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Big Brother Season 23-Nominations Week 10

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Previously, on Big Brother, the Cookout had a plan from the jump to make it to final six, and Claire was poised to be their next casualty.

Before the live vote, Julie unleashed some double trouble, so after the Cookout took out Claire, only Alyssa stood between them and their goal.

With Comics week unleashed, the power was up for grabs and Hannah was the HOH hero, so she put up X next to the Cookout’s final target. At a puzzling POV, Xavier excelled and he officially sealed Alyssa’s fate.

After the second eviction of the night, the Cookout made history. Tonight, with only the six remaining, the Cookout finally goes to battle against each other.

Plus, a new HOH will be crowned as BB Comics week continues. And who will be nominated for eviction? Find out right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 65 and the Cookout is celebrating their achievements. Tiff says they made it. They did it. All of their hard work, perseverance, and determination, they stuck together.


Azah says final six. The Cookout made. They have made history. Hannah says she is so happy right now. She could cry and it is very surreal. She is not only part of the final six, but she is part of the historic season. Hannah says they had to win HOH and veto to get there.


Hannah says things should have been smooth sailing, but she had to put up Kyland and that is where things got messy. Hannah says Kyland was frustrated but she does not understand why he was fighting her on it when Alyssa was going home.


Tiffany did not want Hannah to put up Ky and she told Hannah she did not think Ky would go after her this week. Tiffany wants to talk to Ky and he does not understand why they need to talk and she says to keep up appearances and he says why? Ky tells us this is annoying.


Tiff says Ky is steaming and she is not sure what he is upset about. She says this is not the time to freak out and Ky says he is just irritated. We see Alyssa get evicted and Derek F still celebrating and he says it is amazing they made history.


Tiff says the best alliance to ever do it and Hannah says day one. Tiff says they had each other’s back, but now it is an individual game and she is willing to do what it takes to get to the end and win.


Xavier says BB23 will crown the first African American winner and he says he put in a lot of time and effort into this season. He stays this starts phase 2, the BB end game, and he needs to do what he can to make sure he is sitting in the F2.


Tiff is talking to Ky and she tells us double eviction went so fast and she wants to make sure she and Ky are on the same page so they do not have any issues moving forward. Ky says he just did not understand why they were keeping up appearances.


Ky says she was frustrated earlier because it felt like Tiff was more worried about Alyssa’s jury vote over their relationship. Ky and Tiff hug it out. Tiff is talking to Xavier and she tells him she feels relieved and she will always remember this moment.


Tiff says putting Claire on the block was a tough week emotionally and she knows people were upset. Xavier says she kept her word. Tiff says she feels like they are all threats in different ways. Tiff wants to make sure if Xavier wins HOH, he will not come after her.


Tiff says Xavier is beasting through HOH competitions and if she wins HOH she will go after him because he could win the jury over if he makes final two. Xavier says this is buttering his biscuits and he might need to take a shot at her first.


Ky and Hannah are talking and she wants to do damage control before this festers and gets bigger. Ky says he is probably not looking to work with Hannah long term.


Derek F and Xavier are talking and DF wants Tiff out. He is praying he can win this comp and he asks X to throw the comp to him so he can take the shot at Tiff and put her on the block with Hannah. If Hannah comes down he would put up Ky.


Ky and X have a private convo and hug and congratulate each other. X says this HOH is going to be important. Ky and X agree they have each other’s backs. Ky says he now has to make true final decisions on who he wants to sit next to and that person is Xavier.


Ky says he only wants to go to the end with the best, and this point it is Xavier. X says this F2 is good for his game and he thinks if he sits next to Ky in the final two, then he can win. He says a strong competitor working for you is beneficial.


Tiff wants to win this HOH because she does not trust anyone and she is not sure who is taking a shot at her. Ky says this is the first time they actually get to play and this power is more important than ever.


Hannah says she cannot play and she is hoping whoever wins will not have her high on their list of targets. Derek F says it is down to the Cookout and it is every man or woman for themselves.


It is time for the HOH competition! The five HG are in an “electrical cage” and they have grab eggs and work them up a fence and then put them on a board to roll them down a ramp and knock over power levers. The first one to knock down all three wins HOH!


Azah says she has no comp wins and she would love to see pictures of her parents and get that letter from her family. X says we have seen him throw comps, but since it is now final six, throwing competitions will cease.


Hannah is cheering them on and they are all moving at a decent pace but there are several eggs dropped as well. DF says he is going to have to take his time so he does not drop his egg. X says if he cannot win, then he wants Ky to win.


