indy is telling Jasmine, Kyle, lyssa, Kyle, Turner and Pooch that she uses Macumba when her energy is low. It helps her get grounded and feel recentered. She describes how she uses it in detail but makes a point to say it isn't black magic. It is done for good. "And that's the end of my podcast."

Pooch says he gives her podcast 4 stars.




4:49PM BBT

Indy says she is bored and asks if anyone is hungry. No one responds. Indy walks around the room posing and then blows kisses to the camera to show us some love.




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Pooch and Daniel ae in the have not room talking about Brittany's position in the game.

Pooch tells Daniel that the house is divided, the girls are worried about the Oasis, and named it. Pooch wants to know how they got the name.

Pooch says he is going to talk to Kyle or Joe..he wonders if Kyle told Alyssa.

Daniel says it was not Turner, Pooch agrees.

Pooch stomps out of the have not room and heads downstairs

Daniel covers his face with his hand, says "Oh my God I feel so bad for him, but bro.  Oh my God."

"He's gonna blow up and give people even more reason to send him home. I gotta talk to Alyssa."

Daniel goes in search of her, he sees her in the kitchen but continues on to the loo, then to other rooms

Pooch has Kyle in the storage room, he tells them Alyssa said the word "Oasis", Kyle denies saying anything like that.

Pooch says Daniel didn't even know the name of it, that he "Pooch" made the name up.

Pooch says he can't ask Joseph, he has been acting weird.

They all agree that if Alyssa knows, all the girls know.

Pooch says it has to be Joe, then it has to Monte.

He says that should have never come up in any conversation.

Pooch says he has to do damage control.

Taylor comes in with a tray of food, interrupts for a minute.

Then conversation continues. Pooch says Alyssa will be straight with him.

Daniel and Pooch leave the storage room.

Kyle laughs at the camera and makes a face. "Everybody knowwws."

Turner is called to the diary room, Pooch stops him, files his complaint.


Pooch and Alyssa are in the gym room, Turner asked Alyssa if Pooch is mad at him.

Pooch says the guys are throwing him under the bus.

The girls are making Brittany feel comfortable for the vote against him this week. He says Brittany feels like an outsider with the girls, she has told him that just today.

Pooch is worried that he might not have the votes, he doesn't trust the guys.

He fast talks, eventually says Monte is upset at Indy over cookies in the kitchen.

Earlier Monte and Terrance were laughing about someone "going home over cookies."

(clear as mud)


I do have a special report

(Pooch found his blue cap. In his short sleeved sweatshirt. The mystery has been solved and all the house guests have been exhonerated from tom foolery...Grannysue--you heard it first here...maybe)


Cameras move to the kitchen area, several house guests are milling around, cooking, snacking, getting ready for have nots to be over at midnight tonight.

Kyle follows Pooch to the gym room, Pooch tells Kyle that Alyssa said she heard the term "Oasis" on the grapevine but didn't remember who.


Pooch continues his meltdown.


In the HOH Jasmine is getting her things packed to be moved downstairs. Indy comes to keep her company, Alyssa follows.

Alyssa tells them that Pooch approached her, he is worried that the house is flipping. He told her he doesn't trust the guys at all, he named Monte.

Alyssa says Pooch followed her to the bikes.

Jasmine says Kyle told her to get Alyssa out of there and upstairs.


Indy says they should get ready tomorrow in the HOH room.


Alyssa says Taylor is flirting with Kyle, she says Kyle told her she only does it when Alyssa sees it. Alyssa is showing quite a bit of jealousy.

Alyssa says Kyle didn't want her to be mad at him, she says she wants to stamp his forehead to show her ownership.


Jasmine says Turner ate all her mangos, she wanted to save them. Turner even offered Kyle one. Jasmine says he didn't even ask her if she wanted to keep some of them.

Then he got smart with her over the cookies.

He wiped his fingernail polish on her towels as well.


(I have noooo idea what this cookie confrontation/anger creating issue is)


Pooch and Monte are in the have not room.

Pooch is retelling the "Oasis" story to Monte, he is blaming everyone for telling the girls about it.

He says late at night he sees Joe talking to the girls.

He tells Monte he doesn't think it was him. (although he did say Monte could have done it earlier).

Pooch continues to fast talk about "who said it."

