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Thursday, July 7, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


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Thank you!

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9:32pm BBT The live feeds are on! Daniel calls the HG to the LR for an announcement. He has to name 4 Have Nots and neither he nor the 4 Backstage HG are eligible. Michael, Joseph, Monte and Kyle volunteer. They go see the new HN room, grey walls and pool floats for beds.

9:43pm BBT Kyle & Monte discuss what they can eat as HNs. Kyle is OK with cold showers. In the SR, Daniel tells Joseph and Monte he won't forget their volunteering. Kyle shows Ameerah the slop recipes BB provided and asks for her opinion. 

10:00pm BBT The HG are starting to tell stories about their backgrounds. Alyssa & Jasmine both have issues with caffeine. Jasmine was broke when she started working in a salon & lived off tips. Ameerah explains what she does for Google. Daniel explains how his career works.

10:20pm BBT Indy tells Kyle she needs music. Kyle says he flew to Hawaii to watch a dog. He asks if her passengers are snooty. Terrance says his wife is an ER nurse. Nicole tells Taylor she did beauty pagaents in middle school. Pooch checks out the gym. 

10:45pm BBT Paloma says her head is like a 2008 dial-up computer. She was born in 1999. Nicole says she was already in high school then. Monte was working in Germany when he was mistaken for Will Smith. Joseph tells Kyle and Michael about having eye surgery.

11:10pm BBT Daniel opens the door to the HoH room. The room is like the motel's presidential suite. Daniel's music is Currents. There's a mesh curtain separating the BR from the WA. The WC has a bidet. Terrance says he'll need a lesson on how to use it.

11:30pm BBT In the WA, Pooch proposes an alliance to Monte to include Kyle & Joseph. Joseph would be the first to go. Joseph & Kyle are making slop. In HoH, Daniel tells Indy he grew up religious but not anymore. But since the bible is the only book allowed, he brought one.

11:50pm BBT In the SR, Michael, Kyleand Joseph wonder who is up watching. The die hards. in HoH, Daniel muses that someone will do something that gives him an easy nom target. Nicole's shoes were ruined in the port-o-potty. Nicole spent last summer cooking in the Bahams.

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12:15am BBT Alyssa identifies as Christian but is not a big believer. Michael grew up Catholic and did not like how self-righteous it was. Joseph says it depends on where you were born and how you grew up. Joseph grew up muslim but a step-parent was Christian.

12:30am BBT Turner says his family are all nuns, like catholic. His grandmother was a nun & he had to volunteer at thea abby. Michael doesn't understand how his grandmother could be a nun. She left the abby, he explains. Brittany worries she'll hurt her feet going barefoot.

12:35am BBT Joseph has twin siblings and they are three the same age because she got pregnant again right after giving birth. His dad will not understand Big Brother, he thinks. He barely speaks English. Kyle left the Morman faith at 19 and is still trying to figure it out.

12:40am BBT Pooch tells Brittany he thinks Daniel is cool with her, that he'll go after the bigger guys. He and Monte try to come up with a system to remember days but can't remember what the comps were called. 

12:45am BBT Alyssa & Paloma want to form an alliance w/ Kyle, maybe Pooch or Jasmine. They think Monte is a snake in the garden. Alyssa wants an 8-person alliance. She & Paloma make a F2 deal, Scorpio Sisters. They'll need guys but will vote them out when no longer useful.

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12:00AM BBT


Michael says he met his fiancee, Hayden, on Tinder.


In the  storage room, Daniel is telling Michael and Kyle about his Elvis show. 

Nicole, Ameerah,  Alyssa and Indy are moving in to the Space Age BDRM. 



Indy says she has flip flops and clearly needs to be wearing them. She shows the girls her feet, and they are filthy!

Nicole: Oh my God. Go wash your feet, and put your flip flops on.

Indy: My friends are all watching this. (laughing) I always have dirty feet.

Nicole says she just brought yoga pants after seeing that's all Alyssa wore in BB23. "I'm not going to be dressing up. What I wore today is totally my personality, but I hit so many styles. I love wearing heels and dressing up, but..." *WBRB interrupts but she was basically saying her style is pretty broad.

Nicole is upset that her shoes were ruined in the Portapotty comp. She says Jasmine's and Kyle's white sneakers were ruined too.



12:24AM BBT

Brittany and Taylor are unpacking in the Golf Pro BDRM while chatting about fashion. Britt asks where she shops, and Taylor says she shops at local boutiques because she likes to support local. She says she likes Veronica Beard and OhPolly.




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Jasmine's hair is cute with its natural curl.




