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Sunday, September 12, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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12:02AM BBT

Big D, Hannah and Xavier chat in the HoHR while Kyland is in the sea glass room


12:06AM BBT

Tiffany is chatting with Azah in the YBR. They are both hoping the backyard opens soon. Azah decides to go prep some food since she is hungry.


12:15AM BBT

Azah takes her food to the YBR and chats with Tiff while she eats. Azah talks about her family members and how they ended up in the US.


12:30AM BBT

Tiffany and Azah are playing chess in the YBR


1:25AM BBT

Xavier is talking with Big D in the HoHR about how the girls suddenly got morals when their person was on the block. Big D tells Xavier that he hopes when Ky comes out of the DR they call him so X and Ky can talk.

X- Azah is becoming, with Tiff gone, the next biggest threat. Azah has made it adamant that she wants Ky gone.

Big D tells Xavier that he confessed to Azah they have  a final two deal.


1:27AM BBT

Hannah joins Tiff and Azah in the YBR. SHe crawls in her bed with her mug of chi tea.


1:42AM BBT

Kyland talks with Xavier in the HoHR alone while Big D heads to the Diary Room. It's all the same old stuff other than them both agreeing they don't know how the jury will vote Big D. It's a looming question in their minds.



2:20AM BBT

Tiffany and Kyland head to the HoHR to have a talk. Just after the veto competition, Tiffany talked to the cameras saying she didn't win the veto, but she had something up her sleeve and needed to have a talk with Ky to "tell him some things." 


[This is the conversation I have been waiting for. Let's see if Tiffany has enough words and emotion to appeal to Ky and change his mind -MamaLong]


Tiff- Where do I start.... You have been avoiding me all day.

Ky- I haven't been avoiding you.

Tiff- It's late. Maybe I should just wait until tomorrow.

Ky- I'm good. It was just a long DR.

Tiffany- So, there are so many things that are in my head. I'm going to try to organize them. I did not come to this conversation until I came to this room.

Ky- Okay

Tiff- I lost the veto  (she starts laughing)

Ky- (laughing, too) Oh, she doesn't feel good about the veto.

Tiff- Here's the thing. Yesterday, I felt like my life was over in this game, and I was going home.

Ky- Before veto?

Tiff- I felt if I didn't have you, I didn't have much in this game. I was accepting the fact that I'm going home. I was like, you know whatever happens is supposed to happen. If I go home, I go home. I went out there, and I don't know what happened. I DO KNOW what happened. I was supposed to lose. I got everything right. I wasn't even mad. I was like okay, I just have to go home. I came up here and I stripped down and laid down in front of the...

Ky- Oh, the AC?

Tiff- Yeah, I was hot and soaking wet. But I did something that takes me a long time to do. I lost the veto, but I didn't just lose....I lost....It was like a wake-up call. I had to ask myself why did I lose. In this house, things happen very quickly. It's not like that in the real world. In the real world, I run, and if something doesn't work out, I'm like fine, and I move on. But, in this house, I don't have that choice. In here, I don't have anything but time to think about everything. In the real world, sometimes it takes me months and sometimes years. I'm the kind that doesn't like to apologize because I don't think I'm wrong. But today, that was a wake up for me. 


(Tiff pauses saying she is moving too fast)


Ky- You're doing fine

Tiff- I had to think about the way I lost because I needed to do more than just lose. I needed to be humbled. I had to think about the chance of me staying in this game. When I lost the way I lost today, I put on your Kendrick Lamar (Black Panther Soundtrack) and he was saying some things. I was like is he talking to me. I view myself as a humble person. I don't view myself as prideful, egotistical, arrogant. I was wrong! I wasn't going to humble myself and come to you and find out what your thoughts really are. My ego was in the way. My pride was in the way. That was God saying let me humble you real quick. In the real world I don't need anybody. I will be homeless, I will starve before I need anybody. But, I can't live this way in this house. As I was telling myself I have not learned the things in this house that if I take a look at myself, I can. You said something to me before the veto and it bothered me. I was like don't say anything that will make me mess up. I need to have a messed up situation to learn something about myself. I am proud this didn't take years. It took a few minutes. Last night, when we were talking about the mistrust, I had to think about how I brought you there. I was thinking was I always supposed to trust him or never supposed to trust him. My arrogance, my ego, my pride....I still didn't humble myself but I looked at you and I said....You said...I'm going to mess the words up....you said something like it's not that you trusted the wrong man..

Ky- I said it wasn't that you trusted the wrong man. It's that you stopped trusting the right man.

Tiff- Right. And I was talking to America and I was like, maybe I was wrong. It's hard for me to admit that. I was like, why did I stop or doubt.I took the game that you played in this house and I watched you with people and then I wondered, 'is he playing the same game on me?' you know...you are a person that is well thought out. You are kind and you mean what you say. I definitely respect that. No buts period. So I said to myself, you respect that but you questioned whether he was true or not. That was the same thing I thought Azah was going to do to me. 

Ky- Oh, gotcha

Tiff- I was like, that sounds familiar. That sounds like what I thought Azah was going to do. That's why I stopped talking gameplay with her because I didn't want her to misunderstand me or question my character. And she never has...I'm glad for that, but I would not had any of these thoughts if I had not lost. I had to get here. The crazy thing is, you were napping and I wanted to talk....I did tell her that in my thoughts that I realized I needed to be humbled...40? (how long it took her in the comp) I knew I needed to apologize to her. I was realizing a lot and you never did that to me, but I was the one who did that to someone else. You never did anything to me for me to doubt you. I was putting my own fears for other people on you, and I owe you an apology. You asked me what you had done, was there something you had done. I had to think about that, and the answer is no. Essentially it was me. 


