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Big Brother Season 23-Veto Comp Week 11

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Previously on BB, K, Xy & Big D had a F3 agreement but they also made their own side deals. After Tiff became the first member of The Cookout to be cooked, JCM made a shocking announcement. So with Azah getting her first win of the summer, Chaddah and X hit the block. 

After Ky won his 2nd Veto in a row, he proved his loyalty to X, putting Big D up, which ultimately sent Hannah to Jury. Azah was upset her closest ally was forced onto the block and Big D was worried he was the odd man out. And in a crime scene investigation for power, 

X was the CSI VIP. Although noms were made one last time, everyone knew the real power was in the upcoming PoV. Tonight, who will win the most important Veto of the season and determine who stays and who goes? Only one week remains in the battle for $750k. 

It's Game On on Big Brother!

Day 72 after Nominations. X tells us his goal is to ensure he and DF make it to F3. The Veto is the most important of the summer because it determines who goes to F3 and I have to win. Ky has never been this stressed out before because the only thing that matters is Veto.

Ky tells us the Veto winner decides who casts the sole vote to evict. It's either win the Veto or lose this game. DF is happy to not be on the block but he's in a weird spot. He wants F3 with X  & Ky because he has a F2 deal with both, but he might have to say GB to Azah.

DF: She's my best friend in the game, DF says, but I have to do what is best for my game. Azah says she made it through the entire season w/o being nominated until now. It's sobering, I might go home. Winning the Veto is the only way to stay safe...

Aza: But I also need to know where I stand with the rest of the house. In the YBR, Azah tells DF he has a close relationship with everyone, she can't say that. DF says Ky is the wild card. She asks if he has a F3 with X/Ky. DF lies no (flashback to the F3 deal).

Just be up front with me, Azah demands. DF is. It's an uncomfortable convo but his only deals are a F2 with X from Day 1, and Ky from Week 2. Damn, Azah says, that's a F3 with the guys. I was setting myself up to be sitting with either 1 or 2. I never did 3. 

Azah is shocked. She knew DF's plans up until this moment. She tells DF she could have sent a guy home instead of Hannah and been set up better than how she is now. We're in the best position, DF says. It's not we anymore, Boo, she explains, it's you.

I don't have a F2 with Big D, Azah tells us, we've just had each others' back. The only person I can depend on is myself. Call it what it is, she tells DF, if I don't win Veto, I'm going home. 

In the WA, DF tells Ky he's stressed, was beat up by Azah. There's a potential chance I'll send my friend home. It's just hard, someone who is ride or die for you, and tell her he has to send her home because he made deals he cannot go back on. It's hard, that's all.

I have made my bed, DF tells Ky, you and me to the end, so I'm trying to make sure I'm not shooting myself in the foot. DF tells us he has his F2 with X, so he wants to make sure he and Ky are good before thinking about considering sending home my BF in the game, Azah.

DF tells us he needs to make sure he ends up on Finale Night no matter who decides to take him. Ky tells DF you're talking about deals to 2 and I'm just trying to make it to 3. DF just wants to make sure the F2 deal sticks. We're in different positions, Ky says.

I'm in a vulnerable position, Ky explains to DF, I don't think it's your intention to leverage that I am in a vulnerable position, but it is a leveraged question. Ky tells us if Noms stay the same, then DF will be the sole vote to chose who goes with him and X to F3.

Ky in DR: It feels like he's using the moment to threaten me to reassure him of F2 before he commits to F3. DF tells him he made his F2 deal and wanted to make sure it's still good. It's hard to see past this week, Ky replies. 

In DR, DF says Ky is making me feel I can't trust him, he's not giving me a straight Yes or No answer. Ky tells DF his world has been rocked in the game. In the YBR, Azah asks X if he wants to be in F3 with competitive people? 

X wants to be with whomever will best represent BB's first African American winner, and all 4 of us can do that. Ky has always felt a competitive rivalry with him, he wants to bring competitors to the end and sees me as the strongest: I took X to the end and beat him.

