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Wednesday, February 9, 2022 - Celebrity Big Brother 3 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Standard Time(See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

As you know, there are two Houseguests named "Chris," both with last names beginning with "K." For the sake of clarity, we will call Chris Kattan, "Kattan" and Chris Kirkpatric, Kirk." This could change with the HG's interactions.


To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Cuckoo Clock Bedroom (CBR)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Pink Tile Bedroom (PTBR)
Ski Lodge Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:42AM BBT

Todrick addresses the live feeders from the kitchen about the Cookout, "If there were 13 people that are, there wouldn't need to be a Cookout." He goes on to say what the Cookout did was game changing, but he has a strong aopinion about things. He feels it is unfair to say all the black people came into the house and formed an alliance based on race when every other single season was the revers with white people banding together. He appreciate Big Bro9ther for the social experiment it is.

*Feeds cut to Glitter

"I think I am fdone narrating. I know you are probably bored. I'm about to go to sleep. Miesha is mad at me."

He shouts out some friends and tells everyone he is about to go on tour. 'Mom, I love you."




12:54AM BBT

Todrick seems to be the last CHG awake. He settles in bed then the CBB3 house grows dark with just the sounds of sleep.

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8:15AM BBT

We have Glitter  


8:44AM BBT

The feeds return after being on Glitter for a long time to Kattan, Todd and Todrick talking in the kitchen about the movie, Rock of Ages. Kattan says there are some amazing scenes in that movie. Talk then turns to people retiring in locations with warmer climates, like Florida, for their arthritis, since cold temps aggravate arthritis and older people can avoid pneumonia. Todd makes an observation that when Kattan is moving around the house at night when the lights are off, Big Brother turns the lights on for him (he has a propensity to stumble).


[I want to bring up that the CHGs have been making a concerted effort to engage with Chris Kattan in more positive ways. Kattan is clearly struggling with his health, and his fellow CHGs truly care about his well being. Their compassion is evident even if they aren’t willing to fulfill his wishes to leave and go home…they unanimously agree it is likely in his best interest to stay in the CBB house to gain control of an issue that hasn’t been thoroughly revealed on live feeds.  -Long]


8:50AM BBT

Back to Glitter, who is quickly taking over Bubbles as the most annoying  BB camera hog.


8:54AM BBT

Feeds return to Kattan and Todd talking about ego in the kitchen. Cynthia walks in to look for coffee. Cynthia says she wants to go back to sleep because they woke her up for DR. Todd says they woke him up really early, too. Kattan and Todd begin discussing set times (for filming) 

and then having to wait forever for them to actually be used.


8:57AM BBT

Cynthia and Todrick are whispering in the bathroom about Todrick being in people’s mouths “we gotta get him”

Todrick: Say no more. Say less.

Cynthia enters the loo

Todrick: Interesting. Very, very interesting. Let the games Mother F****** begin


The feeds move to the Ski Patrol bedroom where Lamar is actually sound asleep and snoring.


8:59AM BBT

Back in the kitchen, Cynthia has joined Lamar, Todd and Kattan to complain about Lamar.

Cynthia: He is the most spoiled man…’I’m hungry.’ 

They all agree that Lamar has been well taken care of.  

[This observation about Lamar is entirely true. He likes for others to do for him and plays helpless to care for himself.  -MamaLong]

Todrick and Kattan start discussing toxic relationships from their past where a partner starts creating smoke & mirrors to justify their own poor behavior. 

*feeds move to Glitter to protect the guilty


9:03AM BBT

The feeds return to Todrick announcing in the kitchen, “I’m about to blow this game up.”

Todd: What are you talking about?

Todrick: Oh, you about to find out

Todd: okay


Kattan: (to Todd) How old do I look…like 47? I don’t look 52 at all

Todd: no, you don’t look 52  

[Um, in my opinion, Kattan looks and acts much older than me. I’m 53  -MamaLong]

Todd begins talking about his retirement plan from acting.Kattan asks if it’s all from Different Strokes. Todd tells him he has money coming from a lot of different places. They mention that Lamar gets money at age 42, and they figure being an athlete is totally different. Kattan says SAG performers work hardest. Todrick agrees. Todd says working on a live stage is the roughest work. Todd says his first play was a Tyler Perry production.

Todrick is nervously mopping the floor with the Swiffer. It looks like he is trying not to explode.