5:05AM BBT

Jasmine and Paloma settle in their beds in the Golf Pro BDRM.  Jasmine whispers to Paloma that she has to tell her about Taylor and then tell Brittany tomorrow. Turner walks in and interrupts the whisper-fest. Jasmine deflects by asking Alyssa  if she should wear a bonnet on her head (to sleep...bonnets protect course hair from frizzing). She decides not to wear a bonnet and just wash it tomorrow. Turner leaves.

Jasmine- Everyone is going to bed now. 

Turner walks back in to show the girls his trucker hat that has a cherub baby on it.

Jasmine- that's cool

Turner leaves, so Jasmine whispers to Paloma that apparently Taylor "was acting all up in good with the guys and trying to get an alliance with them"

Jasmine- I'm telling you, she was like up there with Kyle.

Paloma- Her and Kyle?

Jasmine- and Joseph. I really like Joseph, though. He is a genuinely good guy. I told Monte we need to know tomorrow.

Terrance walks in.

Jasmine- Oh you are finally going to bed.

Terrance- yeah, I'm calling it a night.

Terrance heads into the Car Design BDRM.


5:09AM BBT

Pooch walks in saying that he has realized you can hear everything in the house. Jasmine says it is hard for her to be quiet because she is southern. They all agree that everyone enjoys each other's company

Jasmine- we all get along

They discuss when they are expected to wear their mic (all the time except pool, shower and sleep) and their Backstage shirts. Paloma doesn't think she should sleep in her Backstage shirt since she has to wear it all day. Pooch says he feels that he did a good thing, "because you all are so innocent" (he means Backstage)

Paloma- They are going to make the three of us (Jasmine, Paloma and Britt) compete

Jasmine- I think he might go with people he hasn't talked with (she means Daniel's noms). Turner walks in and asks what they are talking about. Pooch says just talking theories.

Jasmine- We are trying to figure out how these twists will go. I think tomorrow is noms and veto. What woulod happen on Wednesday?

Pooch- it's got to be Wednesday and Thursday

Nicole walks through on her way back to bed in the Car Design BDRM and Jasmine apologizes (for talking and keeping her up)

Nicole- I fell asleep but had to pee (she heads back to her bed)

They descuss the house decor and all agree they really like it. [Me too -MamaLong]

Pooch- What do you think the Have-Not room ranks compared to others?

They all agree that it sucks "in the best way"




5:24AM BBT

Kyle comes through saying he needs a hoody from the Space Age BDRM. Pooch holds the door open as quietly as possible while Kyle sneaks in to get what he needs. Kyle says he apologized to Indy, "I'm sorry. I gotta get a hoody. Good night."

Pooch- Y'all try and get some rest. I'll see you in the morning.

They all say good night, but Jasmine and Paloma go back to whispering.

Jasmine- How do you really...I think he is just gonna pick somebody he hasn't talked to. I'm gonna talk with him tomorrow. I hope I haven't fucked this up already.

Paloma- the older guy. I love him but he is the odd one out. He is like the dad. He is chilling.

Jasmine- Do you think it's because he's married that he's not..(shakes her shoulders back and forth in a vibing motion) it's like, you're not clicking

Paloma- It's inevitable. Any little difference.

They begin discussing Taylor.

Jasmine- I can't believe she is still up there.

Paloma- What is she thinking?

Jasmine- probably trying to get a showmance

Paloma- She is finessing Monte

Jasmine- But I don't think Monte is in to her at all





5:30AM BBT

Joseph walks in saying he is freezing and doesn't think th elights will go out. He has come for a sweater and knocks on the Car Design BDRM door. Turner opens the door as Joseph moves toward Paloma so she can feel how cold his hands are. SHe is shocked that he is so cold. Jasmine says she wishes their room was like that (the open BDRM is notoriously hot every season) Paloma gets up to go pee.

Jasmine- Everybody is up to pee


5:33AM BBT

Indy and Britt walk through. Jasmine tells them that Taylor went to the bathroom then never came back, "she is up there talking with the them (the guys). I'm like, girl, go to bed. I'm tired. 

Paloma returns and tells Jasmine that Indy came in and asked where Taylor was.  (laughing) "Do you think she is in the have-not room?"

Jasmine- I should go up there.

Paloma- She is talking with Monte and Kyle. Finessing them. They are the most social guys, but she doesn't realize there are a lot of girls in this game.

Jasmine- I can't really charm.

Paloma- Yes you can. You're a southern girl. I think everyone needs to be their genuine self. You don't have to charm him, just be authentic. Be authentic and it will come through with the guys.

