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Episode 1 - 7/7/22 - Live Season Premier

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Get ready to punch your ticket to a season of new twists, new surprises and all new HG. Summer is here, which can mean only one thing: Welcome to the live season premier of Big Brother!

It's a house like no other, where 94 cameras follow your every move, and 113 microphones capture your every word. This is the Big Brother House! Tonight, 16 complete strangers from across the country will enter this house with one goal in mind - to be the last one standing! They will live in total confinement, cut off from the outside world. All summer long, they'll compete for safety and power. Each week, they will vote to evict one of their own, until only one HG remains to claim the $750K grand prize. It all starts right now on Big Brother!

Good evening, I'm Julie Chen Moonves. Welcome to the live Season Premier of Big Brother. Tonight, 16 new HG begin the most outrageous and challenging 3 months if their lives. Behind me, the BB House has been transformed into the BB Hotel, where these HG will move in. They will compete in an over-the-top festival-themed summer we're calling BB Fest. In the end, one HG will be crowned the winner of BB and claim the $750k  prize. But first, we can't get the summer started until we meet our new HG. Let's begin with the first 4.

Kyle is first and we see his mom hand him his key. Are you serious, he exclaims! Paloma is next, dancing on the beach. Monte finds his key in a wrack of hand weights at the gym. Wait, wait, no! Jasmine is riding a tractor when she finds her key. 

Jasmine is a tea-sippin' southern belle from Mississippi. Growing up on a farm was hard work and she is able to take care of herself. Her truth is country girl Jasmine, but she relocated to Atlanta, GA and traded cows for cudicles, owning a press-on nail brand. She's been featured in Vogue and Buzzfeed. You can it all, she says, you just have to set your mind to it and do it. Jasmine's dad loved Big Brother but before he passed away, he told her she had to get on the show. He'd be proud of her. I'm going to give 'em hell! 

Kyle is an entrepreneur from Bountiful, UT, making dancing videos with is mom, which means he's unemployed. He grew up in a very religious Morman household, and needed to find himself in college. Not Morman anymore, his parents adjusted to form a healthy adult relationship. He lives in his parents house and tells girls he lives in a basement apartment w/2 elderly roomates upstairs. He thinks he'll excel at physical comps, endurance, where you don't use your brain. Showmances put your game at risk, Kyle says, so he'll try to avoid them but let's be real - if one develops, I'm not going to say no. Don't come back with a wife, Mom says. I'm coming back with $750K, he responds. 

Paloma is seen as a 22yr old girl who runs on the beach in San Diego and takes cute photos for social media. But she's very ambitious, went to Berkley and just got her real estate license and is also an interior designer. Sales is making people trust you, and I'm your gal. She's a Latina with family from Greece, and single. The BB House is all relationships, so she'll probably flirt a little. She plans to go in and absolutely dominate.

Monte got into fitness during the pandemic & is a personal fitness coach. He also has a degree in mechanical engineering, but didn't want to sit behind a desk. Half Puerto Rican, he loves salsa dancing & does impressions, the perfect package of brawn & brain. Fit to win BB!

Hello Monte, Jasmine, Paloma and Kyle, JCM says, welcome to Big Brother. You are about to be challenged mentally, physically, and let's not forget, socially. One thing is for certain, it's going to be the craziest, most action-packed 3 mo of your lives. The game starts the second you walk through that front door. Inside the house are 4 stations that contain tickets to the hottest festival of the summer, the BB Fest. You find a station and grab a ticket. Who's ready to play BB? Then go on in!

Monte holds the door open for Kyle, Jasmine and Paloma. Kyle is the first one in the house, which has a kind of sea-side motel vibe, with soft turquoise colors, a 50's decore,  and the Festival logo on the floor. There are also Flamingo prints on the walls. They head to the BRs. Jasmine says the BB House is like a dream come true. Washing eggs on a farm, she never thought she'd be here. She grabs a ticekt. All we see of the first bedroom is roses on a trellis wall and golf clubs. Monte grabs his ticket from the LR.

