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Thursday, September 9, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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9:08AM BBT Claire and Tiff are in the HoHR Bathroom. Tiff asks Claire if she is going to be made at her. Claire says she could never be mad at Tiff. She tells Tiff that she pitched to Big D and it is so annoying that the Jokers have so much power in the house right now and they don't use it.  They never go against (air quotes) the house. 


9:15AM BBT Big D goes in the kitchen where Ky has been has been cleaning and offers to help by drying the dishes.  Big D then starts going over the BB timeline with Ky in the event the comp tonight requires he remember the order of things. 


9:49AM BBT X is in the living going over his speech for tonight.  First and foremost to my family and friends back home love you and miss you.  Everyday I am in this house I am constantly reminded to not take for granted the amazing people I have been blessed with to have in my life.


To CBS and the amazing team on the show I thank you all for giving me this wonderful one in a lifetime opportunity.


Houseguests I have discussed with each and everyone of you why keeping me benefits each of your games. However, if you think it is in the best interest of your game ... mumble mumble... I will respect your decision. In the jury house or outside of this game love you. You are like family to me. 



9:52AM BBT X goes into the SR and starts his speech again. First and foremost to my family and friends back home.......... X: Why are you always putting the camera on my. I am just practicing my speech? Back off man. I am just practicing, not giving any spoiler alerts. 


X moves to different areas of the SR watching the camera follow him. He laughs and calls them a jerk. X leaves and heads to the loo.




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12:33PM BBT Feeds are back with Hannah and Ky in the Poker Room going over BB timelines. Big D in the kitchen and Claire and Tiff going through the closet in the CRBR to see what Claire is going to leave behind.


12:40PM BBT X joins Claire and Tiff and he begins to pack his own bags. 



12:52PM BBT Claire is in the kitchen get out a pan to make something to eat.  Big D heads to the WA where Tiff is putting on her make-up.


Big D : How you doing Miss Tiff? You are awfully quiet. I have never seen you like this. 

Tiff: Awwwww, I'm ok.


Big D goes to the Loo when he comes out she says to Big D


Tiff: How you doing?


Big D : I'm alright, I look at it this way. I either know what is going on in this game with evictions or I don't. I just know I can't cram it. 


Tiff: You can't know what you don't know


Big D : I have studied it and will cover over it again but I am going to walk out here, it is what it is, i'm just going to do it. Listen and just do the best I can do.


Tiff: Listen, that is the key. Listen to the questions.




1:05PM BBT Camera switches to Ky and X are in the SR mid conversation about who they think will end up on the block. They both assume Tiff and Ky and Ky thinks he be OK even if Tiff comes off the block. They discuss if they are going for 6 and both Ky and X agree they want to. Ky said he will have to think about it.  [I know this is confusing, I missed the beginning of the conversation. I thought it was important post because both Ky and X want to play hard to win HOH when it comes down to 6 HGs ~PinkTee]

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1:09 PM BBT

Xavier is trying to pack his comp shoes but can't figure out which pair is his. There is a pair of 12 1/2 and a pair of 13. Big D says the 12 1/2 are probably his. Alyssa asks Claire if she wears a 12 1/2. Claire makes a face and says she wears an 11.

Big D- You know what the say about a woman who has big feet?

Claire- Big Foot!

Xavier settles on his being the size 13 shoes.


1:14PM BBT

Hannah is making eggs with cheese at the stove while humming. (no warning from BB)

Xavier starts handing out personal items to the HGs. He gives Alyssa one of his bucket hats. Alyssa asks if she should wear it tonight. Tiffany gives Xavier a hair extension from Whitney. He says he will get it laminated. Alyssa asks Hannah if she should wear the bucket hat tonight. Hannah tells her yes.


1:25PM BBT

Alyssa and Hannah are whispering in the poker parlor.


1:28PM BBT

Kyland and Big D are talking in the YBR. Azah is in the room, too.

Big D- WHat is it you want me to say Kyland?

Kyland- the truth

Big D- As a real game level, I will not send you home. But as a 'you've broken my heart level,' I am sending you home. 

Ky- perfect

Big D- Now, if you would just treat me better I wouldn't be...

Ky- Well.....(Ky turns to Azah) at 3 PM tomorrow, Azah are you available for a date?

Azah- You better watch that because he...

Big D- Are you kidding me right now?

Ky- For the continuation of our date....our talk

Azah- Yeah

Kyland- Good

Big D- Are you serious right now? Did you just ask her for a fucking date?

Kyland- I told you. I'm gonna ask everybody for a date.

Big D- No, fuck that Kyland. (Big D grabs Ky's arm and shoves it away.

Ky- But not you

Big D- Yeah. Fuck you.

Kyland- Well, you want to send me home.

Big D- Bye Kyland. Have a good day....Never ask me on a date. Don't care about my feelings.

Kyland- You asked me on one the other day and then you stood me up.

Big D- I...I....I would...

