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CBBUS3 Episode 9 - HoH Comp and Nominations

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We pick up on Day 20 after the live eviction and Todrick says Shanna walked out and showed her classlessness. He is a competition force to be reckoned with and he did not come to play, he came to slay.


Carson says that HOH week was a lot of work and he was sad to see Shanna leave, but he was more sad that she betrayed them. He wants to move on to the next phase of the competition with his ride or die, Cynthia, by his side.


Miesha says she pulled off the impossible because Carson has been her nemesis the entire game and she survived his HOH week. She knew she was good, but she did not know she was that good.


Lamar is telling Todd he wanted to tell him to vote for Miesha. Todd says he does not know why he was saying that but he finally figured out the game and joined the game.


They ask Lamar what took him so long while voting and he tells them all that it was a hard decision and that he was going to vote Miesha out. Todd says why would you tell someone you are coming after them?


Miesha gets up and walks away and she is not concerned about Lamar because she has other allies and we see her and Todd make a deal with Carson to keep each other safe for one week. Miesha says they are going to honor that deal.


It is time for the HOH competition! They will be given a drink and told three ingredients in it. They have to figure out a mystery fourth ingredient. The HG with the most points at the end of the competition will be the new HOH!


The first drink is the Todrick Collins and he says it would not be Todrick approved. It has raspberry, sauerkraut, and lemongrass. What is the extra ingredient? Todd is the only one that answers Ginger Beer and he is correct.


The next drink is sleeper old fashioned. Todrick says this drink is absolutely disgusting. Todd and Miesha answer BBQ Sauce and they both get a point. Todd has 2 points and Miesha has 1 point. Miesha would not endorse this drink.


Next is the Lamargarita. Lamar says this is not his cup of tea. Todd and Lamar answer Rosemary and Todd now has 3 points, Miesha and Lamar have 1 point. Cynthia and Todrick have 0 points.


The next drink is up and it is the Toddkamartini. Todd and Cynthia answer Chocolate and they are correct. Todd now has 4 points. Miesha, Lamar, and Cynthia has 1 point. Todrick has 0 points.


The next drink is the Tequila Cynrise. Todd, Cynthia, Lamar, and Miesha all answer Garlic and they are correct. Todd has 5 points and cannot be caught and is the new HOH!


Carson says this is the worst case scenario because they did not plan for Todd to win HOH. Miesha says this is best case scenario because now she will not get any blood on her hands.


Todd gets to pick two people to be mascots for his signature drink and he selects Lamar and Todrick. Todrick says a costume is a rite of passage, but Lamar says he is nobody’s mascot and he would rather play the game. Todd lost cool points.


Todd says he is definitely going to try and take out one big threat. Lamar says good for Todd that he is HOH and he thinks he should be targeting Carson. Carson says he had a deal with Miesha and Todrick and out of nowhere comes Todd.


Cynthia would bet the farm and all the horses and pigs that she and Carson will be on the block this week. Todrick and Miesha are talking about who Todd might put up and Todrick is glad he used veto on Todd.


Miesha says this could not have worked out better. But now that Todd has won HOH, he can do her dirty work for her. Miesha asks Todd what he is thinking and he says Carson and a decoy because he does not want to put Carson and Cynthia up.


Todd says this is going to be a hard week for him because he likes everyone who is left. He says Carson is a big threat but he is going to do what is best for Todd. He says he does not like being mean unless he has to.


Lamar and Todrick are called to the diary room. They are a Hojito and Lime mascots. Carson says Lamar is a tall drink of Hojito. Carson says he is saltier than expected though. Todrick and Lamar have to be attached to each other.


Todd says he did not know what the costumes would be and he knows Lamar is going to be mad at him forever. Plus, Todrick and Lamar have to do everything together. Lamar says he enjoys his space and Todrick would enjoy his as well.


Who wants to see Todd’s HOH room? Todd shows his pictures and then he starts reading his letter and he gets emotional and cannot read it. Todrick reads the letter for him. Todd says family is the most important thing in the world and he cannot wait to see them.


Todd says he has been playing under the radar for too long and it is time to show them what he can do. Todd pitches to Todrick to put a pawn up so she will be loyal to him. Todrick does not understand the point of putting up a pawn.


Todd thinks if Carson wins the veto that he will sacrifice himself to keep Cynthia safe. Todrick says she will not feel like she needs to try and save him if they are both up there. Todrick says it is an unnecessary move and if he used a pawn it should be Lamar.


Lamar does not mind being a pawn. Todrick is curious why Todd is fighting to keep Cynthia off the block and willing to put up a pawn unless it is to get a vote at the end. It just does not make sense he is trying to save the person he has been arguing with.


Todd says Carson has won an HOH and a veto and so he needs to get rid of him because he is a target. Todd is telling Miesha he is thinking about putting up Carson with Lamar. Miesha did want Carson and Cynthia on the block together but she is ok with Lamar.


Todd is talking to Carson about not putting Cynthia up. Carson says he was expecting this though. Carson teases that he will plan what food to poison. Todd says his plan is to make it to the end and the jury not be bitter.


Todd fills Cynthia in on his plan and Cynthia is surprised because they had their moments. She says he is HOH and she is going to go with it and not ask too many questions. Cynthia says if she can win veto, then she can pull Carson off the block.


It is time for the nomination ceremony! Todd’s first nominee is…Carson. His second nominee is…Lamar. Todd nominated Carson because he is good at playing the games and he’s friends with everyone. He nominated Lamar because it is the fourth quarter.


Todd says if he can get Carson out, then his chances of winning will be higher. Todd came to play. Carson says he is terrified and he is grateful it is Lamar. Lamar says this is a game and he will not lose. He has no choice but to win veto.


Todrick says Carson is on the block and he and Miesha did not have to go against their word. This is awesome. Cynthia is going to do everything she can to win that veto.

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