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Friday, February 4, 2022 - Celebrity Big Brother 3 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Standard Time(See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

As you know, there are two Houseguests named "Chris," both with last names beginning with "K." For the sake of clarity, we will call Chris Kattan, "Kattan" and Chris Kirkpatric, Kirk." This could change with the HG's interactions.


To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Cuckoo Clock Bedroom (CBR)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Pink Tile Bedroom (PTBR)
Ski Lodge Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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Thursday night recap:

Miesha was targeting Teddi as the first eviction, but she put Carson and Mirai on the block leaving Teddi to feel they were working together. Carson won The Power of Veto and Teddi was the replacement nomination. It sounds like Cynthia made the replacement nomination as winner of Mon Won (backwards this reads: Nom Now). I could be mistaken, but conversation makes it seems that Cynthia put Teddi on the block for eviction. Teddi feels she is being evicted tonight. She did confront Todrick about her felling he had a final two with Miesha (which he denies and says she will see after they leave the house) even though he originally had an alliance with her and five others. Even though Teddi is frustrated that Todrick didn't let her know she was the target ("as a friend") seems be taking it gracefully and wants to be friends after the season. Todrick reminded her that they are playing a game and says he feels many people are not being themselves in the house. He expected one thing, but is getting something entirely different from the CHGs (celebrity houseguests). The Foundation Alliance (aka Gays & Girls of Carson, Todrick, Shanna and Cynthia + Mirai) is moving forward, but I wouldn't call it full coverage at all. It's unstable given Carson is too revealing of motives and Mirai knows she was an add-on that wasn't exaclty fully discussed. Miesha is unsettled by Mirai telling Teddi she was Meisha's target, so I would expect Miesha will target Mirai next. Chris Kirkpatrick has sworn allegiance to Miesha and gives me the impression he will tell any HoH this same thing. Todd Bridges definitely acts like king around the house, annoying and offending Todrick (and MamaLong). Cynthia is the laid back CHG at this time. Her ears are open, but she seems to be missing the tools of this game and is just being her typical social hpousewife self. Chris Kattan has been supportive of Mirai, acting much like a big brother to her.  Lamar is literally just taking up space, not talking game but talking lots of Khloe Katrdashian and his daughter Destiny. Shanna had ice packs on her head all night. I believe she said she had a migraine.


6:00 AM BBT

Lamar is out of bed restlessly wandering around the house. He gets back in bed and joins the other celebs in dreamland.

[Lamar is not quiet about it at all, yawning loudly and sniffling, sighing; even sneezing obnoxiously. That would get a swift pillow to the head from me  -MamaLong]

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8:05AM BBT

Miesha is awake in the HoH Room and begins talking to the cameras. "Can you guys see me? Hello???"

The camera moves toward her.

"Yay! Good morning."


She talks to her kids and tells them she loves them so much. She gives a tour of her room and shows them their pictures are in the room with her. She says good morning to her "handsome fiance, Good Morning Babe.. I miss you guys, lots and lots, but I'll be home soon. I hope you guys are being good...Good for Daddy and for Boma. If you are, I will bring you a treat."


She shows them her HoH basket complete with blue nail polish. "Alrighty guys, I hope you are watching...8:00 AM and 6:45 PM whenever I can be available. Mommmy is going to go do her workout. You have school today. Be good at school. I love you guys. Have fun at school. I love you!"970032502_Screenshotter--CelebrityBigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-7306440.thumb.png.9de733ff414517ae5479b7c83addda5f.png576872886_Screenshotter--CelebrityBigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-7306449.thumb.png.df78dcdb6dec83294de668ad969f8791.png634933389_Screenshotter--CelebrityBigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-7306458.thumb.png.f7de543e9b37a816319ed5c3bdff3cde.png609116882_Screenshotter--CelebrityBigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-7306414.thumb.png.ebaf1de78f009f08d60d78123ea99180.png

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8:55AM BBT

We now have Glitter on the screens for Wakey Wakey


9:37AM BBT

Feeds return to Miesha on the Elliptical machine in the gym. Mirai is in there chatting with her about the broken alliances. Mirai says that Todrick told her he thinks she will be okay. Miesha says she wants to make sure that Mirai's word is for sure.

Mirai- for sure. It means a lot that you told me that. If in the beginning you would have backdoored Teddi, I would have gone home.

Miesha- But, now, it's all flipped upside down. That's why I am warning you. Everyone is coming to me. It's tough.

Mirai- It;s very hard. Very emotional. But I'm like...

*Feeds cut to Glitter




9:44AM BBT

All of the CHGs are up and getting ready for the day.





