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'Bewitched's' Louise Tate Actress Kasey Rogers


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Actress Kasey Rogers of BEWITCHED (Louise Tate # 2) and PEYTON PLACE (Julie Anderson) died July 6 at age 80. Ms. Rogers suffered from throat cancer the past few years, and recently finished an intensive chemo treatment for a reoccurrence. Last week, complications led to cardiac arrest and a stroke.

An announcement from her next of kin was posted on the BEWITCHED forum...



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'Bewitched' Actress Kasey Rogers


Kasey Rogers . . . early pinup girl years and as Louise Tate in 'Bewitched'

Actress Kasey Rogers, best known for her role as Louise Tate in "Bewitched," died on July 6 following a prolonged and courageous battle with throat cancer. She was 80. Rogers went into cardiac arrest and suffered a stroke. She passed away from complications from the stroke. Rogers was surrounded by family and friends at her passing.

Rogers was born Imogene Rogers on December 15, 1926 in Morehouse, Missouri but moved with her family to California at the age of two. As a child, she was so adept at baseball that the other children decided to nickname her 'Casey' (after the famous poem 'Casey at the Bat'). Later, Rogers changed the first letter of her name from 'C' to a 'K.'


Actress Kasey Rogers as Miriam Haynes in Alfred

Hitchcock's 'Strangers on a Train'

Rogers career spanned several decades. She began work under the names, Laura Elliott and Laura Elliot, for Paramount Studios. She appeared in several movies including 1949's "Special Agent," 1949's "Samson and Delilah," 1950's "Paid in Full," 1951's "Two Lost Worlds" and Alfred Hitchcock's "Strangers on a Train" in 1951.

In the mid-1950s, Rogers began her acting career in television. She guest starred on numerous television series including "Stage 7," "The Lone Ranger," "Panic," "Maverick," "Perry Mason" and many others. In 1964, she landed the starring role of Julie Anderson on "Peyton Place." She left the series in 1966. Her next role would prove to be her most popular.


Elizabeth Montgomery and Kasey Rogers in the . . Kasey Rogers and David White as Louise and

roles of Samantha Stevens and Louise Tate . . . . . .Larry Tate

No other series has perfected the actor switcheroo more than "Bewitched." The series was famous for the Dick York/Dick Sargent (Darrin vs Darrin) switch but it wasn't the only role that saw revision. Actress Sandra Gould replaced Alice Pearce in the role of Gladys Kravitz in the third season. The role of Louise Tate first belonged to Irene Vernon from 1964 to 1966. Rogers took on the role in 1966 and made her final appearance in 1972.

Aside from a few sporadic guest spots and appearances on the "Bewitched" edition of "E! True Hollywood Story," Rogers retired from acting. Twice-married and the mother of four (and a grandmother), Rogers has in recent years turned her talents to writing and development, including the proposed new TV series, "Son of a Witch."


Kasey Rogers

In the 1970s, Rogers became involved in the world of motocross racing. After her son purchased a motorcyle, she decided to buy one for herself which led to her love of motocross. In 1974, Rogers helped establish PowderPuffs Unlimited Riders and Racers (PURR), an association that brought women into the male-dominated sport. PURR would later evolve into what is now the Women's Pro Class Division.

Never missing an opportunity to show her gracious nature, this courageous actress expressed her gratitude to her fans in the form of a video taped message thanking them for their love and support over the years.

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