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Sunday, July 10, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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  • morty changed the title to Sunday, July 10, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

12:17AM BBT

Paloma is chatting with Nicole in the kitchen. It sounds like some Taylor slander is about to be unloaded. Paloma says that everyone knows what's up (she is holding the freezer door open). Nicole realizes Paloma has a lot to share "once you hear you will realize why I don't give a fuck who sees besides one person, so listen to me" so she asks why she is holding the freezer door open. Paloma then closes the freezer door and Nicole says they should move to the boys' room (Car Design Bedroom, which she also sleeps in)

Once there...

Nicole- What is happening? (quizzical tone)

Paloma- Listen...

Nicole stops her and moves her so her back is to the door. "You stand here and tell me the story" Paloma says people will hear, but she doesn't care. 

Nicole- It's a soundproof fucking door!

Paloma says that once she tells the story she will be laughing and everyone will hear

Paloma- A game has exploded...a bomb...Okay, you guys are in the HoH room and I am trying to get my ass to bed, like truthfully trying to get my ass to bed (she is talking a thousand miles a minute)

Nicole- Yeah we saw you on the thing

Paloma says everyone is coming to her, keeping her up while she is trying to sleep, and once the finally gets settled, Monte and Pooch come and tell her they HAVE to talk with her. Monte tells Paloma that Taylor dropped her name that she is trying to get two big dudes out (this is true, but Paloma is pretty much working with everyone except Taylor) "It's blowing up in her face and this is the last straw to save herself...the only person that doesn't know at this point is Terrance. Everyone in the fucking HoH room, besides Daniel (he is in the DR) probably knows right now." Paloma says the guys told her Taylor is paranoid about her "and this bitch is trying to make up some shit about me. I'm sick of it. Everyone has been so kind to me up there in the HoH room and I'm trying to play a game and I'm just (Paloma begins getting teary)..I'm sorry, I am functioning on two hours of sleep."

Nicole- I am shocked

Paloma says she (Taylor) is stupid because she doesn't see that everyone likes her (Paloma) Paloma says that she has offered to have people's backs but hasn't conspired (this is untrue)

Nicole- The reason I am here open-mouthed shocked is because I've been her friend in the house, and now it seems I am the only firend she has in the house

Paloma- and Terrance

Nicole tells Paloma that when two alpha females meet, it can get heated

Nicole- Taylor recognized me as an alpha female and has treated me with nothing but respect because she knows I won't put up with that shit

Nicole assures Paloma that she has her back "I told Jasmine, I was like, listen, you guys are all my girls and I will protect you guys the best I can.

Paloma- We are all homies

Nicole tells Paloma if a guy was bullying a girl, "that guy will be going out"

Paloma gets teary again and says everyone has been "so nice to me and I love you guys so much". This pulls at Nicole's heart and she returns the love, "I love YOU so much" Paloma wants to get in the DR badly and claims once Taylor is gone she will completely sob it out. "Do you understand why now? I don't give a fuck who sees us in here."

Nicole- I just wish someone would have come to me to tell me about the shit she has been pulling

Paloma- Everyone gave her the benefit of the doubt...I need to make my tea.

Nicole says she needs to go outside and they head to the kitchen.



12:29AM BBT

Paloma passes Alyssa and tells her she filled in Nicole "Everyone is so pissed."


1:16AM BBT

Nicole meets privately with Monte in the loft.

Nicole- What the fuck is happeneing?

Monte- Thing is, here is what happened...I caught her (Taylor) in a very obvious lie. She was trying to get me to jeopardize my game and get me to attack someone not attacking my game in the first place.

Joe interrupts and Nicole tells him directly to come back in about 10 minutes

Joseph- Okay

Nicole- That was so cut. I love you so much.

Joseph- I love you, too

Joe heads downstairs.


Monte continues laying out the rest of this story which he revealed to Daniel earlier (that Taylor told him Paloma was trying to take out big targets like Monte, Kyle, Daniel and Joe).

Nicole- Time out, I'm gonna say this. Terrance and I were up here and he said, "Look" I looked over the side and I saw you guys talking but didn't know what you were talking about (she is implying Terrance had knowledge soemthing was going down)

Nicole is really disturnbed by this intel on Taylor, especially after it has been corroborated by Monte.

