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Saturday, February 5, 2022 - Celebrity Big Brother 3 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Standard Time(See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

As you know, there are two Houseguests named "Chris," both with last names beginning with "K." For the sake of clarity, we will call Chris Kattan, "Kattan" and Chris Kirkpatric, Kirk." This could change with the HG's interactions.


To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Cuckoo Clock Bedroom (CBR)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Pink Tile Bedroom (PTBR)
Ski Lodge Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:19AM BBT

Kirkpatrick talks with Shanna on the backyard patio. He assures her she has one more week of no worries because he will not put her on the block. He states that he has gotten close with Todd and tells her that Todd spilled his entire game to him. "We have options. We can put Mirai up."

Shanna: Everyone is going to spill their guts. I can't wait to hear that.

Kirkpatrick: You, you'll be in the room

Shanna: And I want to use your shower

Kirkpatrick: Of course. And you know this is going to expose us, though

Shanna: I think they already know we are working together.

Kirkpatrick: They know, but they don't know.


Kirkpatrick says he is not sure about Todrick because he is here to win. He is huge competition for them and they both want to win. Shanna says, "The money would change my life." They both agree they really like Todrick, but he has to go at some point.


Kirkpatrick: At this point, I don't know how far Todrick is willing to take us. He is so wishy washy.


Kirkpatrick asks Shanna about Todrick's ties to her initial alliance and how he jumped ship. She explains he was in the original alliance of 4 but when others were added he got nervous. 

Shanna: He went into damage control with everybody

Kirkpatrick: It's a little soon to go after Todrick because we have to be loyal to what we are doing. But, that means if it is a physical competition, Miesha is going to get HoH.

Shanna: I agree

Kirkpatrick: (in angry tone) They made me vote for that girl. It's disgusting.

Shanna: Disgusting, but there was nothing I could do.  I cried the worst, and I didn't want anyone to see me crying after my vote.

Kirkpatrick: She would have been so beneficial for our game. If we had Teddi, it would be Carson, Cynthia, me, you, and I could get Todd and Kattan.


They discuss the Mon Won hat and how awkward it was.


Kirkpatrick: The minute you got the hat first, I was like, this is good

Shanna: Todrick was looking at me, and I was like, I'm sorry....but my loyalty is to you.

Kirkpatrick: Todrick is good

Shanna: I knew you would pick Todrick

Kirkpatrick: Todd is loyal to Miesha because Miesha is running the house

Shanna: I know

Kirkpatrick: The questions is, how do we do it?

Shanna: If Carson was willing to go up for Miesha, he would be willing to go up for you

Kirkpatrick: I don't want to put that on Carson. I think he could have the votes, and that's scary.  

Shanna: I feel like I have shown my loyaly to Miesha

Kirkpatrick: Miesha even said 'she fell on the sword for us'

Shanna: Yeah

Kirkpatrick: We have to stay good with her. If we try to backdoor her, who do we put up?

Shanna: Maybe Lamar would be willing

Kirkpatrick: That might be our play. I'll have to talk with him. Todd told me no, but if he gives me a go ahead and then tries to gun for me, I'll be like, you told me to put you up. But if it's Mirai and Lamar and she wins and either one of them go...that would be horrible. 


Kirkpatrick says that he thinks Miesha will do what he wants because he did what she wanted. 


Shanna: She still thinks she is running everything. She tried to tell me what to tell you to do. 

Kirkpatrick: If I walk out that door, I got this (holding HoHR key). I have nothing to prove.

Shanna: Stopi it. That won't happen. Let's see who scatters tomorrow.

Kirkpatrick: I talked to Todd, I talked to Carson and Cynthia. Kattan won't even talk game. Lamar is gonna come up and take his mic off and whatever. So we have Todd, Lamar, Carson, Miesha, Todrick, Cynthia, Mirai, me, you...God that's not a lot of people.

(Um, yeah it is! -MamaLong) Think of this, you have a 1 in 9 chance at a quarter of a million dollars.

Shanna- Life changing


12:34AM BBT

They go inside because it's cold in the backyard.

In the kitchen, Kirkpatrick says he thinks Todrick is public enemy number one because he thinks he will bend to whoever has HoH. Lamar walks in, and they laugh over the HoH competition. It sounds like it could have been a skee ball competition, or something similar,  and Todrick almost won.

Kirkpatrick: What would we do if he had won?

Shanna: I don't know.

Kirkpatrick: We have to just stay together and talk about everything.

