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Wednesday, September 22, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Chess Parlor (CP)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Reef Bedroom (RBR)
Sea Glass Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Yacht Club Bedroom (YBR)


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:20am BBT Ky has finished his bedtime ADLs and heads up to the HNR where he finds it more comfortable. In the YBR, DF is doing impressions but he's not very good since Azah keeps asking whose voice that was. She says people probably don't think her hair is real.

12:30am BBT DF/Azah have made peace. She is chill with her friends, but when she feels disrespected, she fires back. DF says he's very emotional and she doesn't care. She apologizes and does care about him. He doesn't understand she afraid being on the block next to Ky.

12:32am BBT Azah hopes neither of them ever see the Jury House (they won't). She says she's not afraid if he evicts her. DF says he has to evict Ky. He'll lose self-respect if he doesn't. I'll have been all talk. I have to be more than talk. 

12:37am BBT DF says relationships get you far in the game. He says if it were him and X on the block, she'd vote him out. Azah reminds him she protected DF over Brit (of course, that was protecting The Cookout and the vote was never really in question). 

12:39am BBT Azah would never let a man (X) get in the way of her & DF - she would save DF over X if she had the sole vote. Tiff wanted an all-girl F3 and Ky offered a deal, but she stayed loyal to DF. I've been Ky's right-hand man all season, DF says, now I vote him out.

12:40am BBT DF vows he won't let a man (Ky) come between him and Azah. Azah says she has told X that she would pick DF over him (she hasn't). X would give him that pouty look and she'd tell him to pack his bags. 

12:41am BBT Azah says DF has 2 F2 deals (her and X): Why are you struggling? It bugs her that he is pausing about saving her (how many times does DF have to say he's voting out Ky before she'll believe him?). DF says others don't see the Ky he sees. He's a good person.

12:50am BBT Azah says she's done all she can do, she can't show DF empathy since she's on the block. DF says he gets it. She lays on top of him and he says now he won't vote her out. DF teases she's in a no-mance with X. She says she doesn't chase around anyone.

12:55am BBT Azah says she was nervous voting out Tiff, almost forgot what to say. She thinks she can win the game next to anyone, she believes in herself. DF must believe in himself too. DF repeats he had plans in place, targets lined up in advance, was always in control.

12:58am BBT DF says he can't beat Azah because she hasn't lied to anyone (she made a big show of having trouble lying early on, but she's pretty good at it when it matters). She would be the angle and he'd be the b*tch. DF thinks a vote between X and Azah would be close.

1:00am BBT Ky is sleeping in the HNR. DF thinks X would get DX and Brit's vote. DF says he'd feel like sh*t sending X out if he wins Final HoH but he'd keep Azah safe. Azah repeats she told X that she has a F2 with DF (she hasn't). DF says she's just playing with him.

1:05am BBT Azah promises she's not playing DF. She's a strategist, not a savage. DF says taking him to F2 would be good for Azah's game. He's her friend. You were always honest with me. She knew Tiff & Ky wouldn't take her. You need 3 to get to F2 but DF was with X.

1:10am BBT Azah/DF review the Final HoH comps. The first one is endurance, the second one is skill, the last one is mental. She shows him her dress for Thursday's live show, a tight yellow dress. Her Finale dress is a short-length print by a Cameroon designer.

1:15am BBT DF says he can't win the endurance comp - he'll be first out. He needs to bank on the skills comp. There's no running in skill comps. He's wondering what kind of comps are skill comps. They need sleep. Azah heads to the WC. When she returns, she says goodnight.

1:30am BBT The lights are out and all HG are sleeping.


10:00am BBT FotH to wake up the HG. X has been up for 2 hours. 

10:15am BBT Ky moves dirty clothes from the HNR back to the CBR. He exchanges pleasantries with Azah on her way to the WC.  It's a slow process of ADLs to get the day started. 