9:10AM BBT

The cams show Miesha still sleeping in the HOHR (she allowed Kattan to sleep in there Monday night and offered for last night, too. Kattan declined, so Miesha got to enjoy her HOHR.)


In the kitchen, Todd is talking about Lamar complaining about them needing to be quiet when he is sleeping. Todrick agrees with, “No comment. No comment.” Todd says he is loud as hell when everyone else is sleeping.  (very true)  Todrick tells Todd that Lamar wasn’t able to sleep last night, “because your snoring was on point.” Todd agrees.


9:13AM BBT

Todd tells Kattan he woke (Kattan woke Bridges)  him up looking for…

Kattan interrupts saying “you don’t have to say what I was looking for”

*feeds cut to Glitter


9:15AM BBT

Cynthia walks in the kitchen

Todrick: I love you. I love you because I know I can always knock on your door. I love you.

Cynthia giggles.

Todrick: That’s my truth. I’m an emotional bitch.

Kattan brings up that he enjoyed hearing their conversation about cheating.

Cynthia: When I’m in, I’m all in. If you don’t want me, I need to know so I can take this blessing somewhere else.

Kattan: That’s a great way to put it.

Todrick says that gay guys are the best hype people to help females feel better about themselves when a guy cheats on them.

Cynthia: Guys, get ready. I’m putting bananas in the pancakes.

Todrick: Oh my God. I love that. This is the best morning ever. I am awake in more ways than one. Come on Saints. 

Cynthia: I’m more woke, too, ever since I got put on the block.

Todrick: Mama ain’t raise no punk.




9:22AM BBT

The feeds return to Kattan noticing ants in the kitchen. Todrick sprays them with Lysol since they don’t have any bug spray. Todrick says they are having a gay pride parade and apologizes to them while he sprays.

Todd: They aren’t having a parade. They are just following orders from the queen.

Todrick: You don’t know. It could be.

Cynthia: This situation (the trash) needs to go away

Todd tells her it’s best to put it in the storage room

Todrick carries off the trash and Todd asks her how she feels about that (meaning Todrick) but Cynthia doesn’t catch on to what he is saying

*Feeds cut to Glitter


9:26AM BBT

Cynthia looks in the camera and talks to her family, “Are you sleeping?”

Todd starts talking about gaming and tells Todrick there is aa non-binary character in the game he plays

Todrick: That is very progressive of you

Todd asks if saying gay is the correct pronoun

Todrick says that gay is not a pronoun; gay people use pronouns of identity “like he, she, they”. He points out that even straight people are beginning to announce their pronouns and list them on social media


9:30AM BBT

Big Brother: Kattan, please go to the Diary Room downstairs

Todd says they have turned the volume up

Cynthia and Todrick agree it is much louder.


9:32AM BBT

Todd addresses Todrick, “Why is your zipper on the side? Isn’t that inconvenient.”

Todrick: Fashion is sometimes inconvenient, Todd

He begins talking about corsets and how painful they are to wear. Todd is surprised that he has worn a corset.


Discussion moves to some drag queens being truly gifted by not having broad shoulders. Todd says he likes broad shoulders on a woman. Cynthia brings up how gorgeous B. Scott is, and they discuss B’s identity. Cynthia says identity doesn’t even matter, and Todd says he can recognize a beautiful man. Todd says he gets non-binary vibes from B. 


Talk turns to celebrities being easy targets for comedians. Todrick tells about how someone tried to put it out on social media that he doesn’t want to be black. Talk turns to Ru Paul, and Todrick says that Ru Paul is a dope person. He begins playing solitaire, “Never in my life did I think I would wake up in the morning and play solitaire.” Cynthia laughs. Todd tells them that he set some jewelry down in the room the other day and Lamar jumped on him that he is just trying to make some noise. Todrick says he told him that he wakes up everyone in the house. “He is so delusional.” Todrick says that he doesn’t see how everyone caters to him in the house.


9:40AM BBT

They begin wondering why everyone is still asleep. Todd says he will go take his shower now, so he can take it in peace.

Todrick: Let me know if you want me to come scrub your back.

Todrick asks Cynthia if she needs help. She says she is fine.


9:47AM BBT

The cams show Lamar still fast asleep in the Ski Patrol bedroom


9:55AM BBT

Cynthia tells Todd it’s good that he is trying to teach Lamar ho to be independent


9:58AM BBT

Todrick tells Cynthia that he has to talk things out for himself. He isn’t the type to hold things in.