Nicole- She literally said Paloma was coming after you?

Monte confirms. Nicole says she has never had a conversation with Paloma that included a male target

Monte- Exactly; I hate that she tried to plant that seed in my mind. That's a strong black woman that I would have loved to play this game with, but I guess she wasn't feeling safe. Now I am worried and paranoid that Daniel might put me on the block. I was trying to get in touch with Paloma the whole time to talk with her. The fact that someone tried to lie on her, and I don't even know the reason. What sense does it make?

Nicole- You need to talk to Daniel

Monte says he already told Daniel about this.


1:22AM BBT

Paloma has her shades on trying to go to sleep in the Golf Pro bedroom, but the lights are up. Taylor is in her bed, too, facing the wall.


Everyone is trying to coddle and protect Paloma from the evil doings of Taylor (I'm just being snarky here. Taylor has been labeled an evil-doer, but she is just playing the same game as others and unluckily said the wrong thing to the wrong person.)



1:25AM BBT (Backyard = Jasmine, Pooch, Turner, Joe, Terrance, Pooch)

Daniel heads to the backyard and asks about Paloma. Jasmine says that Paloma is trying to get some needed sleep because she is emotionally exhausted.

Daniel- Will you guys tell me what happened?

Joseph starts relaying but stumbles over words.

Jasmine- (to Joseph) You want me to tell what happened?

Joseph agrees, but we get WBRB

When the feeds return...

1:27AM BBT

Jasmine- And that is pretty much the gist of it

Jasmine goes on to say that it seems like Taylor is threatened by Paloma so she tried to throw out a lie to Monte hoping he would believe it.

The backyard HGs describe Taylor and Paloma being in the kitchen at the same time with a lot of tension (no blow up, just shared heated dissent) and they both went their separate ways knowing they both have beef but not putting it to words.



1:30AM BBT

Monte and Nicole are alone in the HoHR now. He continues sharing the deets about Taylor. Nicole listens then says she believes him but the number one reason why she believes him is because Taylor didn't tell her

Nicole- ANd why didn't she tell me? Becasue she knows Paloma is my girl.


2:15AM BBT

Daniel joins Monte and Nicole in the HoHR. Monte continues talking about how frustrated he is with Taylor trying to pull him into lies about Paloma that he knew were not true.

Monte- I'm gonna get irate if I continue talking about it. She doesn't deserve the right. She should go up and get evicted and walk out the door to Julie and face the truth that she told a lie on Paloma to me. Like, why would you want to create that lie? I'm done. Sorry.

Daniel- It is just fortunate Taylor wasn't around.

Daniel says that he would have went off on Taylor for messing with the little sister of the group

Daniel- And then I hear she went after Jasmine for being a big girl (with snide comments) Jasmine is not dumb. All these things add up.

Monte- I appreciate you all chatting with me about it and giving me the time of day. You have been in the DR for a minute now and a lot of these conversations piled up while you were in it. I don't think there is one person that will not look at you and think damn, justice was served this week.

Daniel- SHe was already gonna be my go-to thing but now COOL, I don't even have to think about it. Done. I sdon't even need to hear the rest of the story. Yeah, it just doesn't matter any more.

Monte- All I ask is don't let her try to connive you

Nicole- She is savage. The girl is intelligent. She is one of the smartest people in this house. She is well read, well educated. It's sad....She dug her own grave.


[So my take on alll of this is "Well Played Paloma" Paloma has been talking about targeting the big guys, not more than Ameerah, but YES, she has. Paloma wanted Daniel to put up two strong guys or Taylor from the jump. Nothing in this situation is untrue, but Taylor "appealed" to the wrong guy (Monte) who immediately sided with Paloma because of his already solid relationship with her over his weaker relationship with Taylor. Let this be a lesson to us all: Relationships are everything. We become subject of peppered lies and rumor when we are distant and a loner. Humans typically question what they do not understand. It seems Taylor will now be the replacement nom and go home with a unanimous vote.  -MamaLong]


3:38AM BBT

The lights are out int he Car Design Bedroom where Nicole and Terrance are sleeping


3:45AM BBT

Turner, Pooch and Joseph are talking in the bathroom telling Michael how well he did in the veto competition....they are giving him deserved props 

They collectively agree him being nominated was a good thing for him so he could show his worth.