Kyle gets his ticket from the KT. Even his mom thinks he'll go home the first week, Kyle tells us, he has to guarantee that doesn't happen by winning HoH. JCM sends the HG to the BY w/ their tickets. Paloma grabs a KT ticket and they walk out to the BY. Holy Cow, Kyle says. The BY has a huge BBFest stage, and the BBFest logo is on the grass. To the right are booths that look like port-o-johns. JCM says there are 3 Festival hot-spots: the Port-o-Potties, the Piercing Tent, and the Merch Stand. Each ticket gives access to one of the locations.

A comp awaits at each location. Each HG will scan their ticket to find out where they will compete. After all 16 HG arrive, the games begin. But one ticket will make its holder the Backstage Boss. I'll tell you what that means later on. Paloma scans her ticket and is sent to the Porta Potties. Jasmine is also sent to the Porta Potties. Monte draws the Porta Potties. Kyle is also sent to Porto Potties. Four in a row, JCM says. It's rigged, Monte jokes. JCM says she has to invite more guest sto BB Fest.

The gates to BBFest have opened, JCM tells us, and the game has begun. Up next, 4 more HG will move in. And later, four outrageous comps will play out live, all leading to a game changing decision and an unprecidented 2 HG holding all the power. Stay with us.

Welcome back to the live Season Premier of BB. Just moments ago, the first 4 HG moved into the BB Motel and punched their tickets to BBFest. So who's arriving next? It's time to find out. Alyssa gets her key relaxing on the beach. No way, she squeals! Daniel's little niece hands him his key. We're going to BB, he tells her! Michael receives his key outside an office building. Is this for real, he asks? Taylor gets her key in an outdoor patio. Incredible, Yes!

Alyssa works in the beauty industry, a customer service rep for a swimwear brand and a marketing rep for a plastic surgeon's office, but she's not just a pretty face. She writes poetry and can be introverted when she's not fun and outgoing. Alyssa would play BB games growing up. Her mom would like them up on a fence and spray them with a hose. You have to prepare for when you're on BB, Mom would say. She wants to befriend everyone but is not afraid to make big moves. If HoH, she'll show you the backdoor.

In Vegas, Daniel is a professional Elvis tribute artist. He can't believe he does this for a living, and meeting the audience after a show reminds him why he does it. He grew up surrounded by different music styles, and can adapt to any person and situation inside the house. Daniel has been a BB fan since day one, watching live feeds until 3am, but I won't say I'm a Super Fan. I'll lay low while winning. 

Taylor is a personal stylist who once sold a suit made with crushed diamonds for $18k. She's comfortable working for powerful men; they won't respect you if you don't establish confidence & dominance. If guys in the house get cocky with her, she'll put them in their place. She never thought she'd be a beauty queen, but 5 yrs ago she decided to try out for Miss Universe and won Miss Michigan. People see the glam & pounds of hairspray, in a pageant or on the tennis courts, she competes to win. Nothing will stop her from getting what she wants, Taylor says, and she hopes the BB House is ready for her. She's coming for another crown! 

Michael is a criminal defense attorney from Rochester, MN who is used to clients wonder about their lives being in his hands. How old are you, when did you graduate law school? But he's a member of Mensa, so he's a certified Genius. If you trust anyone, it should be him. Michael's been with his fiance for 4 years, and they got engaged last fall. They both love BB and he's been watching since he was 8. He compiled a Big Brother Bible of past winners' games and statistically, winning the first HoH is 4X more likely to win the game. Michael says he has the mental toughness to take this to the end. 

Hello HG, JCM says, Alyssa, Daniel, Taylor and Michael, welcome to BB. By the end of the summer, one of you could walk out of this with 3/4 of a million dollars. But, to do that you'll have beat out all the other HG, including the ones you're standing next to. And it all begins right now. You've all been briefed on what to do, so head on in and grab your ticket to BBFest. The House is yours! Michael holds the door open for his fellow hG. They enter and Taylor & Alyssa quickly introduce themselves. Daniel runs off to explore.

