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Tuesday, July 19, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:00AM BBT

A bunch of HGs are gathered in the kitchen. Monte is eating ice cream.



12:04AM BBT

Kyle and Pooch are talking in the Car Design Bedroom. Pooch indicates that he is safe.

Kyle: You think?

Pooch: Man, I bullshit so hard with Ameerah and Alyssa today that if they send me home, I'd be shocked  (Get that shocked face ready, Pooch -ML)

Kyle says he has been flirting with Alyssa knowing she likes him. Pooch tells him she is asleep in the next room.

Kyle: Should I go say hi?

Pooch indicates he should go give her a kiss. "You are in the driver's seat. Just be, where you going?"

Pooch starts talking about how he will flirt with Indy and get some smooches just to get  (not a chance, she can't stand him)

Kyle: Dude, all of Brazil is gonna hate you.

Pooch says no one wants to be in a room with Brittany.

Pooch: Pretend I'm Alyssa for two seconds. Be cosnistent. Show me the same  love.

Kyle: I do, Dude. I'm around you more than I can with Alyssa

Pooch: Why?

Kyle: Because she is so cute

Pooch teases Kyle that he could be Alyssa's dad (Now ay...Kyle is 29 and Alyssa is 24)

Kyle says he needs to pee

Pooch: Go get your piss Grandpa.

Kyle: I'm not an old man

Pooch: Dude, you were born in the 1800s


12:12AM BBT

Ameerah and Jasmine are discussing alliance name possibilities.

Ameerah: In WOnder Woman, what were those women called

Jasmine: Amazons

Ameerah: No, we can't use that. I don't want to be buff. I'm gonna have to go out there and mingle because Brittany is being shady. I walked next to the storage rooma nd they wouldn't let me in, and Joseph has a very guilty face. I don't know if you've seen it. He wears his emotions. They looked guilty as hell.


12:15AM BBT

Ameerah is reporting to Jasmine in the HoH that she saw Brittany talking to Joe in the SR

Jasmine: I'm surprised she didn't pull you aside and tell you what happened. She better not be going and telling them everything we talk about.

Ameerah: She ahsn't yet. It just happened.

Jasmine: Daniel said he saw her earlier talking to Joseph

Ameerah: What? I told y'all I do not trust her. I do not trust her. She threw me under the bus with no reason to throw me under the bus, and what the fuck is she doing with Joseph?

Jasmine: And why are you trying to get Pooch out so bad? Counting the numbers.

Ameerah: What the fuck is she up to? And then I just caught her when I walked by the back room and she was in a room with the door shut with Kyle, Turner and Michael 

Jasmine: Hm? Maybe she has a final 2 with Michael. (she does)

Ameerah: Maybe, but she ain't making it

Jasmine says they are gonna look bad as a girl's alliance and picking her off.

They agree they need the guys to get rid of her.

Jasmine: She better not play with me. I could hurt her feelings.

Ameerah: Watch her get HoH and put two girls on the block.

Jasmine: I don't think she would. That's what Alyssa says about Indy.

Ameerah: I don't trust Indy either. I think she has something with Monte (she does). Those two, I don't trust them

Jasmine: Well, you guys know all my cards. I'd be fucked.

Ameerah says she will never vote out Jasmine or Alyssa.


12:30AM BBT

Daniel, Terrance and Nicole have been chatting in the HNR. Nicole tells them her most honest conversations happen in that room with them. Nicole says sometimes she has conversations and asks herself, "Damn, did I just say that?"

Daniel: Same! It ruins my day. (When he realizes he is being filmed. He doesn't want to be misunderstood.)

Nicole: Either way, I know my family is proud.

Terrance: Facts

Nicole: And if not, I'm sorry Mommy!

Terrance: We'll talk about it when we get back.

They laugh about how much money they owe for saying the f-word.

[Indeed, that word is in all of these HG's mouths, for at least half of their sentences. -ML]

Terrance says he is probably on every prayer list. "My mom and dad are deacons at the curch"

Nicole: And Lord, please be with them

Daniel: We are likely just referred to as just the Have-Nots in the prayer (he mimics a preacher's voice "Lord, the Have-Nots have been sinning on a daily basis, and they are fasting because of it.

Terrance: (also in a prayer voice) And that is why they have not.

Daniel: They have not you (meaning God), they have not love, they have not a level-head and they have NOT been good.

Nicole: They have not food

Terrance: They have not food

They are laughing, having a great time.

Nicole says she loves the bantar of Big Brother, "Oh This is what I wanted from Big Brother. As much as I am not a fan of Boogie and Dr. Will, I loved their laughter.....it was contagious"

Bob: Nicole, please go thte DIary Room downstairs

They crack up saying Bob has had enough.

After Nicole leaves they talk about Jasmine

Daniel: Any person that puts her out is pure evil. They'd be like, 'Go fight for veto. Savage.' And then she would win it. (because of her injury, Jasmine has been told she needs 3 weeks to recover)

They dicuss Michael and how he is winning everything.

Terrance: Yo, veto champion. There is more of us. Relax

Daniel: Nobody should be comfortable. I'm not comfortable.

Terrance: I am not taking a punishment.

Daniel: If someone gave me a unitard, I wouldn't be mad.


1:45AM BBT

Ameerah is talking with Joe in the bathroom area. Joe says he wants to go for HoH

Ameerah: I hope you win

Joe; Well same with you

Ameerah: I hope I do, too

Joe says he is like two different people because he hears people talking game in rooms and they are not onto him. Ameerah tells him if he is HoH, he will find out who everyone wants out.

Joe: If you ever hear, 'Joe is coming for you" don't believe it

Ameerah tells him if she heard that, she would just ask him.

Joe says he hopes everyone understands that he has not been talking game throughout the house where he is targeting people. He likes to have all of the information on people before he would nominate people, "That's it. It's something I pride myself in....being fair."


1:53AM BBT

Kyle, Monte, Joe and Turner are talking about social media presence.

Kyle: Who else in the house is recruits? Did you have that conversation. I can't tell.

Turner: Brittany?

Kyle: I don't think she would.

They decide Brittany applies for all of these things (I've actually heard Brittany say she has only applied for BB and isn't interested in any other reality shows.) They discuss Indy

Kyle: The fact she likes Big Brother Brazil

They determine that she could have been recruited

Pooch: Well, she told me she is on Raya which is Tinder for famous people

Kyle: You have to get invited to it

Monte: Oh for real?

