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The Voice Season 21-Battle Rounds 2


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This is The Voice! Last night on The Voice, the Battles began and the coaches were scrambling to protect and strengthen their teams, with the first ever 4-chair Save/Steal Battle. 

After losing her Battle with Jeremy Rosado, Team Kelly's Jershika Maple was stolen by both John Legend and Ariana Grande. It's time to find out who she picks as her new coach. I pick...   John! Both Jeremy and Jershika are going to The Knockouts! 

Next to battle from Team Blake is Hailey Green and Lana Scott, singing Girl (Maren Morris). Blake says Lana's voice has a country edge. Hailey's voice is wild yet in tune, she's so young and so talented. He tells Hailey there are parts of her voice to lay back on. It's time to battle. Lana's voice is dirty and gruff, while Hailey is more modern and full of grit and attitude. While Lana remains softer and in the groove, Hailey is pushing the envelope of how big her performance can be. 

John says Hailey's power and tone grabs you, she puts everything into every note. Lana has a lot of subtlety, a songbird quality. Kelly says Lana held her own and Hailey is like a cheetah. Ariana says Lana's voice is pure and sweet with a different energy from Hailey's colorful, rock'n'roll energy. Blake says Hailey is literally a high school football linebacker, and that was actually dialed back. Lana is sweet country. The winner of this battle is Hailey!

Get your a$$ back on that stage, Blake yells at Lana, hitting his button for the Save. The only question he had, Blake explains, was who he thought could handle 30 seconds of broken heart better. I was never going to let you go. I'm so excited to have a female country artist on my team this year!

Sticking with Team Blake, Tommy Edwards does battle with Libianca, singing Save Your Tears (Weeknd). Blake chooses Libianca for her unique voice and tone. 

For Team Kelly, Carolina Alonso and Xavier Cornell do battle over telepatia (Kali Uchis), their voices fitting together like fingers in clasped hands. Kelly picks Xavier as the winner. 

Moving on to Team Ariana, Katherine Ann Mohler is pitted against Vaughn Mogul, singing Dilemma (Nelly, featuring Kelly Rowland). Katherine is working on her Masters in Psychology but her dream has always been in music. During rehearsal, Ariana cannot believe Vaughn is the same sweet singer from the Blinds. Coming from a line of nurses, he's ready for a career in music. Kristin Chenoweth says Katherine is like her, so technically beautiful, it is silk. Ariana tells Katherine to get out of her head and have a moment at the end. They work with Vaughn to put an explanation point on a big note. He listens, Kristen says, and wants to be great. Don't tell him, but he is.

At stage rehearsals, Ariana says there's more work to be done. They are so polite to each other, letting each take turns. Try singing to each other more. When you get close, the audience will go crazy. 

It's time for the Battle and Blake is already jealous of Vaughn's pants. Katherine opens with a twirly vocal, with Vaughn providing the anchor to this conversational song, just a boy and a girl dancing around each other in melodic rhythm. Katherine gets to shine with more acrobatic runs while Vaughn's stability holds the performance together. The only "dilemma" is who Ariana will pick as the winner.

John says I wasn't expecting how fun this would be. It's cool for a coach to take artists out of their comfort zone to see if they can handle it, and both had the enthusiasm and connection to each other. Katherine stood out with a compelling voice. Kelly says Katherine's voice cuts through and that's awesome for a live performance setting. Vaughn chose to showcase himself with that higher falsetto harmony, that really stuck out to me. Blake says I could not wait to hear that song for the first time. Did you live under a rock, Kelly asks incredulously? There are a lot of rocks where I live, Blake allows. Vaughn had a warmer tone but I thought Katherine gave it that extra little bit.

Ariana has the final decision. Katherine is so precise and technically perfect, this was a stretch and she surprised him. Vaughn stepped into a new persona and what he delivered was incredible. The winner of this battle is...   Katherine Ann!