Jasmine- Monte was the one who wanted to do the alliance. On the stage he was like.....let's do it

They hear someone coming so they get quiet, but it's just Britt returning to the room. Jasmine points at Taylor's bed (closest to the far wall) and throws her arm up like 'where is she'  "We heard you coming and thought it was Taylor, so we got quiet." Britt giggles.


5:39AM BBT

Joseph walks in. The girls ask who is in the Have-Not room

Joseph- The Have-Not squad, of course.

Jasmine- I just want to know who is still up there.

Joseph says production took most of his clothes so he is wearing Turner's hoody. Jasmine decides to put her bonnet on, "My hair doesn't even fit when it gets this big."

Paloma- I love it!image.thumb.png.0c2b28f065c83f1119f7af5b37b82057.png

Joseph- Apparently they don't turn the lights off in there (Have-Not Room)

Britt- I am shaking (from nerves)

Paloma- It's stressful though

They discuss Pooch and how he calmed Paloma down telling her she shouldn't worry.

Joseph- My thing is, we are getting along too well. They need to do something then true colors will start coming out.

Paloma- There is no way. I was thinking, they can't tell anyone what to do in the show.

Joseph- They can't but...we volunteered for the room. I have nothing against Daniel. That was on me. Pooch did well with the nominations of you guys.

Paloma agrees saying that he came in an explained why he chose them. They all agree it was "so fair."

Britt says she wasn't the first out. Joseph says that she was "the unlucky one" because he just remembered her from the belly dancing. "That's the only one targeted but not eve malicious."

Jasmine- I think the noms are gonna be someone he doesn't talk to because what else you got to go off of?

Joseph says it is hard for him to fabricate conversation just for the sake of the game.

Paloma- you shouldn't

Joseph- He is gionna make his call tomorrow

Jasmine- He went to bed. He was like, fuck this shit.

Paloma- How are you feeling? (to Joseph)

Joseph says he is so excited. He didn't think he was going to be there. He feels bad that he looks unprofessional for leaving his life "it looks unprofessional."  Joseph says his family did not support him coming on the show.

Paloma- you are so courageous 

They discuss the casting process. Joseph says they did a great job and are "experts at people."

The girls share with Joseph that they enjoy talking with him. He says that whenver they need to laugh, "just look for your cup of Joe." He says goodnight and leaves. Britt and Paloma put their sunglasses on. Paloma whsipers in her mic that she will stop talking.

Jasmine- One more thing. I really want to know when she (Taylor) is coming to bed. 


5:53AM BBT

Camera switches to Taylor rummaging through the SR. Cam moves again showing Taylor and Ameerah heading to the bedrooms. Ameerah enters the Space Age room and Taylor heads toward her bed for something.


6:09AM BBT

Joseph and Taylor have been chatting in the loft. He says he doesn't sleep much. Taylor teases that she has her sexy look on. Joseph replies that she looks the same without makeup. They decide to try and get some sleep.




6:17AM BBT

All of the HGs are tucked in bed asleep.

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7:45AM BBT

Monte is awake. He strolls through the kitchen then settles in the loft where he appears to be meditating.




8:40AM BBT

Brittany and Jasmine are awake now and chatting with Monte in the kitchen. Loud construction noise can be heard in the backyard. Jasmine leaqves saying she is going to try to go back to sleep. Monte tells Britt that he read Think and Grow Rich and The Secret before coming in the house. Britt says she is into the positive thinking stuff, too.

8:47AM BBT

Michael joins them in the kitchen. He says he can't go back to sleep. Monte says he decided to do dishes to make something positive out of him being awake.

Monte- Oh, you'll like this (to Britt). I was up there meditating.

He turns to Michael, "We are into the positive mindset stuff." Michael nods.

Brittany starts putting dishes away saying she isn't sure where anything goes and hopes people don't get confused.

Monte and Britt begin to discuss their "energy hangover." Monte begins talking about "yesterday" but then says "Oh, we can't talk about it" then asks Britt how she meditates. She says she focuses on the air conditioning and tries to empty her head. SHe mentions Esther Hicks.


8:53AM BBT

Daniel joins them and begins making coffee. Michael says he really wants to go in the backyard.

Britt- Yeah. They are working on it.

Monte- I hope by 10 o'clock they have it cleared out.

Daniel warns them that he doesn't measure the coffee.

He says he thinks it's about ten ounces, "that's how I measure it out....like a shot of whiskey. This is like my Mexican side. My mom and grandma won't measure shit. They just go for it." Monte hears and says, "Mexican Side?"