Kyle: You think we could get on it after the show?

Pooch: Well, we can apply

Kyle: She can suggest us

Monte: She knows Neymar

Pooch: She said she sees him all the time

Turner says you have to be famous or affluent to be on Raya

They discuss Alyssa. Monte says she is present on social media "from being a flight attendant or something." (Alyssa left her flight attendant job because she said it wasn't a healthy lifestyle for her.)

Pooch says Ameerah is a recruit through LinkedIn, "but don't say anything because I don't want to get in trouble."

Kyle: Do you think Paloma was a recruit?

Monte: Well, she said she was very present on social media

Bob finally catches on and throws up WBRB to scold the HGs for talking about production.


The boys continue discussing their social media accounts (they come off as very vain).


2:12AM BBT

Taylor and Britt are asleep in the Golf Pro Bedroom with the lights on


2:15AM BBT

WBRB until 3:15AM BBT


3:15AM BBT

The feeds return to a dark BB24 House with all HGs sleeping soundly.

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8:09AM BBT

 Britt is up for the loo. SHe thoroughly washes her hands then heads off camera.


8:23AM BBT

Daniel is out of bed for the loo. He checks the time on the microwave (it runs about 4 minutes slower than the actual time).


8:29AM BBT

Daniel is making a pot of coffee.

He transfers coffee into the counter cannister and puts the labeled can away.  

Dan heads to the dresser by the SR and changes to a heavier hoodie then heads back to the kitchen. He hears someone coming downstairs, but he can't see who it is because they have a blue blanket over the head. Pooch makes it down the stairs and asks what time it is. He says he couldn't sleep anymore. Nicole is now awake, too.

Daniel: Nicole? Look at us. The slop crew is up early.


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Daniel: Oh, I had a dream and you were in it. It was so sweet.

Nicole: Nuh uh

Daniel: DO you know the American Idiot Greenday Musical?

Nicole says yes.

Daniel: I was producing the show and staying in an AirBnB downt he road.

Nicole: You produced that show?

Daniel: In my dream. I guess you were staying with me, and because I was stressed you were like, let's go out to dinner. You were like so endearing and helpful to me in that moment. It was so super sweet.

Nicole: Oh, I love that.

Daniel (pointing to Pooch): This guy doesn't give a shit

Pooch says he was freezing last night

Daniel: SO you were just there for me. It was beautiful.

Nicole: I love that dream.

Daniel and Nicole laugh about how today people talk about Greenday as if they are so hi and new, "but you should have been around when they blew up in the 90s."

Terrance comes dowstairs and gets, "YOh! You weren't even snoring. Go back to sleep."

Terrance: I have to pee

Daniel says his throat is permanently damaged from the HNR.

Pooch: I think that room is like 62 because normally I can go around without a shirt.

Nicole: It could be.

Daniel: It feels colder out here right now than in our room.

Nicole: It's so cold that my teeth hurt, you know, because, like,  I have my Invisalign in and I was grinding like a mother fucker.

Daniel tells Nicole that he woke up and saw she wasn't there which made him sad. "My attachment issues are already happeneing."

Nicole: WHen I moved tot he floor, I was so happy. The floartie is good to fall asleep in. I'm gonna keep starting with the floatie."

Pooch says his floatie deflated a billion percent.

Dan: A billion percent? I firmly believe there is no such thing as a billion percent. It is so ridiculous *laughing It makes me so happy.

Pooch: My mouth tastes like ass right now.



Daniel: I'm so glad you guys are up because I thought I would be alone for 3 hours.

Nicole: It is really cold out here. When he got up, I knew he was up because I heard him put his shoes on, and then I saw the towel on his head like ET walking across.

Daniel: This guy comes down and I thought he was going to tumble over the railing. He looked like Charlie Brown from the Halloween special.

Pooch: I fucking hit my head on the pool sign. It's fucking cold as balls. I fucking can't see.




Terrance says they keep it cold because of all of the equipment they have to keep it temp controlled.

Terrance reports there is now a blue light on the toilet/bidey, "it's got a whole vibe, now."

Terrance: (to his wife) Hey Baby, wherever we live, we need a bidet.

Nicole says she saw one with a dryer that dries your ass.

Terrance says he needs to check out the coffee, and he laughs. Daniel made it super strong the last time, "but this is fine for me."


8:59AM BBT

WBRB for just a minute.


Loud noises are coming from the backyard. A scircular saw is clearly heard.

Nicole: They are cutting shit like crazy out there.

Nicole mentions how amazing the set ups are, "Watching y'all put on those mermaid costumes was hilarious."

[The last PoV had them seeking pearls (balls) in an underwater theme. -ML]

Terrance: They will be like, look at all these mermaids and mermen and then look at this whale (about himself)

Nicole: Terrance!


9:05AM BBT

Terrance talks to the cameras, saying "Good Morning"  and wishes his wife a Happy Anniversary!



The Have-Nots continue talking to her about how they are all awake because the room sucks.

Daniel: I am officially wearing Terrances's clothes

Terrance: And looking good

(They bundle up for the room because it so cold.)

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Daniel is talking about Monster Zero being so good, "but it's probably terrible for you." He drinks two a day on top of his morning coffee.

They begin talking about the feeds and how long they hope to stay.

Daniel says he would watcht he feeds if he gets out of the house within the next month.

Pooch: If I go home Thursday, I don't think I'd watch. I'd be fucking depressed. I would just drink my fucking face off.

(Uh-oh!  -MamaLong)


9:24AM BBT



The feeds return after a minute to the Have-Nots talking about food they wish they could eat for breakfast.


9:28AM BBT

Terrance says when he uses hot sauce he uses Louisiana (Yep! That's what the Long's use) , but his wife uses Red Hot, "and that stuff is trash."


The Have-Nots continue talking about all types of food and restaurants (They are torturing themselves. LOL!)


9:46AM BBT

Monte is now awake. Terrance talks about a Big Brother and Covid quarantine. He says more HGs could show up because it is day 14. He says they are gonna just wake up tomorrow and new people will be there.

Daniel: I doubt that will happen with Covid.

Terrance: What day is it today in the Big Brother house?

Daniel: Day 14

Nicole: Shut up Terrance. Why you gotta mess with us? He just mind fucked all of us.

*They all laugh

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Monte says it is fun talking about conspiracies.

Nicole: Terrance!Terrance: I'm sorry!

Nicole: It doesn't help that I was already thinking those things, nad then you went and said it out loud.

