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The Becky Beaver BlogBig Brother Canada is back and so is Becky Beaver, ready to put another log on the fire and chew her way through a new season. Check back throughout the Big Brother Canada 10th season to read what's on Becky's mind and add your own thoughts and comments.

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If you haven't met the Season 10 Big Brother Canada Houseguests, I would encourage you to check out their cast threads in the Morty's TV BBCAN10 Discussion Forum: 




A couple quick observations. These kids are YOUNG!!!


The oldest guy is 43 and the oldest gal is 35. And there is only two other HG over 30. That means 12 of the 16 HG are under 30, as young as 23 with an average age of 28 ears and 9 months. Will the youngsters align against the older HG? 


SIx of the HG are from Toronto, and another is from Ontario.  Four are from British Columbia, Two from Quebec, and New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Alberta are represented by one HG each. Will the winner of Season 10 come from Ontario? Nobody from Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Newfoundland & Labrador, Prince Edward Island or any of the northern territories.




There's a strong social media presence in the BBCAN10 House, with HG in the field, plus three more creative/artistic HG. There will be one doctor in the house, one firefighter and one fraud investigator. I will guess Marty won't be giving out his real occupation in a house where lying, deceiving and backstabbing are the lay of the land. Even in such a nice country like Canada.


What are your first impressions of the Season 10 Big Brother Canada Houseguests? Check out the First Impression poll and let me know who is going to be evicted first!

See you soon, and remember, a woodchuck is not a beaver!


-- Becky Beaver

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Well the Canadian HG are in the BB Canada House, and oh what a house that is! I couldn't live there - all that garish lighting and plastic, and no wood anywhere! That's just no way to live. Give me a cool river and a warm dam any day.


But now that the game is on and the Houseguests are interacting, it's time to take a first look under the bright lights.


Moose - Moose comes across as a fun, friendly guy, and by winning the trivia challenge in the HoH competition, he's proven he's an observant guy with a quick finger on the buzzer. He eliminated Kevin, the only direct interaction during the HOH competition. Will that make him Kevin's first target? 


Marty - As one of the senior HG, Marty comes off like the fun uncle, the kind you tolerate with family but ditch when you want to be with friends. He already made one "uncle" mistake, confusing BBCAN10 Kyle Moore with BBCAN9 Kyle More. See for yourself.



Kyle Moore (BBCAN9)


Kyle Moore (BBCAN10)


Yeah, all you humans look alike.


Gino - If you want the other Houseguests to think you are hiding something, just say your name and age and nothing else. That's exactly what Gino did. Maybe he hoped the others would just think he was shy. He was probably worried that admitting to being a firefighter would make him appear to be a physical threat. But dude, come up with a convincing lie, don't just keep mum!


Haleena - When she said she was clumsy, I thought she was making a joke, but after walking into a wall - and not even having a phone in her face as an excuse, then breaking glassware at their first sitting as a house, the other Houseguests are going to have to evict her or they won't have anything left to drink from!


Jessica - I'm going to apologize right off the top because I'm just a simple beaver and I don't get these new personal pronouns that today's kids are giving themselves. I'll try to remember Jessica is a They/them rather than a She/her, but if I forget, please don't pull out a shotgun on me.


Jacey-Lyn - Holy Crap, Jacey-Lyn has a catch phrase! That's about the only thing we know about her so far, other than she's not very good at 3-D puzzles. I build dams for a living - Constructing 3-D puzzles is my jam!


Kevin -  When Moose eliminated Kevin in the trivia game, my first thought was, "Unleash the Kraken!" I  don't know what a Kraken is (I'm a fresh water rodent) but if Kevin was looking for something to start his rash of villainy, that would be it. Of course, Moose is safe for this week, which can be both a good and bad thing. I'm going to be watching to see if Kevin tries to make it a bad thing.


Melina - This one is interesting to me. Her fellow Houseguests seemed to appreciate her career as a tattoo artist (maybe she'll give all her cast members BBCAN10 tattoos after the season), but she carefully did not excel in her beanbag challenge. I predict she'll try to fly under the radar.


Kyle - Kyle is young and defensive about it, but as a podcast interviewer with a talent of getting people to open up to him, he should have a good opportunity play a strong social game and make real personal connections. Rather than hold a grudge, I think he'll laugh off being mistaken for BBCAN9 Kyle (as an aficionado of fur, I like this season's head of hair over last season's) and try to turn Marty into an asset.


