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Friday, April 1, 2022 - Big Brother Canada 10 Live Feed Updates

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10:30am BBT  Feed 1

Gino comes to the HoH room for a chat with Marty.


(Mostly translated and paraphrased from French...)\

Marty indicates a corner of the HoH washroom, far from the door, and says that if anyone else comes in, he'll be able to see them and tell them to F off.


Madty: "Remember that time when it fell apart between us, and afterward you told me that you never again want to hear me say that I want to self-evict? Well, yesterday, after the vote, I would have self-evicted."

Gino: "Why?"

M: "Because one of the votes, it was me."

G: "It was you?"

M: "Yeah"

G: "Ok"

M: "And I'm going to be honest with you, the only fuckin reason (and it's not a matter of feeling down) it's a fuckin game, and I'm not made for this game, I've got it up to HERE with this game, and honestly after I digested it, it was just like fuck it - that's enough.

M: "The only reason I didn't do it (self-evict), is that there are two people...  Josh, and Betty, who made a whole fuckin plan, a nice trap, to put me inside, and they took advantage of a fucked-up situation, the whole fucken Chain of Safety thing, and I got on board, and they masterminded it, and later in the HoH room, looking at the cameras/monitors and swearing on their families, saying it wasn't them that voted for you.  But they used ME to do their dirty work.  I don't know who the second person was, I have honestly no idea.  Only thing I can say it that I think it came from soeone in their room."

M: I'm telling you, Gino, when I talked to you the second time, and told you I hsd your back until the Final Four, you can go outside her and yell 'Fuck Marty, I hate him', etc. whatever, I won't put you up.  I'll have you back until Final Four anyway, no mateer what, because I gave you my word on that.

Yesterday, though, the whole situation was fucked, and I got pulled into it by them, they're fucking good, so fucking good!  And then later when I came in here, and said 'screw that', this was before winning (HoH), I said I know that if I open my mouth about it, I'm fucken done.  I want to stay in this game to get back at them.   That's what kept me here, without walking out and saying 'fuck it, I'm done'."

M: "Yesterday, from the Chain of Safety"... up until then, I was alright... the vote was 5 to 4, everything was good, until that moment, but then the Chain of Safety. I had three people here, that I have a Final Four with, I've got Haleena over there, that (I told you, and you're the only person I've told) I have a Final Two with, I've got Jess next to me, who just finished her HoH, and who I spent 2 hours with in the middle of the night ... bla, bla, bla,... I tell you, I had NOTHING promised with Jess. But it broke my heart. She was right next to me.  And I had you guys right there across, and Haleena over there across, and I was like... FUCK.  Honestly, I had no idea who to pick.  And finally, I said to myself that I'll pick the person I have the deal with of Final Two, and bang, I picked her.  And after that, they gave us a little time, I came upstairs, I was in the blue room, and my head was all like spinning and churning, and Josh comes in the room.  he tells me 'you ok? don't worry, I have your back, yM: ou'll be good'. You know?  Then Jess came in, and she was like "'Marty, I know I'm going home, I don't care. I just want to give you a hug.'  And again, I felt like a dead bug under a shoe. I went back down, there's the bowling thing, whatever. Then the safety thing... 'you sit down, you sit down, you sit down' (pointing as if at various people).  And it was lining up.  And then it's Kevin, Kevin picks me, and I've got the final decision."

M: (repeats about Josh reasurring him in the blue room), "At that point, I thought you were pissed off at me about the vote.  And I was thinking, ok I've got 2 people against me right there, now. After that, I thought Kevin was pissed off at me, because I didn't pick you, but picked Haleena. That he was thinking 'fuck, I picked Marty so he'd take Gino, but he picked Haleena'.  I was just like befuddled, we were in the living room, and they said... because I was upstairs but they said 'houseguests come to the living room' so I came down... I was close to the first couch, and honestly, to what point my head(thoughts) was spinning, I can't remember anything, it's all a blur,  I can't even remember how I got there. Other people told me that someone brought me.  I think it was Josh. I don't even know, but I think it was Josh.  But I do remember him saying something about he'd tell me which way we were voting. I got into the room, I didn't say anything yesterday, because honestly I was asking myself... I could see my wife and family, I had nothing to do with the whole conversation, they were pitching things to each other, in my head I was just like 'WTF!' and 'what's going on', My head was trying to process. And then they started calling us to the living room, second call. And it was like fast, fast, fast. And then a third time.  And the only thing I remember is Betty was like asking Kevin (with a thumbs up) 'Kevin are you good on the plan?' and 'Marty, are you good on the plan?', so I got out of there, head down, thinking in my head thatr my game was done, I've got Jess next to you, who I adore (Jess), and... I voted to evict you."