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2:30PM BBT

Big D and Azah are talking in the living room. Azah begins repaiting something on her yellow dress and talk turns to alterations and custom tailoring. Big D has a hard time finding jeans that fit him well, and he has just one pair that are a perfect fit. He wants to get some jeans custom tailored for him. "I want all my clothes designer."


2:44PM BBT

After yammering on a bit about wishing he had some juice (I think he means alcohol), Big D notices that Kyland is smiling.

Big D- Are you smiling Ky? I didn't know. I was a little freaked out. I didn't know if you were dreaming. I mean you look pretty cute, but I didn't know if you were smiling at me; I was confused, or just smiling in gerneral. It's pretty scary.

Azah- It's funny!

Kyland takes an opportunity to advise Big D, "Try..."

Big D- Huh? Did you say try?

Kyland- Yes. ...I was gonna say try to....I think you might feel better if you try to not do...express anything that is a lack or like a complaint for like the rest of the day.  'Cause I think just sitting here listening and like, oh,  a lot of things... it's like a lot of things are lacks and I hear it too, so it must be running in your head a lot louder. I think you might feel better  Just an idea. You don't have to do it.

Big D- I don't understand that, so I'm sorry.

Kyland- I was saying, try to not express outloud anything that is complaints or like  lacks or is negative. I've been in earshot of you today, and it feels like a lot of things being said are expressing some sort of negative. And so I think that if I can hear it,  it must be really loud in your head. So, instead....and...NOT to be sarcastic, but in like a genuine way, it's like I don't have this...but don't say it outloud. Just be like I'm gonna be really glad that I get to sit in this house or glad for whatever. I think you might feel better. It's just a suggestion. Try it. You might be happy.

Big D- Absolutely, I didn't think I was complaining. I was just like, 'Is Kyland smiling at me?"

Ky- No, not the complaining

Big- D- Oh, okay.

Kyland- just try it

Big D-I appreciate it. I don't want to come off as a big complainer.

Ky- I love you and just want you to be happier.

Big D- I appreciate it. I'm happy. That's just how I talk.


[Let's see how well Kyland can take his own advice this time tomorrow!  -MamaLong]


3:41PM BBT

Big D- Wait! Do we still don't know what time it is?

Ky- Guess what time it is because I'm gonna go pee.

Big D- 3:45

X- 3:14

Ky- I'm gonna say 3:32

Big D- Okay! Azah?

X- She is the one who has actually been sleeping

Azah- No I haven't

Big D- You want to guess what time is it?

Azah- 3:00

Ky checks the time- Oooh

X- 2 something?

Ky- Nope. 3:41

Xavier- Derek for the win. First win. First win of the season for Derek.

Ky- Cold!

Big D- Thanks guys! I've been waiting so long to win something in this house. I wish we had some juice!

Xavier- Juice? Do you actually mean juice, or is that code?

Big D- Code. It's been weeks, Man! Start manifesting.  (pretending to be production) 'Hey Guys! We have something special for you guys!' 'YAY!"


[I think he actually might be referring to videos or letters from home. -MamaLong]

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12:00pm BBT The morning as been spent waking up and cleaning. X explained to Ky how Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin border Lake Michigan (sorry, Indiana). Plans are for a big final Final 4 meal tonight. No BY access today, so expect all the inaction to take place inside.

4:00pm BBT Azah and DF are in dinner prep mode. Ky is reorganizing the KT spice and seasoning drawers.


4:30pm BBT X got his HoH laundry back and packs it away in his suitcase in the SGBR. Azah has been cutting up a mountain of veggies for dinner, using the bottom of a plate to squash what looks like garlic. Ky is sweeping out the CBR. He & X settle at the DT for cards.

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4:40pm BBT Ky asks X if he needs to do a thorough job of packing for tomorrow (BB has delivered suitcases for Azah and Ky to the SR). X tells him he'll be good, keeping up the facade in order to prevent Ky from campaigning to stay in the game. Azah/DF are all smiles in the KT as they listen.


