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BBCAN10-Episode 24-Recap and HOH comp

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Betty calls Summer into the SR with Josh and they are telling her that everyone is going to vote for her to stay if he puts her up. She says ok, we’ll see. Hopefully she does stay. She says she feels a certain way about it.


Betty is shocked that Josh put Summer up. She says clearly something is going on that she is not aware of. Betty and Summer talk alone and they cannot believe Josh put her up. Betty tells Summer to get ready for veto and she says she feels a type of way about it.


The HG are informed the veto competition is minutes away. Haleena is comforting Josh and they agree that Jacey and Marty will go home. Josh says he has made enemies of Jacey, Marty, and Summer.


Betty and Josh are talking and they say it is set that Jacey and Marty will go home. Betty says this is iconic and this could be him winning the game. Betty says she trusts him and he did the best job.


We see Summer talking to Josh about his campaign when he said he would never put her up. She says he lied and he is putting her at risk and she says this does not make any sense. Betty tells her she is not going home and Summer says it is not her in this position.


The HG are informed that the POV competition is about to begin. Jacey calls Haleena a liar and she wants to know how she lied. Jacey wants to know if she has an explanation and Haleena does not want to go into it right now.


Kevin says there is a commercial break and there are fights going on everywhere. He says Jacey and Haleena are arguing and Summer and Josh and he does not know where to go because he wants to see everything.


Jacey says she does not blame Kevin but she blames Haleena and she calls Haleena a snake. Kevin says he was a big part of the decision and Jacey says Kevin never said she was his number one and Haleena says she does not want to go in to this right now.


Jacey says she has no respect for Haleena and Haleena says that Jacey talks down to her and is disrespectful to her. She tells Jacey not to talk to her and Jacey says Haleena has a lack of respect for her and she is frustrated. Betty says they need to get in the zone.


Jacey says she needs to win this veto and pull herself off the block and that is exactly what she is going to do. We see her win the veto competition and they all head inside. Jacey says she will have Summer’s back and she should never have been in that position.


Josh, Kevin, and Haleena are talking in the SR and they agree to keep Betty. Betty goes to check in with Josh after the leave and they celebrate that Marty is going home. Josh says he does not know if he will put up Kevin and Betty says are you going to put me up?


Josh says he thinks he will put Betty up and she wants to know why. Josh says he knows that they will save her and he says he will tell her something after this. Betty says tell me now. Josh says Summer does not have their best interest at heart.


Josh tells Betty that he had to convince Summer to keep her when she was on the block. Josh says trust me on this. Betty says she has to talk to Kevin and Haleena. The POV ceremony is coming up and Betty is running to talk to Kevin.


She is emotional and she tells Kevin that Josh is putting her up and Haleena is in the restroom and Kevin says he is saving her. Betty asks if they are going to save Summer and they assure her and promise that they are going to save her. Betty is freaking out.


Kevin tells Josh that they always knew this day would come. Betty calls Jacey to SR and she tells her that he is putting her up and she is asking Jacey to save her. She says she wants to secure the votes and Jacey says what is going on? Betty says please save me.


Betty is begging Jacey and she says that makes no sense because she is Josh’s number one. Jacey says she told Summer she would save her because she was sure that Kevin or Haleena would be on the block. Jacey wants to go to talk to Josh.


Jacey wants to know why Josh is putting up Betty. Josh tells her the same thing he told Betty. Jacey says would it not be better to get rid of Kevin or Haleena and improve their odds of winning. Jacey says it pains her that one of those snakes will stay in the house.


Jacey says don’t you think Betty will be upset with you after this. Josh says probably. Jacey says she is crying in the pantry right now. Josh says he would rather Summer go over Haleena and that is why he is putting Betty up and he wants her to stay.


Summer is again talking to Josh and wants to know if this was his plan from the jump because it seems that it was. She says if she was an option she would have liked to have known, and now he is doing this to Betty. Betty says she is hurt by this.


Summer says why would you put up Betty, when there is Kevin or Haleena. Summer says what are Kevin and Haleena to you? Summer never seen her game ending with Josh putting her up. Betty tells Josh she does not understand why Summer has to go.


We see the eviction and Jacey asks if Josh is ok and he says he is scarred for life. Betty wants to know if Kevin and Josh and Haleena are working together. They deny it and Haleena says she thought she was going to go up and she is shocked.


Betty says it makes no sense and she would have saved them. She says they voted for her to stay. Haleena says Josh kept her and Kevin safe for the second time, but he might have ruined his own game.


