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The Voice Season 21 - Blind Auditions #1


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This is The Voice! We open with a vocal introduction to your Coaches, John Legend, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and introducing first time Coach Ariana Grande! 

Let's get to the Blind Auditions. Be Country, Blake says. They open with a guitar and male/female vocalists singing Helplessly Hoping (Crosby, Stills & Nash) in 3-part harmony. Kelly quickly presses her button. John soon joins her. Blake & Ariana press buttons as well.

A 4-chair turn. Let the games begin! They are Girl Named Tom and they are siblings. Kelly turned first. Blake says someone needs to be in front. Ariana cuts Blake off. She was obsessed how tightly knit the harmonies were. John grew up singing in a family.

The coaches all suggests artists they can sing. Blake/Ariana raise their hands. Blake doesn't want to turn them into a novelty act. Kelly will have you singing Baby Shark. Ariana asks who do they pick? Girl Named Tom joins Team Kelly! She has jackets for them to share.

Music helped the next blind audition escape postpartum depression. Singing The Bones (Maren Morris) is Katie Rae. John and Kelly hit their buttons right away, followed by Ariana. A 3-Chair turn. Ariana loves the tone and runs. John says you left Ariana speechless.

Blake wishes she left Kelly speechless. John turned early for him. Ariana presses her button again and the speakers play her music to interrupt John. Kelly falls apart laughing. I'm proud of you, Blake says. Kelly says you can sing but also move people. 

Ariana says she would have a baby if she picked her. John would too if possible. He starts talking & Ariana interrupts with song again. Blake asks who she picks as her coach? Katie picks Team Ariana! She gives her a lunch box with teas & honey to sooth vocal chords.

Elvis is in the house and it's the young, good looking version: Peedy Chavis singing Heartbreak Hotel. John and Blake quickly turn their chairs. He's got a colorful baritone with all the leg twitching dance moves. Neither Kelly nor Ariana turned. 

You are adorable, Kelly says. He's 19yrs old. Blake says that had me fired the heck up. Elvis is Peedy's hero ever since he watched Blake's Elvis show. He formed a teenage band to sing old soul music. Blake says a friend of his wrote that song.

Ariana says he wishes there had been more Peedy in the performance. John says he was singing is butt off. Peedy likes Sinatra and standards and John says they can bring it to a new generation. Kelly points out that John is an EGOT winner. Ego winner, Blake asks?

Peedy decides to join Team Blake! Blake's gift is the Win Cam, which is designed to throw it in the other coach's faces that he won.

Next up is LA's own Jonathan Mouton who grew up in a musical family, the son of a Mowtown background singer (Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gay) turned vocal coach. A career in musical performance was upended by throat cancer. He was ready to die but his mom helped him live.

Singing Leave The Door Open (Bruno Mars), the coaches don't know what to make of Jonathan. John finally presses his button to his buttery powerful vocals. Ariana has to turn as well. She says he can really sing, chill and conversational verses, whaling on the chorus.

John says they coordinated outfits, the same name almost. So silky, you had all the right emotion, kind of like a Peebo Bryson R&B artist, smooth as h*ll. Blake thought that was Bruno Mars. Blake says John compared you to Billie Ocean. No I did not, John says. 

John's having a rouge day, Blake says, a long dry spell. Ariana might win this sucker. You might be the first member of Team Legend, John says. Kelly asks who Jonathan picks as his coach. Jonathan picks Mr. Legend! John's gift is a boxer's robe.

15yr old Marco Salvador, from Venezuela via Miami at age 3. His grandfather was a singer, though he never knew him. His mother's advice is to move his hips. Singing Bailamos (Julio Inglesias), he sounds young and energetic. Unfortunately, he gets no chair turns. 

Katherine Ann Mohler, whose A Capella group won a national competition in HS, is the next Blind Audition. Singing We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off (Jermaine Stewart), Ariana/Blake turn at the last moment. Katherine is obsessed with Ariana. But she loves Blake too.

Katherine dressed up as Ariana one year for Halloween. Blake tries to turn his chair back - a wasted turn. Ariana makes her pitch - it's not about winning the show, it's about building a long term career. Blake says he's got a lifetime in the business. 

John says he is the oldest coach, true. Kelly is the most successful coach - 3 wins in 7 seasons, vs. Blake's 4 in 20. It's just math, Ariana says. Blake does appreciate Ariana (don't let him trick you, Kelly says). I have a lot to prove, Ariana says. Blake: I don't.

He's coasting, says John. Coasting to the finale, Blake boasts. Katherine chooses Team Ariana!