Daniel grabs a ticket from outside the BRs, and tell us the house is bigger than he thought. This is where the legends sat (in the DR). All four HG have their tickets. Taylor tells us it's easy to be good and nice, but this is an opportunity to be bad, to lie, be evil. JCM sends the HG to the BY. Quickly! They find the first 4 HG all standing in front of the Porta Potties. There's always a line at the Porta Potties, JCM jokes. Michael scans his ticket and is sent to the Merch Stand. Alyssa is also sent to the Merch Stand.

Taylor scans her ticket and goes to the Piercing Tent. Daniel scans his ticket and joins the others at the Merch Stand. JCM tells us half the HG have arrived, so who else will be playing the game this summer? Then epic night of comps begins. Before the night is up, JCM says, we will not only crown the first HoH, but we'll shock the HG with the first big twist of the summer. Stay with us!

WB to the live Season Premier of BB. Already tonight, 8 new HG have moved in & entered BBFest, and it's time for 4 more to join them.  Nicola finds her key among her kitchen knives. Joseph gets his during a huge breakfast spread. Matthew pulls his key off the clothing wrack. Brittany is handed her key from a patient. 

Nicole is a private chef from Fort Lauderdale, FL where she cooks on yachts and in private estates. A proud lesbian woman, he has a lot of feminine and masculine energy, and gets along with both men and women. Before becoming a chef, she was a police officer for 10 years. As a police officer, Nicole was a strong-willed person, but she fell in love with cullinary school and decided to take a risk & switch careers. She and her mom have been watching BB since Season 1. Mom is recoering from cancer and Nicole wants to win BB and make her proud.

Turner (Matthew) is an artist who owns his own thrift store, the Rug Shack. Before he opened the store, he lived in a van, touring national parks and monuments. He's a rug artist, also called a rug tufter. He creates new rug designs daily, and even made a CBS BB Eye rug. Turner had a super hippie upbringing, and that helps him adapt to any environment, which will help her  be a killer in the BB House. He has no doubt he'll win.

Joseph is a lawyer and personal trainer from sunny south Florida. He works out daily, 24x7, no days off. People assume he's all bronze, no brains, but he's following in his father's footsteps as a lawyer. His father practiced in the middle east but had to come to the USA. Joseph's Syrian/Palestinian heritage is extremely important to him, and would love to represnt to others like himself. He's not searching for romance but has been told he's a flirt, and if it comes his way, it'll be hard to turn away. BB has never seen anyone like me.

Brittany is clinical hypnotherapist from Austin, TX, and also a competitive belly dancer. She loves to jiggle, the black sheep of the family. She's been watching BB since Season 1 and has a notebook with 30 pages of notes for how to play her game. Brittany won't tell anyone she's a hypnotist, downplaying herself as a threat and just be the funny, goofy gal who everyone loves to hang around.

Hello, Nicole, Turner, Brittany & Joseph, welcome to the BB Motel. Is anyone here a fan of festivals? Yes, they say. Excellent, says JCM, you are all in luck, because this summer, BB will be filled w/ wild & crazy festivals what will challenge each of you like never before. JCM sends the HG into the BB House to claim their BBFest tickets. None of the HG hold the door open for the others. Turner says this is insane, a couple days ago he was digging through donated clothes. Brittany grabs a ticket from the WA. Nicole tells us she'll use her former cop skills to lock this competition down. Brittany has been watching BB since she was 10 and has no words for how she feels now. All the HG have their BBFest tickets and head out to the BY. 

As you can see, JCM tells them, 8 of your fellow HG are already at the BBFest and it's time to find out where you'll be going. Nicole goes to the Porta Potties. Brittany goes to the Piercing Tent. Turner goes to the Piercing Tent. Joseph goes to the Piercing Tent. Only 4 tickets to BBFest remain, and the last group will be arriving shortly. JCM tells us that up next, the final 4 HG enter the BB House. Then, 3 comps will determine which HG will battle it out for the first HoH. Plus, a new twist that will send everyone scrambling.

