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The Voice Season 21 - Blind Auditions #5


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This is The Voice! The Blind Auditions continue with 20yr old Ryleigh Plank, singing Anyone (Demi Lovato). Kelly is the first to turn around, followed by Ariana at the chorus. She has a lot of emotional honesty in her 2-chair performance. 

Being a singer/songwriter has been her dream since she was 6, though life's experiences led her to experiencing depression and anxiety. Since leaving HS, she has discovered who she is. Ariana says she was brought to tears, her vibrato was wide and beautiful, very moving.

John says it was a challenging song and she had a few execution issues, but that's what coaching is for. Blake asks if Kelly has a chance? Kelly will always have a chance, Ryleigh says, I love her. Blake says these are the two coaches you should have. Who do you want?

Wait a second, Kelly stammers, first, you look rad as heck. Your voice is incredible. And I have navigated (cheers) the competition. The obvious choice  is Florida, but this jacket would look good on you. Ariana pulls out her vocal lunch box. 

Who do you pick as your coach, John asks? I think I am going to have to go with...  Ariana! I'm sorry, Kelly!

Blake tells Kelly her problem is she's offering an artist from Florida a coat.

Next to navigate The Voice stage is Jershika Maple from Killen, TX, a security guard by day for a tech company. She is power with a wand, but singing is her passion. Inspired by Rose Short, the Season 17 finalist has become a mentor. 

Jershika is singing Can You Stand The Rain (New Edition), with a beautiful intro run, a deep, creamy lower vocal, and hints of strong power that she finally lets loose, triggering Kelly and John to look at each other and press their buttons.

Kelly starts to talk and Ariana interrupts to say her low tones were so beautiful, she loves every part of her voice. John says she was ready for the moment, a powerful, electric performance, the challenging high notes. 

Kelly says you're so light and that smile. At this point it's about picking songs, I can help you maneuver through this competition. (she didn't say it, Blake whispers to Ariana). She shows Jershika the turquoise team jacket and John pulls out his boxing robe & sings.

Jershika picks Team Kelly! We have a steal, Blake jokes!

The next artist is Manny Keith, a huge Grande fan. His dad is a musician and his mom a dancer, but he was shy as a kid. He started dancing in middle school instead of sports, & discovered his passion for singing. His mom died of cancer but is still supporting him.

Singing Break My Heart (Dua Lipa), his vocal is light and energetic, soft and confident. Ariana tells Blake he's good so Blake turns his chair. He has a fun stage presence that entertains the audience but does not turn any more coaches so he's stuck with Blake.

John says Manny's voice is warm and inviting. Ariana starts to speek and Manny admits to being the biggest Ariana Grande fan. His tone reminded her of JC from Nsync (I love JC, Blake claims). You don't who that is, Kelly accuses. I hope to steal you, Ariana says. 

Blake says you say you're the biggest Ariana fan. Blake turns around to an audience member who earlier had claimed to be the biggest Ariana fan and asks, are you going to just take this? Blake says he thought Ariana would challenge him. You have a great singer. Welcome!

Blake tells Manny to go over and say hi to Ariana. He can't believe his first hug after Covid is Ariana Grande!

Austin Perario was in a boy band as a teen signed to a label, but despite a couple singles and videos, it never went anywhere and it hurt his self-confidence. He is looking for a coach that will help him learn how to struggle with confidence.

Singing This Town (Niall Horan), Austin has a soft, boyish voice. He wins over the audience but the coaches aren't biting. He gives a disappointment sigh. Ariana says she could hear the nerves but maybe a different song would have showcased his voice better.

John suggests raising the key - you can hear the nerves down where he was signing. Kelly says he has great tone, he could picture the beautiful scene behind him. 

Boogie Boarding KJ Jennings loves wake-surfing, dirt biking and bee-keeping, all of which has prepared her for the stage. Her mom is a music theater performer and she studied music in college. She is singing Put Your records On (Corinne Bailey Rae).

Boogie Boarding KJ Jennings loves wake-surfing, dirt biking and bee-keeping, all of which has prepared her for the stage. Her mom is a music theater performer and she studied music in college. She is singing Put Your records On (Corinne Bailey Rae).