Kyland- Your schedule has no time.

Big D- I was waiting to see after today, Yo!

Ky- Don't send me home and we'll be good.

Big D- Well, I don't know because you are asking other hussies in this house on a date

Ky turns to Azah- I don't think you're a hussy

Azah- Thank you.

Big D- You didn't say you guys were gonna continue your date

Ky says that they had something all arranged and then he (Big D) cancelled it because he ate too much

Big D says he was tired but would like to reschedule for tonight or tomorrow...IF we are both here tomorrow


1:38PM BBT

Tiffany and Claire are sitting in the kitchen eating avacado toast and studying.

Tiffany- Thanks for studying with me, Claire.

Claire- You're welcome.

Tiffany- You know you are the fucking target when no one will study with you.

They laugh over their predicament.


2:00PM BBT

Hannah, Kyland and Xavier are in the kitchen studying from the memory wall.


2:27PM BBT

The feeds cut to RCHS. We won't see the HGs again until the live show tonight.

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The Cookout has met their goal of final 6....now the real game begins.


6:04PM BBT

Feeds return

Hannah- Each of us did what we had to do day to day

Ky- Putting our individual games aside

Tiffany- We came, we saw...

Hannah- We came we saw we conquered

Tiff- We did! We did!

Big D can be heard saying "I don't like that" and he storms off toward the YBR


6:06PM BBT

Big D and Ky are arguing in the YBR. Big D is unahppy with Ky's tone.

Ky- What do you mean

Big D- Ky, you know I would never vote against you

Ky- Did you ask me? You asked me!

Big D- I was just asking you a question. Your tone...you could have been like "no." But your theatrics. It was just your tone. I'm gonna let it go...

*Feeds cut back to critters


Big D- I'm gonna liet it go...heat of the moment. I'm gonna move on from it.

Ky says he apologizes for the tone.


6:08PM BBT

Hannah apologizes to Xavier in the kitchen for putting him up and for sending Alyssa home.

Xavier walks into the YBR interrupting Ky and Big D. Ky is still trying to explain himself to Big D. They ask Xavier to give them a minute so Xavier leaves.

[Y'all, Kyland was speaking to Big D in a tone....not a nice tone]



6:10PM BBT

Xavier begins gathering Alyssa's things


Hannah and Xavier head upstairs to the poker parlor to talk.

Xavier- Congrats Baby Sis...I'm proud of you. You did it the right way.

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Xavier says Ky was acting real scary. "even though people want your ass gone, it's not gonna happen. Just breathe" (about Kyland)

Hannah- Ky had a spurt of frustration right before the vote so I have to go smotth things over with him. I just told him, listen Ky, I feel good about you and I and that's why I'm gonna put you up.

X- Girl, I hope you aren't doing damage control. You don't need to tell me.

Hannah- No, I'm telling you like my big brother. 

Hannah asks how Alyssa was reacting.

Xavier tells her that Alyssa was pretty sure she would go home sitting next to him.

Xavier says regardless how the game turns out, he feels like a winner because the Cookout reached their goal. Hannah agrees.

Xavier says he feels bad that Alyssa was blindsided.

Xavier encourages Hannah to go talk with Ky. "He also freaks out when he is on the block...he goes rogue."



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6:08PM BBT Ky and Big D are still rehashing their disagreement. Ky says to Big D you asked a simple question I answered it and you feel disrespected. I understand that perspective. I am saying from my perspective the question to me felt disrespectful  


6:08PM BBT X and Hannah head to the Poker Room. X says hey baby sis. She apologizes and X tells her to stop, that had to happen.


#BB23 6:15PM Ky and Big D hug it out….  They agree it was just a misunderstanding.

scrnli_9_9_2021_6-47-34 PM.png

 6:17 BBT  Ky is telling Tiff that he didn’t appreciate how Tiff put on an
“appearance” he says he feels like that she was putting on an appearance to make Alyssa believe something that isn’t.

scrnli_9_9_2021_6-52-07 PM.png

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7:47PM BBT

Kyland is talking to Azah and says he can't believe they are having another competition tonight.

Ky tells Azah that he admires her for the way she deals with conflict

Azah- That's the way I live my life. If someone pisses me off, I can be mad about it or tell them 'hey, you hurt my feelings,. I didn't like that.'

7:50PM BBT

In the YBR, Hannah tells Tiffany that Azah told her she would put up Ky and X. She isn't sure she actually believes that. She says Big D is planning to put up Hannah and Tiffany. "One of us just has to win veto, even if we don't win HoH. But, we can do it."

Tiffany- Alright


[The house has grown very, very loud with only Cookout members. They keep talking over each other and getting louder and louder.  -MamaLong]


7:56PM BBT

Big D says they all need to get settled and sit on the couch together.


8:04PM BBT

Hannah was called to the DIary Room downstairs, and now we have RCHS on the feeds. 

This could be for the next HoH Competition.