WB to the live Season Premier of BB. The gates to BBFest are open but not everyone has arrived, and the Backstage Boss pass is still up for grab. It's time to meet the final 4 HG and move them into the BB Motel. Coach Pooch takes a water bath on the football field and is told to get in the game with his BB key. Ameerah receives her key at family dinner. Terrance finds his key hanging on the side view mirror of his city bus. And Indy gets her key from a coworker on a private jet. 

Terrance is a bus operator from Chicago, IL. He loves meeting new people on his bus. They'll tell him their life store and sometimes bring him treats, which is dope. At 7pm, he gets off work and turns into DJ Showtime, one of the hottest kareoke DJ's in Chicago. Terrance met his wife at a kareoke spot and now they have 4 amazing kids. They have watched BB as a family (don't come home without the money, his wife says), and he means it when he says he'll throw people under the bus. 

Indy, from Sao Paol, Brazil, is a corporate flight attendant, flying celebrities and high level people. She grew up in a really poor community and moved to the USA when she was 22. A fan of Big Brother Brazil, and is addicted to the US version. Indy says her social skills will help her avoid being a target. She likes to cook and is super funny - in Portugese. She expects to be vocal in the house, even if she tries to keep her mouth shut. She wants to get in the game, get the money and be successful.

Joe Pooch is a college football coach from Staten Island, NY, who is often stereotyped as a young man who just likes to have fun, but he is completing his MBA in sports management. He'll let them think he's down there when he's really up there. A huge fan of BB, Pooch and his mom bonded over BB. He jokes with her that if a showmance starts... Mom interrupts and says you'll be more strategic than that. He wants to be the first BB winner from Staten Island.

Ameerah has realized her dream of working at Google, working 100% from home, which means she can work from anywhere in the world. She's traveled to over 30 countries, constantly on the road, adapting & figuring things out. Her entire life has been expecting the unexpected. Ameerah grew up with a single mother who had her when she was 17, and the family struggled together. It was hard to get there, but that's why she's so strong. She doesn't want to be seen as strategic and is open to a showmance, whatever will level up her game. She's all in. Whatever it takes, Ameerah says, she wants to be off the radar until she has to be, and then she'll go strong.

Hello, Ameerah, Pooch, Indy and Terrance, welcome to BB. This will be your home that you have to navigate all summer long in a summer like no other. The battle for $750k begins the second you go through that door. What are you waiting for? The house is waiting for you!

Pooch holds the door open for Ameerah after Indy and Terrance go through. Terrance is the first to enter and the search is on for the last tickets. Terrance wants to represent the old guys who still have gas in the tank. Ameerah gets the last ticket in the WA. Ameerah says while she's a person of honor and integrity, she's here to play BB, and if she has to lie, cheat, manipulate to win $750K, she'll do it all. It doesn't matter how she gets to the top as long as she gets there. Terrance, Pooch and Indy get their tickets. 

After hugs and introductions, JCM tells the HG to head to the BY with their tickets. What's up, Terrance asks, seeing the other 12 HG. He scans his ticket and goes to the Piercing Tent. Indy goes to the Merch Stand. Pooch scans his ticket and it comes up as the Backstage Boss. JCM tells him to take the spiral staircase upstairs to the backstage area and have a seat in the big gold armchair and put on his Backstage Pass. Ameerah is the last HG to scan their ticket and completes the team at the Merch Stand. Now that everyone has a spot, it's time for the comps to begin. The games will play out one at a time, and each winner will move on to the Main Stage to compete for the first HoH.

The HoH is the most powerful position in the BB game. As HoH, you are safe for the week but must nom 2 HG for eviction. Since Pooch did not join any group because he found the Backstage Boss ticket and will not compete in any comps tonight. More about this pass later on.

Get ready, because the first comp of BBFest is just moments away. BBFest is up next, JCM tells us, when the first group of HG, the Porta Potties, go head to head. Who will advance to tonight's HoH comp? Stay with us.