5:04AM BBT

After chatting in the backyard for a bit, Pooch and Turner head inside to get ready for bed. They say they should just stay up for the sunrise since it will come around 5:45AM.


5:45AM BBT

Daniel is awake in the backyard punching buttons on the washing machine. He hads back to the HoHR and begins cleaning his glasses.

Daniel just lies in bed with his shades on, as well as the lights in the room. He is whispering to himself. He is studying the days, "Day 1 - I win HoH, Day 3 - M&T on the block, 4 - Michael is safe on the horse...." He repeats this over and over, seemingly creating something he won't forget."   


[I like Daniel. Many criticize his failure to make a strong move, but I clearly understand he is playing a patient game. I feel he will make bold moves later and is just biding his time while he learns how each HG ticks. My picks so far this season to win are Paloma and Ameerah for the females, along with Daniel & Turner (game play only for Turner. I don't understand how he has secured such a solid spot with the guys and the girls. A mystery!  -MamaLong]




Terrance can be heard snoring loudly from the Car Design Bedroom.

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6:15AM BBT

Daniel heads to the kitchen and begins studying the memory wall. BB slowly brings up the lights.

Terrance is now OBNOXIOUSLY snoring in the Car Bedroom. Nicole can be heard moving around. I'm sure she will be up and join Daniel soon. Daniel heads back upstairs and into the HoHR.

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7:14AM BBT

All HGs are in bed sleeping


7:15AM BBT

Monte is up leaving the HNR


7:39AM BBT

Monte is sitting in the backyard enjoying some peace when suddenly a loud plane sounds like it is about to crash in the backyard. He doesn't budge and continues his meditation.

Several more loud planes fly overhead. Still, Monte remains focused [or he has fallen asleep sitting up. PapaLong is famous for this. That man can fall asleep standing up. He blames his days as a Marine for that. -ML]


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7:44AM BBT

Monte gets up and heads inside.

He checks the time then heads to the loo. Monte is the only one awake.



*I will be in and out on this "Sunday - Fun Day" (not for Taylor, though) since it is Family Day in the MamaLong house. Let's see if Taylor can somehow save herself today. I have my doubts, but she might have a crafty move up her sleeves sensing she is in deep doodoo right now.


8:04AM BBT

Daniel is back up and heads out to the backyard.

Monte- Yo, yo, yo. I'm trying to figure out what I'm gonna do. I can't sleep.

Daniel says he has been up checking on his  clothes which "takes forever because I am so tall"

Monte says he can relate and asks Daniel where he shops, "Do you thrift?"

Daniel says he is down with ZARA and H&M, as well as thrifting and some Old Navy stuff. He says what he is wearing now is thrift from 15 years ago. (He has been wearing this shirt for days now) 


"Or maybe Tilley's. I'm pretty basic." When Monte asks Daniel if "they" (production) took out half.... the feeds cut to the Car Design bedroom where Nicole, Turner and Terrance are sleeping to soft snoring samples from Terrance. The feeds return to the guys continuing to talk about how difficult it is for them to find great clothes given their height (Daniel is 6'3" and Monte is 6'4".) Monte says he would love to find a brand that makes clothes for them because he is tired of "swinging for the fences or a hail mary and hope for the best).

Daniel thrift.PNG

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8:10AM BBT

Daniel asks Monte about his background saying he is still trying to get to know people on a personal level. Monte shares that his parents split up when he was young and his dad moved on to start another family. He says he has some step siblings and an older brother. Monte says he is waiting to find the right one (to marry and settle down) and his parents don't pressure him. Daniel shares that he is the older brother and has nieces and nephews that have to vibe with his partner or it's a no-go. He says there were 5 of them by the time his mom was 25 or 26, "I could NOT do that." He says he doesn't feel he has done everything he wants to do and wants to wait to marry and have kids so he can be a dad 100%. 


