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Episode 4 - 7/14/22 - Backstage Pass Comp & Live Eviction?

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As you know, our motto has always been Epect the Unexpected. That, tonight, could not be more true. Welcome to Big Brother!

Previously on BB, a new twist made Pooch the Backstage Boss and he had to put 2 players in peril. At the nom cerem, HoH Daniel put up a pawn next to his target. The PoV was up for grabs at RingFest and Michael went medieval on the competition. Paloma told Taylor she was worried about the guys, and Taylor gave Monte the heads up. So Monte took the info back to Paloma, which ignited her quest to get Taylor on the block. And after a game of Telephone reached Daniel, he put Taylor on the block. 

Tonight, the HG have been in the BB Hotel for 9 days and emotions are high, and a shocking announcement changes the course of the game. Plus, the battle for power begins again. All this, right now, live on Big Brother!

Good evening, I'm JCM, welcome to BB. The Backstage twist that has been playing out all week was supposed to culminate tonight, live. But an unexpected turn of events has now changed everything. I will tell you and the HG more a little later in the show. But first, Taylor may have been shocked to have been nom, but it was Daniel's reason that was the true blindside. 

Day 6, the Veto meeting concludes. People in the house felt they weren't connecting with me, Taylor tells us, and I get that, I'm a tough cookie to crack. But the final piece (tearing), to be told you are making people feel unwelcome, I never want to be that person. That's the hardest part about being put on the block, she sobs. It's hard to hear I've said things to hurt people, she mumbles as HG hug her after the Veto cerem. 

Daniel tells us that Taylor throwing Paloma's name under the bus sealed the deal for him. I hope Taylor goes home, but with the Backstage Twist still in play, all this could blow up in my face. Terrance says it doesn't feel great to still be on the block and now I'm up against Taylor. I like Taylor, but from the sound of that speech, it doesn't seem like she's in the good graces of the house, and that's good for me and my game.

Taylor being the nom is what I wanted to happen, Paloma tells us, but seeing her going through this breaks my heart. But as bad as I feel for Taylor, the plan is the plan, and I have to be committed and face the reality that she's on the block. I can't vote, Paloma continues, but I can still use my small but mighty voice to influence that that Taylor goes home this week. A crying Paloma comforts Taylor in the LR and asks to go sit together.

In the Golf BR, Taylor tells Paloma she doesn't know who she hurt. Paloma says she shouldn't have said she was in pageants because people will stereotype you. I try to look out for everyone in the game and this breaks my heart. I want to stop the game & all be winners. Paloma is crying, making Taylor's nomination about her instead. Show people your authentic self, she tells Taylor, be unapologetic and that will take you far in this game (Daniel just told her she needed to be apologetic!). I'm hear for you, she says, giving Taylor a hug.

Even if you're sitting on your couch watching this from home, Paloma says, driving in the knife, we're still family. 

It is good to have someone holding your hand while your sobbing your eyes out, Taylor says in DR, but she's talking like it's a signed, done deal that I'm out of the house. I really like Paloma, but I don't really know that she has my best interests at heart. If you have one friend out of this, Paloma tells Taylor, it's me. I'm here for you. Thank you, Taylor sobs. 

Taylor goes up to the loft to talk with Brittany/Ameerah. She tells us she needs to find out who it is she has hurt. Ameerah asks if she told Monte Paloma was gunning for them. No, Taylor says. Flashback to Taylor telling Monte just that. Taylor spins it that she told Monte to talk to Paloma to make sure she knows that he's not gunning for her. It's funny how something is said one way, Ameerah replies, and it's perceived a different way. I wish you had come to us sooner, Ameerah says. 

The fact that Ameerah knows about this, Taylor tells us, not even the correct version, makes me realize this is a lot bigger deal than I thought it was, so I need to talk to Monte.

Taylor meets with Monte in the Car BR and Monte plays it cool. It's hard to hear you've hurt people, she opens. If it was you I hurt, I would appreciate the opportunity to apologize. I was confused by our conversation, Monte says, this was the first time we talked game. You were mixing Paloma's name w/ wanting to target the males in the house, Monte says. That's what I heard. I wasn't clear, Taylor backtracks, I was just trying to warn you to talk to Paloma & reassure her that the the guys are not coming after the girls in a big alliance.

Things happened very quickly, Monte tells Taylor, I didn't expect once I told Paloma that it would be like setting off a firecracker show. I'm sorry it led to this. I appreciate you clarifying your attentions. Even if Taylor is being truthful, Monte tells us, I have a good relationship with Paloma and don't have that with Taylor. It's too late. 