WB to the live Season Premier of BB. Already tonight, 16 new HG have entered the BB Motel and made their way to BBFest. Now, three high stakes competitions will determine which HG will advance to the HoH comp later tonight. Let's head to the BY to get things started.

Hello again, HG. It is now time to begin the very first competition of the summer and we're starting at the Porta Potties. Paloma, Jasmine, Monte, Kyle and Nicole are inside their Porta Potties, each with 3 buttons marked 1, 2 and 3. This comp is called Potty Talk and here's how it works. In each round, you will hear a group of festival goers talking outside the porta potties. Contained within each of these conversations are the words one, two and three. 

Your goal is to identify which word was said the most number of times during the conversation. You can lock in your answer at any time after the conversation  begins. Once everyone has locked in an answer, the result will be revealed. The 1st person to answer incorrectly will be eliminated. If you all answer correctly, the last person to lock in their answer will be eliminated. This will continue for 4 rounds until only one remains. The winner will advance to tonight's live HoH comp. Everyone understand?

Good. As you know, porta-potties at festivals can get a little messy, so please, put on your goggle. Kyle shakes his head OMG. Not the shirt, he says. Nicole just laughs. Not a line you hear often at porta potties, JCM jokes. Is everyone ready? Let's go, Julie, yells Nicole.

Conversation #1: Someone knocks on a porta-potty door and says there's a line waiting. They talk about having to do #1, #2 or #3. All 5 HG say #2 was said the most. The correct answer is 2. They all get it right. Paloma was the last to lock in & is doused in blue paint. Kyle is halfway out of his porta-potty. No, he cries out. You can all stay right there, JCM tells him, now you know what to expect. 

Here is the next convo, in which the voices discuss being #1 fans, stage #s, and 1, 2 or 3 O'clock. They all guess 2 again. Kyle braces. The correct answer 2, but Jasmine was the slowest to answer and is doused with blue paint over her pink blouse. 

In the third convo, the voices discuss the dopest DJ being on in 3 minutes, 2 people in a porta-potty, and more. Kyle is the first to guess 1. Monte guesses 1. Nicole 3. The correct answer is 1 and Nicole is eliminated with blue paint. It is down to Monte or Kyle for the last convo. One of them will win, the other will have their clothes ruined with the blue stuff in porta-potties.

In the last conversation, we're back to discussing stage numbers and mic-checks (1-2-3). ZingBot makes an voice appearance with his own mic-check (1 Zing, 2 Zing, 3 Zing). Kyle's hand waivers over button #3, but both hit it at the same time. Oh know, cries out Kyle. Both Monte and Kyle brace for the port-o-paint treatment. Kyle is climbing onto his back while Monte sits up straight waiting his fate. You both answered 3, JCM says, and the correct answer is 3. Kyle is doused in blue paint as Monte was just half a second faster.

JCM tells Monte to make his way to the main stage. He tries to avoid the other 4 blue-painted HG. Up next, 5 HG brave the Piercing Tent in a comp you have to see to believe.

WB to the live Season Premier of BB. Just moments ago, Monte won the first comp of the summer and advanced to the live HoH comp. Who will join him? Let's head to the BY and find out. Hello, HG. It's time for the Piercing Tent competition. 

Tayler, Brittany, Turner, Joseph and Terrance, everyone makes bad decisions at festivals, and the worst decisions are often made at the piercing tent. This comp is called Piercing Panic and here's how it is played. On each piercing table are 10 pieces of jewelry that have to be attached to specific places on your face (top ear, bottom ear, left and right nose, left and right lips). The illustration on your table tells you where each item goes. 

The first HG to correctly attach all their jewlrey to their face and hit their button will automatically advance to the HoH competltion. And please, keep playing until I officially declare a winner. Just because someone presses their button does not mean they won.

