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BBCAN10 - Episode 4 - Veto Competition and Ceremony

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Previously on BBCAN, At the 2nd HoH comp of the season, it was surfs up and wipe-outs a plenty, but the East Coaster got on a roll, cut a deal with Stephanie and rode the wave to victory! Worrying she was an easy target, Jess made a case to Marty to stay off his radar.

The Acadian had other fish to fry. Next, paranoid their deal would flop, Stephanie probed Marty for reassurance. Meanwhile, Jacey-Lynne and Gino's showmance was heating up and Gino had to balance his game with his fling.

Then at the nomination ceremony, maritime Marty stuck to his guns and nominated Jacey-Lynne next to Jay. Tonight, will Jay or Jacey-LynneL rise to the occasion? Will Marty stay true to his word with Stephanie? Honesty is never the best policy on BBCAN!

After nominations, Marty says Jay is his target, Jacey-Lynne is just a pawn. Jay is good socially in the game. I wasn't planning to take a big shot in just week 2, Marty tells us, but I think I have the numbers. 

Jacey-Lynne says this not how I planned to start the game, being on the block Week 2. Gino says Marty & I have the French connection and I find Jacey-Lynne cute, but I know who Marty's target is, and I hope the house goes with it and the plan stays the same. 

#BBCAN In the blue BR, Jay tells us to get ready for a freakin' week. In the DR, he says Marty sees him as a threat but he's going to fight tooth & nail to stay and be his own superhero. Jay tells Summer in the WA he loves Marty, but this is his game.

Jacey-Lynne says she's got some work to do. She sits down with Kevin in the LR find out where his head is at. He tells us he is an obvious renom candidate if Jacey-Lynne or Jay win Veto. He's playing the sad, out of his league HG right now but Marty won't hesitate to put him up. 

Kevin Tells Jacey-Lynne he's just trying to get to know people. She asks him what's wrong. He's just glad to have someone to talk to. She offers him a hug but he says he's not a hugger and she leaves him alone. That could have gone better, Jacey-Lynne tells us.

In the Phone Room, Summer is saying affirmations in front of the mirror and she's getting other girls to do it too. Betty is on the phone while Haleena does her affirmations with Summer coaching. Betty tells herself to stop being anti-social in the BR. 

The HG go from mirror to mirror doing their affirmations, getting rid of what's wrong in one, and affirming what will be right in the other. Jacey-Lynne tells herse3lf maybe it's time to talk to people so you don't get nom again and stop crying!  

Behold the beauty and power of the affirmation, Summer says.

Jay and Josh are talking and Jay says they get along really well in the house. Josh is cleaning the kitchen and Jay is talking about how happy he is to have someone hopefully in his life forever.


Jay and Josh are talking about friends that are queer people. Josh says Jay is incredible and he appreciates people who are authentic and he wants Jay to stick around more than anyone in this house.


It is Day 8 and Haleena is talking to Josh about wanting Jay to stay. Josh says Jay is not a big threat and Haleena says last week the house respected the HOH’s target but she thinks keeping Jay around is better for her game because he is a bigger target.


Betty joins Haleena and Josh and Betty says she would rather have Jay stay too because she has connected with him better. They say they have to wait and see what happens with the veto.


Marty says it is time to pick players for the POV competition! Jay spins first and it lands on Haleena. Jacey-Lynne spins and it lands on Josh. Marty spins Betty. Jay, Jacey-Lynne, Haleena, Josh, and Betty will compete.


Jay says thank goodness it is people I can beat. Jay talks to Betty and says it as good spins but he does not care as long as Jacey does not win. Marty is concerned Jay might win the veto and it was a very good player spin for him.


Marty is saying he does not think Stephanie would have won and kept him safe and he does not have a problem breaking his word week 2 if he needs to. He thinks the house is rallying to get Jay to stay.


Gino is talking to Jacey and they are talking about the POV. Jacey says she is trying to put herself in the zone. Gino thinks she is going to win because she has her game face on. Jacey says Gino is cool when his walls come down a little.


Jacey says she and Gino are getting more playful and getting to know each other a little more. Jacey says she is looking for a more free-spirited type and she would not be mad if Gino were to make a move. Gino never has a plan and he goes with the flow.


Jess thinks she will be the replacement nominee and she tells Kevin he might be the bench warmer. She says she and Kevin are working together and they are playing up the role of being a social outcast. Kevin says he will keep playing sad and lonely.


Jess says Kevin is playing that role great and she is trying to do the same because she does not fit in. She wants to create some tension between her and Kevin for others to pick up on. Kevin says she annoys him and she says of course she does.


It is time for the POV competition! The HG will begin building layers of their cake and then they have to slide it across the assembly line and up and over to the next work station. The first HG to complete their cake and hit the button will win POV!