Blake says you have a cool voice, very floaty, the run in the first half made us go woah. Once you get past the nerves, you'll be killer. Ariana loves her tone and choices. John says you were so charming and inviting, an adventurous singer, bringing Jazz to pop.

You bring light and energy to the stage, John continues. Kelly asks, who do you pick as your coach? I would love to pick Team John!

Some more artists that earned single-chair turns: John chose Sabrina Dias from Brazil, who sang Garota De Panema (Girl from Nowhere, Antonio Carlos Jobin), and Kelly turned for 17yr old Xavier Cornell, who sang Teenage Dream (Katy Perry). 

Libianca moved from St. Paul, MN to Cameroon when she was 4 yrs old. They had nothing she was familiar with from her short life in America but she became exposed to African music. She returned to America at age 13 but her social skills didn't fit in. 

So she started singing and people took notice. Singing Good Days (SZA), Libianca has an easy flowing voice, that flows like velvet and Ariana turns around and lets out a squeal. Blake presses his button for this smooth vocalist. 

Kelly says her runs down low was so warm. John says the song made it tough to hear every aspect of her voice. Ariana says that song is so unique and she did a beautiful job making it her own, your sat in your low range but you sprang into your higher range at the end.

Blake says I am obviously the coach for you. Why, Libianca asks? Let me think about that, he says. Blake says there's nothing Ariana can't sing - she picks her performance. You are just like her, so much control and volume, and my job is to help you be the best you can.

Libianca says that somebody said something that gave her a sign, and I asked god to give me a sign. OK. So Blake, I'm going to go with you! Ariana is crushed, and Blake is gloating. Kelly is stunned. God was speaking through our Cowboy, John says. 

Libianca tells Carson that what Blake said is that his job is to help her become the best at what she does, and he's going to help her do her thing. John jokes that god came down with tablets and said, pick Blake!

Baseball was always Jared Brasher's true love and he planned for a career in the majors. He was drafted by the Washington Nationals but released 2 years later and had to find a new way to make a living. But through it all, singing was a passion he never pursued.

He has never performed live before, but he's singing Drunk On Your Love (Brett Eldredge). He has a deep country voice, singing in a mid octave. Blake encourages Ariana to push. He waivers on some of the stretched out notes and is disappointed when no one turns.

Blake says you have a great country voice but you never felt comfortable, you couldn't control it. Kelly says you can't teach confidence like you have. Ariana says you have a special tone but there was a little control missing, but you knocked it out of the park. 

John tells him to commit to his music the way he committed to Baseball.

Next up is 18yr old Sophia Bromberg. She's learned a lot in her high school music program but she has struggled with believing in herself. She turned to music during her recovery and has grown a lot, now hoping to inspire others who are struggling to open up to a friend.

Singing Heather (Conan Gray), Sophia offers a light, nuanced vocal w/a lot of movement on her voice and she hits one run triggering immediate turns from Ariana, John and Kelly. Wow, Kelly says. Sophia hits a high run and Ariana drops an air mike. Then she goes falsetto.

Ariana says there are so many people in your throat box, beautiful, interesting and well oiled. Color and entertaining plus whistle notes. John says you have all these things you can and my job is to help you figure out how to use it to connect and tell a story. 

You paint with your vocal chords, Kelly tells Sophia. Ariana says my team is a canvas, so you can paint your way over here. Blake says I didn't press my button to protect someone already on my team, but who are you going to pick as your coach?

Sophia says I would be lucky to work with any of you but the coach that I pick is...   Ariana!

Blake tells Ariana that watching her win a 3-Chair turn is like watching one of his kids graduate. You are so charming and infantalizing at the same time, she replies. What does that mean, Blake asks? It means you talk to me like a child. Oh, I do that, Blake agrees.

He and his brother started a rock band when they were kids but that's not the musical direction this artist ended up going in. Singing Mack The Knife (Bobby Darin), he's rat pack from head to toe. Ariana & Kelly love it and they both press their buttons for Wyatt Michel.