Josh - I didn't hear Josh identify himself as a doctor, but he did come into the BBCAN10 House wearing a tux, which may suggest to his fellow Houseguests he's a big high on himself. If it's a rental, he's going to have a pricey bill after 70 days. If he owns it, well, he probably doesn't need $100k! He won safety by winning the Bean Bag Toss game, so he'll have a chance to find his place in the house, something he's practiced at with 11 siblings.


Hermon - The first Head of Household, Hermon demonstrated he's both good at puzzles and lucky at Let's Make A Deal. Always pick Door #3! He was vocal cheering on the other Houseguests in the other two games, but he will also be the first to get blood on his hands. It's one thing to put the keys of a new car in the hands of a grateful buyer, but it's another thing to snatch them away after the test drive!


Jay - Like Jessica, I apologize in advance to Jay if I don't get his They/Them pronouns correct. They were a bit amped up when the phone rang, leaping down the stairs to answer it before the other HG could get close. That basically gave him the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the show as the other Houseguests battled it out for HoH. I hear from my brother beaver down in the USA that this kind of behavior could put a target on your back, but we'll have to say. Canadians are different.


Stephanie - In a house of good looking people, her "boobs" don't stand out as much as she may have thought they would. Despite this being a youthful crowd, I'm not sure her feminine whiles or DM game will get her far in the game. And since she wasn't a factor in her HoH quiz game, she had better find another reason to be kept in the house.


Summer - Ah, Summer is my favorite season, and she seemed to get some attention from the other male Houseguests. . She's got a bit of a wild girl streak in her and was quick to form the first alliance. And while Josh is safe, the other three Honey Bunchers are at risk of nomination by Hermon. She should be careful being the center of attention, but she seemed to catch the interest of Hermon when they were exploring the house, so maybe she'll be safe.


Tynesha - It will be interesting to see whether Tynesha is willing to do what she has to do to win, or whether she wants to show her daughter she can win without getting her hands dirty. She wasn't a factor in the HoH challenge and that could either benefit her or work against her when it comes time for nominations. It's all about who can make the right connections out of the gate.


Betty - The only Houseguest to give a wrong answer in the Quiz Show game, and it was an easy question to remember that not all the doors were numbered. Will anyone suspect her for throwing the game and will that lead her to be suspected as a BB Super Fan? 


Now that we've said hello to the HG, it's time to wonder to which one we might say goodbye. 


Hermon is HoH and Jay, Josh and Moose are safe, leaving the other 4 guys and all 8 women at risk. Hermon comes off as being a man's man, so I think he'll keep the bro's safe and target two of the women. With very little time to get to know the HG on a deeper level, his choices may be more superficial, so I might think it will be Jessica and Betty as the two women, on the surface, who are least like the others. 


I would be happy to be wrong as I think there is much more both have to offer. It will be interesting to see Thursday night whether there is any genuine reasoning behind his nominations and the house's eviction, whether someone charges through the house like a bull or whether he and the House take the quick and easy path by going after someone who just struggles to connect. It will also be interesting to see if any alliances form to seek protection from the HoH or to defend against him. 


One thing is for sure, by tomorrow night, our collective will go from 16 to 15.


-- Becky Beaver


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  • 4 weeks later...

Wow, where has the month gone!


I thought I was going to be able to gnaw out a weekly blog and here it is a month later for my next post.


So much has changed since the house was full and the beds were made. Melina? Gone. Kyle, hoisted on his own petard. Jay danced his way out the door. Stephanie booted. And a Double Eviction like no other! So long, Tynesha and Jess!


Let's talk through the BBCAN10 cast again and see how my views of each HG have changed.


Moose - Moose is non-confrontational. He'd rather let a woman walk all over him than stand up for himself. He would excuse himself from a room rather than someone else. That's all fine and good, as long as you can avoid the block and Veto. He hasn't managed the former and has mixed results for the latter. And while he survived eviction this week, it wasn't from his own efforts but becaues Jess betrayed her alliance and Kevin pulled his strings.


Marty - Marty seems to be in a pretty good position. He has effectively stayed out of the younger HG's battles and managed to escape his own Week 2 HoH without recrimination from Jacey-Lynne or Betty. He thinks he has F2 deals with 2 HG but neither see him as their #1. So enjoy the ride, Marty, but eventually you're going to lose your house pass.


