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Big Brother Season 23-Veto Comp and Ceremony Week 10

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We pick up on Day 66 after the nomination ceremony and Kyland has nominated Tiffany and Hannah. Tiff is his primary target because he cannot trust her. He says it is strange to nominate a member of the Cookout.


Tiff does feel betrayed. She thought their final three deal was sealed. She knows if she does not win veto, then she is going home. Derek F is happy Tiff is on the block and he cannot wait to get her out of the house.


Xavier says if he had won, then he would have targeted Tiff, but this keeps his hands clean and gives him another week. Hannah says she is shocked. If Ky does not need their final three as protection, then that means he has protection elsewhere.


Hannah goes to talk to Kyland and she tells him she is shocked by who she is next to, but she thinks she is not the target. Ky says Xavier and Tiff did not want to move forward in the game together and Hannah says why does he care? She thinks the guys are working together.


Hannah says if Ky’s goal is to walk out in second place and lose to Xavier, then he is doing a great job. Hannah says Ky may be ready to hand his game over on a silver platter to X, but she is not. Hannah says she needs to fight for this veto.


Big D is talking to Xavier and he says he feels bad for them and for Ky. He says this is not as easy as he thought it would be. X says he never thought it would be easy, and this is the stage where they have to take shots at each other.


X feels he has a better chance against Big D or Ky because of jury management. Big D says hopefully Ky does not try to do any tricky stuff and all the guys are together and sticking it out to the end.


Hannah is talking to Tiff and Tiff says after Claire left, she did not trust anyone else in the game besides Hannah. Hannah tells her after today, it is clear the guys are working together.


Hannah and Tiff believe Azah will be the replacement nominee and they need her to win and take one of them down because it is the only way to keep the ladies of the Cookout safe.  


Hannah is talking to Azah and Azah says she did not know he would come for Tiffany. Hannah says she did not either and she thinks the ladies are in trouble because they will be picked off going forward and they need to try and get control and send a guy home.


Azah says she does not see a way for her or Hannah to make final two unless she wins veto and she is concerned because she has not been able to win. Hannah says she would like to see a black woman win, even if it is not her.


Azah say she has a good relationship with Big D and X and she has a decision to make. She can roll with the guys or the women, but first she needs to win the veto to even get a chance to make that decision.


Tiff has thought a lot about how life changing winning Big Brother would win. She knows she is Ky’s target and her back is against the wall. The best thing she can do for her son is to bring home the veto. She needs wants and needs to provide for her son.


It is time for the veto competition! It is time for BB Comics. We see Lord of the Litrine, Derek X and Sarah Breath. We see Big Z snores and Wizards of Azah. They have to find all 16 authentic BB comics.


They will fly down a zip line and peek into a BB Comics studio and they have to place them in the right order and the correct comics. If they are wrong, they will continue to find the correct order and comics. Fastest time will win the POV!


Big D is up first and he wants to win. Before he finds the differences, he wants to get the correct order. Big D thinks he has the order correct and now he is going to figure out the difference. We see Claire Bear and Fliptonite is Christian.


We have Whitney with her Glamour Slammer and Big D notices the workout top on the comic book cover. The Bikini Genie is Alyssa and he is so impressed by hers. We also have Tiffy Toes. Big D thinks he is correct and he has one wrong and it is Tiffany.


Big D says of course he gets stuck on Tiffany’s comic. She is even coming for him in a comic book form. He makes the switch and locks in his time.


Ky says it is important for him to win so he can keep all the control in his hands. He is trying really hard not to get distracted by these comic book covers because he is a huge fan. He gets the order right, then wants to focus on finding the differences.


Ky sees The Kylander and he is excited by his comic. Brent is The Fright Attendant and Ky says if he seen him, he would opt for the train. He thinks Sarah Breath’s costume is “cool”. He is pretty confident about most of his comics.


Ky locks in but one is wrong and it is Whitney’s. He quickly fixes the comics from a spade over the eye to a heart and he locks in his time.


Azah says if she wins this week, then she will have the two votes needed to keep a girl in the house. Azah says she likes her comic. The Denialator is Britini’s comic. Frenchie is Mr. French. Azah is feeling like she has most of the comics correct.