Pooch says a couple of the guys might team up with the girls, Monte doesn't believe it, says that writes it's own ending.


Pooch says he denied the existence of an alliance called Oasis altogether.

Pooch says he offered himself to keep two guys off the block.

Monte says the girls may have found out after the veto since it wasn't used. He thinks the girls have always had paranoia about the guys being in an alliance anyway.

Monte says he goes to sleep early, he wonders what he misses during that time.

Pooch continues to speed talk. (repetititve)

They leave the have not room


Girl gossip in the HOH

Turner rings the bell and come in the HOH.

Jasmine tells him all is well.


Turner approaches Ameerah in the kitchen.

He is telling her that he heard there is an all guy alliance, but there isn't.

Ameerah says she has heard there is an all girl alliance.

He tells her that Alyssa mentioned it. 


He is worried that the guys are pushing him out because he is on the block.


Nicole interrupts, she may be getting food ready for midnight.


Ameerah says she will talk to everyone and see what they are saying.

Joe comes to offer help with the dishes as well.

































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Nicole making chicken. 

Pooch leaves the kitchen.

Nicole asks who was the last person to use the oven. The oven knob won't turn. She finally got it to move. Taylor tells her it has been sticking.


In the HOH Alyssa continues to complain about Taylor and Kyle flirting.


Pooch and Ameerah are in the bedroom.

Pooch is counting votes. He plans to talk to Jasmine in case it is a tie.

He continues to fast talk at Ameerah.


(Turner was supposed to be watching the cookies, he let them burn. Jasmine got upset. Turner got upset. Pooch teased him, he got more upset--cookie story according Pooch)


Pooch tells Ameerah that Monte told him to be careful around "Ameerah, she is very smart."

He adds that Joe said the same about Alyssa.

He says Joe and Monte like Indy


Ameerah says she has to go finish dishes.

Alyssa leaves with her.

Joe asks the camera, "How did the girls find out about Oasis. I gotta go back on everything I said this week, I gotta f***n' lie."

He leaves the room.


Nicole is cooking, giving a mini cooking lesson...

Remove the membrane and seeds from jalepenos to reduce heat.

That doesn't work on all hot pepper types

Safely using a knife to avoid cutting her fingers


In the HOH the girls are gossiping. Taylor is the topic.

(IMO Taylor could say it's is cloudy and they would say she scared them with talk of a hurricane...good Heavens--Grannysue)


In the lavatory Turner and Pooch point their fingers at Joe as the person who revealed the Oasis to the girls. They think he talks to Brittany quite a bit.

Pooch continues to rehash.

Michael joins them.

Pooch starts the story over.

Brittany joins in and hears the majority of his story.


Camera returns to kitchen.

Nicole is enjoying herself making the meal.


Pooch and Daniel go to the storage room to get advacados and limes.

Pooch tells Daniel he thinks Joe spilled the beans on the Oasis.


Conversation in the kitchen is about whether or not house guests are proficient in Spanish.


Pooch and Turner are in the lavatory going over clues.


Indy and Alyssa are in the bedroom giggling.

They say they have had enough game talk today.

Indy says Pooch has not talked to her today, but did give her a hug.


Brittany and Taylor are in the Tiki lounge

Taylor tells Brittany she is feeling pretty good, but she can't be too confident.

Brittany says Pooch has been telling lies about her while he tries to form an alliance with her.

(hard to hear, lots of noise coming up from the kitchen)


Brittany tells Taylor to be careful, not to flirt with Kyle. She says the flirting in the lavatory was repeated and was an issue.

Taylor thanks her for the information.

They know this HOH will be crucial.





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Conversation between Taylor and Brittany continues, but is lost in the surrounding noise.


House guests are filling the kitchen area giving Nicole thir orders for quesadillas while they count down for midnight.


Daniel and Terrance thank each other for the support this week.

The excitement builds as the clock ticks down to 2 minutes 30 seconds.


Terrance gives his radio commentary as the clock ticks down

a 10 second countdown and it is time to eat!!!!!



Darlings, it is time for me to sing out for the night. First I will thank the Lord for my day, then cuddle my puppies so I am ready to greet a new day tomorrow.  Set yourself a goal today, if you can dream it you can do it. Have as much faith in yourselves as I do.   goodnight Dears,,hugs-Grannysue


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