Daniel- Yeah, my mom is Mexican, Spaniard and Native American. But, my dad is white as fuck.

Monte- yeah, yeah


9:00AM BBT

The four of them head to the SR to change batteries.


9:03AM BBT

Monte left the SR

Michael- Daniel, I don't mean to game the whole time, but

Daniel- No, let's game

He tells Michael and Britt they can come talk to him anytime



9:05AM BBT

All cams flip to WBRB, likely for Wakey Wakey Houseguests

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9:17AM BBT

The feeds return to HGs milling about 





9:22AM BBT

Paloma and Jasmine are filling in Ameerah and Alyssa on their late night conversations. Britt joins them. They begin talking about Taylore being with the guys. Paloma says Michael won't like a bitch.  "Michael will get annoyed by bitches, but I think he will be the least disallusioned."

Ameerah- He is our in, for sure

Paloma- I know a good cat guy when I see one.

Ameerah- I don't think I've ever met one before.

Paloma- Oh, there's a lot of them, let me tell you.



9:40AM BBT

Monte and Terrance are chatting with Indy in the Car Design bedroom about the different dialects in the house. Indy speaks Portuguese and can understand some Spanish but Spanish speakers can't understand her.  Indy says she has a hard time following conversations when people speak so fast. Terrance says that in the US everyone has different accents and like they have to pay more attention when Jasmine speaks because of her deep southern drawl. Indy says she loves Jasmine's accent, "it is so beautiful." Indy says that Michael noticed she wasn't able to follow conversation last night. She is worried that she will  miss out. The guys tell her they got her.

Indy- I knew right away you were my person

Monte- that is understood

Terrance- Yeah


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9:45AM BBT

In the bathroom, Alyssa is answering Nicole's questions about her makeup routine. Nicole says she just wears the minimal amount of makeup. Monte asks Nicole if she will help him prepare some Have-Not food. She agrees, and he says he wants to learn. "We will teamwork this thing. Let's do it."



9:57AM BBT

Terrance, Allysa, Jasmine and Ameerah are discussing the late night and how they were so happy when the lights finally went out. Britt sayss he had to put her sunglasses on, but that olasted two minutes. Terrance tells the girls he can't sleep with anything on (jewelry). Brittany says she uses her FitBit alarm that just buzzes so she doesn't wake up her hubs. Jasmine says she doesn't do that for her husband.


Ameerah asks if anyone can braid. Alyssa says she can french braid and fishtail.


Paloma is finishing up in the shower.

Terrance has been patiently waiting for the shower. Paloma apologizes. The girls agree that Terrance must be used to how it is with women.


10:09AM BBT

The crew in the kitchen is working on breakfast. Daniel comes down with his suitcase not knowing what to do with it. They all comment they got no directions about luggage from production. Indy says she doesn't each much but takes lots of vitamins.



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10:15AM BBT

In the kitchen, Indy is talking about her job. She says that her clients are usually all really nice and good to her, and she has to fly economy so she knows what those flight attendants hvae to deal with. She says she only had one client whose party was rude. She describes how they made her very uncomfortable and left a mess all over the plane. She was shocked by their behavior and described them as "boxers; new money famous; used to be a YouTuber" but they were so terrible that her captain told her not to serve them. Turner asks if it was Jake Paul and Indy confirms.

Turner- I knew it. 

Indy- My captain said we will never have that group again. [They truly sound awful  -MamaLong]





10:28AM BBT

Nicole has finished preparing the slop breakfast for the boys that she calls "a failed venture." She has Monte taste it anyway saying she will try again, if needed. He says it actually tastes good - way better than he could have ever done, and he passes some to Michael.


Joseph- Thank you so much for that Nicole because I was like, I'm not eating.

Monte- Yeah!

Nicole- You're welcome. Are you allowed to have maple syrup? Put some syrup on it. Wait, let me not regulate your food.






10:34AM BBT

Ameerah is chatting with Daniel about his noms.

Daniel- Fuck, I don't know

Ameerah- You have to just do what you have to do

Daniel- I know, but you can't like backtrack. 

They begin discussing Real World.

They talk about switching up the comps but still having money along the way.

Daniel- We are making up a new show

Ameerah- That would be called drama

They discuss Alyssa and both declare, "she is so sweet" and how she woke up looking the exact smae as when she went to sleep

Ameerah- I'm like holy cow. Imagine how I feel waking up to that in the morning. I'm like, let me just go do my hair. *laughing


Jasmine joins the conversation and they begin discussing piercings and tattoos. Ameerah says she is 31 and has a belly piercing and septum that she only shows depending on her style for the day. Daniel shows his tats. Joseph says he wants to do "All For One" in Arabic on his back.