The final battle of the night comes from Team John, with Samara Brown and BrittanyBree, singing Something He Can Feel (Aretha Franklin). It's BrittanyBree's first time performing secular music. They have the chops and soul they need, John says, to pull this off. Samara relates the lyrics to her own life. John tells Samara to not deviate too much from the familiar - it's a matter of balance. Camila Cabello advises her to fight the urge to change everything about the song to make it hers - if you do too much, it's hard to hear. 

Samara has wanted to be where her sister Amanda Brown was (Season 3, Team Cee Lo, Stolen by Adam Levine in The Battles, eliminated in the Top 6). John tells BrittanyBree to think about the lyric, who she's singing to and how she wants them to feel. That's how Aretha did it, she took who she was and applied it to pop music. Camila says the past and present are not two separate things, bring the church and soul into the song. Camila says BrittanyBree's voice makes her feel things she hasn't felt in a long time. Samara Brown's tone, how she moves her body, this could be the best Battle of the night. 

Camila suggests creating some tension by having a riff battle between the two. It will be a soulful, sultry battle and we'll see who does the song justice. Let the Battle begin! 

As the opening notes ring out, both artists turn around and let their voices shine, confident and full of character. BrittanyBree sounds most like the Queen of Soul but Samara Brown holds her own note for note, providing a delicious counter-balance and a powerhouse performance in her own right. The question is whether you like your performances big or large, they both delivered something the audience could feel.

Kelly says your voices are insane. BrittanyBree, you have rock'n'roll soul. I don't care about John, because one of you is going to be available to steal. Blake says I was blown away - you both stepped up and owned the moment and stage. Ariana says your tones are different but complimentary. Your stage presence, your gorgeous looks, I can't help John.

John says I wanted you to be your absolute best so either I could save you or one of these other coaches would steal you. Samara, I coached you to stay true somewhat to what the songwriter wrote and you did it exactly the way it needed to be. BrittanyBree, that stank on your voice hits me right in the heart, and you to delivered with that passion, personality and charisma. 

John, the time has come. Who is the winner of this Battle? The winner of this Battle, John drags out, is...   BrittanyBree!  

Every note that came out of her mouth was perfect, John allows, but he could have gone either way. Immediately, Kelly, John and Ariana all press their buttons for a Steal, Save and Steal, respectively.  Come back home, John says. Did you sense his hesitation, Kelly points out. He did hesitate, Blake piles on. You knew exactly what I was planning to do, John claims. 

Ariana says I adore you, I have one steal and I said backstage if I was going to use it on anyone, I'd use it on you. That's the truth. He did hesitate, Blake reminds Samara of John. Kelly says you are such a gifted vocalist, you are a blessing to the show. If you stay with your coach or come to the right team, you would look so cute in my turquoise jacket. 

John says I truly loved working with you, and every once in a while we put 2 people together that we never should have put together. You two are some of the best talent in the entire competition and I would feel so fortunate to continue coaching you.

The decision is yours, Carson tells Samara (I pressed my button first, Kelly slips in). Who do you choose as your coach? Kelly calls her over to her team. Come on home, John leads. Ariana sits their quietly, not fighting at all.

This is impossible, Samara Brown says, thank you to all of you. I'm gonna choose John!

Over the first two nights of Battles, Team Kelly loses Jershika Maple to Team John, saves Kinsey Rose and Carolina Alonso is eliminated. Girl Named Tom, Jeremy Rosado and Xavier Cornell win their Battles and advance to the Knocknouts. Kelly has used her Save but still has a Steal.

Team John loses KJ Jennings, steals Jershika Maple and saves Samara Brown. BrittanyBree and Samuel Harness both win their Battles and advance to the Knockouts. John has used both his Save and his Steal. 

Team Ariana loses Vaughn Mogule and Chavon Rodgers, and saves Bella DeNapoli. Katie Rae, David Vogel and Katherine Ann Mohler all win their Battles and advance to the Knockouts. Ariana has used her Save but still has her Steal. 

Team Blake loses Tommy Edwards and The Joy Reunion and saves Lana Scott. Hailey Green, Libianca and Peedy Chavis all win their Battles and advance to the Knockouts. Blake has used his Save but still has his Steal. 

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