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Friday, July 8, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
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Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
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Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
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12:00AM BBT

Paloma talked with Daniel in the HoHR from 11:35PM - 12:00AM then Jasmine entered for her turn with the HoH. She asked Daniel if he knows who he will nominate. He denies, saying he has no clue. She asks directly if he is thinking guys or girls or what. Indy interrupted looking for Kyle to give him his clothes "or whatever he needs" because he woke her up last night trying to get his stuff. (the door creaks loudly to the Space Age Bedroom when it is opened) Indy says she will oil the door. When she leaves, Daniel says he failed to watch the cam to see her coming. Paloma tells him she is a homie. Paloma asks him about the male.female thing again. Daniel says that when Pooch made his Backstage picks using the fairness method, it sort of messed him up.

Paloma- I kind of want to get out a girl

Daniel- Name names

Paloma- I think I would get out a strong player

Daniel tells Paloma "I love you so much" and that he feels they have the same sort of humor.


When Jasmine enters the HoHR to talk with Daniel, he tells her to come back in 5 minutes. After she leaves, Paloma tells Daniel that she loves Jasmine and that she is so sweet and loyal or a "good fucking liar with southern charm." Paloma jokes that she spends so much time with her that she is beginning to talk like her and wants to make buscuits. Daniel laughs.





Paloma tells Daniel he should just consider who he likes and gets along with. She says she really likes Ameerah. Daniel carefully watches the spy cam expecting others to interrupt (they had Indy, Joe and Jasmine, so far). Daniel says that he doesn't know who has made connections yet. He asks her if there is anyone she doesn't trust. Paloma wastes no time revealing that she does not trust Taylor. SHe thinks she is sweet but feels she doesn't make an effort to get to know the girls "you need to be a girl's girl and a guy's girl" while Daniel agrees that Taylor is likable but can't be trusted, saying, "I see through it when she cooks for us."


Daniel- You vibe with Ameerah, though?

Paloma- I do

Daniel- Michael? Do you vibe with Michael?

Paloma- I do, but I hate saying this....I think you put him up next to someone you want to go home (Michael has already been labeled the pawn) I feel bad saying that.

Daniel- While I nod and grin

Daniel adamantly agrees. Daniel compliments Paloma's attention to detail with t he HGs and repeats that he really likes her vibe, "Yo, you're the shit." Paloma says the two of them are "really good players because we are low key."  Daniel says he could chill for hours with her. He says they need to be careful, though, because they are both talkers. (meaning not to be seen together too much). Paloma assures him they will do vibe checks with each other. Daniel brings up Nicole. Paloma gets confused and thinks he is mistakenly calling Taylor Nicole. He repeats (trying to feel out Paloma since he has F2 with Nicole.

Paloma- Oh Nicole the chef. She is legend. If you can get her in...love that. She is everything. Amazing. Incredible person. I love her.

Daniel- Oh my God. That's great. 

Paloma takes her turn by complimenting Ameerah saying she has a bomb brain and is so cool. 'Her, you, me and Nicole. Us 4? Vibes all the way!"

Daniel- That makes me feel good. Like I don't want to overthink it.

Paloma- Do you want me to send someone?

Daniel- Honestly, I want to see who comes up here and makes initiative. Michael has been making hints all day but then it's like (waiting for him to come) Fucking talk to me!

*Paloma talks so fast, y'all. It's like watching an episode of Gilmore Girls.

Paloma- Thos 4 I really like and Jasmine. But I don't know if she can lie really well. But, you got this man.

They hug and agree their code word is "Vibes"

Paloma leaves.



Daniel and Jasmine chit chat about random things and tell each other how much they really like each other and refer to each other as homies. Jasmine commends Daniel for reaching out and trying to get to know all of the HGs. They both agree that all of the HGs are great. Daniel says he can't believe he just peed and kept talking to her like she's not a stranger. They laugh about how well they connect. Daniel asks Jasmine who she is vibing with the most. She says Paloma and him.

Daniel- I love Paloma

Jasmine- I can tell when people have genuine vibes. I really do love her.

Daniel- I told her I'm not f'ing with you. (He won't work against her)

Jasmine recounts the conversation she had with Paloma about her dad's death and Paloma's grandma dying from COVID. She says she is just now starting to talk game with her. Daniel agrees that Paloma is someone they want to move forward with.

Daniel- At least I know the two people I like, like each other, too

*They see Taylor coming. Daniel says he will tell her to come back later

Taylor enters saying she is not sleepy. The three of the agree they are the night owls [Nope! So many stay up all hours.]



Taylor takes a seat and they chat about tanning and how they only got two hours outside. Jasmine says she is a sunlight person and has to vacay at the beach. Daniel says he is a log cabin type.


12:20AM BBT

The Twizzlers/Red Vines debate continues when Taylor says she isn't about the Twizzlers slander. She loves the pull and peel cherry Twizzlers. Jasmine thinks it's 10PM and Taylore breaks the news that it's after midnight. Jasmine is shocked. Jasmine says she was trying to sleep when she heard Monte doing dishes, so she just got up. Taylor asks if Daniel saw Turner leave the DR yet (he was just called before she came up)

Daniel- I love Turner. He is so chill.

Jasmine continues talking and Taylor tells her she could listen to her reading the dictionary. Looking at the spy cam, Taylor declares that anyting the live feeds can see is something they should be able to see.



1:15AM BBT

Michael gets a chance to one-on-one with Daniel after asking Taylor for some time alone. She leaves and Daniel says he has to start telling people they have just five minutes. "FInally we are alone." Michael says he is treading lightly. Daniel says he gets the impressiont hat people feel like it's too early to game on day two.

Daniel- How do you feel? Pooch selecting the backstage people was an amazing strategy and now I can't do that. Paloma was like 'that's fair' and I was like, What? I want it to be that easy.

They discuss how the twist complicates things because the backstage people can't be nominated but COULD be evicted. They do not know what to expect. (that's the goal)

Daniel- WHat would you do?

Michael- Pooch took the easiest thing. That's off the table. I guess for me, if people didn't come talk to me, I guess I cold say I didn't know where your head was at. I believe in putting forth effort into relationships and would never assume 'he is going to keep me safe.'

Daniel- Yeah

Michael- I don't know. I guess since you can't compete next week, setting yourself up for the best spot next week. Obviously, if you didn't nominate me I'd be grateful. 

