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The Voice Season 21 - Blind Auditions #2


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This is The Voice! Give it up for our Season 21 coaches: Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande, John Legend and Blake Shelton! Are you ready for some music?

Tonight's first Blind Audition is pop/country singer Lana Scott, singing Hole In The Bottle (Kelsea Ballerini), she's voice has a light swagger that quickly turns Blake's chair, making her father very happy. She delivers some twang that triggers Kelly's button. 

The other coaches cede the artist to Kelly and Blake. That's county, Blake says. That's my daughter, dad says. Blake and Kelly argue over who really knows Kelsea Ballerini. Blake says we don't hear a voice like that anymore, you have so much energy and personality.

Kelly says you have a cool, stylized country sound. Kelly loves country, even if she doesn't look country. But Lana would look good in turquoise. Blake says he doesn't have to pander with jackets - he's offering a trophy at the end of the season. 

John wants to talk but Blake just keeps going. John/Ariana walk off stage while Kelly/Blake fight over Lana. Kelly does all kinds of music.  Blake says he plays NFL football, why limit herself. John/Ariana finish their popcorn &return. Blake/Kelly didn't notice.

John/Ariana just wanted to say hello. Her upper register popped and she should pick Team Kelly. Ariana says you are distinctly, ironically, classically Team Kelly. Blake says her dad is a great guy and you don't dabble in country. How is Gwen Stefani, Kelly asks?

Who are you going to pick as your coach, asks Ariana? This is a dream, Lana says, I have to trust my heart and for me and my dad, Blake!

Afterwards, Kelly is mad at Blake: You know I like country music. I know you like country music, Blake retorts, but I got her on my team!

It's crazy, says Samuel Harness from Fort Wayne, IN as he listens through the stage doors before his Blind Audition. Adopted along with 4 other diverse siblings, he grew up with bluegrass music. A father now himself, music was therapeutic for him.

Singing Here Without You (3 Doors Down) slowed down, the coaches like the adaptation. Kelly likes his vibrato but John is the first coach to turn. He kind of sounds like a softer Bon Jovi and Blake and Ariana take the plunge. 

Ariana says he has an incredible, unique voice, the whole journey, raspy high notes, grungy but healthy, grit and soul but clean and clear. Do you love country too? No, Samuel says. She says I could tell its you from the moment you start singing. 

John says his rasp is signature for him, plus you have the range, it's a powerful thing to be able to emote like that. Kelly says at the end, your voice finally opened up and I realized I had no chance. I just want to watch Blake try to get you on his team.

Blake says it is unbelievable how Kelly treats me, but I am a country artist, but a musical coach, it's important to not be boxed in. Voices like yours are rare, like a sizzle frying an egg. Kelly asks, who do you pick as your coach not Blake?

Samuel says the person I would like to work with is...   John!

Carson tells Ariana she should have blocked John. She says she wasn't fast enough.

Next audition is college student Carolina Alonso from Reno, NV, studying biochemistry but dreaming of becoming a singer. Her parents brought them from Mexico and sacrificed to give them a good life. She sings in her dad's mariachi band at a restaurant. 

No longer embarrassed from where she came, she's singing El Triste (Jose Jose) in Spanish and Kelly's mouth drops at her gorgeous vocal. She pushes her button. John is grooving and Blake is concentrating, but despite ending on a high note, no other chairs turn.

Kelly is so happy. John says I was worried you squeezed your high notes but your alto was soulful and rich. Ariana liked the fullness of her lower register, you have many cool parts to your voice. Blake says Kelly studied Dualingo to prepare to have you on her team.

Kelly says being able to sing in multiple languages is really important to connect with people and your tone was present and round, I am the coach for you! Welcome to Team Kelly!

Chavon Rodgers is a pop/alternative artist singing Drivers License (Olivia Rodrigo) and Kelly is immediately in the groove. His vocal is dynamic and intriguing and John takes the leap. Playing the acoustic, he kicks it into second gear and Ariana turns on his falsetto. 

