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Friday, February 11, 2022 - Celebrity Big Brother 3 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Standard Time(See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

As you know, there are two Houseguests named "Chris," both with last names beginning with "K." For the sake of clarity, we will call Chris Kattan, "Kattan" and Chris Kirkpatric, Kirk." This could change with the HG's interactions.


To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Cuckoo Clock Bedroom (CBR)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Pink Tile Bedroom (PTBR)
Ski Lodge Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:12AM BBT

The Chocolate BR is beginning to settle for the night. All three of the residents head to the bathroom for teeth brushing.nThey wonder where everyone is and who is in the DR. They check theoutside  patio and don't find anyone. They check the bathroom area carefully before talking game. Cynthia says she should have talked with Todrick when he asked.

Cynthia; He though Carson would be gone. He said he wanted to talk about what to do next. I told him I was good.

Carson: That would have been good

Shanna: Todrick came to me today and said he still wanted to work me to get those guys out. But I don't know what he going to do so I just say, okay, okay.

Carson: If this plan is really coming to fruition now, we are really up the creek

Shanna: Chris is going to do whatever they want

Cynthia: You guys will be outnumbered, then.

Cynthia says it is their best play to evict her.

[After Kirkpatrick spent a lot of time in the HoHR, they are convinced that Miesha has a plan to keep him and evict Cynthia.]


Carson doesn't want to go to bed so he is fresh for his DR. He waits around in the kitchen and begins prepping leftovers. Meisha is sitting at the dining table with her headphones on playing Solitaire. Todd is heading to bed after leaving the DR.

Carson: Mm; cold ribs

Shanna: Just as you're eating, they are going to...

Bob: Carson, please go to the diary room downstairs


Cynthia heads up to the Gondala Lounge. SHe chats with Lamar a bit about waiting for the DR and not wanting to take her makeup off until she gets it over with.






on her way back to the Chocolate BR, CYnthia chats with Todd who has settled in Miesha's old bed right outside the CHocolate BR. SHe asks him if he is mad at her. He says no, and that he just couldn't tell Lamar the truth.

[Todd is playing off Gangsta Time as planned acting...if true, he is an amazing actor. I'm not convinced -MamaLong]

Todd says he has her. "I don't know what game she is playing. We have to b e careful."

Cynthia: Oh, okay. I live for another week.

Todd begins laughiong over his performance. He is quite proud of himself.

Cynthia enters the BR and tells Shanna the conversation.




12:45AM BBT

Todd chats with the girls while Cynthia waits for DR.


1:30AM BBT

Cynthia has been called to DR. Todd heads outside to chat with Lamar by the hot tub about random things. SHanna is playing cards in her bed. Carson is asleep with the lights on and a pillow over his head.


2:13AM BBT

WBRB Glitter


When the feeds return, the CHGs are sleeping in a dark CBB3 house.


5:30AM BBT

Lamar is in the bathroom prepping for a shower and moaning loudly (he seemingly hates to be alone, so I think he intentionally tries to wake people up)


6:40AM BBT

We keep getting WBRB Glitter. The CHGs had their COVID tests yesterday.


8:20AM BBT

The CHGs are still sleeping and the house is dark. They are expecting a 9AM wake up and 10AM lockdown.


9:22AM BBT

The lights are up in the CBB3 house. Some are moving about. Some are nodding off back to sleep.


9:23AM BBT

*WBRB Glitter


9:24AM BBT

Todd is spraying ants in the kitchen. BB says, “Toooooddd” because he had already been called to report to the DR. Kirkpatrick walks in and fist bumps Lamar. Todd tells him he has been killing ants with Lysol. Kirkpatrick, ‘Man, that sucks.” Todd heads off to the DR.


9:27AM BBT

*WBRB Glitter


9:28AM BBT

Todrick is still asleep in the Ski Patrol BR

Kirkpatrick begins cleaning up the kitchen sink (aka ant graveyard; but don’t worry; they resurrect every season)


9:32AM BBT

In the Chocolate BR, Carson asks Cynthia if she slept okay. She responds that she did. They begin whispering about votes.

Cynthia: What we need to know is where Lamar stands. We need to just play it cool. I feel like we keep showing our hand, and they keep playing us every time.

Carson agrees then says he has a sore throat. BB asks Cynthia to put on her mic. They both say it feels super early. Carson heads to the kitchen to check the time. Shanna and Lamar discover ants pretty much all over the kitchen. Shanna says they will probably spray for the ants when they are in lockdown.


9:33AM BBT

Lamar is complaining about his stomach, "it feels like fire in there"


9:36AM BBT

Shanna whispers to Kirkpatrick at the kitchen sink that Cynthia thinks they are plotting to keep him and evict her. Kirkpatrick replies, :No."



9:40AM BBT

*WBRB Glitter


10:36AM BBT

The CHGs are still in lockdown


11:03AM BBT

The feeds have returned. Miesha and Todrick are talking in the HoHR. Miesha is trying to convince Todrick to keep Kirkpatrick. Todrick tells her that it wouldn’t benefit him at all. Todrick repeats all his same sentiments about Kirkpatrick, and Miesha continues to defend Kirkpatrick.


Kirkpatrick is packing up in the Cuckoo Clock BR. “Man, I don’t know how I am going to fit all this stuff in my bag.”