Michael makes the first deal saying if Daniel doesn't put him up, he won't forget that. He says that he is a student of the game and can help him. "If I am not on the block I'd like to keep talking and see where we can go from here. But, I'm not gonna be like, let's make a final two (implying it's too early) If I say I have your back and you have mine...I would want to play with people who want to play the game."

Michael says he wants a reciprocal relationship

Daniel- Dude, I love that. I have no reason for anyone, and you're such a chill dude. Those things are cool with me. That extra safety is nice to hear.

Michael- Obviously I'm not coming up here to just ask and ask and ask.

Daniel tells him he respects the arrangement to "not fuck each over...I love that"

Daniel tells Michael he is glad he came to talk.


1:30AM BBT

Paloma chats with Britt in the Golf Pro bedroom. She shares her concern over Indy "For just a brief second, she seemed unsure" which surprise Britt "Really, I thought she was the most real one. Maybe I have a bad read on her." Paloma says she feels so solid with Ameerah and Jasmine. Britt agrees. Jasmine enters with a bowl of Froot Loops. Britt pushes for them to include Michael because he is not one of the muscle guys and is so genuine. "Should we ever need him, he is the one most likely to get in with the girls. He feels awkward (with the guys)."



Jasmine shares that she is "scared as shit" that she will be nominated. Paloma assures her that's not on Daniel's mind at all. Jasmine explains how Taylor interrupted her conversation with Daniel and "did not get a fucking clue" that they were having a one-on-one.  They talk smack about Taylor for a good while.


[I have to interject here to say that this is so typical of females ganging up on the one female that is confident but distant. Taylor is aloof and distant and has made no real connections with any one person. But,  I think she is a great girl....just not meshing enough with anyone and not playing the game. -ML]


2:38AM BBT

Turner and Pooch [Anyone picturing TOm Hanks, here? LOL] head up to the HoHR to talk with Daniel. 


Pooch warns about Taylor being someone to be careful with "that's not someone we want to...you know, keep your enemy close. I haven't talked game with people. I know she has. I told her if there is a big alliance forming, I'm not in it. She is out to get intel. We want to make her feel we have her back."

They all agree that she is one that would be out for blood if they turn on her. Pooch says they need to keep her as a friend. "Keep her right there. I don't think anyone sees her as a danger." The three decide they are "the core" allance. They decide to play it off like they haven't talked with Daniel at all, yet, and make sure they only talk when everyone else is asleep. They keep referring to themselves as a motley crew.

[Daniel must be loving this. He is positioning himself well with all of the HGS, not an easy task. -MamaLong]

The guys speculate that the girls have an alliance, already, especially Alyssa and Paloma which they call "twins."

This motley crew lists ones they think are easy to pick off: Indy and Terrance. They begin figuring out how to work a rotation so one of them is always HoH. They say Joseph is someone they use when needed. 

Pooch- Joe is a Bro

Turner tells his crew that Brittany and Michael both came to him to work together, "so if you hear anything, just know."


3:00AM BBT

Pooch is talking with Joseph and Turner in the bathroom. Pooch says he doesn't sleep much and likes to stay up late.  They discuss Daniel and how they respect his game.image.thumb.png.ddf7493fcc10bc336bf46211f8483aff.png

4:45AM BBT

Monte and Paloma are whispering in the WA. SHe tells him not to stand in front of the mirrors because people can see the reflection. "Okay, exit strategy; we hear someone coming and you head into the toilet." Monte agrees. He begins pushing for Joe to be their 6th member. Paloma is trying to steer away from Joe. They hear someone coming so Paloma jumps into the shower stall to hide. When Terrance enters the loo, she makes her escape by slowly exiting the shower stall then making a mad dash for the kitchen  [This is pretty funny. I really like Paloma. Very entertaining.  -MamaLong]


5:07AM - 5:24AM BBT

Paloma, Monte and Kyle had a late night meeting that started in the kitchen then moved to the WA. Paloma warns them that their whispers are echoing in the house.  She decides to "hide" in the shower stall with the guys on the outside. Paloma said they have to come up with an alliance name. Kyle said he has been thinking about it. They discuss having Joe on the outside of the alliance (which according to Paloma, is the biggest alliance in the house consisting of Paloma, Monte, Kyle, Alyssa, Ameerah="The Brain" and Pooch, who got an earlier alliance offer and they feel they can't backtrack. Monte suggests Mamba as a name. Paloma points out that production is very touchy about alliance names. Discussion is directed back to Joe by the guys.  Paloma has a feeling Joe will be nominated and she doesn't want their alliance breaking with the first eviction. She wants him on the outside as "The Straggler/Pawn"

Monte- Why would he put up Joe?

Paloma- He wants a big pick; We need to solidify the last person in the six; we need to operate like a fucking military base camp so we can't be infiltrated. I think he (Joe) will be more leverage at jury.

Kyle says Pooch is very social but he might run his mouth

Monte says Joe could be too obvious

Paloma agrees that Joe is obvious. My gut is saying Michael. He wants to play so bad. I talked to him in the storage room and he said no one is talking game to him, but he wants to play so bad.

Monte really wants to use Team Mamba "The Snakes. Kyle says "we got the Smurfs, too"

Paloma- I like Mamba

Kyle- Mamba; let's lock it in

The collectively agree with "Mamba" as their alliance name.

Kyle says they are the discombobulated group. [They are all over the place.  -MamaLong]

Monte says he feels they are the first big alliance [NOPE, not even close. We have 16 real players this season]

Paloma says she has her six now so she is good and needs to shut up. She leaves. The guys stay and revel in their alliance plans. [They are overly proud of themselves, but, Y'all, the girls were thefirst  gamers this season, especially Paloma and Ameerah. -MamaLong]







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8:30am BBT Nicole gets up and greets Daniel in the KT before heading to the WC. They head up to HoH to talk. She says Terrance snores. She asks to brush her teeth in Daniel's WA. She says Paloma is up but still in bed. Daniel says Paloma brings ositive energy.


8:44am BBT Nicole tells Daniel this is his big day. She says Jos thinks everyone is too comfortable and hasn't started playing yet (that usually means you're late to the party). She says she told Terrance & Turner to talk with Daniel. She thinks they are running the house.

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5:30AM BBT

Monte is the last one up sitting alone in the loft. It appears he has fallen asleep. He finally moves to the Have-Not room at 6:03AM.