Monte: But I'll be damned if I believe someone is walking through that door

Nicole: Alright, just wait

Pooch: It's Monte's Ex

Monte: I'd go straight to the toilet

Pooch: The bidet

Monte: The bidet. I'd be shitting bricks.




Daniel talks about being afraid of heights. He says he will never jump out of a plane, "sometimes I get scared on just a one story roof."

Monte says he can do roller coasters because he knows he is strapped in.


10:02AM BBT

WBRB for "Wakey, Wakey Houseguests"


10:15AM BBT

The feeds return to all the house lights up and the HGs starting their day.



10:17AM BBT

Monte is humming.

Bob: Please stop singing!


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10:30AM BBT

Bob: Alyssa, please be sure your battery tray is plugged in.

Ameerah: I've never heard that one before, Alyssa. They are making new ones, just for you.

Alyssa is changing her clothes under the bedding on her bed while talking with Ameerah in the Space Age Bedroom.

Bob: Please do not obstruct your microphone


10:32AM BBT

Michael, Turner and Poocha re talking about cats in the bathroom area.

Turner says his cats are trained to lay, sit and stand.

Michael says his cats don't all get along. "Lilah is just grumpy because she is 12." They adopted her from the shelter.


10:33AM BBT

Ameerah: Do you buy matching sets of shorts, sports bra and top?

Alyssa: No these (bra and top) are from Amazon and the shorts are from Shein. They just happen to match. That would be cute, though.

Ameerah: I feel like that would be so good for someone to sell as a set.

Bob: Alyssa, please exchange your microphone.

Alyssa: Gah. 

Alyssa says she is sore and continues prepping for the day

Ameerah: Me too, my whole body hurts.

Bob: Alyssa, please exchange your microphone with one in the storage room.

Alyssa: I know. I know. I know. I'm coming. Thay are like, right now! I'll be right back.

Ameerah: Okay

When Alyssa returns, Ameerah tells her they need to go upstairs and organize the QTips by color for the days.


10:44AM BBT

Indy and Kyle join them in the Space room, and they talk about dreams and Zodiac signs. Indy apologizes if she interrupted their conversation. Ameerah says they were just talking about outfits from Amazon and Shein.

Kyle: Just shooting the shit?

Ameerah agrees.

They have to explain that expression to Indy because it wasn't making sense to her.

Kyle is obviously flirting with Alyssa (I think they make a cute couple, but I have my doubts that Alyssa is actually really into him.  -ML)

Kyle says he wants HoH to get a letter from his mama. All of the girls "Awwwww" together.

They begin talking about the HoHR shower and how past HGs have had sex in that shower (well, other places, too).

Kyle: I guess that woulod be the only place. (It's the only place without cameras)





*Cameras move back to Turner, Michael and Pooch in the bathroom.

Turner says he needs to go to someone to dye his hair. Pooch says he gets his hair professionally done. "Once you find someone and they do a really good job..."



Back in the Space Age Bedroom, talk continues about Amazon shopping. Ameerah sayss he hasn't had good luck with Amazon.

Alyssa: Do you read the reviews?

Ameerah: No

Alyssa sayss he gets product links from friends when she likes what they are wearing or she sees reviews on TikTok, "besides, it's so easy to return stuff. You can just take it to Kohl's with no box or anything."

Kyle is surprised by this. "That's really nice." 

They continue discussing other brands like Lululemon, Aloe and $100 leggings.

Ameerah: I'm not doing that. I'm going to Marshalls

Kyle asks if it's hard to get a personal trainer license or certificate.

Alyssa says she took the course to be a personal trainer. She just has to take the exam. "It took me 6 weeks."

[Um, this sounds like a scam to me. Never knew there was such thing as a certified trainer. Every personal trainer I've known just has work experience and, maybe, a related degree in nutrition, sports medicine or kinetics. I hope she didn't drop a lot of money for that. -ML]

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11:05AM BBT

In the HoHR, Nicole, Jasmine and Indy are talking about how mature they are compared to the younger HGs. Indy says she needs a mature man, "for God's-sake" (specifically referring to Joe's immaturity)

Nicole: Can we get a replacement?

Indy: We can't stand

Jasmine: It's crazy how mature we are compared to them.

Nicole: I can't deal with that shit.

Indy: Me neither, But even if I was 24 (she couldn't deal with Joe).

Nicole: I am the same age.

Indy: My life pushed me to be mature, fast. I had no options.

Jasmine: Exactly

Nicole says she has been working since 15. Jasmine says she had to go to work in high school because her family was homeless. We know Indy's journey from the other night.

Nicole: I was managing a staff of 9 people by the time I was 18.

Indy said she had to go to high school at night time so she could work during the day.

Speak of the devil, 24 year old (almost 25) Joe rings the bell and walks in and joins the conversation, "I think everybody in this house is so mature for their age."





11:09AM BBT

Monte is going in again about Taylor with Terrance in the kitchen.

Terrance: If they want to go ahead and play like that, go ahead. But, I tell you, we taking Taylor. (About Taylor) You don't have them and they don't have you. They are making you a poster child for bullshit.

Monte: But my thing is with Taylor, it's hard for me to even have any reassurance with her. 

Monte continues saying that it's just weird and they got to look at the numbers. He says he thinks "Pooch screwed himself, He has fault in this. He set this up for them. Jasmine would have been fine to put up Taylor and a pawn, but not Pooch. I think her target was Taylor, intially, but then all those girls got to her and they banded together to keep Taylor so she can take the big shots. They will take her ass out the following week. I hate to make this a gender thing, but they are being so obvious about it."


[HELLO!?! Men have been doing this same thing in the game since, forever. Don't be that guy, Monte! -ML]





Terrance mostly just listens and agrees when needed.

Monte: At some point, we need to get...Michael and Kyle and we were talking about getting you and Daniel...not Pooch. Maybe getting a smaller combo with the 5 of us. I don't want to make it obvious because that will cause more of a stir. If the house is 5 women, that ain't the house.

Terrance: That ain't the house.


Monte leaves for the loo and Terrance, now alone in the kitchen, speaks directly to the onion, "Hey, Cry Baby Therapist, you got to..." 

*Feeds cut to another room so we miss this conversation with the onion, but I imagine Terrance was telling it that some people are gonna need help after Pooch is evicted.

Now back in the kitchen, Terrance says, "We definitely have to get his ass out. The plan is gonna be the plan."