If I would have won the veto today I would have been like, 'Right, You got it TIff, You don't need anybody'....I would have been alone in this house. But, it wasn't intended to go that way and I would have been here one more week, but it would have been very uncomfortable for me. The lesson I had to learn is I actually do need people. I need to be able to recognize that. I need to accept when I am wrong. I need to accept the accountability and I need to apologize. The things you expected and wanted from me...the blind loyalty and trust. ..You had not done anything for me to not...Up to this point, nobody owes anything to anything in the six. We have never had to ask to be saved. We have never had to say if you do this for me I will do this for you. I was honestly just going to leave and go home. Whether I do or do not, this is the conversation...it is what I had to do because it's something for me that is usually hard to do. 


I don't have a life in this house without you. My game in this house is over unless you save me. And, I know that you doing that would be trusting me to be loyal to you. But, I know you don't know, as of yet, if I will. There's no one in this house who can save me. There is no one in this house I owe anything to, and there is no one who owes me anything. If you save me, I have no choice...and I know you don't want my loyalty and trust out of not having a choice....But, I would not have any obligation or loyalty to anyone else because you are my only lifeline in this house.  . I have not gone to anybody and asked them to save me because I do not want to owe anybody anything. I don't even trust to have what we had, even though I know I fractured that. If you kept me.......Are you falling asleep on me?

Ky- Not at all

Tiff- Okay, I know you have the power to save me. To do that you would have my unconditional loyalty and respect and unconditional means no condition

Ky giggles

Tiff- They would not do that. It's really humbling for me to do this because I know week two we were working toward this. I wish I had stayed the course, but I don't care who walks out that door on Thursday as long as it's not me

Ky giggles again

Tiff- I really don't. There would be no way I would ever go against you, ever, Not a vote, not a block, not making a decision without having your input...without us talking about it. Because I know the chances of me going Thursday are greater than me staying here. The only chance I have to stay is working with you and only you. I don't have a choice. I know I have put myself in front of some decisions I had to make....maybe Claire, but maybe that was still myself that I was thinking about....If you are wondering where my loyalties lie....It can't lie anywhere at this point because my game is hanging by a thread. No one is offering me a thing. I recognize that. If you don't keep me here, you can try to assume or trust that people here will keep you here out of loyalty or respect or relation, but nobody else in this house owes you anything. They don't have to be loyal to you. They don't have to trust you. They don't have to appreciate you. Keeping me here...I DO! I did not win today because I wasn't supposed to. I wasn't even supposed to make the board. 40?

Ky- I know

Tiff- 40; nobody better say 40 minutes to me, it's fighting. They can say 39 minutes or they can say 41 minutes, but not 40

Ky laughs

Tiff- I am truly sorry that I got us to this point where I have to ask you for your loyalty to me and I have to ask you to trust me again. I know words are just words, but if I am here, I will back those words up with actions. I know we had that opportunity before. I guess no one in the six has been in this position to owe anybody anything. I don't think I knew what they felt like...we were just loyal to the mission. It's like Big D said, we got here, we even. But, I am not even. I don't want to have to play this game alone. I don't want to play it without you. It's not even so much as me telling you a few nights ago that I need you in this game. Now it's a different type of need. I really do need you to keep me here. I don't have anyone that could offer me that


You know, you could just take these as words. I am a woman of principle and values, too. My son is watching me. Mama Pat is watching me. If I lie to you, if I break my promise to you, I could lose a friend in this house. But, I have disappointed my family. I have let my son down.  I would have broken something that I would have to work way too hard to get back. I feel like I have embarrassed myself enough. I could not offer something to you of this magnitude knowing I would have to answer to your family. If I do end up going home, I am going home. But, this is something I had to get off my chest. People in this house could tell you they will work with you, they will be loyal to you, but they don't owe you anything. Keeping me? I am totally indebted to you.  If you let me go, I don't have anything. I would gladly take a second place prize over leaving Thursday with nothing. Now, I know you said you wanted to take a competitor to the end and today I might have got knocked out of that.

*They are both laughing


You would never have to question me. I would never question you. I should not have ever questioned you. I feel really bad that I did because I know you are a great guy. I know you are a person who does and says what he means. I have watched you move through this game strategically in this game as I have.  And I could have been judged the way I thought Azah would judge me, and I could have been hurt and upset by it. But, she never did, so I feel like the worst mother fucker...But, I did. I owe you so much for..I just owe you an apology for that. I genuinely, sincerely apologize. I would never do it again. I don't know if to me it's fractured and to you it's broken. I don't know if it's an option for you to keep me in this game. But, I do know there is nobody else that would be willing to turn their game over to you and trust you in everything you do and always have your back moving forward because none of us owe you anything. That is not an option for me. There is nobody who can save me. I know when you came to the decision for your nominations and you thought out your very well thought out speech to me, I think at that point you had accepted that you could be in this game without me. And you could. But, I don't want to be in this game without you. That why....40! Had I won it, I would have never come to this realization. I would have never had nothing to offer you and probably would have thought I did this all by myself because in my real world I do. But in this house I don't, and in my real world I am learning that I don't, either.