Gino - Gino couldn't help but get into a showmance with Jacey-Lynn, but has managed to avoid the radar, largely because either she or he has been aligned with whomever is HoH. But the way the Safety Chain played out should be a wake-up call - the rest of the house left Jess and the two of them to fight for the last safety. Now, Jacey-Lynne, but it was a tight vote to evict Jess. He should keep that in the back of his head as he moves into the secodn phase of the game.


Haleena - It's a good thing that Kevin has her back because while she has a few alliances, she's not plugged into what's happening in the game. Before too long, she's going to be seen as the expendable pawn and Kevin won't be able to protect her then. 


Jess - For most of the game, she felt like she was on the outs. Perhaps that was because she was one of Hermon's week one nominations. But she won Veto and could have used that to become a player in the game. Instead, she let he insecurities fester, so that when she went from nomee to HoH, she became afflicted with HoHitis. Yes, as HoH, you want to gather information, but you can't force people to reveal themselves, and you can't betray the alliance that just let you in.


Jacey-Lynne - JL has allowed her relationship with Gino to dominate her game. By that I mean she is not in any alliance without him, and only two with him, and only one that is not him. If Jacey-Lynne doesn't declare her indepdnence and start playing her own game, Gino will eventually have to sacrifice her to save himself. Or she will do the same to him. 


Kevin - Kevin started out the game promising to be the villian and he has lived up to his promise by playing the game hard, in plain sight and still remained invisible. He's got four F2 deals, and they each believe him to be true. In the meantime, he believs he has been pulling the strings the whole season. And maybe he has. He's a villian in the sense that he's mean or evil but he's been an effective manipulator. Until he gets caught. 


Melina - Melina never really found her place in the house and thus was an easy target for eviction Week 1, and her 11-2 eviction was an easy vote.


Kyle - Poor Kyle, so confident and sure of himself but completely self-unaware. Part of a potentially strong alliance, he forgot that teamwork makes the dreamwork, stabbing that same alliance in the back not once but twice, and missing both times. Still, he took his defeat in stride and tried to sow seeds of distruct on the way out. But like Kahn, Kyle just kept missing the mark.


Josh - Josh is pllaying a great social game so far. He wasn't able to avoid Kyle's crazy reign of terror, but survived by a convincing vote. It's no wonder that he had 5 (now 4) F2 deals behind him, allowing him to not focus on winning comps. I wouldn't be surprised if he continued this strategy until he had no choice but to step up and win. The question is whether he rides it one eviction too long, and the relationships on which he trusts are not enough to sustain his game.


Hermon - Hermon wants to come off as the HG marking to the tune of his own drummer, but he's playing a dangerous game. The class clown can be entertaining, but can also just as easily become annoying. He's got three F2 deals, but all with guys and eventually the guys are going to decide that there's too much competition among them. I think Hermon could be an easy target when that time comes.


Jay - I still don't get why Marty targeted Jay in Week 2 but I think the House lost some entertainment value when he was evicted. I think this was the start of Kyle's downslide, being one of two votes to keep him. I think Jay was counting on being the fun HG but being fun is not the same thing as forming connections in the game, and that was his undoing.


Stephanie - Coming into the game, Stephanie was confident in her ability to manipulate men, but it turned out that only Gino and Jacey-Lynne found her to be an asset to their game. Or, to be more exact, they felt Josh was a threat to their game, and that had more to do with their being out of sync with the house's anger towards Kyle's maniacle HoH.


Summer - Summer is playing like a seasoned HG. She has avoided confrontation and that has helped her avoid the block, which has helped her avoid having to win comps. She's in four alliances that promises to have 6 HG having her back. She's fun to be around but deadly intent on ensuring the game turns her way. Summar and Kevin are dominating the game's strategy and nobody seems to realize it.


Tynesha - To be honest, I did not remember Tynesha was in the game until she became the replacement nominee this past week. She had stayed off the block and off anyone's radar or strategy session, in large part because Summer and Betty kept the heat on others. But when Kevin whispered louder into Jess's ear louder than Summer, Tynesha went on the block and her eviction was stunning - to her and to Jess.


Betty - There is no good reason Betty should still be in the house. Her alliances with Tynesha and Summer cloaked her, as well as Jay being seen as a bigger threat in Week 2, but she's been kind of abrasive and entitled, and easily triggered into an emotional outburst. She's perfect pawn material, and with only Summer left to have her back, I expect she'll see a lot more of the block.


Each BBCAN House is intersting and unique. There haven't been any major disagreements and no fights, though Hermon's dancing obviously rubbed Jess the wrong way. But they are no longer in the house, so in the end, he got to dance on her demise. 


