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Big Brother Season 23 - Nominations Week 9

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Previously on BB, the well hidden Cookout was the most powerful alliance in the house and each member had a clueless partner to get them further in the game. Tiff was the HoH but after her personal pawn won the Coin of Destiny, a fateful flip made Claire the secret HoH. Claire decided to keep Tiffany's nominees in place. After Hannah won the Veto, she saved X who was a special, 3rd nom, leaving Ky and his non-Cookout bestie on the block. Planning for the end game. Planning for the end game, X/Ky/DF formed a trinity. But Ky was trying to lock in Tiff for a F2 deal. Yet, Tiff had other plans. 

At the live eviction, The Cookout sent another unsuspecting sucker to the Jury. With the HoH back up for grabs under the big top, Claire knew she couldn't win. 
But everyone else was holding on for dear life. Tonight, who will be the ring master of the circus for power, and who will be nominated for eviction? Plus, The Cookout has made it to the F8, but will they finish their final mission before they turn on each other? Find out right now, on Big Brother!

JCM tells the HG on the ropes that the first 3 HG to drop will be HNs for the week. She says good night. Bubbles blows his trunk and the bubbles come out of his bootie. Claire says last week went perfect, she got her target, SB out, but she has to throw HoH this week. Ky says it was very difficult seeing SB go this week. It was in service to the mission of the Six but tat doesn't make it less difficult. As long as we can carry out the next steps in the plan, his sacrifices will be worth it. 

In DR, Tiff cackles that she finally got SB. What a sweet, sweet revenge. Great week for The Cookout, better week for me. I always get what I want. All DF wanted was a comp he could win. After 3 rotations, he fell off his rope/disc and is the first HN. Bye Bubbles, he says. Azah tells us she really wants to win to propel the Six forward to the F6. It's not about the power, it would mean a lot to her. Alyssa says shes' going to puke. She really wants to win but every time she hits the elephant, she gets dizzier, spinning faster and faster. 

Alyssa drops and is the second HN. She is embarrassed of her performance - the dizziness got to her. Now she just hopes X wins and she'll be safe. Tiff thought Alyssa would be the one to beat, now she can't win. X says this is not fun. X says there are these three weird circus people spraying everyone with water. After living through Frenchie's Fun House, aka his HoH reign, I've already survived the circus and don't need to survive it more. The HG continue slamming in the side of the pachyderm. 

The circus people are now spraying colored paint at the HG. Clalre says now that a couple have dropped, it's a good time to throw the comp. Good luck everyone. Claire drops hard onto her back. She is the 3rd HN. X says now down to only Cookout members and we have a plan. Flash back to YBR, Azah asks X if he agrees with the other people's plan for Claire to be the target? X is on board with that. She's starting to put the pieces together. Azah plans to go for HoH but it might be better for Ky to win. 

Switch to Hannah/Azah/DF talking and also agreeing on Claire as the next Side Dish to go. If she comes down, then Alyssa. Azah would nom both together. She tells us Tiff/X are the last in the Six still with their +1's. Alyssa & Claire have to go for the Cookout in the F6. In the HNR, Ky tells Hannah he could throw it to DF or could just win, either way. As long as Alyssa is up there, Hannah says, no one should throw it. 1000%, Ky agrees, once Alyssa's down, Tiff/X come down. Ky tells us he'd like a 3rd HoH win plus he has reasons...

To go after Claire/Alyssa, so it wouldn't raise any alarms about The Cookout. Back in the YBR, Tiff tells X/DF she doesn't know about winning HoH. DF says no, this week sets up next week to take out Claire. If it's me and them two, Tiff says, I'll have to win it. But if it's y'all, Tiff says, I'm dropping out. Tiff tells us The Cookout really wants Claire out this week but I'm good for Alyssa to because she's tough to beat and if she wins, she could send home a member of The Cookout and I don't want that to be me. 

The Cookout wants Claire, I want Alyssa, we'll see what happens. The HG continue struggling in the comp, covered in paint, poop bubbles and being thwacked by an elephant. Hannah asks why should she take the shot against either Claire/Alyssa when others could do it for her? I am A-OK with losing, Hannah says. In the comp, she drops after 19m 30s. X says it is down to himself, Azah, Tiff and Ky. Azah/Ky are in the best position to take a shot at Claire so yet again, I'll throw the comp. Peace out, BB Circus. X drops hard onto his back. 