Jay says it is crucial for him to win because he is 100% Marty’s target and he is here to stay. The competition starts! Josh really wants to win this POV to save Jay. Jacey says it is obvious she is a pawn and she does not want to be on the block.


Jacey has the first part of her puzzle done and she begins moving to her second station. She is a figure skater and was a cheerleader and she will have no problem with the balancing part. Haleena and Josh move and drop pieces and have to start over.


Jay is moving to his second station and he is there. Betty does not really want to win because she is safe but she does want to win. Betty drops and has to start again. Jacey has her second layer done and she is on the move to her third work station and she drops.


Jacey now has to go all the way back to the first station. Jay is moving to his third station and he drops before he even picks it up. 17 minutes have gone by and Haleena says she is a clumsy person and if she were to win her family would be so proud.


Haleena begins moving to her second station and she gets there and begins layer 2. Jay is moving again to his third station and has to start again. Jacey is back at the second station and moving to the third and she makes it this time.


Jay says he and Jacey are so close and they both know their games are on the line. Jay drops pieces from his second level and has to go back. Jacey is moving on to the fourth station and she is almost there and wobbles as she is setting it down.


Jacey drops everything as she is setting it down and heads back to station 1. Haleena is moving to station three and she drops her station two pieces. Jacey says every time it falls it is so frustrating but you get it together faster each time.


Jay and Jacey are both in the lead and either could win. Jay drops his level 3 pieces and Jacey has passed him again. Jacey is wobbling again but manages to make it to station four. Jay is on his way to station four.


Jacey is making her way to the last station as Jay drops his third level. Jay drops his pieces and throws everything down and he has to start again. Everyone encourages him not to give up. Jacey is at the final station and she moving to the final section.


Jacey is successful and hits her button and she has won the POV! Jacey says it feels so good to have the POV around her neck and she take herself off the block this week. The HG head back inside and talk about how hard that challenge was.


Jacey is celebrating with Stephanie about the POV win. Jay is upset and crying and Josh is consoling him. Jay says he does not want this to be over and Josh says there is still hope. He does not think people want to see him go. Jay says he is going to miss the people.


Haleena tells Jacey that she is so happy with her. Haleena says she wants Jay to stay but she has to work every angle. They are talking about who might be a replacement nominee and they think it will be Kevin to ensure Jay will go.


Betty is talking to Jess and asking how she is doing. Jess says she is ok and Betty says she feels kind of crummy because she really tried. She says she let her family down and Jess says they would not think that of her. Betty says Marty has told her she is safe.


It is Day 9 and Marty and Jess are talking about a replacement nominee. Marty says it might be Kevin and Jess says Jay has made it obvious that he would target Marty and it could be a loss to lose Kevin.


Jess says they hope they can make Marty see that Kevin could be good for his game in case Jay can rally the votes. Jess is pitching Stephanie and Marty says if Kevin goes out on his HOH he would pissed. Jess says Kevin would honor his wishes.


Kyle says he is close to Marty and Gino and he has a lot of sway out of him. Marty wants to ensure Jay goes home so they are talking about Kevin going on the block. Marty says if he breaks his word to anyone it would be to Stephanie. Kyle suggests Betty.


Kyle says Betty is a candidate to be a pawn because she has done so poorly and she should be grateful to not be on the block. He says that takes away a vote from Jay.


Kevin is talking to Betty about the possibility of himself going on the block and he tells her he would be devastated. Betty says he should up his game and step it up because he is the pawn shop until they go home. Betty says Kevin should talk to Marty about options.


Kevin says yeah Betty, there are other options…her. Betty says she does not want to be a pawn but she and Kevin could come back if they both up their games and step it up.


Marty and Kevin are going upstairs to talk and Kevin says Marty does not want to be told what to do. He wants to lead him to a choice that is best for Marty’s game but also what is good for himself.


Marty is planning to put up Kevin but if he has doubts he will take a number away from Jay. Kevin says Marty opened the door and now he is going to slither through. Kevin says Tynesha and Haleena are waiting to flip the house.


Marty says he has a couple of options on his plate still and if he thinks Jay is rallying number he will put up Betty. But one thing, he will not be told what to do because this is his HOH.


It is time for the POV ceremony! Jacey has decided to use the POV on herself! Marty says he has heard there is a push to save Jay. So in order to take a number away from the group he has to put Betty up.


Jay says he thought Marty was not going to lie for the whole game. He says he has been working on the idea that Kevin would be on the block with him but now this is tricky. Betty says she is not going home this week and everyone will know Marty is a liar.


Kevin says he went from going on the block to chilling for a few days. He is a bad boy. A bad boy. Find out Thursday who will be evicted!

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