That said, there are some battle lines drawn and some targets in play. But interestingly there is no one large dominating alliance, which means as the jury begins to form, there are going to be betrayals and hard feelings, or at least as hard as hard feelings get in Canada. Nice hard feelings.


As of this post, feeds still have not returned, so we don't know who the new HoH is. There are 6 guys remaining and 4 ladies. And only one strong boy/girl connection in Jacey-Lynne and Gino. Even Kevin was willing to risk Haleena when it came to the Safety Chain, a gamble that paid off when subsequently Marty declared her safe. 


If I had one bit of advice to give the next HoH, it would be to decide as an alliance who to nominate, because it seems the biggest failure these HG are making is playing an individual game and not letting their partners feel like they are involved. Ultimately its your choice, HoH, but choices have consequences. 


Just ask Kyle and Jess.


-- Becky Beaver


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Man, these HG are dropping like flies. They aren't hardy enough to survive in the great Canadian outdoors. 


Moose, I'm sorry to see you go, boy, you're happy personality was like a fresh breeze over the lake. Unfortunately, your pitch painted to good a picture of your potential in the game. Summer, on the other hand, presented the look of someone with no strategy and no interest in clanning up (though she remains loosely aligned with Gino, Betty and Josh).  Moose, on the other hand, lost his only deep connection when Hermon was evicted last week. 


After his disasterous HoH last week, Marty kept a low profile this week and through the grace of Jacey-Lynne's poor game play, went from backdoor target to safety. What is it about him that keeps the repeat backstabber in the house? They evicted Moose, who has not won HoH, but kept in one of two HG to win it twice and betray those was working with both times. What were you thinking, Jacey-Lynne?


The enemy beaver of my showmance is my enemy too, unless he's better looking and brings me more tree bark with some water lilly.


Speaking of showmances, I don't get why Gino wasn't more upset at Jacey-Lynne for not using her Secret Veto. He desperately wanted to get Marty out before Marty betrayed him a 3rd time, and only changed his tune once Haleena made it clear she was not playing along. A backdoor plan works best when everyone except the target is in on the plan. By not telling anyone to keep Marty in the dark, Gino was his own weakness. 


But what do you expect from someone who doesn't know there are 24 hours in a day? That was more painful than watching BBUS10's Dan Gheesling try to explain time zones ot Renny. 


Haleena's biggest fear is that having won a Veto, the other HG will see her as a competitive threat. I don't think she has to worry about that, and as long as Marty and Kevin are protecting her, she should be OK. But if she loses either sugar daddy, she could be in trouble. Other than that, it's easy to forget she's there.


Jacey-Lynne had her opportunity to come out from behind Gino's coattails and make a big play. Heleena, Marty and Kevin (unbeknownst to JLino) blocked the backdoor plan, but she could have turned the game around and built up her resume. If she wants to be more than the butt of showmance jokes, she's going to have to step out of Gino's shadow. But she gave in to the manipulations of others and as a result, Moose made tracks.


Instead of asking Gino if he was OK with his decision to not backdoor Marty, which wasn't really his decision since Haleena made it clear she wouldn't give him the opportunity from him, she should have asked if he still would have taken out Marty if there was a way to get Haleena to use the Veto. He would likely have said yes, and she would not have blown her secret power and been evicted. But she's not a very strategic thinker.


Kevin came into the house to play the villian, and while he started out looking that way, he's settled into becoming a master social manipulator, comfortable influencing whomever is the HoH while not having to get blood directly on his own hands. Even when he won the Veto, he was able to strategically engineer Hermon's eviction and make it look like Marty's doing. And while he usually gets his way, he does so being Canada nice, not badmouthing or vilifying his targets as is often the trademark of a BB Villian.


If the HG don't wise up, Kevin is going to win the game. Not sure I'd trust him to sell me anything, though.


It feels like Josh has been in and out of trouble all season but the secret doctor has been able to leverage relationships with Betty, Summer, Haleena and Kevin to survive twice being nominated. I think Gino and Marty will paint bigger targets, so he could be safe not winning HoH this week, which would put him in a good position to win his first comp during next week's Triple Eviction.


Summer seemed to be grooving her way through the game, with social connections to Josh, Betty and Gino, but if she's noticed the game has been whittling away her safetynet, she hasn't shown it. To the contrary, her attempts at campaigning for safety either demonstrated a strategic naivety, or a calculated risk to come off as a poor gamer. Now that she's touched the block, her fellow HG may just want to keep her there.