11:30AM BBT

In the HoHR, Indy is telling a story about her grandmother and how she was really poor and "went through racisment (sic)" from my grandfather's family. "She lived in a house without electricity, without shower. Her whole life was like...she barely ride in a car. She literally went to bed at sun down and up at 4:30. She plant everything she ate. She, like, raised animals."


Indy's biggest dream was always to give her grandmother a better life. She died when Indy was 13 and had a stage built in her memory "And there was a line of more than 200 people waiting to come up and say something about someone how like 'she killed her only chicken for me so I can feed my kids' and she coming from nothing. She was not wealthy and could share her wealth. She had nothing, but she could affect 200 people."

Indy: We knew how good she was, but we didn't know how huge. Everyone came to the city to tell how she help them. This is one of my things with the non-profit. Anyone disrespecting someone of color affects me because of my grandmother because all that she went through. I remember how she would be affected.

[Man, I love Indy. -MamaLong]


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11:48AM BBT

In the HoHR, Joe is preaching about fitness and wanting to push his personal training out in the world.

Jasmine says she used to weigh 240 pounds. She weighs 178 now and wants to get to 150.

Nicoel: WHAT?

Monte: Wow!

Joe: I know, she told me that, and I was like....that's crazy.

Jasmine: My skin didn't do that, you know, loose skin thing.

Monte: You are blessed to have been through that experience.

Jasmine slaps at a bug.

Nicole: I saw that

Jasmine: Damn mosquitoes and gnats.

Joe starts hyping up Jasmine about her body saying she has no reason to be self conscious. "If you want to improve yourself to love yourself, you are doing things backwards. You need to love yourself, first, then improve it." 


11:54AM BBT

Alyssa, Kyle, Turner, Pooch and Ameerah are still having random converstion in the Space Age Bedroom.




Alyssa starts talking about Ouigi boards and how her mom would mess with her when she was a child by tapping on the windows and stuff. 'My mom is into all that shit."



Kyle asks Alyssa if she was messaged or if she applied (for BB)

Alyssa; A little bit of both

She says she knew Alyssa from BB23, but she never talked with her about BB. "We are not, like, friends. Just acquaintances and I model for her swimsuit brand."

Turner: I applied last year and then was messaged (for this year)

Alyssa: How did they find you? (to Kyle)

Kyle: It was like the first da,y the applications opened and I applied.



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12:20PM BBT

In the HoHR, Daniel says when a group of friends go to dineer, they all set their phones on the table face up. The first person to pick up and respond to their phone pays the bill.  Unless no one does, and then they can all pick up their phones when the bill drops and split it.


12:27AM BBT

Monte says he just wants to find someone that can be present in the moment because life is full of so many distractions. "If you really want to get to know me, open up."


12:30PM BBT

In the bathroom, Ameerah and Kyle are talking about Alyssa. He says he REALLY likes her wants her to tell Alyssa that he likes her. Ameerah agrees to tell her in a low key way, but she warns Kyle not to "make her cry or anything. She is so sensitive."

Kyle: I didn't think she was that into me

Ameerah: Last night, me and her were talking and me and Joseph asked her if she could date somebody that doesn't drink alcohol and she was like, "definitely."

Kyle: Good because I was about to start drinking.

Kyle says he doesn't have any idea when a girl likes him. 'Why do showmances create such a big target?"

Ameerah: She told Taylor, 'You better stay away from my man.'

[Hm? I believe she said that about Daniel! -ML]

Kyle: This is like middle school, junior high

[I do not believe Alyssa is into Kyle as much as he is into her.  -MamaLong]

Kyle says he doesn't want to cause a problem if she (Alyssa) sees him talking to Taylor.

Alyssa walks in to use the loo.


12:37PM BBT

Ameerah checks on Taylor in the Golf Pro Bedroom, "Hey; are you okay?"

Taylor: Yeah. I took a vitamin and it messed with my stomach. I am queasy.

Ameerah: And last night, too. You ducked out early. You know you are 100% safe?

Taylor says she does but being on the block messes with you.  She also adds that she is actually an introvert. Ameerah is surprised by that. Ameerah offers to help in whatever way she needs.

Taylor: Well, you could help me get this pagent going.

(Taylor has been wanting to have a Big Brother Pagent complete with interviews, swimsuits and formals.)

Ameerah says she will help her later and leaves to get herself some lunch.


12:44PM BBT

Alone in the Space Age Bedroom, Ameerah tells Alyssa that Kyle really likes her.

Alyssa: Likes me, likes me?

Ameerah: Yeah!

Ameerah says she told Kyle Alyssa is not trying to do a showmance because it would make her a target. "He asked me to tell you."

Alyssa: I can't believe he actually likes me. I just thought he was a nice person. He's cute. 

Alyssa brings up how much a showmance impacted BB23 (Alyssa and Christian)

Alyssa: That's nice that he said that. I was not expecting that.

Ameerah: Oh, and Monte! Last night told me the boys are getting freaked out that the girls have something.

Alyssa: I ahve to go play the field some more.

They leave to make tea.


12:53PM BBT

Pooch is frying up slop in the kitchen. Taylor walks through saying she is going upstairs because she realizes she has been alone sulking all day.

Pooch: For sure


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12:53PM BBT

Taylor joins the group in the HoHR and they all cheer at her arrival saying she looks ready for the gym, Taylor says she is so sore.


Monte had just finished talking about people and how they shouldn't be afraid to try new things and take risks with things they've always been interested in, but without fear. The HGs take turns saying what new thing they want to try when they get out.


Jasmine says she wants to try acting. Brittany says she wants to look into being a therapist.


When it is Monte's turn, he starts crying. They all comfort him. He talks about his parents and tells the story about how his "family is imperfectly perfect." He wants to move somewhere else that will help him maximize what is best for him but he worries how his dad may see it (moving away). The others in the room offer support and thank him for sharing. "I want to maximize potential, whether that be Austin, Texas or LA or (insert other cities)."


Indy: I have so many things I want to do. I want to have a sex toys brand and use more essential, like, more natural things like crystals and bring my two passions, spirituality and relationships, together. 

SHe also mentions that acting is something she is interested in, like Sophia Vegara

Jasmine: THAT's who you sound like. I was tryinng to figure it out.

Indy continues to say she wants to do self help and help people get to know themselves better.

They thank her for sharing.


Kyle says change always stresses him out but after being in a job he hated for years, he finally decided to leave Salt Lake. He says it's hard to make changes, but he is ready to pack his bags and move out to somewhere warm.