The feeds pop back to RCHS



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9:20am BBT The HG are awake (sort of) for the day. in the KT, Todd, Lamar and Chris discuss the ant problem. Chris says he just sprayed the counter with Lysol. They hope BB will spray the KT while they are in HoH LD.


9:40am BBT FotH. Time for the HoH LD.

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11:00am BBT Feeds return. In HoH, Todrick doesn't want to keep Chris, but Miesha wants to break up Cynthia and Carson. Downstairs, the other 6 HG are milling about.


11:20am BBT pre-show FotH again.

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11:54am BBT In the Sauna, Chris is hoping for Todrick's vote. Todrick is talking non-stop about how Chris turned against them. Chris asks if he can talk and Todd says OK. But then interrupts him and continues talking at Chris.


Miesha is alone cleaning the KT.



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12:35pm BBT Feeds return briefly to show Cynthia sleeping in the Chocolate BR and Todrick still lecturing Chris. He finally leaves and Chris lays down on the sauna bench exhausted. It looks like Miesha has emptied the pantry onto the KT counter as part of her KT cleanup. 




12:38pm BBT Todrick goes to the KT to report to Miesha on his convo with Chris. He is very upset with Chris. They go to the gym upstairs for Todrick to vent. Miesha suggests Chris was thinking about nominating Todrick if Mirai came off the block. She says no one sees Chris as a leader, so he didn't do it. Todrick wonders who has been feeding Chris information. Miesha thinks it has been Shanna.


Chris is at peace, laying down on the sauna bench. 



12:55pm BBT Miesha is on the elliptical while Todrick watches. In the WA, Shanna tells Chris "they" (Miesha/Todrick) don't talk to her. Chris says they promised him F4. He apologizes to her that her game is in trouble now. 

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(Here are the details of that conversation between Todrick and Kirkpatrick that started around 11:45AM and was still going when the feeds cut to RCHS for tonight's live show. While you read this, keep in mind that Todrick speaks very, very fast in a rambling style, streaming one thought to the next with no real breaks or breaths but uses "like" a whole lot. It’s a true talent for him. I’m doing my best to translate his words here…I will also say that Kirkpatrick inserts "you know" about every other sentence, so transcribing their conversation was not easy at all)


Todrick: I will speak to anybody, but if you aren’t man enough to like, follow by what you say and say that you're going to follow… when you get out of this fucking house and you see how much I've been riding for you and Shanna…It makes me like want to burst into tears because I was honest with Cynthia and Carson when I left their side.  I've been honest with you and the moment that we said that man to man, like conversation right here In this very room, I was riding for you.


And I was like in my mind we had the power and the numbers to make it to top four. I fought for Shanna to be in this group with Miesha more than you did, and you’re closer friends with her.  Like, I've been like being so honest and trustworthy with everybody in this house. I feel like I played the most transparent game. I came in here with friends that I have had to turn on and say it to their face. And the fact that people in this house are trying to paint a narrative of me… Teddi… you… that I am untrustworthy, it just really, really upsets me. 


The only time I have not been transparent with you in this game,  the only time,  is when you were asking me questions that were not my place to say, which was inappropriate for me to be being asked anyway, but I did not tell you because at that time we didn't have an agreement.  I didn't know you that well, but, like, I think that you should just be really like looking at the way, like, this is going to be perceived on the outside world because you have come into this house and it's a rollercoaster. You never know from day to day which version of Chris Kirkpatrtick we’re gonna get. One day you will be nice and we’ll be hanging out and singing with me and complimenting my voice and cheering me on and I feel very close to you; and the next day, I've never experienced that from somebody that you will just like pay me dust and not speak to me.


And then I have to be the person that keeps coming and initiating conversations with you.  When we went up to the HOH room that you called me in, I already knew where you stood on the Mirai thing….On the night when everybody was upstairs in the room saying things that we should not have been talking about on the live feeds… for you.. because for protection of you and your legacy and your family and your well-being and your reputation, Shanna didn’t stand up for you. Lamar didn't stand up for you.  No one stood up for you in that room except for me.  I didn't say to anybody that you should be targeted for that.   I said we should not talk about that on camera because that has nothing to do with the reason why she should be going up, and this is what we should be saying to protect Chris. That is the person you want on your team! Not fucking Shanna. She doesn’t give a fuck, She just sat there and wasl like ‘well, whatever…said that is not I didn’t come up to talk about.’ Well, great, but it’s being discussed, and if he’s on our team, we have to protect him, far beyond this game.  Nobody in this house, not even Miesha, was doing that for you but me.  I was the only person in here doing that for you!

And so I just feel like also when I came up into the room like I was like, great, for my game, it doesn’t make sense to send Mirai out.  But if you were HOH, I was going to honor that. But you, for the audacity to tell me if I were potentially to win and HoH  If I didn't take out the person that you wanted me to on my choice, which I would have never, like, held you down to that type of stipulation. Like that was an unfair thing to say. I didn't say, like,  when we were in the room, Miesha was like, he kind of feels like this… and then you got an attitude with me because she said it. 


It's, like, I've been getting in trouble and getting blood on my hands this entire game. And you know where Miesha’s targets are. I'm not the one that's making her targets for her.  I wouldn't be able to convince her of anything if I tried.  And I already didn’t need help in this house. Like, we have four black people in this house and one of them is farting his way through the competition, one is sleeping his way through the competition and one is playing Switzerland and, basically, baking her way to the end of the competition. I am the only person of color fighting my way to stay here. And I just don’t appreciate you going around and painting a narrative of me that was unwarranted, unfair and untrue! It doesn't feel good!  


