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Monday, September 20, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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4:56AM BBT Ky was sleeping in the HNBR, gets up and heads downstairs to the loo. Washes his hands, heads to the kitchen for a drink of water drinks most of it then pours water into one of his eyes. He fills his cup with a small amount of water and cups it over his other eyes to splash water into it. Then drinks the water. 


5:01AM BBT Ky begins climbing the the steps turns around and goes in the backyard. He opens what appears to be the dryer, closes it and is now back in bed in the HNBR



10:00AM BBT Wakey Wakey

10:14AM BBT Feeds return with the only movement in the house is Big D getting dressed. Grabs the yellow blanket and heads outside, puts the blanket in the washer. He is now walking around the back yard grabbing towels and adds it to the yellow blanket. 


10:20AM BBT Sarge: Derek F please put on your microphone.  Big D replies back, which we can't hear, and heads to the house to get his mic. 

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10:40AM BBT X is in the kitchen making eggs and general chit chat with Ky. Azah and Big D are in the YBR talking about their relationship with Brit and her eviction. 

10:43AM BBTFeeds return from WBRB mid conversation between Azah and Big D discussing apologies. Azah begins to tell a story about how she was treated unfairly at work and got written up for a misunderstanding. 


 Azah said she had a friend come in from out of town and she took an approved day off from work to go sightseeing. She ended up with food poising and had to call out sick the next day. 


When she got into work her boss called her into the office to discuss how a co-worker saw pictures she had posted to social media and that lead to them not believing she was sick.  Azah tried to explain the pictures where from her approved day off and she got sick that day. They didn't believe her so they wrote her up.


She was fed up and ready to leave. Her Dad told her he knew that job was miserable but was there anything in that job you feel you could have done better?  I knew I wasn't putting my 100% into that job. I was miserable. My Dad told me to take that to God, learn from it and put the difference into your next job. 

10:54AM BBT Azah asks Big D if he knew who the target was week 6. Big D says Brit. Azah wants to know if he knew at the being or did you lie to me? Big D says give me a min to go over my conversation. Azah says did you Alyssa SBing me? 



Big D says hold on, let me think for a moment. Did I know that Brittany was the target? No, not the direct target. I was like, having conversations about getting out Claire. Azah tries interrupts him and puts his hands up and says.... Give me a minute 

I was told that if someone comes down there is a likelihood that Brittany would go up. Through the night going into the next morning that is when I was told that information. I know you knew in your gut from the get go but but I didn't right away. 


11:01AM BBT All four cameras are on Ky in the HNBR


scrnli_9_20_2021_12-08-09 PM.png

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11:04PM BBT We get a quick WBRB and when feeds return X is talking to Azah and Big D saying "she literally told me that the beginning of the week that she wanted to take a shot at DX, I just didn't know how the week was going to play out.  


The same thing with DX took out Christian. They are not going to put up someone that raises suspicion in the main target. Azah says yeah, that is what Kyland did to Brittany. X is saying that DX had enough money to play in the Chopping Block. If she would of put two people up that would of given him suspicion he was going up then he would of played Chopping Block roulette. 

scrnli_9_20_2021_12-12-11 PM.png





11:08AM BBT Feeds return to all 4 cameras on Ky alone in the HNBR


11:15AM BBT Camera 3/4 go back to Azah, X and Big D with Azah saying Frenchie apologized to me right away. She says she works really well with men, has a lot of guy friends its weird because there are all girls in my family... yeah


Azah says but she is still coming for blood but she didn't get any. Big D says he probably got in the way of that. Azah says it was the Cookout that got in the way. X says that he remembers the first person Azah wanted out outside of the Cookout was Brent. 


11:15AM BBT Azah: No no, I knew I wanted Frenchie out first week when he put a cookout up on the block. She says her strategy coming in was to throw the HOH see how won the HOH then target him. Then Frenchie won, picked me then I was like..OK

Azah then Travis big threat, hes got to go then Brent. I was very happy with how it turned out.
Big D : What do you feel like, umm do you regret how you got here, do you regret your stuff... Azah: NO, I adjusted accordingly
Big D : You were saying the whole women thing Azah: Oh Aww, No I don't regret, I can't say I regret any move to get here. The thing is like, Umm, I think the only male I struggled with leaving was DX because I had a relationship with him. If you are apart of my group then I was not coming after you. I would never come after you.