#BBCAN10 Josh says is the most hated game in Canada now. Kevin and Haleena are talking to Josh and Kevin says Canada will understand that Josh was playing the game. They are talking about how upset Betty is.


Kevin says this has been an intense night. He says they have evicted Gino, Marty, and Summer and now they are straight into the next HOH competition. Ika is hosting and she talks about her challenge between shredding a check for herself a letters for the HG.


We see the clip of Ika shredding her fellow HG’s letters from home. Jacey this is one of the most iconic moments in BBCAN history. Betty says Ika is her favorite and she is the absolute queen. Ika says she has zero regrets and if she could she would shred them again.


Ika has letters and says Josh has been crying over slop and going on the block and he can cry about that too. She says Jacey cried over losing Gino and now she can cry over this. She says Betty has survived the block all season and she will survive this too.


It is time for the HOH! Ika will read quotes from their fellow HG from either nomination, veto ceremony, or eviction. They need to write down which HG said it and then they will shred their letters. Whoever has the most points will win and become the next HOH!


The shredders are on in front of the HG. Betty says her number one guy just blindsided her and she needs to win this HOH and start making some decisions for herself. Jacey says she needs to win this now that Gino has gone home.


Quote #1-You thought you were playing chess this week? It turned out you were playing checkers. Everyone answers Moose except Jacey. Betty, Haleena, and Kevin get a point.


Quote #2-Strategically, we are still just dipping our toes into the water. Kevin answers Marty and Betty and Haleena answers Jess. Jacey answers Kyle. The correct answer is Jess. Betty and Haleena have 2 points. Kevin has 1 point. Jacey has 0 points.


Quote #3-I wanna say that I think this planned from the beginning. Everyone answers Tynesha and they are all correct. Betty and Haleena have 3 points. Kevin has 2 points. Jacey has 1 point.


Quote #4-The last 20 days in this place has been nothing short of amazing. Haleena answers Kyle, Kevin answers Jess and Jacey and Betty answer Stephanie. The correct answer is Stephanie. Betty has 4 points. Haleena has 3 points. Kevin and Jacey have 2 points.


Quote#4-I want to make sure that any of those whispers are silent. Jacey answers Hermon, Haleena answers Gino, Betty answers Jess and Kevin answers Kye. The correct answer is Kyle. Betty has 4 points, Haleena and Kevin have 3 points. Jacey has 2 points.


Quote #5-Keep me in this house. Let me shield you in this game. Betty and Kevin answer Hermon, Haleena answers Moose. Betty has 5 points. Kevin has 4 points. Haleena has 3 points. Jacey has 2 points. Betty has won the HOH!


Betty says she just won HOH and this is amazing! She is so happy! She went from the block to HOH. Jacey says that was so hard. Betty says she has been playing this game with her heart and emotions, but now she needs to think more strategically.


Betty says she may have just won and she is mad at Josh because he put her up in a triple eviction for no reason when there are two other folks to put up. She says she is expendable to him and that is annoying. Betty says she is in this by herself now.


Jacey says Betty winning HOH is not the worst thing to happen but she and Betty do not have a very good track record and a lot of trust but he has to try and work for that. Kevin tells Betty to make her room reveal fun and Betty wants it to be a fun week.


Betty says they can even talk to Josh and she won’t care. Then she laughs and says she is just kidding. Josh says if Betty is going to be petty then he does not even want to be around her right now.


Who wants to see Betty’s HOH room?!? She has pictures of her mom and dad and she gets her basket. She then goes to try on her Winners outfit and models it for the HG. She then reads her letter from boyfriend and they are proud of her and love and miss her.


Betty decides to take Kevin to Wendy’s because she suspects he and Josh are working together and she wants to see how close he is to Josh. Her message is from the Season 9 winner, Tychon. He tells her it is important to build her resume and think about the end game.


Kevin says he and Haleena have controlled a lot of the game so far and as The Ghosts they have remained invisible. They need to keep things going. Betty says if earlier had not happened, then she would have went to the end with Josh.


Betty asks Kevin if he and Josh were working together and he confirms but he realizes they may not win against him. Kevin says Jacey could be a problem too because she won veto in the double and then won in the triple too.


Kevin thinks Jacey is a strategist and he thinks she has played a huge role in decisions and she has played an unbelievable game. Betty says if she can get one of them out this week she will feel accomplished.


Kevin says can I get some Wendy’s and who I want as nominees on the block this week? Betty says Kevin is very insulated in this game and he is really intelligent and she is very suspicious of that. She says this is her HOH and these are HER noms.

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