Bubbles toots his horn. Azah takes a hard hit. Her toes are slipping. It's getting harder & harder. She's does everything she can to get back onto the disc but it slips away. She drops after 23m 11s. She's disappointed but she did her best. She wanted to see her parents. Claire wants Tiff to win. Ky could be coming after her for revenge for SB. Ky says we all know the plan is for Tiff to not win this week but she is rock steady and I don't know what's up. Tiff tells him she could stay up here. Just drop, he says in DR. 

The HoH comp continues with Ky and Tiff each bumping into Bubbles, who has run out of bubbles. Ky says Tiff is supposed to throw it so they can target Claire this week but her plan seems to have changed. Azah says we all agreed on who would drop. Tiff was supposed to drop. Azah says in DR,  We all put our individual game aside and we all need to work together. DF tells us they had a plan but Tiff is still up there going around and around (looking at his watch, yawning), why we still sitting here?

X doesn't know what Tiff is doing at this point, but it's raising some red flags and question where her true loyalties lie, with The Cookout or herself. Tiff tells us she knows Ky wants her to drop to rack up as many wins as he can, but we don't always get what we want. Ky wants to get a minute. Tiff tells us she hasn't touched the block and she's not touching it this week if she doesn't have to when she could be HoH. I want to be HoH, you keep swinging, I'll keep holding. Come on, Ky, she tells him, pushing him to drop.

They get sprayed with yellow paint, then pink paint. Azah announces she threw up lunch and feels great now. Ky says Tiff does not look like she's going to throw this. Why not? As HoH, Tiff could be in the situation of putting up Claire and that would be bad for her. Tiff, Ky asks her on the ropes, what's going on? I want to win, Tiff declares, I wouldn't be up here. Ky's feet slip and when his rear touches the disc, he is DQd and Tiff wins HoH after 36m 21s. Tiff cackles in HoH with the HoH key. I did it again, y'all, twice in a row.

In the BY, Tiff whispers in Ky's ear, sorry. Not really, he says back with a fake smile, actions over words. Don't give me no chances, Tiff says defiantly in the DR, you give me a chance and I'm will take it. DF coldly congratulates Tiff and gives her the HoH key. In DR, Ky says we all went into the HOH comp with a specific plan, agreed upon by everyone and she went rogue. I don't understand why. 

As the head back into the BB House, Tiff tells us The Cookout is looking to accomplish a goal, but there can only be one winner and I'm trying to build my resume. I have one Wildcard and now I have a back-to-back HoH and have no intention of sitting on the block. Tiff continues: All of this allows me to have a nice full resume to help ensure I am the winner of $750k, baby. Ky tells us he's irritated. Tiff as HoH creates unnecessary risk. There are only 2 options who can go home this week. I don't understand why she's so selfish.

In the SGBR, Azah says she's happy for Tiff. She tells Tiff it's OK. In DR, Azah says, hmmm, kind of awkward. Now that Tiff is HoH, Claire probably isn't going home. We're supposed to be putting our personal game aside but... Azah says the coldness might be because, like, we all discussed whatever it is that time, but at the end of the day, Ky could have dropped off. He could have, Tiff agrees, but he didn't. That's what made me uncomfortable.

X is unhappy and pounds the balcony railing. Alyssa is in the Chess Parlor moaning about having to do slop again. I can't do the fakeness, she tells X, the talks and 1-on-1s, it's just so fake, not real life. X just listens. Not being HoH yet again, Alyssa tells us, sucks. Being a HN for a 3rd time sucks. Tiff winning is scary because I'm not a close ally. I don't want her going after X or myself. Every week I am stressed and eating slop, she tells X. Don't let the game beat you, X says.

X tells he's pissed because Tiff decided to play selfishly. It was important that Tiff not win HoH because the target this week was supposed to be Claire. But Tiff can target Alyssa, which means I'll probably see the block again for the 3rd week in a row. I'm livid. In the WA, Claire/Tiff hug & jump up and down. They're pissed, Claire gloats, not understanding why. Alyssa's crying, X is mad, DF is about to *** himself, they are so mad. Tiff is amazing, Claire tells us, I don't need a man in this house, I have Tiff.

I couldn't win because I was the secret HoH last week. I'm stoked I'm going to F7, I don't think they are blindsiding me this week. This is my best case scenario. This duo is not going anywhere. Tiff is defiant to Claire that she wasn't going to give Ky his third HoH. Tiff cackles again: I'm looking at him like, Fool, what are  you doing? Fall! They are going to be coming at us for sure next week. Cliff realizes. Ky goes to see Tiff in the shower. He wants her to fill him in. I wanted to win, she says.