And that brings me to Betty, who has never experienced an emotion she didn't vocalize. Betty has Summer and Josh, which is great if either of them win HoH, but her strong personality could make her a target if Marty, Jacey-Lynne, Haleena or Kevin win HoH. 


In fact, if it were me, I might nominate Betty and Summer. That would lock Josh in with Haleena and Kevin and give them the numbers to break up Gino and Jacey-Lynne.


With 3 weeks to the finale, my prediction will be Kevin, Haleena and Betty in the Final 3. That would enable Kevin to explain to the jury how he got his way with every eviction while keeping either Betty or Haleena safe and working on his behalf.

Who do you think is chewing his way to winning Season 10 of Big Brother Canada?


-- Becky Beaver



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What a night! You humans are such good entertainment!


Forget ghosts of seasons past, this Triple Eviction will haunt the newest members of the jury for weeks!


Poor Marty. So confident yet so completely clueless.  Rule #12 - It's never just a game, especially when you're nominated. Marty always had good intentions, but he was always being played, whether he trusted Gino and JL or Kevin and Haleena. There is always someone at the bottom of an alliance, and it is usually is you.


Gino, you tall, dark hunk of a firefighter. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. But dude, why would you put your gummy bear into the cup and risk a third time? You had a 25% chance of being the replacement nom, so why would you tempt fate? You'll have a couple weeks on the jury pining for Jacey-Lynne to contemplate your answer.


Haleena and Kevin both come out winners this week. They effectively manipulated Marty without him having a clue they were working together. And they backstabbed Gino and Jacey-Lynne, again, without getting the blame. But they should be sweating this week, because the safety of their 5-person alliance is gone, and while Josh protected the Crash Test Dummies during the Triple Eviction, they're on their own now as Josh has to focus on his own self-preservation. They don't really have an influential relationship with Betty, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.


Jacey-Lynne's face at Gino's eviction showed shock that revealed just how insulated and isolated she has been in the game. Rule #85 says that a showmance isolates the participating HG from the rest of the house and the game. It apparently never occured to her that Kevin and Haleena would see an opportunity to take out Gino and take it. Now she's alone, having voted against Josh, unable to trust Kevin or Haleena, and facing an HoH with whom she has no connection.


Josh rose from the block to the top, winning HoH during the Triple Eviction, but then what should have been an easy decision turns into an unmitigated mess. It's clear what he was thinking with his nominations - protect the Crash Test Dummies alliance. And while Marty and Jacey-Lynne were easy targets, that meant the third nominee had to be either Betty or Summer. Neither woman is very gracious when they feel wronged, and Josh certainly felt the brunt of Summer's discontent. And without the opportunity for a GB message, there was no opportunity for jury management.  And now, having nominated Betty as his replacement nominee, he has to smooth over her ruffled feathers to stay off the block. Will he now throw Kevin and Haleena under the bus? Or will he hope they will return the favor and protect him?


I have felt Summer has acted entitled and done little to contribute the the game, though I imagine she would claim to have been in control all season. She gets loud when she doesn't get her way, and while her shock at Josh's nomination was justified, her bitterness reflected in her pre-commercial outburst and her disrespectful eviction speech were unsportsmanlike demonstrations. But perhaps her real motivation was reflected in her final words exiting the house when she pridefully stated that this would not be the last time she was on television.


And that brings us to Betty. Four-times nominated, the most of any HG, Betty came out of nowhere to take herself off the block, watched in shock as her bestie and anchor Summer was evicted, and then rose to the pinacle of power to win HoH and secure her spot in the Final 4. Betty's only surviving relationship in the game is Josh, but after he nominated her for the 4th time and was responsible for Summer's eviction, you can forgive her for thinking the trust was gone.


But if Betty was paying attention, she would realize what Summer was too angry to figure out, that Josh nominated them because he was protecting someone more important to his game, that being Kevin and Haleena. If Betty makes that connection, she could put aside her anger at Josh and target the two of them. It would be very entertaining to see Kevin and Haleena on the block together and see how fast and effectively they could through the other under the block.


So far, however, Betty has been an emotional player, so it would not surprise me if she overlooked this strategic angle and instead nominated Josh and Jacey-Lynne.


One thing is for sure - this was one of the most exciting Triple Evictions with the most unexpected results, and it sets up an endgame over these last 2 weeks worthy of a 10th anniversary season. Get your popcorn and pull up a chair!


-- Beckey Beaver



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