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Sunday, July 17, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:45AM BBT

HOHR - Jasmine, Indy, Ameerah, Daniel, Michael, and Alyssa

A lot of important discussion over who they would vote out going forward occurred prior to this time.  Consensus in this group is to get Taylor out next week or week after.   They discuss letting Taylor win the next HoH and expect her to put up guys they want out.  Daniel and Michael pointed out that they can backdoor anyone and vote out anyone they want right now.   The girls hadn't thought about this before.   Backdooring Joseph became more of an option.  If they backdoor him, either Joseph or Pooch would go home.   


Jasmine looked at a camera and asked America to help her.  Apparently, the camera shook back and forth as a NO.  They all called it out and laughed.


They said they would sleep on it but then kept discussing.   Some feel like keeping Joseph would be better for their game even mentioning preferring him in the jury house.  


They all finally agree to wait and get Nicole's input in the morning, too.


12:55AM BBT

HOHR - The group adjourns to sleep on it leaving Jasmine alone talking to herself.



1:00AM BBT

SBR Michael, Indy, Alyssa, and Ameerah (she comes and goes) continue the debate over putting up Joseph.  Indy(?) kept saying that Joseph(?) kept bringing up 2 of their names (the people in the room, I believe talking about Ameerah and Michael?).  


Amerah came back in and Indy catches her up on their thinking,  If they keep things as is, the guys may not go for HoH but if they backdoor Joseph, they may go for HoH suspecting the girls are gunning for them.

1:20AM BBT

WA - Michael is talking to himself about what they should do and how it impacts him.  He thinks backdooring Joseph would make Monty mad and he would then possibly end up putting Michael up.  He says he wants to work with Ameerah going forward but it means he needs to cut some people she is with out.

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1:24AM BBT 

SBR - (They are all whispering in all the rooms and it is hard to follow).

Alyssa tells Ameerah that Indy said she likes Monty and saw herself sitting up against him at the end.  

Indy comes in saying she is so angry that someone said her name and she was going to spit in his food.

Earlier one of the girls in this room, I think Alyssa, said she was not going to cook for Joseph(I believe) any more.



1:30AM BBT

SBR - Indy continue's ... she rubs her hands - Amareeh says it sounds like she was putting a spell on him.  Indy says she doesn't need to do Sh*t, her angels are already working.   She is gonna vote all of them out, she doesn't give a f*.. if she blows it all up.  [hmm, not sure the angels appreciate the language. - rm].





1:38AM BBT

WA - Michael is going over the order of who won which round in one of the competitions.  He continues discussing days, the comps, who won which round, etc.


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1:45AM BBT

WA - Michael - spoke to the live feeders to correct 2 mistakes he made, forgot to give a shoot out to someone as an underrated player and gave name he thought was best alliance name Ballsmashers(?).   [He needs to be careful with his bathroom whispering, remember Cliff Hogg's mistake being overheard talking to the cameras-rm]


He seemed to be the only one up but then hears Taylor in the KT and jumps up and runs in there.


WA - Taylor was gonna head to bed but now is here preparing for bed.  She headed to bed in the golf bedroom.


1:53AM BBT

DR - Pooch(?) headed from the Have-not room to the DR.  Nicole to WC/WA then back to have-not room.  Everyone else is laying down.


Golf Bedroom - Camera above Taylor moves to show her sleeping and she wakes up saying, "That's so creepy, ok, I'll give you the shot you want"


Nicole, Daniel and Terrance all wake up and wonder why.  Terrance says he has been trying to get into the DR all day to talk about his floatie.  He can't sleep on it and doesn't want to share the butterfly one with Pooch.


Golf Room - Taylor again talks to the cameras.


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2:08AM BBT

Most of the HGs are sleeping in their beds, but the lights are still on.



3:30AM BBT

Although there was no game talk, but plenty of snoring, the lights didn't turn off until 3:26AM BBT.


5:05AM BBT

All of the BB24 HGs are sleeping.

