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Big Brother Season 23-Veto Comp and Ceremony Week 9

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Previously, on Big Brother, the Cookout alliance masterfully stayed hidden because they were each working with duos outside the group.


After Kyland said goodbye to his pawn partner, the Cookout planned to takeout Claire next and Tiffany seemed on board with not winning HOH so they could target her BFF.


But at the HOH competition, Tiffany refused to throw it, giving the former queen once again and her plan was to keep her non-Cookout companion safe. The Cookout was not happy with Tiffany going rogue and knowing his friend Alyssa would be targeted, he was especially PO’d.


At the nomination ceremony Tiffany officially set her sights on Alyssa. Tonight, will the POV help Tiffany complete her plan? Or will one of the nominees be able to save themselves from the block? And the Cookout is about to be roasted!


We pick up on Day 59 after the nomination ceremony and Tiffany has nominated Alyssa and Xavier. She knows the Cookout wanted to target Claire, but since this is her HOH she is not targeting Claire, so Alyssa is out the door.


Alyssa is not surprised but she does not know where Tiffany’s head is and she needs to win this veto. Claire says this is ideal and they will get to split up another duo and she will be safe.


Xavier says Claire was the intended target, but Tiffany took it upon herself to win HOH and her selfish motivation has him seeing the block for the third week in a row and he is not happy.


Alyssa and Xavier are talking about who they might pick if they get Houseguest Choice. Alyssa thinks he should pick Hannah and he says she is close with Tiffany. Xavier thinks it is better to pick someone he can beat like Big D or Azah.


Xavier says he is making Alyssa think he is the target to protect the Cookout. He says he should not have to do this because it should have been Claire and Tiffany, but now he has to work hard to rectify this.


Hannah tells Tiff that she did great on her speech and Claire is there and she says if Alyssa comes down?


Tiff says she does not want to nominate a third person. Tiff tells us Alyssa cannot win POV or she will be in a tough spot because the only person outside of the Cookout is Claire.


Big D is talking to Alyssa and she asks him if he would compete for her in veto if she chooses him. We see that she took him off the block when she won chopping block roulette and she says it is time for her to collect some favors.


Big D tells Alyssa he would use the veto on her if he wins, but that will not happen because he could not risk Tiffany putting someone else up in the Cookout. He just does not trust Tiffany to do what needs to be done.


Big D is talking to X and X says this is an individual game. Big D says everyone knows what they have to do and X says Tiff made him mad. He says he has thrown competitions and sacrificed things and he has been a team player.


X says what if he wins POV and takes Alyssa down and forces Tiff to either put up Claire, which would ruin her game, or put up someone from the Cookout, which also ruins her game. X feels like his kindness is being taken advantage of.


Big D and Azah are talking and Big D is cleaning and Azah is cleaning. She likes singing at home, and it helps in the song. We see random singing from Azah, Hannah, and Big D.


It is time to pick players for the POV competition! Tiffany draws HG choice and she chooses…Hannah. Xavier draws Big D. Alyssa draws Azah. The HG are lounging or sleeping or talking and they hear Zingbot say good morning you idiots!


Zingbot calls the HG to the BY. Zingbot says well look at this bunch of losers. He says usually his job is hard, but they make it very, very easy. Alyssa…you are from Florida the sunshine state which is ironic considering you’re so dim! To be clear, he is calling her dumb!


Xavier, he is going to reveal his secret…you have a crush. All season long you’ve been getting lost in their eyes, watching their body, and staring at their ass. Wait…that is your reflection.


He has been zinging for over a decade and it never gets old. But you know what has…Tiffany! Four score and seven zings ago. Big D says Tiffany is old.


OMG, nobody move, we are all in danger. I’ve spotted bigfoot. My bad, that’s just…Claire!


Houseguests, he has a joke for them. Knock knock! Who is there? Hannah! Hannah who? Exactly! Booor-zing. Azah says she forgot she was in her alliance but that doesn’t mean anything.


Big D has made quite a mark on the Big Brother house this summer…too bad it is in the toilet. Tiff says the only thing he does is get on her nerves.


As a robot, he can accurately predict the future. The following things will never happen, time travel, teleportation, Xavier going on a date with…Azah!


