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The Voice Season 21 - Blind Auditions #4


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This is The Voice! Last night, Holly Forbes received a 4-chair turn, but Ariana used her Block on John. Who will she choose as her coach? Holly grew up listening to Kelly Clarkson. She chooses Team Kelly! And Ariana wasted her Block. Rookie move.

Next to audition is Bella DeNapoli from a large, loud Italian family in Long Island, NY. The family performs together on weekends, but this is her chance to prove she can stand out on her own. She is singing a slowed down acoustic version of Damage (Danity Kane).

Blake points to Ariana and says that's you, but nobody is pulsing her button. Then all of a sudden, John, Kelly and Ariana all turn their chairs at the same time. Bella can't believe it. John says it was such a fun song choice. Ariana loved the arrangement. 

Kelly tells Bella she thought she was at her show, her voice was fluid and emotional, a lot of emotion. Ariana says you can do a lot of different things with your voice - you started out one way and ended up something else. And your outfit matches my gift.

Blake says he didn't turn around because she's in Ariana's lane. Who do you pick as your coach? Holy Cannoli, she says, I have to go with Ariana!

23yr old David Vogel has never done anything like this. Singing Breathin' (Ariana Grande), he's going to flip it into a rock song. She is his dream coach. It takes a second for her to recognize the song but his light, pop masculine vocal has all the coaches moving.

Ariana has her hands hovering over the buzzer, then right at the end, she turns her chair around. She thought it was a really unique take. His life has been around music since he first started playing drums at age 9, as a musician, singer and producer. 

Kelly said it took her a minute to recognize the song, it was so cool. Ariana loves his tone and style. She waited to the last minute to keep the others from turning around to challenge her. 

Just saying she's on The Voice is crazy to Janora Brown, who sings with her mom at home, at church, to get attention from her older sister, who struggles with Lupus. Her mom donated a Kidney when she ws a teenager, but it didn't take and she's been on dialysis for 6yrs.

Singing Angel Of Mine (Eternal), Kelly and John don't wait to turn around as Janora's voice rings out, soft but powerful, growing in intensity and beauty. John says her version was so cool, they both turned when she hit that tight run, then she kit those high notes.

Kelly says it takes a lot of control to do those runs, and she immediately starts coaching. John wants to set up a blueprint that impresses at every moment. Blake says I'd recognize your voice on the radio any time. Janora picks John!

21yr old Kaitlyn Velez grew up watching the show, it's an out of body experience being here. She's been writing songs for 7 years as an expression for her insecurities growing up Latina in a white community. She has six songs on Spotify for Artists that been successful.

Singing Please Don't Go (Mike Posner), she's giving it authentically her with a moody, acoustic feel. The song feels a little tentative and unsure but that is by design. John likes it and Blake is intrigued and they both turn their chairs. 

John thought her vibrato was distinct but she needs to open up a little more. That's what coaching is for. Kelly liked her tone and was waiting for her to open up. Ariana says her voice has lots of personality. 

Blake says I could tell you're a songwriter comfortable with how you express yourself. John says she has an interesting perspective and could carve her own niche. Who do you want to carve a niche with? Kaitlyn says she's shocked this person turned but grateful.

Kaitlyn chooses to join Team Blake! Though she is going to need a step stool to be able to talk to him.

Blake also turned his chair for 19yr old Berritt Hanes, who sang Mercy (Brett Young). It was a literally a dream come true - he was granted a Make-A-Wish and he wished to be in the audience for The Voice, but it wasn't granted due to COVID. Then his mom sent in a tape.

Clint Sherman sang Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison) and drew Blake's chair turn. He sang it for the brown-eyed girl to whom he just became engaged. Blake says he has a cool vibe and cool voice.

Next to audition is 22yr old Kayla Lilly who gestated to Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston. She went to a low income boarding school and took advantage of all the musical opportunities. Now she will be the first from her family to graduate college at Temple University.

Singing Never Enough (The Greatest Showman), her voice is immediately impactful, declaring I have arrived, though she's a little pitchy, and none of the judges turn. Almost there, Kelly says. Ariana says her voice needs to be more consistent.

John says it felt you weren't on sure footing until she started soaring on the high notes. Kelly says you sounded confident but maybe if she took a chance on the song it might be more believable. She begs Kayla to come back. John says she was in her head too much.

Marie (14) and Macie (15) are the Cunningham Sisters from Hamilton, OH. They are pop gospel artists who sing together in the church. Their mom is a white redhead and their dad is an albino Black man. They look neither white nor Black and that led to bullying in school.

Dad encouraged them to own who they are. They are singing Never Alone (Tori Kelly) because no matter what, they have each other. Marie starts with a low vocal, but it's Marie's mid-octave tone that gets the coaches attention while Dad dances in the wings.

They start delivering some youthful power vocals, energetic and fun, and John and Kelly both turn their chairs. Ariana says your tones are both very distinct. Kelly says we get it, you're from Ohio, John's from Ohio. Kelly says she started singing in church. John too.

John says all the other teams have duos or trios. You would be my first. Kelly says you may have a lot in common with John, but you'll learn new stuff with me. She says you could have careers as individuals but you need to learn how to blend as a duo. 

Ariana asks Macie & Marie, who do you pick as your coach? Dad doesn't know what they'll do. They say in unison, we pick Kelly! Kelly can't believe it. OMG, what? Kelly takes over Blake's Win Camera to introduce the Cunningham Sisters.

After 40 Blind Auditions, here's how the teams shape up. Team Kelly has Girl Named Tom, Holly Forbes, Kinsey Rose, Carolina Alonso, Gymani, Jeremy Rosado and the Cunningham Sisters. She has six spots sill open.

Team John has Jonathan Mouton, Keliah Grace, Jack Rogan, Samara Brown, Samuel Harness, Janora Brown, Josh Vacanti and Paris Winningham. He has 4 spots still open.

Team Ariana has Katie Rae, Raquel Trinidad, Katherine Ann Mohler, Hailey Mia, Vaughn Mugol, David Vogel, Chavon Rodgers, Bella DeNapoli and Jim & Sasha Allen. She has 3 spots still open.

Team Blake consists of Peedy Chavis, Carson Peters, Wendy Moten, Kaitlyn Velez, Lana Scott, Berritt Haynes, Hailey Green, Clint Sherman and The Joy Reunion. He has 3 spots open.

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