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I’m getting a little scared of what’s going on I know what’s swimming overi’m getting a little scared of what’s going on I know what’s happeni

Should the animals come on if they are still off for this long

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MamaLong's HG Recap (based on observations on the live feeds):

What a great group of HGs we have this season. They all arrived to BB24 ready to play this game, and I can't think of any prior season where ALL of them were plotting and planning so effectively, so early. All of the HGs genuinely get along and like each other, but the honeymoon is over. 


Alyssa: Everyone loves Alyssa. She is the sweetheart of the house with a princess demeanor. Her game play, at this point, has yet to be revealed. But she gets along well with everyone (even those she abhors) and is no one's target. I'm a fan.


Ameerah: This is one tough Virgo. Her blunt and blatant personality comes off to others as being emotionless, even being called a "robot" by some of the guys, but she is everyone's buddy. Her game play is being revealed now, though. Daniel and Nicole are losing trust because she tells Monte too much, but Ameerah has a disclosed alliance with Monte, too. She has good relationships with all of the HGs and can win a physical comp when needed. I'm a fan.


Brittany: She is improving but is considered an easy vote out. The only one truly loyal to Brittany is Michael, but even he knows she doesn't stand much chance to make it far. She is talented with guided meditation, but I don't think she has anything else to offer the HGs for them to willingly pull her along too far. She has no real targets. I'm indifferent about Britt.


Daniel: Loyal to Nicole, telling her, "I don't trust anyone, I'm just lying to them all." I like Daniel's approach to the game, and life, in general. He's been open to sharing about his brother's murder and how much it has affected his life, which I admire. Daniel is paranoid that Taylor will target him and wants her out, and he has expressed disgust over the "Paloma's Posse" alliance. Daniel can't stand the emotional overload of Family Dinners and is quick to point out when the game is unfair (to him or anyone). He admits to putting up a phony front for the sake of the game. Daniel's favorite number is 96, which is tattooed on his body and it blows his minfd that Nicole's house number is 9 while his is 6. I'm somewhat indifferent to this Elvis impersonator.


Indy: This Latina is comical and easy to love. But, at the same time, she is easy to dislike. She is blunt and easily puts HGs in their place, but she takes coaching really well.  I do not see her being a physical competitor, but she is loyal to her girls' alliance. Her targets are Pooch and Turner. I'm a fan.


Jasmine: Jasmine's goal, initially, was to target Taylor, but Pooch offered himself up and one-on-one meetings revealed the house was more down for outing Pooch than Taylor. I find her personality is genuine and comical, and she is very intuitive. Her HoH reign has gone smoothly, and her injury has not made her an unlikable HG like past serasons. Her targets are Taylor, Joseph, Pooch and Turner. I'm a fan.


Joseph: I have yet to figure this guy out. He seems to be playing for everyone but himself. Joe is sweet but also self-absorbed with his appearance, frequently seen without a shirt and eating pretty much nothing but fruit, touting eating apple cores as his secret to body sculpting success. Maybe a nice guy, but I'm not a fan.


Kyle: His winning smile and starched persona make him endearing. He has been religiously sheltered for most of his life, but he is eager to learn more about the world and its people. Kyle is malleable and easy to live with, so he will go far in this game. I'm a fan.


Michael: Michael has shown himself to be the competition force in the house after saving himself week one by winning veto and then winning the second PoV at the last second seeing Taylor was about to win. He needs to but says he will not go for HoH knowing he is already labeled a "comp beast." He is very observant and keeps his mouth shut. He has huge potential to win this game. I'm a fan.


Monte: *Sigh. Monte is someone I want to like, but his game-moves have made him a liability and unlikable, in my eyes. He is well liked in the house, but he's playing too hard, too fast, especially for someone with no power whatsover. I'm no longer a fan.


Nicole: This house mom is a great person. Her level of maturity will serve her well, but she is ultimately loyal to her F2, Daniel. She does trust Jasmine, Taylor and Michael. She claims to be a performer in physical comps, but she blew her opportunity at the second HoH, even with Monte trying to throw that head-to-head her way. The Final 2 of Daniel/Nicole want to keep Taylor, knowing she is the bridge they need to put up bigger targets. Nicole has a lot of potential to win, especially if she turns out capable in physical comps. I'm a fan.


Paloma: She is gone from the house but not forgotten. All of the HGs have expressed love and concern for their BB24 little sis since her departure. Best wishes to "Little P."