I would like for you to think about the things I've said. I would like for you to consider them. I don't know where your head is. I don't know if your mind is made up. I do know that I wasn't planning to have this conversation today. I didn't want to know. I did not want to give you the satisfaction to tell me, and I didn't think I was a prideful person. But I am being so openly honest with you. I would never offer you anything of this sort if I did not plan to keep my word. I don't want you to give me an answer. You don't have to say anything at all. But, I do want you to know that I am bearing my whole heart here. You told me two nights ago, 'love me or not, just be loyal.' I do know what that means. I know in this house it means back that up with an action. There is nobody I would even trust to work with because I have not done anything to allow me that for them. If you keep me here, you will have that from me.


Ky- I appreciate that. This isn't like week two to me. This is the most vulnerable we have all been. Anyone can game anyone. It's not like I am.

Tiff- this is not game for me

Ky- no, I am saying anyone can game me and make the moves they want to make. We got to the six. I can't make a decision on anything without having all of the conversation I need to have. I think I am somebody who evaluates all options. I have never considered myself..I think there is a big difference between being fickle and taking in information and adjusting accordingly. That's where I would be at as far as answering anything but I would continue to have conversations. 

Tiff- People will promise you things they don't have to keep, but if I am still in this house, I am still everyone else's target.

Ky- I told you that I am the worst case scenario for winning this veto, and I meant that. I have always thought you were a very smart player. I think you would have come to the conclusion that I am the only player in the house that would take you further. Keeping yourself safe this week both brings back your status as a competitor. People would still want you out, but I would want you in. The conclusion is the same even if it is not with the same feelings. Unless you became...it would have been the same because you can win every veto and HoH. But by not winning, I think the scenario you do need to, with the situations in the house, I think that it is I guess...I believe that you would be. I think the question I can't answer necessarily is that if, though, you have an opportunity to benefit yourself over me at some point

Tiff- NO

Ky- Those are within the rules of the game so you are not disappointing anyone

Tiff- No, I....


3:07AM BBT

*WBRB Bubbles


The feeds return to Tiff saying, "If it came down to me and you, I will never.."

Cam switches to the YBR where Hannah is sleeping.


3:09AM BBT

Ky- I think I fully believe it and I think the question would be like, what can be said that makes us not like Dan and Frank, season 14? What can be said that would remove the doubt of that being the case.

Tiff- If you keep me one more week and you don't see that I am loyal to you, that I am working strictly with you. That we are moving together. Have whoever wins put me on the block. You can make the nominations. You can run this entire thing.  I just don't want to give up my game because I didn't trust what I already had. You can send me home. Anybody will send me home next week. I will never go against you. I am not working with them.  I have not had this conversation with anybody. I'm not asking anybody for their vote. I'm sure they will vote the way you want them to.  I don't owe anybody anything. Little Chaddha, I love little Chaddha. That's my baby. But this is not Big Love. I will never choose Chaddha over you. Had you asked me this some time ago, I may not have known my answer 100%. 75% Ky, maybe Chaddha...I will never choose Chaddha over you. I will never choose X. I will never choose Azah. I will never choose Derek.

Kyland- What about Tiffany?

Tiff- I will never choose myself. I have done that. Doing that got me here. Unconditional respect. Unconditional loyalty. That means under any condition, we are doing things together. I will never choose my personal over what I have promised to you. Keeping me in this game insures me something. Keeping me in this game, you have somebody who is 1,000% with you and only you. No one in this house would be able to get me to do anything for them. No one in this house has even had to be in the position to owe anybody anything. Yes, X has been more consistent. He has shown you more consistency. All I am asking you for a chance. He doesn't owe you anything and you do not know everybody's motives here and what they will do if they get to the end. I tell you, and I mean it. I go home with zero if I go home on Thursday. You keep me here, I will take whatever I get. You can have them send me home. You can have them send me home whenever you are ready.

Ky- I do not have that opportunity next week. The reality is..

Tiff- Ky! I am not coming after you. You will always have my vote. If it comes down to veto and I win it, I will always pull you off the block. You don't owe me anything.

Ky- I think one concern is that the perception that people will vote  the way I want them to. That is...it doesn't add confidence.

Tiff- Okay, I do think everyone is playing their own personal game. I think they will consider whatever is best for them. I do not know who would go home if it's not me, but if I could get one of the girls to keep me, maybe you could get one of the guys. But, I do think if you wanted to keep me here, I would stay.

Ky- I do think it would be helpful if you can start evaluating what moving forward would look like especially in terms with me using veto on you or not using veto at all. I don't think it's intentional. I think it's the nature of the position you are in. But the view in terms of the actions of like last week have affected everyone. So, me campaigning...me using the veto on you, changes things in the house. So, I need to...it's great if you are loyal to me but not if we are sitting on the block together. But if you are sitting on the block with me because I kept you here, it would be me in some scenarios. Those are the scenarios that are not being accounted for in this conversation.


3:23AM BBT

Tiff- If keeping me hurts your game, you can't keep me, and I understand. But I also don't know that if not keeping me means you will stay any longer. I think keeping me buys at least one more week. I think you are a target, regardless. I don't think anyone in here will want to keep you in here any longer. I don't think anyone will get down to three and say I am taking Kyland. I would! But we have to get there. I know that this is all I have brought upon myself.. Such is my life...


Ky- You brought it on us both!

Tiff- (she makes a sad moan and clutches her pillow because she knows this to be true) I'm sorry. I know people will want me gone. They will always want me gone. But they want you gone, too. If there is one other person with you who will agree to save you one more week, that buys you one more week. 