Everyone coughs and whispers 'Florida" [They all seem to be playing matchmaker. -ML]


It's Taylor's turn. SHe says she has always done things the way people told her to do them, but now she put her life on pause and went for something that matters to her (BB). She says she wants to move forward with Entertainment News. "I want to fully dive in and be on camera. I want to be unapologetically pursue that."

They all encourage her saying she would be great.


Joe: Um, a risk I want to take? I want to be honest, but I can't tell you. WHatever that thing is, I'm going to be all in for it. I am ready to take the risk and pack my bags and go. I want to see the world and touch other people. I don't know what that risk will be right now, but when it shows itself, I'm ready to go. Acting is something I think is interesting, but not something I want. The Challenge and Fear Factor...get paid for that shit. Things that challenge me 0hysically and mentally. I'm all for it.

Joe goes on to say that he wasn't here for the money, and he has already gained so much.


Turner: It's not that deep or anything, but I would like to start a clothing line. I already have like 5 clothing lines on my desktop. It's always been a dream to make my own brand.


The doorbell rings and Terrance joins. They all congratulate him on his anniversary.





Turner adds that he would love to do some DJ work like Terrance. "And one more thing, I would love to really focus on making YouTube videos as my main focus and do video production."


Ameerah joins the group, "I noticed everyone was missing one by one."

Indy: It's Michael's turn.

Everyone keeps talking in separate conversations.

Indy: (louder) It's Michael's turn, Guys!  (Love her! -ML)


1:11PM BBT

Michael says he is not going to care if people think what he is doing is practical, but he wants to continue exploring things that intrest him. He says he went to school for computer science but jumped away from that to do the Escape Room  thing knowing his parents would think it's stupid. "But I don't think it's stupid. If it's something I want to do and I enjoy it...but one thing I want to do is write horror stories." They all cheer for Michael. "Even if I'm the only one to ever read it.

Jasmine: We are all gonna act in it.

Indy: I can be the scared little girl.


Daniel says he has always been a risk taker, so there are still a lot of things he wants to do that he WILL do. 'Outside of that aspect, is that when I lost my brother, there was no support system. I don't know if you knwo this, but my brother was murdered when I was 14. He was only 22."

WBRB to protect the privacy of Daniel's family, but I am sure he is explaining that he wants to do a non-profit for crime victims.


1:19PM BBT

The feeds return to Alyssa saying she wants to focus on her poetry writing and fitness ventures. The HGs say she will be great and ask her to share her poetry. SHe responds, "Maybe later."


Pooch says he took risks when he was younger. He knew moving into football at 18 was a risk. He says his friends are all making more money than he is now. "Being 24 and putting 6 years into coaching, it's like, fuck. What do I do now? I'm scared of failure way more than being successful. That's the biggest reason I was moving back to New York. I was out of money." He says maybe another coaching opportunity will come to him or go to sales for the Yankees. He wants to be near his family because his grandparents are getting older. 'I'm gonna make sure I was a risk taker starting right out of high school and it didn't work out, so next time, I hope it does." He says he is glad he got Big Brother because he doesn't know what else he would have done.

Monte: Is football your heart?

Pooch says that he loves the excitement of game days, but he wants to travel the world and wouldn't have that opportunity in football. 

*WBRB when Pooch begins talking about an NFL coach without a disclosure signature on file.






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The feeds return to Pooch saying he loves football but doesn't love the lifestyle. 'But if you quit, they look at you like you're a fucking quitter. Giving it up would be hard, but I am not against it." Pooch describes being where he was coaching for 4 or 5 years and being let go. 

Monte: If you found something where you could still be involved in football but not have that lifestyle?

Pooch: Absolutely

The HGs encourage Pooch to pursue what he loves in football but create his own lifestyle. Everyone claps for Pooch


1:32PM BBT

Terrance: What risk am I gonna take outside the show?   

(Jasmine, Alyssa and Ameerah are having a conversation on the side, and this is making me mad because everyone gave them their full attention. So damn rude! -MamaLong] Terrance says his wife has been encouraging him to move to LA where should practice nursing in LA and he could pursue his DJ stuff. "I have CDLs. I can drive anywhere. ANd my DJ equipment can be shipped. I don't have a clear cut plan just yet." He says he has worked in radio and is interested in film. He says knowing he has his wife's support is so great. Monte encourages Terrance.


1:37PM BBT

Jasmine interrupts to praise Monte for encouraging everyone. Nicole says Monte is the hype man! The HGs tell Terrance he could be a DJ like Twitch was for Ellen. 

Monte: Big T, this was all about the risk and shout out to Tracy! (for supporting him)

Everyone shouts out Happy Anniversary to Terrance and Tracy.


1:45PM BBT

I will be out for a bit. Please post some updates, if you can. It's not hard. I multitask all day and still get these posts done. You can, too! 🙂 -MamaLong

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1:33PM BBT The HG are in the HOH BR. They are talking about what risk they are now going to take outside of the show. Pooch is talking about football and coaching. Terrance is talking about he has too much personality to drive. He wants to transfer his license to Los Angles and work there. He says he can drive anywhere.


1:42PM BBT They are each pumping each other up on what they want in life. Joseph and Michael head downstairs. Joseph reminds Michael to get a protein drink for his muscles.


1:52PM BBT The HG are talking about how they can have a group chat and reach out in case anyone has a connec (connection). They decide they are now all family and will help each other out. Talk turns to how hard it is to work out and be on slop.

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2:08PM BBT IN the HOH room, Ameerah is telling Alyssa that if she wins HOH - she is running straight to the DR to tell the producers what she wants and what she doesn't want. Talk turns to sushi and what they like.


2:16PM BBT Turner talking about how he would never eat meat. He shares groceries with his girlfriend but won't pay for any meat product. He says if he has a kid, he wants them to be meat free. He says the rainforest was partially burned down so that Americans can have more cattle. He said that chicken wings are awful and that they come from baby chicks.



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2:51PM BBT

Kyle and Pooch are working out in the gym.





2:59PM BBT

Joseph and Monte are talking about working out even though they want to take a nap. "We gotta get right."


3:00PM BBT

Joe is eating crackers when the camera zooms in on him, "That's what I'll do. I'll eat all of the food so they can beef about that."

Monte: And that's the way we get evicted.

Joe: Hey; you guys wouldn't let me in the DR but you're moving the cameras.

Monte is making his bed and says the comforter is great.