M: "If I was in your shoes, I'd never want to get back with me. So I'll understand.  Either way, whatever, but I'm telling you right now, I have your back, until Final Four.  I told you, yesterday I had a moment, I slipped, it was a fucken fucked-up situation yesterday. It was tough to go through.  And I don't know if you know me, but having to pick between buddies really threw me off a lot.  And, like I'm telling you, they are so fucking good.  Josh comes in, 'yeah you're good', And Betty, spearheaded the whole thing. I know it, I know it, I know it.  I can guarantee you my two targets right now are Josh and Betty."


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M: "And if I didn't have HoH this week, I would have continued to lie and say nothing, until next week when I'd hopefully get HoH and have the chance then.   Gino, yesterday I won HoH, and it was supposed to be like a wonderful moment, and I came in here, and it was like, I was just totally pissed off. I can't believe that there's people of that level in here. And I know, like, I walked into it, I crossed you a second time.  And in my head, it makes no good sense, I never never imagined it. That's just the house here, under the pressure, quick quick quick, everybody, and after that... for them to have played me like that, and then come to you and say 'we swear on our families' and that, we never voted against you!  Of course, you used the dummy right here (points to self) to do your dirty work. And like I said, there was a second vote, and I'm certain it was from someone from that room, maybe Kevin.

G: "Yeah, that's what I thought, maybe Kevin. Maybe Moose."

M: "Listen, yeah maybe I sold them my vote yesterday. I just wanted to stay in the fucken game. When it happened, I was like "TABARNAK (big swear word in Quebec French!) Martin, the second time!" (that he broke trust with Gino). And 'Ok, that was a fucken trap!, they set a trap for me. Ok. Yeah.  That's the way you want to play? Alright. If I have to lie, I'll lie.  I'm coming back after you guys!'. So I guess, that just fired me up. Like fuck, no way. I'm going to take those two out."

G: "Yeah"

M: "Like, honestly, I don't even need to tell you this.  I don't give a crap, If it wasn't this week, it would be next week.  Gino, fuck man, when I told you I had your back, I have your back. I can't believe I did that. IT fucken sucks.  This is not me. IT's not in my character. I was embarrassed.  When I went to get my HoH, I was embarrassed. I'm looking in you in the eye, and telling you the truth, listen I don't care if I go, for this week, put your feet up, 100%, nothing has changed.  I slipped in that moment, it was sooooo pressure, pressure, pressure... and fuck man, they're SO  fucken good, so good."

G: "yeah"

M: "They're snakes."\

G: "Yeah"

M: "They wanted to break us apart.  And it was a fucken brilliant move.  And honestly, seriously, I'm a guy that's fun to have around, but on a strategy level, I'm not there. I'm gullible, and I've got a big mouth. Someone tells me a little something, and I go tell it to someone else. I'm fucking rotten at this game.  Horrible. I know.  I know."

G: "Yeah, but you've got spirit, and you win things."\

M: "Yeah, the other side... that makes two fuck-ups.  The first fuck-up, honestly, I really thought you were playing me, and that Kyle was playing me.  And afterward, when I saw you on the couch, I was like 'FUCK, they had my back!', you know?  And I was like... I worked it out again with you, and then THIS happens yesterday.  It's like yesterday, I had no time to thing, it was go go go. And honestly, the bit in the Expedia room, there's little fragments I can remember, but my head was so fucken I don't know, drained."

G: "So, Josh and Betty started the whole thing?"

M: "Josh came in the room, and I'm not stupid, like 'trust you gut'. That was a game know, that I know. It's him that did it, I know it's a game move. And in the room, the person that spearheaded that, from the start... me, I came in, I was pulled in... why do you think they came to get me and brought me in there, like I can't even remember who came to get me and brought me there. I just remember that when they got me in there, they started talking and it only took like two seconds (snaps fingers) and they flipped on you. And in my head I was like 'whoa whoa whoa, fuck, what's going on here?' And then BB was calling us, And Betty was going to everyone (with a thumbs-up in their faces) 'are you good? are you good with the vote?", I remember it like it was yesterday!"  (It WAS yesterday, Marty. Literally! - JEDI)

M: "And then I said it in the room, later, and they were like 'you did that'.  And I was like 'fuck'. And again, I was like, I did it that first time, and after I told you, but I was so ashamed I'd done that. But then yesterday, as much as it pissed me off to do it, the second time, and remember saying 'Gino, I wouldn't do it a second time', and you said 'Marty, I believe you', and it was either I do it (self-evict), or I tell you about it. Because there was no way I'd be able to keep it up (the lie).  It's not me. I wasn't at ease with it. Like, 'I'll sell it, and if it works it works', I just want to stay in this game to take Josh and Betty out.