8:23AM BBT

Monte asks about his religious beliefs. Daniel says he still holds traditional values, but growing up Christian, he lost his virginity at 22... (feeds cut back to sleepers because Bob figures talk is coming that doesn't involve a willing party...Daniel has said before that he brought a Bible because it's the only book they were allowed to bring, but he does not prescribe to the religion any more, considering himself more spiritual than anything)


Feeds return to Monte saying he considers himself more spiritual and he doesn't attend church.

Monte says he doesn't believe people have to do things a certain way, traditions or habits, to make God happy. "As long as you got love in your heart, that is what I'm into.)

Daniel- Respect

Daniel says he and his family have all seen or felt spirits and ghosts. Daniel says his mom always told them just to sit in in and feel it. He describes how when his brother died, he got spiritual confirmation and knows that negative spirits will try to mess with you when they sense you are open. "Anything since I was 14 have been based on that one day. I live with it daily, but it's not heavy to me. Having 3 other brother s that deal with the same thing (Daniel gets a bit emotional here) "It's hard to tell people I don't believe in it and that I'm a free spirt...just don't push me to believe or whatever. 8 years of asking (Jesus for answers) wasn't working so I quit trying. I have never felt that whole or happy since having my brother"  



Daniel- That's what I am into now. Maybe I'll change in two years

Monte- I appreciate you sharing that. I get so deep into empathy.


8:41AM BBT

Daniel says after the attack on his "sweet little Loma" he hit the bed and was out for 3 hours.

Daniel shares the he expects MIchael to put him on the block if he wins HoH, but he feels good with everyone else. He is anxious to play the game from the "other side of the field"

Daniel- I am excited to experience it. It's exciting for us and hopefully entertaining for viewership.

Monte- It's a blessing and unfortunate that Taylor did what she did, but there is no doubt in my mind that there won't be any bloodshed for you. Nicole was the only one close to her, and now she knows. 

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8:55AM BBT

Monte tells Daniel that it's difficult for him because he knows part of the audience will see him as an Afro-American Latino that should be protecting a black woman, "but she is a person...if she's in the wrong I have to call it out" no matter what she looks like.

Daniel says he doesn't like the idea that at the end of his reign it's two black people on the block

Monte- I thought about that , too, the aesthetics of it. I don't care how they edit this, whatever happens I can vouch for you. (that he is NOT trying to get the black people out of the house)

Daniel says life should be beyond the skin (AMEN - ML) and that this is a fish bowl. "To progress further, we have to do what we have to do in the house."


9:22AM BBT

Terrance is up and after dropping his morning bomb in the loo, he joins Monte in the backyard.

Terrance- What's up?

Monte- I'm good. I got my coffee in me.

They discuss that BB is going to let them all sleep in today.


Monte tells Terrance it is impossible to sleep in the HNR because it is ice cold and the floaties become the temperature of the room.

They commiserate over what went down last night (Taylor)

Terrance- Man, I had no idea

They repeat all of the drama details, which I won't worry you all with, again.

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10:02AM BBT

WBRB is on the screen for Wakey Wakey Houseguests


10:14AM BBT

The feeds return to all of the house lights up and HGs struggling to get vertical.


10:45AM BBT

The HGS are getting ready for the day.


11:47AM BBT

Nicole and Daniel are in the HoHR talking about how much they love everyone in the house. Many of the HGs are in the kitchen, inclduing Taylor, just participating in general chatter.




11:52AM BBT

Daniel is telling Indy that he is putting up Taylor after hearing the stuff about Taylor. Indy reveals to Daniel that the guys never talked with her about what happened.

Daniel- Oh, and you don't like that?

Indy says no (it's not that) it's just she can't relay anything they said, But, she says that they told Paloma because it invovled her.  They agree that Terrance is such a great person. Indy says that when the backyard opened yesterday, she and Alyssa ran to the hammock (she had to ask him for that word) but when Terrance came over and commented that he had never been in one "being from the hooch" (clearly she meant "hood"). She says it broke their hearts to hear that. Indy is worried about being too judgmental, "I have always been one to be with the guys. I am just now opening up to being with the girls." Indy said hearing from Paloma what happened just confirmed her intuition.



