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CBBUS3 Episode 4 - HoH & Nominations

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Previously on CBB, Carson, Todrick, Shanna, Teddi, Mirai and Cynthia aligned as the Formation. But Todrick was also recruited for the Athletes alliance: with HoH Miesha, Lamar & Kirkpatrick. And the drag race judge quickly pledged ultimate loyalty to the ultimate fighter.

Wanting Mirai out, Miesha set her eye on a pawn. She then put her plan in motion. At the first Veto comp of the winter, Carson blew everyone away. Todrick warned Carson was a huge threat so Miesha decided to strike at one of his closest allies. After getting Mirai on board to change alliegences, Miesha also got Shanna to betray the Formation. At the Veto meeting, Carson saved himself but he couldn't save his fellow Formation member. Before the Live Eviction, JCM unleashed Mon Won's curse. 

And with a flip of the label, the NOM NOW hat got passed around. After Todd took the Ice Skater's spot in the Hot Seat, the House booted the Housewife. Well, the game goes on even though Teddi Mellencamp is gone. Tonight, a new HoH will be crowned and two new celebs will be targeted for eviction. All this and more on Celebrity Big Brother!


We pick up after the live eviction on Day 0 and Mirai is so excited to still be here. She says it almost as good as winning the Olympic gold medal. Chris Kattan does not know went down and says it is very confusing. Lamar says please no crying, it is not a funeral.

Todd cannot believe Chris K put him on the block. Miesha was really worried but Teddy is out of the house and Carson is next. Carson says the person they really need to take down is Chris Kat…is Miesha.

Cynthia says obviously some people who were going to vote for Teddy did not and now she needs to be careful. Carson says The Formation may have gone the way of ABBA. Has the band broken up? Shanna informs Carson and Cynthia she voted Teddy out.

Carson is nervous for himself and Cynthia because they were on the wrong side of the vote. Shanna is talking to Miesha and Chris Kirkpatrick and she says Cynthia is not happy for her for voting with the house.

Chris Kirkpatrick trusts Shanna because they made an agreement on Day 2. He says they were just drawn together. Cynthia says she thought they were good with Todrick until they were not. Todrick says he did not want to work with Teddy.

Todrick says he did not want to work with Teddy. Todrick says this HOH just became more important than ever. Cynthia says personally she loves Todrick but when it comes to the game she does not know if she can trust him anymore.

It is time for the next HOH competition! Carson sees giant potatoes and one of them is covered in mushrooms. They will go to the first potato when the time starts and lock in a score. They have a total of three potatoes and if they do not lock in a score they get a 0.

The celebrity with the highest score will win the next HOH! Miesha needs her alliance to step up and handle business. Cynthia says she or Carson need to win this. Todd says he needs to make sure he goes nowhere near the block.

Shanna says this HOH is so important and she is sure Carson or Cynthia would nominate her. Mirai is first and she rolls a 4 on the first potato and tries again. She settles for 7 and moves on.

Mirai says the only guarantee in this game is winning HOH. She scores a 2 on the second potato and settles for that. She heads to the third potato and scores 22 with 5 seconds and she takes her. Mirai’s score is 5.

Todrick is up second. He needs to win because he does not want Carson coming after him. Todrick scores a 24 and locks it in. Todrick scores 3, then 3, and 2 then locks in 2. He is on the third potato and scores 0 so he scores 36 points and Mirai is still in the lead.

Lamar is up first and scores 8 and locks it in. He scores a 3 on the second potato and moves on to the final potato and scores 30 and has a total of 6. Lamar is now in the lead.

Chris Kirkpatrick is up and he scores 24 on his first potato. He scores a 24 on his second potato. He hits 24 on the third but wants to try for a higher number and ends up with a 27 for a total of 75 and he is now in the lead. Miesha would like to see Carson top that.

Shanna is up next and scores 9 on the first potato. She scores 5 on the second potato. She scores 8 on the final potato and has a score of 52. Chris Kirkpatrick is still in the lead.

Carson is up and he scores 8 on his first potato. He scores 8 on his second potato. He has 3 seconds and struggles on the final potato. He does not lock in a score and he has a total of 3. Chris Kirkpatrick is in the lead.