3:02PM BBT

Monte finds a big bug in the room and tries to smash it. It disappears and they joke that it's Turner's friend and probably went in his bed. The bug reappears and they begin chasing it around the room.

Joe: Turner is gonna get mad, but he has to go.

Monte: COme out, come out, wherever you are.

The bug is smart and keeps hiding in the camera equipment.





They give up, the bug has won. Monte says he will "keep my flop by my head."

Joe: We're gonna get him. We're gonna get this fly.

Monte: This fly indeed, we'll get



3:16PM BBT

Pooch and Turner are trying to teach Ameerah how to floss in the bathroom





There's lots of laughing while they have a good time.


3:20PM BBT

In the Car Design Bedroom, Joseph tells Kyle and Monte that Indy told him a guy came to her and said that he (Joe) is going after her. (He means to vote her out.) Joseph says that he thinks it wasn't a guy, but it was a very smart girl.




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3:46PM BBT

Alyssa joins Joe and Kyle in the bathroom. They compliment her look. She is wearing a backwards hat and sunglasses.


Kyle tries the hat and then Joseph.





3:50PM BBT

Nicole is whispering with Michael in the kitchen. Nicole says she has heard there might be 2 or 3 alliances in the  house. "I love Indy, but I hear she was trying to start an alliance with Monte and Joseph. But when I talk to her, I mean, she wouldn't say his name. If that's the case, it kinda works to our advantage. If she's in power, she would be making the decision based on something Monte would tell her. It's like a web. It's like triangulation. Everyone has their hand in something."

Michael says he doesn't want to go hard for HoH

Nicole: I don't mind getting HoH and making a big move, but at the same time, there are people in this game I don't think deserve to be here. But, I love them as a person. 

Michael: I completely agree.

Nicole: I am here to play the game. If you ask me about people I would put up; I mean, it's easier to say who I would not put up.

Michael: Yeah

Nicole: It just sucks. It's a struggle.





4:03PM BBT

Michael, Brittany and Kyle are whispering in the Space Age Bedroom. They say they have 7 votes and that's a majority for the house. Kyle says he doens't understand why "they are so cliquey in that room."

They agree that it could benefit them in the long run.

Britt: I mean, they really are running things.

Kyle: I feel confident that Pooch is going, and that is probably where my vote will go.

Britt says she thinks if anyone's vote is iffy, it's Daniel's.

Michael: The biggest thing he has going for him (Pooch) is that he is so bad at the game.

Kyle: I had to get off the bikes because he was talking game... so dumb.

They agree that Pooch is the easy target. They decide to break apart and Kyle elaves.

Michael: I feel okay with guy, I just think he is worried that the women in the house could have a thing. I think he will vote Pooch out if he sees that's the way it's going.

Britt: Yeah; and I think he is sharing stuff (more game thoughts)

Britt asks Michael about Monte

Michael: Monte wants to keep Pooch

Britt: So does Joseph

Michael: I feel like Pooch going home, I mean, he is not a threat, but I'd feel safer.



Michael goes on to say that they are the only two to really talk with Taylor, "so if she does get power, she is not coming after us, and I don't think she would use us as pawns."

Britt: For us two, it does not do us any good to keep Pooch here. He is threatened by you, and he wasn't going to do anything to save me.

Michael: Yeah.

Britt: If there is any woman I am close with in the house, it's Taylor. And that's not popular opinion. I think the girls just want to drag me along to vote her out.

Michael: Yeah


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4:15PM BBT

Jasmine is telling Terrance, Daniel, Taylor and Ameerah how her husband proposed. It was at their Arabian Night's  birthday party. She has a photogrpaher there to take pictures. "She kept rushing me, like, l=come on, let's go. ANd then I saw people there and was like 'how did you get an invitation?' Our parents were there; so that's not unusual. There was a slide show going. Then the song he asked me to be his girlfriend with was playing and I thought that was just on the playlist." She says she had her back to Justin and when she turned around, he was crying. "He didn't ever ask me to marry him. He asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I was like, okay."


Taylor says she is not interested in a serious relationship until her mid 30s. Jasmine says she was proposed to three times in her life.



Jasmine: My girlfriends were like, can you tell me how to get these n***** to propose to me? 

They collectively agree "It must be Mississippi."  (I won't type the word she said. It's a hard no, for me. -ML)

Jasmine says her husband really wants kids, but she wants to wait.

Daniel says he doesn't really want kids unless his girl really wants them.




4:30PM BBT

I will be away from the computer for a few hours. -ML

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6:15PM BBT

Well, well, well...so, you are wondering what has happened while I've been away. A LOT!


Nicole and Indy are whispering about Brittany.

They feel they have discovered that Brittany is working with the guys. 

Nicole, Ameerah, Alyssa and Indy are furious with her.

Nicole: The history is there. There is always one...always one.

(She means that a girls' alliance has never succeeeded because there is always one girl that screws it up.)

Indy: I am going to fucking kill her if she fucked this up.

Nicole: It's fucked up.

[Last I saw, Michael and Britt were talking with Kyle about voting with the majority, and Kyle agreed, so the vote was 9 to 3 to evict Pooch. I, personally, feel the girls are unfairly speculating or, perhaps, believing something the guys have said. I have to go back in time to figure this out.]

Nicole says she has to win HoH.

Indy: Well, one of us.

Nicole: I HAVE to win HoH.

Indy: Oh, you are gonna play dirty.

Nicole: I have to play dirty.


6:36PM BBT

Ameerah checks in with Taylor, 'We have the votes. It's happening!"

Taylor repeats, 'It's happening."

Ameerah says she needs to talk to Joseph.


Ameerah leaves and Taylor sprays her face with something.






So, at 5:27PM BBT, Monte joined Indy & Joseph in the Space Age Bedroom. Joseph tells Monte that he was just telling Indy the three of them need to talk more. Monte asks if the girls are working on something. Indy tells them that everyone is annoyed with Pooch because everyone wants peace and he won't stop talking. The guys tell her they will tell him to relax and respect the girls.

Joe: It's not good for his game if he is starting to annoy people. 

Monte: I've never been on the block, and I've been paranoid in here. But at the same time, the way he expresses it is very Staten Island.

Indy: He was 50 minutes trying to explain things and was just working out. I work out for meditation. I can't. I need a break

Monte: So all of the girls are annoyed with Pooch right not?

Indy: No, not all the girls.