6:15AM BBT

The BB24 house is finally dark with sounds of soft snoring coming from Daniel in the HoHR


7:48AM BBT

Daniel is awake in the dark of his HoHR. He watches spy cam for a bit then gets out of bed for the loo then heads to the kitchen to make his "Mexican Coffee" (unmeasured)


8:30AM BBT

Daniel walks around the house to see who is awake. He finally runs into Nicole and they head to the HoHR for an update meeting.


8:40AM BBT

Nicole- Okay, you first. Wait, so when you went to the diary room, all the girls left the bathroom. Joe already admitted that everyone is too comfortbale 'like what am I doing? I need to start playing the game.'

Daniel- Shit

Nicole- The only two I told to come talk to you were  Then I was walking downstairs and I saw Turner and I asked if he had talked to you and h e got so excited and started saying what he wanted to say to you

Daniel- Then come say it

Nicole- I feel like we are running the house in a low key way because I don't think people are really playing the game

Daniel- they aren't, but I'll tell you who I had conversations with. I'm going hard in here but I try to not let it show out there. Turner is cool.

Nicole- Turner is cool as fuck. He already told me who he wants to align with. He said he wanted to tell me because he knows he is cool with me. He was like 'Monte and I want to team together' and I was thinking great because I love Monte and I love you (Daniel). I told him to come talk with you.

Daniel- Monte is one I don't know. He is cool as fuck but he's the hardest I've had to connect on another level.

Nicole- I have connected with hima  bit because we have the Puerto Rican thing.


8:45AM BBT

The cam switches to Taylor and Paloma having passing conversation about a comp today int he bathroom then switches back to the HoHR.

Nicole- I think Turner is going to be a force to reckon with.

Daniel- I hope he doesn't leak too much information. I like Pooch  a lot.

Nicole- I like Pooch a lot.

Daniel- Pooch and I have connected and I think it's because of the Backstage deal. Anyone could say Daniel...look how fast.

Nicole- So fast. It doesn't help that you won an endurance comp. Thank god you are not an arrogant prick.

Daniel- I'd be done

Nicole- If you were a Pec-tacular?

Daniel- But no shade to Pec-tacular. He is a legend. He made that brand.

They continue talking about Pooch and discuss his beautiful mesmerizing eyes.


8:49AM BBT

Daniel says that Turner came in and interrupted a conversation earlier. Nicole says that was planned. She saw him walking around looking for his water bottle so she approached him and whispered "Have you looked in HOH?" He said he can't read lips so when Pooch left she repeated it.

[I love Nicole, but she is three steps behind in this game. She thinks she is managing HGs in the house to coordinate with the HoH. -MamaLong]

They discuss how hard it is that they are trying to keep a distance from each other in the house.

Nicole- It was great when you came in the bathroom and there was a gaggle of girls around you

Daniel- Paloma came up and I fucking love her

Nicole- I do too

They discuss Joe and how he openly talks game and doesn't realize it. Nicole says he is like a little brother. She shares with Daniel that Joseph approached her and asked if she ever thought about having kids becasue he thinks she would be an amazing mom. "He almost made me cry while I was brishing my teeth. Like, get out of here." Nicole says she loves Joseph but game wise, not so much. "He is Sirian and Palestinian and has no support from his family."


Daniel- Pooch and Turner came in here at 3AM

Nicole- Pooch and Turner?

Daniel- Yeah

Nicole- Fuck yes! YES! Let's go. That's awesome!

Daniel says he agreed for them to work together.

Daniel says he vibes least with Kyle and Monte.

Nicole- We are doing it right now! We are fucking doing it. We are bad ass!

Daniel- I hope so!

Nicole- I think we are!


8:57AM BBT

The cam switches to Taylor working out in the gym. She is doing pilates.





9:23AM BBT

The house lights are all up with HGs getting ready for the day.

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10:46AM BBT

I've been getting a lot of requests for who I think Daniel will nominate, so I'll just answer here...


I truly don't know. I get the impression it will be Michael (possible as a pawn) and one of the muscle men, but then again, it could be Taylor, too. It is truly a mystery given Daniel is not sharing his thoughts with us and is playing the field with all the HGs so well. He has solidified working arrangements with:


Nicole- His F2

Paloma- unspoken alliance

Ameerah- direct connection; first to approach him

Jasmine- Connection city

Monte- indirectly via Nicole, so I think he will honor her wants

Turner- motley crew

Pooch- motley crew

Alyssa- via Paloma

Michael- an agreement to protect each other in the game

Joseph- Bro alliance


I have not observed any agreement with Kyle, Terrance, Brittany, Indy or Taylor



11:11AM BBT

Daniel has been talking with Monte and Pooch in the HoHR. Monte promises to use the veto the way Daniel wants. "If you want me to vote a certain way. 100%"



11:14AM BBT

Joseph walks into the HoHR and Pooch decides to leave to throw off any idea of a bro alliance. Daniel says that he feels being a 6'3" guy along with winning the first HoH makes him a huge target. Joe agrees that muscle guys and tall guys (Monte is 6'4") are clearly a target.

Joseph says in terms of Daniel's game play, it isn't a good idea to go after someone who is well liked. He says he needs to consider who he can trust.

Joseph keeps bringing up Frenchie and how he came in so hot. Joseph tells him not to do the boys.

"If that's what is best for your game, do it."

Daniel- I would just hope that me not targeting the males will work for me.

Daniel asks for the same respect from them in the future. Joseph says he honors relationships over money. "Let's not be stupid, everyone is here for the money." He goes on to say he would be loyal to his boys.


[What the heck is Daniel going to do???? This is crazy! Stay tuned....I'll be watching for nominations! -ML]


11:22AM BBT

Monte tells Daniel he doesn't want to talk his head off, he just wants him to know that he will have his back down the line.

Daniel- I told Kyle the same shit. Being honest, I'm not trying to target a strong guy.

Joseph- The amount of blood you spill....not targeting a strong male, the same can be said for the strong females.

Monte- After noms today, I want to be right back in here like 'what do you need?'

Monte offers to smooth things over after the noms with everyone in the house


11:27AM BBT

Monte and Joe leave not wanting anyone to catch onto them working together.


