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Episode 2 - 7/10/22 - First Nominations

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Previously on BB, 16 strangers began the battle for $750k. Among them, the hypnotist, the Vegas performer, the beauty queen, the twerker, the chef, and Chicago's hottest Kareoke DJ, and each secured a ticket to 3 different comps. But Pooch's ticket earned him the title of Backstage Boss. With his competitors flushed away, Monte advanced to the HoH comp. Then, Turner pierced his way to a shot at power. And Daniel soon joined them on the Main Stage.

With the first HoH of the summer on the line, Daniel drummed up the win. But he wasn't the only one with power. As the Backstage Boss, Pooch chose to give Backtage Passes to Paloma, Alyssa and Brittany. Tonight, the game is officially underway. Alliance will form, HN will be chosen, and Daniel will nom 2 HG for eviction. You've got front row seats to BBFest right now on BB!

The HG enter the house after the HoH comp. In DR, Daniel says he said he'd win first HoH and he did. Dream come true, but this splotlight is huge. Introductions begin and Kyle, Monte, Pooch and Joe quickly bond in the WA. Pooch in DR explains his reasons for giving out Backstage Passes was they were first out of their comps. I'm playing the game like I'm coaching & keeping it fair. Monte says he would have liked to have been Backstage Boss but he's glad he doesn't have blood on his hands.

More introductions as Alyssa worries how the Backstage Pass could wreck her game. Going to still play my social game. Taylor tell us she's confused about the Backstage Pass - how can you go home if you can't be nom? Glad I dodged this one. Brittany asks Michael what he does and he says he runs an Escape Room. He doesn't want the HG to think he's sleezy or a smooth talker because he's a public defender. Brittany lies back that she's a toy tester rather than saying she's a hypnotist, which could be taken badly.

Champagne is flowing and the HG assemble in the LR for official intros. Daniel starts and says he's an Elvis Impersonator from Vegas. Marty tells us he's also an impersonator and does Brando and Arnold. Joe introduces himself as a fitness trainer who got into it because his brother is type 1 diabetic. Paloma wants to know if he's single or married. Inside the house or outside? He's kidding, he's single. If you weren't before, Taylor jokes, you are now, babe.

Monte is also a personal trainer who quit his job to go full time. And he's single (nobody asked but Taylor likes his smile). Taylor passed on the title of Beauty Queen about a month ago and is a personal stylist specializing in menswear. Paloma tells us that being a pagaent girl is associated with being fake. Paloma introduces herself as a San Diego girl. Michael introduces himself as engaged last November. Alyssa says she's a marketing rep for a plastic surgeon. Ameera says she's a remote writer.

Turner is a rug artist and also makes clothes and album covers. Nicole is a private chef and 41. Daniel tells us Nicole's hair is dope, they basically have the same hairstyle and he feels her vibes. Brittany is married to Steven. Kyle says he grew up in Owanaowa, Japan. Jasmine turns on the southern charm and says she's married one year. Pooch just turned 24 July 1st and coaches college football while finishing his masters. Terrance is the oldest in the room from the south side of Chicago and drives for the city of Chicago.

And, Terrance adds, he's the hottest kareoko host in Chicago. Nicole says she's drawn to Terrance, both being in their 40's. Indy is from Brazil and has been in the USA for 9 years. She works as a corproate flight attendant on private jets. Indy adds that she's trying to get her degree as sex coach and Kyle's jaw drops. In DR, Pooch offers to be her assistant coach. Kyle tellls us she's beautiful, he loves Brazilians, and she's training to become a sex coach? What? This house is gonna be noisy, Terrance says.

They stand and toast BB Season 24. Later, Pooch comes out of the DR wearing a yellow Backstage Boss T-Shirt and giving out black Backstagte Pass t-shirts. They have to wear them all week. Paloma tells us it's like being in limbo but she still has a socoal game to play. Brittany says she packed cute outfits and she has to wear this? She tells us she has nothing to offer people, nothing to bargain with or leverage. I feel stuck at the beginning of my game. Kyle tells the girls they look pretty dope.

Daniel calls the HG to the LR. It's time to pick HN. They must take cold showers, eat BB Slop and endure the dreaded HN Room for the week. The HoH, the Backstage Boss and the 3 Backstage Passes cannot be HNs, leaving the other 12 HG. Michael, Joe, Monte and Kyle volunteer. 
Michael volunteered because he hopes it will help him gain favor in the house and HoH. He's here to win $750k, not have a hot dog. Daniel tells us he's happy to have volunteers and not get blood on his hands. The other HG thank them and they go to check out the HN Room.