Azah is having a hard time finding the differences between Britini’s and Hannahs. She sees the taglines are different on Britini’s comics and she is also missing Sarah Breath’s comics. She takes one more look and fixes those two and buzzes in and she is correct.


Xavier is up next and he wants to win to get another comp win and to keep nominations the same to make sure Tiffany goes home. X has been waiting for his comic The X-plorer. He says the Bikini Genie made him feel some type of way.


Xavier says this is not easy. Even if your are good at attention to detail, you are also throwing in a zip line and the order of things. He has a lot wrong and has to keep making changes. He keeps buzzing in and he is getting nowhere.


Tiffany is up and she knows she is the target and she has to win. She says if she does not win, the chances of her going home are probably very high. She loves her comic book. Tiffany seems to be moving pretty well and she buzzes in and she has over half wrong.


Tiff needs to start figuring out what she has wrong and make corrections. She buzzes in and she is now only one away. She needs to figure out and she says if she does then she knows she has this.


Hannah is next and she says it is important for her to win veto to guarantee her safety. She has Oceana Hannah and her tagline is she will serve up a hot bowl of Chaddah. She needs to make the most out of each zip line trip.


Hannah thinks she has the order and she starts looking for the differences. Travis’s comic is Cow-Abunga. She says that image might haunt her nightmares for a few months. Hannah hits her button and she is correct. She is proud of herself.


Big D finished with a time of 14:05. Hannah finished with a time of 14:06. Big D is in the lead. Xavier finished with a time of 20:56. Big D is shocked because he is never in the lead. He might actually win!


Tiffany finished with a time of 40:00 because she timed out. She hopes Azah can win this. Azah finished with a time of 20:22. Big D is still in the lead. Ky would love to see Big D get a win but it is too important for him not to have the power.


Ky finished with a time of 11:44 which means he has won the POV! He says he is keeping all the power in his hands and this feels nice. Hannah says it sucks she lost but she needs to figure out how to keep herself, and hopefully Tiff in the house.


Tiff is hoping she can talk Ky into keeping her in the house. Big D is very proud of himself for getting second place but he does not want people to start seeing him as a threat. He does not need to become a comp beast and make people worried.


Ky and X is talking and Ky says obviously he has to put him up and send him home and they chuckle. Ky says winning veto gives him a chance to look at his options. Ky says next week X or Hannah would be more likely to win HOH.


Ky considers taking Hannah down to get in her good graces. They discuss putting up Big D or Azah. X would prefer Ky to leave nominations the same and he does not want to lose numbers if Big D were to be a replacement nominee. Ky needs to consider all options.


Tiff is talking to Ky and making her pitch. She says she did not just lose the veto, it was a wakeup call. She is sorry where she got them to a point where she has to ask him to trust her again. She says she does not have a life in this house without him.


Tiff says if she has any chance of staying in the house is if she can get Ky to turn around. She says if she stays, then she would work with him and only him. She says she will always have his back and he goes wherever she goes.


Ky tells her he believes she would be loyal to him in the game. He tells us that promise is enticing because she is a strong player. However, she leans towards her own self interests and that is not someone a partner or teammate can count on when it matters.


Hannah is talking to Ky. She says she will offer him whatever she can so maybe she can work something out to keep Tiffany here and they can both stay at the end of the week. Hannah offers not to come after him next week and she would use the veto on him.


Hannah says if she were to win veto at F4 she would use it on him or make sure he makes it to the F3 if she can. She tells him she would really like to not to go home. Ky says Hannah has proven herself to be a strong competitor, but can he trust her to vote Tiff out.


It is time for the veto meeting! Ky has decided not to use the POV and he is sorry for any pain this has caused and he wishes them both the best of luck. Ky says he takes no pleasure in being the first person to send a member of the Cookout home.


Ky says Tiff going home is the best strategic move to get himself and Xavier to the final two. Hannah hates that she is next to Tiff and it is scary to play this game without her, but she is not underestimating Tiff to not get those votes.


Big D says he has waited so long to get her out. He says Tiff is a queen, but he is a joker and jokers get the last laugh. Tiff says she understands why they are afraid of her, but she came to play and she will work to come up with something to stay.

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