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Survivor 42 - Episode Recaps


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Episode 1 - Feels Like A Rollercoaster


Jeff welcomed the 18 new castaways and explained that this season of Survivor would be like any of the first 40 seasons. 


Reward Challenge


One member from each tribe is to race into the jungle to untie two paddles. A second member then races along the beach to retrieve two more paddles, but are met with a decision to immediately grab the paddles or untie 20 knots for individual advantages. Once each tribe has all its paddles, they must paddle their boat around a buoy then collect bamboo sticks to be used to create a pole to retrieve their flint. The first tribe to gets the flint won it plus a pot and a machete.

On the first leg of the challenge, Daniel injures his shoulder but was cleared by medical to continue the game, after popping his shoulder back into its socket.


During the second leg of the challenge, Drea, Hai, and Lindsay agreed to take the advantage, covering themselves in mud, sand and fake blood to explain why they took so long.


In the third leg of the challenge, Taku generates a big lead on the strength of Jonathan, while the other tribes struggle. However, Ika and Vati make a comeback and Taku’s lead going was squandered as Ika eeked out the win.


Back at camp, Taku and Vati were met with the 2nd chance “Savvy” or “Sweat” task to complete in four hours to obtain basic supplies. Both tribes choose “Savvy” and successfully complete the puzzle in which they had to count how many triangles were within a large triangle (51).


Drea, Hai, and Lindsay learned they possessed an "Advantage Amulet", which gave each one extra vote as a group. If only 2 castaways remained, the advantage changes to one steal-a-vote, and if only one castaway remains it becomes a full immunity idol. The advantage is good until the final six.


At Ika, two alliances of three (Drea/Rocksroy/Romeo and Swati/Tori/Zach) formed, but some tribemates were put off by Rocksroy’s commanding leadership style when building the shelter. Tori went off on her own to gather food for the tribe, but some saw this as her looking for an idol.


At Vati, bonds formed between Jenny & Mike and Hai & Lydia led Chanelle to propose an alliance with Daniel.


At Taku, Jackson opened up to his tribe-mates about being a transgender man, but an underlying medical condition which involved his cutting off the use of lithium could cause side effects that ultimately led to Jeff removing him from the game on day 3 due to him not telling production until the night before the game began.


On day 2, one representative from each tribe went to a summit. Maryanne from Taku, Jenny from Vati, and Drea from Ika bonded on their journey before deciding to risk or protect their vote. Jenny protected hers, while Drea and Maryanne risked, meaning they each received an extra vote.


Immunity Challenge


The other tribes learned of Jackson's removal of the game. The tribes swam to a boat where they gathered three heavy chests floating in the water. Again, Taku excelled under the strength and pull of Jonathan, while the other two tribes struggled to navigate their boats and to secure their chests.


Once on land, tribes had to unload their chests onto a platform, which they then pushed under nets up the beach. Two tribe members then used puzzle pieces inside the chest to assemble a giant dragon puzzle. The first two tribes to solve their puzzle won, while the last-place tribe had to forfeit their flint. Taku and Vati won the challenge.


At Ika, Zach became a target due to faltering in the puzzle, but Romeo, with whom Zach had bonded, tried to sway votes onto Tori instead. The rest of the tribe balked, so at Tribal Council, Zach took his Shot in the Dark and was not successful. By unanimous vote, Zach became the first to be voted out of the game.

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Episode 2 - Good and Guilty


At Ika, Drea told Swati and Tori about her extra vote in an effort to establish a girls' alliance, but her growing power worried Swati, who tried to convince Tori to vote out Drea next.


At Taku, Maryanne's youthful energy endeared herself to her tribe-mates but also sparked concern that she could become annoying. Jonathan and Omar bonded, and the former was also tightly aligned with Lindsay. Marya opened up to the tribe about the death of her brother, a nurse, at the start of the pandemic.


At Vati, Hai struggled with eating a crab due to being a vegan but decided he could live through it. Mike searched for an idol, finding the Beware Advantage, returning from the previous season. He confided to Jenny and Daniel, but the Daniel told Chanelle and they discussed blindsiding Mike before the idol had a chance to get power.


Immunity/Reward Challenge


One tribe member directed two pairs of blindfolded tribe-mates through obstacles to bags of puzzle pieces. Then they led the four tribemates to a station to direct them in solving a puzzle. The first two tribes to finish won immunity; the first-place tribe wins a large fishing kit, the second-place tribe, a smaller fishing kit, and the last-place tribe forfeited their flint.


Vati and Ika won the challenge, sending Hai to Tribal Council.


The alliance of Jonathan, Lindsay, and Omar debated between voting out Marya or the more outgoing Maryanne, who upon hearing she could be in trouble searched for an idol.


At Tribal Council, everyone acknowledged a personal fondness for each other, but Marya was not confident and asked to play her Shot in the Dark. It failed. Maryanne found she had received the Advantage from earlier, but didn't want a quick exit to explore a relationship with previously voted off Zach. The tribe spoke: Marya was evicted.

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Episode 3 - Go for the Gusto


After Tribal Council, Maryanne told her tribe mates about her extra vote before everyone searched for an idol the following morning. Maryanne found Taku's Beware Advantage in front of Omar and accepted opened it up, putting it in play.


At Vati, Daniel asked to see Mike's Beware Advantage to get a better understanding of it, but he accidentally misplaced it some of the pages, to Mike's frustration. After backtracking, they found it but Mike wasn't happy. Chanelle and Daniel were in the middle between two pairs; Jenny & Mike and Hai & Lydia.