11:28AM BBT  (We finally get audible thoughts from the HoH)

Daniel is alone in the HoH, "Damn! I think I do trust them when they say we won't put you up. I think they are being honest for now. I really want to put Michael up...BUT, he did come talk game last night. I can't say he was the last one to come up here because I fucked up and told him noone else came up. Shitty lie. I would backdoor Michael for sure. Let's see who else I can talk to."

He heads downstairs.

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11:41AM BBT

Ameerah whispers "Mamba" to Monte in the kitchen. He signals for her to go to the SR with him. Once there:

Ameerah- Pooch is out

Monte- Yeah, originally I thought Pooch was good, but Paloma said she wasn't sure because she saw him talking to Turner. What we are gonna do is, ride alone with Pooch

Ameerah- Does he think he's in?

Monte says he was in on the original conversation, but they are going to pull in Michael 'I h ope he's not playing tow sides

Ameerah- I don't think so. He was so happy when Paloma and I told him

Monte- What do you think of Mamba?

Ameerah- I love it



Ameerah tells Monte she thinks Nicole and Daniel are working together (smart girl) "I think them two are close, which scares me."

Monte- I don't think they are talking game, though

Ameerah tells Monte he needs to keep his distance from the boys, "Y'all got to chill. I saw Kyle with his shirt off yesterday and saw his muscles. I was like 'put your shirt on' (don't show your strength). Y'all need to chill because we got work to do!"

Ameerah warns Monte to win veto because he could be a backdoor.




Monte- Daniel knows. He doesn't want to put up strong players because he knows....I will be on his ass. Let's not be in here too long.

Ameerah- Alright. I'll go out with an apple. 

Monte- Mamba

Ameerah- Mamba out

11:55AM BBT

Nicole asks Daniel for a talk and they head into the HoHR. Daniel updates Nicole on his conversation with Monte, Pooch and Joseph. He says he played it off as not wanting to be a target because he is a tall guy. He wants to put up weaker players that they can easily manipulate. Nicole tells him he will hurt feelings but this is the game.

Daniel- Okay this is who I am thinking and I am only telling this to you. Michael. He admitted to me that he is a super fan.

Nicole- he is just an introvert

Daniel- he is

Nicole says that no one is even attempting to play the game. Like, yo, he is the HoH.

Daniel- Michael is definitely on my radar and Terrance has not even attempted to talk to me.

Nicole- I know

They both agree that Paloma is the oldest soul in the house

Nicole- Fucking youngest in the house at 22

They love Paloma.

Nicole says she is trying to work on Taylor opening up more. She has also tried to feel out Ameerah but she isn't talking game.  (As if Ameerah knows....)

The HoH doorbell rings. It's Ameerah saying she doesn't want to interrupts but wants to talk with him. He says he will come get her when he is ready and she leaves.

Daniel feels like it would be easy to put up Taylor but she hasn't talked game with him.

Nicole- Wait. You said Taylor was the first to come talk with you.

Daniel- No, Ameerah. Maybe I messed up the name (he didn't)

Nicole- That's why I talked with Taylor. You said Taylor. Did she talk game with you?

Daniel- No

Nicole- She said she talked with you

Daniel clears up that it wasn't game talk. 'Do you have any intel?"

Nicole- No. Indy is one of them (no game talk)

Daniel- Fuck, I forgot about Indy. Indy has not said one minute's game to me. Indy and Taylor. Monte talked to me for a minute.


Daniel is leaning toward nominating Terrance and Michael.

Nicole says she is a strong personality (referring to herself) and doesn't want to influence anyone by saying names.

Daniel- I can't wait for you to win HoH. Let's recap. Alyssa hasn't talked game either but I think she knows she is safe as far as nominations

Nicole- Let's talk about safe people; so you have Turner

Daniel- Absolutely safe is Pooch, Alyssa, Paloma and Brittany because of the twist. I don't want to put up Turner at all especially because I am working with him now. I don't want to put up the strong males because I'm working the angle of 'have my back'.

Nicole- Okay, so that's Kyle, Monte and Joseph

Nicole- That leaves Indy, Taylor, Terrance Michael....Jasmine but she is cool as fuck

Daniel- cool as fuck

Nicole tells him with those four he is in a good spot "Don't overthink it"

Daniel- My thought on Taylor is that she will b e a little more pissed

Nicole- She will flip the fuck out. She is a strong female but she is a strong ally because she is not close with anyone in this house. She is an independent player.

Daniel- I like independent women. Indy is another that would be super fake until she's on the block.

Nicole- These are the first nominations. Don't kill yourself.

Daniel- I think the simplest would be Terrance and Michael.

Nicole- Yeah

Daniel- I can just say they are the ones that have talked the least with me about game

Nicole- Right

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Daniel- Does that throw anyone under the bus?

Nicole- You are going to get blood on your hands, but you are the first HOH; that's the game. You're good. You have protection! You have  me, Monte; you have Kyle, you have Joe, you have Turner. You have Alyssa. You have Pooch. That's seven votes already. And I'm sure Brittany would do whatever. 

Daniel- I can play to Terrance that he is the pawn

Nicole- You don't even have to say pawn. Just say go out there and win the veto. You are gonna be fine.

Daniel- I feel so much better after talking to you. Rugrats - Rats to Riches.

Nicole- Roguerats...okay, let's talk about that more

They hug. Nicole leaves and tells Ameerah it's her turn.


12:13PM BBT

Daniel tells Ameerah that he is leaning toward people that aren't talking a lot of game with him.

Ameerah- Well, LOOK. I am BACK!  [Love her  -MamaLong]

Daniel says he noticed what she pointed out, that the slop crew volunteered out of fear of being nominated purely for their physical threat.


12:15PM BBT The HoH doorbell rings. I think it's Alyssa but we can't see who it is on camera. He tells her "come back in 5 minutes."

Ameerah pushes that the slop crew are the threats. Daniel says it's good to realize what is going on.

Ameerah- Is there anything I can do for you now or in the future?

Daniel- Yeah

Ameerah- Because you won't be HoH next week

Daniel- I just ask that if I don't put you up that you don't put me up

Ameerah- 100%

Daniel- you being the first to come up to me; that's how I live my life! I was so glad to talk game with someone

Ameerah- I am 100% going to fight for you. 100% Listen, I think the threats are over there (meaning NOT her)

Daniel- Thank you so much. I am still not sure on nominations, but...