5:00pm BBT X is in the HOH pacing. Ky and DF are playing cards while Azah is busy in the kitchen. Whatever they are playing, the real game is keeping Ky distracted from his pending betrayal and eviction. X is watching the KT/DT from the HoH monitor.

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6:00pm BBT The only thing that has changed in the house is Azah is closer to having dinner ready. Ky and DF continue their game of Distraction with light hearted banter. DF is eating Cheez-Its and peanut butter. X continues pacing in HoH, practicing his speeches. 

6:04pm BBT X comes downstairs to take over the card game. It's called War but it's really about Distraction. Ky has to teach X how to play. After they get started, he remembers how to play. DF is helping Azah in the KT now getting dirty dishes out of Azah's way.

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6:10PM BBT

Kyland and Xavier are continuing to play card games at the kitchen table.

Ky- Fuck....FUCK

Xavier- Fuck...fucker....fuckington

Ky- Fuck....damnit

X- Fuck...YES...That was a doozy. Oh shit!

Kyland- Fuck....no....yes....fuck

Xavier- FUCK.....FUCK.....FUCK....NO...FUCK... (put this on repeat)

Ky- That one didn't feel good. I got to admit.


[I've never played this particular card game before. They are quite enjoying it. -ML]

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6:00pm BBT The only thing that has changed in the house is Azah is closer to having dinner ready. Ky and DF continue their game of Distraction with light hearted banter. DF is eating Cheez-Its and peanut butter. X continues pacing in HoH, practicing his speeches. 

6:04pm BBT X comes downstairs to take over the card game. It's called War but it's really about Distraction. Ky has to teach X how to play. After they get started, he remembers how to play. DF is helping Azah in the KT now getting dirty dishes out of Azah's way.

6:35pm BBT The card came breaks up. DF has gone up to HoH to lay down and listen to music. Ky goes upstairs to lay down on top of him. X bothers Azah in the KT. 

6:40pm BBT Azah, Ky and X sit down at the DT table. DF is still listening to music in HoH. He says just like a man, Ky comes up to cuddle with him because he's got the power. DF is rationalizing his decision to evict Ky. Azah is talking more about Cameroon food.

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11:05pm BBT DF tells Azah all the other HG could not get them out. He didn't have confidence coming into the game, just wanted to make Jury to get a full season's stipend. Azah says for her it was all or nothing. Go out or Top 3. She made her social game her focus.

11:10pm BBT DF and Azah discuss last season's Top 3 alliance: The Committee. Cody and Nicole were comp beasts, DF says. Nicole didn't win until the end, Azah noted. But Nicole won in her past seasons, Ky remembers, she was a competitor. Azah respects Nicole's game now.

11:15pm DF knows there was a girls' alliance this season, the Kingslayers. Azah says it was just 4 girls: her, Brit and she won't say the others. The Committee turned on each other, DF says, but The Cookout didn't. DF preferred red haired Nicole (A) over blond Nicole (F).

11:17pm BBT DF says when you watch, you don't understand why HG do this or that but now he understands. Azah asks why DF had a problem with her game if he had no problem with Nicole A's game? He says he helped her get to the end and thanks her for acknowledging that.

11:20pm BBT DF did not respect Tyler for making F2 deals with everyone. Alyssa thought he and Azah had a F2. Why didn't anyone tell me, Azah asks, faux wounded. DF says Brit didn't think we had a deal. Azah corrects him and says she convinced her they didn't.

11:23pm BBT Azah says her only deals were with DF and X. DF asks if Tyler betrayed Bay and Azah doesn't want to talk about it. They both loved Enzo's games. Azah sees a little Enzo in DF. Azah thinks she was like Nicole F but transparent. DF says so many have played BB.

11:30pm BBT Ky in the WA going through his pre-sleep toothbrushing routine. X in the KT looking for something to eat. He gets a bowl and some milk from the SR, so cereal it is. DF would have played the same game even without their bigger goal. He would just target people.