Turner has to take his turn showing his tats.



10:43AM BBT

Paloma, Alyssa and Indy are discussing past relationships in the bathroom. Alyssa says she lived with a boyfriend she met at the beginning of COVID, but he turned in to someone else. She says she doesn't think she will live with anyone like that again. They begin talking about how expensive it is to live in Florida. Paloma says it is nothing like Cali [True! And Austin is becoming impossible now, too. -MamaLong]




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Indy talks about how she used to travel more when she was a nanny. "They were 8, 9 and 12. They grow up...the oldest one is 18 now." Indy gets teary talking aboutthe kids. It's obvious she loves them so much. Alyssa says she used to nanny, too. "They called me Miss Sissa. It's so cute. They couldn't say Alyssa, so they'd say 'We love you Miss Sissa.'"


10:53AM BBT

Paloma compliments Indy's workout outfit and asks if it is Forever 21. Indy confirms and says she loves their stuff. Paloma says they have a workout bra that makes your boobs look so good for only $12. "It makes my B cup sometimes C, before my time, ya know, look great." Paloma says she had hers just before coming in the house. Indy says she is about to get "her moon." The girls like that she calls it her moon. Indy tells them she uses the cup, not tampons or pads. "Some people think it's disgusting, but I put it in my plants and it's like my way to connect to the earth."

Paloma says if her plants are dying she will try that. "It's like placenta. I love that."

Jasmine walks in and they discuss bowel movements, and lack of, for a bit. Jasmine had stomach pain and thought it was an IBS attack, but it turned out not to be. The girls tell Jasmine she is stunning. Jasmine says she felt awful after taking off her makeup last night. Paloma says her hair looks great.

Jasmine- I wasn't planning to wear it natural, but it doesn't look like we are getting a straightening iron.

Indy- It's like my way to give back to the Earth.

Indy gets up to leave and Paloma tells her that they have to keep talking. "I'm learning."


11:00AM BBT

Michael walks into the bathroom and chats with Paloma. They discuss the pronounciation of her name. 

Paloma- My friends say "Pallama" sometimes because they are like my spirit animals.

She says she loves llamas and alpacas. Michael says he and Hayden (fiancee) visited alpacas in Texas.

Paloma asks how he slept in the Have-Not room. He said it wasn't too bad, "I just wish we could have blankets. I had a towel."

Paloma- Thank you guys for doing it.

Michael- I figured it's gonna happen, might as well get it out of the way.

Paloma- It will happen to all of us.


11:05AM BBT

In the Storage Room, Daniel asks Ameerah and Alyssa, "Red Vines or Twizzlers?" Ameerah says Twizzlers

Daniel- Fuck. Okay, you are both on the block (he is kidding). Daniel loves Red Vines. They ask if it was in his basket. He says that when he filled out his list he couldn't think what to ask for. "Now I have all sorts of ideas."


When he leaves, Ameerah says, "I wonder what he is thinking."

Alyssa- I know. He wasn't being serious but I can't read him at all.

Ameerah- I'm gonna go talk to him. There are times when I am in the room and it's awkward and I'm like, he is gonna nominate my ass. I think I'm getting nominated.

Alyssa- I think he is going to keep the guys.



Ameerah and Alyssa take fiber pills and start laughing that they will kick in later.

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11:15AM BBT

Ameerah and Paloma are looking for tea in the SR [Note, Ameerah is quite tall, a lot taller than Paloma.  -MamaLong] Ameerah is telling Paloma about riding a motorcycle. They discuss tea versus coffee. Paloma says Starbucks has her "in, like a chokehold." Paloma asks if there is any intel on the alliance. Ameerah says last night no one said a thing. Paloma asks if Taylor said anything.

Ameerah- Not a thing. The fact they are not talking...they must have already solidified something.

Paloma says they need to go talk, "there is something. We need to go sniff it out." Ameerah says she feels she will get nominated. Paloma says no, that it will be Terrance. Ameerah says that's bullshit, "always nominating the old guy first, and I really like him a lot" (Terrance)

Paloma- yeah, that's so messed up. Terrance is so chill. He knows what's up. I really respect his game.

Ameerah wants to go see where his head is at. They begin discussing alliance names. They want to do a Portuguese name saying "that would be so cute." They question whether Indy is really all-in. They think so but Paloma says she doesn't really trust her. They feel Alyssa will be easy to sway.

Paloma- There is six of us.

Ameerah- I think Brittany is 100% in but we need to make sure we include her.