And I have not been kind. I’m just going to be really transparent, in that diary room. And if you can find a way to like fix this, then I will apologize…. not just to you, but to the world for the evil things I said about you because I have been so pissed. I've never felt like somebody has paid me dust,  like disrespecting me to the core in the way that you have in this house. It made me very, very uncomfortable and it wouldn't have been if you wouldn't have ever shook my hand and said that what you respected was honesty. Then I would have been able to take that as at your game play. 


But when you made it personal and when you made me take down my wall and I tell you I was going to tell you the truth and I look you in your eyes and I told you the truth…from that moment on…. I hadn't hardly lied to you before then. I just was not fully forthcoming about what was going on with Miesha… that I did not have a final two with her when everybody was walking around the house saying so. Like, now, I'll be honest with you about that, but I had no choice, but to,  because everybody was already…. Whatever.


I've been in her room because she's the only person that will talk to me and is not assuming that I'm playing the game for someone else. We are practically the same age and we just get along.  But I can't penetrate what Cynthia and Carson have. I can't get in between what Lamar and Todd have. You and Shanna have a relationship… As soon as I walked in the bathroom and heard and saw you guys and that shit ass acting job of trying to change the subject, I knew that something was going on. In my gut, I was like he or Shanna has turned against me for whatever reason.  And then when it was confirmed to me from three other people in the house, who I trust, who came up to me and said I don’t know what side you are on but you cannot trust him. And I know that they would not lie to me. It made me be like, this mother fucker asked me to be honest and play the game with him. He looked me in the eyes and said man to man, this is what I respect. And I gave you that 1000%. As a man of dignity, I was down even though that’s not ever how this game is played. So I try..like I was already picturing me, you and Shanna… I was willing to die by the sword, but you turned your back on me.


Kirkpatrick: No I didn’t


Todrick: Yes, you did


Kirkpatrick: Can I talk?


Todrick: Yes


Okay so first of all, it's a miscommunication because I agree with you 1000% that's the way I want to play with you, completely honest, you know? Then people are coming to me saying, you know, Todrick is out to get you. That's flat-out what they said, and I said there's no way Todrick is out to get me.  You know ,we've been playing this game together. You know, even though it started becoming this thing where I can talk to Miesha more and Shanna would talk to you more… you know that was just comfortable and that's the way it was.  Right?  But they said ‘Todrick is out to get you.’ You know, and maybe that's the house playing us, and playing us against each other, but I will tell you, you know, straight up: I was told you were coming out to get me so then I start thinking about everything you were doing and I was like why is he not like backing me? 


When me, you and Miesha had that conversation about who I wanted out, or whatever, and you know maybe it was worded wrong. What you were saying, and maybe you were trying to protect me, but the way it was said, I was like, you know well… here he is,  already going against me and it's my HoH. 


Todrick: But I wasn’t going against you.


Kirkpatrick. I know, I know…Todrick, I let you speak.

Todrick: Okay


Kirkpatrick: But, honestly, Todrick, I have the only reason  I started flipping on everything was because I heard you were coming to get me.  you know, maybe my mistake because I've been trying to play a real honest and loyal game to a fault where you know…. when Shanna and I've had conversations together, you know, you look back and see what  I said. Listen, I would love to work with you…me and you, that's great and I said… but I have to tell you  I really looked at you and I looked at Shanna and  I said this is who I'm working with.  I said if it comes down to it, I can't guarantee, you know, a final two. I can't guarantee you, honestly, Todrick it breaks my heart because I really have been nothing but loyal to you.  


Sure, you know, when people started coming to me, I did start saying more because I heard you were gunning for me. And there was no point that I was like, you know… How can I trust somebody when people are saying  watch out?    I'm like, is it because  he wants to break me and Miesha apart so he and   she can be completely tight? Like everything started going through my mind. So, I didn't know what it was and then you and I didn't come together. You started holding things against me and I started to hold things against you.


 I don't think I blatantly, you know, treated you like you treated me the last two days. Which I understand,   if that's the way you feel, but even though that was the way I felt I still knew it was a game and I knew that  I still care about you as a person. I still care about you after this house. 


11:52AM BBT

Todrick: Because You weren't speaking to me. you were giving me 1 word answers.  that was I was and there's just sometimes that I just I do not like it's not like for whatever you being dumb but I told you that you can trust me whatever you didn't talk to me about that which we said we were going to start at that was the case I would have rather you do it so I could have nipped it in the bud.  You're going to see when you get out of the house and that didn't happen, so whoever told you that is unreliable and was clutching at straws to probably protect their own game. I don't give a fuck how close you are to Miesha. I would love for you to be close to Miesha. I could make the amount of money that we’re making doing this just doing a brand deal online, and so could you. I wanted to come and play this game with people who wanted to be here. I would have never, even if someone told me that you were going against me, I would have never done something to turn against our lines cuz, ultimately, us fighting has affected Miesha's game.  But we are both aligned and I was not the person who turned on you first.  I was cheering you on and you started giving me weird energy. It is all recorded. You will be able to see… the way you were looking at me staring into space. I was watching you in the room and every person would come up and speak to you, you would make eye contact with them and stuff. I was asking questions and you were giving me one-word answers. You were paying me dust. And at that point, I was like, I'm going to try to speak to him like two or three more times. But when we've had… like, I pulled you aside and I really want to talk to you about this when we were in the room all day 


*Feeds pop to RCHS the back to them in the Sauna Room again


Kirkpatrick: You know, I came in here to play a fun game, an honest game, and I think I have done that.