Pooch: Pooch annoys the girls and a few of the guys, but he is well liked. Indy and Alyssa are annoyed by Pooch, who takes liberties by touching their property and talking nonsense. He comes off as arrogant, and they do not like that. He is onl the block this week by his own doing. He thought he was earning favor by offering himself as a pawn, and now he sees it could get him voted out, although, at this point, he thinks he has the votes. I'm not a fan.


Taylor: She is a force being beautiful, confident, competitve and the main target of the house. People will keep her around to serve their own games, but Taylor could easily gain some control and make powerful moves.Everyone likes Taylor, but they are en guarde knowing she is determined to win this game.  I'm a fan.


Terrance: The dad of the house, Terrance, is playing a social game, but he knows it will be only that and a lot of luck to get him far in the game. I'm a fan, but he will be the house buoy, just floating in a fixed spot. 


Turner: He is shaking in his shoes right now. He has revealed himself to be judgmental, and I sense he will become the exploiter this season. Jasmine has figured out he is lying about his career and sees him as phony for only talking with her in depth now that she has power. He has annoyed Jasmine by making himself at home in her HoHR without asking. Everyone claims he is "cool," but I'm not convinced Turner is showing his true self. I'm not a fan.



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10:04AM BBT

WBRB for "Wakey Wakey Houseguests"


10:21AM BBT

The feeds return and the HGs are thrilled the backyard is open.


10:50AM BBT

Turner and Pooch talk in the hammock about "everybody in the house being fucking followers."

Pooch says he knows the smart thing to do would be to push for a Pooch eviction. "If I was Ameerah, I would be pushing to get me out. I just hope we aren't giving them too much fucking credit."





11:16AM BBT

Jasmine is sitting with Michael and Britt on the backyard couches talking about how they keep dreaming about Big Brother. Michael and Britt notice that BB gave them more pool floaties.



Kyle joins them and comments about how he will wash his fruit now after talking with Jasmine about how dirty fruit is.



Taylor comes outside and Jasmine asks, Why do you have 16 Band-Aids on your legs?"

Taylor says when she was going to bed she noticed all of her scrapes were already scabs, so she slathered them in Neosporin and covered them.




11:39AM BBT

Indy and Alyssa are getting something to eat in the kitchen and talking about how they get so emotional on their cycles. 



12:04PM BBT

Joe and Pooch are floating in the pool on the BB Duck together.




12:10PM BBT

Most of the girls are chatting on the backyard sofas.


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12:17PM BBT

Brittany is talking with Pooch about a place that has daiquiris to go down the street from her, and she has never even had a daiquiri. [She must be talking about EskimoHut. -MamaLong]

Pooch says he likes a good mudslide which he describes as a chocolate drizzle with rum and milk. (Um, that's not how I make a mudslide at all -ML)


Alyssa joins them in her bikini that used to be lime green but bleached to yellow after being in the swimming pool the first time.




12:25PM BBT

Michael, Pooch and Terrance are playing pool.

Alyssa sees his tag sticking out the back of his swim trunks and comments.

Jasmine: Pooch, tuck your tag in. You're stressing us out.

Alyssa: Just cut it off.


12:37PM BBT

Many of the HGs are enjoying the swimming pool. The weather looks perfect.









12:42PM BBT

Ameerah lists the music from this morning:

Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey, Bidi Bidi Bom Bom by Selena and a Justin Bieber song, but we don't get the title because Bob interrupts with WBRB to remind them not to talk about production.


12:45PM BBT

Nicole and Daniel are in the HNR, where Nicole tells him she wants to talk deeper with him about his brother so she can get to know him. 

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Nicole: After hearing your brother's story, I need to be transparent with you, Daniel.


Nicole confides in Daniel that she was a police officer for ten years before she was a chef, "That's why I am the way I am. That's why I can push off every emotion and push forward. I know what it's like to work in that world and tell a victim that we can't help. I was a good fucking cop. I was really good at my job. I just couldn't do it anymore."