Todd: It’s good to hear it so you can get clarity for yourself

Todrick says they have nothing but to sit and think a lot

Todd notices the ants in a different part of the kitchen, “That’s a scout, though. We gotta kill it before it gets its radar off.” They talk about ants having big determination for being so small. They can get inside closed peanut butter jars. Todd swears by liquid ant bait being the cure, “‘cause when they come in, they come in like Stormtroopers.”


10:03AM BBT

The feeds move to Glitter


10:57AM BBT

Kirkpatrick is in the gym working out.


*Glitter, of course


10:58AM BBT

The feeds return to Lamar talking with Todrick in the bathroom. Todrick says, “she didn’t vote Teddi out, so she’s not voting him out.” They head to the kitchen where Todd announces his blood pressure is 186/116   (Let’s hope not! That is scary high!))

Lamar: That’s not good. That’s not good. (he has eye patches on for puffy eyes)

Todd responds that it is because he is in pain.


Miesha enters the kitchen and says good morning.


12:08PM BBT

*We have had Glitter for a pretty long time.


12:35PM BBT

Still Glitter


12:54PM BBT

Still Glitter


1:24PM BBT

Glitter Everywhere


2:11 PM BBT

Still Glitter

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2:30pm BBT Most of the day, the feeds have been on FotH (Flakes of the House). They just turned to the animal shelter (Furballs of the House), suggesting that BB may be taping a comp or ceremony for Friday's show (which will combine Veto and a live eviction).

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5:08pm BBT Feeds return. In the Chocolate BR, Shanna tells Lamar that Miesha said she could take Cynthia off the block and she'd put someone else up. But Shanna wants to take down Carson.

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Shanna won the PoV


Miesha: You earned it, girl


5:07PM BBT

Shanna is talking with Lamar in the Chocolate bedroom saying that Miesha wants her to take down Cynthia, but she wants to take down Carson.

Shanna: I need you to work with me

Lamar: Okay






5:12PM BBT

Shanna: or I could take Carson down and they would put Todd or Chris Kirkpatrick up. That's where it's going to get really tricky. I don't want to. If you could get Todd off of Miesha's jockstrap, that would be great.

Lamar: yeah

Shanna: Otherwise, if Todd or Todrick win the HoH, we are fucking in trouble, Lamar

Lamar: yeah

Shanna: Well, you're not, but I'm going on the block. The first person I would save is Cynthia.

*feeds move back to Carson and Cynthia in the Sauna Room talking about Miesha hand feeding Todrick food.

Lamar walks in and moves to the bathroom with Carson and Cynthia. Carson and Cynthia are pushing the idea that Kirkpatrick is just a foot soldier and Miesha will let him go. Cynthia says that Todd thinks he has a final two with Miesha.

Cynthia: She (Miesha) wants Carson out



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6:30pm BBT Lamar & Todd talk in the Sauna. Lamar says they have to keep Carson. Todd disagrees. Lamar explains Carson is Miesha's biggest threat. Todd says Shanna's already got her plan. Lamar says if Cynthia stays, you me and Shanna. Todd says if Cynthia stays, she'll join us for a 4-3 advantage. Lamar asks what Kirkpatrick is thinking. He's with her (Miesha), Todd says, but it's 4 to 3, we win. Lamar says it's the same thing if Carson stays. Todd says Cynthia would be less of a threat to her. 


6:45pm Cynthia comes in as Todd leaves. Lamar tells her that Miesha will put him or Todd up if Shanna uses the Veto. She ain't gonna put up Chris (Kirkpatrick). Cynthia says he (Chris) is more loyal to her than she (Miesha) is to him. She ain't loyal to anybody, Lamar observes.  Cynthia says Todd is also committed to Miesha. Lamar agrees, saying he tried explaining to him how the 4 of them could outnumber Miesha, Todrick and Kirkpatrick but he wasn't hearing it.



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Shanna: We would have been good if Chris Kattan didn't leave. That's why this game is going bat-shit crazy now because we lost that number.
 Chris Kirk: That actually helps us. Now you have a chance to take him out and another one.
 "CBS has said that Chris Kattan's absence will be addressed in Friday's show."

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8:20PM BBT

The feeds return after being down for a while. Miesha and Todrick are talking in the HoHR.