Paloma- She is very loyal and so is Jasmine. She is ride or die.

Ameerah- me, you Jasmine and Brittany are in, in, in.

They discuss Indy more saying that it's weird she doesn't want to talk game yet.

Paloma- But for me, if we are not talking game, someone else will. If we trust each other, we go through our day and just check in. For me, we are here. We need a reporting back system. We are the girl squad. 

Ameerah- I don't want to be seen together too much.

They say they have to watch out for Taylor. They are surprised she is not trying to get in good wit the girls.

Paloma- We can get intel with the men.

Ameerah- Nicole is cool with us all, too, but I am not close with her. She came in our room this morning and hugged Indy and said good morning in Portuguese to her.

Paloma- Let's stick with the four. 

They say they could see Alyssa drifting.

Paloma- This is all I think about. I'm like a little chess piece. My brain is going a thousand miles an hour.

Paloma begins worrying about Indy and Nicole forming something with the guys. "We need to schmooze and report back."

Ameerah- We got this. We can do this. 

They high five and Ameerah goes looking for Brittany, worried that she was feeling left out.




11:47AM BBT

Ameerah is meeting with Daniel in the HoHR. She tells him she would go after the good competitors. She tells him that the Have-Not volunteers are all good players (physically) "and that's why they volunteered."

Daniel- You think so?

Ameerah- Yeah

*The cams move to the kitchen where everyone else is seemingly cleaning up and waiting for the backyard to open.


11:50AM BBT

Back in the HoHR, Ameerah is telling Daniel that she will be able to help him. He asks who she is vibing with. She mentions Paloma and Alyssa and Daniel says he loves that. 

Daniel- This all makes sense. Michael was like kind of, in the storage room, kind of awkward.

Ameerah- I saw you up here so I was like, I am going up there.

Daniel- I am so glad. How do you feel about Indy?

Ameerah- I don't know if I trust her.

Daniel agrees and tells her that he was like (about Indy) "you are hte one person I don't want to talk game with."

Ameerah says there is something shady about her, "I'm not sure, but the people I feel good about are Alyssa, Paloma, and I like Brittany. Those three I like....but last night, I stayed up late to see if anyone would talk game. Taylor. There is something about her.

Daniel- Yeah, everything with her is just surface and I've gotten deep with others already.

Ameerah says she was spying to see if there was game talk last night and she got the impression they weren't talking because they had already formed something.

Daniel- I love it

Ameerah- And they are strong. That's a strong squad right there.

Daniel- Oh shit. I knew it. But I had to go to bed. Now it makes sense.

Ameerah- Whoever you put up, I am like 100%

Daniel- If I put up two physical threats, what happens next?

Ameerah- One will win veto and be like

Daniel- What if I put up like a Michael

Ameerah says put up one strong player and anotehr player that isn't and if the strong player wins you just put up another strong player.

Daniel seems to be soaking this all in, "You're right."


Daniel says that Michael was wanting to talk game with him in the SR ut Brittany was in there, too. 'Now it makes sense that he is a super fan."

Ameerah- he is! 

Ameerah says that everyone thinks she is so low key but she is....

Daniel- like totally different. I love it!


Daniel tells Ameerah that he is so glad she came to talk with him. She asks if she should send up Paloma. Daniel says that he will talk with her later, "Your thoughts have given me so much to think about...like all day. Oh my God, I am so fucking ready."

Ameerah leaves and Daniel says he will finish getting ready.


*WBRB (likely an announcement that the backyard is now open)


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12:11PM BBT

All of the HGs are still waiting for the backyard to open. Nicole tells them she just bought a Jeep Wrangler. She clearly loves it. 

Terrance tells her it is the most customizable vehicle in the world.

Nicole- Okay, I got to figure it out (talking about a wrap)

Terrance- I got you  (I guess he has connections)

Indy has a Mini Cooper but says she needs to let it go and get a new car.



12:15PM BBT

Jasmine is talking about her dad with Paloma in the Golf Pro BDRM.

Jasmine- That's why I don't want any kids. Why bother?

Paloma- I totally get you. We have both gone through it. (she lost her grandma)

They are both teary discussing the family members they have recently lost.


12:23PM BBT

The backyard has opened. The cams are not on the backyard but we can hear the HGs screaming.
















12:30PM BBT

Kyle is chatting with Alyssa about traveling. He teases they will be like Tyler and Angela traveling the world together after BB. Alyssa says she hasn't been anywhere, "only Canada, Bahamas and some states." Her mom is from Canada.




Kyle says he used to date a Brazillian who said he was a terrible kisser and needed to use more tongue.