11:37pm BBT Azah asks DF who he targeted and did he tell them. He told everyone they weren't safe. Brent, Whit, Christian, all targets. Asah asks about SB. He didn't care if it was her, just someone from the Kings. We made crazy moves and somehow it worked.

11:39pm BBT DF says they changed the game - no one will be able to replicate what they did like they did. Azah says the game no longer stresses her out. She says X cried (but it isn't clear when and at what). DF says Azah is his showmance. Just friends, she corrects.

11:43pm BBT DF says X was nom 5 times and never went home. He was on the block 3 times. Azah once, so X has them both beat on that. There are so many girls on the Jury, DF says, giving Azah the edge over X. 

11:45pm BBT Azah asks if DF and X played similar games, why does he think she could beat him but not X? DF says both X and Azah were honest but X was on the block more, so he would beat her. DF says X wined and dined the Jurors. 

11:50pm BBT Azah doesn't think she has a chance against X. A tiny chance. DF says both he and X started The Cookout, made moves, manipulated, were on the block, worked together. He won comps and I made sure things were done. DF needs some Tums so Azah gives him some.

11:52pm BBT DF thinks X will use his Veto and HoH wins and claim DF floated on his coattails. Azah reminds him that's what he said about her. Why wouldn't X take me, Azah asks DF. DF is sure he'll keep his word to him (how'd that work out for Ky?). 

11:55pm BBT Azah goes to make some tea. DF has a q-tip in his ear letting the thoughts out. Ky/X were in the KT. Ky just finished brushing so he doesn't want food. X is eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Azah says she hasn't had that since 2007. It never disappoints, X says.

11:57pm BBT X finishes eating, hands Azah his dirty bowl and says goodnight. He heads up to HoH, leaving Azah doing the dishes. Azah heads back to the YBR. Ky is upstairs doing yoga poses on the HNR floor. 

12:00am BBT Azah climbs into bed. I was never going to get rid of you, girl, DF says. I'm packing packing anyway, she retorts. He says goodnight but she says not goodnight, she just started her tea. DF tells her she can vent to him about being on the block. 

12:02am BBT Azah says she worries JCM will say Ky, you are safe. DF says you're not the target. I'm not going to send you home. In HNR, Ky addressesthe cameras mid-sentence. How could she think she would put up Alyssa instead of Claire? He appears to be talking about Tiff.

12:05am BBT DF says it got personal when it got down to F4 because he loves all three of them. He was a game player until F4, now he's doing what's best for his game. He didn't play emotionally, and that made it easy to choose who to evict (the alliance kind of did that).

12:10am BBT Azah says she's DF's annoying little sister (she's a year older). DF says he's set it up so the Jury will think Azah and X don't like each other. He made the F4 happen, including making Ky use the Veto during Azah's HoH. It worked just as he planned. 

12:15pm BBT DF still has the q-tip in his ear. Are you getting sexual pleasure from that, Azah teases? She wants to tweeze a hair on his eyebrows. DF says they are already perfection. The lights are out in the HNR.

12:40am BBT DF thinks X will have a lot of options after the show. He says while Christian/Alyssa pursued each other, X was focused on the goal. Azah said she wasn't going to kiss anyone on the show because her parents were watching (girl, you're 30, kiss anyone you want).

12:47am BBT DF doesn't think X is interested in Azah. He hopes Ky will be interested in him. Maybe X will start texting Azah after the show. He wonders if X is hiding something (like, that he's a lawyer, maybe?). Azah says at least she's objective - she admits she likes X.

12:50am BBT DF needs sleep, so Azah moves to the Big Blue Couch. DF tells her not to forget her tea. DF says he lef this emotions at the door. Azah says guys are different from girls, playing without emotion. DF says X wants women who come to him, offer him something.

12:52am BBT DF says he's been cut off from alcohol and porn in the house (they got plenty of the former). Maybe Azah will go home and meet her African prince. They say they love each other and take their mics off and (finally) go to bed.

#B233 1:00am BBT All lights are out and all HG are sleeping.


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