Todrick: I was gonna be my team's only hope. That's what I was saying.

Niesha: What if we talk to Carson and say..

Todrick: Will you work with uswork with us and put Shanna uo.

Todrick: Bitch, we can't do that. She won veto. She's the only person in the world we can't put up. 

Miesha: You're right. I forgot about that.

Todrick: I feel like this next HoH is going to be super athletic.

Miesha: What about saving Carson on the agreeance that he work with us?

Todrick says Carson is closer with Shanna (won't work)

Miesha: He already has one foot out the door. There is a chance we could say we will save him and put Lamar up.

Todrick: I don't think Carson is going to help us.

Todrick repeats that Carson is the most dangerous player in the game. He also says Shanna won on a technicality...that she didn't even understand the pov game.

Miesha: For the first time in this game, I feel like I keep running into a brick wall. You have to win. If you win, we're golden.




[I'm out for the night  -MamaLong]

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8:53pm Big Brother Time

Todrick and Miesha are in the HOH talking about their position in the game and how they feel they have done in competitions so far.

Meisha is building Todrick's ego up over his (lack of) winning so far this season, she tells him several times his “time is coming”, and asks him about how he feels his parents are feeling about his game this far.  (Miesha knows how to steer the conversation in a way that keeps Todrick's energy level/interest stimulated)

Miesha says she plans to make cookies for Shannon before the next competition because sugar reduces concentration.  She tells Todrick not to drink the energy drinks before.

Todrick says he cannot go home on the HOH of Kirkpatrick, he would rather go home on Lamar's.  He adds that he would rather anyone in the entire house send him home.
He adds all sorts of drastic scenarios of actions he would take if Kirkpatrick wins, he thinks Kirkpatrick doesn't  like him because of Teddi being voted out.
Todrick continues a rant about Kirkpatrick that is completely not acceptable, with comparisons and jokes about his body, his standards, and other things that certainly do not show him (Todrick) as a gracious, kind individual.--Grannysue)

Miesha says that Shannon wants to take Cynthia down in the veto ceremony, and plans to make sure Cynthia believes she is part of the decision.

Todrick tells Miesha that he thinks whoever goes up as the replacement will be voted out. 

Miesha says if that is the case, she will put Kirkpatrick on the block if he makes no assurances that he will vote out Carson.
Todrick says Kirkpatrick will just lie to her
(He is pushing hard for Kirkpatrick to be the replacement)
Todrick tells her that the plan is to take Cynthia down as a vote for “them”, and they have been talking secretly all over the house constantly.

Miesha says she doesn't believe that has been a plan, it happened too quick for it to have been planned. Miesha says if she puts Todd up, he would vote Carson out.
Todrick insists he is right, and Kirkpatrick should go onto the block.
Miesha stands her ground, says Kirkpatrick needs to reassure her.

Todrick stumbles a little bit here, first he says Carson needs to go this week, then says if she puts up Kirkpatrick, he should go home.
Miesha catches it, says “wait, you said Carson needs to go home this week”, and that he told her they were equally risky to keep.  
Todrick backpedals a little, tries to say Kirkpatrick will vote out Todd if he is on the block, Miesha says Kirkpatrick will vote Carson out instead.
Todrick continues to repeat over and over that Kirkpatrick is going after Miesha, he continues to push hard.
Miesha tells him (for the100th time), that she is going to have a conversation with Kirkpatrick about Todd.
Todrick tells her that if she has a conversation with Kirkpatrick it will make him (Todrick) a target.

Miesha insists she will have a conversation with Kirkpatrick.

Todrick continues to reach into his invisible basket and toss little invisible darts at every player in the house with the exception of Lamar. And his target remains Kirkpatrick amid an abundance of scenarios.

9:29pm Big Brother Time

Bubbles comes along, I think she too, is growing weary of this whole fast talking, barely held together fabric of reasoning.

When feeds return we are met with more random/unfocused invisible arrows flying toward anyone who is unlucky enough to be a cast member.  Todrick is working to make Miesha so paranoid that she feels that no one can be trusted in the Big Brother house, with the exception of himself, of course.
(Todrick is showing himself to be an incredible athlete in the skill of manipulation this season.--Grannysue)

Finally Todrick leaves the HOH room after a mournful look towards the camera.

He sneaks to the gym area and peeks to see who is there. No one is there.
He returns to the HOH room, Miesha is trying to wind down this conversation.
They finally leave the HOH room and go down to the kitchen area.