Cynthia is up next and she scores 22 on the first potato. She hits 5 on the second potato. She scores a 9 on the final potato and she scores a 36. Chris Kirkpatrick is still in the lead.

Todd is next and he sees Chris Kirkpatrick is in the lead and he does not have to win. He locks in a 6 on the first potato. He gets a 3 on the second potato and Carson realizes he is throwing. He gets a 24 on the last roll and has a score of 33.

Chris Kattan is the up and he scores 7 on the first potato. He scores a 0 on the second potato. He scores 36 on the final potato but did not lock it in in time. He has a score of 63. Chris Kirkpatrick is the new HOH!

Miesha says Chris Kirkpatrick winning could not be more perfect. Carson says he is a wonderful person and he is happy for him, but it is problematic that he is connected at the hip to Miesha. He better butter Chris’s potato right now.

Chris Kirkpatrick says he was loyal to Miesha when she was in power, but now he has to do what is best for his game. Carson is pretty sure Chris Kirkpatrick is close to Miesha which means he could be in trouble.

Shanna is so excited Chris just won and she knows he will keep her safe. Miesha says she is going to be safe and herself and Todrick will be able to play in the next HOH and she thinks she will have influence over him and have his ear on who to nominate.

Lamar says Chris Kirkpatrick is cool and we see him laughing at Todd’s legs. Todd says he has chicken legs and Carson says they are nice and slim. Chris is talking to Miesha and Shanna and Todrick and he mentions as Mirai as the target.

Miesha says she worked so hard to make a deal to save Mirai and she is not going to jump on Chris right now but the target should be Carson and then Cynthia. Chris says this is his HOH and they have time to figure it out.

Chris Kirkpatrick is talking to Shanna about how Miesha was talking to them. Shanna says she thinks she is running the house. Chris Kirkpatrick says maybe put up Mirai and Todrick and they take away his vote and make a deal with Carson and Cynthia.

Chris Kirkpatrick is talking to Carson and Cynthia and Carson says do not get rid of me, he is not gunning for anyone. Chris says he is not listening to anyone else telling him how to play his game.

Carson says Chris knows what he is going to get with them. Carson says this is very good news and this lets him breathe a sigh of relief. He wants to use Chris’s bathtub while he is still on his good side.

Carson figured out during the pandemic that stress baking made him feel better. We see Chris Kattan later that night get up while everyone is sleeping and eat some of the cake. Then we see him go back for more and Carson says he has been double dipping.

Lamar and Mirai are talking the next night and Chris is back up for more cake. Lamar says he thought it was for everyone, but it is for Chris. Chris says he has not tried Carson’s cake.

Chris Kirkpatrick wants to put Mirai on the block but he needs someone to put up next to her. He is asking Todd and Lamar who to put up against her. Lamar says the name of the game is to take out the competition.

Lamar says he has always been a team player and he will do what he has to for the team. Chris Kirkpatrick says maybe it is better to have him as a vote than a pawn. Miesha asks if Mirai is a bigger target than Carson and Chris says for him yes.

Miesha asks if Mirai wins veto or if someone takes her down who will he put up. Chris says he is not sure and Miesha thinks Carson is the biggest underlying threat in the game. Miesha says she needs Chris to brighten up and see things clearly.

Miesha says if they were in the octagon she could make Chris see reason but they are not and he is not picking up what she is putting down. Chris is still saying Carson and Cynthia are not that big of a threat.

It is time for the nomination ceremony! Chris Kirkpatrick’s first nominee is…Chris Kattan. His second nominee is…Mirai. Chris says he nominated them for the same reason, they have not talked any game. He wanted to nominate them straight up.

Chris Kirkpatrick says Chris Kattan is his pawn and last week Mirai had one foot out the door last week. Chris Kattan is surprise he was nominated but he is ready to put his dukes up.

Mirai says she is going to keep fighting but this is a discouraging feeling. She needs to win this veto competition because the cattiness is coming out. Lamar says Chris did not put him on the block so that is cool.

Miesha gave Chris 101 reasons to put Carson on the block and she guesses they are not in sync. But Carson should not get too comfortable!

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