Ky says I've always shown you I'm with you. Tiff says I've always wanted to win. Several times. Ky says he never heard her say that, that's why I kept asking you what's going on? Ky tells us Tiff's winning back to back, the way it happened, changes how he views her. Ky says in DR it is hard to trust her to be a team player. Now you have a mental and physical comp you've won, he tells her in the WA, that's a big deal. You can only see her eyes over the shower wall but Tiff is clearly gloating in the shower.

After her shower in the WA, Tiff looks up at the camera and says they're all mad. Somebody had to win, would they had felt better if Ky had won? But guess what, I want Claire to stay and I came up with the Master Plan, and therefore I get to keep my person. As long as Alyssa doesn't win Veto, Tiff tells us in the WA, Claire will be here one more week. That would be terrible for Claire to go home on my HoH. She waves her finger at us: Not going to let that happen. And guess what? SB's gone! Tiff starts a victory dance. 

In the YBR, DF tells Azah he's so over it now, his confidence is shattered, he's a HN & went out first. He's tired of feeling like the weakest in the game. Azah needs him to stop having a tantrum. Look at me, she says, you created an alliance that is making history. If we pull this off in 2 weeks, Azah tells DF in the YBR, Six in the F6, and we're going to have a Black winner. I get that, DF says, but I feel hopeless when I go into these comps and try my hardest. In DR, DF says being a big guy, these physical comps aren't for me.

DF tells us it feels like he's the fat kid in gym class and everyone else is running laps around him. Dad had plenty of boxing matches where he got knocked down constantly, but he still got up and kept swinging. I'm trying to be that Frazier & keep swinging but it's hard. DF says I know you are trying to help but it's hard. I'm so upset at feeling at the bottom of the barrel. Azah gives him a tight hug. Hannah comes in and that changes the subject: How do you feel about the HoH? Tiff didn't want Ky to win, Hannah says.

Hannah repeats to us (again) that the original plan was to target Claire this week but with Tiff the HoH, Claire can't be the target. The plan changing isn't the worst thing for my game. Let there be tension. Let them take out each other, as long as no one's looking at me. Up until now, I've been playing this game for The Cookout, but at the end of the day, this is an individual game. Hannah tells Azah that they have to shift their target to Alyssa and she's cool with that. 

X walks into the YBR and DF announces he's not there, he's on vacation. Azah asks him if he's mad at Tiff and X says he's not mad, it's just people are winning who shouldn't be winning. DF is now snoring while they talk. If everyone's going to play for themselves, X says... X wonders to Azah why he's throwing comps if everyone is playing for themselves instead of The Cookout. X doesn't get how DF could be sleeping (the snoring is loud). Every time they have a chance to put themselves first, X says of Ky & Tiff, they do. 

Azah tells X she's not letting herself get upset this time. In DR, she has constantly put her own game aside for the Six. Others in the alliance struggle to do that. I don't want more fissures but (sigh) I'm exasperated, frustrated, all I can do is hope for the best. X tells Azah he could see the block for a 3rd week in a row. I keep doing it for the (he holds 6 six fingers). It infuriates me. X tells us that Ky/Tiff put their own self-interest ahead of the Cookout. At some point, I'm going say "screw it", because this a family show.

Back in the YBR, X tells Azah he is sick of being shafted. Azah understands. DF snores. In the CBR, X sits down with Tiff. She says her head hurts. We were supposed to get out Claire, X says past her. It's always been 50/50 between Claire/Alyssa, Tiff spins. X tells Tiff if people are putting their own self-interest above this, I get a little agitated. Tiff understands. X continues as if he didn't hear her, 'cause I'm like, well, why aren't I winning things? I'm frustrated. Tiff understands and apologizes. 

I just hope everything goes according to plan, Tiff tells X in the CBR. I know you're annoyed I'm HoH for the 2nd week in a row, Tiff tells us in DR, and you're about to lose Alyssa. But I'm HoH and I'm really not sorry. Tiff tells X she doesn't want to put him on the block but if he wins Veto, she'll expect him to save her (Alyssa). I just wouln't win Veto, X says weakly. I want to put you on the block next to her so you HAVE to win it. X acquiesces to Tiff's plan. 

I've been kind, X says in DR, I've taken caged my competitive spirit for the benefit of The Cookout. If I win the Veto and use it on Alyssa, then what are you going to do, Tiff? You shouldn't have won HoH. Now you've given me reason to ruin your game. They hug insincerely. 