In the Gold BR, Taylor sits down with Paloma again. She tells us she ended up on the block because of a wild miscommunication between me, Monte and Paloma. If I can clear the air with her, there might be a chance to stay another week in the house. Taylor tells Paloma that there was confusion on what she said to Monte that he told her. Paloma says I don't even care about that, my head is so far removed, I don't even want to hear it. I'd rather go to sleep than hear you try to explain yourself.  Is that rude?

That's pretty rude, Taylor laughs with shock. My entire game is on the line because of a misunderstanding, Taylor tells us, and she doesn't have time to hear her out? Paloma says when you watch this back, she's like Buddha, she's so removed from this game.

Up next, the Backstage Twist has those backstage questioning their fate and scrambling for allies. Then, the unexpected exit of one HG stuns the house and leads to an unprecedented change to the game. Stay with us! 

WB to BB. With the game accellerating, the Girls' Girls alliance looks to branch out. In the Golf BR, Paloma and Alyssa pitch to Monte and Pooch an new alliance with Kyle and Ameerah. They call it a Final 6 alliance. Paloma approaches Ameerah and Kyle with the proposal. Ameerah tells us this could be good. They have 3 from the grls alliance & 3 guys who can win stuff & they can influence them. Kyle guesses he's in an alliance now. Great! He tells us he wanted to build relationships & get pulled into alliances rather than starting them.

Kyle says he doesn't want to be in the forefront but to ride the middle ground. Paloma touches base with Monte and Kyle in the WA. Kyle says they are a tight group. Monte worries Pooch might rub people the wrong way. He's a clown now, Kyle says, but that could get old. Monte tells Kyle and Paloma that Michael is low key and would be very unassuming. He's so sweet, she agrees. Pooch talks alot, Kyle says. Monte tells us they may have to ghost Pooch and move on without him. 

In the SR, Paloma makes let's Michael know she's added him to her alliance with Kyle, Alyssa, Monte and Ameerah. No one will guess, she says. Michael likes that. He tells us, however, this cannot be real. I wasn't consulted on who should be in it, the last to be added. I have no idea if these people will actually be loyal to me, Michael tells us, but when you're offered an alliance, you always say yes. Who knows, maybe it's legit. Are you locked in, Paloma asks? Yes, Michael says. They fist bump (the new pinky swear) and hug.

Brittany approaches Pooch in the SR. She tells us not knowing what the Backstage thing is is eating her up from the inside. The SuperFan in me says this twist has something to do with him as the Backstage Boss. If he gets to save a backstage employee, I want him to pick me. Pooch tells Brittany the only thing he's asking for is safetyfor next week. Absolutely, she assures him, maybe even beyond. She warns him his name is being thrown around by Ameerah. 

Brittany tells us she's working w/ Ameerah but also grasping at Backstage straws right now. I just need him to see I can be of value in ways Paloma Alyssa cannot, wether it's true or not. Brittany tells Pooch he's the football coach, and he can see how the play is developing. I'm no rocket scientist, Pooch says, but I'm no fool either. He appreciates her offer.

In the Space BR, Pooch tells Ameerah and Jospeh about Brittany's pitch, throwing her under the bus. Brittany is in my alliance, Ameerah complains in the DR, what the hell, the girls alliance is cracking already? Maybe my side alliance might be the better alliance!  

Do you talk game with Brittany, Joe asks Ameerah? No, she says, I mean, we're cool, but... I thought we were friends. They all laugh. 

In the Golf BR, Ameerah asks Brittany in front of Jasmine who she wants to target next week. Brittany says she doesn't care, anybody. What if you won HoH, Jasmine asks Brittany? I've been so focused on Backstage I haven't throught about it. Who are your 2 least favorites, Ameerah drives. You have to pick somebody, Jasmine hammers. Ameerah looks angry, Brittany tells us, and Jasmine is giving me eyes. I am getting interrogated. Jasmine asks if she's talked to any guys. No, Brittany lies. I am shooting myself in the foot, she tells us, and feel awful that Pooch exposed my game play.

If Pooch has anything to do with this Backstage thing, she worries, I might as well pack my bags. Something is going around, Ameerah tells Brittany, and I don't like it. What, Brittany asks, give me a chance to defend myself. There's a rumor I'm trying to get rid of Pooch. I've only told you guys, Ameerah says to Brittany and Jasmine. I swear on everything it did not come from me, Brittany says. I know she can not be trusted, Ameerah tells us, so now I'm gunning for Brittany. 

Up next, an emotional series of events leads to an unexpected departure and an unprecedented live announcement to the HG. Stay with us. 

WB. The BB House can be a challenging place. In fact, unless you've experienced it, you have no idea just how difficult it can be. 

In the WA, Kyle asks Paloma how often she's sleeping. 2 to 4 hours, she responds. I literally got 2 hours of sleep, she tells us. In the WC, she cries, what is going on? The exhaustion hits me like a ton of bricks, she says. In the WC: On man, this is a lot. I use my anxiety to create this game, she explains to us, that's what's happening here. It's night and everyone else is alseep. I'm going crazy, tells herself. My body was telling me to survive this game. I needed to either fight this game or get out of it. 