12:23PM BBT

Taylor is talking with Ameerah in the Space Age Bedroom. Taylor is in pretty good spirits.

Ameerah- I don't know who is going up, and I don't think he knows who is going up.

Taylor- I don't think he knows who he will put up.

Taylor discusses that she likes Michael and the girls agree he is an underdog. They talk about tonight's show being nominations.



Michael walks in to ask their advice about his outfit for the day

Ameerah- We were just talking about your episode. We are going to call it your episode because it was epic.

Taylor- America is gonna love it.



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12:58PM BBT

Jasmine and Ameerah are in the Golf Pro Bedroom talking about what sizes they wear.

Ameerah- How the hell does she wear a double zero (Taylor) Am I really that much bigger?

Jasmine- Nooooo

Ameerah- I wear a 6.

Jasmine says she finds that hard to believe because she wears a 6 in some things, "and I'm thick. That suit in there is like a 10. That's my big. But, if I want to go oversize I do 12. I am usually between a 6 and 10. A 6 is like a stretchy spandex dress. 8 is my comfort. 10 is when I want a little room."

Ameerah says he likes to wear things a little loose.




1:17PM BBT

Just general conversation in the house today. There is no tension at all, despite the house consensus on Taylor.



1:34PM BBT

Nicole is talking with Alyssa (both very beautiful women) in the Space Age Bedroom about the drama with Taylor. We get a nice view of Nicole's back tattoo. Nicole tells Alyssa not to worry because she isn't on anyone's radar.




1:45PM BBT

Taylor is doing her hair in the bathroom when Nicole walks through saying her process is to walk in the house when she gets too hot outside and then head back out. They laugh that getting to bed at 3AM was so great last night.

Taylor: I can do 3AM!



1:48PM BBT

Turner and Nicole are talking tattoos in the kitchen. Nicole says that she had a bad reaction to the red in her arm tattoo. "I spent $600 and was like OH NOOOO" She had to go to the dermatologist and get a special spray.


Nicole says she wasn't able to finish her back tattoo because it hurt like hell. She doesn't plan to finish it.




Turner asks about her tats on her arm. He asks if they have special meaning. She says she has garlic, lemon and parsley tattooed on her left arm because they are the three things shes loves most to cook with. She also has beets and carrots because they were a part of a curry carrot dish that she made that was blogged about and took off on social media.



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3:15PM BBT

The feeds have returned. 




3:19PM BBT

In the bathroom, Paloma tells Kyle "it's like Queen Gambit in my head" She says her head won't shut off.


Paloma says she can't wait to ge tthe 6 of them in a room to talk game (Mamba Alliance)



3:26PM BBT

On the backyard couch, Daniel tells Nicole and Britt that he was babysitting during COVID. "They are both teachers and were on Zoom meetings in separate rooms. SHe was born during COVID."  


3:28PM BBT

In the kitchen, Paloma, ALyssa and Taylor are attempting to cut up vegetables but struggle with the dull knife. 


3:30PM BBT

In the Space Age Bedroom, Joseph is talking with Indy about the possible renom being someone who deserves it.

Indy- I know it's not me

Joe- It's not you

She says she has a voice with the girls and he has a voice with the guys, "so we can exchange favors. It's important for us to make those couple decisions for ourselves now because people are doing it (making alliances) and I feel we are the few not doing it."  (Bingo!)


Joseph tells Indy that everyone loves her but she needs to work. "Being funny is not enough."

Indy and Joseph are agreeing to work together while the HGs on the backyard couches (Daniel, Britt, Nicole & Michael) chat random life stuff.


Joseph: One thing I will tell you, is try to be a little more....your know, you are very easy going...like the Have-Not Room, I know you will hate it, but don't express it....because people are gonna be like, 'we all have to do it'...just come to me and say it. 

Indy: So just shut up

Joseph: Bsically, because there's people here that are volunteering to do it, so it doesn't make you look good.

They hear someone coming so they joke that they should just pretend they are hooking up to cover up their conversation. Indy starts making kissing noises.  

Indy: Yeah, but you're right. I'm just so open and say shit.

Joseph says he is too. 