The HNR is a drained swimming pool with a water slide, left-over inflatable floaties & beach chairs for beds. Michael claims the butterfly. Monte wants the pineapple. They have pool towels as blankets. Joe says he volunteered to not be selfish & get on people's good side. 

As the HG settle in, Nicole joins Daniel in the HoH room, which looks like the VIP suite of the BB Motel. The design is 60's, with a mesh curtain separating the BR from the WA. Nicole is the first one to come up to him and he's pissed. He wants to talk game. Daniel tells Nicole she's his #1. He's telling her right now. They hug to seal the bond. He says the minute he saw her, he knew she's the one. I knew she'd be my F2 whether she likes it or not, he tells us. The way she carries herself says you can trust her. Nicole tells Daniel she saw his hair & couldn't stop staring. She tells us he's her match, her ride or die. They call themselves the RogueRats, from Rats to Riches. They promise to be low key, not meet too often, infiltrate the rest of the house, a mystery until Finale. 

Alyssa and Paloma are alone in the spacey BR, trying to figure things out. Paloma already has identified snakey HG. People are too nice, there are snakes in the garden. I can already tell who's a girls' girl. She tells us she loves Alyssa, they bond on many levels. Alyssa says we have to be friends with the HoH but I don't trust him. They agree to tell him what he wants to hear to get through the week. Paloma wants to form an alliance. Alyssa one-ups her with a F2 offer. I got you, Paloma says, Scorpio Sisters! Alyssa tells us Paloma is her Ride or Die. She needed to find someone to trust Day 1 and Paloma is perfect. 

In the BY, Kyle and Taylor are playing pool with Monte and Pooch watching. Taylor, in her slink bikini, saddles up backwards to make a shot.  Taylor says she's not a pool shark but she's trying to bond with the guys. She's nervous there's already an all-guys alliance so the best she can do is play their game by their rules. Pool is a way to infiltrate and figure out how they are communicating. Monte says Taylor is attractive and confident, witty and clearly competitive. Paloma thinks Taylor is using her beauty to lure men, a strategy that is so old. She's not trying to make an effort with women, digging a whole for herself. 

In the Space BR, Paloma is holding court with the girls, wondering what Taylor & Nicole are doing up there with the guys (playing indoor pool in the loft). She's Pageant Girl and they are the Girls' Girls. No going back to the guys, Ameerah warns the others. In DR, Ameerah says the girls have to get together to have the numbers to get the strong males out of the house. We're going to manipulate the men, Paloma insists, with side alliances. We'll be in their ears to protect each other. Who runs the house? Girls' Girls!

In the upper deck of the BY, Kyle and Alyssa get to know each other, talking about where they've traveled. Ameerah joins them and throws Thailand into the mix of Canada and Bahamas. Alyssa wants to go to Newark. She thinks it's a country. The others look at her blankly. The happiest place earth, Alyssa says. Disneyland, suggests Kyle. Denmark, Alyssa finally remembers. Kyle says Newark, NJ is not the happiest place on earth. Denmark, Alyysa proudly tells us, is the happiest country in the world. She'll defer to Ameerah for her geography.

In the SR, Paloma and Ameerah discuss the Girls' Girls. They are both talking over each other, saying talk to Daniel to see where his head's at then report back. Ameerah tells us she's got to make moves, open his eyes to the threat of the strong guys. 

In HoH, Ameerah meets with Daniel. He has no reasons to nom. She thinks the biggest competitors volunteered to be HN to avoid being nom. Daniel tells us duh, he should have thought of this. Can I put them up, he asks? I'll back you up and so will the girls, she assures him. Daniel says he'll be watching them now. Volunteering for slop will not keep them safe. 

Michael tells us the plan was to win HoH week one, which didn't work, so now he needs to pivot and not come across playing too hard too fast. He's going to do more listening than talking as others seem more hesitant to game talk. Michael talks with Daniel in the morning in the SR and asks how he wants to do things, not realizing things are already being done without him. Daniel tells him he wants people to just come up and hang. But Michael just kind of registers and lets the moment pass.

Paloma shows Jasmine her tatoo, which reminds her of her recently deceased grandmother. Evgnomosyni is greek for gratitude, be gracious. She's still dealing with losing her grandmother. Jasmine is also dealing with the loss of her dad, 2 months ago, lung cancer. Jasmine's dad was a fireman and saved a lot of lives, and that's how she has to look at it. They used to watch BB together, she tells us, and pushed her to go for the opportunity. Her kids, when she has them, won't know their grandfather. They both tear up. 