Batman vs. Superman, Azah says. X agrees. Do you want it too, she asks? It would be interesting but Ky is a strong competitor. Azah whispers that Ky always needs to be in control. X says if Ky's desire is to prove he could take this person, he may not be playing BB right.

Azah: You want Wonder Woman? X laughs. I have no control over who stays or goes this week. Unless you win Veto, she says. X tells us that even if he thought he could beat Ky in F2, his odds would be better to win next to DF/Azah. Given the chance, he has to take the shot.

In HoH, Ky talks again to DF. DF says Ky hesitated at confirming F2, it didn't sit well with him. Ky says he just isn't thinking of 2 while trying to get to 3. DF says if we could be loyal to the Six, why would I not be loyal to the Three? 

Ky tells DF the difference is he's played an active role in those decisions (Final 6), so it's not that I would be willing to do it but I did it. You haven't been able to. Ky tells us he's shown many times he was loyal to DF and now he seems ungrateful.

Ky in DR: He's asking me again what I can do for him. Don't get it twisted, DF tells him, I've done a lot for you too. I don't like to do tit for tat. We've had arguments and disagreements but this is the first time I feel awkward. Ky steps into the HoH WA.

In DR, DF says he's off in Ky Land, his own planet. He doesn't like to say yes or no, he talks like he's a Dr. Scientist, it's bull. Where I come from, if you can't say Yes or No, there's no use in me dealing with you. Ky returns and DF says he thinks their F2 is dead.

DF tells Ky they can revisit F2 after we see what happens. Ky says he would do better if he left this convo. OK, DF says. Ky walks out of HoH, leaving DF stunned.

X watches Ky in the KT. In the DR, X says now that we're down to 4 HG, some quirky little habits are more noticeable. For example, Ky has the strangest habit of deep sniffing everything. Why you put the whole tortilla shell on your face? That's nasty.

X in DR: I can't imagine what else Ky is smelling in the house (clips of Ky smelling his clothes, dirty mugs, his floss, his pillow, a pineapple, a shoe). After seeing that, and thinking about all the meals he's cooked me...

X in DR: I have to win this Veto to get the sniffing bandit out of this house. He's got to go. In HoH, DF unloads to X. He can't be emotionally attached, he doesn't have time for it. X says he would try to get him to F2, through Azah or Ky, he doesn't care.

X to DF: Who gives us the best chance at F2? X explains to us that if noms stay the same, DF is the sole vote to evict so I am trying to persuade him to get comfortable with the idea of voting out Ky. X sees pro's and con's with both, but if we keep Ky, I can beat him.

X to DF: But both of us can beat Azah in a comp. I get it, DF says. DF fears sitting next to Azah. He knew this girl sat in the room all season, didn't lie or manipulate... X says next to her neither of us has a chance. I know both of us can beat her though.

DF reminds X she beat him in BB Ballers. Ky has beat me in 3 comps, X responds. But if you'd rather face Azah than Ky, that's something we have to consider. I haven't won all season, DF whines, I didn't know I'd have to make the big decision at the end.

In DR, DF says Ky has been shady as hell, but I want to honor our deal. However, Ky is a great competitor and it might be better to take Azah to F3 instead. It's a huge decision and I don't know what to do. To X, DF worries Ky will think he manipulated him the whole time.

X calls the HG to the LR. As part of his HoH win, he gets to select one HG to watch the premier of CSI: Las Vegas, and he chooses Azah. He chose her because she got no perks from her own HoH. DF and Ky give fake applause. Azah provides the appropriate gratitudes in DR.

They have pizza and salad as they watch the episode in which Grissom returns to the scene of the original Crime Scene Investigators. They loved it, of course. And they'll be home to watch the real premier. 

In the YBR, DF calls Azah over to apologize. He shouldn't have made her feel like he didn't have her back. She doesn't want him to back out on the deals he made. He's been emotional & all over the place today. You were there for me, to save me, like I've been for you.