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The HGs are all just truly enjoying the day and getting to know each other. Nicole is relishing in the experience saying that she is enjoying all of the different people. She says that walking in the house with 16 people is Heaven for her. SHe loves people.  "Look at Turner. He is a traveling art piece. I love it so much."













Lots of random conversations going on in the backyard.



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1:15PM BBT

Pooch and Daniel are chatting in the kitchen about noms. Daniel isn't sure what will happen. Pooch says they can talk again later. Pooch heads to the bathroom and starts joking around with Kyle. They say they have to get it going...."Hey, you looking for the Blue-Eyed Bash Bros"

Pooch- We're gonna get it done (DR sessions silliness)


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2:00 PM BBT

Many of the HGs are working out in the backyard.



Ameerah speculates that there will be a competition tonight because they are getting kicked out of the backyard later this afternoon.





2:13PM BBT

I'm out for a bit. I'll post if anything interesting happens.  -MamaLong


2:21PM BBT

The feeds switch to WBRB, and when they return the HGs are gathering their things and heading inside.


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2:42PM BBT

Daniel is meeting with Nicole in the HoHR.  

Nicole- I am so excited. How do we do this?

They hug to celebrate their FInal Two Alliance.

Nicole asks if anyone has talked with him. He says only Ameerah.

Daniel- I'm pissed (that no one is talking with him)

They swear allegiance to each other.

Daniel- You are my number one.

Nicole- You are MY number one. Until the end.

Daniel- Everything Ameerah said earlier is lining up. I was noticing at the pool.

Nicole tells Daniel that when she went in the SR, it was obvious that Joseph and Monte were talking game but pretending to talk about protein, "I was like, you guys have been talking all day and you are fucking talking about protein" (They actually were just talking workouts, diet and what they can eat)

They agree that they don't want anyone knowing they are each other's number ones. They discuss Michael and how he has been creeping and wanting to talk. Daniel is surprised that no one is talking game with him. Nicole thinks that they are all playing safe knowing he is going to get blood on his hands, "All four of them are on slop. And they volunteered."

Daniel- They volunteered!

They discuss that they can hear pretty much everything in the house.

Nicole says that she could hear all of the conversations even witht he sliding door to the Car Design room

Nicole- I'm hommies with Monte and Terrance.

Daniel- We need a big dude like Terrance

Nicole- Is there anyone that you are not feeling?

Daniel- Indy, maybe. But, we haven't talked. I'm just pissed that no one has come up. Even Michael, when he said it earlier, I was like come on up. I'm not supposed to be seeking you out. (meaning they should come to him)

Nicole says Ameerah should not be nominated because she was the only one to come up. Daniel agrees. He tells Nicole he wants to be low key. Nicole says Turner is her little hommie. Daniel likes Kyle and gets good vibes from Pooch.

Daniel- I want us to be on our own, ultimately, but be the Rugrats...from rats to riches

Nicole- Rats to Riches. I love it. Let's do it. If we build alliances on the outside of the two, let's keep each other on the up and up. I am super stoked that you are on the same page as I am. I saw you hair and was like Nicole, stop staring.' Let's do this.

Daniel- Let's Do This! Should you got out first?

Nicole- No, you go out first

Daniel- and say you are taking a shit.

Nicole- I'm actually gonna try. No, I'm just gonna sit up here.

He leaves.

Nicole is alone in the HoHR watching the spy cam and whispers to herself, "This is so crazy!" She tehn joins the others.




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3:50PM BBT

In the Car Design Bedroom, Turner and Brittany are forming a Final Two Alliance. They fist bump, shake hands and hug in elation.

Turner- I will never nominate you

Britt- And I will never nominate you




In the loft, Pooch and Kyle are playing bumper pool and whispering about their Blue Eyed Bro-alliance. Pooch says he is working the charm with Paloma.

Pooch- You want to spread yourself thin but not too thin

Kyle- Yeah

Alyssa comes through looking for Paloma. The boys tell her she is in the DR

Pooch- She has got to be killing it, too




4:16PM BBT

In the loft, Monte has joined the three and the guys talk Alyssa into playing doubles with bumper pool. Pooch teases Alyssa that she was pissed when he gave her his shirt. "You looked deep in my soul and said I hate you"

Alyssa- I know. It's hard to hide my emotions. But I hated you for a quick minute. I did.  It passed.

Pooch- Paloma was like 'it's okay; I understand' and you were like, 'give me the fucking shirt'

They all laugh about yesterday's Backstage process

Alyssa tells Pooch he was in a bad situation.


Monte coaches Alyssa on how to shoot.

