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America's Got Talent Season 16-Semi-Finals Live 2 - The Results


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There are just 5 spots in next week's finals. Which acts will take them? It's AGT The Results! Tonight, only 3 will go through on your votes. The 4th, 5th and 6th place acts will be in danger; one saved by your Instant Save, the last spot decided by the Judges Choice.

Last night, the remaining 11 SemiFinal acts performed for your votes to make it to Finale night: 1aChord, UnCircle Flow, Lea Kyle, Kabir Singh (X), Northwell Nurse Choir, Peter Antoniou (X), Victory Brinker, ChapKids, Rialcris (X), Josh Blue and Brooke Simpson.

Let's get down to business. The acts that came in 4th, 5th and 6th and are in danger of going home are...  Lea Kyle, UnCircle Flow and Victory Brinker, please step forward. You can put one of these acts into the Finals. The Instant Save vote is now open for the next 25m.

After the first commercial break, it's neck and neck between Victory Brinker (38%) and Lea Kyle (36%), with Unicircle Flow trailing at 26%. You can change one act's future tonight!

Tonight, 2 of the most awesome acts AGT has ever seen are about to take the stage together. They combine strength, agility and incredible danger. Give it up for Duo Transcend and Deadly Games!

Now it gets serious. It is time to find out which acts you put through to the Finals. If you voted, now is the time to get nervous for your favorite. Northwell Nurse Choir and 1aChord, please step forward. The first act through to the Finals is...   Northwell Nurse Choir!

Instant Save Vote update. Lea Kyle and Victory Brinker are now tied at 37% each, with Unicircle Flow trailing at 27%. You still have time to vote for your Instant Save.

YouTube sent AGT an award for reaching 3 billion views and 20 million subscribers on its YouTube channel. Have you watched AGT performances on YouTube? Simon dedicates the award to NBC who bought the show when the other networks wouldn't.

Sounds Of The Season. To fill time, we have a bit where the judges listen to sounds recorded during the season and they have to identify the acts. Roll tape!

So far tonight, Northwell Nurse Choir has beep put to the Finals, Who will join them? Kabir Singh and Rialcris, please step forward. America has voted. The next act going into the Finals is...   None of you! -- Simon sabotaged both acts last night.

So far one act is through to the Finals. There are 4 acts left up on stage, and one of them is heading into the Finals. Brooke Simpson and ChapKids, please step forward. America has voted. The act going into the Finals is...   Brooke Simpson!

Simon hints that there will be a wildcard because he's gutted ChapKids were eliminated. But there are still 2 acts left up on stage. Josh Blue and Peter Antoniou, please step forward. America has voted and the act going into the Finals is...   Josh Blue!

Northwell Nurse Choir, Brooke Simpson & Josh Blue are through to Finale Night on your votes but who will make it through on your Instant Save? Lea Kyle, UnCircle Flow & Victory Brinker, please step forward. The act going through on the Instant Save is...  Lea Kyle!

We are down to the last two acts: Unicircle Flow and Victory Brinker. Only one can go to the Finale. And for the last time this season, it's up to the judges. Let's take one more look at last night's performances. Who would you put through?

Judges, this is it. Please consider your verdict. Two acts, one spot in the Finals. Heidi votes for Victory Brinker. Sophia votes for Victory Brinker. Howie votes for Unicircle Flow. Simon votes for Victory Brinker!

Your Top 10 acts heading into next week's Finale are: Aidan Bryant, World Taekwondo Demonstration Team, Dustin Tavella, Gina Brillon, Jimmie Herrod, Lea Kyle, Northwell Nurse Choir, Josh Blue, Brook Simpson and Victory Brinker. And who would you bring back as a Wild Card?

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