Todd is talking about one of his first jobs was working on Little House on the Prairie. He says that it was a big deal beacuase the family took him in. Cynthia said she remembers it, and it was a big deal because it was a black kid living with a white family. Todd brings up how he asked Michael Landon if he would rather be a white man living to 50 or a black man living to be 100. He never got an answer, but says the question is still relevant today.


9:50AM BBT

Mirai is mostly sitting in the kitchen alone while the other CHGs chat each other up.



Kirkpatrick tries to use the vac. He says it needs to be cleaned.1755356725_Screenshotter--CelebrityBigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-7317455.thumb.png.6bbb009479090a83f60ba2e04b3bb0e9.png1462120283_Screenshotter--CelebrityBigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-7317207.thumb.png.32753bc5c8988140a6da57156fa7c798.png


[I can't help but notice the kitchen now has a dishwasher; an actual mechanical dishwasher. -MamaLong]

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10:13AM BBT

In the Chocolate Bedroom, discussion centers on how Big Brother is nothing like what they expected. Todrick says he has noever done anything that isn't singing or dancing based. He has never had to think about what he is thinking. Shanna says her manager told her she didn't know what she is getting into, "Shanna, it's the hardest show on telelvision." Cytnhia says it is nothing like Housewives and Housewives in no way prepared her for this, "You can't stay mad at anyone in here because everyone is right there."





*Feeds cut to Glitter


10:22AM BBT

Teddi is packing in the Ski Patrol Bedroom. Carson walks through and tries to squeeze into her suitcase then Feeds cut to Gold Dust Glitter.





10:35AM BBT

Carson and Todd are talking about Todd's childhood growing up filming a sitcom. Todd says he got a good education on set but only had 3 months off out of the year and if someone died in their family, they only got off a day and a half. He says he is okay with it because his retirement is set. 



The CHGs are saying they are expecting lockdown at 11.

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10:40AM BBT

Todrick approaches Miesha in the kitchen worried about votes. Miesha says it's not a concern because , "I still think we have four without Chris, you, Shanna, Lamar..." Conversation is interrupted when Todd walks in.  Miesha says she was going to cook breakfast for eveyone, but they are about to have lockdown. Miesha says production told her she has to move out of Hoh by noon. Todd says that even though they snore in the Cuckoo room, "We have the best room." 


Todd is called to the diary room downstairs and comments he is about to get cursed out.




10:44 AM BBT

Kirkpatrick joins Todrick and Miesha in the kitchen and comments that he needs to lose weight, not because he wants a different weight class but just for his fat butt. He asks Miesha why she switched weight classes. Miesha comments that there was only one weight class when she started but there was no advantage for her in that weight class. Now she has a weight class that suits her better so she can just fight. Kirkpatrick jokes, "I am not intimidated by that at all, just so you know."


Carson encourages Todrick to eat something because they are about to be locked up. Miesha teases that she won't share any of her snacks with them.


Screenshotter--CelebrityBigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-73223’31” (1).png

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11:00 AM BBT

Todrick talks with Chris Kirkpatrick in the bathroom. Kirkpatrick wants Teddi to stay. Todrick shares that from day one  he doesn't have a genuine connection with Teddi. He doesn't trust her and doesn't like the way she talks to people and all the complaints and demands she makes.  "Like the way she talks with Todd and Lamar at the table. She talks to them like they are children, like 'okay Lamar, are you going to bed' (because he keeps her awake) I think it's condescending.  Lamar is a 40 something year old man."  Kirkpatrick says they were working together to get them all further in the game, and he doesn't want this to come between them. (Kirkpatrick does have a good relationship with Teddi and is torn on which way to vote tonight)




The feeds cut to Gold Dust Glitter


11:03AM BBT

We have critters from Rancho Coastal on the feeds, so the CHGs are in lockdown in the HoH Room while production prepares for the live show.

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12:30 PM BBT

The feeds return after lockdown to hungry CHGs talking about making lunch.


In the Chocolate Bedroom, Carson tells Cynthia he feels like everyone is reengaging with everyone knowing the power about is to shift to a new HoH.

Carson says he is definitely moving back into the Chocolate Bedroom. (He switched with Teddi for the night, leaving himself to suffer in a room with Lamar, "Honestly, it's torture in there."


12:40 PM BBT

Teddi approaches Kirkpatrick in the kitchen. Teddi assures him she would work with him. Kirkpatrick slips on his words..

Teddi- When you get out of this house

Kirkpatrick- I'll be next

Teddi- No! Not if I have something to do with it.

Kirkpatrick- I definitely know that. 


They move to the sauna room for privacy

Kirkpatrick- I can't give up my game. By saying that, right now....my allegiance is not where you think it is.