They decide to go upstairs and see if he can get in his HoHR. Kirkpatrick wants to try the door but feels like production would tell him if he could. Shanna encourages him to try the key. He doesn't. He heads in the DR, and says he can hear people talking in there.

Shanna: They won't let you in if there is a cast member in there.

Kirkpatrick: I just heard them say, "Does Chris winning HoH mean anything to you?"

Shanna says the cameras are following them. They play with the cameras a bit to see what they do, and Shanna shouts out to her kids. Shanna sees Cynthia downstairs and tells her that they are trying to see if the HoHR is open. Cynthia says they announced while they were outside that they are putting it together.


Cynthia says she finished her diary, and Shanna says she wants to go to bed soon. Cynthia and Shanna decide to go sit in the Sauna Room for a bit while they wait for the HoHR reveal.








12:47AM BBT

In the bathroom, Todrick and Mirai are talking. Mirai mentions that she was shocked at the veto meeting when Teddi implied that she was a backstabber. Todrick says he feels Teddi thinks a lot of people backstabbed her, "I don't know why, but I just did not trust Teddi. I feel like the more honest I was with her, the more she..." Mirai interrupts saying that she didn't want to talk with Teddi because Teddi would use her words as a weapon. They agree that Teddi was good at arguing her point. They discuss Teddi saying it was unfair, and Todrick says life is unfair. He adds that the game will be unfair to them, too. They confirm they will work together and hope they get far in the game.  They begin talking about athlete's foot. They are worried they are going to get it and want flip flops for the shower and to walk around the house. Mirai says she doesn't want anyone with athlete's foot to feel weird about it, "I want to be nice about people who have athlete's foot because they don't have it on purpose." They mention that Lamar has it, and they could get it. Todrick says he has been cleaning his feet with alcohol wipes. He sprays his feet with something in a pump bottle that someone receommended. Mirai repeats they should ask for sandals, and Todrick agrees.





In the Chocolate Bedroom, Shanna, Cynthia and Carson are explaining the game to Lamar. He truly has no clue. He is asking about the votes. They compare the evictions to Survivor and being voted out by the tribe, but that deosn't clear things up for Lamar who says people that are evicted should still be allowed to win the game by being the favorite. Shanna tells Lamar he could win America's Favorite, and he should start talking to the cameras.


12:55AM BBT

The cams switch to RCHS. It must be time for the HoHR reveal.


1:50AM BBT

The feeds return to Kirkpatrick in his HoHR listening to music and looking at his pics. 



1:51AM BBT

Lamar is telling Todrick and Mirai in the Ski Patrol BR that he had a dream about his son the night before last, "He was only 6 mos years old when he passed and he wasn't talking, but in the dream, he was talking to me." Lamar talks about going to Mexico and getting ayuahasca, "and that shit was strong as shit, you feel me? It was at it's peak of it's highness, I was wishing it would stop."

Mirais says she heard if you shy away from it it won't work but if dive right in, you learn a lot about yourself. It made him hallucinate, "I saw my cousin and her face was so big. that was the first vision I seen. I saw my mother and I heard my grandmother's voice. And I got to see my son, again....at the age he passed away, at the age of nine years ol, and at the age he would be right now. That was enough for me."



1:53AM BBT

Lamar looks at his feet and asks, Do my feet still look dry?"

Mirai: They don't look moist

Todrick laughs.

Lamar: What did she say?

Todrick repeats.

Lamar: Damn, you got heat, Mirai

Todrick: She got the jokes

They ask production to turn the AC on because it's hot in the room.

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2:20AM BBT

Kirkpatrick turns off the lights in the HoHR and gets in bed. The CBB house is now dark and silent, but only because cams are on the Ski Patrol BR and HoHR (Todd is likely snoring loudly in the Cuckoo Clock BR)


3:40AM BBT

Todd is out of bed to the loo then back to bed.


5:08AM BBT

Todd is out of bed, again, to the loo. He doesn't remove his mic. Mirai can be heard talking, more like whispering, in her sleep. Todd stops in the kitchen for snackage from the dining table and stares at the memory wall photos. Todd heads back to bed.


6:20AM BBT

Lamar, Todrick and Mirai are sleeping in the SKi Patrol BR. Lamar is tossing and turning then begins talking, loudly, "Man, come on Lamar Odom. Damn!"


6:22AM BBT

Lamar jumps out of bed and heads to the kitchen with his dirty dishes from the bedside table.

He visits the loo then heads back to his bed where he sits on the edge and loudly yawns, moans and sighs.

Lamar decides to go sit in the LR. The lights come up for his convenience.