In DR, DF says after talking with Ky and X, I need to make sure things are good with Azah and let her know I might keep her and care about her, and it might be best for my game. DF tells her she doesn't owe him anything, he owes her and has to man up.

DF tells Azah he has to not let emotions get in the way. She thanks him and he thanks her right back. I love you, that's all. An emotional Azah loves him back. They hug. She's relieved Big D is considering taking her to F3, she tells us, but he still has these other deals.

DF says they came into the game together, if we leave together, even better. Azah wants this (she holds up 3 fingers). Tomorrow, Ky can't win, she tells him, that's going to be the big move of the season. Ky sits alone in the WA contemplating what moves he has left.

It's time for the Veto comp. The BY is divided into 4 sections so each HG can play without seeing what the other is doing. Ky sees the Veto & says he'll be back for it. This is the final and most important Veto comp of the summer. Whomever wins the Veto gets the sole vote

to evict this week. This comp is called BB Winning Days. Each round lists an event that occurred in the BB House. Figure out what day the event happened and answer by walking back & forth across a seesaw bringing one rubber ball at a time from your number rack to your Veto

Card. Different color balls have different number values. Your balls must add up to the correct day. If the balls fall off your card or you fall off the seesaw, you have to start over. When you think you have balls adding up to the correct answer, press your button.

If you are correct, you are safe for the round. If you are incorrect, you can adjust your answer. The last player to answer each round gets an Strike. When a player receives a second Strike, they are out of the competition. Last player standing wins the Power of Veto!

Who's ready to play BB Winning Days? X wants to have all the power and block Ky from saving himself. DF doesn't want Azah or Ky to win because then he goes up. For Ky, this is a must win. 

Round 1: The day you all met OTEV the Jacked Jellyfish. The answer is Day 39. That's 2 10-balls (green), 3 5-balls (pink), 1 3-ball (blue), and a 1-ball (orange). When you walk across the seesaw, the Veto board on the other end bounces up and down so HG have to be steady.

HG can only take one ball over at the same time. Ky can hear everyone moving faster than he is so he has to go faster but he keeps losing balls out of his Veto board. X says the key is the middle where seesaw tilts one way or the other. DF is going very slow.

Azah locks in first. Ky locks in second. X locks in 3rd. DF gets his first strike.

Round 2: The day the BB NFTs dropped onto the memory wall. The answer is Day 50. That's both of the green 10-balls, 6 pink 5-balls. Ky loses a 10-ball and some of his balls fall behind the ball rack, so he must restock the rack before he can continue.

Ky loses a ball again and must start over. X rings in first. Azah rings in second and DF rings in third. Ky gets his first strike. This isn't baseball - it's 2 strikes and you're out. If I get one more X, I'll be eliminated from the comp and could be out of this house.

The stakes couldn't be higher, Ky says, but he has to focus. Round 3: The day Christian won his second Veto comp. The answer is Day 25. DF says that's 2 10's and a 5. He places a green ball on his board. Azah puts a 10 on her board. X has 25 already. 

Ky has 2 10-balls in and he's bringing his 5-ball and a 10-ball rolls out. He has to start over. He's moving fast but his balls are falling of the Veto board. This isn't working, he says. Azah has 2 10-balls, DF has 2 10-balls. X has 2 10-balls - he must have lost some.

X rings in first, followed by Azah, then DF. Ky gets his second strike and is eliminated from the comp. He tells us he let himself down. He cries in DR. X says this is exactly what needed to happen. 1 down, 2 to go. 

Round 4: The day the oven caught on fire. The answer is Day 55. Neither X nor Azah remember. He's going with a guess, 54. Azah guesses 54. They're wrong. DF says it's either Day 54, 55 or 56, so his dad said when you see triple hit the one in the middle. He goes for 55.

X adds an orange 1-ball to get to 55 but loses a green ball and has to start over. Azah is losing focus under pressure and she loses a bunch of balls. DF rings in first. X rings in second. Azah gets her first strike.