Teddi- I think your allegiance is with Shanna

Kirkpatrick- And that's all you know

Teddi- I know you want to play this game and play it hard

Kirkpatrick- I don't really want to win. I mean, I would love to win. I mean I am having fun with everybody. I just want to see my family and, I just wish you could watch and you could see what and how it's happening because, trust me.....as...man, I can't..it's like .I want to be completely transparent but...

Teddi- Then be it. I have been transparent with you.

Kirkpatrick- I can't be for game reasons, not for personal reasons

Teddi- I give you my word I will not blow you up

Kirkpatrick- I know. Teddi, your word is why I am close to you. Plans change, and now I have to protect myself and what I'm doing.

Teddi- Can you just tell me this, is Shanna really my friend?

Kirkpatrick- Just know that I promise you that everything you trusted in my...I couldn't sleep last night. You h ave been nothing but straight up.

Teddi- I never gave you my word until now.

Kirkpatrick- Okay, I tell you what. Oh man, this just sucks. It's dangerous for me. I think you need to do what I've been trying to do with you. Get over the Miesha thing. Get in close with Miesha because you are straight up and she is straight up. Let me tell you, to me, that's the best I can do for you at this point. You are such an asset to the house.

Teddi- Will you talk to Miesha with me?

Kirkpatric- Oh man. Oh man.

Teddi- But if she knew I had you...the reason she switched plans was because you weren't there. You are her rock.

Kirkpatrick- I'm not though. Todrick is.

Teddi- I'm telling you, you were not there and she crumbled. I told her, you promised me. You gave me your word. Don't you know the people you are aligned with will fuck you.

Kirkpatrick- I do





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Teddi keeps working Kirkpatrick for his vote and help with Miesha to change things so she can stay.

Mirai walks through for the potty and apologizes profusely saying she will be quick. (she was)

Teddi tells Kirpatrick that Mirai has been leaving her mess for everyone to clean up, "because only you, me and Shanna do that shit" (meaning dishes) She says that Mirai has called him creepy and has said racist shit.

Teddi- come with me. Let's stay together moving forward

Kirkpatrick- I can't

Teddi- because you can't go against the house

Kirkpatrick- it's not the house

Teddi- you realize they are using you as a pawn

Kirkpatrick- for one wee

Teddi- you don't think Todd and Lamar are gonna flip on her? Ultimately, she can barely stand being nice to people.

Kirkpatrick- I have to protect her. But listen, if you can talk to her and convince her that you are a bigger asset...because now she is backed into a corner. She has already put you up and you are gonna gun for her.

Teddi- Okay...okay

Teddi leaves to head to the HoH Room.




The HoH is locked, so Teddi settles in the Gondala lounge.


Miesha and Kirkpatrick are whispering in the bathroom.

Big Brother- Chris Kirkpatrick, please center your microphone

Miesha laughs, "That's a big red flag"


1:05 PM BBT

Teddi joins them in the bathroom and begins pleading her case.



Teddi says she wants to be straight with her about her game. Teddi tells Miesha that she already made a deal with Lamar, saying he wants to just go home, to keep her and if she wins HoH he can have the HoH Room so he can stretch out and be comfortable.  Teddi lays it out that Miesha has lied to her several times but she wants to work with her and make a final four. Miesha asks, "against Carson?"  Teddi says she won't lie, she would have to think about that. But, she says her target is Todrick because he has lied to everyone in the house. SHe says Todrick is the one she was warned about before coming into the game. Teddi warns Miesha that she needs her help with her social game, "you don't have a social game" and if she gets her help she will be safe. Teddi says that just because Mirai is her snitch, "you don't get to the Olympics without being able to handle the pressure." She repeats, "she made fun of him." Teddi says she can't lie and say she will push Carson out because she doesn't know how the game will go. 

Teddi- That's what I can offer you. I can assure you I will not target you. But if I am gone, you will be. (the target)

Miesha- I have to think on it

Teddi- I just hope you will appreciate that I cannot lie about the Carson thing, but I do not have a final two with him. I just feel like you should go with the person who is truly indebted to you.

Teddi heads into the loo to pee (she pees a lot because she constantly flushes fluids through her body)



1:14PM BBT

Miesha tells Kirkpatrick, "I got you. Really." and she leaves the room. Teddi comes out of the loo and checks the sauna room for ears. 

Teddi- Look, as long as we are strong in numbers, we can keep picking off people.

Kirkpatrick- for sure. I agree with everything you are saying.

Teddi- But you look sad

Kirkpatrick- no

Teddi- She has to understand that Todrick already made a deal with Carson and he has already gone back on that.

