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The Voice Season 21-Blind Auditions #3


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The judges settle in and we meet our first artist, Raquel Trinidad from Tampa, FL. She is a free spirit and she specializes in glass art. She is going to sing I Wish by Stevie Wonder.


Raquel takes the stage and the judges are immediately dancing in their seats. John hits his button and is the first to turn. Ariana turns a moment later. Kelly says she has to go and she turns. Raquel is a 3-chair turn.


John welcomes Raquel and Blake apologizes for not hitting his button and says he has an unbiased opinion and she should pick Ariana. Ariana says she loved that and her voice is a breath of fresh air and she would love to help her execute the vision she has for herself.


John would love to help Raquel navigate this competition and he says her voice is flexible and he would love to coach her. Kelly says her runs were quick and crisp and clean and she had a nice presence and she would look cute in a Team Kelly jacket.


Blake says Raquel, who do you pick as your coach? Raquel would like to pick Ariana.


Next is The Joy Reunion from Redlands, CA. They are a trio and they consider themselves California country. They take the stage and perform Boondocks by Little Big Town. John also turns. The Joy Reunion is a 2-chair turn.


Blake asks about their band name, The Joy Reunion. Blake says it means a lot to him when he hits his button for a country artist. John says he was honored to turn for them and they were so fun to listen to.


Kelly did not turn for The Joy Reunion because she already had a group. Ariana says she loved them and who do they pick as their coach. The Joy Reunion is going with…Blake!


Next we have Jasmine Mills from Springfield, VA. She wants to represent moms and show them they do not have to give up on their dreams.


Jasmine takes the stage and sings It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday by Boyz II Men. Ariana looks like she wants to hit but she hesitates. Jasmine does not get a chair turn.


Blake says he is very sorry because Jasmine deserved a chair turn. Ariana says she sounded a bit nervous but she is incredible. Kelly says she has an amazing voice but she wanted more space. John says her runs were cool and unexpected but it seemed like a mismatch.


Our next artist takes the stage and sings you broke me first by Tate McRae. Hailey Mia is the artist and Kelly and Ariana hit their buttons at the very end of her performance. Hailey is a 2-chair turn.


Kelly greets Hailey and find out she is 13 years old. Kelly says she had control and power to build and she can sing anything she wants. John says she was really impressive and she should be so proud.


Ariana greets Hailey and she thinks she is a phenomenal singer. She could tell she was young, but not that young. She says these moments will help her grow and help her learn more control and she would love to help her get there.


Blake says Hailey is in a position to be the first to win that young, and another first would be winning with Ariana. Kelly says she would have an open lane on her team. John asks Hailey who she picks as her coach? Hailey says ok, she picks…Ariana.


Jeremy Rosado is our next artist and he is from Tampa, FL. He is a parent to his niece and has been a guardian for her since he was 22. He missed her graduation to be there for the audition.


Jeremy takes the stage and performs Here Comes Goodbye by Rascal Flatts. Kelly, then Blake hit their buttons for Jeremy. Jeremy is a 2-chair turn.


Kelly says Jeremy was incredibly cool and he is so overwhelmingly talented and she would love to coach him. Ariana say she did not push because she was nervous about his control. She says he has so many special parts to his voice and Kelly might be a great fit.


Blake says he would be a great coach for Jeremy. Blake says he loved that he got better and better and he continued to dig and that was impressive. John says who do you pick as your coach, Jeremy? Jeremy says thank you and this is a dream, but I gotta go…Team Kelly.


Next up is Carson Peters and he is from Piney Flats, TN. He plays the fiddle and he has done The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and he has opened up for Ricky Skaggs and he has been on the Grand Ole Opry.


Carson takes the stage and sings Tulsa Time by Eric Clapton. John is quick to hit button. Blake hits his button a few moments later. John gets up and dances and Ariana hits her button. Kelly hits her button at the end making Carson a 4-chair turn.


John greets Carson and says he turned first and he loved the lower part of his voice and he looked like he was having fun. Kelly loves his voice and asks who his influences were. John says he would have an open lane on his team.


Ariana appreciated Carson’s talent in there and she heard some runs that excited her. Blake says he was very impressed and there are a lot of paths he could take and they have to figure out which one suits him best.


John says Carson has a decision to make and he is so hopeful. Who does he pick as his coach? Carson says they made it tougher than he thought they would. But just based on the knowledge of the music, he has to go with…Blake.


Next we have an artist we cannot see and they sing Never Tear Us Apart by INXS. Kelly finally hits her button and we see Keilah Grace. John hits his button and turns a bit later with Ariana right behind. Keilah was a 3-chair turn.


John says Keilah’s voice has a lot of energy and he would love to coach her. Keilah is from Staten Island, NY. John says he loves working with artists like her and she reminded him of Olivia Newton-John.


Kelly says she felt Keilah early on and she turned faster than the others. She says she loves her voice and it is super passionate. Ariana asks if she acts and says she has a great voice and so much soul and depth. She says she is incredible.


John says Kelly and Ariana have multiple singers that are in her lane and she could give her great advice. Blake says Keilah, who do you pick as your coach? Keilah says she really loves all of them, but she thinks she is going to have to go with…Team Legend.


Next, we meet Bubba from Buffalo, NY. He is an at-home hair stylist, but he wants to sing. He is going to perform How Am I Supposed to Live Without You by Michael Bolton. He does not get any chairs to turn.


John greets Bubba and he says he was so close. He says there were moments when he was utterly brilliant, but others where it was pitchy. Kelly says he needs to not think about his performance because he has a very good voice.


The next artist is Samara Brown and she is from Bronx, NY and her sister competed in season 3. She takes the stage and sings Sweet Thing by Rufus. John is quick to turn. Ariana hits her button a moment later. Samara is a 2-chair turn.


John says Samara had a great voice and she just wailed at the end and he would love to be her coach. Ariana says that was absolutely perfect from start to finish and she would be honored to work with her.


Blake says he would not want to get in the way of the pairing of John and Samara. Kelly says she has an amazing voice and Ariana has a lot of followers who could vote for her.


Kelly says Samara, who do you pick as your coach? Samara says she has to say that she picks…John.


Lucas O’Reilly is next and he is from Newport, RI. He did not want to be a singer initially but he first performed publicly when he was 18. He takes the stage and sings Carolina In My Mind by James Taylor. He does not get a chair to turn.


Kelly says she was looking for more range from Lucas. Ariana loved his voice but she was looking for more. John says he had some pitch issues but he has a magical tone.


Next we meet Holly Forbes from Catlettsburg, KY. She is a caregiver for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. She is going to sing Rocket Man by Elton John.


Holly takes the stage for her performance. Ariana just beats John to the block button as he turns and Kelly right behind. Blake turns also. Holly is a 4-chair turn and the coaches get to watch the performance.


Blake greets Holly and says he was the last to hit his button but that was a great performance and his favorite part was her hitting the little notes in the verses. He would be proud to be her damn coach.


Ariana says Holly was so incredibly moving and it was emotionally charged and she would love to work with her. John says he was maliciously held back to pitch to her but he might have deserved it. John congratulates her on giving a compelling performance.


Kelly says Ariana is great, but she is great too. Kelly says she loves Holly’s voice, especially from the beginning and that was beautiful. Blake says some children love too much sugar, or playing with fire, but it might not be the best thing.


John congratulates Holly and asks who she picks as her coach. Holly says I…and we will continue this tomorrow night!

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