Round 5: The day the first Wild Card comp was played. The answer is Day 2. It's just two little orange balls - a lightning round. X puts in one ball, but it rolls back down his seesaw as he goes for the second ball. DF gets both balls and rings in first. 

X & Azah have their 2, but Azah bumps her seesaw & they bounce out. Then she falls off the seesaw & has to start over. X rings in and Azah is eliminated. Now her fate is up to DF or X. That's great news, X says, it's down to DF and me - two bald black men going at it.

Round 6: The day The Cookout became the Final 6 HG in the BB House. The answer is Day 65, a historic day in BB History, X says. DF has 1 strike and X has none, so he cannot lose this round or he loses the PoV. To get to 65, you need 2 greens, 8 pinks, a blue and 2 oranges.

X is down to one orange while DF is still at 2 greens and a two pinks. X hits his button and wins the Power of Veto!  He intro introduces the PoV to the HoH key in the DR. You are both going to make this a fun week for him - he's in full control of the F3 and to win $750k.

In the DR, Ky says it is difficult to be in such a vulnerable situation. X has my entire life in his hands and I just hope I made the right decision to keep him safe when I had his life in my hands. He starts crying: Dammit!

Ky goes up to the HNR and pounds the bed mattress with his fist. Having lost the most important Veto comp of the summer and the most important comp of my game, it's beyond devastating. In HNR, he says this is a comp you were ready for. I'm trusting DF and X to have my back.

In the HNR, he asks himself why he was in such a rush. All you had to do was stay calm. Back in DR: This is BB and it's hard to not let paranoia seep in. He pounds the mattress again in despair. X comes into the HNR and asks if he's OK.  I hope so, Ky says bravely.

X is just letting him know he's not doing Veto game talk today. Ky looks at him expectingly. X: Are you sure you're good? Ky smiles and shakes his head no. He doesn't fully know what between them would have to be a conversation for tomorrow. X has a blank face in response.

Ky says this is one of those vulnerable moments where reassurances help and to not get them, it has my worry amplifying. X laughs nervously. Obviously, we have a dialog, he obfuscates, it hasn't changed. OK, Ky says.

Ky tells X he's showed him he values him more than DF. You're not expendable to me, Ky says. Are you willing to risk me at all? I get what you're saying, X says, impassively. I've prioritized you over everyone else, Ky says, and it would be nice to feel that reciprocated.

Ky looks at X but there's nothing to read. There's only so much I can say, X dodges, all I can do is show you. For me, Ky says, the only way to show me would be to use the Veto on him. X knows, but he doesn't give Ky the commitment he's looking for.

In DR, X says yeah, we're good, Ky. Look, I'm going to give you all the assurances you need, but yeah, it's your time to go. Breath, X tells Ky, you'll be fine. When you say fine, Ky laughs seeking confirmation, you mean to 3. We'll worry about this tomorrow, replies X.

They bro hug. X leaves and Ky breaths a sigh of defeat. I hate myself right now, he says. In DR, Ky says X not wanting to have Veto convos right now feels personally offensive. It's the type of thing to someone whose not your #1. 

Ky tells us if X doesn't use the Veto, DF will be the sole vote this week, and I would need him to save me. I'm pretty sure he will, but you can never be certain of anything in this game. 

Azah says with the deals Big D has made, I don't feel safe on the block. If Big D is having any doubts, then X should use the Veto on me, because I have no deals with Ky and no problem sending him out the door. At all.

DF knows if X keeps noms the same, he'll have to cast the solo vote to evict either Azah or Ky. Someone will be hurt and betrayed, so I have to figure it out. It's really hard to pick between the two because I love both equally.

X says now that he's won the PoV, he needs to ensure Ky goes home. Getting DF to vote out Ky would be epic, but will he follow through with the plan? That's the question. I have to decide whether he'll take that shot.

Who will be the last HG evicted before the finale. Find out tomorrow night at 8pm ET / 7pm Central, live on Big Brother!

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