[Worth mentioning here that Joseph has a girlfriend he met in college. They are just joking around. -MamaLong]




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Joseph tells Indy to work on getting in good with Paloma and the other girls. Indy says she is in really good with all of the girls already. (she has no idea how close she came to being the replacement nom and evictee)


3:58PM BBT

In the kitchen, Taylor is telling Pooch she really wants to be in Entertainment News.

Pooch: No Doubt



4:01PM BBT

Pooch is prepping some chicken wishing he had some Montreal Chicken or Lemon Pepper chicken seasoning. He says he likes it coated heavy. 

Pooch: The picture thing was fun

Terrance, Turner and Taylor agree

Pooch: Like, we got a little project today

Kyle laughs that their first comp is going to look like a "floppy Lord of the RIngs"

Taylor: This first comp always looks bad, though



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4:14PM BBT

In the kitchen, Jasmine tells Pooch to rinse the rice before he cooks it. He says he rinses it after.

Jasmine: What?

Pooch: Just trust me.

(A great way to get gooey rice is failing to rinse it before cooking -ML)


4:23PM BBT

*I'm out for a bit to help PapaLong and get my dogs settled. I have two very old pups: Ruby Sue (age 20) and Reese (age 17). Both are chihuahua mixes and rescues. Please save living animals, y'all! Don't buy designer dogs.  Please don't be shy to post. These updates don't exist without people like you and me! -MamaLong

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5:50PM BBT

The HGs are still enjoying the backyard







6:06PM BBT

In the kitchen, Jasmine is talking about "poo poo water" meaning strong smelling cologne. None of the other HGs have heard that terminology before, so they are laughing with Jasmine.


6:16PM BBT

On the backyard couches, the HGs (Terrance, Nicole, Brittany, Joe, Pooch Taylor,  and Kyle) are talking about how well they are eating. They've only cooked up 2 frozen pizzas so far. Nicole is talking about how they need to do better at not wasting food and organizing the fridge better.

Nicole: Next week, we are gonna have to cook a lot more than this week (big guys on slop)



6:22PM BBT

Paloma is talking with Monte in the SR. SHe says she made herself a rule book of chess moves before coming in the house. "Separate people into irrational and emotional brain and work with irrational players because they will never fail you" 

She says she loves Turner, but he is an emotional player and plays too loud. They label Pooch as an emotional player, too.


(rational sounds more fitting, but I'm fairly sure I heard and read lips saying "irrational" -ML)



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Monte tells Paloma all of the Bros have an alliance called The Oasis

Paloma- Oh, you are telling me everything. I love it. I have unlocked this game. Everyone comes to me. I know everything. I'm gonna win this game. No m ore anxiety. This is checkmate. I will win that money and invest in all of your businesses.   [Crikey, Paloma. Shut it before you blow your game.  -ML]


6:29PM BBT

Paloma says she doesn't want to win HoH. She doesn't think she needs to win it. She wants everyone to believe she is their friend. Monte brings up Derrick Levasseur (BB16) winning without ever having been HoH.

Paloma: I really do believe I have like, hacked this game. I have, like, unlocked it with my brain. My crazy mother fucking brain that doesn't sleep at night in five days finally has figured out the ins and outs of Big Brother.

Monte forgets his food is cooking and rushes out. Once gone, Paloma whispers to herself, "Okay, we're good. We're solid. Good Work here."


6:44PM BBT

Joseph is working out with Jasmine and Alyssa in the gym. Alyssa says pilates is new to her but Jasmine has been teaching her.

Joe- Pilates is new to me, too.



6:48PM BBT

Terrance, Kyle, Nicole and Pooch are playing pool in the backyard.

Indy is on the stationary bike and Taylor is doing laundry.



Indy walks over just as Kyle makes the winning shot sinking the 8 ball in the corner pocket while Pooch chants "You're not that guy" telling him he can't make the shot. Indy says she brought the luck, and Kyle agrees.


6:55PM BBT

Taylor chats with Terrance alone at the pool table for a minute about votes to save him. She says he only needs one more vote, "but it depends on who he puts up. For a minute, yesterday, I thought he was gonna put me up."