6:40AM BBT

The feeds move to Glitter

6:41AM BBT

The feeds return to a dark house and no sign of Odom. Perhaps he was called to the DR.


6:45AM BBT

Lamar comes out of the DR and heads into the SR. He rummages through cabinets and drawers and begins reading a tea bag sized box.


6:55AM BBT

Lamar is in the kitchen, loudly, making tea. He isn't careful about noise at all.

Everyone else is still sleeping (for now).

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7:29AM BBT

Lamar is now back in bed, but he is being he loud self with yawns, moans and sighs and he keeps farting. (It's obvious that Lamar has trouble sleeping and it frustrates him.)

Lamar continues tossing and turning with his feet hanging over the end of the bed. 

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7:54AM BBT

Todd is up for the loo, again. 


7:57AM BBT

Kattan gets out of bed and heads out of the Cuckoo Clock BR.


8:00AM BBT

The lights come up in the kitchen where Todd is now sitting at the dining room table. Lamar joins him. Todd tells Lamar that he has had so many surgeries that it starts hurting at night because it is so cold in the house.

Todd: (to the camera) So, speaker box, what do we do today?



Lamar: You okay?

Todd: Wide awake.




8:50AM BBT

Lamar heads into the loo

Big Brother: Lamar, please put on your microphone

Lamar walks back in the kitchen where Todd begins discussing how he will make the chicken, "I got to make sure we got some mushroom soup. We got the rice, but I need some mushroom soup, Homey."


8:11AM BBT

They head to the SR to look at the offerings.

Lamar: Who taught you to cook, your moms?

Todd: Yeah, my mom taught us how to cook saying she didn't want us to have to depend on a woman.

Todd farts

Lamar: Okay, okay. I'm not the only one that got the pooch.

Todd laughs

Todd can't find mushroom soup, so he grabs black beans.

Lamar: I don't think those tastes go together.

Todd: Trust me, dude, it will be good.

Lamar finds beef broth. Todd says that won't work.

Lamar: Oh, you got to stuff it.

Todd: Yeah, with mushrooms and rice and black beans. I got shove it up in there, in the opening.

I'm also going to cut up some onions and put up in there.

Lamar makes a look.

Todd: Trust me, Homey. It will be good.

Todd asks Lamar if he cleaned the microwave because it looks good. Lamar explains that he couldn't sleep, so he was trying to make some tea but the microwave "looked like some Hoarders shit. I was like, alright Lamar, show your worth. Feel me?"


Lamar begins discussing his underwear blow-out (he had diarrhea yesterday), so the feeds cut to Glitter to save him that embarrassment.


When the feeds return to them they are dicussing hooking up in the house.

Todd: I was like, don't flatter yourself. Like, the way you been treating us..?

Lamar: Like I'm gonna risk my freedom with someone for something I already have too much of

Todd: I don't

Lamar: Todd, there are cameras all around here. What are you...?

Todd interrupts: People that are in here for 99 days have affairs and stuff.

Lamar says the only way they can do something in here is for it to be consentual and wait until everyone is asleep, "like meet in that little bathroom in there or in the shower."

Lamar: She is not a bad person (they are clearly talking about Teddi)

Todd: She's not a bad person, but she is screwed. I think she has a daughter and has been a high profile person all her life.

Lamar: her husband gots some bread, too

Todd: But she never had to be around us; never had to be

(They are talking about how Teddi was offensive with some things she said, but they don't hold against her because she was just plain ignorant.)


Todd asks what time he went to bed

Lamar: I haven't. I had 10 minutes snoozes, but that's it. I'm on dog time. Kobe Bryant time. He would just find a way to nap on the tray table while his ankle was getting wrapped and shit. That's the best way.

Todd says he kept having to get up for the bathroom, and he could hear them tearing stuff up in the backyard.

Lamar keeps singing tunes

Big Brother: Lamar, please stop singing

Lamar says he confirmed this morning in the DR that they don't have anything today.


8:33AM BBT

Loud construction noises can be heard from the backyard, including drills and wood being moved around. You can hear loud voices from out there, too.

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8:55AM BBT

Todd and Lamar have been talking in the kitchen for a while about basketball, football, music, and cats. They keep singing from time to time (mostly Queen songs, which they both agree that Queen didn't ever record a bad song) and they get several warnings from Bob.


9:00AM BBT

Miesha joins the guys in the kitchen. They discuss how Lamar was unable to sleep, and Todd says it's because he took too much melatonin.

Todd: He did clean the microwave, though

Talk turns to Teddi, and Miesha says, "I like Teddi, but I did not like a lot of her approach in this."