G: "Ok"

M: "They just played me like a fucken fool in front of everyone in Canada.  I was just like "fuck that, I don't care if I go home, I don't care what happens, but I'm going to strike back at you guys.', So, they had a really good plan. Really well executed.  I fell for it. And somebody else did.  So that's how good it was. And the only problem with their plan, was that this fucken old realized it, as soon as the vote came out... and I won power.So, I 'm going to make it up. To get them."

M: "Like I tell you, man.... in the most honest way that I can, I have your back, until Final Four, even if you tell me that you can't work with me anymore, I'm fine with that, I had a second chance, and I don't deserve another, I'm old school that way. BUT, going forward, like, I'll have your back, still... I promised you... until Final Four, I told you. What happened yesterday, holy fuck, I can't see that happening again. I want to work with you.  I slipped for a moment,


Someone knocks on the door, asks if they can borrow a flannel shirt. Blue flannel. It's Haleena.

M: "Grab it, in my bag.  Quickly."

G: "How's you foot?"

Haleena: "It's not bad,..."

(She gets the shirt, and leaves.)




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G: "Am I the only one who knows?" (About Marty's vote.)\

M: "Yeah, the only one.  Honestly, I would have told you either way.  Even if I didn't win power, I'd have told you. Because like before in my head I was like 'I'm going home, but I'm not going home before I fucking get back at them'. It's like that, that I think. It fucken pissed me off to like to you again. But in my head it's just 'stick, until you fucken get the chance to get back at them'.

G: "yeah"

M: "I didn't tell anyone else.  Honestly, from a strategy point of you, I don't even know where to go."

G: "Ok, well, I'm going to keep it between us, let's start with that. I think it's best if it stays just between us. While you do your thing this week, your plan..."

M: "If you win HoH, put me up, man, put me up.  I told you."

G: "I know, I know I can do that if I want.  But, that doesn't make sense for me, because, they're too strong still, the other side. There's more damage to do. That's my goal, again. We'll organize after that.  It's possible I come after you after they're all gone, when the other side is completely finished. but for now it makes no sense for me to come after you. IT sucks that you did that, It hurts me again.

M: "I know, that's why I told you."

G: "I hope so.  But yeah, I hope this stays between us, that way the other side doesn't know any of it.  I'm going to tell people that I know who it was, but I won't tell them who.


(From this point, it will just be a summary...)


M: "I know I had a target on my back."

M: "It fucken sucks, what happened yesterday.  It fucken sucks what I did to you."

M: "I saw Jess as my sister.  She even resembles my sister.  The 2 hours we talked the other night were now for nothing."

M: "My head was all a blur, I didn't know what I was doing."

M: "You're better at strategy, at this game, so just help me figure out what to do.  After that, you can stab me in the back, whatever, it's all good."


They then discuss nomination options.  Josh, Betty.  Using Moose as a pawn.  Gino asks what deal Marty made with Moose.  Marty tells him.  Summer.  They discuss who is close with who.l

Gino is saying it's better to put up a pawn.   (Veto has been used every week this season!)


Moose and Betty.

Moose and Josh on the block.  (Moose as pawn.)

Marty says he already told him (Moose?) to put his feet up this week.

Gino mentions Hermon again.

Gino says maybe Betty and Summer, that they might not actually win the Veto.


Marty tells Gino to think about it for a while, then come back and tell him what to do.

Gino mentions that he wants it to be good for Marty's game as well.


Marty again goes over the events of yesterday, and getting muscled into voting against Gino.

He repeats that's he's rotten at this game, at strategy.


Gino mentions that if he told Moose he was safe, then Gino won't want to wreck that promise.


Marty apologizes to Gino for voting against him yesterday, "I'm sorry for that."


(Ok, my fingers are tired, and I have other things to do.  Hope you enjoyed reading! - JEDI)

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