Everyone undertand? Then get ready because this comp starts NOW! The HG start attaching the clip-on jewlrey, using the BY mirrors to guide them. There are big and little hoops, rings, dangles, and more, some which look heavy or bulky. They all look rediculous. Turner is the first to press his button, but a piercing has fallen off. He drops it again. He reattaches and presses his button. Congratulation, JCM says after a pause, not only do you look good but you are heading to the main stage to compete for HoH later tonight.

Turner takes his piercings off as quick as he can. Who will join you and Monte to play for the most powerful position in the BB House? We are going to find out shortly. Up next, a thrilling battle of endurance plays out live at the Merch Tent. And later, what's in store for the Backstage Boss. Plus, you will be able to impact the game. Stay with us!

WB to the live Season Premier of BB. Monte and Turner have already advanced to tonight's HoH comp. It's time to find out who will claim the final spot and join them on the main stage. Let's get things started. HG, who will be joining Monte & Turner on the main stage?

It all comes down to the Merch Stand. Ameera, Indy, Daniel, Alyssa and Michael, the merch is flying off the shelves and if you want your limited edition swag, you better hang on tight because this comp is called Hanging Tough. Here's how it works. When instructed, grab onto the T-shirt on a hanger above you and hold on. On my go, you will be lifted off the ground. The goal is simple - do not fall! If you do, you will be eliminated. The winner will be the last HG hanging on. Go ahead and grab your t-shirts. 

Inside each t-shirt is a hidden bar for the HG to grab so they are not actually holding onto the tail of the shirt. The hangers have all been adjusted for each HG's height. Everyone ready? Great, because this comp starts now. The HG are lifted into the air about 2 feet off the ground. Ameera, Daniel and Michael are wearing shoes; Indy and Alyssa are barefoot. Rock music plays in the background. The HG are all swaying in the air. Daniel's feet are crossed. The other HG watch anxiously.

Alyssa is the first one to drop and is eliminated. Daniel adjusts his grip. Ameerah falls and Alyssa quickly follows. Daniel adjusts his grip again. Michael seems solid. Daniel curls his legs up, urging strength into his arms and upper body. Michael bends his legs too. 

Michael drops, leaving Daniel as the winner! You hung in there the longest, JCM says, and you will face off against Monte and Turner on the Main Stage in the very first HoH comp of the summer. Those hotel workouts really paid off, Daniel jokes.

Monte, Daniel and Turner will now battle each other for the title of first HoH. The winner will become the most powerful player in the game. But how could the Backstage Boss change everything? Stay with us.

WB to the BB. It's now time to crown the first HoH of the summer. Hello again, HG. For the 1st time this summer, the power is up for grabs. Remember, the HoH is safe for the week but must nom 2 HG for eviction. This comp is called Drumming for Power and here's how it works. On my go, you will race to unpack your road case and assemble your drumset puzzle. The first person to successfully assemble their drumset and hit their button will become the first HoH of the summer. Does everyone understand? Monte, Daniel and Turner all signal yes.

Then get on your mark, get set, Go! The 3 HG open large trunks & start pulling 3D puzzle pieces out, each in their own color (Daniel: turquoise, Turner: yellow and Monte: red). They have different height posts to insert into slots on the stage & pieces for drums & cymbals. Pooch has come downstairs from his Backstage Pass perch to watch the comp. Daniel has a commanding lead, having assembled his bass drum and the posts for his cymbals. He adds tom toms and a snare before Monte finally gets his bass in place. Daniel presses his button.

Congratulations, JCM says, Daniel, you are the first HoH of the summer! Daniel gets hugs from the Monte, Turner and Pooch. Whoowee, he exhales and slaps a cymbal. 

JCM says as you all know, earlier tonight Pooch became the Backstage Boss and it is time to find out what that means. Pooch, as Backstage Boss, you will be backstage all week long, meaning you will not participate in any comps and won't vote on eviction night. But the good news is, JCM continues, you cannot be nominated or evicted this week. And even though you're safe for the week, you will be eligible to compete in the next HoH comp. So, congratulations, Pooch. 