Lamar jokes that he wants to use the microwave just to use it.

Todd: Cause it's clean?

Lamar: I couldn't take that. It was like Hoarders, and shit.

Miesha: That';s what we watch, shows like that...and 600 pound people.

BB: Miesha, please put on your microphone

Miesha: I get excited for people when they do make the change. I'm like, damn, they did it. It's inspirirng. I'm like, damn! Anything is possible.


9:18AM BBT

Laar says he is going back to bed, "I'll see you at 10 when the lights come on."

(They are expecting a 10AM wake-up)


*I'm out for a bit. Be back later  -MamaLong

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9:07 AM BBT

In the Chocolate BR, Cynthia, Carson and Shanna shout out to Teddi. Cynthia talks to the camera and tells Teddi that yesterday was rough for her, and they have established a shrine for her. "Hi Teddi! Hope you're having fun out there. Miss you! Watch some Netflix for me.' Cynthia tells her husband she is still with her day ones in here (Carson, Todrick and Shanna)  






10:11AM BBT

Kirkpatrick and Miesha are working out in the gym and talking game. Kirkpatrick says he may put up Lamar with Mirai hoping that he will be a competitor and take himself down. 

Miesha: If worst case scenario, Mirai pulls herself off the block???

Kirkpatrick: It is playing chess. You know, you want to think one move ahead. Or we put up a pawn and give someone their wish (he means Lamar because Lamar has asked to go home.)

Miesha: I'm just saying, if you can't take out your #1 target, then you take out the team's #1 target. (Their #1 target is Carson and they are talking about Mirai being a backup plan

Kirkpatrick says Cynthia is also an option to put up.



They both say that Kattan is an asset as a guaranteed vote.

Miesha and Kirkpatrick discuss Carson being good at puzzles and anything memory. Miesha says he will not do well in anything with a ball or any kind of sport. 

Kirkpatrick: He's got a photographic memory. He told me that.


Kirkpatrick mentions that Miesha was in the HoH for ten days

Miesha: So right now you are thinking about Mirai and (who)?

Kirkpatrick: I don't know. It could be Mirai and Chris (Kattan) or Mirai and Lamar but I don't want to...I mean I want to homor Lamar's wishes, but if he goes up, he's gonna want to go out.

Miesha: We just tell him, Lamar, hang on a little bit longer. You got to be careful with Chris (Kattan) because he is a loose lip.

Kirkpatrick: Yeah, he will tell everyone he is a pawn.

Miesha: If he does tell and she finds out, she is gonna go to Carson and they will side together.






10:26AM BBT

In the kitchen, Todrick is chatting with Todd and Shanna at the dining table.  Mirai is massaging Carson's back.297588463_Screenshotter--CelebrityBigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-7465417.thumb.png.f84eecc2fd5228647b5ee0db06cd59e4.png1192633997_Screenshotter--CelebrityBigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-7464958.thumb.png.a6a529fdab8f878c58b31553e6a92c20.png








Carson is talking about some of the crazy massages he has had, "excuse me but you are stepping on my spleen." Everyone laughs.

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10:35AM BBT

Mirai begins working on Carson's face, head, ears and neck. He says he looks like an old hag.

Mirai: I don't think so

(She is really, really good at this and Carson is truly enjoying it)

Carson says he will make her breakfast. 

Mirai: I would love that, Carson. Poached egg, please. It's my favorite.

Carson: I can do that

Mirai: Thank you so much!

Carson: You are so welcome!













10:44AM BBT

Mirai is now massaging Cynthia





10:53AM BBT

Carson shows Kirkpatrick how he makes poached eggs using vinegar in the water.



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11:25AM BBT

Kirkpatrick joins Cynthia and Carson in the Chocolate BR to invite them to use his shower, if they want. They appreciate the offer and say they will definitely take him up on the offer. Cynthia comments that she wishes he would get to have his room longer.

Kirkpatrick: I have to nominate. Did you see the screen?

Cynthia: Today?

Carson: Did they say when?

Kirkpatrick says he doesn't know when.


Kirkpatrick begins whispering, "The thing is, with the things that are going on....I'm on that side but I'm not on that side. The thing is, it is not good for me for you guys to leave. Definitely not for me. But she is in good with them" (He means Miesha is working with the others)

Carson: We are definitely big fans of yours.

Cynthia: I've been nothing but honest with you, but I was happy for that reset.