11:16AM BBT Azah: I never was coming after X I was never coming after you. I didn't have an underlining plan the only reason I was coming after (the mouthed Ky's name) and only because we has history. My feelings towards men would outside of my alliance, not inside 


11:17AM BBT Big D says that his game play wasn't thinking about gender or anything. Azah says that she came in the house thinking about gender then that all changed.  [I would like to point out that X is there and listening to this entire conversation but not saying a word ~PinkTee]


scrnli_9_20_2021_12-42-16 PM.png



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11:24AM BBT Feeds return from a WBRB to Azah saying she didn't have a problem with Chadda and this was all when anything she said to Tiff would stay there. I told Tiff that I had concerns with Chadda ...  X laughs and Azah says "What"?  X: I had concerns and trust issues with Chadda but I am the one who told her about the Cookout.


Azah: I know I know, this was before.... X interrupts and to tell Big D he needs to go to the DR Azah: I said concerns of trust.  Big D : yeah yeah as he gets up. 


Azah: and me telling Chadda about Cookout was an accident. OMgosh me telling Chadda it just literally slipped out. I'm Sorry [in a sassy playful tone] OK? I'm sorry and it was just suppose to stay like that. I never said anything else but within two weeks she knew everything. 


11:25AM BBT X: At that point she had to come into the fold [He Laughs] Chadda is not dumb we all know that

Azah: I'm sorry, I'm sorry ok? I am sorry

X: It was just funny 

Azah: I had concerns of trust because in week 3, X: when I was HOH? Azah: Yeah, becasue Kyland had told me that Brent was targeting me, DX pulled me aside and told me, multiple people pulled me aside and told me. In and outside of the Cookout and she never said a word. 


Big D is walking back into the YBR mumbling. X says what? they call you into the DR and you didn't go in there? Big D No, I have to change for the Veto. 


11:26AM BBT Azah continues to discuss who trust issues with Chadda with X and how her relationship with Tiff was ruined by Tiff telling Chadda I had trust issues. Azah: I had always planned to discuss it with Chadda but she was on the block so I wanted to wait.   Big D leaves the room dressed slightly different to head to the DR

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11:31AM BBT Azah is telling X that she was at peace in the game when she got the letters from her parents and how her Dad said he was proud of her. She didn't get upset that she only got $50 BB for the popularity but because she didn't know how she was being portrayed.  She was concerned for how her parents saw her. 


11:32AM BBT X says that when you asked me if I felt you carried your weight I said yes, I just don't know how. The reason for that is when you sitting around the room other people are constantly talking about what they have done. So it's not that I don't think you have I just don't know what they are. You are not the kind of person to talk about it. So I don't know what they are. Similarly, I don't talk about it either. I only have when someone crossing the line and I am like what the Fuck you doing? 

scrnli_9_20_2021_1-27-59 PM.png

X takes a deep breath and says that ppl would say that you weren't in my position but I was. I didn't so why did you? You can't say I wasn't in that situation or similar position. I stayed true to the group why didn't you? So what's your excuse. 


In my nomination speech I said that everyone has done their part to get us where we are. We played it the best way we thought we could play this game to get to where we are now and everyone of us should feel proud and not take away how any one played the game. 


11:33AM BBT Azah says she is at peace now. X says that you earned where you are. The people who doubted you are now sitting in the jury. Probably salty as fuck. Clearly she was on to something because what she was doing got her here. Then you got Big D who can't pull the trigger. Azah: Bro



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11:36AM BBT X hears something outside the door, gets up and comes back in and says Big D. They start to talk so low I can't make it out. However, we know the content of their conversation....   [We all know that X is super smart. I personally believe this conversation X is having with Azah is to point out how he and Azah, while quiet in their accomplices they did a lot for the Cookout. He is setting Azah to take him to the final two in the event she makes it to final HOH and has to choose X or Big D.  I tell you, smart move X, smart move! ~PinkTee]


11:52AM BBT Ky has been in the HNR most of the morning while X, Azah and Big D have been in the YBR. Ky is out of bed and doing sit ups on the HNR floor. 

scrnli_9_20_2021_2-08-19 PM.png

scrnli_9_20_2021_2-08-22 PM.png


12:05PM BBT Ky in the HNBR reviewing scars on this hands and telling the camera if they were there before BB or if they are a result of BB. Ky is now going over his Veto speech so low that I can't make it out. 