Immunity/Reward Challenge


Tribe members swam to a marker in the ocean, and dove down to retrieve a ladder, which they used to hoist another tribe member, in the water, to a key hanging from a pole, which they used to unlock sand bags when they arrived on land.


The first two tribes to land five sand bags on floating platforms won immunity; the first-place tribe won tools and fruit, the second-place tribe won a smaller set of both tools and fruit, while the last-place tribe had to forfeit their flint.


Taku easily finished first largely due to Jonathan's efforts. In fact, Jonathan literally carried the ladder, then the rest of his tribe to shore, and won the bag toss to boot, all before either tribe could retrieve their keys in the water.


Meanwhile, Vati and Ika struggled mightily to erect their ladders in the increasingly turbulent waters. After it became clear that neither remaining tribe was making any progress overcoming the high swells and undertow, Jeff halted the challenge. Crew retrieved the keys , and the two tribes made their way to shore to reset the challenge.


Ika barely beat Vati for second place. Taku was tasked to send one member from Vati and one from either their own tribe or from Ika to the summit; they chose Chanelle and Omar.


Though Chanelle expressed the importance of her vote to Omar, she decided to risk her vote, as did he. As a result, both would lose their vote.


Jenny and Mike targeted Lydia, while Hai and Lydia targeted Jenny. Chanelle had told Daniel she had risked her vote, and whispered at Tribal Council he should vote for Lydia. Mike also had no vote because of the Beware Advantage. This meant only Daniel, Hai, Jenny and Lydia could vote. Hai was unaware anyone had lost their ability to vote.


With Jenny and Lydia canceling each other out, Hai voted Jenny and Daniel voted Lydia, and the vote was tied.


Per Survivor rules, Lydia and Jenny could not vote in the second round, leaving only Daniel and Hai. If they could not agree who to vote out, then they would draw rocks between them. 


Daniel stated unequivocally that he did not want to draw rocks, giving Hai the opening to refuse to budge and leave Daniel no choice but to agree with him, leading to Jenny's torch being extinguished.


Entertainment Weekly interviewed Jeff on the suspended challenge and frantic Tribal Council:


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Episode 4 - Vibe of the Tribe


Following Tribal Council, Daniel tried to put off any recriminations from his decision until the next day, but Chanelle wasn't going to let the grass grow under her anger, telling the tribe that Daniel was the one who told her that Mike had found an idol and lost his vote. Hai pulled Mike aside later that night and explained that Daniel had thrown Mike under the bus and once Daniel said he didn't want to draw rocks, it was easy to make him fold. And yet he saw Daniel as a threat. He formed a three person alliance with himself, Mike and Lydia.


Reward Challenge


In groups of three, tribe members raced to untangled themselves from intertwined ropes, through and over thick bars before tossing a ring on a rope to hook a wooden sled. Once they had the sled, they took the balls on the sled and and each attempted to throw all 5 balls into a vertical hoop cage. Only the first tribe to finish won ready-to-clean & cook fresh fish.


Taku won reward by a landslide once again due Jonathan's efforts, though the whole tribe contributed to the baskets.


Afterwards, some castaways pointed out Jonathan's dominance in recent challenges, calling him Goliath and accusing him of carrying his tribe. Jonathan responded that they were a a whole tribe, not a tribe of one.


Back at camp, Maryanne and Omar were frustrated with Jonathan's comment about their tribe being a "tight four".  Jonathan was irritated he was singled out for his dominance in earlier challenges. Jonathan said his only interest is serving his tribe and the attention he was getting would be a shield for others moving forward (arguing against his tribe targeting him before the merge).


At Ika, the tribe's irrigation grew at Rocksroy's bossiness around camp. His response when warned was he's just right. 


Due to feeling on the outs, Swati went to Tori with a plan to vote out Drea, telling her that Drea had an extra vote. Rocksroy asked Tori if there were any advantages in play, and she mentioned Drea's extra vote  advantage.  Rocksroy then went to Drea and told her that Tori told him about Drea's advantage. They both realized Swati had told Tori and was targeting Drea.


Swati was upset that Tori shared more information than she should have, and says she does not want to go down with her even though they are aligned.


Immunity Challenge


Two members from each tribe were tethered to a boat, and hauled the remaining members in the boat through the water to a platform. The other two other members then jumped into the water attempting to grab keys, getting back into the boat and being pulled to a floating platform.


There, while the boat pullers gasped for breath, the boat riders used the keys to unlock a pieces for a 3D hanging fish puzzle pieces. The first two tribes to finish won immunity, while the losing tribe had to forfeit their flint.


As usual, Taku got off to an early lead, with Jonathan single handedly pulling the boat through the water, giving them an insurmountable lead on the puzzle. However Vati came from behind and completed their puzzle just seconds ahead of Ika to win Immunity, sending Ika to Tribal Council.


As the jockeying began, Rocksroy said that they need to eliminate Tori for being untrustworthy. Tori told Romeo that Swati told her about their four-person alliance of Drea, Rocksroy, Romeo, and Swati. Romeo wasn't happy and told Drea  that Swati betrayed them. Comparing notes, they realized that Swati had told both of them that they were each her number one, as well as Tori.


After seeing them talking together, Swati became suspicious of Drea and Tori . To protect herself, she went to Drea and threw Tori under the bus. But Drea was conflicted and wasn't sure who to believe.


At Tribal Council, Drea mentioned that the vibe of the tribe was off, and Swati and Tori agreed, but offered differering explanations of why. Swati called out Tori for trying to blindside Drea, getting into an argument as to who ws betraying who.


Not trusting her tribe to have her back, Swati chose to give up her vote and cast her Shot in the Dark. It failed and Swati was sent home by a vote of 3-1, with Rocksroy casting the sole vote for Tori.

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