Kirkpatrick: The thing is, you guys have to win the next HoH because if not, they are going to start

Cynthia: Start picking us off

Kirkpatrick: There is only two of you, now. They have to do what I say because last week I did for them.

Cynthia: That's true

Kirkpatrick: The only thing is, if they win and Mirai pulls herself down, I will have to put Kattan up. It's better for us because I know Miesha and Todrick are like this (he means tight)

Cynthia: But Lamar and Todd are tight with them

Carson: I feel Lamar and Todd could go either way

Kirkpatrick: Honestly, it would have been too big the first week. I was like, what if I just put up Todrick and Miesha? I would lose a lot of friends in the house. I have to protect you guys, though, because your names have been thrown out a lot.

Cynthia: That's the plan. As long as I'm here, I've got you.

Kirkpatrick: If it gets down to it, we are goin gto have to seperate them because no one can beat them in the end (he means Todrick and Miesha)

Carson: Okay, we are gonna go work out

Kirkpatrick: Okay, well I wanted to let you know where I was at

Carson: We appreciate that

Kirkpatrick: The thing is, she is running the house

*They hear people coming so conversation quickly switches back to discussion on sharing the HoH bathroom and Kirkpatrick leaves





Cynthia: Okay, so if it's not us, who is the target?

Carson: It sounds like Mirai.

Cynthia: Okay, so we have another week?

Carson: It sounds like it.

Cynthia: And then we are in trouble!

Shanna walks in and they begin discussing that they need to request wine from production

Carson: I'll drink cologne at this point.




They discuss Miesha and how she is not messing around (she wants to win)

Carson: When she orderd a doll to beat up??

Cynthia: She is not fucking around

Carson: A grappling dummy

Cynthia: God is great. God is great.

Carson: Our only hope after that is to get Todd and Lamar

Shanna: I was just in the storage room and Chris was like, let me talk to her, so he is in there talking with her now. They have on the screen Nominations Today

Cynthia: It's better sooner than later.





11:38 AM BBT

Carson asks Shanna if she feels okay. SHe says she does because they hget along so well, but she knows he is truly loyal to Miesha. SHanna says it's a numbers game at this point, "She gets those guys to do..."

Carson: Yeah, she is the boss up in here




11:54AM BBT

Carson, Cytnhia and Miesha take a look at the restocked storage room, saying they keep getting stuff they won't use. Miesha says they need to let the DR know what they really don't want or need. Cynthia says they need to get the knife back, too. Miesha says she will cook tomorrow night since Todd is making stuffed chicken tonight. Cynthia says she will be the sous chef and help.




They have way too much milk and a lot of hot dogs. Cynthia comments that get a billion bananas and the pineapple are too hard to deal with without a good knife. 


Carson agrees to make his guacamole for lunch then he leaves to go workout.


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12:12PM BBT

Upstairs just outside the gym door, Cynthia, Todd and Carson are talking about television from back in the day. They discuss how there weren't many black kids on tv. Todd says irtr was just h im and Kim Fields.  Todd and Cynthia shout out to Kim Fields, saying they love her and she is the best. Carson says she seems like such an awesome person. They confirm that she is the best. 

Todd: She is one of my favorite people, Kim Fields.

They talk more about telelvision shows and how Todd was one of the first young black kids in situational comedy.

Todd: That's why I love Norman Lear. What Norman Lear did for black people, no one else can do that.

When Todd walks away, Carson tells Cynthia, "Yeah, you're good with him."

Cynthia agrees that they have a good connection and she is grateful.




12:19PM BBT

Carson and Cynthia discuss mirai and how much they like her. Cynthis says her body is crazy and she looked gorgeous with her red lip and lashes.


12:37PM BBT

There is a lot of conversation about Mirai in the HOHR.  Lamar says that Mirai is a fierce competitor, "she nasty (meaning seriously palying to win) and with that massage shit."

Cynthia enters saying she needs the bathroom. 

Lamar- go on and boo boo

She warns them not to go near because she had yogurt and coffee and she just worked out.



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Todrick feels like it could look a certain way to America if they send Mirai out. Shanna claims that Mirai is obvious competition, regardless.


Todrick: We are in 2022, so I just wish she would do something that would make it make sense for him to put her up there. If it makes sense to ten people in this house but not anyone else, it's gonna be like, it might seem like.... If he is not talking about it and he is a straight white man and it's best for him and his family, but If none of us did interviews about it and it was a statement that shouldn't have been said, and he said they already said in there (in the DR) that 'we're not even talking about it'  (it being a supposed racist remark from Mirai)

Shanna: I don't have any issue with her. We buried the hatchet, but she is working the room. She is an Olympic athlete; she is competition for me.