In the KT, Paloma looks in the mirror and says this is a freakin' dream. The next morning, she's talking to Turner and hopes the cameras are off because she needs privacy. She physically cannot sleep in the house, she says, I want to leave. We should leave together. Turner thinks Paloma is joking and laughs along. Later on, he says, playing along. In DR, he says Paloma has been going through a tough time. Back in the KT, she tells Turner, Nicole and Kyle she was crying last night but now she's laughing because she's delusional and tired. They laugh.

Being in this house, Turner tells us, is a lot harder than most would understand. She hasn't been eating or sleeping, and I care about her mental health. In the WC, Joe tells Alyssa he doesn't want to joke or enourage her if she's actually feeling like that. 

Alyssa tells Joe that Paloma told her to vote her out. She's my closest person!. Alyssa tells us she's noticed a shift in Paloma's energy and I'm not the only one who is starting to worry about her. Take a day & relax, Alyssa tells Paloma in the LR, we're going to get through this, win the Backstage & move on. I wish you could undertand my thoughts, Paloma says. I'm really starting to worry, Alyssa tells us. I want to be there for her but I don't know how.

Paloma heads to the DR. I don't know how I'm alive, quite frankly, she says to herself. In the Space BR, Ameerah, Alyssa, Indy and Jasmine are talking about Paloma. IN the KT, Monte, Pooch, Joe, Turner and Kyle are having the same convo. I'm a little worried, Joe says. In the DR, Paloma has been crying, dabbing her tears with tissue. She lays down on the DR chair to take a nap in private. 

Shaddows fall, then Daniel comes out of the DR & calls everyone to the the LR. The HG don't know what's going on. Some are jovial & some are concerned. Daniel reads a note from BB: HG, he says, then stops short as he reads the rest of the note silenty. The HG immediately know something is wrong and brace themselves. Daniel collects himself and tries again.

Due to a personal matter, he reads with great difficulty, Paloma will no longer be continuing in the BB game. The HG gasp. She wanted to pass along that she loves you all and wishes you all the best. Thanks, guys, Daniel says, indicating that's all the note said.

Daniel joins the other HG on the LR couch. Monte suggests they all pray, just hold hands. He says God, we just want to pray over Paloma, respect and honor her, and ask that he allows them to give her the grace and not judge, and for America the grace to not judge. Monte thanks God for everyone in the house who was able to support her. They will surely miss Paloma. Even Taylor is crying. Turner slides into Kyle's comforting arms. He really hopes she's OK, he tells us, and finds what she needs outside the house.

This completely changes the game, Alyssa realizes. I meant it when I saw her as a sister, Daniel tells us, but mental health is #1 in my life & should be in everyone's. I'm so glad she'll be OK. We need to take care of our mental health, Indy tells the others. We cannot help anyone if we cannot take care of ourselves. They all nod in agreement.

We all wish Paloma well, JCM says, God speed. Now, you at home have been voting all week long to keep one of the Backstage Passholders safe, and America, you voted for...   Brittany! But, with Paloma out of the game, everything has now changed.

It's time to tell you and the HG how her exit will affect tonight's eviction the Backstage twist. For the first time, we get to see the HG in the LR, with Taylor and Terrance in the nom chairs and only two Backstage Passholders remaining. Hello, HG, she says and they all cheer. Wow, what a welcome. It has been a very emotional week. As you all know now, Paloma is no longer in the game for personal reasons. I will now fill you in on how her departure will change tonight's events. 

This week, 5 of you were in jeapordy of going home: the two noms & the 3 HG sent backstage. The original plan would not have culminated in a vote & eviction, but instead, a battle between one of the two noms chosen by the house, and one of the Backstage Passholders. The loser of the head-to-head comp would have gone home immediatley. The shocked HG take in the news. The Backstage Twist would have sent one HG home tonight. Since Paloma was one of the 5 HG in danger of being eliminated & is no longer in the game, that changes everything.

The Backstage Twist is now over, JCM tells the HG. That means Alyssa & Brittany are no longer in jeapordy of going home & are safe. And, noms, since a key element of the twist was that no one was going to be voted out & evicted like in a normal show, you are also safe. Taylor cries in relief as the other HG cheer. Terrance remains stoic. 

HG, JCM says, this game continues. In just moments, we will begin the battle for HoH. I need all of you outside right now. The HG make their way to the BY, giving the noms and Backstage Passholders hugs.

When we return, the game resets and a new HG will rise to power. The battle for HoH begins next. Stay with us!