Chavon is from Tulsa, originally from Ada, OK (Blake's home town). 7 siblings with names all beginning with C, they were a musical family. His wife encouraged him to pursue music instead of physical therapy. Chavon has something for Blake: This isn't a DNA test is it?

It's an early 1900's ADA brick that his family has owned for years. John says he didn't even push his button from you. So you like pop music, Kelly asks? I love pop music, Blake starts up, I recorded pop music with Christine Aguilera! Aria says neither of you turned!

Ariana loved the journey, the soft sweetness at the beginning, the storytelling, the extraordinary ending. I loved getting to know your voice. John says I love your inviting, interesting, mysterious tone, built to amazing heights. Your version was your own, powerful.

See how civilized we are, Ariana asks? That's because you don't have as much passion, Blake says, good luck. Kelly asks who he picks as his coach? John, you're incredible but I choose Ariana!

Serenity Arce is 14yrs old from Jupiter, FL and her friends wouldn't believe she's auditioning on The Voice. She started training vocally since age 7, pouring out her emotions in song. Ariana Grande is her idol. 

Singing I See Red (Everybody Loves An outlaw), her vocal is loaded with character and attitude, powerful and dramatic. But the coaches don't know what to make of her and don't turn. Kelly says maturity will help you stay on key. Ariana says stay involved with theater.

Blake says you are good enough to get on the show but not make it far in, and that might be discouraging, so take a year and then come back. John says she's so close.

The coaches are shocked to hear a male voice singing Into The Unknown (Indina Menzel, Frozen II) with power and urgency. John blocks Ariana and turns to face his artist, Joshua Vacanti who just blows the roof off with his voice and stage presence. 

Ariana presses her button & sees she's been blocked, to the amusement of Blake. His family is musical but he had asthma growing up & the steroids blew him up to 300lbs. In HS, he became a vegetarian to thin down, but he still carries the weight mentally.

Kelly says he has an insane range, a bold song to sing. Unfortunately your only option is John. Blake says you're lucky to not be an experiment on a first-time coaches team. I felt it too, Ariana says, but I was too late. We are cosmically connected - a theater person.

John says this is clearly in Ariana's lane but you made me block her to get you. As a father of a 5yr old and 3yr old, I'm VERY familiar with that song, and it's not easy. You have the range, confidence, chutzpah, welcome to Team Legend!

It's deja vu, a yr since she Blind Auditioned for The Voice Season 19 at age 14. Hailey Green was so nervous & Blake told her to come back in a year. She likes a challenge - she's a linebacker on her HS football team, and gigging w/her band. Her voice & style changed.

More mature, not getting a chair to turn was the best thing that happened to her - same voice but totally different person. Singing Home (Marc Broussard), Kelly is immediately energized by the song choice. Full of energy and empowered attitude, the judges are grooving.

She's got grit and in her vocal, and Blake keeps looking at Kelly as Hailey powers through her performance. But Kelly isn't turning. Hailey reaches the final note of the song and Blake turns his chair. He goes to Blake's Win Cam and says, did you see that? 

Blake says the others all waited and when they didn't turn, I wasn't waiting any more. They did not recognize her from Season 19. They other coaches give her compliments and regrets. Blake says you have a wildness and we can tame that. Welcome to Team Blake!

Jim and Sasha Allen are a father/son duo from Newtown, CT. Sasha says the coaches will realize they are related from the eyebrows. Jim was influenced by Doc Watson and Arlo Guthrie as a college bluegrass singer, becoming a music teacher. 19yr old Sasha got free lessons.

Sasha was born female and it ate him up. Jim says it's a parents' job to listen to your child even when you don't understand. He transitioned in high school with the help of music to get him through the tough times. Jim says Sasha is fundamentally the same child.

Singing Leaving On A Jet Plane (John Denver) with Jim on a ukulele and Sasha on guitar, Kelly says he has a pretty voice. Then the harmonies kick in with Sasha taking lead. The audience loves it but the coaches are not sure. Kelly has to press and she does. Ariana too.