Kirkpatrick- I think what you are failing to understand is that I do know. I trust you. SHe is just thinking. And that's why she left.


Miesha walks back in.

Teddi- The only other thing I was going to say is that I am not going to talk to anyone else. I'll just wait. You guys know my move with Lamar.

Miesha- Okay

Teddi- I'll just wait it out.

Teddi leaves the room.


Kirkpatrick- It's not about...it's the other thing

Miesha- I know, but, Chris, none of us are getting out of this unscathed

Kirkpatrick- I know

Miesha- We are playing a game. It's like Monolpoly. It's poker. There is a strategy.

Kirkpatrick- I totally understand. It's nothing against Teddi at all, but there was no point of me talking with her because....I know she can play. I never gave her my word that I can keep her. But when she was talking like that, I was like....I was like, that went south so quick. I told her I can only do so much. My hands are tied. I told her it can't happen for you. I really do care about her. I like her.

Miesha- I like her, too

Kirkpatrick- What killed it for her is when she said her number one target is Todrick.


Kirkpatrick worries that Teddi will tell Julie Chen that she feels betrayed most by him.


Miesha- That's it. I would try to not revisit the conversation again.

kirkpatrick- That's it. You did good. Try to not get worked up about it. I know she is gonna try to go and blow up our game, but there isn't really anything I said that could. (he mentions her fishing for his thoughts on Shanna) Now, hearing that stuff, we don't have a choice. We'll do it. Nice work.


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1:25 PM BBT

Shanna joins Kirkpatrick in the bathroom. Kirkpatrick tells her he dodged a bullet for her with Teddi and tells her about Teddi asking if Shanna can be trusted. He says he told her yes. Kirkpatrick says that Teddi thinks he is Miesha's lapdog, "because she talks to me that way." Shanna says Teddi's game is over. "She went in there and told Todd, 'I used to do your dishes for you, but not anymore. And he said, way to try and save yourself.' She only has Cynthia and Carson, that's it."

Kirkpatrick- she thinks she has you. She thinks I am the swing vote.


Todrick joins them and says that he was upfront with Teddi and said he will vote her out but doesn't want to vote her out if he is the only one.

Kirkpatrick- No, you want to.

Todrick- what?

Kirkpatrick- want to vote her out


Kirkpatrick tells Todrick that Teddi revealed Todrick is her #1 target.






1:33 PM BBT

*Feeds switch to RCHS until the live show



[Alrighty, so it looks like Teddi is definitely going home tonight. I expect that Carson will vote for her to stay, and possible Kattan's vote will be to save her because he thinks that is what others are planning. The CHGs have been pretty clear with Teddi about their plan, but Teddi kept trying to sway the votes. I have to give her credit for trying, but her efforts just dug a larger grave. -MamaLong]

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Observed CBB3 Alliances & Partnerships:

CBB Besties= Carson & Cynthia

The Girls & Gays/The Foundation= Carson, Todrick, Shanna & Cynthia

(Cynthia pulled in two more and an official name was agreed on for the alliance of 6)

The Formation= Carson, Todrick, Shanna, Cynthia, Mirai & Teddi

Mirai & Teddi agreed to work together and "have each other's backs"

Miesha & Todrick discussed a Final Two

Chris Kirkpatrick & Todrick discussed a Final Two

The Athletes= Miesha, Todrick, Lamar (Miesha then added Chris Kirkpatrick and Mirai to this alliance)

Mirai and Chris Kirkpatrick have each sworn an individual working partnership with Miesha


Of course, Mirai added some pepper to the stew when she told Teddi that Miesha was actually targeting her. After hearing she was the target, Teddi offered Miesha a deal that she wouldn't put her up if she wins HoH, if Miesha doesn't put her on the block this week. That's when Mirai became Miesha's target. Then the veto competition and replacement nomination stirred more drama into this guisado and some of these partnerships disolved. Todrick doesn't want to work with Teddi. He never wanted to work with Teddi, saying he just doesn't trust her.  Mirai was hurt after some sort of argument involving Teddi that she descirbed as "hurtful."  Teddi began targeting Todrick and tried throwing him under the bus knowing he doesn't truly side with her. 


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7:34 PM BBT

The feeds have returned to the CHGs  moving about the house.


7:55 PM BBT

Most of the CHGs are in the kitchen prepping food for dinner.

Cynthia says she is going to make some tuna. Kirkpatrick suggests deviled eggs, and Cynthia says she can make those.



7:58 PM BBT

Big Brother: Miesha, please go to the diary room downstairs.


In the bathroom, Miesha tells Carson they are a third of the way through their season. Big Brother calls for Miesha, again. Carson says they have been there almost three weeks (Mirai walks in)  "See, and you are still here.