Paloma tells us that Jasmine's story hits close to home for her, that she share such a personal story shows trust. Paloma tells her that their loved ones are here, guardian angels. Jasmine tells us her dad told her to give the HG hell that's what she's gonna do.

Michael enters HoH with Daniel hoping to pitch an attractive offer that is good for Daniel's game keeps him of the block. He wants to play with others who want to play. You need to keep people who won't come after you, he says, and I 100% promise I would not put you up. Michael ups the offer to whenever he wins HoH, if it is not next week. He won't lie, he tells Daniel, he's a big fan of the game. Being first to go home would be devestating. Daniel describes Michael's pitch as boilerplate BB bullcrap and he doesn't care.

Daniel says as a super fan, Michael should know if you're the first to enter the house, you're not winning the game. I knew he was a superfan as soon as he held the door open for the rest of us. I have him figured out. I just don't trust the guy. Daniel pretends to be grateful for Michael's offer. Michael thinks Daniel was receptive and he's feeling pretty good. 

The HG are gathered in the KT. Kyle says he grew up in Utah among Mormans. Kyle tells us he was sheltered and there wasn't much diversity. The 16 HG all have different backgrounds and he has the opportunity to learn about other cultures. Daniel asks Joe about his religious background. His family is predominantly Muslim other than his stepmom, who are Christian and he respects both. I continue learning. His mom is a huge BB fan and part of the reason he's here, because she can see more of him than in life.

Joe says growing up in an Arab household shaped who he is. A big thing for Arabs is hospitality and friendliness. He tells his fellow hG he wanted to represent his culture. There's only been one other Arab on BB before (two, I think: Kaysar, BB6 and Faysal Shafaat, BB20). Joe tells us that visibility & representation is super important and he didn't get enough growing up. He cannot represent the entire arab culture, but he can be his authentic self and contribute to representation. He has a lot to learn and a lot to offer, he tells the HG.

At the DT, Terrance and Jasmine look at the memory wall. Jasmine doesn't want to be fake with the other HG. Terrance says it's started. He's nervous. He (Daniel) isn't talking, not saying nothing. He's mingling with everyone, she says. I just don't fit in, Terrance worries.  Terrance tells us he's nervous about noms. He hasn't talked game with Daniel. He just wants lay low and build relationships. Jasmine tells him she thinks it'll be girls. I don't want to go home. That ain't gonna happen, Terrance says, married people need to stick together.

In DR, Jasmine says married people sticking together wouldn't be best for her game. Terrance should be telling people he may be older but he can hang with the cool kids too. It's happening so fast, she tells him. Like a roller coaster, he says. 

In HoH, Paloma expresses concern for the pressure Daniel is under. She tells us she thinks Daniel wants someone to be real with him and since she can't be nom, she's the best person for him to talk to because he can't give her anything or take anything away. Paloma puts Taylor on the table for Daniel. I didn't connect with her, Daniel agrees, like I did with you. Paloma tells us that Taylor will probably come after her like an evil witch, so I want to pursuade Daniel to help my game. To Daniel, Paloma says all the girs wonder about Taylor. She loves hanging with the guys, but doesn't try to be good with the girls. Daniel tells us he wants to nom 2 HG not aligned with anyone else to avoid having anyone come after him. Taylor is an option. 

It's time for the nominations ceremony. Daniel calls the HG waiting in the Cars BR to the DT. He brings down the key box and delivers the HoH nominations schpeel. Pooch, Paloma, Alyssa and Brittany are not eligible to be nominated because they are Backstage. Daniel turns the first key and nominates Terrance. The second Houseguest nominated is Michael. He says this wasn't easy because he gets along with everyone, but these are the two who have spoken game least with him. Now you can fight for your life for the Veto.

Daniel tells us Terrance is his pawn and Michael is his target because he's a superfan, and there's only room for one in this house. But anything can happen, the PoV, the Backstage Pass, all this can blow up in my face. Terrance did not like seeing himself on the Memory Wall. But DJ Showtime is not fixing to lay down. He's coming for the Veto and he's keeping the party here at the Big Brother house. 

Michael tells us Daniel's explanation for noms is BS, frankly, he did try to have convos, did approach him, and if he thinks I'm going to buy his excuse, then he's an idiot. As a superfan, I want to win the Veto and shove it in Daniel's face and say put up someone else. Paloma says even though Daniel didn't nom Taylor, seeing 2 guys on the block is wonderful for my game. The only thing I'm worried about is this whole Backstage fiasco. I don't know what it means for my game but I have to keep playing a strong social game.

Who will win the PoV and will it be used to save either Michael or Terrance? Find out Wednesday at 8pm ET on Big Brother!

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