But remember, we do have a motto here on Big Brother: Expect the unexpected and tonight is no different. You know how being Backstage Boss affects you, but it's time to find out how it affects your housemates because being Backstage Boss comes with a unique power. Pooch, you have the power to pick 3 other HG to send backstage. Now listen up. Usually, being backstage is a perk. But not at BBFest. They, like you, cannot be nominated, will not take part in any of this week's comps, and they will not be voting on eviction night.

But be warned. Unlike you, they are not safe. One of them could be the first HG going home. So Pooch... Like right now, he asks? We do want to know who you want to choose, JCM says, putting their game in jeapordy. Here is a quick video at BBFest to help with your decision.

A video plays on the BBFest main screen of each HG introducing themselves with an odd fact about themselves. Paloma likes mayo. Terrance says he's a kareoke DJ. Alyssa says loves the beach. Michael is a cat-dad. Jasmine is looking forward to OTEV. Joseph says in his free time, he volunteers in impoverished communities in South America. Brittany is a competitive belly dancer. Daniel is a touring musician. Taylor was Miss Michigan USA. Turner lived in a van for 2 years. Nicole loves to cook. Monte is all about a good time. Indy is from Brazil & wants to prove Brazillians are the most fun people. Pooch has a crazy Italian family. Ameerah is looking forward to meeting people & forming friendships. Kyle has no rhythm but loves to dance.

All right, Pooch, clearly, you are safe and so is the HoH, Daniel. I am going to give you the commercial break to think about which 3 HG you are choosing to send backstage, putting their games in jeapordy. Thanks, Julie, Pooch says. I'll be back before you know it! Which 3 HG will Pooch choose to place in jeapordy this week? Find out when we return. Plus, America, you will have a huge impact on thea Backstage Boss twist starting tonight. I'll give you all the details, next.

WB to the live Season Premier of BB. Having become the Backstage Boss, Pooch has secured safety for the week but now must choose 3 HG to send backstage, putting their BB lives in danger. Let's head to the BY for Pooch's decision. The HG are all lined up facing him.

Hello, HG. It is now time for Pooch to choose who he would like to send backstage for the week. Pooch, you'e learned a little more about your housemates and it is now time to make your decision. Remember, whomever you choose, you're putting their game in jeapordy. Please give us your first choice. Pooch says I don't even know your names, but the way that is most fair is whoever got out first in each comp. I'm not sure who it was. Paloma steps up as first out in the Porta-Potty comp. 

Pooch's second choice for a backstage pass is Alyssa for dropping first in the Merch Stand comp. And the third backstage pass goes to the belly dancer (because there wasn't a first out) because you stood out. Paloma, Alyssa and Brittany receive Pooch's backstage passes. Pooch apologies to the three ladies while JCM makes the choices official. Remember, even though you three cannot be nominated for eviction, there is no guarantee you won't be the first HG going home. I'll leave you with that. Goodnight, HG.

So, JCM tells us, Daniel is HoH, Pooch is the Backstage Boss, and Paloma, Alyssa and Brittany are backstage and in danger of going home on Eviction Night. But you, America, have the power to impact the game on Night 1. Which of these three HG do you want to keep safe?

The power is in your hands, JCM says, voting begins at cbs.com/BBVote to save either Paloma, Alyssa or Brittany. The person with the most votes by the morning of July 14th will not be going home come eviction night. 

With that, BBFest is in full swing, and this first week promises to be one of the craziest in BB history. Everything continues Sunday. Who will Daniel nom for eviction? Then on Wednesday, the PoV plays out. Who will win and will it be used to save one of the noms? Then next Thursday, it is a live eviction night like no other. There will be a live vote, but who will actually be walking out the front door? And, who will you choose to save? All will be revealed. 

To continue watching the HG on the live feeds, subscribe to Paramount+ at https://mortystv.com/to/feeds. There, you can watch the HGs 24x7, live and unfiltered. For now, let's eavesdrop on the HG. From outside the BB House, I'm JCM. Love one another. Goodnight.

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