This conversation continues going in circles, but it does seem like they are attempting to clear the air.


11:56AM BBT

Feeds move to RCHS

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7:07PM BBT

The feeds pop in for a few seconds then back out. they all were still on the wall.



Carson: Will you fall for me Lammy?

Lamar: I'm not falling for you


7:13PM BBT

Cynthia says she can't hold on


Lamar: Y'all are fighting. Fighting for that HoH. Just give it to Lammy.

Lamar drops


Cynthia drops


Shanna isn't talking, just focusing. Todrick keeps looking over at her.


7:19PM BBT

major tilt

Carson: Hi Todd! Hi Lammy. Hey girl, how you doing?

Todd begins singing "I'm blinded by the light.

They get slammed with paint

Todrick: Bring it on. It's a pride parade, Carson

Carson: It is!





7:22PM BBT

Todd says his shoulder is giving out.

Cynthia is cheering all of them on

Todd keeps spitting out paint

The wall goes back up to normal from a tilt.

Lamar tells them to rest up.


7:24PM BBT

The wall tilts again

Todd: I can't fucking see; man, these pants are freezing

Carson keeps bending back and forth

Todd: SHanna is not giving up

SHanna: Hell no, I won't go. I can do this all night.

Todd: Talk your shit, girl.


Miesha, Cynthia and Lamar are cheering them on.

Miesha compliments Carson for matching the colors of the competition tonight

Carson: You know, I just try to be on trend

It sounds like Todrick's mic went out

7:30PM BBT

*WBRB Glitter


Lamar is complaining about being cold and wanting to go inside.

Shanna begins moving a lot on the wall in an attempt to raise her body temp


Miesha notices Todd has his hip and love handle helping him stay on


7:32PM BBT

Todd: You realize we are gonna be at this all night. Nobody quits.



Cynthia: Is there a time limit

Todd: I hope so. (He yells) How long this go on for?

Shanna: I'm just freezing

Shanna begins bouncing on the wall again. Cynthia notices she is shivering.



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7:14pm BBT Feeds return after the Live Eviction show and all the HG are still up 20m into the comp. But they have been hit by red paint. Cynthia is strained but gets some relief when the wall comes back up. Then it goes down and they get hit by spray. Lamar falls. 


Miesha tells Lamar good job. That wasn't a good job, he says. Cynthia falls. Carson can't believe Todd is still up. The paint has them soggy and slippery. The wall comes up and Carson uses it as a chance to wipe the paint off his hands.


7:20pm BBT Todd is standing on one side of his director's chair and leaning against the other. Carson waves and says Hi mom. Shanna is shaking her legs. The HG get sprayed again bu green, yellow, grey and orange paint. God dang it, Todrick says. Happy Pride Day, sings Carson.


7:22pm BBT Miesha is cheering the remaining CHG on while Lamar is thinking abt dinner. It's Carson, Todrick and Shanna, then an empty chair, then Todd. Carson is grey, Todrick is a mix of yellow & orange. Shanna is orange & purple. Todd is green. The wall is lowered.


7:25pm BBT It's been 35m & 4 CHG remain. The Wall is easier for the celebs, w/a foot-length platform and chair armrests that extend out. But it's still hard to hold on when the wall is at a 45 degree angle & your muscles are aching. Todd is freezing & his glasses covered.


7:28pm BBT The HG think it's only been 15m. Shanna says she could do this all night. Miesha jokes the trash talking has started. The wall comes back up & Lamar asks how they are doing. They all say great. Carson says he's never looked better. Shanna shakes her hand loose.


7:33pm BBT Carson shakes both hands while the wall is up. Todd cleans off his glasses so he can see. Todrick is quiet, wearing a ballcap, w/his head bowed down. Shanna also is wearing a hat. They are extra proud of Todd given his bad everything. Todrick lifts his head.


7:33pm BBT Carson shakes both hands while the wall is up. Todd cleans off his glasses so he can see. Todrick is quiet, wearing a ballcap, w/his head bowed down. Shanna also is wearing a hat. They are extra proud of Todd given his bad everything. Todrick lifts his head.


7:35pm BBT Todd says this could go on all night. A blast of hairspray startles everyone. They can hear the mechanics grinding and Todd says here it comes. But nothing comes. The wall is lowered. Lamar is pacing. HG keep singing so we keep getting FotH.


7:38pm BBT The wall has been lowered for a while now. Shanna and Miesha say they are due for a break soon. Todrick looks like he's less comfortable than before. Todd says he's done, homey. Todrick shouts, NO STAY BRIDGES! Miesha shouts WOAH! but nothing happend. Sorry, she says.



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7:41pm BBT Todd, Carson, Todrick and Shanna are still hanging on for their HoH life. BB drops colored hair on them. I got hair, Todd shouts. Carson is red, Todrick is turquoise, Shanna is purple and Todd is brown. This aint going to come off, Todd says.