Alyssa- I'll try to get it in there


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5:30PM BBT

In the bathroom, Ameerah is whispering with Jasmine and Paloma while Paloma finishes up her shower. She tells them that Pooch has been talking to Daniel for a long time. Ameerah tells Paloma that Daniel wants her to tell Paloma to go talk to him but not to tell her that he asked for it. They all laugh.

Paloma- I think a guy needs to go first

Ameerah- If he doesn't get out a guy this week, know that he IS in an alliance with them

Paloma says she is going up there

Jasmine- Just make sure you are looking out for our group

Paloma- I'll just say this is a touchy subject with the guys and I won't even bring her up

Jasmine- They love her

Ameerah- They like her (Taylor)

Paloma-I'll just be like, it's my main priority to get a guy on the block

Ameerah- Wrap that up with a bow, baby

Jasmine- Who do you think it will be?

Ameerah- he kept saying Michael, but he doesn't want Michael to go home. He is talking putting up Michael with a strong player.

Jasmine says all of their conversations have just been talking (random stuff)

Ameerah (to Paloma) Did you talk strategy

Paloma- Absolutely (she brings up the Have-Not guys and how he agrees about them

Ameerah warns that he is playing them on that (just telling them what they want to hear

Jasmine- I think Brittany is loyal

Ameerah- She is; I just talked to her in the kitchen

Jasmine tells them that Terrance was trying to get the married people in on an alliance, but she just blew it off

They all agree that Michael will be good to have on their side down the line

Paloma- He's a pawn

Ameerah- Seriously, us four are the only ones I feel solid with. I can't believe he told me I was the first one to go in. (to talk with HoH)

They all agree that Indy is a big question mark even though Brittany really trusts her.






6:00PM BBT

I'll be out for much of the night to take care of PapaLong. I hope someone else out there is willing to post. We need you!

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8:30pm Big Brother Time

House guests are finishing dinner, Taylor made tacos.

An onion has been decorated and is sitting on the table. Houseguests have provided him with a tiny lawn chair.  

General chatting and laughing.

Nicole plans to work with the slop for the have nots to make interesting food for them this week. 



General talk and clean up after dinner.



General talk about food alergies between Nicole, Kyle and Taylor.

NIcole begins a "therapy session" with Indy, Indy  answers in Portugese.




Monty joins the "therapy session", he has to answer in Spanish.

joins in. He says he might know some Spanish, he says if they all work together they can form one full sentence. 


If you have live feeds, this crazy conversation starts at about 9pm and continues until 9:30.  Lots of laughing here. Funny stuff!



Kyle leaves, Brittany stops by, decides to stay and Trivia begins.

Camera moves to bedroom. Poloma and Alyssa start to talk game but Indy comes into the room. Poloma leaves and Indy stays





Jasmine comes into the room.  Boy related gossip ensues.  Kyle being Mormon, an unidentified twerking but belonging to one of the guys.

Camera moves to bumper pool. 



General talk in the dining area.


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General talk in the lavatory area about having children, beauty care and facials.

Indy and Ameerah are in the dining area, Indy is explaining Big Brother and how it works in Brazil.

Brittani and Michael are in the dining area (Indy and Ameerah have gone). They are talking about their jobs. (they are both fibbing I think)

Brittany is hoping to get both Daniel and Turner to join her and Michael in an alliance.  They mention Nicole but are too worried about how well she is liked in the house.

Brittany says she is just trying to lay low until they have more info. She wonders how she could be at risk to go home if she is not nominated.


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Brittany and Michael continue to talk game, Daniel passes by and Michael asks him if they can speak later. Daniel agrees.

Brittany says she feels that her position is weakened by being selected as a backstage player.

Jasmine stops by, she is also worried about who might be nominated. She says there is no one there that is not nice. No one is "not vibin" this season.

She adds that she feels like she has no read on people in the house, and she can't figure out what the reasoning will be for nominations.



Talk continues about finding ways to maneuver through the game, and how to do that without over stepping.



Jasmine, Brittany and Michael continue talking at the table while they wait for Daniel to come out of the diary room.


I think this might be the time of night for me to wander off to my bed and get some rest and puppy cuddles. Remember to show love and kindness to one another, when you give your smile to a stranger it is always a gift to yourself as well.  Goodnight my darlings. Hugs from Grannysue.--I have missed all of you.

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Monte and someone else talking in the bathroom

Monte is using the bathroom 5:04 AM bbt

Monte left the bathroom and went into the kitchen talking to someone 508 bbt

I better get going guys talk to you later I’ll be watching the feed and updating later

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