*the feeds move to Carson on the Elliptical machine in the gym.

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2:11 PM BBT

Todrick enters the Chocolate BR to chat with Shanna. Not long after he enters, one of the dresser drawers opens on its own. When Todrick walks by, he closes it. It doesn't seem that he saw it open. Shanna asks if he has talked with Kirkpatrick yet and if he knows what he is going to do. Todric says he hasn't talked to him.







2:14PM BBT

Kirkpatrick joins them in the Chocolate BR and begins to reveal his plan. Kirkpatrick will put up Mirai with a pawn saying he wants to give her a fighting chance.

Todrick: I will vote whichever way you want us to vote.

Shanna: We will protect the shit out of you.





Todrick suggests Cynthia as a pawn claiming she wouldn't get voted out, "I don't think there is anyone safer in the house. She got that hat for a reason." Kirkpatrick says that he thinks Cynthia could end up going home.

Todrick: Cynthia would go home over Mirai?

Kirkpatrick confirms.

Kirkpatrick: The worst case scenario is if she wins it. If anyone else wins it, the noms stay the same.



2:26PM BBT

It's not long and everyone shows up in the Chocolate BR to see what the HoH is up to.





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3:22PM BBT

Shanna is talking with Kirkpatrick in the Gondala lounge. Kirkpatrick says he cut his hair just before coming in the house. It used to nbe long, and he wore it in a man bun. Shanna whispers to him about Todrick and his concerns over America's perception. "He was saying that they won't show why you have an issue with her" (her being Mirai) Shanna says she pointed out that Mirai went to Lamar and Miesha and Kirkpatrick and others, but they won't show that. "He said it could look like a white man is picking on an Asian girl."

Lamar enters and the conversation stops.



3:24PM BBT

In the kitchen Carson and Cynthia are preparing dough for baking something. Carson is kneading it at the counter.

Carson: When is this ceremony happening?

Todd: What? Over here.

Carson: No, when are the nominations?

Todd: I don't know. Sometime today. All I know is another one of us is about to be grey.

Cynthia: yep


3:49PM BBT

Kirkpatrick has been in the HOHR for a long time just watching the spy cam and listening to his music. 



4:10PM BBT

Shanna and Mirai settle in the Sauna room so that Mirai can do a dip manicure on Shanna.


4:14PM BBT

The feeds move to critters from RCHS, so it must be time for nominations.

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5:28PM BBT

The feeds have returned after the nominations.



Chris Kirkpatrick nominated Chris Kattan and Mirai.


5:29AM BBT

In the kitchen, Carson tells Mirai he thinks she will be okay.

Mirai: I hope so

He tells her she is athletic, "So win the thing."




5:33 PM BBT

The feeds keep popping in and out to RCHS.


5:46PM BBT

Mirai is back to doing a dip manicure on Shanna in the Sauna room. Mirai says she has never done this before and hopes she doesn't *f it up. Shanna says it's no big deal because she can file it down.

Mirai: Did you think the conversation today was kinda wieird?

Shanna: Yeah, I think they misunderstood what you were trying to say.

It was around 2:30PM in the Chocolate Room with Miesha, Todrick, Shanna, Kirkpatrick and Mirai. They were discussing the politics of ice skating. Everyone was talking about how unfair the judging is, as they just seem to pick favorites but not based on skill, more like costume and makeup ("presentation"). Mirai says she was just trying to share her perspective on it since she actually lives it, but they seemed to be getting frustrated with her. They thought Mirai was taking it all personally when she was defending the sport. She was just trying to play Devil's advocate, but Miesha and Todrick were continually repeating that she shouldn't take it personally. It was definitely an interesting conversation on how the industry works and that the rest of them were pointing out that there is a fault in the system of scoring for ice skating.



5:56PM BBT

The feeds have been back on RCHS for the past 10 minutes.

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6:06PM BBT

The feeds have returned.


Kirkpatrick announces that he is going up to the HoHR to put on Forrest Gump if anyone ones to come watch. They laugh. He then says he is really going to put on the video from the house camera and Lamar is going to act it all out.


Lamar wakes up from his nap in the Sauna and comments that the smell of the dip acrylic is really strong. He asked Mirai earlier why she was wearing the mask. Mirai said it stinks. Shanna says she is getting high. SHe thanks Mirai saying that she did a good job.







6:14PM BBT

When Shanna leaves the Sauna Room, Mirai takes the time to campaign to Lamar, but she has to wake him up first.