Ky- I think it would have to be two other people because it means taking an action independently to save you versus taking an aciton with others to save you.

Tiff- I don't even want to talk to other people about how they will vote because that would mean someone else is leaving and I don't want to put that on anybody. I am honestly not comfortable with doing anything without you being okay with it. I am not asking you to answer.


Kyland says he would have to talk to others and see if anyone sees any scenarios where Tiff staying would be beneficial. If there isn't then he couldn't move forward with that even if he has zero doubt on her loyalty, "but your loyalty as an individual may not be enough for me to overcome."


Tiff tells Ky that being loyal to him means she will do whatever he thinks she may need to do to stay. She knows she doesn't have anything and is hanging on by her last strand. 


Ky- The minimum I need as of right now is two people and it can include CHaddha as one of those people to come forward in support of you staying.

Tiff- I think Chaddha would support me staying. 

Tiffany says she might be able to get Azah and if she makes a deal with Big D she could maybe get him, but she can't get Xavier. "Azah has expressed to me that she didn't expect that, and I think Chaddha would keep me any day."


Ky says that is what he would need to hear.


Tiff warns Ky that it doesn't matter who the third person is, Xavier would take them over Ky because while Ky wants to take a competitor, Xavier wants to win.




Tiff- Don't let them fucking send me home. If I leave with $5,000 then I leave with $5,000.

Ky- I am not trying to leave with $7,500 the following week.

4:00AM BBT

Tiff says she will go to bed. They hug and Tiff tells Ky she promises she will not be hard to work with. Ky opens the door to see Big D is waiting for Ky. Tiff jokes that she is not leaving until he leaves and then shays she agrees they can share Ky. They all go back in and Big D tells Tiff that he has been in the DR since 1:45. Big D tells them the backyard is now open.


4:05AM BBT

Tiff says good night and leaves Ky and Big D to chat in the HoHR

Big D- oh boy...I see this chess board

Ky tells Big D that he was using it, not Tiff.

Big D says he just wants to check on Ky and see what he can do for him.

Ky rambles for a bit about where everyone stands in the game, and Big D agrees to do whatever Ky decides.


After a lot of conversation, Ky tells Big D that he is not questioning h=who to keep this week. He is wuestioning who to keep next week.


5:00AM BBT

Big D is staying the night in the HoHR with Kyland. They get in bed and talk themselves to sleep.


5:15AM BBT

Everyone in the BB House is finally sleeping.

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9:30AM BBT

The houseguests are still sleeping and will likely not have their wake up music until 10AM, maybe later given Ky and Big D were up so late.


[Sunday Funday will be a calm day of recharging for the final stretch of the season. Tiffany is resigned to the fact that she is likely to go home. The only hope she has is that her talk with Ky has made a difference. Personally, I do not think it has. Ky knows it would make him look shady to go back on his plan, and he is already the main target for most of hte remaining HGs. Given he can't predict the outcome next week, Ky will move forward with sending Tiffany home. Tiff's fatal mistake was winning that last HoH. I understand she felt she had to go for it and try to save Claire while building her own resume in the game, but it was too risky a move. Things did not land in her favor. I'm quite sure she she meant everything she told Ky, but it is too late. Of course, y'all know I am Team Tiffany, but much like Derek X made a mistake that ruined his chances, Tiffany has sealed her fate, as well. I'd be shocked if I am wrong. Stay tuned!  -Mama Long]

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10:02AM BBT

WBRB for "Wakey Wakey Houseguests"


10:15AM BBT

The feeds return to Big D, Azah and Tiffany talking about the morning music in the backyard.


Hannah is heading to the SR for new batteries.


10:34AM BBT

Hannah and Xavier are talking in the living room. 

Xavier- Your best case scenario is you coming down. I think I would go up. He said he wants to take a competitor, but I don't know.

Hannah says she thinks noms will stay the same. "I think he nominated me because he didn't want me to win veto and be tempted to take her down."

Xavier tells her that either way, she will stay. 'If he takes you down he would put up Azah or maybe me. I don't know."

Hannah- but there is no point. If you take me down and put up someone else, you are just pissing off more people.


11:00AM BBT

Tiffany is talking with Xavier in the living room.

Tiff- I've never viewed myself as a selfish person, but like I said, it is a humbling expereince.

Xavier says if it was a repeated pattern, perhaps (she is selfish)  

Tiffany says she thinks she realizes that he understood but it fractured the trust they had.

X- I would agree

Tiff- When you apologized to me, I really didn't think you owed me an apology. I know you were apologizing for me being in the situation, not that you had done something to apologize for. 

Tiffany goes on to apologize to Xavier for fracturing the trust between them.

X- This is a game, at the end of the day. I don't think you are a selfish person.


11:52AM BBT

Tiffany crawls in bed with Kyland in the HoHR. Ky says he is exhausted. He teases that he and Big D fooled around for a bit. 


Kyland says he thinks he and Big D fell asleep mid conversation. 

Tiff tells Ky that she had a good talk with Derek, "not to keep me here but to talk about things I've done and the way it made him feel."

Ky asks Tiff how she got interested in Big Brother. She says she started by just being a fan, but over time she developed a strong desire to play the game. SHe wanted to represent a black women and show that black women are just as capable. She says that she worked and worked to get on the show, so it serves as a great example to her son to work for what you really want. She was hoping to change her life with the show financially because being a single mother is a struggle, "but I have been blessed." 