18yr old Jack Rogan is a little nervous because he's never really performed outside of friends, family and the nursing home where he works. Playing his own acoustic and singing House of the Rising Sun (The Animals), John/Kelly turn almost at the same time after one bar.

Ariana wanted to be moved a little more emotionally. Kelly and John fight over who turned first. The gravity and beauty of your tone, a heartbreaking, storytelling performance. Blake says John was a little before Kelly. Kelly you got better and better, an iconic voice.

Jack reveals he's a sophomore in college (at age 18) who was home schooled. Are you Doogie Houser, Kelly asks? John says he's too young to know who that is, my friends used to call me Doogie in HS. You can't go wrong either way, but you can go more right with me.

Blake can't remember why he didn't turn around but who are you going to pick as your coach? I'm going with John, he says!

Kinsey Rose is the next Blind Audition, singing Cowboy Take Me Away (Dixie Chicks), her voice pure country. Kelly blocks Blake as she turns around. Blake turns though he knows he's been blocked. What happened there, Ariana asks innocently. Kinsey joins Team Kelly. 

Vaughn Mugol is originally from the Philippines, a RN in Oncology, a family tradition. He sings to his patients when they need a pick-me-up. He learned English of Rock'n'Roll music but never thought he'd perform. Singing The A Team (Ed Sheeran), John/Kelly quickly turn.

Ariana is the third chair turn for Vaughn, a casual storytelling vocalist, with a simple power and commanding stage presence. Kelly celebrates his being from Texas. Ariana says she could tell he got tired at the end and can help with that. He likes R&B/Pop. 

Me too, John says, and my younger brother is named Vaughn too. John guesses he has seasoned performance experience but is wrong. John says he turned first and has the right experience. Blake wonders when the lecture will be over. Kelly says you have great precision.

All I am is emotion, Kelly says, and you're an emotional singer. Blake says I hate all three of the other coaches so I don't want to help any of them. Ariana says I'm new but I want to guide you, to answer your questions to get you to where you want to go.

Who do you want to pick as your coach, Blake asks? Taking a leap of faith, he says, I pick Ariana!

18yr old Gracie Nourbash has done musical theater but is studying fashion in college. She would love the opportunity to work with Ariana. Singing Control (Zoe Wees), she doesn't have much depth in her lower octaves and receives no chair turns. 

Kelly says she sang from the back of her mouth. Ariana says she needs more time to develop. Gracie met Ariana on tour when she was 12 (Gracie, not Ariana) and shows her the photos. Ariana keeps one to remember her by.

Wendy Moten has toured with some of the greatest artists in music history. She had a single in the 90's (Coming Out Of The Rain) that hit Top 100 and was on Leno. Her record deal ended so she became a background singer for 15 years. Now she wants to step forward again.

Take a deep breath, Carson says, go out there and get a chair to turn. Singing We Can Work It Out (The Beatles) but with a soul switch, Blake blocks John and turns his chair. Jazzing it up abit, Wendy turns on the power and Ariana and John turn.

John realizes he's been blocked and immediately points the finger at Blake. Kelly joins the parade after realizing John is out of the running. With a 4-chair turn (but John blocked), Wendy turns it on for the climax and receives a standing ovation.

Did you block John, Blake asks Ariana? No, I thought Kelly did. It might have been Kelly, Blake says. John points the finger squarely at Blake. John says your instrument is beyond.. Perfect, concludes Ariana. So much light in your voice, John says dejectedly.

Ariana is shook w/her tone, choices. I've had 35yrs in the music industry Wendy says, sang duets w/Julio Inglesias, Michael McDonald, Vince Gill, John Oats. What a privilege for them to have shared the stage with you, Ariana gushes. It's time you were in the foreground.

Kelly says your voice is so powerful, so transcendent, you move people to a new level. I forgot I pressed my button I was enjoying it so much, it was your show. Don't pick Blake, John says. Blake stole an opportunity from you, Kelly says of John being blocked.

Blake says if I did it was an accident. Do you want someone who'll lie to you, Kelly asks? Well, Wendy draws out...  That is Top 3 Blind Auditions on The Voice, all-time. You found a note and delivered it with power and impact that was shocking, and let it set sail.

Ariana can help amplify her voice. Kelly has a TV show and a jacket. Who do you pick as your coach that's not Blake, asks John? OMGosh, Wendy says, I gotta go with Blake! 

After the first night of Blinds, Team Kelly lands Girl Named Tom & Kinsey Rose. Team John secures Jonathan Mouton & Jack Rogan. Team Blake scores Peedy Chavis & Wendy Moten. And Team Grande is off to a fast start with Katie Rae, Katherine Ann Mohler and Vaughn Mugol.

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