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The Voice Season 21-Battle Rounds 1


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Tonight, we kick up the battles with incredible performances thanks to amazing coaching. Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean, Kristin Chenowith, and Camila Cabello are joining the coaches as advisors.


Ariana’s advisor is Kristin Chenowith and her first pairing is Katie Rae vs Bella DeNapoli and they are going to sing No More Tears (Enough is Enough) by Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer. Ariana says they are both endlessly talented and powerhouse divas.


Kristin says she cannot look at Katie or Bella and she says this is an iconic song and they both owned who they were. Ariana says it was respectful of the original and Kristin says they stepped into Barbra and Donna’s shoes so effortlessly. Kristin says she is inspired.


Katie and Bella do their stage performances and Ariana gives a few last minute tips. Katie and Bella take the stage for their battle. John says he loved the build from a mellow space to powerhouse. John says this is hard and they made it so difficult. He would side with Katie because he prefers her tone a little more.


Kelly says it was so rad and Bella was so nice and Katie was so sultry. Kelly says Bella is insane but there is something captivating about Katie. Blake says when Bella started the song it was like a scene from a classic movie and he was drawn to Katie’s edgy voice. Blake is leaning towards Bella.


Ariana says she adores them both so much and they are consistently phenomenal. She is privileged to have worked with them and spent this time with them. She says she is proud of them both. Ariana says the winner of this battle is…Katie Rae!


Bella is available to steal or save. Bella says she never thought she’d even be here. Ariana slaps her button and saves Bella. Ariana says she is such a stunning and gifted vocalist.


Team John’s advisor is Camila Cabello and the bring in the first pairing of Samuel Harness vs KJ Jennings and they were given the song I Know What You Did Last Summer by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes.


John says Samuel was a little ahead of the beat and Camilla advises both to keep the chorus staccato. John says KJ’s voice is cool and liquid and she has a lot of power. Camilla tells Samuel to feed of KJ’s energy and John advises him to find moments to shine more.


Samuel and KJ take the stage for their performance. Kelly says KJ had some really cool runs and she has a pure sound with a rock edge and Samuel was really cool and she is curious to know where he goes. She is leaning towards Samuel.


Blake says KJ’s strengths were in the runs and Samuel has a cool, smokey sound. He would go with Samuel. Ariana says she loves Samuel’s tone and voice and KJ’s runs were so precise. She would go with KJ.


John says KJ and Samuel had chemistry and KJ has great vocal technique and huge runs and she is magnetic. John says Samuel is emotionally invested and he sings with connection and compassion and they both nailed it. The winner of this battle is…Samuel Harness!


KJ is available to steal or save. KJ says it has been an honor and she thanks them all.


Team Kelly’s advisor is Jason Aldean and her first pairing is Girl Named Tom vs Kinsey Rose and they are going to sing Seven Bridges Road by Eagles. Kelly advises Kinsey to dial it back at the beginning and Girl Named Tom work on arranging the song with the band.


Jason says he was really impressed and this could be a more memorable performance and Kelly is stoked to see this performance. Girl Named Tom and Kinsey take the stage for their performance.


Blake says Girl Named Tom and Kinsey should sing together all the time. Blake says Kinsey has so much character in her voice and Girl Named Tom together was incredible and they are great.


Ariana says Kelly arranged the heck out of that song and Kelly says they did it. Ariana says she would lean slightly to Girl Named Tom. John says it was inspiring and beautiful and he feels a little more connected with Girl Named Tom but Kinsey is a great soloist.


Kelly says she is proud to have Girl Named Tom and Kinsey on her team. Kelly says each person in Girl Named Tom is a great singer and Kinsey has so much soul. The winner of this battle is…Girl Named Tom!


Kinsey is available to steal or save. Kinsey does not get a chance to speak and Kelly hits her button to save and John hits his button to steal with Blake right behind. John says he is not the obvious choice, but he wanted to honor how amazing she was.


John says he thought Kinsey had the best voice and she does not deserve to go home. Blake says he did not have a chance to get her and this is her chance to escape. Kelly says she is so excited to keep working with Kinsey.


Kinsey does not know who she wants to work with and she says oh my gosh. Kelly wants to say one thing and Ariana adored her voice and she presses her button to steal as well. Kinsey says Kelly saved her twice and she is staying with Team Kelly!


Team Blake’s advisor is Dierks Bentley and his first pairing is The Joy Reunion vs Peedy Chavis and they were given the song Joy to the World by Three Dog Night. Dierks says Joy Reunion blend is impressive and Peedy is so unique and refreshing.


Blake advises Peedy needs to matches The Joy Reunion’s energy for the performance. Dierks says they all have great voices and energy. Blake says whoever you cannot take your eyes off of is who is going to win this battle.


The Joy Reunion and Peedy take the stage for their performance. Ariana says everyone sounded incredible. She is obsessed with The Joy Reunion’s harmonies and Peedy was really cool. John says they truly felt the joy and the energy was infectious and it was really fun.


Kelly says that was fun and she loved the harmonies and she does not know what to say about Peedy. Blake says The Joy Reunion is smooth and flawless and pitch perfect and then what the heck Peedy? It is just a gift. The winner of this battle is…Peedy Chavis!


The Joy Reunion is available to steal. The Joy Reunion says they viewed Peedy as a son and they are proud of him.


Ariana and Kristin are waiting for their next pairing of Chavon Rodgers vs David Vogel and they are going to sing Sugar, We’re Going Down by Fall Out Boy. Kristin says they need to concentrate more on the enunciation. Ariana gives some tips on specific lyrics and arrangement.


Chavon and David take the stage for their performance. John says that was really good and Chavon has a strong voice but he needs to be more clear on pronunciation. He loved David’s clarity and it connected for him.


Kelly says that was one of her favorite battles. She says David does have a lot of clarity and Chavon has more of a low end and she does not know who to pick. She would go with Chavon. Blake says it was such a good performance and blend and if he had to pick he would go with Chavon.


Ariana says this is so hard and she was looking forward to this performance. She loves the low end in Chavon’s voice and she loves David’s tone. She says they are both talented. The winner of this battle is…David Vogel!


Chavon is available to steal. Chavon says thanks Ariana for seeing something in him and he loves her and he is so appreciative of her.


Team Kelly has the final battle of the night with the pairing of Jeremy Rosado vs Jershika Maple and they were given the song Hold On by Justin Bieber. Jason gives some advice on technical aspects. Kelly wants them to work on using dynamics.


Jeremy and Jershika take the stage for their performance. Blake says Jershika blew the roof off the place and Jeremy did a great job and stepped up to the plate. He would probably pick Jeremy. Ariana says that was an incredible performance and they are both so good. She would go with Jershika.


John was moved by the heart he felt. He says Jeremy’s voice has a silkiness to it and ridiculous range. He says Jershika’s runs were precise and tight and she is soulful and a damned good singer. He would go with Jershika.


Kelly says they are two amazing powerhouse vocalists and they elevated each other. Kelly says the winner of this battle is…Jeremy Rosado!


Jershika is available to steal. Jershika does not get a chance to speak and John and Ariana hit their buttons to steal. John says he loved her energy and he would love to have her. Ariana says she made runs look flawless and she would be honored if she picked her.


Jershika now has to pick a coach. She says she picks…and we get To Be Continued. We will find out tomorrow night who Jershika selects as her new coach.

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