Mirai: Lamar, Lamar

Lamar: Hm?

Mirai: Lamar

Lamar: Hm?

Mirai: I hope you know that.... I'd like to

Lamar drifts off again

Mirai: Okay, Can we talk game for a second?

Lamar: yeah

Mirai: I just want you to know that I really like you, and I hope I can secure your vote. I'm a great team player and if you vote for me, I won't put you up when I become HoH.

Lamar: You are gonna become HoH?

Mirai: Mm Hm! Just like you want to

Lamar: okay

MIrai: Do you hear me?

Lamar: Yeah, loud and clear

Mirai: Okay, thank you




6:20PM BBT

Mirai talks with Miesha iat the kitchen counter

Mirai: Can I talk game to you for a second

Miesha: Yeah, I was gonna ask you how you are feeling when I turn the water off.

Mirai asks Miesha if she will play for her if she gets player's choice. Miesha says she has to think on it.

Miesha: It's not what I wanted, but it's his choice. (nominating Mirai)

Mirai: I'm a middle of the pack player, but I hope I get power soon. The way I see it, you have great protection, essentially

Miesha: I see that

Mirai: I don't know what it means that Shanna went up there ( to HoHR)

Miesha: I don't either



6:24PM BBT

Todd enters the kitchen and Miesha leaves for the SR to look for salsa. Mirai tells Todd she hopes if he plays veto he will play for her. He comments that he has to see what happens, "I have my alliances. I have from the beginning. Gotta do what you gotta do."

Mirai: You're a lot smarter than me

*Feeds cut to RCHA

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In the HoHR, Kirkpatrick and Shanna are talking game. Kirpatrick says that he doesn't plan to tell Kattan he is the pawn. Shanna agrees that Kattan would not be able to keep his mouth shut. Kirkpatrick says that if Mirai takes herself off the block, he will put up Lamar and then Lamar will get what he wants (Lamar has been begging to go home). Kirkpatrick says it would still be a good play because it will take a vote away from Mirai. Kirkpatrick repeats to Shanna that they have to get Miesha and Todrick apart. He feels they would have  Miesha but can't count on Todrick. Shanna says she will try to get closer to Miesha, and Kirkpatrick says he will focus on Todd. Shanna puts a face mask on Kirkpatrick. He says he looks crazy. Shanna says she wants to keep Todrick away from Cynthia. Kirkpatrick says he trusts her so much. Shanna says that she put a full face of makeup on because she thought she was be nominated.

Kirkpatrick: What? Really?!? I've ebeen giving them our gameplan

Shanna- They want to work with you

Kirkpatrick: We can't right now...he laughs

Kirkpatrick says it is hard to have a serious conversation with the facemask on









7:00PM BBT

We have RCHS cuties again

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7:14PM BBT

The feeds have returned


In the SR, Miesha, Todrick and Kirkpatrick are talking. Miesha says she got an offer from Mirai to save her. Todrick says he hasn't. Kirkpatrick says they should let her believe she is the pawn. 

Miesha: She already knows she is the target, and she knows why

Todrick: Kattan is not on our team. Like you said, he is low hanging fruit. I don't think we can sway him our way.

Miesha: Carson is, I guarantee, my biggest threat.

Todrick: Carson won't come for you. He will come for me.

Miesha: He will come for both of us.

Miesha tells them that Mirai asked her to play veto for her. SHe told her she had to think on it. Miesha repeats that Carson is her target (she clearly wants Kirkpatrick to put up Carson as a replacement nom.) Miesha: The deal she made with me is that she has to target Carson if she gets power

Todrick: And she has no power, so no leg to stand on.

Kirkpatrick: Worst case, if she wins and pulls herself down...

Miesha interrupts asking if she did better in the HoH comp than Carson

Todrick: I don't think she is a threat in the physical competitions

Miesha: Well, Bowlarina. If Mirai leaves, I look at as getting rid of one of our team members

Kirkpatrick: Not my team member. She hasn't said shit to me.

Miesha: Well, she wouldn't go after you



Todrick: Any person watching this show right now will see that the odds of this is taking Carson out and Mirai will continue to work for us. Carson will win this game.

Miesha: If Mirai leaves and Carson wins the next HoH, how are we going to play that?

Kirkpatrick: WHagt if Mirai wins and puts me and Shanna up

Todrick: That won't happen

Kirkpatrick: I don't know her like you guys

Miesha: We are cool


They continue to badger Kirkpatrick about Carson being the ultimate target this week. They are not letting up saying that puzzles and memory comps are coming and he will win.