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12:12PM BBT

Tiffany says that socializing is a strength for her, but strategizing is new to her.

Tiff says when asked by Big Brother what her strategy was, she felt she didn't have one. She said she would use her social skills to get people to open up. She did not expect to come in the house and lose all the competitions.

Ky- You've wone the third most competitions.

Tiff- Why did you want to come here?

Ky says he doesn't really watch reality shows, but Big Brother intrigued him.


1:30PM BBT

Ky and Tiff are still cuddled up in the HoHR bed talking.


1:37PM BBT

They decide to get up and get something to eat.


1:41PM BBT

Big D and Azah are talking in the living room. Kyland comes over and sits by Azah. They tease and flirt a bit.

Azah- Pool date?

Ky- YeahWhen Ky leaves, Azah turns to Big D and says, "you literally look like you want to pick me up and throw me into the wall."

Big D- I might

Azah- I like it when you are mad at me.

Big D- I can't believe you just sat right in front of me and said, "are we gonna talk about our date today."

Azah- I gave you a warning.

Big D- What? Gave who a warning?

Azah- I told you I was going to ask about our date.

Big D- Oh, please.

Azah- You know who he comes home to. It's always been you.

Big D- Please. I did sleep really good though. That was the first time I was actually able to sleep, sleep.

Kyland is agreeing from the kitchen.

Big D looks at Azah, "Mm Hmm...and you...you are wearing your little swimsuit"

Azah- yeah

Big D- let me tell you something you little bitch

*They laugh

Ky says something from the kitchen and Big D responds, "Look, I am trying to be a good person. You are going on a date today with my best friend. But that doesn't mean I won't be planning behind the scenes."

Ky- What does that mean?

Big D turns to Azah and says that Xavier told him some things, but he is not going to tell her.

Big D- Ky, everyone wants you now. Tiffany wants to share you with me...

Tiff- What's wrong with that?

They continue joking around about Kyland being the most wanted man in the house.

Big D- What do I do about this little hussy right here? (he means Azah)

Ky- Stop calling people hussy

Tiff says she belongs with her

Azah- I belong to the streets



1:52PM BBT

Ky- You are being very strong.

Big D- It is very difficult. I was a Kyland fan from the very beginning, not them!

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2:40PM BBT

The Cookout is sitting in the living room talking about Schmidt and Winston from the show New Girl.

Hannah is wearing Claire's plaid shirt today.



They assign the New Girl characters to each of the remaining housegusts. (they have been playing this game with various shows and movies all season)


Tiff = Aly

Hannah= CeCe

Azah = Jessica

Kyland = Ryan

Big D = Schmidt

Xavier = Winston


After being assigned Nick, Hannah asks them to describe the character since she is not familiar with the show. After hearing Nick's description...

Chaddha- you guys think I'm sad?

Azah tells her she always sang a song for the one going home like an ominous sign of their departure

Ky- she really is the one most like Nick

Xavier and Kyland decide they do not have a Nick and assignd CeCe to Chaddha.


2:56PM BBT

In the kitchen Xavier satrts singing, "ready for that back door, ready for that back door"

Azah- You really think that is going to happen?

Xavier- I'm not sure


Kyland is talking with Hannah in the HoHR

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We have had a lot of WBRB Bubbles today. There is no reasonable explanation.


4:07PM BBT

Xavier and Hannah go over all of the BB Comics for each houseguest in there latest edition of Hot Takes with Hannah:


Frenchie = he was in camo overalls with a tuxedo jacket and bow tie

Britini- The Denialator (They said she always denied how much BB bucks she had)

Alyssa- The Bikini Genie (her comic had blonde hair so the HG's were confusing her with Whitney)

Sarah Beth = Sarah Breath - they don't get it, but feel it's a dig at SB for being cold af for taking 5K from 

Chrisitan- Fliptonite "When he is not making out, he is flipping out"

Whitney = The Glamor Slammer (in the controversial buckle top and powder brush in her hand)

Big D = Big Zzz's (His eyes were closed and nostrils flared, sleepwalking into destruction)

Azah = X says by far the best BB Comic of all time "everything about it was spot on. The dopest comic."

Tiffany = Tippy Toes (including her tattoo and they agree it was "spot on")

DX = Lord of the Latrine (Hannah says they could have done a better job with his)


*WBRB Bubbles interrupted their review of the BB Comics


Brent = The Fright Attendant  (they say it seems the artist spent only 5 minutes on it)

Xavier = something about "X marks the spot"

Hannah = Oceana Hannah (Hannah says he comic made no sense, but she loved it)


Hannah says she thinks the best is a tie between Whitney's and Azah's.

Xavier-  To the artist...you absolutely crushed it




4:30PM BBT

Ky has been squeezing the hell out of half a dozen lemons in the kitchen.


4:42PM BBT

Azah and Kyland are sitting on the balcony in the backyard eating fruit during their "date."

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6:48PM BBT

Big D enters the backyard and sees Azah and Kyland on the loungers, "Having a good time, I see."

Azah says she is minding her own business.

Tiff has her feet in the hot tub.

Tiff- Can we have the hot tub warm please?

Azah decides to go check on her bread  


6:53PM BBT

Tiff says  the hot tub is on.

Ky- Thank you Big Brother

An LAPD helicopter is flying overhead, and it's quite loud.

Tiff says "they said you're welcome"


Kyland says that he was stopped by a police helicopter when he was 13.

Tiff- 13? That's my son's age

Ky- We had some dogs...