Todrick tiptoes around the house looking for the other house guests....

And bubbles comes to help him out.  Bless her heart, she is curious too.


10:00pm Big Brother Time

Miesha is playing solitaire with some rules help from Todrick.

Todrick goes to the bedroom to speak to Cynthia. He asks her if he can talk to her tomorrow about what happens if Carson is evicted.
Cynthia says she isn't sure what is happening yet, but she is open to a conversation.
Todrick tells her to think about who she wants to be aligned with as the game continues. Todrick tells her he would like her to hear him out before she makes any other commitment.

Bubbles interrupts.

When feeds return Todrick is still continuing his talk.  He tells Cynthia that she should think about how much she can trust Shannon
Cynthia tells him they can talk later.
He leaves the room, then returns to the bedroom and tells Cynthia that he doesn't know her well, but believes she would want to work with someone who “stands for something.”

Bubbles interrupts again

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10:09pm Big Brother Time

Carson has joined Miesha in the kitchen, Miesha tells him the outside is open.

10:40pm Big Brother Time

Feeds return.

Shannon, Carson and Kirkpatrick are sitting on the patio, but after a few seconds they all go into the house.  Todd plans to sleep outside tonight.

Lamar is eating some sort of noodle dish, the others are looking for protein powder, milk and cookies and snacks.

11:00pm Big Brother Time


Bubbles changes to add "Be Right Back" message

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11:00pm Big Brother Time


Bubbles changes to add "Be Right Back" message


11:12 pm Big Brother Time

Kirkpatrick and Miesha are talking in the downstairs lounge.

Conversation is about Mirai's eviction and the reasons for it.

Miesha asks Kirkpatrick is voting Carson out, he says he is, if she wants him to.  He tells her he supports her and they agreed to take each other as far as they can.

Miesha tells Kirkpatrick that Todrick is worried about him, and they don't communicate.
Kirkpatrick says he knows if he tells Miesha something he knows it will be repeated to Miesha.
Miesha says she is not going to speak for either of them, they need to act like grown a** men.

Kirkpatrick says when he goes to Miesha he does it because “I got you.”, he doesn't add Todrick to that. He is specific about working with Miesha, he knows if Todrick wins HOH he (Kirkpatrick) will be on the block.  He says “everything I have ever done was for you.”

They agree that they talk things out  and support each other.

Kirkpatrick tells Miesha he knows the pecking order between the three of them and he accepts that.

He tells Miesha that if she is the person throwing them out, and he is the one comforting them, then in a final two the votes will go to the person who comforted them.  He says it no longer feels “fun” in the house,

Kirkpatrick tell Miesha again that it is not wise for him to vote to keep Carson against Todd if he is put on the block.

11:30 Big Brother Time

Camera is on Carson and Cynthia in the kitchen.

Talk is about “she”(Miesha)
Being up late
Cooking dinner

Cynthia calls her“a treat”
Carson says Lamar is onto her.

Cynthia mentions she does not trust Todrick, he spends long periods of time in the HOH, then sprinkles little pieces of whatever he wants around the house. Cynthia says she knows where those loyalties lie.

 Bubbles interrupt

Kirkpatrick is in the room with Cynthia, Carson, Shannon. He is repeating the conversation he had with Miesha. He says she thinks Carson would be on the block.  Kirkpatrick says he is blowing up his game to them, if he goes up, he goes up.

Cynthia says she says she has reset, she has no interest in revealing info to them.

Kirkpatrick says Todrick is in her ear, and won't even look at him. He tells them that Miesha wasn't helpful with Todrick. Kirkpatrick says they don't want to leave both of them on the block..

Cynthia asks what would happen if nominations stay the same. Cynthia says it seems Kirkpatrick is not protected.

Kirkpatrick says if Shannon takes Carson off the block and puts up Todd,

and Bubbles comes up in the middle of this........................Someone needs to have a talk with this child. So rude.

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11:52pm Big Brother Time


Bubbles continue with the We'll be right back message.


Since this is so close to the end of another day, it would be a good time to end my evening with you. I enjoy watching the feeds and sharing with you so you know what happens in the house.  I am going to go find my puppies as usual, crawl under my quilt and cuddle them.  That reflection in the mirror this morning? That was an amazing person.  Be safe,

hugs   Grannysue

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