Monte starts defending Pooch sensing votes will flip to vote him out (no need for that...the votes are already there)

Joe: Pooch and Taylor were both trying to win the veto. Pooch got stomped by Michael

Indy: Pooch sucks at competitions. She is a badass.

Joe: I respect it

Indy: I respect it!

Joe: But Pooch is the better one to keep.

Indy says she is done with Pooch because she finally got Ameerah to open up and then Pooch came in and said something stupid. "I just can't"

Monte: How do you feel if Taylor wins HoH. Do you feel fine?

Joe: NO!

Monte: I don't feel fine. You don't feel fine.

Indy: I don't know what she will do. 

Joe: She came in her to work with you, not with me and not with him.

Monte: SHe has no connections with anyone, so the risk is high for her. WIth Pooch, you can see him coming. (This is the same argument Monte has been pushing for days)

Indy: Guys, I just need a break 

They are not taking a hint.

Joe says he will tell Pooch to lay off. "At first it was alittle funny, but now it's too much."

Indy says she moves rooms from him because he annoys her so much. She tells the guys she will let them know if she hears their names.

Joe: And same for you. Peopl assume I am friends with Pooch, but I relate more to you.

Indy: Your relationship with him affects my relationship with you. You are more like my brother. I always relate more with you guys than with the girls. And then when I see that, I see you with him, I question myself. I question my relationship with you because of him. And that's like something that If you care the way I feel about you, you will pay attention. If not, live your life. If I want to go through this game, of course I love the girls, but it would be amazing to go with you guys. I don't want to go to jury without you guys. I have broke off many people I love, because if you don't reciprocate back, you're done.

Indy tells them she wants HoH so she can get some personal space and hear from her family.

The guys say they will get Pooch under control.


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6:54PM BBT

Monte talks with Ameerah in the loft.

Ameerah: It sounds like people are afraid of a girl thing. We are not in a girl thing. We are looking out for the 6.

Ameerah asks Monte what the deal is with Brittany. (Brittany has been caught talking with the guys a lot) Monte tells her that Brittany is just trying to secure her place in the game.

Ameerah: I want Taylor out and then Brittany

Monte says the optics of the HoH and all of the girl time is that they are working together. Ameerah tells him that Jasmine can't walk, so everyone gathers there so she doesn't have to move about.

[Jasmine's HoH has been an open door the whole the time. The girls have not consumed the room and left out the guys, at all. Monte is paranoid. -ML]

Monte says the Pooch decision was presented and wasn't a group decision. 

Ameerah apologizes and says that the reason is that none of them are in power. It's Jasmine's HoH. She said Pooch was going up,  "I don't really care either way."  [Don't foget, Pooch volunteered. Actually, he insisted. -ML]

Monte continues to push for Pooch to stay.

Ameerah says it's too late to flip the vote. He asks her to count the votes, "Me, Daniel, Terrance, Alyssa, and Indy. Literally, it's everyone except you two Turner and Joseph."

Monte keeps pushing that people have not really confirmed that they want him out. Monte says the other guys are getting paranoid that the girls are working on something, "Be careful of the optics."

Ameerah: I get it. 

Monte: I don't want to do an all guy's alliance

Ameerah: I don't want to do an all girls' alliance

Monte says if he has to lose, he wants to lose to her, a black woman.

Ameerah: Okay.

Monte wants to know if it's Jasmine that is pushing the narrative to get out Pooch.

Ameerah: I think she told you, Pooch mentioned you as putting you up

Monte:It's hard for me to believe that.

Ameerah: He 100% did

Monte: But did he say it to her face?

Ameerah: He did

Monte: To her face?

Ameerah: They were one-on-one

Ameerah says it wasn't just one person who said "Let's just get out Pooch." It was like a group thing. Ameerah cuts off his conversation saying, "We don't have power. Let's make sure our 6 gets power. No fucking excuse."


7:03PM BBT

Monte now summarizes the conversation he had with Ameerah to Kyle.


7:04PM BBT

Daniel, Terrance, Nicole and Jasmine are talking in the HoHR about Brittany and how she floats around the house like a "fucking Eeyore" just trying to get information. They are all upset with Brittany. 

Jasmine counts the votes = You, Nicole, Daniel, Indy, Michael, Brittany, Ameerah, Alyssa and Kyle

Terrance: That's a majority of the house.

Jamsine: We got to make it to jury. We got to make it to jury

Terrance; We got to make it to jury

Jasmine: One step at a time.

Terrance: We got enough to make it.

Jasmine: We just got to stick together.


7:26PM BBT

Indy, Nicole and Alyssa are whispering in the Space Age Bedroom. Alyssa reports that she talked with Brittany and told her that she needs to be talking with the girls more because she comes in the room and just sits, never talks. Then she goes and talks to the guys. Alyssa told her the girls need to stay united and not talk game with the guys. Brittany asked why she can't talk to the guys but they can. Alyssa says that she repeated it's not that she can't talk with them  (The girls struggle trusting Britt because it just looks like she is talking to guys but just listening to girls.)  




Indy says that she feels liek they (Joe and Monte) just know that she doesn't get along with him and is going to vote him out anyway. Alyssa says that Pooch hasn't talked game to her. Nicole says he hasn't talked with her, either. 

Alyssa heads to the gym to work out.

Indy asks Alyssa to please not let the guys sit on her bed, "especially Turner. Like why is he on my bed? He doesn't even shower. That's disgusting."   Alyssa agrees. [I have seen Turner shower twice. -ML]


7:30PM BBT

Monte and Turner are playing bumper pool in the loft.


7:38PM BBT

Michael, Alyssa, Ameerah, Brittany and Joe are working out in the gym. Indy walks in and praises Michael for working out.

Joe: I know, 3 days in a row. 

Indy says she doesn't know what to do about dinner.

Joe tells Indy the food she cooked yesterday is all gone, "I love to eat."

Indy: What a surprise. All right, Ciao

Alyssa: Bye, mami

Indy: Adios

Indy heads to the kitchen as Joe coaches the girls, "Beautful women, let's go! Almost done. Nice job, Brittany. Get that shakin' Michael."

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8:00PM BBT

Pooch is having a one-on-one with Michael. There is no campaigning, he is just talking at Michael as if he assumes he is getting his vote.

Pooch: I feel good. When someone is loyal and trustworthy to me.

Pooch says he hopes it doesn't feel like he is being a Godfather mobster

Michael: No

Pooch thanks Michael, again, for not using the veto, like he asked.