Ameerah- I won't speak a word

Daniel- You pointed out the obvious wit the slop guys but

Ameerah- Look, I'm a Virgo so I am straight up  [I knew we had something in common  -ML]

Daniel says he is thinking Michael. Ameerah asks who would be against him. Daniel says he doesn't want to put up any of the strong males because they will come after him. Ameerah is adamant that she will have protection for him from the girls.

Ameerah- Let's calculate. Say you do Michael and Joseph and Joseph wins then you are worried he will come after you. But you will have these on your side: me, Alyssa, Paloma, Jasmine 100%. We haven't even talked about Taylor.

Daniel- I like her but it's hard to get her to open up

Ameerah- but she is a super fan and her mom watches live feeds 24/7. I think she is just observing. But, look, I think you have enough people to protect you. All the girls could back you up. i think you have the protection in the house if you decide to put up a big player. And you can play it like that, 'like, do I have your protection?'

Ameerah says she hopes she gets picked for veto. Daniel says he wants to see her play. Ameerah repeats that she will do whatever to protect him.

Daniel- So here is my plan. I definitely want you to know you are 100% not going up.

Ameerah- Thank you so much. I respect that!

Daniel- Don't worry. Whatever happens next, we will pow wow again.

Ameerah tells Daniel that Paloma and Alyssa will offer him protection, too.

Daniel- Cool

Ameerah- Have you thought about if there is a Team America thing going on, too?

Daniel- F U C K

They decide to pay attention to who is called to DR most. Daniel thanks Ameerah for coming and asks her to send in Alyssa.


12:31PM BBT

Daniel updates Alyssa on that with his noms he will use the excuse that they are the ones with the least game talk "no hard feelings" She says that is a good plan.

Daniel- Oh my God. I can't believe I have to say this in front of everyone, and I'm a performer.

Alyssa asks if he meant to win HoH. Daniel says he just wanted safety even though he knew it could make him a target.

Alyssa tells Daniel he is playing a great social game. Daniel says it's a lot of pressure because all he can think about while he is getting to know people is that he has work to do with nominations.


Daniel hints that he is worried about the twists. Alyssa says she is worried one of the the three could be a third nominee (backstagers) "I don't feel safe at all"

Daniel- I think you are dope as fuck. I love you.

Alyssa- Thanks!

They both agree that Monte ahs good energy but neither could beat him in a physical comp.

They both agree Taylor is hard to feel out because she doesn't talk game at all.

Alyssa says Brittany is rerally sweet and doesn't feel she would come after her. She says Terrance deosn't talk game at all.

Daniel- I don't know if anyone is aligned with anyone because I'm HoH and nobody tells me shit  (good liar)

Alyssa says that Michael is really sweet and she thinks he has a lot of game knowledge.

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They joke abouthow they don't get a night's sleep in the house. Daniel says "we just take naps." Daniel says he only got 4 hours of sleep the first night and then 5 the second "Hopefully I will get up to 7 eventually."

Daniel thanks Alyssa for coming up, and she assures him that if she is HoH he will nnot be going up "I feel it will be smooth sailing. You are the best first HoH ever."

They hug and she leaves.

Once gone, Daniel says, "I actually love her. But, I am not stupid. She is using her looks and it is working. I want to keep her around for awhile!"


12:50PM BBT

Jasmine enters the HoHR, "I just wanted to come in here because last night we got into a whole conversation with Taylor and we were like..."

Daniel- I know. I'm still trying to figure her out. 

Jasmine agrees "I haven't really had that conversation and even though we sleep beside each other, she is always the last to get in bed."

Daniel thinks it's just her personality and that it's hard for her to open up "She could also be someone going through soemthing but I did like her being here with us to chill and vibe with her."

Jasmine- How are you feeling? We didn't get to finish our conversation. I want to offer you my protection for next week. When I vibe with somebody I feel that so I don't know what else to say. I'm rocking hard for you. I'm just being real. Honestly, I've got your back for real, for real.

Daniel tells her that what she is feeling is real and she is not even a thought for him to put on the block.


Indy opens the door and interrupts their conversation. SHe has the Poo Pourri and wipes. Daniel warns the wipes can't be flushed even though they say flushable

Jasmine- Oops! It was only one.  [Love her honesty -ML]

Indy leaves and they continue chatting about the first nominations and how Daniel actually feels nervous even though he is used to performing in front of thousands of people.

Jasmine- Okay; we're good. I just want to make sure you know if you need anything, you know where to find me. It's my weakness in this game; I am so honest, but that's just me. I respect myself and I respect others. The only real way you can honor yourself is by being real with people.




Daniel- Can I ask, is there a person or two that you haven't really talked to?

Jasmine- Taylor, definitely

Daniel- Same

Jasmine- the next person would have to be Pooch. He is kind but his comments are in passing. Terrance comes to me a lot and tries to chat, but I think it's the married thing. That's his connection. I feel like everybody else has been pretty cool and open.

Daniel- Yeah, but how long will it last. I want it to be like this even when I'm not HoH

Jamine- that's why I want communal dinners at least once a week

Daniel says he feels like it's beena cool experience already.

They hug and Jasmine leaves. Once she is gone, Daniel says, "She is a REAL one. She is dope. I'm so glad she likes Paloma. That's a good little group. Oh my God. This is so fun!"



1:14PM BBT

The feeds all cut to WBRB

Could be time for nominations


1:15PM BBT Feeds return  (*sigh)


1:18PM BBT

Indy walks into the bathroom where Taylor, Kyle, Jasmine, Michael, Pooch and Brittany are chatting. She tells them she can't sit and talk in there because someone is always either showering or pooping, "It's disgusting."

They tell her she's not wrong.


1:20PM BBT

Nicole and Paloma are chatting in the Space Age bedroom sharing mutual admiration for each other. Brittany jpoins them saying she hasn't really talked with Daniel yet. Nicole urges her to just go talk with him now.

Brittany- I'm kinda a socially awkward person.

Nicole- It's like putting yourself out there. Go up there.

They discuss the twist. Britt is nervous.

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Nicole assures Britt that she hasn't heard her name at all.





1:26PM BBT

Daniel is talking with Indy in the HoHR. He said he wants to chat since they haven't yet. He asks her who she is vibing with. She replies that she is close with Terrance. She said she loves Alyssa. She says she is still feeling everyone out. Indy says she liked Daniel at first sight and likes that he is a Sagittarius. 