*The cam moves to the kitchen, so we don't get to hear the deets   

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8:21pm Big Brother Time

Tiffany and Azah are making what looks like home made pizza.

Tiffany mentions something that Big D has believed she had a hand in, and after a conversation she says he realized the truth.  Tiffany says she also apologized to Big D, saying she told him there were things she believed about him that were not true as well.

Tiffany says it was good and possibly progressive, but she doesn't know. She says she wants the final three to be herself, Azah and Big D.

(Tiffany is very unsure if anything will make a difference, but at least the air will be cleared when she leaves—Grannysue)

Azah joins Big D, Xavier and Hannah in the back yard.

Big D says he wants to make some sort of statement when he goes to the diary room. He mentions saying something about BLM, but then wonders if it would be a good idea.

Xavier says he has done nothing like that, he just does the vote and says to leave.

Azah says she mentioned the plight in  Cameroon.

Xavier says he doesn't do that from the nomination seat either.

Xavier teases Big D about his past eviction speeches. He says America has no idea what he has been talking about.

Azah returns to the kitchen.

Big D and Xavier mention people laughing when Sarah Beth did her speech.

Silence in the kitchen....just a few comments every once in a while.
Azah stares down the pizza through the oven window, decides it is too soon again and leaves the room.

Big D comes in and asks Tiffany if she needs help cleaning up.
Big D says he needs to get his laundry, and he is going to bed soon, he says tomorrow is a question and he is running on no sleep.

Big D comes back, tells Tiffany he will go tell Azah about pizza checking time.

Azah comes in, declares them perfect.
House guests sit at the dining table and have their meal.

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10:00pm Big Brother Time

Still general chatter at the table.

Azah and Kyland go to the HOH room.

Kyland asks Azah how she is feeling, he says he is considering things. Kyland says next week he will be very vulnerable and he is trying to figure out what to do.
He asks Azah who she would rather leave, she tells him she would rather have him continue on with his intended target.

Azah tells him she will go to his preference if it changes.

Kyland says if either one comes down he has no idea what that looks like. He says her opinion is something he would want to hear.

Azah says with Tiffany, she assumed he chose her with who he could work with looking forward, he says he did say that in nominations, he worries that he can not rely on Tiffany. He says he thinks a lot of her, but he felt she wasn't really willing to give up on some things.

He says again that he is trying to figure it out. He asks Azah where they are in terms of moving forward, he says if Azah replaces either person that he has nominated she would stay.  He tells Azah that he is not doing that, but jokingly adds, “unless I should be.”

Azah tells Kyland she has seen him follow through, but he has to make his decision for himself. She tells him when she has had feelings on the spot and they changed, she has moved on them.  

Azah tells him that she felt some issues between her and Kyland over Britini, and the loyalty she spoke of then was Britini's loyalty to her (Azah), not to someone else. Azah tells him that sending Britini out after she told him that made her upset.  She says he has not seemed to trust her (Azah), although they were both committed to the same thing.

Azah tells him she expected him to come after her at the six, and was surprised he didn't.  She says she won't promise things she can't do. Azah says she thought about 'the deal” he offered her and decided to take it. (before he won HOH)

Azah says they would have a working relationship.

Kyland tells her that she has been helpful. He tells her the game has been an interesting experience.
Kyland asks her if she would vote out Big D, she declines the answer. He mentions Xavier, she tells her she would go with what he wants.

Kyland says he is worried about not being able to play in the next HOH, and he is worried about who can beat him in jury, or who can beat him in competition. He tells her after the eviction he will have time to see what things are going in which direction.

Kyland welcomes Azah to the final five. She hugs him.

Azah tells Kyland about the Women's alliance that she started early in the game. She says Britini was put on the block because people thought she (Britini) started the alliance.  Azah says Britini never said a word.  That is why Azah had such a deep trust in her.  She said she (Azah) felt guilty about it and had to adjust her game play because she was so upset at herself.  She says that she decided then that if she (Azah) went home, it would not be because of a lie. She says she has told the truth when people ask her questions since.

Kyland seems impressed. He agrees to keep that to himself

Azah asks if Tiffany has thrown out her (Azah's) name.  Kyland says she has not. Azah says the only person she said Tiffany's name to was Sarah Beth. Sarah Beth reported it to Kyland, then Tiffany somehow found out.  Azah says when Tiffany asked her about it, she admitted it to Tiffany.

Kyland says it is better to know, he says again that Tiffany has not said her name. 

Azah says most people in the house expected her (Azah) to go on the block, she is happy she did not.

They end their conversation.

Azah mentions the alcohol in the fridge and Kyland tells her they are being kept for later.

Azah goes to the hot tub, gets in and decides it is cold.

10:49pm Big Brother Time

Xavier goes to the HOH room to talk to Kyland.

Kyland teells Xavier that last night Big D told him that he was concerned about Azah. He says Hannah talked to him, and the conversation seemed to reflect what Xavier told her to do.
(He told her to offer the same, no matter what).

Kyland says Hannah told him she was aware that he wants to work with competitors, and she believes she is consistent, as well as being a competitor.  He says she claimed to be the top female there, and seemed to forget Tiffany's Wild Card.
Kyland says Hannah is not interested in bringing Azah and Big D much further.  Hannah offered a deal that would help him get to the final three and past next week.
Kyland says Hannah told him she was interested in taking Xavier to the final three as well.