Mirai- Thank you

Carson- And you were all worried. We all need to stay positive.

Mirai- Thank you

Carson- You're welcome



8:00 AM BBT

Cytnhia can't get into the storage room to get the tuna. She says it is locked.


*The feeds keep popping back and forth to RCHS

The puppies are having a great time!



8:15 PM BBT

The feeds have been on cute critters for over ten minutes.





*Okay, it's that time, again, for me to go tend to PapaLong. I'll be back later to highlight the rest of the night. -MamaLong



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10:20pm Big Brother Time


Feeds return and it seems that Kirkpatrick is the new HOH.


Conversation in the house is related to the competition the guests just completed.

I seems we have quite an episode coming, Shannon is laughing, saying she ran into a potato, then she says she didn't "hit the button, I ran away."  She says she also ran away the second time.


Carson is teasing Chris Katen about making potatoes in the morning, Chris K yells he never wants to see a potato again, Carson gives us an evil laugh.



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11:09pm Big Brother Time


In the gym,Todd tells Kirkpatrick that he sees both Carson and Cynthia are threats in the game.  He says that Kirkpatrick may not know some of the things Cynthia has done is not okay with him.

Kirkpatrick says that Todrick is an unknown, and he has not allegiance to Meisha.  He feels that Lamar is okay staying for now, and tells Todd not to put him in an awkward position.

Todd asks about Chris Katen, Kirkpatrick says he worries that Katen is coming after him.

Kirkpatrick says he doesn't belive Meisha can make it all the way through the game since she is emotional.

He also says he likes everyone in the house, but he is worried about being safe next week, but he has just a few days to make a decision.

Kirkpatrick goes to the upstairs lounge and talks to Cynthia about who she thinks should go. She makes it known that she was ready for him to go because she felt he was aligned with Teddi. She tells Kirkpatrick that she will keep her word if she gives it. Kirkpatrick tells Cynthia he never gave his word to Teddi regarding the eviction vote, but he did tell her he wanted Miesha out. He says he does what he can do for the team, but he is playing his own game.

Cynthia tells Kirkpatrick that she is not holding him to anything, that if he wants her gone he should just put her up. He tells her that if Teddi had stayed then Carson, Cynthia and himself would be stronger.

They continue to talk about other houseguests and their relationship, as well as stroking their own egos, life goals, and their happiness outside the house.

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11:47pm Big Brother Time


Kirkpatrick reassures Carson and Cynthia that he does not have them on his radar.  He says he can't forsee what will happen with twists in the game so he can't give his word to them because of that.


Carson and Cynthia offer their potato competition shirts to Kirkpatrick, he is taking his to his son, Cynthia says he can have hers for his wife, Carson says he has so many novelty tee shirts, he will send his home with Kirkpatrick as well.


The men leave and Cynthia snuggles under the throw.


Well darlings, it is midnight, and you know that I too, am going to snuggle under my quilt with my puppies.  Be kind to someone today, stay safe out in the world.  hugs, Grannysue

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10:38 PM BBT1597574808_Screenshotter--CelebrityBigBrother-CBS-WatchonParamountPlus-7393816.thumb.png.61e4048a2ebe5638c6ae4c68a3c51f23.png


Todrick and Shanna are talking about the HoH comp and Todrick tells her she would have loved the POV assistant competition . Todrick declares, "I have played in every competition."

Shanna: You have.

Todrick: When you watch this back and see how fast I got that first one. 

Shanna: We heard you screaming

Todrick: I was like, Bitch, I won. I won! Like, Todd had the lowest score of everybody.

They laugh about the scores.

Shanna: Lamar was laughing and saying even if he gets a 50 he still has the lowest score. I was like, I need to throw these balls like a bowling ball. I was like, go lighter, SHanna, but I was like GRRRR! I was like, GO LIGHTER BITCH.

They have a good time giggling over the comp, so we have something to truly look forward to.

Carson walks in

Shanna: We are laughing over Todd's 9 (score of 9)

Carson: I was like, are you trying to lose this???

*More hysterical laughing

Todrick: I was like, Todd Bridges, you are a trip in a half. That was some funny shit.


They go to the kitchen where they continue to tease Todd over his score.

Todd: You see, I thought I had to bank it.

Lamar: You just had to roll it

Todd: Had I known, I would have just rolled it down there. When I got that 9, I was like, this is fucking over

Shanna: Kattan was so cute, though.

Lamar: He almost fell over...WHen do we get to go outside, Production?

Carson: 10 o'clock, which has got to be soon

*Feeds move to Glitter


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