12:09PM BBT Ky looks at the camera and says that he is preparing his speech in the event that X uses the Veto and takes Azah off the block.  "I don't think he would" If he did she would send me home.  Oh my god. He is looking after his nephew. He is all about not running from a challenge, taking them face on. If he did that he would be teaching his nephew to be a coward. I can't imagine him doing that. 




12:10PM BBT Playing this game is about winning when you have to and setting up the game when you can't win. I think by brining X forward in this game put me in a place where I don't have to win. I didn't have to win that last Veto. Another good move I had in this game was picking him, someone I could rely on. 

scrnli_9_20_2021_2-25-08 PM.png

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12:46PM BBT Feeds return to X, Big D and Azah with X saying "Put me up, put me up. I can't handle that girl going back on the block" he laughs   Big D says he is going to do a video for Big Brother giving people advise for the future even if you have a best friend in the game let him or she hit that block or they or them. Do not try to protect them to not let them hit the block. At the end they will say you never hit the block. They will say that is your fault not my fault.


Azah, I didn't say that. I did not say that

Big D You played the game you played and I played the game a little differently. You lied and I didn't have to lie (while Big D is talking Azah is trying to get a word in) I did all the truthfulness (Azah, Wow) while you lied. 


12:47PM BBT X: I am going to let you all work this out (heads out of the room)

Azah: No, you stay here, you stay here

X hmm OK

Azah: Let's get some things clear. 1) My defense came from you telling me, I have always appreciated what you have done for me, but you made it seem that there were many times I was suppose to hit the block and you stopped that and I am trying to think in my head when did that happen or with whom. Let's go down the list. With Kyland no one knew what was going to happen. Week 3 I offered to put myself up. Week 4 Christian, I told him hey, he wasn't looking to put me up that week. Week 5 DX was looking at you. Week 6 Kyland that was the week you came in. Week 7 SB and I wasn't being considered. Week 8 Claires, Week 9 Tiff wasn't considered. 10 Hanna's wasn't considered. 

12:48 I'm like, when I sat down and considered it. What HOH was I being considered for?  Maybe you can tell me? Besides that time and the time I put my self up for consideration. 



scrnli_9_20_2021_2-46-11 PM.png

12:49PM BBT And another thing. I didn't sit there and say to you the things I did and you did. You set there and told me I lied so you wouldn't have to and I felt defenses because I was like wait. I didn't feel comfortable lying in situations but when you put it like I you have carried me this whole time. 


I appreciate what you have done however, I have done things as well but I don't sit there telling people I stay quiet. At the end of the day If I have ever come across like that, it was never my intention and I apologize. 


Big D : I don't think it's like that. I think we just won't know until we watch things back.

X: I am heading out

Azah: Do you feel that is any HOH you had to push someone to not put me up?

Big D : I feel like I had to cover a lot so you would not be the front runner of the target. I had to say things and keep you out of the loop to keep you from being a target and I put myself in a position to be a target before you. 

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12:55PM BBT

Azah- I have never taken away from you...never put you down; done that. I don't know what you want from me.

Big D- My comment was, in the future, if you going to.... I had to understand what role I was going to play. I was playing my own game and my own role. Like I said, you played the game. I am not upset with you. I'm not annoyed with you

Azah- There is some resentment I hear.

Big D- No

Azah- It's coming across that way

Big D-But you...like when I sit here and say things.... I give credit to X because X has done things to ensure me getting here, but you are like I did my thing, I played my way saying  I didn't have to lie I didn't have to do this, and there were times you didn't have to lie because I have already said things to place those things.

Azah- But I haven't put that over your head. Number 1, Everything you have done for me, I have been aprpeciative of. But number 2, Big D, like I don't be talking about the things I do or have said. I don't so I don't get where ....I don't be sitting here  saying the shit I've done. You saying the shit you've done and pointing at me like I haven't done shit. You can't be pointing at me  like I haven't done shit. You can't be saying I'm annoyed when you be pointing at me first.

Big D- I am not annoyed. I am not....I am not...I'm gonna leave this conversation alone. There is nothing we can really talk about until we watch it back. There is nothing for us to argue about or debate about because at the end of the day, um, the only people that can decide who did the most and done everything...

Azah- But Big D, you the one that says I did this and I did this.....I'm not sitting here like I did this...this is not how these conversations go. They start with YOU saying I did this and this and this and then bring up that you did things for me like I didn't do anything.

