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Tuesday, September 21, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Chess Parlor (CP)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Reef Bedroom (RBR)
Sea Glass Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Yacht Club Bedroom (YBR)


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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4:18AM BBT Azah asks if she can talk to Big D for a second. He says yeah let me get my mic on.


Azah says that she been doing a lot of thinking today and she wants to make something clear. You did not carry me this season. Big D says OK. 


Azah continues by saying you have played your own game and I have played my own game to get here. She says she has never put anything that has happened big or small over your head. I do feel like you were put on the block has started an itch that has been bothering you for awhile and I feel like that is something you tried to put over my head and I sincerely regret you did that because what I don’t want it to do is start to affect our relationship.  We have had this conversation before, and we just keep ending up in the same place where it gets to the point is comes across as disrespectful to me.  If at the end of the day I am sitting in one of the final two chairs and you don’t feel like I deserve your vote. I will totally respect it but putting me down while putting you up is not something I tolerate with my friends, and I don’t want to deal with that with you either


Big D : Ok, I never wanted you to feel like I was putting you down and whatnot


Azah: You were, it’s not how I feel, you were.


Big D : Ok, hmm, I think you always ask for tell me the real don’t bs me and whatnot


Azah: That’s not the real that is your opinion. There is a difference.


Big D : Ok, I have said before and I am going to keep saying this. We have to leave it alone and I won’t bring it up. At the end of the day I am not getting rid of you I have made my deals and what is good for my game is having you here. You don’t have to worry about if you yell at me, argue with me have disagreements it still not going to change how I feel. I am still going to keep you at the end of the day. I think once we are out of here and we can sit back and watch things


Azah: I don’t give a fuck about watching things. You keep on saying that. You say leave it along but you keep brining it up. I don’t give a fuck about watching things and see that you did more. I am not here measuring things that you have done. Don’t put me down that I have not done shit because at the end of the day you earned your spot and I earned my spot here. I won HoH I fought to be final 4 I deserve to be in the final 4


Big D Right


Azah: That is how I feel, I don’t mean to raise my voice at you, I don’t want to come across disrespectful to you. I have just been sitting here minding my own business and you be coming at me. I’m like Bra I don’t sit here and say I did this this and this to get you here. I don’t do that shit. Maybe that is something Kyland does. That’s not me.


4:23AM BBT Big D : Azah, I never want you to feel disrespected. I never want you to feel like… you know, Obviously you said I put you down and I wasn’t trying to put you down at all, yanno? My opinion is different than yours and I respect your opinion and how you feel. I understand it is a lot of pressure right now, we are down to 4, lot of high emotions. Not trying to bring you down. I should always be there for you and will always be there for you.  I am just going to leave it alone completely and move on from it.


5:38AM BBT Big D and Azah have spent the last hour continue to hash out the same conversation about disrespect and game play. Both have agreed to leave it behind and not discuss it again. 



10:00AM BBT Ky gets up, heads to the loo. Then he grabs his battery pack and the white blanket heads to the SR to change out his battery then heads back to bed just as we get the WBRB for Wakey Wakey


10:15AM BBT Feeds return with Ky going into the SR, grabs a drink comes out pretty quickly and heads to the bedroom and hides under the blankets.

scrnli_9_21_2021_10-35-13 AM.png


10:17AM BBT Big D is up and is getting in the shower. 


10:18AM BBT X is also up and making the HoHR's bed before heading downstairs. 

scrnli_9_21_2021_10-40-41 AM.png

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10:21AM BBT X is in the kitchen and starts to put away the dishes then says he wants to get something to nibble on before he starts with the dishes. He heads to the SR grabs an apple. Goes back into the kitchen gets a peach yogurt and chocolate almond milk to make a shake. 



10:37AM BBT Azah is up walking to the SR with her yellow blanket wrapped around her. Replaces her batteries then heads to the shower. 

scrnli_9_21_2021_10-50-49 AM.png

scrnli_9_21_2021_10-52-23 AM.png





10:49AM BBT Feeds return with Big D and X in the kitchen. Big D is sharing with X the conversation he had to Azah.  Big D feels like for him that when he talks about how he got here he is looking at the bigger picture where Azah wants him to pinpoint specific things down to the date/time, mins/second. 


X: One thing you need to avoid saying is that you carried her because that is disrespectful. WBRB


10:53AM BBT Ky is now in the kitchen where X is talking about what he is going to have for breakfast. [they are out of eggs again partially because X ate 6 for his breakfast leaving 6 to the other three] They decide to mix the eggs with egg whites to stretch the eggs out longer. [Sarge, give them growing boys more eggs ~PinkTee]


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11:05AM BBT Azah is in the WA putting her makeup on. X is doing dishes and Big D is sitting in the living. X tells Big D he looks refreshed. Big D says he showered today and put lotion on. WBRB



scrnli_9_21_2021_11-22-58 AM.png


11:09AM BBT Azah and X getting ready for the day joking around. 

scrnli_9_21_2021_11-24-14 AM.png


11:10AM BBT Azah is rehashing the conversation between her and Big D this morning. 


11:17AM BBT Big D is asking X if they have enough leftovers for today or should he cook something. X says that today should be a fend for yourself kinda day.  Big asks again if there are enough leftovers and if he cooks it isn't going to be a big meal.  X recommends they wait to make a big meal tomorrow when it is their last day with the 4 of them in the house. 



11:18AM BBT X is saying that Big D is feeling sexually frustrated because hasn't had sex for quite some time.  Big D clarifies it has been a year. X says frustrations are reaching a breaking point. Big D says the last time he has sex was last December.  X says he can't say the same. Big D then says at this point he is going to try and be the biggest HO he can before turning 30. X says so what you going to be a HO for a month? 