[Taylor seems to be oblivious.  -MamaLong]


With Alyssa's encouragement, Taylor finally walks across the tight rope.



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6:57PM BBT

Nicole is talking with Ameerah saying they need to figure out who else they want to work with along with Daniel. Nicole wants Paloma. She also likes Pooch. Nicole asks Ameerah which girls she wants to work with. Ameerahs says she is good with all of the girls. Nicole says Jasmine makes her cry every day, "I'm not even fromt eh south, but there is something about her that makes her feel like home." (That is an amazing compliment and great description of Jasmine...she is golden.  -MamaLong)


Ameerah and Nicole agree that Taylor is defintiely going home this week. Now they are trying to figure out the next moves. 

Nicole- If neither one of us gets HoH, we just need to protect Daniel. I know the boys are going to protect him.

Ameerah- Then who are they talking about getting out next week?

Nicole- Probably us  (They Laugh)

Ameerah then mentions that it will likely be Indy.


7:02PM BBT Paloma is delivering her hero-winner philanthropy speech to Alyssa now in  the SR. Alyssa interrupts to say they just need to make sure they get to the final two.


7:08PM BBT

Michael asks Daniel if they can talk. They head to the HoHR.

Daniel- What's up pickle man (Michael is eating his approved pickles)

Michael- One of my approved items

Daniel tells Michael that he is proud of him for winning veto and that he isn't a fan of floaters. He prefers people who show up to play.

Michael- Same

They mentionethe drama from last night and Daniel says he still hasn't had the chance to talk with Paloma. Daniel says that he really never had a target until that. "To be fair, there were two names in my head, anyway." (for replacement)


Daniel- I don't know. Maybe that sweet little girl is playing me. Good on her.

Michael- But she can't vote, anyway.

*The feeds switch to the bathroom downstairs and then we get WBRB


[It's time for me to sign off for the day. Tomorrow is PapaLong's 64th birthday, and we HAVE to celebrate making it another year despite cancer. I have so much to do. -MamaLong]

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9:15 pm Big Brother Time

House guests in the back yard are reminiscing about past seasons.t

Taylor is in the yard with them, and is joining in with the fun.

They talk about their social media and who is running it for them.

Lots of talk about what is happening in their lives outside the house, weddings, anniversaries....

Nicole expresses a wish to be in a costume.

Terrance laughs about Joe not being able to keep track of his water bottle.

The group breaks up.

Taylor says, "see, alone again."

Nicole turns around, "well, come on.follow"

Taylor decides to do just that.

Taylor makes a smart remark about things left in the yard, leaving it instead of bringing it in.

She goes inside and Terrance says, "see, that's what I was talkin' bout."

He says that's what she does.

NIcole mentions Taylor's attitude as well. Terrance says that Nicole has now seen her attitude instantly.

Nicole says Michael never talked game before the veto, Terrance says he approached Michael after he won the veto and asked him for his vote. They laugh, Terrance says Michael laughed with him and agreed.


Terrance asks Nicole questions about the laundry process, he says he doesn't wash.  Terrance says he just throws everything in. They are really enjoying each other.


Cameras move to the bumper pool game area.

House guests are talking about partners having relationships after they (house guests) pass on.


Sounds like they have been having "soul mate" conversation. They are passing a baton and the holder is the speaker.

The conversation is a very good one and gives quite a bit of insight to expectations in relationships.





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Joe and Daniel are talking about the house in general, how to handle the new nomination.

They both believe Paloma did not lie about Taylor.


Taylor comes into the HOH room, Joe leaves.

They talk in generalities.

When Taylor asks him how he feels about her, he tells her as of now he feels solid about her, but he is interested in what people downstairs are thinking. He says he plans to pass the power to the people, he can't vote.


They hear shouting downstairs and go check to see what is going on.

Daniel thanks her for coming upstairs.

Daniel goes back into the HOH and says he hates doing "that" and "she will be p**sed".

He says Taylor must be a superfan, she knew how to ask the HOH questions. He worries that he is playing a sh***y game. He will find out , he says.

Daniel heads downstairs.

House guests are upset that Indy keeps a measuring tape in her purse and talked about perfect body in front of the girls who are bigger than her.