Sasha can't believe they have 2 coaches. Sasha has something for Blake (who didn't turn around) - a drawing of the three of them together. What kind of a jack*ss am I, Blake asks? Kelly is nervous how excited Sasha was that Ariana turned around.

Kelly says to be completely transparent, I have a trio but I could let you go home, that family harmony was so special. Blake says he couldn't finger the genre. Ariana says the harmonies were so peaceful, they transported me, pitch perfect, I felt connected to it.

Ariana wants to work with them on extending their range. Blake asks if she has a group? No, Ariana says. Well, I'll be, Blake says. John says we're excited to have you on the show and you have an important choice to make. They discuss it briefly then Sasha says, Ariana.

The next artist launches into the immediately recognizable Superstition (Stevie Wonder) and Paris Winningham delivers a creamy, light & bouncy rendition that lures John into pressing his button. A power note brings John to his feet. Ariana has her finger on her button..

And Ariana spoils John's fun with a 2-chair turn. A US Navy veteran, he's been all around the world as a Machinist Mate. His Chief heard he could sing and he sang the National Anthem for the Navy's birthday. A knee injury resulted in an honorable discharge.

Paris turned to music. Ariana says he has so much soul and personality, layered, he sounds like music is your safe space. No one on my team is like you. John yells you lit this stage on fire! Those high notes rang out & you growled at the same time. You have it in you.

Now is the moment. Kelly asks who he picks as his coach? Ariana, I love you, but John, let's make history! 

21yr old Camryn B comes from a small town with beautiful waterfalls, bears & Coyotes. The youngest with 3 brothers, he would sing the National Anthem his brothers' games. Her oldest brother had a tragic football accident and was paralyzed. 

She became his caregiver and he became her cheerleader, pushing her into performing arts & singing Hometown Glory (Adele) for her Blind Audition. Her vocal is clear and nuanced, a little nervous and pitchy, but loaded with powerful potential. She gets no chair turns.

Camryn says she used to be in The Voice audience. Kelly wanted to hear more of her and less Adele. Ariana says you handled this moment well and are not afraid to do the work, so please come back.

The final artist of the night is 23yr old Gymani from East Point, GA, who runs a home salon w/2 kids under age 3. Growing up she wanted to become a professional singer like her mom. Singing POV (Ariana Grande) before Ariana is huge, so she's going to put the funk on it.

From Gymani's opening run, Blake/Ariana were hooked and turn around. Her vocal & stage presence oozes attitude and John is next to turn around. Ariana's mouth is wide open as she delivers colorful runs and melodic texture. Kelly can't resist and makes it a 4-chair turn.

Ariana is on her feet with her hands over her head as Gymani raises the bar even higher. Hey, says John. All four coaches are on their feet as is the entire audience. That's your song now, Ariana says, you took it. That was phenomenal, you made me forget where I am.

Ariana says so many alterations to the melody, each had intention, you're a messenger of emotions and I'm honored you sang my song. I'll do anything to have you on my team. John says you truly made it your own and executed it flawlessly. He knows the artists she loves.

Kelly says I knew I should turn around but it was Ariana's song! I have no one like you on my team. You have an incredible ear for song selection, Ariana's songs are hard to sing, she's got incredible lung control, and what you did with it was brilliant.

Blake says you sang my fav, BTW, John went on with words I'll have to look up, and Kelly just lied and said she has no one like you on your team. I call a witness - Ariana Grande. I'm not here right now, Ariana says. John disputes the premise of the point. You did you.

Who do you pick as your coach? For my coach, I pick Kelly! OMG, Kelly screams! Ariana is shock. Kelly falls to her knees. 

Tonight, Team Blake added Lana Scott and Hailey Green. Team Ariana added Chavon Rodgers and Jim & Sasha Allen. Team John added Samuel Harness, Joshua Vacanti and Paris Winningham. And Team Kelly added Carolina Alonso and Gymani. Which coach has your favorite so far?

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