Indy says that she is one to be devoted to the ones she likes. She doesn't want Daniel to think she didn't like him, she just wanted to give him the space. Daniel asks for protection from her next week, and she agrees. Turner interrupts by ringing the HoH bell. 

Indy continues that she feels in following her heart and feeling the energy.

Daniel says they get along and click, but he wanted to talk to make sure they are good. Indy repeats that she didn't want it to look like she was kissing his ass. Daniel says he feels good with her and that he is one of her homies. They hug. He assures her she is not going up and asks her to return the favor. She agrees.

Indy- Talking game drives me nuts because watching this show idrives me nuts. (she focuses more on the relationships over game play) We are freaking latinos. We are bringing the good energy. We are gonn a protect each other.

Daniel- Dope! Thank you so much

Indy- I follow my heart!


1:36PM BBT

The feeds move to the bros (Turner, Monte, Kyle and Joe)  in the Have-Not room. Pooch is saying that he is trying to talk with Taylor and keep her here. He senses she is not making any connections.


1:39PM BBT

Indy leaves the HoHR and meets up with Monte, Kyle and Joe in the loft. She says she has a million nicknames already. They call her bombshell and she asks what it means. They explain it's like "hottie." They all head downstairs waiting for the nomination ceremony that they feel will start any minute.


Daniel grabs Taylor from the kitchen for a chat in the HoHR. Once there, he tells her that he has some people in mind. He tells her he wants to keep her around because it seems like she is going to be tearing shit up in the house.  He says he wants to secure his safety for next week. He goes through his spiel and asks for her not to put him up next week. She agrees with a joking response, "We got to get to know each other. It's been one dat,e bitch. There is something I want to tell you. From the first knuckle crack, I do see you and I can make something happen. I am not gonna turn around and gun for you. I can help take some of the heat off from you if you choose me. I want to gun for veto and show up. If you want to collab on the back end... cause once you are out of here next week, it's open season. I want to make sure I keep my ear to the ground for you and you do the same for me. Cool?"

Daniel- Sick. I love you!

She leaves and Daniel speaks to the cam, "Okay, that needed to happen beause I feel al ittle better about it. I do like her and wasn't going to put her up. I tried to play the fear thing and look vlunerable. I don't know if she bought it, but I wanted to be safe with her for next week. I hope.."


1:46PM BBT Turner and Pooch enter the HoHR

They share with Daniel that they just talked with Joe, Kyle and Monte in the Have-Not room to make a bro-alliance official. 

Daniel- After nominations I say that I showed my loyalty.

Turner- That's solid as fuck. Isn't this exciting.

They are happy about their position in the house.

Daniel- But definitely keep everything low key

Pooch- I think the way it has been working is very natural, not forced

They hug it out and all go downstairs

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1:54PM BBT

Alone in the Golf Pro Bedroom, Daniel whispers to himself. "We all signed up for a game. This has to happen. I have to pick two people. We had little time.......I will say, Michael and Terrance, I have talked the least amount of game with you guys. I appreciate you coming to the HoH but I have to do this as fairly as possible. I have to nominate the two people that just didn't talk as much game.....that's just the way it is for now."

He laughs aloud, "Damn, I am playing the game. I can't believe it."

Daniel returns to the kitchen waiting for his nominations.


1:59PM BBT

All the HGs are a busy chatter awaiting nominations.


2:04PM BBT

In the kitchen, Britt is telling Alyssa and Daniel that her mom is great on the sewing machine and would make their Halloween costumes then win all of the costume contests in town. Alyssa tells Britt that she loves how Britt is so animated when she talks. Britt says it's interesting that she is animated when talking but preferes to be behind the scenes than on stage.


2:08PM BBT

In the bathroom, Taylor is doing her hair to an audience of Monte, Jasmine, Ameerah, Turner and Kyle. Jasmine compliments her on how easily it is for her to do her hair, "Taylor, I am like literally watching you do this, amazed. I've never seen it done."  Taylor says both her parents are black but ancestry is hard for her, "because of...America" (conversation is hard to follow because everyone is talking at once)


2:13PM BBT We get WBRB then adorable adoptables from Rancho Coastal Humane Society, so it's time for nominations.

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4:10PM BBT

The feeds are still on RCHS 

4:30PM BBT

The feeds have returned

This nomination ceremony took some time because it's the first for BB24, but Daniel's nominations are Terrance and Michael.



Screenshotter--BigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-53460’07” (1).png

Terrance is sullen. He says, "Should have had those conversations. That's how it is."


The HGs compliment Daniel on a job well done. Pooch says reading lines will be terrible for him if he ever gets his turn.

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4:40PM BBT

Alyssa anad Joe are talking with Daniel in the HoHR. Ameerah comes in and thanks him for not nominating her. Michael rings the bell and Daniel asks them to give him time alone with Michael.

Daniel tells Michael that it was hard nominating him. Michael says he could tell. Daniel says he tried to do the most fair thing and couldn't use the who dropped first (in competition) thing. Daniel is full of apologies, but Michael says he understands.


Daniel- it's tough shit, Dude. And as much as I don't want to do a replacement, I want one of you to win (veto). I'm so glad you came up here now, too.

Michael- I didn't want things to be awkward.

Daniel- I have a lot of respect for you immediately coming up here.



Michael- What I said yesterday still stands. I want to play with people who do respect the game.

I won't hold anything against you. I have watched this show long enough to know the first week is a crap shoot.

Daniel- Amazing, Dude. That's so nice of you. You don't have to be here. It sucks.

Michael- Okay, well I just wanted to come up and check in. I'm not gonna be mopey and sad and drain out all of the energy from the room.

Daniel- Thank you, Man.

Michael- And if things happen and I'm off the block next, I wouldn't put you on the block next week. Anything you can do to help me, I won't forget. I'm not gonna just put my blinders on like nothing else matters.

Daniel repeats that he has a lot of respect for Michael taking the initiative to come talk with him right away. He hopes his conversation with Terrance goes as well.


4:55PM BBT

Terrance is in the loft waiting to talk with Daniel.


Daniel- This is therapy for me right now.

Michael- Should I bring the onion up here?

Daniel- Oh my God. If I cry I can blame the onion.


Michael gets up to leave and hugs Daniel. "Oh, I'm a hugger. That you, Dude. You're fucking tall. I thought I was tall." Michael leaves and Terrance comes in. "Oh, my heart is breaking, Dude."

Terrance- No, don't.