WB to BB. It is time to begin the HoH comp. Free from the threat of eviction, the HoH must put 2 HG on the chopping block. Let's head to the BY and get things started. HG, guess what, the power is up for grabs. As outgoing HoH, Daniel cannot compete. As for the rest of you, if you hope to win Hoh this week, you'll need to leave the backstage area, because a new festival awaits. But only 7 of you will get the chance. This comp will play out in 7 head-to-head races. 

Win a race for the chance to become the new HoH. Lose a race, and your HoH dreams this week are over. Who's ready to play Bye Bye Backstage? You will face off 2 at a time, and on my go, race across the obstacle course to the stage. If you fall and touch the ground, you must restart. The first HG to hit their buzzer on the stage advance and compete for HoH. Everyone understands. The obstacle course has pedestals, a spinning guitar and a keyboard. 

JCM tells Daniel to draw the names of the first 2 HG to compete. He draws Pooch & Michael. Pooch is on the green course, Michael on the pink course. Ready? On your mark, get set, Go! There's confusion as neither Pooch nor Michael seem to hear JCM. She repeats herself and they finally get moving. The pedestals are easy and Michael gets an early lead, moving on to the teeter totter keyboard. Pooch stumbles off the keyboard as Michael climbs onto the first spinning guitar. He's on his second guitar as Pooch reaches the first. 

Michael has to scale a ledge along the Backstage wall to reach the stage and press his button. He advances and Pooch is eliminated. 

Daniel draws the next two names: Taylor (green) and Alyssa (pink). Go, says JCM! Taylor is motivated and ploughs through the course. Allyssa falls off the first spinning guitar and has to restart. Taylor slips along the Backstage ledge but doesn't touch the ground. Nothing is stopping Taylor as she easily eliminates Alyssa and advances to the HoH round.

Daniel next draws Indy and Joseph. Be nice to me, baby, she calls out to Joe. Go! Indy falls off the first spinning guitar but Joe times it perfectly and advances to the HoH comp.

So who else will be going head-to-head in the HoH comp? Find out when we return. Stay with us.

WB to BB. The HG are currently battling for the chance to compete for Hoh. So far, Michael, Taylor and Joseph have punched their ticket. Who will join them? Let's head to the BY and find out. 

Daniel draws Brittany & Ameerah. Ready? Go! They are in a dead heat heading over the keyboard teeter totter. Ameerah takes a tumble but recovers. Brittany slides down the guitar but recovers. They have to wait for it to spin around to the next pedestal. Ameerah takes a lead and then Brittany steps off and has to restart. Ameerah can take her time now and wins. The next pair to compete are Jasmine & Terrance. Slow and stedy, they are advised. It's dead even but Jasmine misses her chance to get onto the first guitar. 

Terrance cannot get off his first guitar and Jasmine is able to catch up. She reaches the Backstage ledge as Terrance tries to hop onto his second guitar. She slips but manages to hang on without touching the ground for the win. Then she trips coming off the stage. Jasmine is rolling on the matt, holding her ankle. JCM says hold on. Monte, Pooch, Joe and Kyle rush to help her. She's in great pain as the guys coach her to just breath. We will be right back, JCM says.

WB to BB. Who else will be competing for HoH? Let's go back to the BY and find out. Jasmine is laying on her back on the winner's podium. JCM says they checked the tape during the break to verify she did not touch the ground when she slipped on the ledge. Celebrate the win!

Kyle & Turner are the next HG to race. Kyle runs across the pedestals as if on air, but Turner is the first across the keyboard and pulls ahead. Kyle times it perfectly and riffs over the guitars in four leaps. He beats Turner while he was still on the ledge.

Daniel has to draw the last 2 tiles to find out which HG goes to the green and pink sides. Monte is green and Nicole is pink. Wasting no time, JCM says Go! Nicole is crushing it but the timing of the spinning guitar holds her up and Monte takes the lead. Monte loses his balance on the first spinning guitar and must restart. He is wasting no time and Nicole misstimes the secong guitar. While she recovers with a gutsy leap, it lets Monte back into the race. But Monty also falls and they both reset at the same time.

Nicole restarts first & takes the lead. Monte is being more cautious as Nicole heads over the keyboard. They are both even back at the spinning guitars. This time Monte is the first across & makes his way across the ledge. Nicole has to start over again. Monte wins!

JCM congratulates all the winners advancing to the HoH comp and wishes the HG goodnight. We have a lot going on, JCM says. Tune in Sunday at 8pm ET when the next HoH will be crowned. Who will win and who will be nom? Then on Wed, 8pm ET, the PoV is up for grabs. And next Thursday, at 9pm ET, I'll have a huge announcement that will turn the house upside down. By that point, the HG will have had 2 weeks to get to know each other and this will all be critical, because the game is about to change. Find out details next Thursday!

Let's eavesdrop on the HG. Love one another. Good night. 

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