7:43pm BBT Carson brushes the hair away with his foot. Todd is fighting hard. Miesha and Cynthia are cheering but Cynthia says they still have to eat dinner tonight, so... The wall goes down and more hair falls from above.They are going even lower. Todd has to let go.


7:45pm The wall returns to vertical w/the remaining 3 HG. This is just now fun, Todd says as he walks up to the other fallen CHG. The wall lowers to 45 degrees again. They think it's been 25m - it's been 50m. Cynthia says they already have plumbing issues & now this hair!


7:47pm BBT Miesha says they should have had a taller one for Lamar. I was doing fine until they that last one went lower. Lamar says Carson's upper body is strong. Todd says F*cking surgery. Lamar says he had surgery in his shoulder and wrist. DON'T LET GO Todd sings out.



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7:49pm BBT Shanna says I can't do it, and falls off. She's on the mat & can't feel her hands. Good job, says Carson. It's down to Carson &Todrick. Todd says he's taking his pants off in the BY. Shanna is really proud of herself. That 1st can of paint really took me out.


7:51pm BBT It's down to Carson and Todrick. Todrick has paint in his butt. Carson tells him to hang on. Gangsta Todd tells the two to not worry about the police, they'll steer them away. There's no dealmaking going on. They're both stubborn, Lamar says.


7:53 it's been 1hr (the HG think 40m). Shanna says the longest they were hanging was 2 minutes (it only seemed that way). The HG are far enough away from Carson & Todrick that they have to shout to hear each other. Todrick's right foot slips but he gets it back.


7:55pm Todrick has to adjust his feet again. Carson switches from bracing on his left side to his right. The wall is at its lowerest level. Hang in there, Toddy, Carson says, I could make a deal. I'm safe? Yep, Carson says, Promise. Todrick drops at 7:56pm. Carson wins!


7:56pm BBT Carson waits until the wall reverts to vertical then receives his fellow CHG's applause before gracefully stepping down. I'm a lady! Congratulations, he tells Todrick.

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Carson is elated. He grabs Cynthia's suitcase from the SR and rolls it back to the Chocolate BR telling her she needs to unpack and now she'll have plenty of space since he is going up to the suite. When he enters the Chocolate bedroom, he almost falls on the bed. Cynthia follows him in and they celebrate. Carson says they had a hard couple of days, but now they get a king size bed and bath tub. Carson heads for the shower, but both are occupied by Todrick and Shanna. Shanna says she needs 5 more minutes. Carson tells her to take her time because he doesn't even need a showe, "I look gorgeous." They all discuss how difficult the wall was.


Miesha is in the kitchen cooking dinner.



8:17PM BBT

Carson is now in the shower. Lamar says he wants to go home and see his kids. Todd is in the other shower stall and complains that he forgot his slippers, so now he is going to get athlete's foot.



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8:40pm BBT Shanna and Carson are talking about the HoH comp. She says she got it by the first colored paint in her "cookie". Carson says if a guy got hit there, he'd stop breathing for 2 seconds then fall off. 

8:47pm BBT Carson says cold and wet is the worst. Todd says his drawers were wet, like falling in the pool in winter. Lamar walks through the KT wearing just his white briefs. 

8:57pm BBT BB says the SR is open. The HG rush in to find wine and pizza. Todd got vegan cheese. Todrick tells Todd he's very proud of him. Todd says he's feeling that comp, he hurts. 

9:07pm BBT Lamar is in the shower as Todd tries to explain the F3 to him. He gets to the part where the jury votes for the winner and Lamar says, that's crazy! Not ready to move on from old grudges, Todrick tells Miesha that Kirkpatrick wouldn't have done well on the Wall. Miesha says Carson was trying to be nice to her afterwards. She says she wasn't exactly rude to him... 

Todrick says he's gotten close to winning so many times. Miesha knows she could have won it. It was hard to watch. Todrick says he should have taken last week's HoH so she could have competed. He has to win Veto to keep the two of them safe. He curses Kirkpatrick for getting Shanna to save Carson. 

9:17pm BBT Miesha shows Todrick how Carson kept himself up on the Wall (he was bracing himself sideways, with his back against one chair arm, and his arms braced against the other. Todrick says he should have done that. He says the hair in the comp was from some cheap weave. Miesha says Carson cleaned the hair off from the platform so his feet wouldn't slip. Todrick thought it would blow off the platform but it didn't.

9:22pm BBT Todrick is frustrated - he was killing that thing. Carson is dying to go to St. Barts, he's never been. Shanna says it's amazing. BB promised to open the BY around 8:30pm. It's not open yet. Shanna says her nails fell off. Shanna and Lamar talk about the Rams and Bengals being in the Super Bowl. Shanna has seen the Wall comp so many times and was excited to see how she could do. She knew she couldn't win. Cynthia tells Shanna she'll have a good week.

9:30pm BBT Miesha & Todrick have gone to the Clock BR to commiserate. They wonder what the Veto comp will be, who would be better at which comps, and who might be willing to take Miesha off the block. Miesha is afraid it will be something where she has to spin. She doesn't spin well. 

9:35pm BBT Miesha tells Todrick that if Todd wins, he'll take himself off the block (they are assuming correctly that Todd will be nominated next to her). If Lamar wins, then Todrick will be the replacement. They realize that Todrick has to win Veto to be able to save her and avoid nomination himself. She thinks their odds are good.