Big D says he hasn't been through his HO phase. X says that unless you have found "the one" before your HO stage and you are just dating around then you need to have a HO stage. 


Big D has never been asked out on a date and he is opening that will change when he gets out of the BBH

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12:45PM BBT Ky is sweeping while Big D, Azah and X are sitting in the living room talking about how life is going to be outside of the house and how BB made them more popular. 



1:05PM BBT All 4 HGs are now sitting in the living room discussing Big D's dating life outside of the BB house.  Big D knows he has to work on his self confidence but is concerned now that if he hooks up with someone it just takes 1 picture and it is all over Instagram. 


Meanwhile, Azah is in her happy place. Sleeping in X's lap.

scrnli_9_21_2021_1-19-17 PM.png


1:30PM BBT Nothing has changed in the last 30 mins.   

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1:36PM BBT Big D reminds everyone its Covid Test Tuesday.  Ky said he was going to make himself some tacos but now he needs to wait. Big D says that X said they weren't going to do Taco Tuesday. X is now saying that they have hamburger and have to have taco Tuesday and make a big meal tomorrow for the final 4. 

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2:15PM BBT Nothing has changed in the last 30 mins.   

2:30PM BBT X and Big D are playing War... 


scrnli_9_21_2021_2-30-32 PM.png


2:32PM BBT With that last slap of the hand Big D's ring cuts X's finger. He gets up to get a Band-Aid while Big D decides this is a good time to finish his spaghetti. 

scrnli_9_21_2021_2-32-47 PM.png

scrnli_9_21_2021_2-32-06 PM.png


2:34PM BBT Azah gets up and joins X and Big D at the table for spaghetti. 

scrnli_9_21_2021_2-35-40 PM.png


2:36PM BBT Big D loses the game of War against X  

scrnli_9_21_2021_2-38-04 PM.png

scrnli_9_21_2021_2-38-53 PM.png

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2:44PM BBT X in the background saying this is the best game ever.... Best final 4 in BB.....   Big D, I don't want to play anymore...   [If you have live feeds I HIGHLY recommend you flashback and watch them play this game. It will have you laughing for sure ~PinkTee]


scrnli_9_21_2021_3-04-55 PM.png

scrnli_9_21_2021_3-02-21 PM.png





MamaLong, Caption This.......  




scrnli_9_21_2021_3-10-07 PM.png

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Ky tells Azah that the nail color is pretty... She says Thank you Boo 

Big D- is you are calling him Boo? I thought you only called me Boo...

Azah with this face... I call everyone Boo... Big D is clearly disappointed


3:32PM BBT

Kland has fallen asleep in the coral reef room with his sunglasses on. Big D is asleep in the living room.

Sarge- No napping, Houseguests.

Kyland- Thank you.


3:33PM BBT

Big D is back to snoring in the LR


3:40PM BBT

Sarge- No Napping, Houseguests!

Big D stirs. Kyland sighs deeply.


Big D is back to snoring. LOL


3:50PM BBT

Sarge- Houseguests must be awake between the hours of 10AM and 10PM.

Kyland sits on the edge of the bed in the coral reef room.

Big D opens his eyes in the living room.

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5:00PM BBT

Big D has been telling Kyland a myriad of stories since the last wake-up warning, but Azah is still sleeping soundly in the YBR.


5:06PM BBT

Big D is reviewing all of the Drag Race seasons along with winners for Kyland. Kyland has his head on Derek's lap, but he seems to be sleeping behind his shades. Big D is stroking Kyland's hair.


5:09PM BBT

Sarge- No Napping Houseguests

Azah sighs in the YBR


Big D is still talking to a nonresponsive Kyland, "Now I'll tell you about all the Real Housewives..."

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5:16PM BBT

Big D is massaging Ky's scalp while talking about Survivor and Amazing Race.

Xavier comes out of the DR

Big D- Wow, that was long!

Kyland- (to BIg D) I appreciate you. I really do!

Big D- I'm enjoying it more than you.


5:20PM BBT

Sarge- No Napping Houseguests!


5:21PM BBT

Sarge repeats- No Napping Houseguests

Ky- Who are you talking to?

Xavier mumbles "I don't know."

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5:37PM BBT

Xavier- Ky, how old is Tiffany?

Ky- I genuinely don't know.

X- I don't get why. I don't understand why she wouldn't tell us. Azah wouldn't say. Chaddha wouldn't tell us.

Ky- Wait! Azah knows?


They just do not understand why Tiffany wouldn't reveal her age.

X- (talking to Tiff as if she is there) Like, we already suspect you in your early 40s or late 30s. I'm gonna give you 40.


5:40PM BBT

Sarge- No napping houseguests.

[This is not working on Azah, but Sarge won't give up.  -MamaLong]


5:42PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles [I think Sarge has had enough from Azah! -ML]

The feeds return to Sleeping Beauty in full sleep mode.


5:43PM BBT

Xavier says life probably went back to normal for Frenchie, Travis and Brent. He thinks maybe Brent is on Love Island. "I can see that happening."


5:44PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles


5:46PM BBT

Xavier- I am defintiely seeing Whitney after this. She won't be bitter.


WBRB Bubbles

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6:02PM BBT

Azah is finally out of bed and settles in the living room while chatting with Ky about how Sarge has been trying to wake her up for hte past hour.


Xavier is sliding across the floor on his belly toward Azah to sneak up and scare her


6:04PM BBT

He jumps up and she screams.

X- Stealth Mode 1,0000! Victory! IncogNegro, as they say. (his words, not mine)

Azah says she never heard or saw him.


6:08PM BBT

Azah- Y'all ain't shit! I was in such a vulnerable position. There was no way to defend myself in thei position. I was on my back like a roach with Raid. I was in the most vulnerable position.

Ky- Besides being naked...that would be the most vulnerable.

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