Who wants to see my HoH room? Tiff gets her HoH room again and the HG all fake being excited for her. DF mocks her in the DR: I'm so excited. To be honest, I could give 2 ***.  I don't want to see no more pictures and don't care what music she got because its not Beyonce. She was selfish, DF continues complaining to us, and didn't think about The Cookout, winning for herself. The HG form the bridge that Tiff walks under, then she waits for them all to go in first. DF says he'll do what he does best - smile, laugh and act like cares.

Another picture of Christian in his prep school uniform, a family picture, and a picture of her kittens on leashes. Who puts kittens in a leash harness? DF and X sit down on the bed waiting for the event to be over. 

X tells he's happy Tiff gets the perks of HoH again, but this was supposed to be DF or Azah's moment. I can't help but feel for those who haven't experienced it. DF says he's already leaving because he knows how this goes. Tiff tells DF and X goodbye.

Downstairs in the LR, X tells DF & Ky he played the game unselfishly for 8 weeks. Me too, says DF, I get it. That should have been Ky's or Azah's, X says. In HoH, Tiff is watching on the spy screen, angrily wondering what they are saying about her. DF tells Ky/X he's worried she'll pull a fast one and take a shot at them. This week is pulling on my savage side. Tiff with Claire/Hannah in HoH says they better be nice to Ms. HoH up here. Might go on the block! Claire/Hannah laugh.

In the YBR, Azah is alone with her thoughts: Alyssa wants to wear my yellow dress. I like that dress. Why did I say yes? I'd been saving that dress for F3. But because I need to be a team player, I said Yes. But if we were home, I'd be, hell no! I hope it doesn't fit her. Alyssa pops into the YBR & asks Azah if she can try on the dress. Azah says, go ahead. Alyssa does not see the stink eye Azah gives her. The dress is too tight. Azah helps her squeeze into it but can't zip up the back. Try the purple, she suggests. (Yes, Azah signals us!)

In the LR, Tiff tells Claire that after today, they are ready to send her home. She wants to stick with Claire, Azah & Chaddha. I'm with The Cookout, Tiff tells us, but at the end of the day, I am playing for me, for Tiff, for Tippy Toes, no one else on the check but me. I want Claire to go after the guys next week, Tiff tells us, if she wins HoH next week so she can do what's best for Tiff. Because that's my girl. 

Tiff tells Claire X has been throwing comps. Claire thinks so too, all of them. Tiff says that's ridiculous to throw comps. Claire tells Tiff she worries X could till beat any one of them. She says if Alyssa goes this wk & X next wk, Ky will be pitching boys stick together or whatever. Tiff says Ky is buying whatever X is selling. Claire wants to make sure they don't buy into what X is selling. 

Tiff has her 1-on-1s Friday morning in her HoH robe. Tiff tells Alyssa it's bitter sweet - she wanted to win but doesn't like the position. Being straightforward, she's considering her and X. Just a game decision. Alyssa says she has a couple pitches. Alyssa tells us she knows Tiff wants to come after them because they are a strong duo but Tiff has a lot of friends in the JH and all my friends were pre-Jury, so it doesn't make sense to go after little ol' Alyssa. Alyssa makes her Jury Vote pitch to Tiff. 

In HoH, Alyssa walks through who among the HG would get whose votes sitting next to Tiff and with Alyssa, Tiff would start with the most votes. And Alyssa would be going after Ky. Tiff tells us it makes sense - she should win by a landslide with the jury against Alyssa.

Nominations today. In her HoH robe, Tiff calls the HG to the DT for the cerem and they gather around the new, smaller table. Tiff brings out the nom box, sets it on the table. She turns the first key: Alyssa. She turns the second key: Xavier.

Tiff tells Alyssa and X it was a tough decision, not personal, purely a game move as you are strong competitors. Tiff tells us The Cookout may have wanted Claire gone this week but this is MY HoH. I am here for the Grand Prize total, baby, $750k, that check.

Alyssa tells us she hoped her pitch would do something but clearly that's not the case. She's over the fakeness of the game, as far as buddying up with the HoH, the fake smiles, fake laughs, I really don't care. I just need to focus on winning the Veto no matter what.

Here I am again, X tells us, 3rd week in a row on the block, because Tiff selfishly decided to win HoH. If I win Veto, I get to decide whether I want to play friendly or completely ruin Tiff's game by pulling Alyssa down instead of myself. I'm really sick of playing nice.

Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save Alyssa or Xavier? Plus, Zingbot is back! Tune in Wed night at 8pm ET/CT on Big Brother!

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