Daniel- You were not a target in my eyes, ever.

Terrance tells Daniel he was his "A1 Day One. I should have been more proactive and more social. It just felt like I didn't fit in and I thought, am I doing too much?"


Daniel tells Terrance all the same things he told Michael. 'All of this sucks. Pooch made it so my options just got cut. I don't lock that door unless I am sleeping so when you want to check in just come in whenever. I do hope one of you win the veto."


4:59PM BBT

Terrance tells Daniel that artist-to-artist, he will not be coming for him.

Daniel repeats that he just went for what would make the most sense for right now.


Daniel tells Terrance he respects that Michael came up right away to talk. Terrance says he wants to stay.

The feeds cut to all cams on the loft where Taylor and Michael are playing bumper pool.


5:03PM BBT

Back in the HoH, Daniel tells Terrance he is glad he was standing there (in the loft)

Daniel says he told Michael he doesn't want anyone moping and he was hoping to have a conversation with him, too (menaing Terrance) Terrance hugs Daniel then leaves. Daniel says, "Oh my God, he is so sweet. I honestly hope he stays. I can't believe this just happened." Daniel is doing some deep breathing.




5:06PM BBT

[Alrighty, I am out for a bit. Please step and post, if you can. I hope to be back later, but PapaLong needs my help.  -MamaLong]

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7:04PM BBT

The HGs, well the Haves, enjoyed dinner at the table while the Have-Nots chatted in the living room. When dinner was finishing up, the Have-Nots joined the rest at the table so they could have some whole-group time. They went around the table sharing their favorite colors and then theinhs got serious as they all shared what they are most grateful for. There were a lot of teary moments, but Taylor opened up and got the HGs really misty. She basically said that she went her whole life always being on the outside of friend groups until college where she found an amazing friend group she felt she always felt she deserved.


Screenshotter--BigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-53610’23” (1).png





Things continued with everyone pretty much being grateful for their family. They all pretty much cried while sharing with the group.




7:15PM BBT The feeds cut to WBRB


7:20PM BBT The feeds return to Brittany making the HGs laugh.

She says a year ago she wouldn't have been able to smile as she went through a really hard time, but she is grateful she got her smile back. 


7:24PM BBT ALyssa starts sharing by mentioning a relationship that was not a very nice relationship and the feeds cut to WBRB again. This is happening as the HGs talk about people who haven't signed the disclosure docs. 


It's Nicole's turn and this will be good because she made them all pass on her earlier when she couldn't get her emotions in check. She says that the 15 of them are the reasons she is there. She tells Michael she is so proud to be in the same room with him, especially after sharing his story, saying she was lucky to have her parents walk her down the aisle "my marriage was successful when it was successful but now I am divorced. When you choose to love somebody that is someone not everyone will agree with, you start using pronouns like they and them, but I am fortunate to be able to walk through my life ...and I have found myself again."


Nicole- I am grateful I get to be the best version of myself while I am here. What you get in here? This is me.


Everyone is impressed with Nicole for being able to get it out without breaking down.

7:33PM BBT

"Family Dinner" is wrapping up. Everyone enjoyed their time together and laughed over becoming so vulnerable "on the third day."

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8:35pm Big Brother Time

A group is at the bumper pool table game, general chatter.

(The entire cast seems to have trouble hearing BOB, it seems the speaker sound is much lower this year)


Meanwhile, in the kitchen another group is talking about University, allergy pills, finger nails, and so on. Nicole talks about no having nails because she is cooking.


Another group is in the lavatory area talking about the first competition. Ameerah is telling Turner about hanging from the tee shirts. Alyssa and Ameerah are giving Turner good hair advice. Paloma joins the group. Talk turns to budding relationships Paloma and Alyssa are in.


In the kitchen Nicole is talking about her mother and her illness, and is sharing some of her personal experience.  She loves being a chef. Terrence says "you don't need a degree to drive a bus in the city of Chicago." He says he is a bus driver for the family benefits.  He says if he could "spin" every day he would do it. The girls agree that his voice is great for radio, and Terrence gives them a sample. Terrence says he wants morning radio, and tells America he is looking to find a job.  Jasmine says she wants to be a television show host like Julie. Terrence says Jeff"Probst is the best host.


He continues to make fun of Daniel nominating him because he didn't talk to him.  Talk moves on to Survivor.


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9:00 pm Big Brother Time

T alk about Survivor continues.

Jasmine tells them that Monty walked in on her while she was in the loo. Sounds like it was a maximum exposure moment.....

Talk moves to "Humans in NY". Jasmine says that is what she wants to do in journalism.


Pooch comes to the HOH to talk to Daniel. He says he wants to know who the alternative eviction will be. Daniel says to wait until the veto is played.  Pooch says they just want it to sound "reasonable".  Daniel says Pooch should not show any knowledge or preference.  It sounds like there isn't an alternative in mind, they are speaking only of Terrence and Michael. Daniel is happy with the moment, but he likes Terrence a little more. Pooch says he agrees because he has developed a better relationship with him. Daniel says he wants to get to know Michael a little better, he likes him as well.

He says the dinner seems to have reset things.

Taylor comes into the room, talk continues.

They all agree that there don't seem to be any sourness in either person's attitude.


The three of them seem to agree that the dinner was emotional. Daniel is happy that both of the nominees are talking to him.

Taylor says they also don't know what will happen with the backstage twist.

Taylor says they were all told that (They have no way of knowing that America is voting to save one person.)


Pooch seems to be looking for approval of his choices for the backstage crew.  Pooch leaves the room, Taylor stays.

Daniel says watching the shows is much different than being in the house.

Daniel tells Taylor that Michael has come and talked to him.

Nicole comes into the room, Daniel tells them that he wants them to know  why he made the choice to nominate Michael and Terrence.  He is hoping the consequences will be minimal next week.


They all seem to prefer to send Michael out, since he is so quiet. They wonder if Michael's silence is the way he plays the game. 

Taylor says seemed to have been prepared to be nominated, he mentioned to her "history of the show".


Alyssa and Kyle come into the room.

Taylor says they need to address the hair in the shower, she doesn't like to touch wet things, the wooden tiles make it much better.

They all say they need to set up some sort of chore schedule.

Kyle wonders how often they should clean the toilet with all the people in the house. 


Everyone laughs about the bidet. They may not have been expecting cold water.  (ours is warm water because we are very old).