The more Wyatt listened to Jazz and big band, the more he realized playing in grungy dive bars was not for him. Sinatra was the original holder of the nickname, The Voice. Blake says he was looking for a little more personality and one of these girls will bring it out.

John says it was a little too spoken and it wasn't clear what your singing voice was like. Ariana says you have a time capsule in your throat, transporting me to another time, joyous and warm. We can navigate where you want to go together.

Kelly says your voice is a timeless classic and nobody on the show will sound like you, plus we would sound amazing singing a Frank & Nancy duet in the Finale. 

John asks, who do you pick as your coach? My GF is a huge fan of Ariana but I have to go with my gut and pick Kelly!

Performing makes 20yr old Alexandra Stojack happy. In HS, she learned hear brain was too big for her skull and that threatened her life. She had brain surgery to enlarge her skull and she was able to find a new voice singing. 

Performing The Way I Am (Ingrid Michaelson), Alexandra delivers a suave, coffee shop vibe that excites the audience but she's a bit pitchy and the judges don't appear to be interested, leaving their chairs unturned. 

Kelly says she has a cool sound and vibe but it was a bit pitchy. Ariana says the yodeling thing was technically impressive but nerves got in your way. John says come back, you can do it. 

The final Blind Audition tonight is BrittanyBree who started singing in church at age 5. Her life changed after having 2 daughters and now picks boxes on an assembly line and a second job as assistant adjuster. But she's still dedicated to the church and singing.

Performing outside of church for the first time, BrittanyBree sings Call Out My Name (The Weeknd) with soul, passion and a juicy vocal. She hits the chorus and immediately Ariana and John turn around. Another power note turns Kelly. Blake throws in for a 4-chair turn!

Ariana starts out babbling. You are unbelievable, your tone, fullness, soul, texture, every choice you made added emotional value. John says your voice just grabbed us, your energy flows from the stage. I know what it's like to step out of the church for the first time.

You are such a great storyteller, Kelly starts. I was going to say that, Ariana interjects. Yeah, Kelly says without missing a beat, but I did. Blake nearly chokes on his "juice". Kelly says I was already in and just listening when you hit that chorus. OMG! 

Kelly continues rapidly, I've on the show before and know how to navigate (Ariana and Blake toast each other), and if your voice isn't in the finale, something's wrong. I'm worried about you, Blake says, you could really screw up - you need more stability than Kelly.

No one is more the poster child of stability than Blake Shelton, Ariana teases. Kelly abandoned her home state, Blake says, John probably hasn't been in a church in 30+ years, walked away from it. Ariana could be the greatest coach ever seen on The Voice. 

Or, Blake continues for BrittanyBree, she could be the worst we've ever seen. In fact, I'm leaning... I on the other hand have been here forever and would be honored to be your coach. BrittanyBree says this is so hard, John!

Team Kelly has 2 spots left, and includes Girl Named Tom, Holly Forbes, Kinsey Rose, The Cunningham Sisters, Carolina Alonso, Jershika Maple, Gymani, Xavier Cornell, Jeremy Rosado & Wyatt Michael.

Team John has only 1 spot left, and includes Jonathan Mouton, Keilah Grace, BrittanyBree, Jack Rogan, Samara Brown, Samuel Harness, Janora Brown, Joshua Vacanti, KJ Jennings, Paris Winningham & Sabrina Dias.

Team Ariana has only 1 spot left, and includes Katie Rae, Raquel Trinidad, Sophia Bromberg, Katherine Ann Mohler, Halley Mia, Vaughn Mugol, David Vogel, Chavon Rodgers, Bella DeNapoli, Jim & Sasha Allen & Ryleigh Plank.

Team Blake has only 1 spot left, and includes Peedy Chavis, Carson Peters, Libianca, Wendy Moten, Kaitlyn Velez, Lana Scott, Berritt Haynes, Hailey Green, Clint Sherman, The Joy Reunion & Manny Keith. 

The final 5 spots will be filled during Tuesday's final Blind Auditions, so be sure to join Morty's TV as the coaches select the last of the Top 48 artists!

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