Xavier tells Kyland that if he (Kyland) takes Hannah off the block he told her that she was not ALLOWED to vote to keep Tiffany.
(Xavier is very good at telling the house guests what they are allowed to do and not allowed to do. Sadly, no one thumbs their noses at him and does what they want, with the exception of Tiffany, who is now paying the price for winning the HOH and putting Alyssa on the block against his instructions—Grannysue)

Kyland mentions that Hannah will have a good resume and might beat either of them at the final two.
Xavier says Big D is the only person in the house that knows they (Kyland and Xavier) are working together.

They agree that another eviction might happen next Wednesday.

Kyland tells Xavier that he listened to Tiffany, but does not see things would be different for him in the game if he did that, other than making him a target in the house that he may not already be.

Conversation moves to Big D, how his idea of how he is playing not being realistic.
Xavier says Big D only wanted to make it to the final five, and Azah is happy with final four.  He asks if they are still on track to take Hannah out after Tiffany.

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11:08pm Big Brother Time

Conversation continues with Kyland in the HOH room.

Kyland tells Xavier that he will have a conversation with Hannah tonight and let her know they believe she will be safe on Thursday.

Xavier gives Kyland his list of who goes next, and next, and next.  He gives his list of who can win HOH next, and next, and next.

Xavier leaves the HOH room

Azah is in the bedroom telling Hannah that if Kyland wants her to go home there is nothing she can do if he does.  She says she wouldn't give up, but she will deal with the hand she is dealt. She says whatever seeds she has sowed with Kyland will be what determines that decision.  She says she won't follow him around, she hasn't had that relationship with him, she just has to wait.  She says they don't talk game, other than when he called her to the HOH room earlier.

Azah asks how Hannah's talk went with Kyland, Hannah says she doesn't know what he is thinking, he probably had a plan earlier, he just wants to execute it with the least blood on his hand.

Xavier comes and tells Hannah that Kyland wants to talk to her, she tells him that she thought he wanted to see Big D first, but Xavier comes back and says, “Chaddah, you're up.”

Cameras move to Tiffany, lying on her bed reading the Bible.

Then to Xavier and Big D reading the manual.

Kyland is in the kitchen making some sort of protein drink/searching the leftovers. Passes on the leftovers and going to the HOH room.

He goes to the HOH room where Hannah is waiting.

Hannah is looking at the chess board, wants to know why he made her a pawn. He tells her other people chose their pieces and he said okay.

Kyland tells her that everyone wants Hannah gone so he had to give them their preference.
Hannah doesn't believe him, “Great Acting” she says.
Kyland smiles, says that he is pretty sure, he can't say he can ensure it, but if nothing astounding happens she will be staying this week.
He says they can talk about the deals they made after the veto ceremony.
Hannah agrees,she says she isn't sure how much she can do for him, but she will do what she can.
She says they don't know what competition they will have.

Hannah asks if there is a scenario where they can work with Tiffany.
Kyland says there is no way he can move her off and be confident that Hannah would stay.
He says in his conversations with the others no one mentioned Tiffany going not being a good plan for them.

Hannah asks him why Tiffany and Xavier not being in the same world together means something to him.
Kyland covers a lot of territory in his answer, but really doesn't answer her question.

Hannah asks him if he believes she is consistent, he tells her yes. He just needed to gain clarity about her and Tiffany's talks, and whether he was receiving information he wasn't sure were not misleading.
He says Tiffany didn't tell him the right amount of BB Cash that Claire had received.

Hannah asks Kyland if there is anything she should do, what advice does he have for her.
He tells her there is no reason to distance herself from Tiffany, unless it is her personal preference.
She says it really has to do with her relationships with Azah and Big D, and she needs to have more people as friends with the house. She doesn't want to devote her time to one person, especially if there is not a path forward to work with Tiffany going forward.

Hannah says Tiffany has been spending more time with the others as well.

Kyland says he is wondering who the closest person in the house to Xavier might be, Hannah says Xavier has a great relationship with everyone. He tells Hannah that Xavier doesn't share information with him, and he has no idea what Xavier's hierarchy is in the house.

Hannah says she would like to have an HOH that is longer than 30 minutes.

They continue to talk about the game in generalities.

Hannah and Kyland try to figure out why the back yard is being closed on a Monday. Hannah says that never happens, maybe it will be an elaborate competition, or the eviction could be on Wednesday because of football beginning. She is counting the days left until the finally and trying to figure out if there will be two evictions in a week, she is also trying to figure out what kind of competitions are coming.

Hannah leaves the HOH room.

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12:00am MONDAY MORNING Big Brother Time

It's lights out for Tiffany in the hallway bedroom.

Azah and Big D are in the living room area,

They are talking about Xavier.

Big D says Xavier doesn't like to cuddle with Azah because he doesn't like to talk game to her. He wants it to be a different kind of talk.

Azah says she doesn't understand that, he approaches her.
Hannah comes by, she is wearing Claire's flannel.
Big D, “she's gonna ask for that back.”
Azah says “DX is gonna ask for that hoodie, send a message to production to get it back”

Tiffany comes out of the bedroom,
Big D, “I knew she wasn't sleepin.”

Tiffany goes into the HOH room where Kyland is waiting for her. 'She sits on the bed Indian style and waits for him (she looks very tense). She moves around, re positions herself.

Kyland is brushing his teeth while Tiffany lies on the HOH bed.

Kyland lies on the bed next to Tiffany, she moves onto his arm.
Kyland asks about her day, she say it was okay, she tried to have much needed conversation.
They wonder if there will be a luxury competition since they are getting up so early.