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11:00pm Big Brother Time

Cameras move to the bedroom with Alyssa, Indy, Nicole and Ameenah.

General talking.

Taylor comes into the room to socialize.


Cameras move to the back yard.

Billiard table is thehot spot, but  Monte and Daniel are off to the side.

Daniel thanks Monte for his take on the cultural aspect he shared, he tells him it makes him feel better about what he is about to do.  Daniel breaks down a little, Monte comforts him

(Previously Daniel and Monte had a talk about how putting up two African American people on the block will look. He was worried that doing that would be seen in negative light.  Monte told him then that the decision was about game play and would not be seen that way.)


Big Circles breaks in and covers the conversation.


Monte and Daniel are still talking about the nominations. He says he will make it clear that he (Monte) went to Daniel and said something had to be done. 

Daniel appreciates Monte being the voice of reason, and he appreciates the people who could be affected are positive.

Daniel says everyone in the house (practically), has repeated a comment Taylor has made this week.

Calling Jasmine out for her weight

Calling Monte a punk of some sort

Monte continues to encourage Daniel, he says it means Daniel's heart in the right place with this. He appreciates that Daniel worries what people think.

Daniel sobs, says maybe he should put someone else up and let "someone else" do it.

Monte tells him again that he will go around the house and work around anyone who has "feelings" about this

Daniel says he just wants to play the game, Monte says he also wants to play the game.

Monte says that he is a "black man" who wants to look out his people, but he is the one who brought it to Daniel because it was something that had to be done.

Daniel thanks him, the conversation ends.


Monte takes Jasmine and Ameesha to the storage room and tells them that Daniel is worried about the asthetics.  Ameesha says she made a joke and it could be her fault. Monte says Daniel is a decent guy, and is worried that he might be cancelled because of it.


Jasmine and Ameesha agree that their goodbye messages are clear.

Ameesha says Taylor will run with the two black people being put up and that will happen within 24 hours.

Ameesha says Michael mentioned what this will look like because he mentioned it.  They say it is good that people are aware.

Monte says he has a theory about the origin of Taylor's lie. He thinks it was a move to get his attention. Paloma can't be nominated, can't vote.

 He wonders why she would plant a seed and even told him to ask Paloma.

(ohhh, probably because it was true--Grannysue)

The girls say maybe Taylor heard it through whispers, Monty says he doesn't believe it. He continues to deny.

Jasmine asks Monte to set up a time for her to go to Daniel and support him in this.

All of them say they gave Taylor's name to Daniel.


In the HOH Daniel is spilling his heart out to Nicole. 

Nicole's eyes are full of tears, she tells him she knows he is not a racist, he is doing it for people in the game.

Daniel says his speech will not be a blanket statement. He says his decision will have to be respected by the house and America.


Daniel says he feels like he doesn't see anyone all day, but all he does is see people all day.  He says when he planned to go to bed he was called to the diary room (last night)

Nicole thanks him for trusting him and confiding him. She thanks him for being "you being you."  She tells him she is always holding space for him no matter where he is in the house.  

Daniel says he is still glad he is HOH and is playing this game.

He says that anyone who would have called Jasmine "fat" would be "outta here"


They think Paloma being HOH would be fun to watch, as long as they are safe.

Daniel says it took 45 minutes for Paloma to get around to telling him what happened. He says "she don't stop, ever."  He says he was aware that Taylor follows Poloma around to gain information.



Daniel and Nicole are laughing about Paloma calling herself "the little rat". 


They are worried that the twist will force the nomination and he will not make one at all.  (Michael's idea of what could happen).

They decide to leave the room and go to the kitchen.



My darlings it is time for me to thank the Lord for my day, go find my puppies (my little Meemo has already been sitting on the rug by the sink staring at me with her little sad eyes, just waiting). 

Sharing Big Brother with all of you is such an honor, I appreciate that you depend on me to tell you what is happening in the house without judgement. That being said, remember that being judgemental is more about who you are than who the person being judged is. We should always live with joy and kindess; just an observation from an old lady who needed to learn that much sooner than she did.  Hugs to all of you, thank you for sharing part of your day with me.   Grannysue.




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