Joe joins the gang in the HOH room, he shakes hands with Daniel, the girls seem surprised.


General conversation.

(They are wondering if we are watching......they think we didn't see them at dinner. they think we only see them if the lights are really bright.)

Joseph is making fun of himself being emotional at dinner, he calls himself a tomato and thinks his meme will always be his red, teary face. He says he is definitely not watching the show back now.  He says if his friends want to see it he will fast forward past it if is broadcast.


Turner and Pooch (insert evil Grannysue grin here)--are in the bedroom talking.  They are talking about steering the girls away from nominating boys, Pooch says he will talk to Jasmine when he can, but Turner says he isn't concerned with her winning the game.  Pooch says he wonders if Joe would be willing to be a pawn to hide alliances. Turner says alliances in the past didn't want to "pawn" each other. 

They hy ave a plan to assemble the Motley Crew after bed time.

Turner wants to clarify that Joe is "on the side". Turner says that if one of the three girls has to go it would be okay if it were Brittany. They don't think putting Brittany up would accomplish anything this week.

They plan to talk to Daniel, they will look for an opportunity to do that today.

Pooch says Daniel called Joe a "good kid" earlier today.

They create a level (in their minds) where Oasis is above Motley Crew, with Motely Crew being a smaller core group.

Pooch says Terrence didn't talk much game with Daniel, he also knew Michael was a possibility.


In the lavatory area Jasimine, Paloma, Brittany and Ameerah are talking about Taylor, being rude, barging into rooms. They say she is not a girl's girl. 










10:00pm Big Brother Time


The girls begin whispering, they are sending Alyssa to the HOH room to "get to work".

Camera moves to the kitchen. Terrence and Monty are talking about Terrence's position and how to handle his nomination. Monte suggests the possibility that Terrence can make a deal to be taken off the block.

Jasmine mentions her tummy troubles to them, she is experiencing cramping and discomfort. Jasmine fibs, says she was just sitting in "there" all by "my lonesome self".


Camera moves to Michael talking to Pooch in the storage room, Pooch is encouraging him, saying it isn't over yet. Pooch tells Michael to try and make a deal with someone to take him off with an offer. Michael suggests he might ask someone to throw the competition.

Pooch is impressed with that idea, he says no one would want to upset the house.

Michael thanks him for his help, Pooch tells him if he needs to talk, let him know.

Michael comes back and says he can't get into the storage room,he rang and rang and they didn't let him in.

 The group in the HOH room is still laughing and joking around about themselves.


In the kitchen talk is about the backstage crew and the possibilites for the eviction.  Monte realizes there can be three nominees.

Quite a bit of loud, unrelated conversation. Some conversation about making slop less horrible by turning it into bread or meatballs.


Some of the house guests decide to dance.  Monte tries to get Indy to dance the samba, she tells him later.  She decides to teach them a different dance.

Indy finds the cameras for her dance but space is limited so they are off to the lavatory.

Paloma is describing the "buddy system" the Cookout used last year to Alyssa. Paloma tells Alyssa she would put Taylor on the block if she wins HOH.

Paloma and Alyssa begin whispering intensely, impossible to hear what they are saying.




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10:30 Big Brother Time

Paloma and Alyssa continue to whisper in the bedroom while other house guests are in kitchen snacking.

It sounds like Paloma is clarifying the "buddy system" for Alyssa.

Indy comes into the room with Paloma and Alyssa, talk move to tea for tummy aches.

In the HOH room Taylor is talking about beauty contests.  Turner says his father does security for the Miss Rhode Island.  Turner's dad asked him if he wanted to go and Turner told him he had no reason to want to go, but it was great his father could go. He clears it up, he says he didn't have a real reason not to want to go, just he didn't think he should be there.

Everyone laughs.

Taylor continues to describe the beauty pagent world.

She tells them some of the questions she was asked, the ages of different levels, the comments, the rules for contestants. She talks about the different types of competitions. 

Turner says next time his dad asks him to go he will school him on what is happening there.

Turner say the previous winners of Big Brother are the Illuminati and probably have a group chat that is unbelievable.


Nicole says Big Brother Canada is haute coutoure, it is elaborate, high end, and the house is unbelievable. She says Wendy's was a sponsor the HOH and a selected house guest get to order from a take out window. She says the format is nearly the same as the US version, but the competitions were very different.



11:00pm Big Brother Time

Cameras move to the lavatory area, Ameerah, Jasmine and Terrence are just chatting.


The camera moves back to the HOH where the house guests are talking about competitions. Not sure what show they are talking about, but the competitions they are mentioning are really cute.

Conversation moves to general areas, just funny blips of experiences with pod casts, tik tok videos, silly things friends have done.



We get the circle screen. (I have no idea what to call this, but it is full of very cheerful colors.


Feeds return to HOH room, conversation is still revolving around stories, experiences.

(Taylor has been very(nicely) talkative and has shared quite a bit of personal information, preferences, and experiences. She is sharing very interesting tid bits)

Nicole tells about a pod cast that covers murders and give the history of the victim and suspects. She says they cover quite a few perspectives.

Kyle says he also watches this kind of thing, but he gets a little paranoid after viewing them.


Conversation in the HOH continues along the lines of pod casts and other media.

Brittany says she had a pod cast at one time and she focused on goal setting. She got to interview her favorite author for it. She says she had to drop it because it interfered with work. She says she did less than a hundred episodes before she interrupted the series. She said it was also personally revealing.

Several conversations are taking place at the same time,  microphones are not consistent in what they pick up so there is no real thread we can follow at this time.








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11:30 pm Big Brother Time

Conversations continue in the HOH room.


Ameerah and Terrence are in the lavatory talking about the upcoming competition. Terrence is worried about pulling out a "house guest choice" coin. He plans to ask for volunteers.

He is hoping for players in the competition to be easier to beat.

Ameerah says Daniel had a small pool of people to choose from since he didn't want to choose the have nots and couldn't choose from the backstage crew members.

The two of them join the group in the kitchen where the conversation is as eclectic as it is in the HOH room.

People are trickling down from the HOH room, and the kitchen is full of house guests milling around finding snacks.



Conversation continues in the kitchen.


It is time for me to find my puppies, thank the Lord for my blessings today, get all comfy and have some cuddle time.  Do something that makes your heart laugh today, then share the laughter with a friend.  Goodnight Dears, hugs from Grannysue.

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