9:42pm BBT Todrick finds Carson in the Chocolate BR. Carson says he will have a fresh start. Todrick says he doesn't have beefs in the real world like he did with Kirkpatrick. Carson says their Wall deal (to not nominate Todrick) is safe. Todrick says he wasn't worried (he was worried to Miesha). If Lamar wins Veto, Todrick muses, Carson would have no choice but to put him up. Carson does not want to do that, but if he had to, he'd campaign for him. But there's no plan to backdoor him.

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9:00pm Big Brother Time

House guests are in the kitchen snacking and talking. 

Todd is talking to Lamar about his aches and pains after the competition.

Just general talking...

Cynthia is unpacking her things.

Todd is still talking to Lamar (Lamar is in the shower), he is wondering who Carson is “after”. Todd explains the end of the game to Lamar, who says, “Ohhhh well that's crazy.”

Todd leaves and goes to the bedroom with Miesha and Todrick.
Miesha says this will all come down to veto, if she doesn't win it she will go home.
Todrick says he will be able to play as well, and he would take her off, but if she wins it, he will not be safe.  He says if Chris had been loyal, he would have stayed, Miesha says he just wanted to shake things up.

Miesha says she just didn't even feel like looking at Kirkpatrick, and the way it is playing out is frustrating.
Todrick is upset that they would have had the game and Carson would have been gone, he says if Miesha leaves he is done. He would have to win a veto to not go home.
Miesha says she is just devastated, she says if she had been on the wall she would have won it.

(Miesha has gone from pushing her agenda in the house to survival mode in just a few short days. It began when Shannon pulled Carson down, and slid quickly to her position in the game now.--Grannysue)

Bubbles comes in for a few seconds while the two of them commiserate and plot.

Feeds return and Shannon and Carson are in the living room having a chat.

Shannon says they were cocky and getting mean, Carson says her sitting at the table with the sunglasses was supposed to be intimidated.  Shannon says she was intent that she would sit right there and talk as long as she wanted to.
Todd stumbles painfully into the room, he says “They should have provided clothes for that.”  They all laugh about their tie dyed underwear, as Todd passes on by.

Shannon says Todrick will work hard on Cynthia now, Carson agress.
Lamar comes in and sits with them, and general chat begins.

Lamar wanders off, but talk remains general in nature, Todd joins them and Lamar wanders back to the room.

Talk moves to the super bowl, and who might have the best chance of winning.

Shannon goes to the bedroom with Cynthia, they hug and talk about the wall competition.

Cameras move back to the living room, Lamar says Miesha and Todrick are being real quiet; he says they are in shock.  He says that's why you gotta think about how you act early in the game.

Cameras move back to the bedroom where Carson is relaxed in his bed saying “Thank you Jesus.”

Todrick and Miesha separate and Todrick goes to the bedroom with Carson, a little chit chat to start.
Todrick makes his excuses about his behavior regarding Kirkpatrick, and Carson reassures him that he will keep their deal.

Todrick says he understands if Carson back doors, Carson tells him he would not want to do that, and he would campaign for him.

Miesha is snacking in the kitchen, Todd comes into the area and Miesha tells him they might be sitting pretty next to each other. Todd agrees, says if he goes home it will be okay.

Todrick is playing the “I am just not as experienced as some of you,” card.
Carson tells him to be aware of his brand in the house, he tells Todrick that he sticks to that in the house, that his brand is kindness and joy.  He tells Todrick to be mindful that his brand is not the same as Miesha's brand.  She is a wrestler, her brand is going all out.

Todrick blames his move toward Miesha on Teddi.

Carson says he should do what makes him feel best, and that things will change a million times.
Todrick says he is interested in a reunion with Carson and Cynthia. He says he has been loyal to Miesha, but if she leaves he needs a place to land.

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9:47pm BBT at the DT, Miesha tells Todd it looks like we're going to be sitting pretty together. Looks like, Todd agrees. In the Chocolate BR, Carson tells Todrick that when you get older you realize things that seemed like a big deal aren't. Wisdom is to remember your brand and do things with grace. Carson compliments Miesha but says that her brand is to fight and play hard. His brand is not ruthless, it's joy and helping people feel great about themselves. He tells Todrick to stick to his brand. Todrick worries he might have done something, but Carson assures him he hasn't.

At the DT, Miesha tells Todd that Todrick made a deal with Carson. You're kidding, he says. Miesha again blames her predicament on Kirkpatrick - if he hadn't made a deal to save Carson, she wouldn't be in this place. Todd runs to the Clock BR and fills in Lamar on Todrick's deal with Carson, saying that's why he fell. It's going to be him and Miesha. Lamar wants to say something to Todrick about making a deal with Carson. They head to the Chalet .

9:53pm BBT Carson tells Todrick that when he was invited to be on CBB, he looked at his calendar and said his January was free, why not do Big Brother! Back at the DT, can't believe their side of the house was seen as bullying. They simply won comps. Todd says if he goes home, he goes home. He's got another job lined up, something called College Hill (BET), where older people go back to college in Texas. Lamar joins them in the DT and Todd says Toddy switched sides. 

Back in the Chocolate BR, Todrick and Carson are trying to figure out the schedule for the weekend. The game has been so crazy, the say. They think another twist is coming up. Carson says we were supposed to have a DE but that got messed up with Chris Kattan leaving. Todrick wants to win HoH or Veto once. Carson promises he'll have his day.