Nicole says she was working in a unit for crimes against children (that had to be rough) and praises her ex-wife for showing her she didn't have to stick with being a cop, that she could be a chef, instead. Nicole is teary during this conversation. "I saw what my happiness could be...it was time." Nicole is clearly so grateful to her ex-wife for helping her find the best version of herself. She says she left her job with over 100 cases that could not be solved. She tells Daniel she will never tell anyone else in the house about this until after the show. Daniel is now bawling.


Nicole: I trust you, Daniel, so much, and you saying you want to do something to help victims. I hope that we can do something, outside of here, together.

Daniel: It doesn't feel real. It's like a movie I watched. But it's like, my dad died not knowing shit. I grew up just seeing him sit alone in a room just staring at a wall. I mean, he was a great dad, but seeing him on Sundays just sit in a room...


The cams switch to the backyard. Perhaps BB doesn't want to air this information given his brother's murder is unsolved and/or to protect his family's privacy.







1:17PM BBT

The HGs are just enjoying their day. There isn't a lot of game talk going on.

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2:19PM BBT

Alyssa is working out in the backyard.





Joe and Monte are slicing up fruit in the kitchen.



Daniel is watching, wishing he could "smash on that...it smells amazing"



2:25PM BBT

Monte and Joe walk around the backyard serving all the ladies fruit and orange juice. They call them "pool boys."





They thank the pool boys for their kindness.


2:32PM BBT

Monte, Kyle and Michael are talking about the girls having the votes to vote out Pooch, regardless. Kyle says he wants Jasmine and them to understand he is voting his way, but it's not to undermine the HoH.

Kyle: I think it will be close if Monte and I vote to keep Pooch.

Michael: 8 to 4

Kyle: So you think it would be me, Monte, Joseph and Turner?

Michael confirms.

Kyle: I think Pooch is the better option for my game.




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2:38PM BBT

Britt enters the Space Age Bedroom after Kyle and Monte leave. Michael reports to Brittany that Kyle is concerned because the guys think they have him 100%. She agrees to report that to the girls to keep them from getting angry with Kyle.


[Even Michael is treating Britt like she is a part of these plans, which have already been previously solidified. It's kind of sad. I'm sure she will be disappointed when she watches back and sees this.  -ML]



2:50PM BBT

Jasmine is lecturing Joseph about how dangerous it is for him to be eating the watermelon rind because there is pesticides and other chemicals on it, not to mention dirt and bacteria. (Yes, he is really eating the rind.)

Joseph: Okay.....Geez.






2:56PM BBT

Indy and Joseph head to the SR for a meeting. 

Indy: How do you feel about me?

Joe: I love you!

She asks for 6 people he wants to send home.

Joe: SHit. That's a good question.

Indy: This is between us.

Joe: I trust you. Okay I can work with you, Monte, Kyle, Jasmine, Ameerah and then I guess I take your guys' opinion.

Indy: For Pooch you would take our opinion?

Joe: Yes

Indy: I heard something, like, that I was one of your options to kick out.

Joe: Indy, I promise...no, Indy

Indy: You and Monte are going to break my heart. You don't need to kepp or say you need to save me. Just don't mess up with me.

Joe: I never say you are one of my options. I stay quiet when everyone talks. I still don't talk game. You know how much I trust you.  I'll hear other people's opinions, but as far as sending anyone home, I ahven't made any decisions yet.

Indy: I'm not afraid of anything. I think I am good with people, for now, with everyone. But...

Joe: I promise you. I even talked with Monte and said Indy should not be going home.

Joe says he has heard her name dropped in groups, but he will defend her as much as he can without revealing they are working together.






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3:23PM BBT

In the livingroom, Jasmine is telling Nicole, Pooch and Britt that she hasn't had much of an appetitie while she has been HoH. SHe doesn't know if it's nerves from being HoH or being injured, or both. Jasmine says she is a texture person when it comes to food and she can't tolerate any gooey foods.

Nicole: WHat will you do when you are on slop

Jasmine: I'll fry it.

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3:30PM BBT

Pooch and Michael deliver the Have-Not floaties to the SR for replacement.


3:45PM BBT

Most of the HGs are gathered outside just chatting random topics.



3:58PM BBT

Indy and Monte are enjoying the swimming pool.