Big D- You always say you want the real. If you don't want the real, I can bull shit

Azah- That's fine. I don't mind you saying it. It's fine, you have done more than me in this game

Big D- There are things you have done in this game

Azah- But, Big D, I am fine. I know what I have done. I have always supported you....it's never been an issue for me to speak of the things you have done. It's just like I get defensive is because you point to me....I'm good. I'm at peace. I'm fine now.


[Azah realizes she will get nowhere with Big D. Big D downplays Azah's role in the CO, and she just wants him to stop belittling her. He does not hear what she is saying. -MamaLong]


Big D- At the end of the day, I still love you. I still care for you. Buit it's one of those things.... I take credit for the things I contribute to and what I contribute to is that I take ownership of the 6 people getting here. I'm not gonna argue with someone I care about. I'm not gonna fight with someone I care about. I'm not trying to hold it above your head.

Azah- But you hold you being on the block over my head! I feel resentment in that.



1:05PM BBT

Azah defends herself that she had the right to say that she did not want to go on the block. "You were like whatt the fuck? I don't want to go on the block." Big D says it wasn't only her, that Tiffany didn't want to sit on the block either. "I was like both of these bitches have not hit the block and everyone else has hit the block."

Azah- For me, I was not gonna hit the block on a double eviction before Kyland and Tiffany. That was the thing. 

Big D- No one was expecting it.

Azah- You were expecting it and X was expecting it. You got mad when I said no.


[This is still not going anywhere, so I'm gonna leave it right here.  -MamaLong]


1:10PM BBT

Xavier checks on Azah. SHe is crying in the YBR alone. He grabs some tissue for her.

Azah- He really feels like he carried me here. For me, it's like, okay, if that's how you feel. WHatever. He says in week 4 he pushed Alyssa and CHristian to not put me up.

Xavier- That's not true.

Azah gives him a rundown about the argument, and she conveys the facts of what Big D has said to her, "I'm like, hold up a second....bruh, you can talk about your accolades without putting someone down."

Xavier is consoling Azah.

Azah- There is resentment there. There is definitely a seed he is holding onto.



Meanwhile, Big D is in the backyard bitching about Azah to Kyland.


1:14PM BBT

Back in the YBR...

X- You know what you have done to get here, right?

Azah- Yeah

Xavier- Whatever you have done to get here, it has worked. Don't let anyone take it from you. We've all done and played the game the best way we see fit and we were all effective. Don't let anyone take that from you, even if it's me!

Azah- Yeah! 

X- He is master manipulator this season (being facitious here)


X gets up to check for listening ears


Xavier- What I'm alluding to is that a lot of times, he is under the impression that he's done all these things and made all these moves but there were already things in place that he may have reinforced. There's times where he has done it to say he did it, but it didn't really make an impact. 


1:43PM BBT

Xavier has cheered up Azah and has her laughing now. They begin discussing how Big D just has just one thing he needs to do but he is hesitant.  [Big D's hesitation to vote out Ky has Xavier really frustrated.  -MamaLong]


X- If he is not willing to do the last thing that needs to be done and Azah is completely on board.

Azah- I feel you. I see you.



3:02PM BBT

Azah and Xavier are enjoying the hot tub. 


4:30PM BBT

Azah and Kyland are prepping some dough.

Big D is washing dishes.

Discussion is centering around sex and how long it has been for each of them.


4:36PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles


Talk has turned to masturbation. X says he is a twice a day guy. "Once in the morning, once at night. I don't do it because I want to. I do it because I need to."

X turns to Ky and says he doesn't get it. 

Sarge- You are not allowed to quote dialogue from movies.

Kyland- He is paraphrasing

X- the movies helped

Ky- There was one night where I didn't even want to, but I was like, I need to.


[Sorry everybody....I just transcribe what is said.  -MamaLong]

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6:23PM BBT

Azah checks on her bread and says it is beautiful. Kyland is making a butter sauce for it.


All three Cookout guys have peed in the past hour without removing their mics.  [G R O S S ! -ML]


6:30PM BBT

Big D is in desperate need of music, so he starts singing all of the BB23 Greatest Hits while lounging in the hammock.