9:59pm BBT Lamar has a box of Lactaid. Todd brought some in but they were taken by production because they weren't sealed in the original package.

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10:00pm Big Brother Time

Todrick and Carson continue to talk about the game and competitions.

Todrick says he is worried about how preparations are going for his upcoming tour.
Carson tells him he can ask production to reach out to them for an update.
Todd comes in and checks a cupboard door, he is impressed that “they” fixed it.

Miesha is playing solitaire in the kitchen while Lamar keeps her company.
Lamar laughs and calls him an “old black man.” Todd tells Lamar that he “IS an old black man.”

Cameras return to Carson and Todrick.
Talk is about career experiences.
Shannon comes back from her diary room session.

Todrick is called to the diary room right after Cynthia returns from her shower.

Carson and Shannon are in the storage room, Carson says people have been talking about how awful they are, and now they want to talk to us.  Shannon says, “It's already happening.”  She leaves the storage room and says she is going to the bedroom.  Carson is fumbling with a trash bag, tells her he will be there.

Cameras move to bedroom with Shannon, Cynthia and Carson.  Shannon says her crystal said they were going to win and Cynthia was staying.

Shannon tells them that Todd questioned her vote against Kirkpatrick, she says she told him she voted with the house.  She tells them that Kirkpatrick told her to vote him out if he went up, he knew he had alienated Miesha and Todrick. Shannon says he was sad, but fine with it.

Cynthia says she felt like there were mixed messages, and she told him to campaign.
Shannon tells Cynthia that Kirkpatrick told her Cynthia sold them all out to Todrick.
Cynthia denies that this happened.

Carson says Kirkpatrick said from the beginning that he was okay to leave.
Shannon tells them that Miesha only cares about Todrick, the others are being used, she says she is conflicted about Todrick.

Cynthia says Miesha seemed completely unaffected when Kirkpatrick's picture turned gray. She says she was surprised.
Shannon says that Miesha just didn't care. She tells them that there was some kind of lovers triangle going on upstairs that had nothing to do with anyone else in the house. She says that Kirkpatrick was a fan, and he said things to her that didn't seem to make sense to her.

Cynthia says Kirkpatrick could do nothing to help them, but he didn't even warn them they were going on the block.  She says he could have done at least that for them, but he was blinded by Miesha.

Carson invites them both to use the bathroom in the HOH, and to come up and sleep and have a sleepover.

Shannon says Miesha confronted her when she took  Carson down and told her she didn't need to have any more conversations with her.

Carson is happy about saying to her, “It's not personal,.”, ending with, “it's an honor to put you up.” The girls giggle.  (so did I, Carson is just a funny funny fellow.--Grannysue)
He goes on talking about cleaning the shower in his underwear to try and get the fake hair from the wall competition out of the floor and drain.
He tells them the packing is the worst, and people (Miesha) playing solitaire until the wee hours in sunglasses.
Carson laughs, says during the show Miesha went to the kitchen and made a pancake.
“and she doesn't even eat carbs.” They laugh, say they cleaned it up, Carson says he thought it was slider toppings.  
Carson says Shannon was like a savant in the snowflake competition. Cynthia says she just kept her 9, thinking she had a solid nine up, she says when she saw Shannon building hers she was glad she clocked out.

They ask him who would be the replacement nomination if either Todd or Miesha win veto, he says “Oh, Todrick already came in here and said, he, you know...”
They continue to explain the eviction votes to Carson.

Shannon says she has to go, she cannot play in Monday's veto.  Shannon tells him to tell Todrick that if he (Todrick) wins the veto, he will put him up. (That won't work, if Todrick uses the veto on her, he is safe. Todrick knows this.)

Carson says he won because he was taken over by the holy ghost, and the paint colors matched his outfit.  He giggles and says when Todrick fell he stood there and waved at everyone. They all laugh.  

(I am just over this fellow, it is very late here, I am up alone, giggling like a crazy person. Good thing the draperies are closed, anyone outside would think I have lost my mind.--Grannysue)

Cameras move to kitchen with Todd and Miesha.  Todd is tossing out A list celebrities he has met and plans to work with later.
Miesha tells him she did the cleaning, production didn't, and Todd says they did fix the cabinet, Miesha says production addressed the ants.
Miesha tells him that the veto ceremony might be in the morning and the competition will be later.

Cameras go back to the comedy shop with Carson and Crew.

Shannon says she told them she told them she knew what she was doing on the vote, she wonders how Lamar and Todd will vote.
Carson says “Welll, they will just have to put their big boy panties on.' He tells them that he told Todrick he would not put him up, but if the nominations changed they would  have to have a conversation.

These three are also discussing the schedule this week, Carson thinks this will be the same as the past week.
They are worried about Miesha being there to play the next HOH.
The girls tell Carson that he should not talk any deals to Miesha, they want to see what happens when she has to go against Todrick.


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10:03pm BBT Carson tells Todrick that for 7 days before entering the CBB House, all he saw were testers in hazmat suits. Todrick is worried about his tour. Carson tells him to ask BB to check on it. He asked BB to ask his publicist to find a replacement for something he was supposed to do after the show. Todrick asks Carson if he'd ever consider Broadway. Carson wants to do The Devil Wears Prada.