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10:00pm BBT Feeds return. Kyland is laying on his back on the KT counter with the HoH key around his neck. DF is in the HR moaning that he could have won this, he came so close. He can't win anything. Ky wants to hold 10m voluntary check-ins tonight. Tiff wants a burger.

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10:05pm BBT Ky goes up to the HNR to talk with DF and make sure DF doesn't think Ky stole the comp from him. DF assures him he does not. He thought he could win this one and Ky just beat him out, but he came close. Ky comforts DF for about 30m. General chit-chat downstairs.

10:35pm BBT Ky/DF join the others in the KT. DF thanks BB for giving him a comp he would win & apologizes for not being able to. In the SR, Ky talks to the camera. He didn't mean to win HoH over DF; he was just practicing w/the egg and he accidentally won. Tiff was last.

10:37pm BBT Ky says if he loses in the F2, it could be because of this HOH. He should not have won. He could make X/Tiff battle it out but no. He wants to win against the best. That is X if he can trust him and keep him safe. He hopes he is not hated by Jury or America.

10:40pm BBT Ky tried to honor The Cookout in his GBM but let each evictee know a little about what was really going on. He hopes the he's being shown well & thanks for all the love & understanding. He came into the BB House wanting to be the first African American winner.

10:45pm BBT Ky thanks America and leaves the SR. DF notes that DX is in the Jury House with 4 very different women. X wonders if Alyssa and SB will become friends again in the JH.  FotH. Feeds return and X implies the HoH comp was in the "basement".

10:50pm BBT Ky offers check-ins in the HNR and Azah takes him up on it. In the SR, Azah says respects Tiff/X and would be OK with either winning. Or KY. That is her F4 preference. Ky says to have pros/cons for him tomorrow. She asks if he wants to put her up and he says no. 

10:55pm BBT Ky tells Azah he's not thankful for his win. It's going to be tough sending the first Cookout member out. FotH. DF is at the DT with Azah, X is in the KT. Hannah asks X's help packing Alyssa's stuff. joins them. Tiff is out of the DR.  That's all that's left.


11:00pm Tiff hopes they don't have HN this week. X tells her to eat up tonight just in case. Tiff says she needed more egg practice. Ky says he dropped a lot of eggs. It sounds like the comp where the HG have time to practice but one shot at playing the game.

11:15pm BBT X is laying on the LR couch talking to Hannah. Ky is in the KT. Tiff heads upstairs. DF hopes Ky gets a pic of his dad. Ky says his dad is private and may not have signed the papers (he did since no FotH at his mention). His dad is not on FB.

11:17pm BBT In the HNR hall, Tiff tells Ky he had to win this. I know, Ky said. It sucks to be the first one to do it (send a Cookout member out), she says. Ky says he's not offering anyone anything. Ky wants to talk more tomorrow about how she think the house will vote.

11:20pm BBT Tiff tells Ky she has no hard feelings towards DF. They are good and she knows he is taking it hard (losing HoH). DF, X are both on the LR couches downstairs. Tiff tells Ky she needs him and not because he's HoH. What she doesn't know is if he needs her.

11:25pm BBT Ky's food is ready in the oven and he has to run downstairs to get it. Tiff joins Hannah in the WA where they share "comfort" notes about Ky. DF tells X on the LR couch that he's had every emotion - he's cried, been angry, he's like the Pixar movie, Inside Out.

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11:30pm BBT Hannah joins Ky in the HNR hall for their quickie-catch-up. She says DF had the best HoH game. Ky says she was faster. He tells her he thinks she is being transparent with him but he's not promising anything re noms. He hates being the first in F6 with power.

11:36pm BBT Ky says the house seems to want to target Tiff. He had to win because he knew DF would target Tiff if he won. He doesn't want to just nom Tiff/Hannah like DF would have. Ky wants her to think of ways he can get to F3 with her and talk again tomorrow.

11:38pm BBT Ky say says a 3rd HoH gives him a resume that could win F2. Hannah says Tiff could also end up with 3 HoH, and could also win a F2 vote. Sounds like Hannah doesn't want Tiff in F3. Hannah hopes she'll still get pictures from home, especially her sister.

11:45pm BBT Ky has cooked chicken for dinner. He asks Azah if he can freeze some of it and reheat later. He doesn't want it to go bad in the fridge. She says yes. Azah, X and Tiff are in the LR. Ky joins in the convo from the KT. 

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11:47pm BBT Azah tells X that she thought HoH was an elimination game, and after she got the first one wrong, she didn't play anymore. That's why JCM kept saying she needed a final answer. Ky is selecting which chicken pieces to freeze with rubber gloves.

12:10am BBT Quick Ky/X mtg the HNR hall. Ky repeats he didn't mean to win & about Azah liking Tiff/X. Downstairs, DF again says he thought he had it this time. He can't win sh*t. DF says he's been here for Azah. He could have had power. He looks like he rode X's coattails.


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