6:39PM BBT

Azah is looking for the garlic she crushed yesterday. (It was a lot) She feels confident that Big D must have thrown it out. [He tosses without asking. This is a very annoying habit. Never once has an HG called him out for it....not even Azah when he threw out her tennish shoes because they had comp slime on them. -MamaLong]


6:44PM BBT

Azah is crushing more garlic. Big D is putting the anwnings down in the backyard.


6:47PM BBT

Kyland says he just had the most painful hiccup of his life, "Oh my God. That was intense."

Azah- the way you react to things...it cracks me up


6:48PM BBT

Sarge: Thank you. (to Big D for taking care of the awnings)

Big D- You are welcome Colonel. I hope this is my last time doing this for the summer.  

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7:07PM BBT

Big D is talking to us in the backyard saying he wants to get a job where he can work from home, "If I can just be at home entertaining and go to red carpet events..." He wonders what we think of him.


[Big D, I do not think nearly as much of you as you think of yourself. You asked. -MamaLong]


7:22PM BBT

Big D is still talking about himself to us via the backyard cameras.

Big D says he can't wait to find out what happened on Drag Race All Stars [Sonique took the trophy -ML]

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7:42PM BBT

Azah yells that dinner is ready

Xavier- Alright, just a minute (he wants to talk to Big D)

Xavier tells Big D that Kyland has said that Big D "has the willingness to get things done but not an ability to do anything... aka: you haven't won shit." 

Big D- I'm gonna do it (vote out Ky); I have told every one of these bitches I'm gonna send their asses home. I mean that. This season I haven't got a chance to ... but even though I haven't had the power, I made things happen.

Xavier- He wants me to use the veto on him, and I don't want him to be shocked when I don't.

Big D- I would just tell Ky straight up that (for jury management I don't want Azah upset with me)

Xavier says he will tell him that Big D is willing to do what needs to be done so he is leaving the ability for him to do it

Big D- Damn! Talk about a blindside!!

Xavier- We haven't had one in a long time.

Big D- Who? Brent?

Xavier- He thought he was safe, and who thinks he is safe right now?

Big D starts laughing

Azah calls for them again saying she does not want dinner to get cold.


8:10PM BBT

The Final Four have been enjoying their dinner and funny conversations.


8:49PM BBT

We are getting a lot of WBRB Bubbles tonight.


8:59PM BBT

Xavier is working out in the backyard.

Big D is complaining about how he can't wait to get his hands on an SOS pad because he uses it on all his dishes, pots, pans and silverware.


[If you want to destroy your kitchen ware, use steel wool. I do not advise using steel wool on the interior surfaces of pots or pans or on any silverware.  -MamaLong]


[I'm out for the night.  -MamaLong]

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9:00pm BBT In the LR, DF says loud enough for Azah to hear him that sometimes Ky treats him like he's dumb. He tries to restart the fight with Azah from earlier but she won't bite. DF goes outside and finds Ky playing pool by himself. DF vents that Azah won't talk to him.

9:50pm BBT Azah and Ky are in the hammock together not talking game. DF tries to restart the argument again with Azah and X tells him to knock it off, no game talk. DF just wants credit where credit is due. X says it's not a productive conversation.

10:05pm BBT X retreats to the HoHR and is binge-snacking. He goes down to find DF still fuming in the YBR. Azah/Ky are still outside in the hammock talking about movies and premiers (Ky is kind of a movie nut). 

10:30pm BBT Azah joins X in HoH to play cards. X warns her he invited DF up but DF is in bed in the YBR. X wins the game. He's board and goes to get DF. He puts his headphones on and goes downstairs (they are not bluetooth, X), leaving Azah alone in HoH.

10:40pm BBT DF does not want to join X and Azah in HoH. X returns and tells Azah DF is sleeping. They return to the card games.

11:20pm X is ready to go to sleep, so he puts the cards away. Azah doesn't want to leave, though. After FotH, Azah is gone. DF is sleeping in the YBR but Azah is curled up on the Big Blue Couch and the lights are still on. X turns out the lights in HoH. 

11:45pm BBT X is asleep in HoH. Ky is presumably asleep in the HNR. DF is snoring in the YBR and Azah appears to be asleep but BB hasn't turned off the lights yet.

12:30am BBT Ky is still up in the HNR. The lights are still on in the YBR but neither DF nor Azah seems to be awake. Ky heads out to the BY and begins lifting hand weights and going through his workout rotation, muttering to himself. (My guess is that this is one way he tries to slow his brain down).

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