Pooch: We are on a good page.

Michael: I agree

MamaLong: I agree

Pooch: We will go from here. Hopefully that is enough.


[Well, that's enough for me. I am out for the night. -MamaLong]


7:05PM BBT

When Pooch leaves the room, Michael shrugs then whispers, "I hope you are excited to meet Julie."


[I had to come back for that. Out for real, now. -ML]

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Lively conversation about whether or not a dirt bike is a motorcycle.

Kyle insists that it is.

Daniel agrees with Kyle

Kyle continues his argument for the little guy. ( :) )


Pooch has lost his hat.....(Poor Pooch, forever losing things)

He has been looking for said hat for days.

(If anyone sees a blue hat, it belongs to Pooch. If you happen to find it, please give him a call.Grannysue)


In the HOH Nicole, Michael, Ameerah, Indy, Joe, Terrance and Jasmine are having a light hearted conversation.

The girls are planning their outfits and hair for Thursday.

Joe is asking Indy about her hair extensions. Indy says she will show Joe how it hooks to her hair.

Kyle comes in with Taylor, he asks the burning question, "Would you consider a dirt bike a motorcycle?" The room says "no".


Question answered, Kyle says "okay" and leaves. Joe follows him out to make sure he doesn't win the argument.


Jasmine says Brittany came in crying about her husband, Monte came in and Brittany did not get the clue to leave. Jasmine is fussing.

Nicole says she doesn't believe Brittany, she thinks it is misdirection.

The group shares reasons to not trust Brittany.

Ameerah says Brittany talks to Monte, she may have not wanted to leave him alone with Jasmine.


Daniel comes in and they repeat Brittany's visit to him.

Daniel says if "I get it, she's out."

Other people in the room are saying they don't trust her.

Ameerah says she is putting Brittany on the block.


Gossip about Indy begins, they says she needs to be back doored.


Camera moves to kitchen area.

Indy is fussing about dirty dishes being left around the house and the user not washing them.


Cameras move back to HOH 

The group continues to talk about both Brittany and Indy.

They think Indy cooks for the guys and makes the sit at the table.


Taylor comes into the room, apologizes for not ringing the doorbell. Daniel says he taught her his bad habits.


Cameras return to kitchen where Turner is concentrating on the mutilating an orange. With a butter knife. It looks like his goal might be a strange looking salad. 


Pooch and Kyle are talking in the gym, Pooch wonders what the next competition will be.


Cameras return to gossip center in the HOH.

They are discussing who they would bring into the house for a private visit. Daniel says he would give them a list. Nicole says she wouldn't call anyone. Taylor smiles a mysterious smile.


Conversation changes to the nature and difficulty of competitions.


Terrance talks about his wife. He says he misses her.


Nicole, Ameerah and Alyssa are in the bedroom fuming because Kyle is in the Tiki lounge talking to Brittany. Nicole says Brittany withholds more information now than she has in the past. They continue to whisper about Brittany, Indy and Taylor.


Nicole decides to leave, but before she leaves Indy comes into the room. Indy tells them Michael just made cookies. Nicole settles in, is no longer leaving the room.














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Taylor joins Alyssa, Indy and Ameerah. General gossip


Pooch is in the HOH with Jasmine. He is talking about next week.

Jasmine says next week should go smooth, everyone agrees on who they want out.

Pooch says he can't wait to eat on Thursday. 

Jasmine hopes she won't have to eat slop.

They go over scenarios related to how have nots will be selected.

Pooch says he wants to see how the four girls act while they are on slop.


They make jokes about assimilating to real life after they leave.


Daniel and Kyle are in the lavatory, Daniel is reassuring Kyle that Pooch is the house target.

Kyle is worried about what Taylor will do if she is HOH.

Talk stops right before Turner comes into the room.


Daniel leaves, Turner goes to the loo


Daniel goes to the bedroom where Alyssa is in her bed, she isn't ready to go to bed, she is just relaxing. Indy says she is ready for bed, and Alyssa says she wants to go to bed early.


Terrance and Taylor are whispering in another bedroom.  Hard to hear, but sound like they are talking about who they don't want to win HOH.


Daniel catches Alyssa coming out of the storage room with Monte. He cracks a joke.


Indy is talking to the camera. She says it looks like a playground but is more like mean high school. 


In the dining area Taylor, Brittany, Joe and Michael are sitting around the table. Terrance is standing nearby joining in the conversation.

They are talking about married people in the game having support the others don't have.

Talk turns to emotions during work outs, whether or not they come to surface. Brittany says it happened when she was working out with Joe earlier. Joe tells her it is normal, you are alone with your thoughts while you do that.

House guests snacking in the kitchen


Nicole complains about cleaning up the dishes, Taylor tells her to stop and she will take over. Nicole starts working on the slop.


Pooch and Jasmine, Daniel and Alyssa are in the HOH room.

General gossip.


Jasmine and Alyssa are alone in the HOH room.


Alyssa tells Jasmine that Monte seems to be protecting Indy, but her name has come up as a strong player. Alyssa says Monte is acting like he is the HOH.

They hope Ameerah, Taylor or Nicole win HOH next week.

They don't know how to approach Monte, they don't trust him.

Daniel comes in, tells them Kyle is on board completely.

Jasmine says Monte is freaking out, wants Taylor out.

Daniel says that's Monte's game.


Jasmine says Joe and Monte are protecting Indy.

Jasmine is upset because Pooch made a comment about getting "those queens out of the palace."


Daniel says on Thursday before the vote he plans to tell Monte and Turner that the vote has flipped and he (Daniel) is going to vote with the house. He will tell Turner he has his back, and act upset/surprised about the turn of events. He plans to tell them he is voting Pooch out to protect his game


Daniel repeats that Kyle is on board, he has no preference.

Daniel also says he found out Pooch is the head of the guys alliance, Daniel says he and Michael are not in it.


Jasmine keeps spraying Alyssa, thinks she is passing gas (again)

Jasmine, Alyssa, Daniel, Ameerah and Nicole have formed an alliance.

Daniel offers the name, "femme fatale".  He says it is an okay name, he wears makeup and will go with his feminine side.

Daniel thinks he can use Turner.


Alyssa offers to leave so Daniel can talk to Jasmine "alone". 

(He told Kyle he would do that, so this is a ploy)


Jasmine repeats the line "in the palace". she is obviously upset.

Pooch said it.

She says Pooch offered himself up, and other people came to her about sending him out.









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