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The Voice Season 21 - Blind Auditions #6


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This is The Voice! Let's get to the last of the Blind Auditions, starting with wedding singer Aaron Hines, a John Legend fan performing Heartbreak Anniversary (Giveon). He has a soft and creamy voice, with a slight sandpapery texture. He gets all 4 chairs to turn.

John says he sounded like he knew what he was doing. Aaron sings a bit of All Of Me for John. Kelly loves his voice, very moving, sincere and intimate, but with big notes as well. I've navigated a comp before and am your Magellan for the show. 

Ariana says your tone stopped me in my tracks, runs were super clean. Blake says if you caught Season 20, I wasn't the obvious choice for Cam either but it worked out. I'm worried about you with these other three. Kelly blew off Texas, John talks too loud...

And Ariana lacks confidence, Blake concludes. Ariana pulls out her vocal lunch box. Who you going to pick, John asks? I pick, Aaron says...   Kelly! OMG, she screams! 

Each coach now has only one spot left. Will it be filled by the trio KCK3? Singing No Tears Left To Cry (Ariana Grande), the 3-part harmony surprises her. They're really good she says, before pushing her button, turns around and starts dancing.

The other coaches concede the artist. This is the kindest thing y'all have ever done for me! KCK3 are a sister trio (Kyla, Chelsea, Kaitlynn) from Brandon, MS. They've been singing together since forever, and are 3rd generation singers. 

Ariana says she didn't even realize it was her song at first, she was taken by the harmony. You are the last slot on my team! Kelly says obviously Ariana, but also she already has a group. John says he wanted to leave their lane open. Blake already has a trio.

Ariana grabs a mic, steps in onto the stage and sings in long, melodic notes, My Team Is Full! She then takes stands in front of Blake and drops the mic.

The next artist is is Tommy Edwards from Big Fork, MT. A professional performer with his father, he's a family man himself, singing Drops of Jupiter (Train). His voice emotes honesty and energy. Blake says he likes that and follows it up with a button push. 

Kelly looks at Blake as if to press her button and he waives her off. John says I'll do it and pushes his button. No! exclaims Blake. Kelly says she was looking for more range. Blake said he heard Black Crows, a straight up rock guy lost in the music.

Ariana says she loved his interpretation of the song. But I'm not going to pick as a side. John says you know how to make your presence felt, power, range, electricity. Kelly asks, who do you pick as your coach? Come on, Tommy Boy, Blake says. I pick Blake, Tommy says.

Tommy Rocks, Blake brags before the Blake Cam. His team is full of every genre and he can't wait to get to work with his artists. My team is Full! 

Shadale is from Douglassville, GA who has been involved in music all her life, and traveled around the world with a gospel group. A single mom, she's singing That's What I Like (Bruno Mars). Kelly turns around after her first note and John soon follows.

I turned first, Kelly makes sure John knows, even as Shadale continues blowing the roof off with her no-longer-blind audition. Blake says she would behis extra person if his team was not full. Ariana too - it should have been a 4-chair turn

Ariana says you are an amazing vocal technician, sustaining gorgeous pure, vibrato notes. John says you put on a show too and it was so fun. Kelly says I was screaming, because Jesus told me, I was watching Bruno & Beyonce, sass and whit. Who do you pick as your coach?

Without hesitation, Shadale says I pick John Legend! John takes to the stage to announce his team is full! Be brings back a golden oldy and sings the Welcome To Team Legend. You made your choice, now let's go win The Voice, welcome to Team Legend! Team Legend is full!

Joe McGuinness is a 43yr old stop motion animator who creates short films frame by frame, as well as playing a lot of instruments (except bagpipes). He started his first band at 15 and dropped out of HS to hit the road. 

Singing Midnight Rider (The Allman Brothers Band), his voice is infused with a southern rock vibe, but he doesn't capture Kelly's interest. She says she loves a soulful rock voice but he was on 11 all the time. John says we couldn't hear the finer points of his voice.

Parker McKay's whole life has centered on music. She moved to Nashville to pursue a career in country but realized her heart lay in pop. Her supportive mom's fire went out with dementia except when she sang. She passed but not before learning Parker would be on The Voice.

Singing Slow Hands (Nial Horan), Parker's voice is full of enthusiasm and attitude. OK, says John. Kelly is in no hurry, soaking in the performance. When Parker throws in a little growl heading into the chorus, Kelly presses her button to claim her prize.

She's thrilled that Kelly was her only option. John says how she soared on the high notes was really compelling. Kelly says I'm the obvious team for you. Kelly stands on the stage and yells out, My Team Is Full!  She is joined by the other three coaches in celebration.

The Blind Auditions are over! Let's take a look at the teams heading into The Battles!

For Team Kelly, Girl Named Tom, Holly Forbes, Kinsey Rose, The Cunningham Sisters, Carolina Alonso, Jershika Maple, Gymani, Xavier Cornell, Jeremy Rosado & Wyatt Michael are joined by Aaron Hines and Parker McKay.

For Team John, Jonathan Mouton, Keilah Grace, BrittanyBree, Jack Rogan, Samara Brown, Samuel Harness, Janora Brown, Joshua Vacanti, KJ Jennings, Paris Winningham & Sabrina Dias are joined by Shadale.

For Team Ariana, Katie Rae, Raquel Trinidad, Sophia Bromberg, Katherine Ann Mohler, Halley Mia, Vaughn Mugol, David Vogel, Chavon Rodgers, Bella DeNapoli, Jim & Sasha Allen & Ryleigh Plank are joined by KCK3.

For Team Blake, Peedy Chavis, Carson Peters, Libianca, Wendy Moten, Kaitlyn Velez, Lana Scott, Berritt Haynes, Hailey Green, Clint Sherman, The Joy Reunion & Manny Keith are joined by Tommy Edwards.

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