4:20PM BBT

In the kitchen, Alyssa is telling Pooch about her parents divorce when she was 19 and how things got so bad, she ended up living with a friend for a while. She says her parents still don't speak, but they were high school sweethearts together for 33 years. She says she hopes they reunite at her wedding some day.

Screenshotter--BigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-66409’18” (1).png


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5:57PM BBT

Bob: Houseguests, please go to the storage room

Ameerah: What?

Monte: What did he say?

Bob: Houseguests, please go to the storage room

All of the HGs rush to the SR. Big Brother has birthday supplies for Joseph's birthday.

They put a tiny birthday hat on Joseph for his 25th year.





Joseph's birthday is actually next week.


6:08PM BBT

Bob: Houseguests, please go to the storage room

Pooch: Alcohol!

He starts running.

Now the HGs have a delivery of wine for Indy's 1 year anniversary of being a US Citizen, which is tomorrow. There is a bottle of red, a bottle of white and some Chill beer. 

Screenshotter--BigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-66515’33” (1).png




6:24PM BBT

Jasmine now has a black splint/boot on her foot now.



6:33PM BBT

Ameerah is working out in the backyard.

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7:03PM BBT

Monte and Joseph are now working out in the backyard.

Turner and Pooch are playing pool and watching the workout.




7:10PM BBT

Monte and Joseph are leading Ameerah, Taylor and Alyssa in a circuit workout. They are doing great!

Turner, Indy, Pooch, Jasmine, Daniel, Terrance, and Michael cheer them on.

Jasmine says she has Vienna Sausage toes.

Jasmine notices that Turner's feet are huge. He wears a 13.

Jasmine: That's the size of my dad's feet. You got Frodo feet.

Jasmine then realizes her HoH episode is being aired tonight.

Nicole: Yeah, everyone is cheering for you like crazy.



7:25PM BBT

Jasmine: I wonder if P is watching us.

Turner: I miss Paloma!

Pooch: I bet she is watching us.

Pooch, Turner and Jasmine talk to Paloma, hoping she is watching the feeds. Pooch sends her the peace sign then says he hopes she is on her foamie (she mentioned that she likes to paddleboard and has a foam board)

Pooch: P was the cutest little puppy, Dude. 

Turner: For Sure

Pooch: Cutest little puppy. Little P.


Screenshotter--BigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-66592’49” (1).png


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7:50PM BBT

Monte is leading an ab workout. Taylor, Ameerah, Michael, Kyle and Joseph are participating. 

Mermaid legs, bicycle kicks, planks, etc.

Indy says she will "be the bossy one" while Britt declines the workout saying her arms hurt too much.

They finish and all clap at their success. 







7:58PM BBT

Joseph takes over for the part two of the ab workout.

20 counts each of crunches forward then side to side; foot-to-hand; kick outs;  (they are struggling) toe taps; kick flutters; banana hold....and the workout is done.




8:35PM BBT

The Have-Nots are very happy with their new floaties to replace the busted ones. Nicole has claimed the lounge chair shaped float. Terrance will take the butterfly, which they already had, Pooch will cocoon on the Monstera leaf float which will be on top of a round tie-dye float, and Daniel got a new cell phone float. (Their other floats spring leaks -ML)




8:40PM BBT

*I am out for the night -MamaLong


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Workouts continue in the back yard.

Joe compliments Terraance on his hard work tonight, encourages him


Cameras move to kitchen, general chatter


Joe is in the have not room with Nicole and Daniel.  They are talking about being have nots while they arrange the new pool floaties.

They thank Big Brother for the newest "beds"

Terrance arranges his bed and they all leave the room.


Talk in the kitchen is still general chatter.


Leftovers are for dinner, along with snack foods of all kinds.


Joseph brings out the camera.


He takes the camera to the lavatory and shows the shower.

Terrance comes out of the loo and makes jokes about the smell. Turner goes in and confirms. Joe puts the camera down and gets into the shower.

Indy comes in and Joe tells her to video the two of them.

(Joe will be the star of this show kids)


General conversation in the dining area.


Daniel and Kyle are in the bedroom, Kyle is telling Daniel he doesn't want to put him in a bad spot with the Taylor vote.  Daniel says Taylor follows him around the house (she doesn't). Kyle says she follows him as well.