Lamar says they'll get more Reality TV offers after this and can ask for more money. Shut up you old b*st*rd, Todd says, I will hit you with this bottle upside your head. Lamar jokes that he's going to pretend to not know Todd when they both appear on BET's College Hill later this spring. (these feeds are live, so I think that cat's out of the bag).

10:18pm BBT Carson, Cynthia and Shanna are alone in the Chocolate BR. You're going to get a lot of deal offers, she tells him, it's already happening. I'm just going to take it slow, he says. Cynthia says she got lots of mixed messages from Kirkpatrick. Carson can't believe it all worked out. 

10:30pm BBT Shanna tells Carson she wanted to shout that Todrick was struggling but she couldn't. She says Carson was in the zone. Carson says he turned into a Ninja. He brushed the hair off the platform and wiped his hands off inside his pants because his underwear was the only dry space he had. 

10:35pm BBT Todd takes his blood pressure: 127 over 81: Lamar says it's OK. Bad*ss, Todd agrees. He checks the other arm and it's 111 over 65. That's great! It's broken, Lamar jokes.

10:40pm BBT In the Chocolate BR, Shanna urges Carson to not honor his deal with Todrick. In the gyn, Miesha says she's going to have to fight hard to win the Veto. She says Kirkpatrick needed to be a hero and she didn't need to be saved, so he saves Shanna. (Actually, Shanna saved Cynthia, but whatever).

10:50pm BBT Carson, Cynthia and Shanna are just chillin' in the Chocolate BR, talking about the comp, rehashing Todrick and Miesha, trying to figure out the schedule and waiting for Carson to get his HoH room. They have to get Miesha out this week, because if not, she'll win HoH again. Carson says he never promised to not backdoor Todrick. Shanna says he should make Todrick promise to not use the Veto on Miesha and let her go. Carson's nominations have to stay the same! 

Miesha and Todd get to know each other in the KT. Todd remembers when UFC first started. He talks a bit about filming Different Strokes. He's planning a life story project. Miesha heads to the WA toothbrush her teeth. Todd is looking for a missing shoe and worried that Chris accidentally took it with him.

10:55pm BBT Todd puts some clothes in his laundry bag in the SR. Unlike the regular BB season, the celebs all get laundry service. Carson is ready to get the show on the road - he wants to do his interview then take a bath in his new room.


11:03pm BBT Cynthia/Carson/Shanna in the Chocolate BR. They are glad Kattan is back with his girl. Apparently he was vomiting in the house before he left. They think Miesha would have done well on the Wall. She's good at endurance and tossing Carson says, and stripping.


They talk about some of their favorite BB comps. Shanna likes the slip-n-slide, and Cynthia likes the haunted house. Shanna is afraid of an OTEV comp. Cynthia says she likes the balance beam comps. They plan to study the memory wall in case there's a photomorph comp.

In the KT, Shanna and Todrick look at the memory wall. I didn't think he'd win, Todrick says of Kirkpatrick, but I thought he'd go further. They continue to whine about Kirkpatrick not telling them that Shanna would use the Veto on Carson. Todrick relates his talk with Kirkpatrick. Todd comes walking through to see if the BY is open. It is.


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11:00pm Big Brother Time

Carson is mimicking Bob's voice,  “Good morning house guests, there are fresh batteries in the storage room.”

Carson decides to go search for the mellie (melatonin), he finds it on the dresser.
Shannon tells them that she wants to tell them what she said in the diary room so bad.
(She is talking about a paint cannon that hit her in the lady parts. On live feeds she was vocal about the medical term, in the diary room she says she called it “powder puff” and “hoo ha”. )

Carson says the falling wigs was funny.  (when that happened, Todd yelled, “Hey! I have hair!” just in case you missed it during the live feeds when they were on the wall)

We get bubbles intermittently, but that seems to be caused by this group of people and their topics.

They all hope Chris Kattan is doing well, they were worried about him.
Carson says he made a movie with Chris Kattan in times past, he has the same horse trainer as Teddi, but never met her.  He says she had a good reputation with mutual friends.
He tells the girls he wants to get them together with them after the show.
Shannon says Miesha wanted to do the wall competition bad, her thing is endurance.
Carson says, “and stripping”(the HOH ski lift competition).

They talk about the OTEV competition, slip n slide, and balance beams.
Shannon tells them they need to study the faces on the wall and memorize their eyes, nose and lips.

Bob tells them the back yard is open.

Camera moves to the kitchen, Todrick and Miesha are talking, Lamar is groaning in the background.  Todrick tells her he will be a “blithering mess” if she goes home.


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11:10pm BBT Carson asked for a bunch of Keto stuff in his basket. Cynthia says this is not the place to try to stick to a diet. They got salads with the pizza but nobody wanted them so they're in the fridge for tomorrow. In the KT, Todrick says he's good at a lot of things outside the house so he thought he could win at least one thing. Miesha says I wouldn't have changed anything. About what, he asks? About choosing you. You've got to win that Veto!


11:22pm BBT Shanna was supposed to wear a VIX bathing suit in the CBB House for an ad. They are expensive - $200. But BB took the bottom part because it was too skimpy. Carson is called to the DR. He pulls on a turtle neck over his pajama tops and throws on some hairspray. Lamar comes into the Chocolate BR to talk with Cynthia but quickly leaves again.

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