Tiff says she braids all day and she thinks this will not be a problem. But getting the egg down the ramp and knocking down a lever is challenging for her. Ky slides an egg down and it stops right in front of a lever but does not knock it down.


Azah says she is doing an awesome job with the eggs, but the ramp is messing her up. She says she cannot get the egg rolling under control. Big D is talking to his eggs to make sure they take their time and walk down the runway. DF gets his first lever knocked over.


Azah, X, and Tiff are still struggling. Ky says carefully dropping the egg from one hand to the other can save him some time and the faster he gets the egg to the slot gives him more time to figure out the ramp. Ky knocks down his first lever.


Tiff says she sees Ky doing well and she feels good about that. She says a few days ago, she, Ky, and Hannah made a final three deal. Tiff says with that F3 they can keep numbers and run this game. Hannah does not want Xavier to win so he can go this week.


Hannah is rooting for Tiffany to win because she is her number one ally, but if Tiff cannot win, then she is cheering for Ky. Ky slides his egg down and he now hits the second lever. Ky has 2 levers and DF has 1 lever.


Xavier is working and he finally gets his first lever. Ky has an egg rolling down the ramp and it breaks right in front of the third lever. DF gets his second lever and he is now tied with Ky. Big D says these eggs better get it together and listen to him.


Ky says he almost is inclined to let Big D take the win. Big D slides his egg down and it slides off the side. He is getting very frustrated with the eggs and he is about to give them a whooping. He tells them to focus and listen to his voice and hit the levers.


Azah slides an egg down and she knocks down her first lever. Ky is working another egg down and he is waiting for Big D but his best bet is to go ahead and win. Xavier just misses his second lever. Ky hits the third lever and he wins HOH!


Ky says having three HOH wins in one summer is pretty cool. Big D says he cannot do anything but shake his head because it was right there and he could have won. He is ok with Kyland winning, but he is bummed.


Ky says this is a complicated spot to be and a dream come true. He says the key feels heavy because he is the first to take a shot at an alliance member. Tiff feels really good about Ky being HOH because they made a deal to work together until the end.


Hannah says even though she threw Kyland on the block, she is confident she can smooth things over with him and she says neither she nor Tiff should see the block this week.


Big D says one egg. Just one egg. He cannot win in this house. He says he is frustrated. He does not want to skate by, he wants to be a threat. He is trying to figure out how he is going to continue in the game and fight for his position.


Ky says he knows how bad Big D wanted to win an HOH but it did not happen and now he has to make a very difficult position. Big D says he does not know how he can walk into the final week with no wins.


Xavier says he just finalized a final 2 deal with Ky and then he won. He hopes Ky takes a shot at Tiff so he does not get any blood on his hands. Ky and X talk and they talk about Hannah maybe being able to win veto and she might need to sit next to Tiff.


Tiff is going to talk to Ky and she needs him to see there are bigger targets in this house. She says X will win this game if he moves forward. She needs Ky to stay true to the F3 with herself and Hannah. She tells him she is still committed to their deal.


Ky asks Tiff if she has a preferred F4. She says she feels like X and Big D should go first because she does not want to compete against him. She says Ky is the only competitor she would take to the end, even if she loses. Ky says he might not be safe next week.


Tiff reminds Ky that Claire is in jury convincing them to vote for Xavier to win. Ky says she has a point and Xavier is a tough competitor and is someone who could be tough to beat.


Hannah is not sure if she smoothed things over with Ky, but she is not sure she can trust him. She is hoping he sees there are bigger targets in the game and if he does not nominate her, then she will vote however he wants.


Ky wants to know what offer is on the table if she has to be nominated. She says he is an information collector and she thinks he is trying to gauge how close she is to Tiff and she needs to show her cards. She tells him X would be her target this week.


Ky says he has made multiple deals but they have reached a point in the game where lines have to be drawn and this is not a decision he takes lightly.


It is time for the nomination ceremony! Ky’s first nominee is…Tiffany. His second nominee is…Hannah. Ky says this decision has nothing to do with loss of respect or love, but a loss of trust.


Ky says Tiff has repeatedly said and done things to break his trust and she is someone he does not feel safe having in this game. Xavier says after four straight weeks, he has not been nominated and Tiff is the biggest threat to his personal game.


Hannah is shocked and sad and it absolutely sucks she is next to her number one ally. She is not giving up because she can win veto. Tiff says Ky is the smartest idiot she has ever seen and now she has to go out and fight for her life.

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