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America's Got Talent Season 16-Semi-Finals Live 2

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Tonight, the acts will be competing in the semi-finals for the final five spots. Terry greets us and the audience and the judges.


1aChord is our first act of the night and they are a trio of singers. Tavis, Julian, and Christoff take the stage for their performance and they sing Every Breath You Take by The Police.


Howie says 1aChord was great and it had more dynamics and he loved the production and they stepped it up. Heidi says this was so amazing! She loved what they did this to song and the buildup blew the roof off the building and she thinks they did a better job than Sting.


Sofia says 1aChord was spectacular. They took it to another level and it was amazing and she loved them. Simon says the vocals were insanely good and they just laid down a marker for what they are looking for in the final and that performance could change their life.


UniCircle Flow is up next and they dance on unicycles. They take the stage for their performance. Heidi says it was amazing and they showed how diverse they can be and they had so much fun.


Sofia loved the change of music Unicircle Flow because it was more modern. Simon says he thought their last performance was boring, because of the music, and this was a different act and they gave themselves a chance. Howie totally agrees but America has to vote.


Lea Kyle is our next act and she is a quick change artist. She takes the stage for her performance. Heidi says she proved again today that she is the best quick change artist they have ever seen and she is a million dollar act. Sofia says this was the best and she looked amazing.


Simon says that performance from Lea Kyle defined what the show was about. He says it was a million dollar act and this could be a huge act in the Vegas. Howie says what she did was a show stopper and she deserves a stage in Vegas.


Kabir Singh is a comedian and is ready to take the stage for his performance. Simon buzzed him part way through the act and when he did that he thinks it made the act better. Howie says comedy is hard and there is a lot of pressure and it did not go as well as he wanted.


Heidi says Kabir has delivered every time and the audience enjoyed him and he is so cute and likable. Sofia says she did not like today. He was amazing and she loved him so much before and she was so excited but there was something weird in his energy.


The Northwell Nurse Choir is our next act to take the stage and they sing Don’t Give Up on Me by Andy Grammer. Howie says with that song he just touched ten million people and they are healing everyone.


Heidi says the Northwell Nurse Choir spoils us by healing them and then performing for them. Sofia says that song was amazing and it was perfection. Simon says he did not like it, he loved it. He says they make people feel so good and the songs define them.


Next up is Peter Antoniou and he is a mentalist. He takes the stage for his performance. Heidi thinks he has the total package and he is perfect for Vegas. Simon says something went wrong with Sofia and Howie says he should not have left Howie out.


Simon asks Peter if something went wrong and Peter says things can go wrong and it is scary being on AGT. Simon hits his X and Terry says Peter will need some luck to get through to the next round.


Victory Brinker is next and she is an opera singer. She takes the stage for her performance. Simon says that song is like climbing the tallest mountain and she conquered it. She loves that she is talented and fearless and they need that in the finals.


Heidi says Victory is amazing and they are so proud they found her. Sofia says that song was a great choice and it was spectacular. Howie says he watches her and it does not make sense and she has a powerful voice and she has a good chance of winning.


Chapkidz is the next and they are dancers. They are 35 individuals but when they are on stage they become one. Heidi says wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. She says each move they do is precise and perfect. Howie thinks they are going to the finals.


Simon says he thinks Chapkidz has been the best performance of the night so far. He says they are so talented and so amazing and they have worked so hard. He absolutely loves them. Sofia says this was such a treat because this is the kind of music she listens to all day.


Next we have Rialcris and they are a strength act from Colombia. They take the stage for their act. Simon buzzes them during one of their stunts. Sofia says she thought it was creative and very exciting and dangerous and contemporary. It was amazing.


Simon says the production was great, but he thinks Rialcris has shown the same act every time. He does not see an improvement. Heidi says his family must be proud and she liked it. Howie says they took strength, trust, and danger and made it work.


Josh Blue is up and he is a comedian and he takes the stage for his set. Sofia says he is so funny and every time he comes he makes them laugh. She says he is brilliant and so inspirational.


Simon says he is just funny and very naughty and he loves him. Howie says this is not just the year of comedy, it is the year of Josh Blue. He loves how he was live in the act by reacting to the audience and that is comedy gold.


Our final act of the night is Brooke Simpson. She takes the stage and performs Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran. Simon says this had a shaky start but the second half was spectacular and she is an amazing singer and she deserves to be in the finals.


Sofia says Brooke is so confident and she was born to do this. Heidi says she loves her too and she shines so bright it is almost blinding. Howie says it may have started shaky but she ended with a bang and she took America back.

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