The conversation then gets interrupted by Carson and Todd entering the SR for dinner ingredients. They disperse.


(Okay, I'm out for the nigt y'all. I'll be back in the morning. -MamaLong)

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9 35 Big Brother Time


For the last half we have bubbles with a few minutes of live feeds.


General chat going on in the house, no game talk.

Chris K. is lying in one of the beds, he is in the room alone.


Feeds returned for a few seconds at 9:57, then back to Bubbles, then to feeds a few minutes later.


Todd is in the kitchen talking about food, there are voices in the background, but not sure who.


Todrick is talking about his dream wedding, he says he vetoed the Wizard of Oz wedding because he realized it was tacky. He says he might write an episode of something and use the idea there. He is now thinking of Disney or Hawaii.


Bubbles barges right in again. I must say she looks well, you couldn't guess her age. I bet she has had “work” done Her little pockets of air still look the same.


Feeds return to more wedding talk by Todrick,

Camera moves to the kitchen, Mirai, Carson and Todd are talking about general things, cooking, diary room visits, and self care.


Bubbles comes back into the room, I think she is showing off now.

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10:11 pm Big Brother Time

Chris K is still lying down, he is talking to Miesha, who seems to be getting together a heating pad of some kind for her shoulder. No game talk, general chat.

Feeds go down once more; this evening has been very sporadic.

Shannon, Cynthia, Kirkpatrick and Carson are in one of the bedroom areas, they are talking about Teddi, and hoping she is not upset with them.

Kirkpatrick tells Cynthia and Carson they can trust him; Cynthia tells him if he decides to make a power move, he has support.

10:43pm Big Brother Time

Shannon and Cynthia are in the bedroom now, Shannon is telling Cynthia that she went into the lavatory area and saw Mirai jump into “her” arms, she adds that “they are very close”  She tells Cynthia that “they” (Todrick is one of “they”) were in the HOH room hard selling keeping Mirai. Shannon says they would almost have to backdoor “her”.
She says Todrick flipped on them fast. Shannon wonders if Todrick would replace Mirai on the block.

Cynthia says “Mirai can’t win, she will take herself down and someone else goes up.”
Shannon says Kirkpatrick was promised “they” would do what he wanted this week.

Shannon thinks someone is coming to the room, she moves on to general chat, Carson comes into the room.

Bubbles returns.


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11:00pm Big Brother Time

Feeds return, Carson and Cynthia are in the bedroom, just general chat. Cynthia is waiting for her “midnight” confessional in the diary room.
Cynthia leaves, cameras remain on Carson, who says he has taken his “gummy” and will soon be sleeping.

Carson must have a little tummy upset; he passes rather loud, possibly questionable gas. 

11:02pm Big Brother Time

Bubbles returns once more, just for a few minutes and feed return to Carson, snuggled in and sleeping.
The lights go out in the room, camera remains that is soon replaced with bubbles.

Did you know that “bubbles” in French are called “bulles”?

Feeds return and Masai is talking to Lamar while Todd seems to be sleeping.  Masai is talking about Olympics while she eats a snack from a bowl. Lamar reminds her that she is not eating an Olympic snack and she thanks him for his permission.

Feeds interrupted once again.

I think this is where I will say goodnight to all of you. It is 11:23pm Big Brother Time, and since there seems to be nothing to tell you, I will sign off early this evening.

Show love to others today, smile at someone who seems to be having a bad day! You may be just the person they need to see.  Be safe.    Hugs, Grannysue.

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9:55PM BBT

Many of the CHGs are gathered in the kitchen area discussing the decor in the house. Carson said it's decorated that way because of the Winter Olympics.

Shanna: Oh, yeah. I can see that.





11:45PM BBT

Lamar is talking with Mirai about tattoos and tattoo artists in the Ski Patrol Bedroom.

Mirai: I don't think I could handle the pain, but I have a little one.

Lamar: I mean you are a woman so your pain threshold is like ten times mine.

Mirai: really

Lamar: You were meant to have babies


Lamar says he wants to get a tattoo on his neck to cover up the lips that he already has there now. Mirai iasks if it hurt, and he his reply is that they used numbing cream. She suggests that Kobe's hair would cover the lips. Mirai tells Lamar about a tat artist that does intricate work and he works on celebrities, "His name is Dr. something" When he begins talking about Mr. Cartoon, the feeds move to Glitter




11:59PM BBT

Al cameras on Cuckoo Clock BR where Todd and Kattan are sleeping. Todd keeps choking on his snoring (he needs a C-PAP machine)

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