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America's Got Talent Season 16-Live Finale Performances


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Terry greets us and then the judges. Five golden buzzers will be competing tonight.


We are starting with Sofia’s golden buzzer, Jimmie Herrod, who is a singer. He takes the stage and performs What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. Sofia says his voice and command of the stage and he made the song his style. She is proud of him.


Howie says there are no words to describe Jimmie’s voice and his voice made this room a wonderful world. Heidi says he is a class act and a superstar. Simon says he got his fire back and he delivered a big powerful diva note.


Heidi’s golden buzzer, Lea Kyle, is next and she is a quick change artist. She takes the stage for her act. Heidi says wow, wow, wow. She has been amazing this entire season, but today was the best and this is so much better seeing this live.


Sofia says this was Lea’s best performance. She says she is super creative and beautiful and she came with a story and it was different. Simon says it was too quick, but this was a step up. Absolutely amazing. Howie says the best he has ever seen.


Victory Brinker is up next and she is a singer. She takes the stage for her performance. Simon says he thinks Victory was in a different league and this was better than her first audition. She has a glow about her that is difficult to describe. She has something special.


Sofia says Victory has a chance to win. Howie says Victory is so inspiring because she found something she loved and people need to find their passion. Heidi says she loves her and she looks and sounds like a winner. She says perfection.


The next act is a comedian, Gina Brillon. She takes the stage for her set. Howie says she is great and really funny and laughter is the best medicine. Heidi says she is already a winner.


Sofia says Gina was so comfortable and it made them comfortable. She says she is relatable and funny and she loves that her material comes from a woman’s point of view. Simon says being a comedian is harder than being a singer or a variety act.


Next is Terry’s golden buzzer, World Taekwondo Demonstration Team. They take the stage for their performance. Howie says this is the best act of the night and he says if people come and see this live and he could watch a two hour show of this.


Heidi says she was screaming the entire time for World Taekwondo demo team and they have exciting written all over their act. Simon says that was bloody brilliant. He says they are the ones to beat. Sofia wants to produce a movie for them. They are amazing.


Our next act is Aidan Bryant and he is an aerialist. He takes the stage for his performance. Simon stands on the judges table to give a standing ovation. Simon says he did not think a standing ovation was big enough. He says he is unbelievable talented.


Heidi says she is so proud of Aidan. Sofia says she cannot imagine what he went through this year and Aidan is spectacular. Howie says he agrees with everything. He liked the last routine better than this, but both were brilliant.


Brooke Simpson is the next act and she is a singer. She takes the stage and sings White Flag by Bishop Briggs. Sofia says Brooke is the perfect example of someone coming to the finals and raising the bar. She was spectacular and that performance was great.


Simon says Brooke gave every ounce of her talent and soul and she is an amazing person and role model. Howie says she is on fire and that was fire. She says that was a drop the mic moment. Heidi says she has done so well and she is amazing.


Next up is Dustin Tavella and he is a magician. He takes the stage for his act. Simon says Dustin is really amazing. He says he an amazing storyteller and he is so happy America put him on this stage and he loves everything about him.


Sofia says Dustin has found his lane and he stuck to it and that is very smart of him. Howie says he just gave himself a shot of winning. He makes the impossible possible.


Our next act is Josh Blue and he is a comedian. He takes the stage for his set. Heidi says Simon asked for Josh to be naughtier and the followed through.


Our final act of the night is Howie’s golden buzzer, Northwell Health Nurse Choir. They take the stage and have chosen to sing Stand By You by Rachel Platten. Sofia says what a way to close the show. She says they are an inspiration.


Heidi says Northwell Health Nurse Choir will walk away with a million thank yous and they are really talented. Simon says this is a night he will never forget. Everyone has been amazing. Howie says he will stand by them and he thinks they will win this.

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