Kyland says he heard her conversations went well, and were needed.
Tiffany asks how his conversations went, he says they went okay, he says there is a layer of doubt.

Kyland says it is a heavy week, they are close to being done. He says he is torn between wanting it to not be nearly done and it being nearly done.

Kyland asks if her conversations were “voting conversations”.
Tiffany says she didn't ask anyone to vote to keep her, but she let them know she would like to stay in the house and continue. Tiffany says she spoke to Azah, and to Big D, who said he would talk to Kyland.

Tiffany says she talked to Xavier, she says she apologized to him for last week, and let him know that she didn't realize how it affected him.  Tiffany says that Xavier told her it ended as it should have, and he is not upset.
Tiffany says she told him that she was difficult to work with, and he said he didn't have issues with that. Tiffany says Big D is the one who told her that Xavier felt that way.  She says they shared that they did not “not like” each other.

Tiffany says the “Britini” thing came up, she says she knows it was brought up with Azah. She says that Xavier was missing details on how things occurred there.
Tiffany says she doesn't know if Kyland knows.

Tiffany says it started the day before Big D and Azah came to the HOH room with Britini, she realizes how her tone was wrong.

Tiffany says she had a one on one with Christian, she went into it with the idea of saying she had a '”no” vote.  She said after she left the room, she mentioned it to Xavier, who said that he wanted to keep Christian.  She says she went to Claire, who was also okay with keeping him.
Tiffany says she went to the Have Not Room and told Xavier and Christian they could have the votes.
Xavier sent Christian to get Britini, but both Azah and Big D came with her.
Tiffany says Big D thought she (Tiffany) sent for Britini, she told him she didn't do anything on her own.
Tiffany says that a few minutes later, Xavier came and said it wasn't going to happen, the vote was going to be 4/2.

Tiffany says that Azah was upset with her as well because she thought Tiffany was targeting Britini as well.

Tiffany says there was much they had not talked about.

She asks Kyland if he knew about that, he says he knew the pieces, he wonders why at that stage in week 5 a conversation took place to all those people but he was not included (Kyland wasn't).
Tiffany says she thought the consensus was to keep Christian. She believed that because Xavier said he wanted to keep Christian.

Kyland asks why, if  Xavier said that as an individual, she would believe it was the consensus, Tiffany says he is right, it was a telephone style conversation. She says the first person she saw was Xavier, she says she didn't understand if it was him, or the decision was made for a vote.

Tiffany says she won't say she wanted Sarah Beth gone, she has always maintained that.  She says if she could go back, she would have had that conversation and been clear.

Kyland says that Tiffany made a decision to talk to Claire and not to one of the six, who might not be okay with keeping him.  He says Christian was a good physical player, and that would have been a possibility that he would continue in the game. Kyland says she should have come to him and told him that Xavier was making a decision against the plan.

Tiffany says she thought the plan was the plan, but Christian made good points, and she should could have come to him (Kyland).
Tiffany says she thought Kyland knew about it, but he says it is hurtful that she didn't do that.

Tiffany says she should never have been in the middle of it, she was over emotional about it. She says she didn't want to have another emotional conversation about either Britini or Christian—neither one of them mattered to her.

She tells Kyland she is sorry, her communication should have been better.  She says she had a mission that Sarah Beth needed to leave, she stumbles a little, says “I don't know.” several time.
Kyland says “at the end of the day the six made it to the end....”

Kyland says he told her when she won the HOH that he had a loyalty to “the mission” but he told Tiffany that it was Sarah Beth to go up. He says she should have told him that there had been a deviation before, because he had a conversation with Xavier and told him the plan was the plan.

Tiffany says her answer was always 'no' for Christian to stay, but his argument seemed to come from Xavier.
Kyland says they should have all said “good points', and voted as planned anyway.

Kyland continues to tell Tiffany the things he did to stay with “the plan”

Tiffany says she didn't ignore the fact that Sarah Beth was Kyland's person, she tells Kyland that the problem they have had with trust is her shortcoming, not his. He says he just wants to think about things he could have done better himself. Tiffany says putting Sarah Beth was a very emotional decision, but she feels she can't say more about it.

Kyland says he appreciates the transparency and he is not trying to punish her.
Tiffany tells him she can't expect him to feel differently about it, the chain of events and her actions.

Tiffany says she was emotional and had feelings about it, she is just glad things went on as they did.

Tiffany, 'I feel like I am not helping myself here at all.”
Kyland, “nooo, you're fine.”

Kyland tells Tiffany that even though someone tells him something that hurts his feelings, he always appreciates the transparency.
Tiffany says sometimes she doesn't have the words, and it wasn't that she didn't trust him, that is not the case, it wasn't him. She says this is “me”, (the problems between them).

Kyland says it made sense to her at the time, (her interactions with him), he says he needs to reflect on his own, whatever accountability for himself.

They continue to talk about past weeks and how much the photos have changed.
Tiffany says now we “just see us.”

Tiffany, “don't hate me.”
Kyland, “i could never hate you.”

Bubbles interrupts.
1:00am Big Brother Time

Children, I stayed a little later tonight, but it is time for me to find my puppies.  I have missed being with you for the last few days.  Grandpa isn't feeling well. we had some unexpected health issues. He is feeling much better today, we are optimistic. Remember us in your prayers.  Life is such a journey, isn't it?  Make yours wonderful and full of memories that give you a happy heart.  hugs—Grannysue.

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