Camera moves to the laundry area.


Michael asks Ameerah and Alyssa if they have talked to Jasmine today, they tell him the last time they talked to her she wants to just keep it the same.


Back in the bedroom Kyle is telling Daniel that he is leaning towards voting with the house now.  He is just worried about his position with Taylor and Daniel if he does. Daniel tells Kyle that Taylor did not help herself and her words contributed to the whole spiral last week.


Camera moves to Pooch and Joe, Pooch is mumbling, fast talking. Hard to understand but he uses the words "girls" 


Brittany and Michael are on the hammock  in the back yard. He tells her  he used to work with McCrae, but he has told no one.  He says he didn't talk to McCrae about being on the show. Brittany says she was in a film with Meg Mallie(sp), and one with Gem City (also sp) at NYU.


Michael tells Brittany about meeting McCrae for the first time in the escape room. He says McCrae is "chill"

They continue to talk about previous Big Brother cast members on their "fan list".


Brittany says she underestimated the social aspect of the house and where she is in the mix. She thought she would be the funny one but has found herself stepping back.


Alyssa and Indy join them and Turner comes into the yard with the camera. Turner and Indy take turns filming house guests (and themselves) walking on the zip line.



Jasmine and Ameerah are in the HOH room.


Ameerah worries that "she" might not vote for them in jury. 

Joseph comes in to check and see if Jasmine took her Aleve.


Jasmine says she had a dream, but she won't tell what it was. She tells Joseph he was in it and alludes to him doing something unexpected.

Joseph reassures her.


Kyle and Alyssa are whispering in the lavatory while Kyle stands in the shower.  Alyssa tells him he is safe with Jasmine, just do what she wants..


Joseph is in the HOH room giving a list of people in the house he trusts, and doesn't trust. 








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Jasmine, Joe and Ameerah continue to talk in the HOH.

The topic is how they find a path to trust in the house.


Camera moves to back yard.

Brittany and Michael remain in the hammock while Alyssa and Indy sit on a lounge.  General talk.

Michael leaves for the loo and Indy leaves


Taylor, Kyle, Monte and Pooch are playing billiards.


General talk in the HOH, candy sharing from Jasmine's basket.

Talk about production's instructions for veto ceremony and nomination ceremony, so cameras go back to billiard game.


Brittany and Joe are whispering in the bedroom, they are talking about trusting people they are in alliances with. He is worried that Pooch votes may waver. Brittany says she will let him know anything signifcant happens.

Joe thinks people are wavering on the vote. He is worried about what Taylor will do, he says he can maneuver around Pooch much easier.

(Joe thinks Pooch is staying).


The HOH crew is discussing whether Jasmine should tell the people in the house that Pooch is the target, not Taylor.

Jasmine says she is thinking of telling Joe, but she doesn't feel she owes Turner anything.

Daniel says if she tells Joe, he will tell Pooch.


Taylor laughs about eavesdropping on Pooch talking to Michael. She was waiting for the diary room to open and heard them. The diary room light turned green as soon as the conversation ended so she was gone when they came out.


Jasmine says she might tell Joe right before the vote, but she says she could just act surprised when the vote happens.


Indy says the have nots next week should be people who are called out by production for late wake ups, singing, and getting called out for microphones.  The group likes that idea. Indy says the house is babysitting for free.  (Jasmine, Indy, Nicole, Daniel and Michael)


Indy and Nicole leave the room and conversation turns to general gossip.


Nicole and Kyle are in the hammock, they say they might play billiards, but are comfortable where they are.


Cameras move to HOH room

Michael and Jasmine are the last two remaining house guests. General gossip.  

Brittany comes into the room to use the loo.

Joe comes into the HOH room with the camera. Alyssa and Indy come in with him.


Kyle, Nicole and Daniel are in the back yard. General chatter.


Topics are first jobs, gas prices, minimum wage changes


In the kitchen Joe is opening olives on camera for Pooch.


Pooch joins Kyle, Daniel and Nicole at the hammock. Just general chatter.


A group of girls are in and around the hot tub. General girl talk.



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