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Brittany Hoopes 

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Name: Brittany Hoopes 
Age: 32
Hometown: Austin, Texas.
Current City: Austin, Texas.
Occupation: Hypnotherapist



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Love this lady!  She seems fun to be around.  I need to watch more of the live feeds to get a better feel for what she does in the house. 

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She's not a very good strategic player, despite being a SuperFan. Her attempt to win Pooch over with a basic offer of safety when she didn't even know if he could protect her was ill advised. The odds of the Backstage Boss being able to choose or save one of the Backstage Passholders was low. It was a panic move.


But America loved her. Interestingly, on the show, JCM didn't tell the HG about America's vote or that Brittany won. Probably for the best because it would have put a target on her.

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I'm not sure how much Brittany's lack of confidence is strategic and how much is real. She seems very confident when with Michael. Maybe it's because he's the only one that really takes her seriously.

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