Kyland! Listening to him talk is like sitting next to a brooke. An endless babbling brooke. Shut the F*ck up! X says the more he talks the more people wonder what he is saying. Big D says he never shuts up but he is so cute.


Zing has decided to become a Zingfluencer on Zingstagram. The HG must stack 21 cocktails on a table in a pyramid. But it is not so easy. They are huge, the cocktails are micro sized.


Tiffany needs to win to make sure Alyssa stays on the block so she does not have a difficult decision to make. Alyssa knows she needs this so she is making sure her cocktails are in a perfectly straight line.


X wants himself or Alyssa to win so Tiffany is forced to choose between Claire or a Cookout member. Big D wants to win to make sure nominations stay the same because he does now know what Tiffany might do.


Hannah wants to win this to build her resume and make sure Alyssa does not win so they can send her home. Azah says if she wins she can take Xavier down or leave noms the same to make sure Alyssa goes home this week.


Alyssa is close and on her top couple of rows but they fall. Tiff says she is a phlebotomist and her hands are as steady as they come. Big D has one cocktail to place and he knocks everything over and he is frustrated.


X says it looks like a college frat party with cocktails everywhere. He says everything is going so badly you cannot help but laugh. Alyssa gets close and she is knocking stuff over. She says if something falls she is just going to start from scratch.


Hannah says she has always wanted to be a surgeon but since she cannot hold these tweezers still, there is no way that will be her career. Alyssa is so annoyed because it falls every time she gets close. She needs to focus and not get discouraged.


Tiff and Alyssa are both very close and Ky and Claire are watching and Ky says this is wild. Tiff knocks her stack over and Alyssa places her last mini cocktail and she has won the POV!


Tiff says this is the worst predicament for her to be in. X says that is what you get Tiffany. And he did not even have to win the POV. He says that is what she gets. Zingbot thanks Alyssa for helping him go viral and tells them goodbye morons!


Big D and X and Azah are talking and Big D is nervous he could be a replacement nominee. Big D says Tiff could make a selfish move and put one of the boys from the Cookout on the block and send one of them home.


X tells Big D if Tiff were to do that she would be losing four votes if she were to make final two. Tiff says Murphy’s law is the story of her life. She says she knows people think that is what she deserves. Tiff says if Claire has to go, then she has to go.


Tiffany says for her own personal game she would choose Claire over the Cookout, but she made a commitment to the Cookout and now she just has to figure out how to tell Claire. Hannah does not want Tiff to tell Claire about the Cookout.


Big D and X are talking about Tiffany and her selfish move and if she does not put up Claire they are going to tear the house down. Hannah comes in and tells them Tiffany is fine and she knows Claire has to go up. They do not want Tiff to expose the Cookout.


Xavier is glad Tiff will name Claire the nominee but he is concerned how she might go about it. He does not want the Cookout exposed because if Alyssa finds out and considering she can compete in the next HOH, she might be upset with him.


Tiffany has a talk with Claire and she says her target was Alyssa. And she cannot be the person to put up Hannah, Kyland, Derek F, or Azah. She does not want to be the one to sit them beside each other.


Tiff says she wants to be as honest as she can but not jeopardize anyone else’s game. She wants Claire’s respect and she has the utmost respect for Claire. Tiff says she cares about Claire and she does not want to lie to her.


Claire asks Tiff if she is an alliance with them. Tiffany tells Claire that she had her own personal feelings about how she wanted to play the game. Claire says she understands where Tiff is coming from and she cannot fight her on this.


Tiff says this was the hardest decision she ever had to make in the game and Claire says she understands. Claire says she has so much respect for Tiff and Tiff says she wants her to fight and come out guns blazing. Claire says she will fight in case there is a chance.


It is time for the veto meeting! Alyssa has decided to use the POV on herself. Tiffany must now name a new HG as a replacement nominee. Tiffany says this is a very difficult decision, but she is choosing her nomination with Claire.


Alyssa is so proud of herself and she wants to keep up this momentum and win next HOH. Tiffany wanted to keep Claire safe and remain loyal to the Cookout, but we cannot always get what we want.


Claire says she may have gone on the block like a lamb, but she will go out like a lion and do what she needs to stay. It is that time of the year! Will the Cookout complete their mission and make the final six? Find out tomorrow on Big Brother!

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